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Heels clicked against the polished tiles of the Champion tower, Callisto and her team stormed the front of the building their sunglasses reflecting the soft lighting of the foyer. Entering the elevator the 6 of them fanned out in a V as they waited to be taken to their destination, the soft elevator music playing as the elevator rose.

Callisto, one of the youngest agents her hard Asian features led them, her crisp grey suit and stiletto heels presenting the front she wanted, that of someone who took nothing and gave nothing. The men around her dressed in blue or black suits carried boxes containing information on every member of the Champion’s of Peace, each crisp yellow folder held information even Sarah could not get a hold of. Callisto and her team were members of an elite government agency, completely cut off from the average person, they dealt only with threats to the greater good and today, that threat was the Champions.  

Their actions had been monitored for some time, the death of Andferne bringing alive a new form of government run by a powerful man who wanted nothing but to wipe out this pest on society, they had waited a long time before moving on the Champions, the invasion of the Skrull world was the perfect chance to finally clamp down on them.

The Heroes leader, the one known as Mistress Redhead stood waiting for them as the elevator arrived, to her side, her co leader Eclipse. The pair of them today out of their usual uniform, stood in simple suits but with hard faces, angry. Stepping out from the doors Callisto shook Sarah’s hand, then the boy wonders and nodded, no smile or expression behind the glasses “greetings Ms Lockhart, I trust that everything we requested has been set up for us?” Sarah’s jaw muscle tensed as she gestured down the hallway “Though Agent, I disagree with your methods, I have done as you asked” Callisto had requested a room be vacated with an adjoining room for her team and their equipment. Sarah lead the strange group down the hallway, Callisto noting that the boy wonder stood behind them as they walked, his natural instinct to protect his people controlling his movements. Callisto made a mental note as they were lead through a simple white door, breaking the blue carpet in half as they entered a cold room, with harsh lighting a single table and two chairs. The black haired beauty noted the water and cups and nodded to one of her men to remove them as Sarah waved to the back door, watching the men take the water out with cold green eyes, Callisto smirking slightly as she watched the leader control the urge growing inside her.

Sarah was not one to allow anyone to control her and the Agent and her team were invading her home, stepping behind the woman Callisto took a seat at the desk and opened her brief case, her men around her gathering the boxes and setting up the room, each of them pushing past Sarah and Eclipse as Callisto turned to them removing her glasses, her dark grey eyes unsmiling as she addressed them “you may both leave us now, we will need exactly one hour before the first person on our list will be called” pausing to view her list she looked back at them “First up is Jason Dodd.. or I believe you prefer to be known as” another patronising glance at her list “Eclipse.. is it?” without letting him reply she rose and strode to the door, pulling it open and gesturing to the pair “One hour, do not be late”

Sarah and Jason looked at each other before moving out the door, their steps heavy with anger as Callisto slammed the door in their faces, her sharp clack of heels heard on the other side as she began to set up the room for the forthcoming interrogations.  

(The room stays the same sparse, one table, two chairs, cold, brightly lit, there will be one other agent in the room, a tall man standing in the corner, he will not speak, the rest are hidden. On the table will sit her briefcase holding a recording device and a file, each file will be on you when you enter, no one elses documents will be in the room.. ENJOY! and remember they are out to get us...) 
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50 minutes later...

"I can't cope with this, Sarah!" Jason yelled through gritted teeth, resting his backside on his heels and pulling at his hair. "Waiting around, for an hour? They know everything about us and, I'm telling you, the only reason they want me to wait for an hour is to torture me." The Teen Wonder was feeling very much out of his comfort zone, dressed in a business-like suit as opposed to his usual 'work clothes'. His crutches lay on the ground next to him, as the blast from the Skrull mothership, which had knocked him from the top of the tower to the ground below, had caused some slight damage to his spine. Nothing the Champions couldn't fix, but he was only able to walk normally by using his gravitational control to telekinetically control his legs, and that was tiring.
"Maybe it is, Jason, but this is something we have to go through." Mistress Redhead replied as kindly as possible, resting a reassuring hand on her fellow leader's shoulder. "For the future of this team, we have to earn the approval of these people. Whether we like it or not." By the tone of her voice, it was clear that Sarah did not like it in the slightest.
"You don't understand!" Eclipse attacked the floor with a fist, as the time ticked slowly away on his watch. "One hour! Do you have any idea how many lives I could save in one hour? I can almost feel them... Innocent people, fading into darkness... Their lives extinguised by death's embrace... While I sit here and do nothing!" He punched the floor again, this time hard enough that he caused a cracking noise to eminate from his fist. Clutching his hand as a bruise began to form, Jason rocked back and forth on his heels as Sarah tried her best to comfort him.
Then, at the exact moment that the clock indicated an hour had passed, Eclipse vanished in a flash of bright red light, reappearing with an identical flash just outside of the interrogation room. He knocked, and immediately entered. The image was irritatingly similar to the one he saw when the agents first arrived. Now there were only two, one tall, intimidating man in the corner and Agent Callisto, the harsh looking Asian woman sitting on the other side of the desk.
"You're late." She said harshly, not even looking up from her papers. It was a lie, but she knew it would get under the young hero's skin. "Sit."
Eclipse gritted his teeth and grabbed his crutches tightly, using them to walk forwards. He hefted himself into the cold hair chair opposite Callisto and rested the crutches against the table. "Let's get this over with, I've got work to do." He glared at the Agent. It was odd, he felt quite naked and vulnerable without his costume.
"Your name, for the record." Callisto nodding at the recording device in her briefcase. "Your full name please, including whether you are registered."
"Jason Timothy Dodd, Champion of Peace. Unregistered."
"Unregistered?" Callisto raised her eyebrows, almost as if she had no idea he wasn't registered. Almost. "Why not, if I may be so bold as to ask?"
"Because no-one ever asked me." Eclipse decided to be honest, his arms crossed over his chest. "When I first became a hero, I was 10 years old. The registration act wasn't around. As I grew older, I threw myself into my work. The Police didn't publicly approve of me, obviously, but they certainly wouldn't turn me into the government or alert them of my existence. Then I joined the Vine Titans, a team publicly endorsed and funded by the Vine City Police Department. Why register with the government when I was essentially a police officer? After that, I joined the Ice Dragons, who lived on their own nation. Again, no need to register. And now I'm with the Champions of Peace. Why haven't I registered? Why would I? No-one ever asked me to."
"Interesting. I'll keep that in mind." Callisto smiled slightly, making a note on a pad of paper clutched against her chest. "What is your current source of income?"
"Uh... None." Jason replied simply. "I've actually never had a paid job... I was in the circus as a kid, but I didn't get any of the money from that, my Mom did. She was saving it up for me. My first costume was a gift, so was my bo-staff, most of my gadgets were hand-made... Like I said, the Titans were funded by the Police, but that was a while ago. The Champions provide food and shelter and really, that's all I need. I'm not a material possessions kinda guy." He smiled weakly.

"Interesting." Callisto noted, once again scribbling down a note to herself before continuing. "Your place of Birth?" 
"Your sources don't even know where I was born?" Jason grinned, satisfied that he had spotted a slight weakness in the Agent's system. 
"They tried. But you weren't exactly high profile the moment you were born." Callisto replied curtly. "And your former co-workers in the circus have proven to be particularly tight-lipped about you. Most of them flat out denied your existence." 
"Well, the truth is that I was born in that circus. With the kind of people we had there, my Mom didn't need to go to a Hospital. So my place of birth would be: Circus Tent, Big Field, Vine City." 
Callisto made no notes this time, merely nodded as if she was interested. "Describe your actual powerset. We've heard rumours and seen footage of you in action, but we would like you to explain them to us." 
Jason frowned in reply, genuinely quite surprised by this question. "Surely you've looked into the Fundamentalists, my people?" 
"Of course. But rumour has it that you're different. Special." 
"I guess I am." The teen smiled, reminiscing about his past. "Well, I'm sure you know the basics. Back during the very very early days, my people had the power to control the fundamental forces of nature, what we now call: gravitational, electromagnetic, nuclear strong and weak. Well soon enough the elders, Father Time and Mother Nature, decided that it was too dangerous for all of us to have such power, so they essentially removed all of our powers. Over the last couple of centuries those powers have started to come back to those descended from Fundamentalists, but limited and much weaker. I was the first to be born with unlimited control over all of them. I was born with these..." Eclipse raised his hands, opening his palms to show the two crescent-shaped birthmarks that decorated his hands. 
"Two will be born, alike and yet unlike in many ways." Callisto began to recite, causing the Teen Wonder to raise his eyebrows. "Their birth will signify the true return of the Fundamentalists. These children will make a choice. Both will die, one death triggering the death of all things and the other a sacrifice to stop the tide of death. They will be born with the mark of crescent, as one shall be Lucifer, the Morning Star, harbringer of the day of destruction. The other is Hesperus, the Evening Star, who ends the day of death and brings the night of tranquility." The Agent smiled. "We do our research, Mr. Dodd."
"You know the prophecy?" Eclipse uttered in disbelief. "I didn't know the full thing myself until recently... But yes, that's true. One day soon, I'm going to die and I'll either be the harbringer of the Apocalypse of the saviour of the planet. I'm hoping for the latter, personally. Anyway, back to the question, I have control over all the fundamental forces of nature. I can control gravity, which I usually use to fly, or as a substitute for telekinesis. Electromagnetism, which to be honest I haven't explored fully. The powers it offers up are pretty vast. I've found a few uses though, electricity control, electromagnetic pulses; even teleportation. I tend to stay away from the Nuclear aspect, but recently I've found two uses. I've hardened the molecular bonds that hold my skin together, so I can't be cut. I can also surround my sword with a field that cuts through molecular bonds. I used that field to take off Warsman's arm when he invaded a while back. And... There's something else... I don't know how it works, but I always find myself full of energy. I don't eat much and barely ever sleep, yet I'm almost ready and eager to get to work. I don't know how it could be a side effect of my powers, but there doesn't seem to be any other explanation. Sometimes I think maybe it's the factor that's kept Mother Nature and Father Time alive for so long. Not that I've got any chance of living for anything more than a couple more years, though." 
"Interesting..." The woman on the other side of the desk scribbled away, acting as though she hadn't heard his last statement. "Why have you never offered your services to the government to assist with the war against terror? Surely these abilities could be put to use in defending the nation? Or do you feel that is up to..." She waved her hands vaguely around the room. "... Your 'team'?" 
"Terror? Agent, in case you haven't noticed, I've been a key player in stopping not one, but two alien invasions. Alien invaders are much worse than terrorists. If I find any terrorists while I'm trying to save lives, then I'll stop them. But I'm not going to join the army. No disrespect to the people who serve, but that's not who I am. I'm not going to grab a gun and invade another country when we have so many other threats to deal with right here in America. Besides, employing superheroes in the army wouldn't work. You start using guns, the enemy starts using guns. You bring tanks into play, they follow suit. Develop nuclear weapons and they're right behind you. Use superhumans to wage war on their country... I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this. It would cause more problems that it would solve and I'm needed here anyway. Like I said, I barely rest and almost every waking hour is spent saving lives in this country. If I can spend that much time dealing with threats to our country from within, that tells me that my work isn't done yet." He grinned as he added "Not to mention I'm only 16."
Callisto seemed to be a little frustrated by this. It was subtle, a change of posture, a shift in her eyes, but she suddenly seemed much harsher than before. "You are co-commander here on this 'team, despite being 'only 16'. Are you not a little young? Do you feel your opinions are respected by someone as prestigious as Sarah Lockhart?" 
Eclipse was about to launch into his response, when he realized he had no reply in mind. Honestly, sometimes he wasn't so sure whether Sarah respected him or saw him as little more than a student. The same with Nighthunter. He was given the role of leader on the team, but was that really due to any previous showings of leadership? He led the Titans for a while before leaving the team to work for their arch-enemy. Aside from that he had no leadership experience... Although, he had rallied the Titans during the earthquake disaster and let a strike team to liberate Sovereign Son and Sha from Gambler's clutches. Regardless of this, Jason had always doubted whether or not he was only granted leadership due to his connection with Jake. "I didn't choose to be a leader. We lost Kurrent and I was selected to fill the role. But I'm very much a hands-on hero. Sarah does more of the planning, the organising, the true leading of this team. What I do is stand in the trenches with my men, shouting words of encouragement and watching their backs. And, whether you've noticed or not, I'm smarter than the average 16-year-old-bear. I'm not some stupid kid who'll throw a tantrum if people don't listen to him. My opinions are valid and they're not just respected by Sarah, they're respected by most of the team." 
Agent Callisto laid her pad of paper flat on the table, face down, with the pen resting on top. With her cold stare, it became clear that the harsh questions were about to begin. "Tell me about the relationship you have with the man who murdered your mother and uncle.
Jason clenched his fists as the memories flooded to the surface. He knew they weren't at all relevant to the interview, but that Callisto wouldn't give up until her questions were answered. "No-one ever believed that they were murdered... But I knew, I knew that fall couldn't have killed them, not with their powers. It was something else. I didn't find out what until just over a year ago. When I found out who was responsible for their deaths. Madros... The same man who unwittingly created the Vine Titans in his search for an apprentice." 
"An apprentice he found, in you." The Agent cut in, glaring over the rim of her glasses. "You did a lot of questionable things under his instruction. Tried to kill a respected hero, infiltrated your former team and even joined a group of villains. Why?" 
"I was... Scared." Eclipse replied truthfully, staring at the ground. "I was a different person back then, I didn't accept my destiny, I was terrified of it. I thought that by not using my powers, I was postponing it... Postponing the inevitable. Madros threatened me with death if I didn't serve him. And I was in a bad place. That was the only motivation I needed. I told myself that I had to keep myself alive in order to fulfil my destiny. But that was a lie. I just didn't want to die. Heck, I still don't want to die, who does? But that's the only path there is and I have to follow it." 
"So you betrayed your friends simply because a madman threatened to kill you? What's to stop you doing that again?" 
"It was more than just a threat." He snapped, staring back into Callisto's hard eyes. "He was fully capable of delivering on that threat whenever he wanted to. I'm ashamed of how I reacted to that and how long it took me to break free of his control, but I'll never put myself in a situation like that again. My life is insignificant and unimportant in the grand scheme of things and I've come to accept that. All I can do is my best. All I can do is dedicate the time I have left to making this world a better place. And with the Champions of Peace beside me, I have the tools to do that." 
"Speaking of your team-mates, is there anything or... Anyone... Among them you feel would be a threat to the government?" Callisto interjected. 
Eclipse knew where this was going. Ever since the end of the invasion, the moment he heard these interrogations were taking place, he knew what he would be asked... "I can't think what you mean." He replied simply. "There is the Shadow Squad but we keep them in check and their leader is a great man. Crazy Eights is a loose cannon, but he's more of a threat to himself than the government. If any member of this team threatens the government, I take full responsibility." 
"What about Damian Rayne? Who is 'Hesperus'?" The Agent countered coldly. 
This was the question Jason had been expecting. "If you go by the prophecy, then Hesperus could be one of two people. My opinion is that I am Hesperus." 
"And this Damian?" 
"He... Shares the same opinion. But he's a little more stubborn about it than I am." 
"He tried to kill you." Callisto stated. 
"For him, it seemed like the logical step. Our shared destiny involves both of us and whoever is Hesperus would only have to give their life to stop the events caused by the other, Lucifer. So removing Lucifer from the equation meant he wouldn't have to die. It's... Understandable. The people who raised him, his mother, that environment. It was natural for him to become a killer. And he's only 10. I've been in his shoes. The desperation, the fear, the uncertainty, it's overwhelming. All he wants to do is live his life, but he's been told from the moment he was old enough to understand that his life could be snatched away at any moment. But he's... Changed." 
"You don't sound as if you believe that." The interrogator pointed out. 
"Sarah does." Jason retorted. "And I respect her opinion. She was there when I first met Damian, he tried to kill her too for simply being there. But he also saved the life of her daughter and killed the Skrull's leader. We're keeping a close eye on him, but seeing as I don't sleep much there's not really a lot he can do. He's tried to kill me before and failed. I'd stop him again if he tried." 
"Don't you think he's a threat to the rest of the team, or--" 
"Or the 'government'?" Eclipse cut in, with a smile. "His only motivation in life is to live. The only obstacle in the way of that is me. He's not going to try and kill anyone else because it would be pointless. And he wouldn't waste his time attacking the government or anything like that." 
Agent Callisto contemplated his answers for a moment, before finally asking: "Why did the Champions allow the Skrulls to invade?" 
"Allow?!" Eclipse exclaimed, rising up out of his seat and staggering, clutching the table for support. "We didn't allow the Skrulls to do anything! They are shapeshifters of the highest caliber, we had no idea they were even there until it was too late! You should be thanking us for realizing so soon, for fighting off the invasion ourselves, but instead you question why we allowed it to happen?!" Jason shook back his right sleeve, revealing a watch decorating his wrist. "This belonged to Constantine. A Champion who gave his life to end this war. How dare you question everything he died for by suggesting that we 'allowed' this war to happen?!" Eclipse grabbed his crutches, fitting them under his arms. "Are we done here?" 
"Yes." Callisto replied with a smile, seizing her notepad once more and writing a few more lines. "But don't worry, we'll be in touch. Now, if you'd like to send in Andy Whippoorwill, or 'Glory Nights', whatever that means, you can be on your way." 
Almost throwing himself out of the room on his crutches, Jason felt a great sense of relief as he finally closed the door on that woman. He tore off his suit immediately, revealing the yellow, black and blue superhero costume underneath. The nano-suit extended up over his head, forming the mask once more, as Eclipse set off to notify Glory Nights, one of the newest recruits, so he could finally leave the Tower and get back to work.

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Glory Nights watched his new teammates fret over a simple question and answer session. It was all bull$#!^, Andy just didn't see the big deal. Hell, you could always lie…These heroes seemed like good folks, but they valued etiquette and taboos. They didn't see the uselessness of those outdated customs. Some laws kept people in line, sure…but others were just a waste of time. Not the kinda laws you'd go to jail for breaking…those were necessary. But all the things those musty old politicians wrote up, smoking hundred dollar cigars and driving fancy cars? Those were bull$#!^. 


Andy was sprawled in an armchair, which he had steadfastly refused to offer to any of the rest of the team. In place of his costume, he was wearing torn jeans, black cowboy boots, a faded Pearl Jam t-shirt under a leather jacket. His eyepatch was flipped down, and he had a toothpick in his mouth. The guards had looked at him distastefully, and Andy had stared right back at them. Screw them. Didn't matter what they thought. They weren't the ones handing crime its @$$ on a silver platter.  


Eclipse suddenly teleported somewhere. Andy glanced at the spot where he had been, then went back to resolutely staring at the wall. Meh. Teleportation wouldn't impress him. Andy flicked his toothpick onto the floor. He was going to prove exactly how little this bothered him. He was going to take a nap.  


Andy awoke as a blinding flash of red light enveloped him. He was standing in front of a metal door, with a small, slitted window. They wanted to watch him? Okay, they could watch him. Andy stretched deliberately before kicking lightly on the door. It opened, and he went and slumped in the chair facing the desk, placing his feet on the iron surface. Andy turned his head and glanced lazily at the 'intimidating' man in the corner. Yeah, not so scary…he didn't have tentacles, he didn't have fangs, and Glory Nights could probably K.O him with one punch.  


The female agent on the other side of the desk looked at Glory Nights distastefully…obviously she had had some scare tactic or other that he had just totally ruined. Instead, she glanced at a sheet, and began the questioning. " Your name for the record...full name please including whether you are registered" Andy made sure his boot was in just the right place on the table to cause maximum annoyance. "Andy Whippoorwill…not Andrew, not Anthony, just Andy. And registered? What the hell issat supposed ta mean? I'm not some food product." The agent looked at him, and pursed her lips. "How about I put this in language you'd understand? Is your identity public?" Andy shrugged. "Pro'ly. I don't wear a mask or nuthin'." This was not quite the response the agent was looking for. But it was clear enough that this surly vigilante was not registered.  


"Moving on then; What is your current source of Income?" Andy yawned. "Nothin' at the moment. I take odd jobs from time to time when I'm pressed for cash. You know, fixing stuff, bounty hunting if I happen to run across a criminal, body-guarding…just what I can find." This answer at least seemed to be okay with the agent. Andy definitely looked like the kind of person who would just take random odd jobs. 


What is your place of Birth?" Andy didn't have to think at all about this one…he was always drilling it into other people's heads that he wasn't some country hick. "Chicago…the windy city. Or near it anyway." The agent leaned forwards slightly. "Near it?" Andy shrugged again. "Yeah. Don' have any hospital records, or any of that. I coulda been born anywhere within a few days radius. Not like I'd remember, I was a freakin' infant." The agent glanced at her clipboard. This man was not fitting in any of the little boxes the government preferred people to be inside. Well, maybe the other questions would provide more satisfactory answers. 

" What is your mothers maiden name?" Andy rolled his eyes in exasperation. "Are you dense? I JUST SAID that I don't #$@%ing know! It could be anyone! It could be YOU for all I know! Does 'single dad' ring a bell?" Rather than being offended the agent smirked…."And what if I told you that we here know who it was? Would you like to hear that?" Andy did want to know…more than anything…but he wasn't going to admit it. He wasn't going to let the government think they had ANYTHING he wanted. So, much as it pained him, he refused. "%$#@ no! What would be the point? Some woman I never met? Someone who wasn't there for any of my life? No point. Let her remain a stranger to me." Almost as soon as Andy had said this he regretted it…but he was not going to beg for his mother's name. He'd find out who she was on his own…someday. The agent looked at him like she knew something he didn't. "If you insist…" Andy interrupted. "Just ask the next question already." The agent placed a piece of paper to the side, and continued. 
" Tell us more about why your father chose to ignore your families’ long history of working within libraries…. For wrestling " The agent said this like the words left a foul taste in her mouth. Andy would not give her the pleasure of watching him get upset…he would keep a cool head…he would prove that she was stupid, and wrong, using logic…not his fists. "Because no one wants to spend their lives dealing with dusty %$#ing books. Who in their right mind would? From what I know of my family, they were just too 'quaint' to do anything better. Probably dad only even learned there was something outside of Dunwich from the cable TV that his parents eventually installed." Andy had never put much stock in books. The only thing they were good for was burning if you ran out of tinder, and hitting people over the head. He could read, but didn't find much use for the skill. 
"If you say so…" The agent said, rolling her eyes. She could tell that she was hitting a sore spot by mentioning Andy's father. " Continuing on from the previous questions, why did you let your father die? His doctor was corrupt, why did you not do more to save him?" Andy grit his teeth, took his feet off the desk so he could lean towards the woman menacingly. The big agent standing in the corner shot him a glance, but did not move. "My dad didn't see a doctor. My family doesn't TRUST doctors. And why did I let him die? Because I was a %$#@ing KID and didn't know he was in trouble! He was a professional wrestler…he knew how to hide his injuries. I didn't know he was dying until it was much too late." This seemed to create a spark of interest in the agent. "And why doesn't your family trust doctors?" Andy scowled. "Because some quack killed my grandfather and stole his body. Which was later seen lumbering around without a head. That's why." The agent had lost interest midway through his sentence, and was already shuffling her papers. 
 "Your powers… were brought upon you in a way that causes us concern, how is it that you are able to control them? "   Andy tilted his chair back. "My aunt taught me some tricks. Self-control stuff. Basically second-nature by now." The agent laughed once. "You? Self-control? But you once killed a man did you not?" Andy made a noncommittal gesture. "Yeah, what of it? I was still learning boxing, and I accidentally punched his nose into his brain. Any martial artist could have made the same mistake. Well, I know what I'm doing now, so that kinda thing doesn't happen any more." The agent looked at him disapprovingly. "Why have you done no jail time?" Andy looked back at her disapprovingly. "Because it was deemed manslaughter, and the court decided I did more good than harm. And the jail had just burned down thanks to some crazy pyro." That kind of answer was completely infuriating to government people, who wanted everything to run like clockwork. Andy was the kind of person who like jamming sticks into clocks to make sure they couldn't work. Still, the agent needed to keep her cool…it was part of the job description. Showing extreme emotion made people like Andy think they'd won. And that was most certainly not the point of this interview. 
" Explain the situation surrounding the loss of your eye" Andy had been hoping she'd ask that…he flipped his eyepatch up, revealing the mangled socket. "You mean THIS eye?" He tapped the edge of the wound, eagerly searching the agent's face for any reaction. Andy thought he saw mild disgust, but he could have just been projecting. "Yes. That eye." she finally said as Andy refused to say anything. "Weeelll…I was just heading home after futilely trying to find something to do in the dump which is known as Dunwich. An' these freaks jumped me…five or six of 'em. Some of Whateley's mutant spawn. They have some sort of feud with my family. So these delinquents grabbed me with their tentacles, and kept me pinned to a stone slab. Got all crazy, chanting and whatnot, and then one of them stuck their tongue in my eye. Completely destroyed it. Not that I'd want one, but apparently the socket is too misshapen for a glass eye. And that is how I lost my eye." The agent checked something off. 
What was your involvement in the Skrull Invasion?" Andy squinted at her, confused. "What's a Skrull? Is it like a Whateley? Do they have tentacles an' stuff?" The agent put down her clipboard and glowered at him. "Really Andrew, you don't know what a Skrull is? The aliens who almost took over Earth, led to the extreme sacrifices of your teammates?" Andrew looked at her blankly, not even bothering to correct her on his name. "Never heard of 'em. Are they like the Mi-Go? I know those. Oh, and is this about that Constantine guy? I'm pretty sure I was given his slot on the team. Not sure though, I don't really keep up with politics". Glory Nights was hopeless. And he hadn't really shown the hot-temper he was known for…the agent was beginning to suspect that he was not who he said he was. Still, one more question... 
" What can you tell us about your other team mates here, is there anything... or anyone among them you feel is a threat to the government?" Andy leaped to his feet, balling his fists. This was the last straw"How dare you doubt them! Those heroes have saved your sorry hides more times than I can count! And you wonder if they're a threat to you? Shouldn't you be throwing them a parade? Giving them medals? But you ask if they're a THREAT?!" The menacing agent in the corner stepped towards Andy. "And you! Get back! You don't scare me! But you both…are worthless WORMS! All you do is serve a system meant for…what? Not the good of the people…if you don't even recognize the good of an organization like the Champions of Peace. I'm done with you people!" Andy stormed towards the door, only stopping to flip off the agents. War Killer could deal with these ingrates. %$#^ the consequences.
After Glory Nights had left, the agent marked another box on her clipboard…that was him alright…yes, he was a rude and uneducated individual, but he was not a malignant alien. And the bureau had plenty of information to hold over his head….like who his mother was. An individual named Ivy. Ivy Whateley.
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The skies filled with darkness as the light of sun quickly vanished, leaving only the shadows to rain down upon the now destroyed Champions Tower, and upon the young hero known as War Killer as he   found himself lying within the rubble of the building. His eyes grew wider as they moved from left to right, looking around, seeing as he was surrounded by fire and destruction on all sides, as his world literally fell apart around him. “Why?” A low voice called out from the darkness. Looking up, Charles found Nightstorm standing over him, her eyes blood red as she held his shield in her hands, “Why? Why couldn’t you do it?” She asked him again. He wanted to ask her what she was talking about, to ask her what it was that he didn’t do, but for whatever reason, whether it was the fear and terror rushing over him or something else entirely, his mouth simply wouldn’t utter a sound.

“Why couldn’t you do it, Charlie? Why?!” Her voice filled with anger as her hands gripped his shield, as she raised it back a bit more as she was prepared to bring the metallic disc down upon the defenseless hero. His eyes filled with fear as lightning began to flash behind her, the darkness beginning to break apart, revealing now not a blue sky, but a red sky, as if the heavens themselves were in a blaze. “Do What?!” Finally he managed to break through the silence that had overtaken him. “What Did I Not Do?!” He demanded of her to answer once more. But suddenly, his attention was turned away from her as he noticed a drop of blood landing upon his chest. Looking up, he was shocked to see as the red of his shield began to melt away, like rain, pouring down from it in the form of blood, running down over Nightstorm as a wicked smile grew across her now green face as her true Skrull form revealed itself.

But blood quickly ran down her body, dripping both off of her and off of the shield, pouring down upon Charles himself, causing him to turn his way as blood began to rain down over him. “WHY COULDN’T YOU SAVE ME!?!?!?!” Charles eyes shot back at her, but only to be filled with even more fear and shock as he now found himself not looking at Nightstorm, but now at Talon, blood running down over, her face filled with more rage then he had ever seen in her as she held his shield in her hands. Charles’ eyes then fell upon her neck, seeing as the scar, the scar she received by saving him, as the scar itself began to bleed. “Laura…I…I--” His voice filled with guilt and shame, no matter how much he wanted to answer, what could be possibly say that would be anything other than the truth? The truth that he could never let himself believe; “WHY!?!?!” She screech once last time, her voice screaming with the sound of both of both pain and hatred, as she brought the blood soaked shield down onto the hero! Charles eyes closed shut, letting out one finally scream of agony, “AAAAHHH--!”

“--AH!” A scream of fear yelled out of the young hero’s mouth as his eyes quickly opened. Quickly lifting his head up, his body trembling in complete fear, finding himself in the Champions Tower’s medical facility; “Sir--! Are you alright?!” One of the nurses shouted as she ran up beside Charles as he sat back in his chair. “Y--yeah, I’m fine….just a bad dream.” He said back to her as he ran his hands through his blondish brown hair, his face slightly dripping with sweat. Slowing turning his attention forward, his eyes looked at Talon as she was resting in the hospital bed, “Um….h--how is she doing?” He asked with bit shakiness in his voice. The nurse gave him a smile as she placed her hand on his shoulder, “She’s doing fine. Why don’t you go home and get some rest, Mr. Barnes?” Charles didn’t look up at the nurse, his eyes focused on Laura, whom was sound asleep. “No, no…I’m fine; I’d rather be here anyways.” The nurse patted him on the shoulder, “Okay. Well, is there anything I could get you then?” Letting out a slight yawn, Charles arms stretched forward as his body began to fully wake now, “Eh….if you wouldn’t mind, I could really use a Dr. Pepper right now?” The nurse gave him another smile as she turned to walk away, “Okay then, I’ll be right back.”

After the Skrull attack, Charles had brought Talon to the tower’s medical bay. The doctors told him that her healing factor was doing most of the work, but her body was literally exhausted, and after MR stopped by to check on her once and told him what they had been through, Charles understood perfectly well why Laura was so worn out. He had no idea that she had been captured by the Skrull’s or even worse what they had put her through. Charles placed his hand over hers as it laid next the rest of her body as he thought about all of what she must had gone through, his hand rubbing his cheek as he remembered her slapping him…which to this day he still had no idea why? He was probably missing something obvious, but at this point it didn’t matter to him, all that mattered was that she was okay. A smile grew upon his face as his eyes moved up to see her face, seeing as she rest so peacefully, it was hard to believe that this was the same girl that could cut your head off in cold blood and not think twice about it, only reminding him of who she truly was, not a monster or a weapon, but a beautiful girl trying to do the right thing.

“Um….Mr. Barnes?” His mind quickly snapped back into reality as he turned to look back towards the voice of the nurse whom had been taking care of Talon since Charles brought her in. Charles was thankful for her, at how kind she was…even dealing with someone as impatient as himself. “Yes, ma’am?” He answered back as his smile remained upon his face. “Here’s your soda you asked for….but, one of those government agents stopped me in the hall and asked me to tell you that their ready for you in the interrogation room.” She said to him as she handed him his Dr. Pepper. “Ugh!” Charles quickly let out a deep sigh as he sat back in his chair, his hands running down his face as he realized that he had completely forgotten about the interrogation thing. His hands slowly slid down his face as frustration slowly moved in, his eyes now looking back at Laura as she continued to rest.

He wasn’t just about to leave her, he couldn’t…wouldn’t just leave her, he wanted to wait, to at least wait until she woke up, to get a chance to talk to her since he hadn’t seen her since….but his thoughts were once again cut off as he felt a hand on his shoulder. Looking to the hand, his head looked up to see the nurse smiling down at him, her hand on his shoulder as she gave him a smile that literally made Charles’ worries and frustrations disappear, “Go. She will be fine without you for an hour, I promise. Now go so you can get back here sooner.” She said to him. He knew he had to go, MR had asked the whole team to corporate with whoever was to interrogate them with respect and to get things done and over with as quickly as possible, and even though he’d rather stay here, stay with Laura, as much as it annoyed him, he knew he had to go, he owed to MR for all of the work she has done with this team.

“Do you have a pen?” Charles asked the nurse randomly. She gave him a slight look of confusing upon hearing his question, but happily handing him one of her pens that she had in her pocket of her white nurse uniform. Finding a small piece of paper, Charles quickly wrote something down as he then stood over Laura’s bed, then folding it in two, placing it in Talon’s hand as he then placed his hand over hers, causing her fingers to tighten around it so that she would have it when she awoke. “Can you please make sure she reads that note if I’m not back before she wakes up?” Charles asked the nurse, his back turned to her as he looked at Laura she continued to rest peacefully. “Of course.” She answered him. Still looking upon Laura’s face, he slowly slid his hand upon her soft cheek, calmly brushing her blue her out of her face, allowing the sun light that was shinning in through the window to shine upon her gorgeous face. “Mr. Barnes--!” the nurse shouted as she pulled him by the arm, literally dragging him towards the door and away from the bed, “--if you don’t go now, I will kick you out personally, she will be fine without you for a few hours, I promise!” The nurse said as she pushed him out the door. “Okay, okay, I’m going! Dang! Oh and hey…” Charles stopped at the door as he turned back to the nurse s she crossed her arms and glared at him, obviously getting annoyed at him, “Yes, Mr. Barnes?” Charles turned to her and smiled, “…thank you.” And with that, he turned and made his way down the hallway towards the elevators.

Turning back towards Talon, the nurse began to smile as she shook her head with frustration, “Stubborn boy….I should have diagnosed him with ‘love sickness’.”


Standing in the elevator as it rose to the higher floors, Charles waited as the elevator music played. He wasn’t in his normal uniform since the one pretty much in pieces from the Skrull battle and his new one wouldn’t be ready until a few days, now he was simply wearing regular clothing, looking down at his blue t-shoes, along with dark blue jeans and a slightly tight blue shirt which had two small, single white stars on each of the his shoulders, still keeping his patriot look even out of uniform. The elevator dinged as the doors opened, he quickly made his way down the hallway, walking past one of the team’s newest members, Glory Nights, who didn’t seem happy at all.

Walking up t the door, he slowly entered the room, at first wondering if he should have knocked, “Um…hi?” He said awkwardly as he entered the room, shutting the door behind him. He found himself looking at a young, black haired, Asian woman who sat at a table with a briefcase, full of what appeared to be some short of equipment, setting on the next by her. “Sit down” She ordered him, not even looking up to see who he was. Making his way to his seat, he took a short glance at the man who was in one of the corners, just simply standing there. Not giving the man a second thought, he sat down, “State you name for the record, including if you are registered or not.” She said plainly. Charles could tell she has done this a lot, noticing how she doesn’t even look up at him when asks the question, keeping her eyes on whatever is in the folder she is holding in her hand, which he most likely assumed was about him. “Charles Allen Barnes….” he said calmly, he hadn’t been interrogated a lot, but he was use to answering simple questions, especially when he had nothing to hide, “…not registered.” The woman’s looked up from the folder she was holder, not giving him any type of emotional response, not even simple facial expressions, “Not registered?” Charles looked at her as he become a bit concerned with her reply to his answer. “Yes, I’m not registered, I’ve never even been asked to register…is that a problem?” He asked plainly, ever since he arrived in this universe, not once had he ever been asked to registered, in truth he just recently only found out they even had registration.

“What is your source of income?” She instantly moved on to the next question, completely ignoring him. “Currently? I don’t have any type of income, at the moment I am living here in Champions City, everything I need: food, water, shelter, and such are all being provided. If you’re referring to my inclusion with the military, that’s all on voluntary basis, as in I don’t get paid for it; I’m only doing it as a way of giving something back to my country.” He replied to her answer as he sat back in his chair, trying to make himself comfortable in any way possible.

She took a minute after hearing his answer, making some type of notes on a note pad she was holding, while also doing some kind of adjustments to the recorder she had recording the whole conversation…if you could even call it that. “What is your place of birth?” She asked as she started looking through her folder once more. Rubbing his hands over his arms as gooses-bumps appeared, making him wish he hadn’t of worn a shirtsleeve shirt today, “New York City.” He said with a bit of chilliness in his voice, as his teeth slowly began to chatter a bit. Flipping through the papers she was holding, “But you are from another dimension, another universe than our own, correct?” She asked, not even making any type of eye contact with him, acting as if he wasn’t even there to begin with and that she was asking these questions to thin air. “Uh…Yeah…Yes,  I come from a universe similar to this one, a world full of heroes and villains, but both have their differences that go along with the things they have in common. But to answer the question, yes, I do come from another dimension.” Heanswered with a bit of confusion in his voice, he couldn’t help but to find it weird that she would be asking that question, for someone who seems to have all the answers, she sure seemed to not know a lot.

“Then why have you not shared this with the government?” Her voice was a bit more questioning than before with the others as she placed the folder of papers down upon the desk, giving him what appeared to be her undying attention….well, at least it appeared to be. “What? I have….where are you getting your info from lady? Call up General Manson, he works at the Pentagon in the Super-Humans Department, he has everything you need to know about who I am and where I come from, they don’t just let random people join the army, y’know?” She didn’t give him any real feedback to his reply, no real form of emotion, which was getting annoying to Charles. “Yes, we know about…um, General Manson, is it? We have those files pulled and have looked over them.”

He let a deep sigh as he leaned back in his chair, “Then why did you ask?” He wondered out of frustration.

“So then….” she said as she sat back up in her chair, her elbows propped up on the table as he head rested upon her arms, “….since you are from another world, what are your intentions on this earth?” She asked him, more suspiciously than before. He took longer to respond to her question then he did with the other, taking a moment as he looked her in the eye, wondering what it was that she was trying to get him to say, “My intentions? My intentions here are what my intentions were back on my own world: To protect the world from those who would try and destroy it. I may not have been placed on this earth on purpose, but my parents were soldiers, and they thought me that no matter what happens, ‘always keep fighting the good fight,’ and that’s what I’ve been doing. Sure it was hard to adjust at first, I mean come on, have you ever been dropped into a totally different universe before? But no matter what, my intentions have never changed or been altered, I’m a hero to the world, born and raised to be one, and I’ll be one till the day I die.” He answered her with confidence in his voice, putting his arms up, resting them behind his head as he sat back in his chair.

He could tell what she was doing now, trying to make him question his reasons for being a hero, and most likely, where he stands when it comes with working with the Champions, make him question himself altogether.

She then began looking through briefcase again, pulling out another folder, flipping through the pages as she waited before asking her next question. While also making notes as she was probably revising everything he had said to her already, and it only made Charles wonder what she was going to try and pull next over his head. “Your ‘girlfriend’ is it…Talon, she is a known killer… your parents are heroes, how do you resolve that to be with her?” She asked as she looked up from the folder she had been reading, looking him dead in the eye as she asked the question. Clinching his fist, Charles’s eyes narrowed as he heard her, now she was making him angry…and worse, he knew that she just found the one thing that she could use to get under his skin. “First off, in case you haven’t noticed, my name has the word ‘Killer’ in it, so before you go off judging other people, people you obviously don’t know very well, remember that just because you kill people, that doesn’t make you the bad guy.” She could feel the angry building inside of him as he answered, making all too easy for her to start pushing his buttons. “But still….she’s killed plenty more people than you have, so still, how do you resolve that? I mean from your records, your parents were great heroes in your world, were they not?” She continued to irritate him with the question, as she could tell that it was getting to him, talking about Talon. “My parents WERE the greatest heroes on my world, two of the best, but that doesn’t make them perfect. My mother was a Russian spy who defected to the U.S., my father was a soldier during World War Two, they have both killed their share of people, but even then, they were not judged for what they did, because what they did was for the right reasons, sure they’ve made mistakes, but no one is perfect, and holding them to their mistakes, holding anyone, without even giving them a chance, well then….all you’re doing is simply setting them up to fail. I’ve killed, and I’ve made my share of mistakes, still do…on both terms, but the world doesn’t hold that against me, and even if it does, I’m not going to let that stop me from doing what I know is right, even if it may be the wrong thing in someone else’s eyes….even in the eyes of the people I have sworn to protect.”

With a slight grin growing upon her face, she could tell that she had hit a nerve in the young boy as she heard his answer. Leaning back in her chair, she continued to grin deviously as she played with her pen, making another note on her paper before leaning forward once more, as her grin transformed into a wicked smile. “Well okay then, Mr. Boy Scout. Let me ask you this….would you have killed, let’s say, Talon if the cause was needed?” Charles eyes filled with rage as he heard this, quickly getting to his feet, he slammed his hands down on the desk as he put his face right in her own,  his eyes glaring at hers as he could feel the rage about to explode inside of him. “SHUT THE HECK UP!” He shouted, his voice overflowing with rage as he quickly turned and walked towards the door. “That’s it! Screw you people, I’m done here.”

“Sit down, Mr. Barnes.” The woman ordered him as he stopped his hand on the door knob as the door was now partly opened. “I still have a few more questions to ask you, and whether you like it or not, you are going to answer them.” Charles looked over at the guard in the corner, the man staring right at him as the agent spoke with an iron fist, Charles could take the guard, but he knew that wouldn’t get him anywhere, and instead only cause more trouble for him….not to mention how it would make the rest of the team look, which is exactly what this witch wanted. So whether he DID like it or not, he knew he had no choice but to follow her orders.

Throwing himself back into the chair, he crossed his arms as he glared at the agent, whom simply looked at him with a sickening smile upon her face as she knew she had gotten him to go off, no doubt already thinking of a way to use what he had said against him one day. “Good, solder. I’m glad you’re still willing to corpora--” But before she could finish, Charles cut her off as he was done with her comments, “Just shut up and ask the next question.” He hated this, he more than hated this, he loath this, he hated the fact that she knew exactly what could set him off, but even worse, she got him to go off and had it freakin’ recorded! He knew MR was going to kill him for that which only frustrated him even more. “Now, now…be a good boy. But okay, moving on…what was your involvement in the Skrull Invasion?” Thankfully this was a simply question, causing Charles to slightly sigh in relief as he heard it. “After Kurrent left for personal reasons, Eclipse took his place in the Trinity alongside Mistress Redhead and Nighthunter. After that, I was promoted to leader of the main Champion squad as I was Eclipse’s second-in-command. Before the actual attack by the Skrull’s, we learned of an unknown crashed spaceship that had crashed landed in Alaska--” Swiftly cutting him off, the agent began to speak, “But this was a trap, correct?” Glaring at her once more, he continued, “--Well as I was saying…we learned of a crashed spaceship and my team was dispatched to investigate in the case that the ship may have posed a threat to surrounding areas, more importantly, the towns that were nearby.  Upon arriving, I ordered my team to split into groups since the ship had broken into two when it crashed….but to make long story short, like the rest of the teams, we quickly learned it was a trap set by the Skrull’s and that we had walked right into it.” Switching to a new sheet of paper for her notes, the agent continued to write things down as the young hero spoke, annoying Charles even more now that he knew that anything stupid or outline he could say, she would be there to make sure she wrote it down. “So you lead your team into a trap?” Charles sighed out of full annoyance now as she asked him this. “Technically? Yes. Intentionally? No. And I won’t go on about how I was new to the whole leader thing, even though I was, I knew that going in, so anything that you want to blame about the main team during the invasion, I’ll take full responsibility for it. But to be perfectly fair, no one could see this coming, it caught the whole world off guard…we were just lucky enough to stop it in time, that was a miracle all to itself.”

Putting her notes away, the agent sat back in her chair as she began to stretch slightly, the bright light from the ceiling glaring down off her glasses as her face now appeared a bit more emotional, probably due to her getting a kick out of annoying the young patriot. Leaning back onto the table, she looked back at Charles as he simply sat in his chair, still glaring at her, wishing that he could go and leave the internal torment   that was her, “Final question: What can you tell us about your teammates, is there anything….or anyone among them that you feel is a threat to the government?” Charles couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought of her question, as he found it humorous that someone with so much information would ask something so stupid, sure he knew she was probably trying to see who he’d rat out on, but he didn’t care, he just found it funny at how someone with so much power could have no idea what they were really dealing with. “Oh, you really want to know who’s a threat?” Charles repeated the question as he stood up from his chair to his feet, placing his hands on the table as he looked her dead in the eye one again, seriousness covering his face, “Every single last one of us, but hey, the good news is that we’re the good guys….” He slowly began to move from the table, making his way from the door, turning the knob slightly as he looked back at the agent, “…but that doesn’t mean we won’t fight back when someone like YOU tries to threaten what we’re fighting for. Just remember that, Miss…Callisto, right? Just remember to tell your boys that if you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. The Champions are here to stay, Ms. Callisto, now you can either live with that or don’t, it’s your choice.”

“Oh, and one more thing…” Charles said as he opened the door, his back now turned to Callisto, “…you know that thing you asked me about killing? When Talon comes in here, watch yourself, Callisto, or I will be back, you understand me?” Charles said as he looked at her, his eyes filled with seriousness. The agent didn’t even look up at him as he said this; she just continued to get another folder for her next interrogation, “Verily, Mr. Barnes. Send, um…Dark Huntress in next, and make sure the door doesn’t hit you on the way out.” She said back at him, acting as if he wasn’t even there anymore.

And with that, Charles slammed the door shut as he made his way down the hallway, not saying another word. All he cared about now, was getting as far away from that woman as possible, and back down to the medical bay, where he would have rather been the whole time.

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 Cass was walking down the hallway and headed towards the kitchen to make herself a cup of hot cocoa when Sarah caught up to her. She was still in her pajamas, a pair of low-slung red pants printed with white reindeer and a red tanktop that showed off the very edge of the scar on her stomach. Her lids were heavy with sleep and her hair was an absolute mess. She couldn't even imagine how dreadful she must look. Sarah looked hassled and worried, two looks that she did not usually sport. The sleep immediately went out of her eyes and she stood somewhat at attention. "Cass, there have been...issues. The government doesn't fully trust us after the Skrull Invasion." Sarah rolled her eyes, knowing full well that it was her team that defeated the Skrulls. If it hadn't been for the Champions of Peace, something much worse would have happened to the human race. "They've sent a squad of sorts here to question..err...interview everybody. There are no exceptions and they are out for blood. There was a squad of six of them and Cass, they're playing for keeps. This agent, Callisto, she will twist words and meanings to make you question yourself and she does not play by the normal set of rules." A look tinged with sadness came over Sarah's face as she tenderly placed her hand on Cass' shoulder. "I know that you've been through a lot lately and I know that you may not be in the best frame of mind. But I need you to be careful and not play into what she wants. If you guys give her half a chance, she's going to tear this place apart. And I do not take kindly to that. This is Andferne's last will and testament and I expect us all to cherish and protect it." 
Nodding her head to indicate that she understood, a look of fury and rage came over Cass' face. "I'm assuming that I'm not allowed to kill her or her men?" Before Sarah could say anything Cass cut in. "That was mostly rhetorical." She sighed. "I have been through a lot, but I have, well, I'd call it family here and as overprotective as this invasion of privacy makes me, I'll answer her questions. But I won't like it. At all." Cass turned around and walked back into her bedroom. She stripped off her clothes, leaving them in a pile on the floor and walked over to her dresser. She pulled out a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and stepped into them, one leg after the other, pulling them up and zipping and buttoning them. Opening the bottom drawer Cass leaned down and plucked out a black t-shirt with the COPs logo on the back. It was her little nod to team solidarity and one that she usually only wore when training because out in public she was all about being nondescript. Sitting down on the floor, she grabbed her soft worn-in combat boots and after slipping her feet into them, she started lacing them up. Wiggling her toes first to make sure that they weren't too tight, Cass stood up and exited the room, grabbing a hair elastic off of her dresser as she did so. Slipping it onto her wrist in case she wanted or needed to pull her hair back out of her face later she started walking towards the interview room, taking her sweet damn time.  
Walking into the "interview room" which was really more of an interrogation room that looked pretty, Cass was quite wary. There was a bright ceiling lamp hanging over a steel table that was bolted to the floor. The table was nearly bare except for a digital voice recorder and a file. The woman named Agent Callisto was sitting in a chair at one end of the table. Her suit neat and clean-pressed and an intent look on her face. If Cass had to guess, she would pinpoint her age as mid-thirties, which meant that she had been around the block. It wouldn't be as easy as she had hoped to fool or outright lie to her. Not that she had much intention of doing either of those things. Cass found that the truth was generally much more astonishing and unsettling than any lie was. "Have a seat." Callisto spoke with an imperial tone of voice as she gesture to the seat at the other end of the table.  
Sitting down, Cass' eyes narrowed. "Before we start, let's make this clear. I do not like you, I do not like being made to answer your questions or even suffer your existence. You come into our home and you accuse us of misconduct, of letting an alien invasion happen when we were the ones out there putting our asses on the line to stop it. I don't take kindly to people coming in and, for all intents and purposes, invading my home." The words were said calmly with no undertones of rage. Despite what she was feeling, Cass remained calm cool and collected, she refused to give this woman the upper hand by getting all emotional.  
"How very protective of you." The government agent was very sure of herself and slightly smarmy in her attitude. If Cass hadn't disliked her before, that holier than thou attitude would have set her off. "Now to get down to business. Your name for the record. Full name please, including whether or not you are registered." 
Cass scoffed. It's not like she didn't already have all of this information. That was the thing about questions like this. You didn't ask them unless you already knew the answer because if you didn't and the answer took you by surprise, you were made to look like a fool. "My name is Cassidy Alana O'Rourke. I am not registered, nor will I ever be." She smiled to herself, seeing where this was going from the very beginning.  
Callisto didn't even bother with a response, instead moving on to the next question. "What is your current source of income?" The woman looked up from the file in front of her and Cass caught the gleam in her eyes.  
She hoped that the woman didn't think that she was stupid enough to state for the record that she was a paid assassin. Callisto was seriously lacking in the IQ department if she thought for a nanosecond that that was going to happen. "I pick up odd jobs here and there." She would give this woman no quarter and no more information than exactly what she asked for. Cass did not plan on making this easy for her by any means of the word. Agent Callisto was going to have to drag any and every detail out of her if she wanted them.  
"How very enlightening." The words were said with a bite of sarcasm to them as Callisto made a note in the file. Looking back up, she asked her next question."What is your place of birth, Cassidy?" 
Cass was expecting trick questions, questions that would trip her up and attempt to make her incriminate herself. This wasn't a trick question so much as a tricky one. "My earliest memories are of Boston." She had been adopted as a baby and had lived in Boston until the age of nine, her first memories were of that city in the winter time, the cold snow drifting down and blanketing everything.  
Callisto made another note in the file and asked the next question, a smirk on her face. "You claim to have mutant abilities, yet your bloodline shows no actual proof of this. How do you explain these skills?" 
Cass narrowed her eyes. Callisto knew that she was adopted and she assumed that she knew that she did not know who her birth parents were. Either was asking this question to be a complete pain in the ass, or she was testing the waters, trying to see if Cass had discovered who her birth parents were. The more she thought about it, the more that's what she thought it was. She decided to give as unambiguous a response as possible. "There are documented mutants out there who have no other known mutants in their families. It's a rare occurrence, but it happens and it's backed up by scientific proof." 
"You are highly trained. Why have you never offered your skills and your powers to aid the Commander in Chief?" Callisto arched an eyebrow inquisitively as she held a pen to her lips, awaiting Cass' answer.  
"Who's to say that I've never worked for the government before?" It was now time for Cass to play mind games. She had done off the books jobs for the government before, which translated to her being hired to take out high profile people. If Callisto hadn't been able to find that out by herself, then she clearly wasn't worth her salt. Cass smirked as that last thought crossed her mind. Finally she had some sort of a leg up on her.  
Callisto's eyes narrowed at the answer and she furiously scribbled down some notes in the file. The reaction was enough to cause a small smile to grace Cass' face. "How old were you when your parents were killed, Cassidy?" The fact that she attempted to inject an understanding and sympathetic tone to her voice was nearly laughable. 
"I was nine." The answer was short and to the point. Callisto had started touching upon a subject that was hard for Cassidy, one that let loose her emotions and lessened her control over herself. If she wasn't careful, she would come undone.  
"Gambler killed your parents." Callisto looked down at her notes for a minute and then looked Cass straight in the eyes. A disdainful tone to her voice. "Then he 'kidnapped' you. Why did you never kill him? Surely you were given plenty of chances. You were with him for what, eight years? That's an awful lot of time, Cassidy." 
She had hit upon the subject in such a way that Cass went close to postal. She would not stand for being talked to like that. "You say kidnapped like I had any choice in the matter. I was a nine year old girl, covered in the blood of my dead brother and in shock. He took me out of my home and crossed state lines with me." Her voice was shaky due to the amount of rage that was being interjected into it. "Where was the government when that was happening? Where the F@CK were they?!?!?! An entire family dead, a police family for that matter and a little girl missing? Why was no Amber Alert issued? Why was no investigation opened? The government FAILED. Plain and simple." She took a deep breath, calming herself. "To answer your question. You are aware that you're talking about Jean Luc LeBeau, right? He is not easily killed, by any means and he has a nasty habit of coming back. It would have been a foolish endeavor to try and kill him, one that would have ended in my death. He taught me to learn about my enemies." There was a glitter in her eyes as she said the word enemies. Heavily insinuating that Callisto was now counted among them. "Learn when to take advantage of them and strike them when and where they least expect it. Let them think that they're safe at home with their families, with their mundane little existences and then, when they're least expecting it: destroy everything that they have ever held dear and then destroy them."  
Callisto looked a little taken aback and the look of surprise on her face brought a smile to Cass'. It was a thinly veiled threat and Callisto took it as that. Trying to act nonchalant, she moved on to her next question. "What was your involvement in the Skrull Invasion?"
"I was in Peru when we first learned that we had been invaded. After a fight with the formidable Feral Nova, our leader, Sov Son, received a call from his daughter Chevie, informing him that something was wrong with her mommy. Next thing I knew, Sov and Crazy both had guns aimed at me and the girl who I thought was Talon. She revealed herself as a Skrull. Things went from there. We made our way to Champion City to find a massive insurgence of Skrulls. We took them out and due in great part to the noble sacrifice of Constantine, we re-took our home." 
"Very....interesting." Callisto made some more notes in her file. "What can you tell us about your other teammates here? Is there anything...or anyone among them you feel is a threat to the government?" 
Cass' eyes narrowed. She couldn't tell if Callisto was testing her to see if she would tell the truth or if she had some other plan in mind. "Every single one of us is a threat. Some more than others. But we're only a threat if you f@ck us over, which you seem to be so keen on doing. That's not our intention, nor is it what we want. This team is about Andferne's legacy, about bringing to fruition a world where people don't have to be afraid. We are true to our name. We are champions of peace and we do great things. It's people like you and things like this this....interrogation that limit our ability to do our job. It hinders us and it's not helpful or appreciated. It is the complete opposite."  
"Duly noted." The words were said in a somewhat sarcastic and not at all honorable tone of voice. "Now. For our last question." There was a mischievous and somewhat cruel gleam to Callisto's eyes. It was something that set off red flags in Cass' mind.  "Are you aware that Sarah Lockheart is your birth mother?" 
Cass' jaw dropped. It literally dropped. She had been taken completely by surprise on this one. It had come straight out of left field. She quickly brought her hand up, covering her mouth. Thinking, just thinking. It made sense, it made perfect sense. She wouldn't lie to herself, she had suspected it for a while but had thought that she was going crazy the entire time, hence keeping it to herself. She wanted to cry with both relief and happiness, but knew better than to show that much emotion in front of Callisto. She stood up and walked out of the room as Callisto called after her. "Send in Feral Nova next." Cass gave a slight wave of her hand in acknowledgment as she booked it out of the room. Once she made it to the hallway and had shut the door to that hellish room behind her she collapsed to the floor, landing on her knees. Her took deep breaths in an attempt to stem back the tears, but to no avail. The flowed freely down her cheeks, dripping onto the floor. For a long time she had had family, Gambler had been her family, he had been her whole life and in the events of one night, that had been ripped from her. She barely remembered her adopted family, memories of them paved over with memories of her time with Gambler. But now....Sarah had been becoming her family for a while. It had been building slowly but surely and Cass had been happy with that, having her be family of the heart if not of the blood. But now....everything had changed. She had a mother, a real mother. Not just a mother by name or by feeling, but an actual mom. It was hard for her to digest, hard for her to swallow. She stayed there for a few moments, letting it truly sink in and then went off to find Feral. 

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Rapid tapping could be heard echoing throughout the Champion Tower as Stephanie sat in the kitchen at the table, her eyes were gazing out at what seemed to be the wall as her fingers were tapping on the table, next to where a plate of cookies were sitting right in front of her, untouched. It had been only about a week since she was forcefully brought to the Headquarters but thanks to the help of everyone around her (and Charmix) she was able to rid herself of the demon blood that poisoned her body and mind. But still… that was no excuse for her actions… she was going to have to be dealt with one way or another, she could feel it, and this Agent Callisto had a reputation of breaking even the strongest heroes.
“MOM!” She then heard behind her, breaking her train of thought as her head jerked to the direction where the voice was coming from.
“T-taru?!” Nova smiled widely as she saw her now slightly older daughter before her, she hand’nt been able to see her since they brought Stephanie to Champions Tower, and seeing her young daughter made her tear up with happiness. Getting up from her seat she ran over to her, hugging her child tightly. “I’m so happy your ok!” She pulled away, looking at her daughter who seemed to be older than the last time she saw her… “How… how old are you know?”
Hotaru made a little shy grin. “Sixteen mom.”
“S-sixteen?!” She stood in shock. “I haven’t been away for two years! Have I?!”
The Princess of Pyro shook her head with a smile, her mother always over reacted to everything. “No, no, no, its just my aging process, I just skipped a couple of years in a few months.”
“O-oh…” she lowered her head, she almost forgot… her daughter was aging more quickly than the normal human thanks to N.O.V.A Industries… making her daughters life shorter than it already is with her being a hero as well.
With a smile Hotaru gently grabbed her mom’s arm. “I’m really happy to see you.”
Stephanie forced a smile as she nod her head. “I’m really happy to see you too.” She tried to hold back her tears as she then looked around, as if confused. “Where’s Zuko? And… your father?”
Taru stood silent for a moment. “I.. I don’t know mom… dad disappeared shortly after you came back from hell and disappeared… and Zuko said he was going to go find him while I went to go… find you.”
Stephanie was stricken by this… her family, something she worked hard to keep together no matter what the circumstances were, was falling apart, right before her. Placing her hand on her daughter shoulder she looked into her dark green eyes. “We’ll find them  Taru… both of them.” She then smiled as she embraced her daughter once more.
Just then Cassidy walked into the room, her eyes… they were slightly red… as if she had just finished crying. ‘Oh I’m so screwed.’ Were the first thoughts that ran into Steph’s mind as she slowly let her daughter go.
“C-Cassidy… are you ok?” She walked away from Hotaru and to her teammate.
“Your up.” She said almost emotionlessly, it was obvious this woman sent by the government was no joke.
Nodding her head she took in a deep breath, turning to her daughter she gave a fake smile. “I’ll be right back.” She said as she began making her way to the room where the questionings were being placed in. Standing in front of the door she quickly began tugging  on her red tank top, making sure it was smoothed out as dusted off her jean pants, making sure they didn’t have anything on them.
“Come in Miss Ardor.”The voice could be heard from the other side of the door, giving Stephanie chills on the back of her neck. 
Slowly opening the door Stephanie smiled as she peeked her head in. “H-hello!” she tried to sound cheerful.
“Sit.” Was all that came from the Asian woman who was sitting in a very expensive business suit, her raven hair tied up tightly in a bun with her glasses resting just at the bridge of her nose as she was what seemed to be notes from her previous interview with Dark Huntress.
The Fire Goddess simply nod her head as she walked in, pushing the door behind her to close only to have it slam shut, causing the young woman to jump up a bit. “S-sorry, I didn’t mean to-“
“Miss Ardor, please.” She finally looked up at her, her eyes cold as ice. “Have a seat.”
“O-Ok!” She yelped as she quickly slid into her seat, finally ACTUALLY looking around the dark empty room with just a simple table in the middle with one seat on the opposite side of where Agent Callisto was. And on top of the table was a bright lamp that lit the area, then she saw a rather large man standing not too far from them, his arms crossed along his chest as he was simply staring at her. “Uhh… hi.” She waved at the man.
“Just act like he’s not there Miss Ardor.” Agent Callisto gently placed a digital voice recorder in front of them.
“Alrighty then…” she sat silently, her foot beginning to tap on the ground, slowly at first then going faster with every second she sat there.
“Please Miss Ardor, sit silently before we start.” Agent Callisto had an annoyed look on her face.
S-sorry, just nervous.” She then cursed at herself for admitting she was nervous.
“I could tell as soon as I heard you standing outside of the door dusting yourself off.” She spoke as she then flicked the recorder on. “Now, state your name for the record… full name please including whether or not your registered.”
She sat for a moment. “Oh! You mean were starting now?” she chuckled nervously as she cleared her throat and then leaned forward, speaking loudly she answered. “Stephanie Ardor, not registered.
“Not registered?” She wrote some notes down. “Care to explain why a hero with your status wouldn’t be registered?”
“I… um…” She froze.
“Answer the question Miss Ardor.” Her almond eyes glared at her, obviously getting really annoyed by the hero.
“B-because I was against it.” She leaned forward again, speaking into the recorder. “I may not have an identity to keep secret from the world, heck everyone knows me, but my closest friends… they were heroes with secret real lives, and I fought with them to keep themselves safe. Well… that and the fact that I worked for We Are Legend at the time which was tied with the Government, so we made a little deal with them that we would work with them as long as we stayed unregistered if we chose to.” Stephanie leaned back into her seat.
“What is your current source of income?” she jumped to the next question without even thinking about it.
Clearing her throat again she leaned into the recorder. “I’m not sure about the exact amount-“
“You don’t have to lean into the recorder Miss Ardor, simply sit back and answer the questions in your normal tone of voice.” Agent Callisto didn’t even look up from her clipboard where she was taking notes.
“Sorry…” she whispered, leaning back in her seat. “I still get a small income from We Are Legend, but I know its not much, mostly because they provided shelter, food, transportation, medical needs and clothing, well… for the most part they did. As for THIS team, I don’t think we get paid here… I haven’t really been on this team long enough to really know. But I honestly don’t really need to get paid, they provide everything for us just like WAL did.”
“Interesting… I can’t wait to see the taxes you filed for your income all those years you were with your team.” She added as Stephanie’s eyes widen.
“I have to pay taxes?” She turned her head to the side as she grumbled to herself. “…crap…” she whispered.
“What was that Miss Ardor?
“N-nothing!” Stephanie smiled. “And please, call me Steph!”
“What is your place of birth… Miss Ardor.” The woman gave a small smirk as she looked up at Nova.
‘She hates me.’ Stephanie thought. “Union Gap, Washington, here in the good old United States!”
Then Agent Callisto shifted in her seat a bit as she gathered up a few more papers. “You recently turned evil and killed several people... and yet you were released from this place’s prison… how can you explain that?” The woman gave a glare at the Fire Goddess.
Stephanie could almost feel her heart stop as she sat there, she knew these questions were going to be asked, she was just REALLY hopping they wouldn’t. “I… I’m not ‘evil’ anymore, I’ve been… ‘purified’ sorta speak thanks to a fellow hero, and with the help of Mistress Redhead and the rest of this team. I was lost in the darkness… like… seriously lost… But Mistress Redhead never gave up on me, she showed me the light again, she brought me back to my right state of mind.
“Do you feel Mistress Redhead… allowed you to be released because of your long history with her?”
“No.” Stephanie flat out answered before even thinking. “She wouldn’t have released me just because she knows me, she wouldn’t risk the safety of not only her team, but her entire family. If she didn’t truly believe that I was fully rehabilitated, she would have NEVER let me out of jail. But all because I’m not in a cell, that doesn’t mean I’m not being watched with every move I make. She’s watching my every move, making sure that I don’t slip up and make a wrong choice that will send me back where I was before, and I’ve also talked to her, if I do ANYTHING that seems out of the normal for me, to send me right back into my cell. We both have an understanding of each other, she knows I would NEVER do anything to jeopardize this team, or harm it and her family.”
“I see.” She wrote a few notes down. “Describe your relationship with the Alien Zicarra Liafadora Or Sha.”
This question caught her off guard. “Z-zicarra?” She asked in confusion. “I thought-“
“It doesn’t matter what you think Miss Ardor, its matters only that you answer the question.”
Her eyes focused at the woman, giving her a glare back. “Ziccarra is a very good friend of mine, end of story.” If there was one thing she was protective of other than her family, cookies and friends, it was Ziccarra, and if the Government was asking questions about her… it could never be good.
“Care to elaborate?” Agent Callisto asked as she looked at Stephanie through her glasses.
“No, not really.” She smirked at the woman.
“Very well…” she then picked up a rather large envelope. “Where did you get the technology to alter your physical form?” She threw x-ray’s down on the table that showed the metal bones of Stephanie as well as wires where veins should be. Then threw down a  still frame of an ultra sound that showed two implants inside the woman’s head. “And why have you never shared this information with the government?”
Her mind began to go through flashbacks of when she was captured by N.O.V.A Industries, the tests, surgeries, and vigorous training they put her through, being poked and probed with needles, it made her shiver in fear just remembering. “I-I was an experiment over at N.O.V.A Industries.”
“The Russian weapons manufactures?”
She nod her head. “I was… kidnapped by them… taken from my family and made it look like I was killed. They told me my parents knew where I was… and they kept me there for four years, cutting me open, putting things in my body, injecting me with some blue liquid that made my entire body feel like it was shutting down on me, organ by organ.” Tears began to form in her eyes as she looked down at the table. “I thought I was going to die… I… I already accepted the fact that I was.”
“Miss Ardor, keep focus.” The Asian woman tapped on the table with her pen to get Stephanie’s attention back. “Why have you never shared this information with the government?”
“R-right… sorry.” She cleared her throat. “I told We Are Legend about it… since we worked with the Military of the US Government, I didn’t think I would have to go and tell anyone else, I assumed, whatever I told them, the rest of the government knew.”
Gathering up the x-rays she put them away. Not even thinking twice she asked the next question. “What exactly can the Hellfire gloves do?
Stephanie’s eyes narrowed at her, how did SHE know about the gloves. “I-I’m sorry… what?”
“The Hellfire gloves Miss Ardor, what do they do?
“They… they allow me to summon hellfire from…” She grumbled for a moment. “Hell… and bend the flames to my will. But their useless to me now, and not just anyone can use them.”
She could tell by the look in Callisto’s eyes that she wanted to probe at the question even more, but it seemed like she had to push forward. “What is your relationship with Uchia Nevann? A known killer? She emphasized the last part.
The thought of her sexy ninja man made her give off a goofy grin. “He’s my boyfriend, we’ve been together for… years now, and I love him with all my heart. Yes he does kill, but he kills BAD GUYS, just like the army shoots down and KILLS the enemy, so does NeVann, only with more style, and sexyness. But before you try to use this against me, let me tell you now, we BOTH have agreed if one or the other goes crazy and becomes evil, we would take each other down, NeVann’s already done it before with me, and if needed, I would do the same thing.” She crossed her arms, proud of her answer.
But her response didn’t even seem to phase through the woman, she had another question that would hopefully break the hero. “Your “demon” side seems to come forth more often that not, why should the heroes trust you?”
She took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. “I thought about that… ever since Sarah gave me a spot on the team.” She looked at the table for a moment. “I know and understand what I did was wrong, and I know I will never be looked upon the same way again.” She looked up at Agent Callisto. “I don’t expect anyone to forgive, let alone, trust me after what I’ve done this past year. All I CAN do, is to do my best in this team, give it my all and strive forward instead of looking in the past. I’m still going to fight to bring light into the darkness of the world, I know some members of the team may never trust me, or even WANT to work with me. But I cant worry about pleasing everyone, I can only do what I know how to do, be a hero to this world and protect those that I love and care about in it.”
Agent Callisto gave out a small chuckle before going on to the final question. “Final Question. What can you tell us about your other team mates here, is there anything... or anyone among them you feel is a threat to the government?”
Her mind began to process the question, which seemed to be a trick question… any way she answered it, was going to make her or the team look dangerous.  “Agent Callisto… everyone in the WORLD is a threat to the government, not just heroes, villains or neutrals, I hope you understand that.” She slowly stood up. “But that doesn’t mean all of them are going to take action against it. I mean… think about it, anyone who doesn’t like something about the government, or would want to change it is a threat. Normal, everyday, citizens are a threat if you break it down.” She then looked over to the silent man who was still standing in his corner. “I bet big silent man over there has something HE doesn’t like about the government, that automatically makes him a threat.” She then looked down at Callisto. “And if there’s anything YOU don’t like about the government, such as… lets just say… how heroes are handled by the government, and you want to change it, then YOU’RE A threat to the government too.” She boildy stated as she gave a smile to the older woman and stepped away from her seat, pushing in as she leaned down on the table. “Are we done Agent Callisto?"
“Yes… I believe we are Miss Ardor.” She looked down at a list. “Send in… Charge Up.”
“Sure thing!” Stephanie said as she walked towards the door. “Bye big scary man!” She waved to the man as she opened the door and walked out, only to quckly peek back in the room. “Oh, and Agent Callisto?

“Miss Ardor?” she didnt even bother to look up at the hero.
“Take care of yourself.” She smiled as she then closed the door and walked out of the room, her head held up high as she walked around the area, looking for Charge Up. Peeking into another room where she saw her teammate.. 
“Charge!” She walked up to him. “Your turn.” She gave a weak smile. “Its not too bad, just…” she paused for a moment. “Be careful with what you say.” She spoke as she patted the fellow hero on the shoulder, walking away and going back to spend time with her daughter.

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 “Laura it’s okay, I’m fine...Thanks to you, I’m not going anywhere…”   His soft voice rung in the back of her mind as she continuously faded in and out of her coma like state. One moment she could see a ceiling with bright lights shining down on her and the next a dark…dark cold place. She wanted to wake up, she was tired of sleeping she wanted to wake up but no matter how much will power she attempted she was unable to relinquish sleeps evil grasp on her. It was strange one moment she felt warm and comfortable the next she felt as if needles were being dug into her. It was like she was in a glass case and she could watch the whole world pass by her as time passed by her but she couldn’t seem to muster the strength to open her eyes!

Her eyes shot open as her claws unleashed simultaneously. Her body bolted from the bed as a cold sweat slid down her face. Her breathing was erratic as she couldn’t come to terms with where she was. Her eyes darted from one corner of the room to another as she stumbled out of bend onto the cold tiled floor. Pain rushed through her head as she dug her nails into the cold floor. Rolling on her back she stared up at the white ceiling a moment as she tried to regain her breath, she didn’t know where she was what had happened…she couldn’t remember. As she ran her hands through her hair trying to get a grip on herself she heard the door open as her eyes darted behind her. Leaping to her feet she staggered to keep her balance, as she inevitably had to place on hand on the bed.

Her head was spinning like a tornado she, breath after breath she finally was able to mutter something  “Stay away…”  By now several hospital staff members had been called in, there were about five of them. Laura her mind playing like a DVD in fast forward mode. Images plagued her mind under a crimson tint of blood and murky shade of pain.  “We’re not here to hurt you.”  One of the men said holding out his hands in a way to calm here. Her eyes were like that of a frightened animal. Her fingers were shaking as she managed to point her claws at the man that has spoken. The blood from her broken flesh slid down her hand and started dripping on the floor. The man in a way to calm her down raised his hands and took a step back and so did the rest of the hospital staff behind him. With her claws pointed she gestured for them to clear a way to the door and they did.

With that her body dashed out of it and down the hall. Her hair flowed behind her back as she dodged down another corridor. The memories were getting more recent but the present was still a long way away. Finally after she had gotten enough distance she propped her agonized body against the wall as she slid down .Her vision faded in and out of focus but as she came to sit on the floor she focused on her unleashed claws. Taking in one breath after another she noticed her broken flesh and the blood that had seeped down it from her little bed ridden excursion. How low had she been there, a few days’ months…she had lost track of time. And she had spoken! How was that possible? She could speak…no wait why couldn’t she?

Then finally the few months of mayhem finally fell upon her tormented mind as she banged her head against the wall with am embarrassed smile on her lips. Her hand fell over her forehead as she chuckled  “War Killer….Skrulls…Champions of Pace.…heroes….hell.”  Her eyes slowly slid to a close as she took it all in calming herself down. She had only now realized she was dressed in hospital attire, a long whitish dress like thing that covered her shoulders and went down to her knees. Leaning her head to rest on her knees she had her hair drape over her face a moment.  “Laura.”  Her head shot up as her eyes fell upon her leader Sovereign Son. Struggling to her feet she took in a deep breath as she drew her hair from the front of her face behind her ear.

“Sir.”   She said slightly unnerved.  “At ease Laura.”  He said with a slight smirk but her body’s posture didn’t really change. She could see her leader was slightly tired, but from what had happened with his wife, and his daughter being in danger during the Skrulls.  “Since the Skrull invasion the government has been breathing down our necks, saying that they can’t trust that we’re fully rid of the little green monsters.”  He paused taking in a deep breath Laura could see he was slightly hesitant  “They’ve asked that each member subdues themselves to questioning, particular questions would will be asked to endure that everybody is who they say they are.”  Laura’s eyes remained locked on her leader a moment as she took in a deep breath before simply saying  “No…I’m sorry sir but I have to decline, I won’t allow myself to be put on a stage to perform.”

With that the young girl turned on her heal and walked off in a brisk pace. As she was about to make the corner she heard Sovereign sons voice one more  “Its not an option Talon.”He uttered his voice more serious  “If you don’t show they’d imply that you were scared, or had something to hide and that would arouse suspicion. And the fact that you’ve already been replaced by a Skrull once; without proof otherwise it would steer their reasoning to believe that you are still being impersonated.”  Doing her best to keep her temperament calm she slowly turned around to face her leader as she outstretched her arm unleashing her claws. Briskly she sliced across it with one movement, and blood its sticky substance slid down her arm staining the cream carpet.

“Here’s your proof sir.”   She said her aggravation now detectable as she held out her bleeding arm.  “I can assure you I would rather subdue myself to scientific tests than play: little miss perfect, with men in suits and their manila folders.”  Her disgust was now obvious; sure she hated being a little guinea pig but being questioned by government agents was something she never enjoyed putting herself through, especially with the Champion of Peace’s good name on the line. Throwing her into the line of questioning would be like throwing a blood stained blanket over a Picasso portrait.  “Laura please, its only a few questions, and if you weight the consequences if you don’t go I can assure you that they are much worse than putting yourself through those few minutes of hell.”

Her deep eyes glared daggers at her superior but she knew he was right. Slowly relinquishing her clenched fists she lowered her arm retracting the blades in her right hand. “Yes sir.”  She said in a monotonous tone of voice before turning her back on him. She probably should have been more understanding. Her commander hand endured enough he shouldn’t have had to put up with her.  “Sir.”  She said glancing over her shoulder, to her surprise Sovereign Son hadn’t moved.  “I’m sorry for my insubordination.”  All he did was throw her a reassuring smile that no harm had been done and he was on his way. Taking in a deep breath Laura had almost forgotten she had been dressed the whole time in her hospital wear. Now slightly embarrassed she made haste to her living quarters to freshen herself up for her encounter of the fifth kind: aka vultures in black linen suits.

As she managed to locate her room she opened the door and quickly shut it. The blinds were all closed blocking out the shimmering rays of the sun that managed to slide through the little cracks. She took a few steps before fully collapsing on her double bed. She had requested a large bed, not that she ever slept but in cases like these. Her memories kept tormenting as if a dark shadow had just befallen her. She could sense the newly awakened evil that was now resurrected along with the own power she had somehow managed to have locked within her. But now was not the time to dabble in her own issues she had a meeting in a few moments, and as usual appearance was everything. Sitting up she brushed her hair back in a tame manor before going to her closet in the right hand corner of the room.

Opening it up she chose a black dress pants, white buttoned shirt with a collar along with a cotton black jacket that fell down to her knees. It was appropriate attire if she was going into a very formal situation and she thought she wouldn’t fit the mold that she had fallen in. Getting dressed she slid on a pair of tights along with ankle high black boots. She tied her hair back so that it was in a ponytail, yet let a chin long fringe fall on the right side of her face. With that she sat on her bed staring at the clock that was mounted parallel on the wall from her bed. Her hands folded in her lap she thought back to the moments before she had blacked out. As usual she had left herself in the care of the only person she trusted, War Killer, and as usual he managed to secure her a safe place of resting.

A hint of sadness fell over her as she wondered what has happened to him, or where he was. He was recently appointed leader of the main team she knew a job like that would take up much time. Had he already been questions? What did they ask him? Questions like those rattled in her own mind until a sudden knock on the door caused Laura to literally jump. Her eyes darted to the door as her heart raced, she knew why she reacted this way and silenced any hopes she had for whoever was at the door. Slowly she got to her feet and calming walked toward her door which from where she was sitting was to her left. Placing her hand over the door handle she opened to see one of the infirmary staff standing in front of her.  “Yes…can I help you?”  Laura said her brow raised in curiosity as the woman extended her hand, and in it was a small folded piece of paper.

“The young gentleman that was by your side told me to give this to you when you awoke if he was not present.”   The tone in the female’s voice showed that she had been one of the staff members present when Talon had her little leap and run moment in the hospital room.  “Young….Gentleman?”  her voice said in confusion as her eyes looked deeply into the nurses.  “Yes, he was the one that brought you to us, he was very persistent to get you medical attention, went as far as ramming one of our Doctors into a wall and threatening him if he didn’t see you.”  Laura was stunned in silence, could it had been him?  “And by any chance did you happen to get his name”.  Doing her best to retain the feelings that swelled with in her she grasped the letter.  “Yes miss, he said his name was Barnes….Charles Barnes.”

A small grin appeared to be forming across Laura’s lips as she looked at the little piece of folded paper, she had almost forgotten the woman was still standing there.  “Oh!...um…thank you very much…Mrs?” “Jane”  the nurse replied. As Jane was preparing to leave Laura stopped her by saying  “Also sorry for the mess at the infirmary.”  The young nurse smiled brightly as she nodded  “It was quite understandable miss, no harm done.”  With that the two females parted ways. Laura returned to her room her heart racing like a waterfall. Placing the not on her dresser next to the bed she turned the lamp on just staring at it. It was definitely from him no doubt about that, his scent was laced all over it.

“On dang it the…inquisition!”   she said out loud looking at the clock to her relief there was one more person before her, yet she intended to be prompt. In this whole excursion she had totally forgotten about her questioning. Grabbing the letter she straightened herself up before sliding the sheet of paper into her pocket and leaving her room. As she made a brisk walk down the hall ways, eventually she managed to find the right room. But the her she ran into Mistress Redhead as she came upon a turn. Laura stood there in silence “Laura.” The leader of COP said placing hr hand on the young girls shoulder. “Charge Up has gone missing, ever since the Skrull invasion.” There was a slight pause before she looked the youth in the eye “And due to that you’ve been asked to go next.”

Laura’s mouth stopped gaped open as she stared a moment before taking in a deep breath and nodding her head. She had no words to say anyway, this woman was much scarier than Sovereign Son. Either way she was slightly acquainted with the individual in question. She had seen her several times but the engagement of conversation never took placed. With that the female wonder went around the corner no doubt very busy leaving the young emerald eyed assassin on her own once more. Laura stood there a few moments before she realized that she was next. Once again her body dashed down the hall and finally she made it to the door. Standing there a moment tempted to read the note held she had a feeling that after this she would require a great load of cheering up once she was put through being nit picked by these vultures. Taking in a final deep breath and swallowing she turned the knob and entered. It was just as she pictured it was a room white walls, there was a window but the curtains had been draw. The only light came from the ceiling lights suspended.

There was a metallic table situated in the center of the room with two black chairs on either side of it and on the one stat a prestigiously dressed woman. There was a folder on the table, Laura suspected it was her own. No doubt they had attempted to dig up dirt on her. But she wasn’t really that worried, what could they really know? She was from another world and most of her life was so convoluted that she was hardly able to keep track of all the things she had done and had happened to her. She sat there her legs crossed dressed on a mission: to make Laura’s evening hell. Nodding her head in an attempted to greet the woman she slowly took her seat crossing her legs.  “Your late Miss Laura.”  The young girl et out a slight sing as she bowed her head in apology.

“Your name for the record.. Full name please including whether you are registered”.   The females tone was cold and serious, no point trying to break the ice in this situation. But why did she ask for her name again? The woman, whose last name she had heard was Callisto obviously knew her name she had to state it.  A bit of uneasiness fell upon Laura as she swallowed trying to calm herself. “My name is Laura Elysian…” she paused a moment as her eyes dropped to the ground “Chabot. And…I am unregistered.” “I see of course..” the woman said her brow raising a moment before she started writing something down on her pad. Laura was positive she just said that just to make her uneasy. Laura knew she should keep her mouth shut but she couldn’t help but ask  “Excuse me? Specify when you say “of coursers”  are you saying you already knew that or that was excepted?”

Callisto’s brow raised as her face remained in the neutral state. Her eyes remained focused on the documents on the table as she spoke “Well little girl, you are a vigilantly a neutral, you have been in all our records of you. Never choosing a side and registration would be the first step to choosing one. But of course you wouldn’t dare commit the act because at that moment once in your life you would be making an actual move in the right direction and being who you are; you would never do that.” Laura stunned silence answered the woman’s question as the emerald eyed girl was positive Callisto would have smiled if she had not been so strict. “Dose that answer your question”. Her eyes slid up to Talon’s face as she regained her composure and nodded, letting the frustration slide down her back.

 “What is your current source of Income?” Instantly Talon felt like squirming but she wouldn’t allow her…oppressor the advantage. Letting out a breath she thought deeply on that question as she attempted to figure out an answer. Obviously she could have lied, but she knew that these government working individuals always had ways of figuring out the truth…they probably knew the answer to all these questions already they just wanted to see what her reply would be and if they could trust her or not.“Shall I repeat the question”. Her cold voice shattered Laura’s thoughts as her emerald eyes looked upon the woman a moment shaking her head to say no. “No, I am currently unemployed. I work for the Champions of Peace, and as a member I am provided with sleeping accommodations, food, water and all the necessary things one need to survive.”

“And clothing?” the young Lycan’s brow rose in curiosity coaxing her questioner to elaborate “Your obvious dress and attire, I would doubt that the Champions of Peace would also feed to their members vanity and such.” For the first time Laura had no words to say. She wanted to have some witty comment some comeback but she couldn’t. She now wished that she still didn’t have the ability of speech or else this would have been a much quicker excursion. “No, you are correct they do not cater in that department.” “Then I ask again, how is it you are able to afford your clothing? What is it you do on the side?” Laura’s head shot up as she stared at Callisto, even though it was not implied verbally she knew the woman was hinting to her time as a prostitute she could see it in her devilish eyes.

Clenching her fist she did her best to straighten her voice with a decent reply as she said. “Well now in truth I do go on certain classified missions that do not involve COP, members and I get a substantial sum of interest if I complete it.” Laura let out a deep sigh as she brushed aside the locks of hair that was annoyingly lying over her eyes. “What kind of missions.” She knew this woman was squeezing her trying to get as much information out of her as possible but picking her like she was a birthday present. “Assassination, murders, silent killings all issued by the USA government.” She paused answer another question she knew would come out of this vultures mouth “And yes, I always do background checks on the target, and those who had given me the mission. To ensure its authenticity to the truth.” Yet once again the woman as if she just had a book full of Talon’s replies asked another question without even chewing on the answer of the first. “Yes, of course rope the USA government into your cause, that makes things much more….believable, and understandable.”

She could see the glare in her eyes, she hadn’t believed a single word Laura has said and it startled her because she was telling the truth! Though not wanting to make another issue she didn’t want to hear this woman talk unless she was asking and question and even then she felt like slicing off this females head.  “What is your place of Birth?” a long hesitation commenced as she had not ever been asked that question before. “Well….I was born here. At least from the information I’ve gathered over my years here. Though I grew up in Reality…529 Zenith Colony which was located slightly out of Earth’s atmosphere.” Her past was something hidden to her, she hardly knew anything about it. Most she had learned from her father and some from Gambler when he presented that book to her but so far…she hardly knew anything from her own research.

“So I take from what you have said it was a far advanced world? And obviously because of your presence they have ways they can travel to other realities?” “Yes they can.” Laura’s tone was monotonous she really didn’t want to play these games but she had no choice. She doubted that the more personal inquisitions of the main questions were authorized but this was Callisto’s game and she could play it any way she wanted too. Laura watched intently as the woman wrote something down, she wondered why she had asked that question. Did they thing they should fear an invasion from that world? Yes there were monsters from her reality that wanted to kill her but they didn’t know where she was, there was an infinite amount of places she could have been.

“Tell us when your powers first manifested.” Lowering her head a moment she rubbed her temples in thought, visions of blood, pain and screaming where the first things she encountered on her trip down memory lane. “I was 3, in a holding facility when they first manifested due to scientific experimentation. The unholy union of…” she paused a moment looking up at Callisto who’s pen was in hand and paper pad on her lap “I was 3, that answers your question.” Talon would have kicked herself if she wasn’t on stage. This woman was already getting TO much information out of her, and she was already pouring out the explicate details of her past to strangers. Nobody knew the next part, no one on this world knew what she was going to say afterward and no one would ever know.

It was then that the tension was interrupted as a man, dressed in all black entered the room. He hand sun glasses over his eyes even though really the light in here was very dim. He was tall and skinner as he took his place standing next to Callisto. “This is Mr Snider, I have called him in as a favor. Due to your deceptive life style I thought it would be necessary.“ Laura leapt to her feet and as she did her chair fell backward. She had no intentions of having another individual joining them. One was already enough but two Laura was starting to get a little suspicious. “Please sit down miss Chabot." Her tone was cynical she could hear it. This woman knew her fear and now she was forcing Laura to confront it, it was either that or leaving which was what her leader had stated would cause so much trouble not just with her but with the Champions of peace. She had to sit through this, she had to endure this she had no choice.

“Miss Laura shall we proceed? If so take a seat.” Her tone was now serious and harsh like that of a school’s principal. Propping up her chair from the floor Laura once again slowly slid into her seat as she pulled back her claws. Taking in a deep breath she finally regained some composure as she made the eye contact necessary to confirm she was fine. “Your background is extensive for someone so young Laura, but firstly we would like you to tell us, who is your father. Extended from that, why was there so much … indecision about who he was?” Maybe the hell wouldn’t be that bad, she could run there were many rooms in this place she could always hide out her days in fear and discretion. But forcing herself to remain in control she had became strong.

“My father’s name is Emile Chabot.” She stated plainly. “The indecision was due to my ignorance and…closeness to William Greystoke. On arrive to this world The Hunter took me in as his own, he trained me and one instance I was kidnapped by a traitor who had fallen amongst the Wolf Pack members. My body endured great amounts of torture both physically from my oppressors and once I was liberated by Gambler-” “Gambler?” she said her brow raising. Laura chose to ignore this and continued “-it endured even more of the environmental hazards. After I left the Cajun I had already endured far more wounds than my healing factor could repair and so I was in the midst of death when…”

She paused a moment as the scene plagued her mind. She recalled the pillars of white clouds that ascended into the sky and the snow that littered the ground trees everywhere. It was a white desert a frozen tomb. “When?” Miss Callisto’s voice snapped the young girl back into her previous train of thought as she finished “William Greystoke, King of the Lycan Underworld bit me. In that act, his blood now runs through my veins. Because of this he adopted me as his daughter naming me Princess of the Lycan Underworld.  Obviously to my knowledge’s and his at the time my true father was presumed dead, but as you well know that was not the case in future events. Yet I have never taken up that title of princess ever, I do not wish that role for myself.”

She obviously didn’t have to include the end bit but she thought it necessary that she clarify. The last thing she needed was placed into a category of potential threats in the future, and even though she probably already was in the category. Claiming the title of Princess….of anything would only bring trouble upon her and no doubt William. Laura’s eyes fell upon the guest that stood behind her questioner. She wondered what was running through that telepath’s mind honestly she wondered what he was reading from her. “What can you tell us about The Hunter, he is known to us but is ... elusive. We would care for any information you can provide.”

  That was it. Her claws unleashed violently as she sliced against the metallic table leaving her claw marks obvious. “I am not your little mouse; I have not been in contact with William Greystoke for months.” She hissed her feral aggression obvious. A low growl was detectable as once again her civil appearance had been shattered. “I am not an idiot Miss Callisto, I know a lot about The Hunter, many things that no one else knows because of my….relationship with him. So I am not saying I don’t know anything I am simply stating this”. She took in a deep breath as she spoke with clenched teeth.”It’ll be a cold day in hell before I divulge any information of any of my previous or present associates. Do I make that clear?”

Her body towered over the woman as she remained standing she, yet as she had one eye on Callisto she had another on the Telepath. He didn’t even flinch when she leapt to her feet, neither did the woman.“Take a seat we are not finished yet Miss Chabot.” As much as Laura desired to bolt out that door she knew escaping from these people were never easy. If you ran they would hunt you down, she spent most of her life running and now that she had finally stopped she wasn’t ready to begin another long distance run with these people. Slowly she sat back down but her claws remained unleashed as her hands folded on her lap.

“You have a rather unique weapon, The Gemini, can you explain to us why it is that you have never brought if forward for recording and study?” “Because it would not have allowed itself to be put through that.” Laura said bluntly rolling her eyes as she tried to think up a decent reply. “To tell you the truth I probably know the same or maybe even less than you do about this weapon. All I know is that it has a will of its own. It is alive in some way shape or form.” She should have left it there, but she really hadn’t answered the question. “But even if it did not, I would never have allowed you people or anyone to run your petty tests on it.” She could feel her heart rate accelerating as she was getting aggravated, though she knew she couldn’t let this woman get the better of her.

“I see, but why would you not allow it to go under study beside your obvious reasons?” Crossing her legs over Callisto glanced back at her folder giving Laura a slit second to come up with something. “If you receive a gift one that is beyond conception, do you spend the first moments of having it; looking at it through a magnifying glass? Do you, the moment you open it go straight to the shop and ask how much it was, when it was bought and who manufactured it?” For the first time a slight smirk appeared on Laura’s reddened lips as she ran her hands through her hair before glancing toward the ceiling. “I will assume you do not, and if you do I am sorry for you. I do not question what has been given to me. Though yes I admit I have done my research on it and have my own curiosity and questions to battle concerning the weapon, but that does not mean I will fully hand it over to others who attempt to pour out their ignorance and tell me what I already know just using different words.”

There was a long pause before the young neutral finished her thoughts “And also because…” her eyes glanced over to Mr Snider, and Callisto as her right brow raised and a devious smile curled on her lips “truthfully I don’t trust you people, or any one for that matter. I know the moment I hand the weapon over to anybody you people will descend upon it like vultures and really…I do not desire to give you the pleasure, even though that means I sacrifice my own pleasure. For I can assure you I would have enjoyed prying it out of your dead hands if you even attempted to hold it.” Now she was having fun, sure it didn’t help her cause but she thought she might as well try and enjoy herself, express different emotions she had long kept within her. She had to admit the cocky tone she had expressed in her previous sentence, but as she well knew all good things had to come to an end.

How is it that X-23 came about?” At that point Talon really hadn’t been too affected by the actual questions asked but when this was asked a cloud hung over Laura’s face as for brief second instant fear shot through her body. She hadn’t heard anybody speak that name in a long time and it was a cold solace like feeling that overcame her. She really didn’t want to talk about this. It chilled her the whole recollection chilled her to the bone. “Laura save me!” she could hear the young girl’s voice in the back of her mind calling out to her. Tears she could feel desired to brim at the tip of her eyes but she withheld them. “X-23…is what I call her…what she has come to be called.” Laura stuttered each and every word like as gasp of air escaping her lungs.  “Then what was she called?” Callisto enquired calmly “Xzanya” Laura said her tone grievous and saddened.

“She was like a little sister to me. After my escape from the facility in reality 529 I met her one night when she chose to run away from home. She had encountered trouble so I aided her. In her my dept her family invited me to stay. In my stay I discovered her mother and lovely person but her father was a tyrant. He worked for…higher and darker forces. In one drunken night he did something to Xzanya that caused her body to go limp. The girl was now trapped inside a body unable to move. It was then I suggested..” cringing slightly she let out a sigh before continuing “our…her soul be removed and placed into my body. My world is different our people were capable of such acts and much more. So it was done. But events took place and for reasons I do not know…I forgot about her.”

Slowly Laura got to her feet and walked to the opposite end of the room. Violently with a cry she slammed her fist into the wall creating a hole. Her hair slung over her face as her jade eyes stared enraged at the wall as she attempted to speak, though her voice was shaking due to the hatred that swelled within her. “They made me forget. By the time I realized what had happened it was already too late. The girls’ soul had been blackened over time by hate, and revenge due to the fact when she first merged herself with me; I promised her I would find her a host a body she would be able to dwell freely in. Time though corroded her and she realized I had forgotten my promise. When my mind was finally able to recall the events I attempted to seek her out with in the depths of my soul but it was already too late. When I was able to break the seal that kept her silent within me she was rebellious. And hence…the endless struggle began as she now burning for revenge has always attempted to gain control over my body as a way to take back revenge of all the years she had been limbo.”

After those worlds Laura found herself gasping for breath as her hand slid down the wall before looking back at Callisto “That answer your question?” The jade eyed assassin was gasping for air, as she was largely out of breath. In all honesty she needed to say what she had to say. It was honestly something nobody knew, and now that kind of information she had just given away to the government on a silver platter. But it didn’t matter, Laura felt as if a burden had just been lifted off her shoulders. Turning toward the two government individuals she slowly seated herself down. Her eyes remained focused on the ground. “Ask the question that is on your mind.” Laura said darkly her eyes glaring not at Callisto but at the telepath that was standing beside her. Mr Snider didn’t flinch instead the woman diverted Laura’s eyes back at her. “So if what you are saying is true, where is X-23 now?”

The echoing of the voices trailed off into her mind as her eyes focused on the small red dot of blood that laid on the ground. Her eyes zoomed in upon it utterly consuming Laura’s vision. Like the snapping of a finger her head snapped back upward as her emerald eyes looked out to oblivion. “I don’t know.” There was an eerie feeling that overwhelmed Laura, obviously it didn’t bother the other two people who were present in the room but it bothered her. After saying all this Laura could not help but ask that same question over and over attempting to figure out an answer, though the scariest thing was she couldn’t. That dormant part of her being had not recently spoken or even battled for control which should have calmed Talon but it did not, no X-23 never gave up she would never give up which left only one option present: She was planning her way of escape.

“Your current lover War Killer was overtaken by a Skrull, did you help them to invade? We find it difficult to think you had NOTHING to do with it when you were the only one who kissed a Skrull.” Once again a harsh slap coerced across Laura’s mind as she slapped back into the fact that: Time was moving on. It was hard but she managed to pry herself back to think over the question and move her mind from where it was currently dwelling. It was a reasonable question but how could they have possibly known! Hearing the question asked she could not help but feel slightly embarrassed at the fact she did it. The one thing that caused Laura to feel on edge was that this woman called the boy scout her lover. Yes she…liked him to be sure enjoyed his company and was attached to him but lover was a very strong and passionate title.

Slowly sliding her hand into her pocket she pulled out the small piece of paper as her eyes fell to her lap a moment. The temptation of opening it was stronger than anything but she forced herself to pry her eyes off it and back to the stale female that sit across from her and her telepathic associate. Yet she knew her silence didn’t help her cause and so instead of holding onto it she once again used her gift of speech and spoke. “I was locked aboard a Skrull ship for weeks after my abduction and impersonated, I was tortured Mistress Redhead herself can verify me of that-“but Callisto’s quickly cut her off “But you were released, how else were you able to escape?”

Talon wanted literally grab the woman and try and shake the fact that sometimes the obvious is true. “If I was…” she paused rethinking her approach before continuing “I was able to escape the ship. My moment with War Killer’s Skrull has nothing to do and shows nothing. It was simply one of my adversaries trying to get the best of me, who in truth succeeded to a point. And I do admit it was my emotional attachment and desires that caused my judgment to be clouded. But I would not go as far to say that I actually HELPED them invade. Please…” she paused brushing aside her midnight blue hair as she leaned forward taking on her father’s more cocky personality for a moment as she whispered “If I was aligned with them, and if I did help them invade….I can assure you their invasion would have succeeded.” With that she leaned back placing her hands behind her head with a victorious smile on her face.

Despite this Callisto didn’t really seam affected by any of Laura’s bi polar attitudes. Which didn’t bother the young Lycan she was determined to get out of here and read the young boys note asap. Yet as Laura found her eyes distracted by the not she started to slowly began to unwrap the folded page. Right now the only thing that mattered to her was tracking down War Killer, anyway she was positive this woman was getting close to her final question. She had literally intruded on ever part of Laura’s life….

“On top of working with a vile killer such as William Greystroke you have aligned yourself with Jean LeBeau, Darkchild, Dreadmaster, King Hyperion and other known villains, how is it you came to end up here if you are obviously so keen on the dark side of life? How can you call yourself a hero if you so obviously want to play with the other side?” Except that…. Taking in a deep breath she lowered her eyes a moment to the cold ground before looking up as she spoke in a regained tone “Because I want to change.” She said thinking a moment before continuing. “The Hunter is not a Vile Killer the others….they are monsters but   those two  please if anything don’t insult what you truly do not know.” She knew by stating this she was serving herself up in a frying pan but she was tired of taking this crap. Having this woman back mouths those she cared about.  

“I would tell you that my choice to ally myself with these individuals was far more complicated that you could ever fully comprehend. There were very delicate situations and lives that hung in the balance of my alignment and choices. I did what I did for many reasons but never for the petty reason of wanting to kill, no it was far more complex. But I shall not bore you with things you wish to know and will answer your question with this.” She paused as she moved her hand across the scar on her throat. Shutting her eyes a moment she then uttered “In truth I never desired to be a hero, I never thought it was possible. For a monster a creature from the abyss like myself to ever be anything but that which I already am. Yet I met a young man though our first encounter was random and very…unorthodox he taught me something, that it is not your past that defines who you are but in truth it is what you desire for your future. I admit my past is full of things of acts I wish I never had committed.”

 She paused to give herself time before continuing “Despite this I have chosen to not let that keep me down and instead I have decided to be that which I’ve always wanted to be, and that is a hero. Whether or not I will succeed at my attempt if anything will at least be able to say I did try. And so far in this new situation I have come to realize that in truth heroes; those whom I thought I would never be able to work with due to the constant issue of trust, resentment and my past; I have come to befriend some of them, and two of them I consider very close friends.” Stopping to regain her breath Talon didn’t stop to think what she was saying it was just words that were coming out. In the back of her mind there was a voice screaming “Your not a hero!!” But she really didn’t listen she didn’t care.

 “I have decided to take the initiative and not let my past control my future. But instead I have chosen a brighter future, and a better role that I have faith and others have faith that I can accomplish. And I will try to the best of my ability to be the best I can be. I will fail…yes that is inevitable for a person like me and I know I will endure hell in this…area of work. Nevertheless this is who I have decided to be and what I have set my heart to accomplish. I am not a hero, I am not a villain I am a neutral one who is attempting to escape the legacy of pain she has created and form a future a better future for herself, for those who love her…and….” She paused her emerald eyes dropping to the floor as she finished “And those she has come to love.”

Her voice trailed off into silence as she finally flipped the note open to see her boy scouts hand writing. It was on the top half of a white page. A smile appeared on Laura’s lips as the writing read “Laura, would you like to go out with me Friday night.” And then on the lower part of the page was two little check boxes with the answer either being: yes or no. Then singed at the bottom “Your annoying boy scout, WK.” A light chuckle escaped Laura’s lips as her eyes shot up to Calisto as she got to her feet a proud look on her face. “I am sorry miss…but I have to be off…” With that she turned to the door but stopped to glance back at the woman a moment as she turned around and spoke a smug grin on her face. “You know what makes you and I different?” she left a pause for effect.

“See you have to put yourself through questioning each member of the COP and when that’s done I’m assuming you go to your government friends and discuss the information you’ve gathered.  And me? I have to put myself through being questioned and harassed by people like you but the difference is” She said raising the letter and waving it in the air as she said confidently “I’ve got a date. My first date to get ready for…sure he’s a boy scout sure he’s innocent as anything and very incompetent at times, ignorant, stubborn and impossible but…” she paused lowering the note and sliding it into her pocket “He’s understanding, caring and he likes my company.” With that she turned to the door and pushed past as she was about to leave before poking her head back through “And…” she whispered gasping for breath before she said loudly “He’s sexy as hell!” with that she left.

Composure was out of the window sure she was a trained killer, she had been cooped up in a cell for half of her life and yes she had suppressed her emotions for years. But it was time she faced the inevitable, ever since War Killer had entered her life he had changed her done something to her, flipped that mental switch and in doing that opened the flood gates to many annoying and wonderful emotions and feelings. And it was time she expressed them. With a gleam in her eye she walked down the hall to find her little boy scout and somehow tell him yes….but at the same time regaining her composure and not seeming over eager, which was probably going to be much more painful than the whole questioning all together.

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Can You See What I See?

“Good evening,  !   I’m Sandra Wilson and this is Bryan Caldron with the latest news coming your way.   We are pleased to announce that today is a spectacular day for the people of this brilliant city for today marks the sixteenth anniversary since the Skrull Empire once again attempted to force the human race into embracing change.   Since then our enforcers of justice, our Champions of Peace, have kept American soil as well as our own local homes safe ever since the death of---” a click of the remote shuts the holographic screen off, so a group of old friends could catch up on their fast-paced lives since their last, interrupted reunion.


Sitting around the crystallized table were seven aged but dignified figures.   Mistress Redhead and her beloved Sovereign Son held each other more tighter than years past as if the passing of time only made their love so much more vibrant, across the table from the perpetual lovers were War Killer and Talon finally married and smiling happily toward one another, to the left side of the room as always was Eclipse looking out the window searching for the slightest hint of trouble, and all to himself was Closure the Son of Thunder smirking at his “brother’s” obsessive habit but before he could make the usual sarcastic remark the lovely Charge Up poked him while invisible.   “Hey love” she lightly kisses her husband of two years on the corner of his lip, a flirty gesture that made him smile no matter the mood, and so she sits on his lap making her beautiful self visible to all.


“Honey, without you the Champions of Peace would have never made it passed all the deaths we’ve dreadfully mourned.   Over the years you’ve proved yourself as a fighter, patriot, father, friend, lover, and especially a hero to us all” she kisses him once more but this time on the lips.   Mistress Redhead and her now partially cybertronic, soul-mate, Sovereign Son simultaneously stand for their own mutual toast.   

“Closure to me you’ll always be the kid I always underestimated.   I've overlooked your potential many times in the past maybe because you always hid your true self from us all.   I hope you finally got the personal closure you dedicated your career towards because you made it to the big time and your one of the family.   So, I swear to God you better be over that self-loathing stage and start being a real man!   I’m sure I’ve discussed this topic a hundred times over but Joan as funny as the name must be I respect you for all that you have accomplished”   Sweat rolls down his forehead, for some reason Closure was awfully nervous, and Eclipse just like his mentor Nighthunter immediately noticed the change in posture.


Jason Dodd, still the youngest man in the room, was quick to call out shifts in attitude even when the strange twitches were coming from a man who he considered a brother.   “What’s wrong Joan?   Are you going to cry?   Or is there something you’re not telling us?”   Ever since the death of his teammate, Eclipse dedicated his life to finding the murderer, and every time the deceased were mentioned the Son of Thunder was bothered so like any great detective the death defying Dodd became interested in his brother’s next mood swing.   “I gotta go!”   Running out of the room a sweaty Closure made his way up to the roof of  Champions' Mansion  and before Eclipse could follow, War Killer pushed the fearless co-leader aside.   “What was that about Jason?   After all these years you still don’t get how emotional he gets when it comes to losing friends and family?   Joan lost everyone including one his twins and the only person left that shows affection is Rebbecca.   It may sound sappy to you and your super tight underwear, but have some respect for the guy that saved your life more time than I’ve been mistaken for a resurrected Andferne.”  Eclipse grunted so Talon popped her claws.  "Let him take a breather" she said before going to the ladies room.


Up above where no voices spoke stood a lonely Closure, a man that is safe only with his own soothing thoughts.   On a cold winter’s evening the aged vigilante couldn’t help but remember the days before he lost his temper and caused the unmanageable.   Never had he told anyone of his dirty sins, not even his beloved wife, but today after sixteen years of being separate from his first real family, those memories of horror replay as if they happened yesterday and before he can take yet another breath he is kicked on the lower torso.   “What the hell?” he turns ready with his adamantium blade.   In front of him was Chevie Lockheart the runaway daughter of Mistress Redhead and Sovereign Son, stronger than ever after years of training, her inevitable return was now at the wrong moment in time.   “What do you want kid?   A shot at me for what I did?   I knew it was gonna happen some day so lets go!”   A chuckling Chevie loved his short-temper and stepped a little closer to the traitor amongst Champions.    


“You got away with trying to kill me when I was but a little girl.   You had an excuse as to why you couldn’t save my daddy from his accident.   You had an alibi when Cassidy mysteriously died in her bedroom.   The Hunter’s vision, the Shadow’s Squad attack on your mother’s castle, and my father’s discontent with your attitude were all viable motives for all your betrayals and yet you have never paid for one single misdeed.   Joan, it’s a chick name by the way, but what I’m here to say is that your over by the newest version of the Shadow Squad” arriving from the sky was Cell Phone Girl, Ethan Starks, and Over Kill ready to kill their former ally.   Meanwhile, Joan Rochelle Zeraz just knew this day was coming, except he never thought it would happen on a peaceful Sunday afternoon.    


Placing his speed-helmet on, Closure projected the chance he had on winning this fight, and although Chevie could kill him with one simple thought she would not.   Her flaw was her absolute love for her parents, and that would cause her to fight and try to torture Closure instead of using her astonishing gifts, this would give Closure at least five minutes to murder the girl and make an escape from his heroic family, but before he could move a single muscle a bullet tore his right knee cap.   From down the street sat a one-eyed Crazy Eights clapping his hands in victory.   “I knew that mentally crazy son of a bitch was going to be a problem some day and you bastards never believed me!   Now show that poser how the Lockheart’s finish their business” and suddenly the end of life felt imminent but like any good warrior the Son of Thunder had one final trick up his sleeve the power to self-detonate, a tool he was blessed with long ago.   He smiled awaiting gravity to crush his skull, and although Joan worried about Rebecca he did not shed even a single tear, its sad to say he’ll never know she was pregnant with a child after so many years of trying.


Who is the Man in the Mirror?

“No!!!”   He awoke cold and alone in the home of the deceased.   Closure looks up to see the grave of his father, Jonathan Rafael Zeraz.   Hours had gone by while Joan slept on the grass beside the gray grave.   The nightmare had surely frightened him yet he brushed it off as if it were nothing.  Although, he could feel the presence as if someone were near the Son of Thunder ignores his instincts and says a prayer for his dear old dad. 


 Day #1 – Who is Closure? 

  •  He visits this cemetery every single day.   He asks questions, cries, sleeps, and eats beside the grave of his fathe 
  •  As of now I haven’t been able to figure out why he calls himself such a bland codename, but I have formed a solid hypothesis of his motivatio 
  •  Joan lost his father before he could ever meet him, trained to be ignorant and manipulated by someone I do not know of, the boy is definitely a danger to himself and everyone around him. 
  •  Sometimes I still wonder why he continues to fight, why did he put on the costume, what is really the point in achieving closure?

A backward flip swiftly flowing into an odd trajectory kick to the chest.   Closure handles criminals with animosity and no regret.   Bloodshed makes him laugh and begging infuriates him.   He doesn’t stab nor does he shoot, what Closure does is poke and drive his knee deep into the ribs of his attackers.  Fluid in movement but cocky when speaking, Closure adores attention and likes giving his opponents a slight advantage.  He considers fighting crime a game and nothing more, he poses with every striking movement, as if he is anticipating the flash of cameras.

 Night #1 – His technique

  • I’m sure Joan knows I’m following him, maybe it’s the training he got from Nighthunter or just a new sense not yet documented.
  • His eyes are always angry, every battle he takes personally whenever he is touched, and you can tell he was abused as a child.   He’s a very confused young man and judging by the way he moves Closure and Joan act one in the same with hardly any differences.
  • It’s like he wants people to figure out his identity or does he so confidently know its me following him that he doesn’t care what I see?   He has balls I’ll give him that.

It was now Closure's turn in the organized set of meetings.  Without further delay he jogs into the silent room whistling.  The Son of Thunder winks at the tall, quiet yet muscular man, guarding the front entry.   In front of Closure was a warm sit awaiting his arrival and across from the silver seat was an agent named Callisto.  Her heels clicked together as she tapped her pen on the steel table, she sits calm and collected, showing no sign of intimidation.  "Please, Mister Zeraz may you verify your name for me?"   She seemed nice and blunt so what was the point to giving the lady attitude, after all it is her job to ask these questions.   "My name is Joan Rochelle Adams, but I changed my last name to Zeraz exactly two years ago.  From what I understand I am registered with the government if I am not than someone screwed up their paper work,"  he winks at the Asian beau trying to see if his pheromones could work.  "Mister Zeraz please no games.  What is your current source of income and place of birth, be truthful"


Taking off his sunglasses, the Son of Thunder grinned trying to subtly charm Agent Callisto.  "I work as an engineer in my father's company simply known as Zeraz Industries.  In addition, to that I act as a main consultant in business decisions and anything important going on is always talked about between me and my two aunts.  Oh, I was born in , but raised until the age of eighteen."    Callisto nods her head and flips her pamphlet page of information to the next set of questions.  "Well Mister Zeraz this leads me into my next question.    What can you tell us about your father’s death? And subsequently your take-over of his company?"    He pauses for a moment, inhales and exhales slowly, and Joan speaks respectively in his own way.  "I hope your not implying that some sort of manipulation brought me to the forefront of my father's company.  My dad died with a bullet to the brain while testing out new equipment for his enforcer weapons line for Zeraz Industries.  As for my takeover with the help of both my grandfather and grandmother they taught me the business and in a quick way I rose through the ranks in six months time."  
Tapping her designed nails on the table, Callisto continued.  "Mister Zeraz unlike your other teammates you act as the most cooperative even with the questions asked.  So I hope you can prevail with this method as the questions become in a way, stronger.   Your entire family are involved in some way in under the table illegal activities, how are you a part of this?  Take breathers if you must."   The government agent did not sympathize for these heroes not even for a gentlemen like Closure and the Son of Thunder noticed her sarcasm the minute she opened her small mouth.   
"I don't need to be spoken to like a child Miss Callisto.  My family are an auspicious bunch but I ask no questions of their past because it is none of my business.  I don't care, I don't ask, I love my aunts as well as my nephew and kids so please do not try to act as if we are a diabolical clique of masterminds.  And before you bring up my mother let me tell you this, even with all the crap she has done in my life to manipulate me in every goddamn way possible, I love her with the deepest affection.  With all the stories she's told me of my father, I know she loved that man more than I can ever imagine!  So, don't ask me of my mother's occupation anymore because quite frankly I stopped contacting my dearest mother ages ago and I will not sit and be prosecuted like a murderer!"  
 His amplified voice due to gears attached to his vocal cords causes a ripple-effect in the room's wind, resulting in a sudden loud shriek.
Fixing his plaid tie, Joan licks his lips, and releases his grip from the steel table, leaving an indentation.  No matter the informality the agent known as Callisto pushed forward.   "Ever since your involvement in the Invasion I have to ask with your sudden attraction to teammate Charge Up, would you have killed her if necessary and how exactly were you replaced?"  Clenching his teeth the Son of Thunder immediately responds.   "Rebecca and I are nothing but two flirtatious hotheads and if needed my adamantium dagger would have been stuck between her beautiful eyes.  For your other question its fairly simple my ever so intelligent government agent, a skrull ambushed me by impersonating my daddy and strategically kicking my ass."   Before he could even make a movement an anxious Callisto shot her final two questions. 
"Mister Zeraz can you tell me why your are a member of these prestigious Champions of Peace, because it just looks like their keeping an eye on you instead of well making you a hero that you are meant to be.  Also, I just have to know is there anyone else besides yourself that you could be a threat to the government?"    


Smiling the young billionaire stands up and leans closer to the pretty Asian woman.  "Sometimes I think the Champions wanted me because I have such a high chance of becoming a villain but Eclipse came to me an offered me something I could not refuse which was family and friends, something your uptight self may not have.  And as for the trust factor ask Mistress Redhead that question cause after all she's the one that runs the show here and although there are indeed people I do not like looking at I have to remember who am I to choose who is good and who has ill intentions?  After all I have such a horrible background" he said before blowing her a kiss.  Leaving the room with a joyful mood, Joan slipped his number into the pocket of the big muscular man.  "Call me if you need a new job"  he winks to the quiet bodyguard.   


 Snapping her fingers the Asian agent made sure she had the billionaire's attention.  "If you don't mind please contact the Wanderer.  He is the next on my list"  Joan could here a chuckling Callisto in the background, even without being outright sarcastic she had managed to push all of Closure's buttons.  "Take note that the kid has super-powers, a new development we had not anticipated" she nibbles on the end of her pen with excitement for even without meta-human gifts Agent Callisto was getting what she wanted from this awfully short-tempered team of heroes.   


"Days of studying him actually came in handy.  No wonder our government wanted him as an agent, he's slick with the words but very emotional, I guess thats why I got the job instead"  Callisto was a master of disguise, able to toy with whomever came into the silent room, she was indeed the perfect weapon.


Walking down the hallway yelling for Izaac Drake, a content Joan turns on his iPod to Nicki Minaj and Kanye West blasting in his left ear.  Peeking into an empty room the Son of Thunder finds the Man of Twilight.  "Wando this lady is a serious pain in the anal!"  Pointing to the direction of the investigation room, Joan pats his teammate on the shoulder.  "Good luck and watch your words wisely" 

The Things You for Dignity

An empty room with a drifting room sends a chill down his spine.   Throwing his keys on the table the Son of Thunder undresses himself until he reaches his pink boxers.   Stretching, yawning, and looking for the television remote just a single voice startles the hero.   Flipping backwards to gain some space the troubled vigilante drops his jaw in awe.   “It’s been a long time big boy”  


 With no sense of motion all Joan could do was look and think of possible fighting scenarios.   “Who the f#ck are you?   Please tell me you’re another hit man looking for a quick buck or just a kinky stripper that wants a new job during this rough economic time” the man dressed like a race car driver places his helmet on the velvet couch.   “I’m not who you think I am but I’m here to stop you” Closure bites his bottom lip and prepares to attack, but before he can even move an inch this stranger is face-to-face with the Son of Thunder.  


“Then who are you?” he asks not sure if he really wants the response.   “Someone that loves you enough to stop you, Joan I've arrived to stop you from ending the Champions of Peace” the stranger whispers into his left ear.   His hand brushes against the bare chest of Joan Zeraz and their lips oddly touch.   Closure drives a dagger deep into the right rib set of this invader but instead of causing damage the weapon shatters in pieces.  Across the room his cell phone rings, for a worried Rebecca is looking for her friend.  However, Joan was unable to speak because this man wanted all of the attention.


“You’re going to listen carefully kiddo cause your shady attitude is what kicks off many internal problems starting with your seduction of Charge Up”  A new revelation for a brand new time, sitting down to listen to this stranger’s words the Son of Thunder is ashamed of himself.   Joan was now aware of his horrible security, unorganized manner of tactics, and his plain idiotic reactions.   This was yet another secret that was to remain hidden from his fellow friends, for the time being of course.  For now he listens carefully and when the time is right maybe he'll strike the invader with a deathly blow but for now he'll just listen like the good guy he really is. 

He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it.  He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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If I ever have to hear "You have to <insert something you really don't want to do>", it'll be too soon.  Those were the thoughts passing through the young adventurer's head as he leaned back in the leather sofa in the otherwise empty living room at Champion Tower.  He had been awake, for what, an hour? and then been told that he was expected to cooperate in some interview (read: interrogation) session following the Skrull invasion, as if that would make the US government less suspicious of the superpowered community somehow.  Making matter worse, the Wanderer had not actually contributed to chasing off the Skrulls, he had been on various alien worlds trying to uncover a conspiracy that otherwise threatened interstellar war.  He had been remotely aware of the Skrull situation but had to have faith that his team would be able to handle that on their own.  In hindsight, it all seemed like an pointless mess.  Probably helped by the fact that he had a bit of a headache at the moment, and had for less than two hours age had a nightmare featuring a colossal obsidian gate with golden hieroglyphs written on it, one of its seven seals opening, and an ominous echo of something behind it - something ancient, older than civilization as we know it.  Up until now, an unfortunate pattern had been made visible about his nightmares - they usually somehow predicted an event in his life, although in a very cryptic way that was difficult to interpret until it had actually happened...
Unfortunately, his iPod earplugs channeling Sonata Arctica songs did not do much to soothe the headache, neither did the sunlight shining through the massive window panels.  Shouldn't it be my turn soon? I want to get it over and done with already.  As if a genie had been released from a lamp and heard his thoughts, he heard something resembling his name being shouted and immediately lifted one of his earplugs.  Right on cue, Closure appeared in the room, announcing, very bluntly Wando! This lady is a serious pain in the anal! as if that was some kind of news.  Rising up from the couch, Wando started walking in the direction Joan Zeras pointed towards.  Good luck and watch your words wisely, the Son of Thunder continued.  >> Thanks, << the Scion replied telepathically in a tired, slightly distant tone.

Izaac hadn't had this situation in mind when waking up earlier, and had thus not considered the fact that perhaps he was supposed to wear formal clothes for this event - instead, he was just wearing his usual sneakers, jeans, red t-shirt with a black hoodie.  Eh. This will have to do now, he thought on his way there.  As he closed in, he could feel how the low humming otherwise ever present in his mind - louder hums usually indicating imminent danger - went quiet, as if something was canceling it out.  Fishy. Surely they can't be that harmless.  In the back of his head, aside from the headache, it felt like the psychic equivalent of a moth tried to pierce his mind, prompting him to set up a rudimentary telepathic shield around his mind, just in case.  Turning the door knob to the relatively small, yet brightly lit room, he gazed into it, spotting two chairs and a table in the middle of the room.  One of the chairs was occupied by a woman appearing to be of asian descent, and was wearing a gray-black business suit.  With her black hair tied back, she was aesthetically beautiful, though her jade eyes behind shaded glasses were cold and calculating.  Before her on the table was an opened briefcase along with a notepad, various documents and a recorder.  You must be MisterDrake, she stated with a voice which dryness was reminiscent of that of a mummy.  SitGee, doesn't she seem nice...he thought.  >> I don't mind being called Izaac. Really. By the way, unless you want me to sound like Stephen Hawking, that recorder won't do much good when interviewing a mute guy. <<  Nodding towards the door and thus shutting it telekinetically before sitting down in front of the table and Callisto, he only now noticed the tall, shades-wearing man with arms crossed standing in the corner, presumably there to observe that nothing gets too out of hand.  OhMisterDrake, I'm sure that disability of yours won't be a problem, Callisto then answered.  All in all, the situation didn't appear particularly dangerous, but still unsettling.
Your name for the record, full name please, including whether or not you are registered," she demanded.  Wait..registered? he raised an eyebrow.  I remember WAL required a registration with the military, but I wonder if not being registered with the SHRA could get me in trouble?  Err..>> Izaac Alexander Drake, registered with the US military. <<  Restlessly leaning slightly over the table with hands folded, Wando hoped she wouldn't be able to notice the fact that he had only told her two thirds of the truth, as he had withheld the name his Xantroan father had given him - Hadrian Atarxia.
Hmm, but not according to the Superhuman Registration Act?
>> No... << he began, formulating a proper response in his head.  >> Given that we directly served the US under WAL, that didn't seem necessary. Besides, the frenzy about registration had sort of died down once I got started in the, y'know, crime fighting business. <<
So you feel excused in not obeying the law simply because media's attention was focused elsewhere at the timeGoddammit..>> Well...I literally wasn't asked to register anymore than with the military, so if you have any concern regarding that, take it up with the WAL organization, << he defended.
Very well, she replied in a tone implying annoyance.  What is your current source of incomeNothing to hide here, he thought.  >> C.O.P. provides necessities, like food, shelter and whatnot, but besides that I don't have any stable source of income. <<  
Any unstable sources of income, then?
>> Well... << he shifted in his seat.  Callisto had clearly had her share of vague, half-assed, semi-truthful answers for the day.  >> It happens that I receive gifts in return for favors, especially on alien worlds... << he said while glancing towards the golden ring with a thunderbolt insignia on his left hand..that item in particular hadn't quite been obtained that way, but he certainly wouldn't mind if Callisto would be lead to think that. 
I see. What is your place of birth?
Could she be on to me? Or my father? he wondered, while at the same time hoping his face wouldn't reveal his thoughts.  He certainly didn't want her to ask any more specific questions regarding his origins.  >> Queens, New York City. <<  That detail, at least, was completely true.  Callisto didn't seem to pay that much attention, only taking notes.
Were your parents as unique as yourself
Sh#t...>> Not that I know of, << he blurted out, hoping the lie wouldn't be too obvious.  The Wanderer absolutely hated lying, but he didn't see much of an alternative here.
So I can assume they didn't manifest the same kind of powers that you have? she continued, clearly not entirely satisfied.  He started to sweat a little, despite the chilly atmosphere in the room, hoping she wouldn't notice despite her intense gaze.  >> I never saw them use any kind of powers, really. <<  Only heard.  Inside my head.  Dad probably has some manner of powers like mine, but I don't think he ever showed me what...  He didn't even bother to wonder if his mother ever had any powers, the idea seemed absurd, she was human after all.  And it wouldn't be particularly relevant either, as she had been deceased for several years.
Have you ever met others that replicate the same kinds of abilities as yourself?
God dammit, not another question like that... >> No...well, not in full, << he lied.  In reality, he had met quite a few people descended from the same world as his father, many of them remembered in history and mythology as the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt...but she didn't need to know that.  >> I've met some fellow psionics, and..let's see..Feral Nova, Uchiha NeVann, their kids the Uchiha twins are all able to manipulate fire as I used to be able to, aaaaaand..Constantine could as well, I think, as well as control water.  So could The Genesis as well. <<  Pleasedon'taskmoreaboutthispleasedon'taskmoreaboutthis...
Interesting. Moving on, what are you doing on Earth? she inquired, as if it was somehow an obvious fact that he didn't quite belong. You have the ability to travel anywhere, why stay here?
Sh#t, why does it feel like she knows?  Err..>> I was born here, lived most of my life here..it wouldn't feel right to leave everything behind. And where would I go? Most populated worlds I've seen have dominant lifeforms only barely comprehensible as such, and those that do resemble humans, tend to not be in that much better state than we are. Being able to go anywhere doesn't necessarily imply that there is anywhere else to go, that is worth staying at. Besides, I think humanity needs pretty much all help it can get. <<
Hmm, she only replied, scribbling something on her notepad. You have always been an active member of hero teams, she began while looking up, hinting a bit of sarcasm on the "active" part, have you ever been tempted to use your powers to further the..ahem, other end of the fence, if you will?
Can't say the thought never occurred to me, but it never seemed like a good idea...  >> The other side doesn't have much to offer me, so no. <<
I see, she said with a hint of a smirk.  It has been reported that you are in possession of some artifacts that are not Earth bound, as your previous comment about "gifts" seem to confirm, is there a reason you have not shared these with the governmentDo you not want to help out your Commander in Chief?
A perfectly legitimate question, and unnerving too.  Callisto, whoever she really was, had most definitely done her research.  But perhaps not too well.  >> I have, in fact, lent out my ring to WAL scientists once. The idea was that they'd analyze it to see if they could duplicate its functions and properties, such as self-propelled flight, communication, signature projection..et cetera. Long story short, they couldn't replicate the technology in a useful way. <<
That's one artifact, she pointed out dryly, do you not think they could possibly have any success with some other? Surely that ring of yours isn't the most powerful relic you have? My intel has reports of you possessing a weapon, possibly magic in origin, that can freeze anything it cuts, even down to temperatures close to absolute zero.
God, she knows about that too? he shifted in his seat again.  Why does she even need to ask me things if she already knows everything?  >> That sword isn't really anything I'd trust the government to put their hands on, I'm not even sure exactly what it can do at most. <<  Just that it apparently provided a certain chaos-powered Xantroan named Seth the edge to seize Egypt and the highly advanced city of Heliopolis at somewhere around 10 000-8 000 BCE, and not even Amun Ra or Isis could stop that from happening...which is really unnerving when you think about it that way...  So you consider yourself more competent than our nation in safe holding valuable and, apparently, rather dangerous artifacts
>> Yes. << he stated matter-of-factly, as if it was the most natural thing in the world.  >> Our government..with the idiotic laws they pass and the meddling in other countries they do, I'm not really comfortable handing over any potential weapons of mass destruction to them without a damn good fight. <<
Well, aren't you just the ideal patriotFinally, would you say that there is anyone among your peers that could pose a threat to the world at large?
Was this a trick question?  A trap?  Could his answer risk the future of the team?
>> Yes. << he said after around 15 seconds of thought.  >> But only if the "world at large" pose a threat to us or our ideals first. <<  With that final word, he rose up from the chair, turned around to leave, his headache having mostly ceased since the interrogation, err, interview began.
Scribbling something, Callisto didn't bother to look up as she demanded If you see Blair Świerczyński, a.k.a. Cellphone Girl, tell her to come here as soon as possible...  >> Sure, << he answered absentmindedly, when Callisto interrupted.
...Mister..Atarxia, is it?  Hadrian's heart skipped a beat.  No one had ever called him that name before, and outside his immediate family, no one was even supposed to know about it.  How long had she known?  The whole time?  Or had she been reading his mind?
He turned around, trying to keep his panic from showing, and narrowed his telepathic voice to only be heard by Callisto.  >> That name is not something you're entitled to use...or even know about. <<  With that, he stormed off, going to look for Blair and then to try to figure out what to make of this all.
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Blair sat on a magenta bean bag while on the phone ordering some pizza. "Yes. Mhm. and can i have maybe a few liters of Pepsi with that too, thank you. How much?! Damn.." As she continued to talk, The Wanderer walked up towards her with a serious look on his face. Lifting up one finger, he knew to give her a minute, though before she could even finish ordering the pizza, he pointed towards where he came from giving Blair the idea that she was up next. "Hehe good thing the team covers food expenses." 
A few minutes later and she was pressing her palms against the door.  "Come in Blair." Without even thinking about it she just walked right in the room. "Sit." From the little words the Agent spoke made Blair feel a bit uncomfortable, she didn't really know what the Government actually knew about her. "What is your full name, and are you registered?"  
"My name is Blair Haven Świerczyński, not registered." She closed her eyes for a second awaiting for more questions to come. "Why haven't you registered with our Government?" Agent Callisto spoke with a calm tone. "Well.. I never actually had to.. No one on the Vine Titans team registered actually, we didn't believe that we needed to."  
"Current source of income?" Blair thought about it, and didn't exactly realize until now that she didn't exactly have any. "Nothing, the team provides me everything i need. A place to stay, food, transportation, i'm all good." 
"Place of birth?" When being asked this question the girl couldn't help but remember the old times she had in her childhood, as she smiled."Chicago, the windy city." 
Blair noticed the agent began looking through some papers, then when looking up she was caught off guard by the tattoo on Blair's left wrist. "What can you tell us about the tattoo on your wrist? That's not the typical tattoo a sixteen year old would get. " Glancing at her tattoo, Blair's smile of her childhood quickly went away as she thought about the horrid time her old team went through. "My old team got sent back to the year 1944. We all got separated, even though some of us managed to find each other. I woke up in the middle of a concentration camp, i would have escaped, but if i would have ended up injuring or killing any of the Nazis it could have caused a butterfly effect. So this is a tattoo that i got in return for keeping time in check. When we did return however... We found the co-leader Moonglow dead."
"How were you able to return?" Blair began to slowly pick at her nails. "The reason we got there in the first place was from this spell that backfired on Moonglow, and when she had gotten killed it reversed." She stopped messing with her nails. "Who was Moonglow?" This question alone bothered her the most so far out of the questions, Blair looked down at her lap as her pink hair slowly moved along with her head. "She was my best friend, we did everything together.. Her and i had many adventures together too, i founded the second wave of titans with her and War Killer." 
"War Killer?" "Yeah War Killer..  He was the main reason i'm still around.. He was there for me before and after Moonglow came into our lives. 

"Don't get too side tracked. What was your role in her death?" Blair's eyes became wide from what she said. " My role? You make it sound like i killed her? It was my arch-nemesis Charmix. And it wasn't because of me that she died, Charmix.. just had no choice. When we came back we found Charmix sitting on the floor with her arms wrapped around her body.. She was crying.." A  silent tear fell from her eyes from the last phrase she said. 
Handing Blair the tissue box, Agent Callisto looked back at her papers. "Explain your powers, and how they manifested?" Blair crumbled the tissue in her hand after using it. "I have the powers to convert light into sound, or vise versa. My powers manifested when my x-gene was activated. I also got the pink hair as a physical mutation."

 "You have had some interesting relationships, I believe your ex boyfriend killed your father? Did that ever cause you to look to the darker side of life?" Blair's mouth dropped from the words that came out of the woman's mouth. "H.. how did you know?.. Yes.. Blake killed my father. It was by accident of course, him and i were having this.. battle and my father was a cop so he came to try and stop it, and accidently got hit by one of Blake's lightning bolts." Agent Callisto seemed more intrigued by this than any of the questions. "So you caused your father's death?" Blair stood up with her hands in tight fists. "Who the hell are you to say that?! **** no, i did not cause my daddy's death you damn *****! I loved him with all of my heart, his death tore me to pieces, you don't know how many nights i cried myself to sleep, I.. I.. still sometimes do. It just feels that everyone around me is bound to die sooner or later. I lost my daddy, and Moonglow.. "  

"Please sit back down." Blair listened and took a seat even though she didn't want to be there. "   You were originally part of the Vine Titans I believe? What made you give that up? Did you mean to abandon them?" "Yes i was, and first off i did not abandon them. We as a family choose to join Champions of Peace, even though some of us don't see each other that much, we still try our best to.."

"Mistress Redhead and Eclipse have a lot of very young members, including yourself, do you not ever think you are rather young to be team counselor as well as a large member? Do you think that is why they stepped you down as leader of the YC?" Blair stood silent for a second as she gathered her thoughts. "I am young, but that doesn't mean i don't have what it takes to do any of this from my age. Eclipse is like a year older than me, and he's leading the team with Mistress Redhead. I think the reason why i might be a "large member" could be because of my leadership roles. I also help MR with training the newbies that are brought into the team, as well as help any members if they might have any personal problems, which are confidential."     
 " Any issues with the way the place is run? Is there anything worth telling us about your peers?" With a smile Blair sat with her back pressed against the chair. "I don't have any issues with how the place is run, and that is confidential as well."  
With her answer Agent Callisto didn't look happy. "Fine. Go find Ethan Starks, he is next." Blair walked out of the room looking for him.

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"Somebody remind me where I am..." The sound of music resonated from the ear buds Ethan adorned as he trotted down the staircase. The velvet carpeting allowed his feet to scuffle down the stairs without him lifting his Polo boots. "...Thats right I'm at home, right where I belong girl you say you feelin' faded well me too." Ethan's voiced trailed as he recited the melody that chimed in his ears. Reaching the bottom of the flight he hobbled towards the door eagerly. His short raven hair was uncombed, some of it laying over his forehead giving it a shaggy look that fit his well chiseled face. Dressed in a black Ralph Lauren track jacket with a pair of True Religion jeans hanging from his waist Ethan was making an attempt at adopting this culture's style. A shining studded B.B. Simons belt rode alongside his jeans, sparkling hectically in the fine lighting of the COP's entry level. Always the militant solider beside his belt sat a holster for his drumian tystel. The silver and gold hues of the gun's grip were carved in such a fashion that the light bended around the shape created. Ethan intended to walk to his workshop today, hoping to catch glimpses of the people's reaction to his choice of clothing.  
"Someone tell me whats wrong with my competition? I ask wassup and they just always say the cost of living!" As he made his way to the door knob a tap on his back halted his movement. His hand moved to his watch, which the headphones had been connected too, and tapped a button, placing his music on pause. His head shifted to the side and out of his peripheral he spotted a disenchanted Charge Up another member of the Champions of Peace. "You weren't leaving were you? Its your turn to speak with Agent Callisto." Ethan sighed heavily as he realized he'd forgotten all about the arrival of the Government. He turned around completely and made his way to the room with a look of utter disgust.  
The moment his finger's made contact with the door a voice piped up from within the room. "Come in Ethan Starks," she said dully, as if he had a choice in the matter. Stepping inside the area caught his attention. For a place with no windows, it was suspiciously cold in this room compared to the others. It was also quite brightly lit. Two chairs sat in the area, one belonging to the interviewer. She was a dashing young female. Her skin was pale, and her eyes were long a narrow, telling of the Asian descent. The rosy red lipstick, sharp eyebrows, and tight bun combined with a fine fitting gray suit screamed professional yet she still held a level of beauty not commonly seen among those with her type of occupation. A table sat in front of the woman with a notepad that she scribbled in vigorously. Only lifting the pen away to push her glasses up the bridge of her nose. Beside that was a vanilla envelope with a tape recorder atop it. As Ethan neared the chair and took a seat he caught the eye of a Goliath that held up the corner like his life depended on it. The man had the whole "CIA" thing going on and Ethan adverted his eyes, uninterested.  
"You must be Agent Callisto," Ethan said in a polite yet agitated manner. This yielded no response as the Agent took the recorder in hand, flipping the switch to activate it. "Your name for the record, Full name please including registration status," The Agent chided as she beamed at him. "Why do you want my name if you already know it," Ethan pointed at the dossier on the table, the vanilla folder with his name on it. "And what am I supposed to be registered for anyway?" Agent Callisto's nostrils flared, a sign of her sudden feeling of animosity towards the him. "For the record, Full name please including registration status," Callisto repeated sharply. "Ethan Starks, unregistered."  
Ethan held a smug look as the Agent took note of his words. "What is your current source of income?" Ethan held his hand at his chin in silence for a long moment, trying Callisto's patience. Her cold look became more brutal as time passed. "Don't got one." She quickly followed up with the next question, giving no indication as to whether she even heard his response to her question. "What is your place of--" Ethan cut her off before she could answer. "Earth." Callisto sneered. "Where on Earth?" Ethan shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know." 
"How did you come to be part of the Champions?" Ethan smiled. "Well I'd been sleeping here for a few weeks after I arrived and I guess it was time for me to earn my keep." He chuckled and Callisto gave him snide look. He stopped laughing and morphed to a more stern look. "You have been off our radar until you joined here, where have you been?" Ethan thought for a moment, unsure if he wanted to answer this question. As far information went, the ball looked like it was in his court, whatever he could keep withheld from them, he would. "I've been in the Magic Realm." His eyes darted around the room. The man in the corner looked as if he wanted to say, "you've got to be kidding me." Agent Callisto beamed at him with more disdain than a shark did a harpoon."Where is the Magic Realm?" Ethan held the same stern look. "There." Ethan pointed at a random area on the ceiling.  
"What is your real age?" Ethan answered this question quickly "I lost count at 375." Callisto simply jotted something down in her notepad once again then resumed the questioning. "What is your relationship like with your father?" Ethan shuddered at the word relationship, thinking it would have to do with Cassidy. "We get enough bonding time if thats what you want to know. He's a real giver." Ethan smiled as he recalled the old days when he spent many hours playing with Light. "You are aware that he was on this team and left it promptly before you arrived, any idea why he left?" Ethan shook his head."Sorry, maybe if you make a trip to Oa on your way back to D.C. he'll tell you." 
 "We have limited information about your powerset, can you explain it to us?" Ethan shook his head, "That folder must be pretty empty huh? I am for all intents and purposes, immortal and I have great skill with holy magic which allows me to wield the power of an angel against dark spirits. Make sure you write that down." She gave him quick glare before taking note of his answer. "We have been informed you have been courting Cassidy, are you two “an item” now?" Ethan held his composure. The question he had dreaded finally reared its ugly head. "...Seems so" Callisto wrote rather quickly and looked up at him.  
"Kind of young for you don't you think?" Ethan shook his head in disagreement. "Well the law does, Mr. Starks." Ethan's eyes narrowed and he pouted."Lastly,  Is there anything about the team that you wish to change? Any members that you do not trust?" Ethan sighed and rose from his seat. "The guard out front. I wish he wasn't here. Can't trust anybody who'd let you and Barney Fife in here." Ethan turned his back and bee-lined it to the door. As he exited Ethan heard the last words of Callisto. "Send Peter Matthews, Overkill, in next."     
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Darkness.  Unconscious on a battlefield, war between heroes and aliens raging around him, Overkill laid waiting for rescue.  Just hang on a little longer.  Someone will come soon.  Just hold on.  No comforts save for his own thoughts, Peter Matthews was dying.  His eyes faded to the deepest black, the cold chill of death's embrace creeping across his body.  Then, something strange happened.  A light, very distant and a bright blue, appeared before his floating body which began emitting a faint red glow.  This is it.  The light at the end of the tunnel.  I really died on my first day with the Champions.  Man, I must suck.  His thoughts were proven wrong as the light got closer and an image began to take shape.   
Peter's mouth dropped.  An angel was coming for him.  But, this went against your everyday angel stereotypes.  A large pair of black feathered wings on her back, hair that was such a dark blue you'd think it was black.  And eyes, the most stunning green eyes Peter had ever seen.  She was beautiful.  The angel knelt down to Peter's right side.  "Don't worry.  I'm here to help you."  The angel said with a smile of reassurance.  She placed her hands on his chest and her blue aura began to meld with Peter's own red aura before replacing it completely.  A warm feeling washed over him and he felt all the pain disappear.  He gazed upon the angel and asked "Who are you?"  She smiled at him again and placed a hand on his cheek.  "Laura.  Now rest.  You need to rest."  And with that, Peter's eyes closed and he fell asleep.   
He slept for what felt like years.  He awoke in a hospital room, his left arm in a sling and bandages on various areas of his body.  He looked around briefly and then sat up in his bed.  As he was about to call a nurse, one walked in and jumped when she saw he was awake.  "Oh! You're awake now, fantastic news!"  She walked to his left side, holding a clipboard.  "How are you feeling?"  Still waking up, he cleared his throat before speaking.  "Um...  I'm great.  I feel perfect.  A lil tired but overall wonderful.  How long was I out?"  "Just a week.  It's good that you're feeling great.  But we're not going to push it.  Stay in bed for now, I have to make a call."  She left the room and Peter laid back down.  A whole week?  Wow, no wonder I feel good.  Peter's energy capacity recharged while he did anything that would help a normal human function.  Eating, staying hydrated, but most of all sleep.  If he didn't sleep well, he'd start the day with less than his normal capacity of energy.  A good rest would recharge his figurative batteries to 100%.  He'd been out for a week.  He was feeling quite exceptional.   
The nurse walked back in the room after a few minutes and said "You have a visitor if you're feeling up to it."  Visitor?  Who would come to see me?  "Yeah, sure.  Send them in please."  The nurse nodded and opened the door.  A woman walked through wearing very business-like attire.  She was older than Peter, maybe 30's?  The woman was quite attracive and had amazingly red hair.  "Mr.  Matthews?"  He sat up again.  "Please, call me Peter.  I'm to young to be called Mr."  He smiled, wanting to laugh at his own joke.  the woman gave a little smirk and walked to his side with her hand extended.  "Sarah Lockheart.  It's a pleasure to meet you finally."  He was a little confused as he shook her hand.  Who was she and why was she happy to see him?  "The pleasure is all mine...Miss?"  "Misses.  But, if we're ever in the field together, Mistress Redhead."   
His eyes widened a little bit.  She was a hero and someone he might be working with in the future.  "Ah, I see.  Well, Mrs.  Lockheart, what brings you to my humble abode?"  She sat in the chair next to him.  "Well, after the Skrull invasion, I heard quite a few people speaking of what you did when they were all giving me their reports."  Giving her reports?  Why was she getting reports unless... She was a/the leader!  Suddenly realizing the gravity of this visit, he snapped into a more business like demeanor and continued to listen as she pulled out a file and began to read from it.  "Defended the tower from a bombing attack by yourself, defeating around 15 Skrulls.  Using their own bomb to take out a large chuck of their ground forces.  Defeating a number of enemies before suffering serious wound which included a stab wound, three gunshot wounds, 2 broken ribs, and various cuts and bruises.  Sound about right?"  He looked down at himself as she was listing off the damage.  He smiled and nodded when reaching the correct number of wounds.  "On a related note, there was a significant amount of damage in the main hall of the tower consistent with a high strength based fighting style."  She grinned and looked at him out of the corner of her eye and he turned bright red, not from his energy this time.  Before he could explain himself she spoke again.  "But that was all fixed up in a day or two."  He gave a sigh of relief.  He was worried that he caused too much damage and would be chewed out for it.   
"Nonetheless, myself and the rest of the Champions were very impressed by your actions, and it's been decided that instead of joining the Young Champions like Eclipse said you would, you're going to be placed on the main team."  His mouth fell open and his eyes grew wide like a kid getting the toy they always wanted.  "Really?!  Wow, this is-I'm so-you're-I just... REALLY?!"  Sarah laughed a little while nodding, clearly amused by Peter's reaction.  He finally collected himself enough to thank his leader.  He let out a deep breath and spoke.  "It's an honor Mrs. Lockheart.  You don't know what this means to me."  She smiled before changing the subject.   
"I'm pretty sure I have an idea what it means to you.  But, I'm afraid I'm going to have to cut your celebration short.  We have a bit of business to discuss."  Peter collected himself, ready to accept orders to go fight off the armies of hell to save a lost animal shelter.  This, more then likely would not be the orders he was given.  In fact, he wasn't even close.  "Following the invasion, the government got it in their heads that a lot of the major disasters happening recently are only happening because of the superhuman community.  They've sent an agent to 'interview' the whole team."  Peter was immediatly filled with rage.  Of all things, cooperating with the government?  "No, I'm sorry ma'am, but I can't.  You don't understand.  Not the government."  "You have to Peter.  The Champions of Peace have nothing to hide and if you don't go to the interview they'll think we do.  You obviously have a lot of issues with the government, but it's just a few questions and it's all over.  Please, when they call you for your turn, go."   
She didn't get it.  The government funded Medicorps.  Medicorps did this to him.  Although he is happy to have the GIFT, he'd rather it didn't come with the fact that he ended up...  Nevermind.  He looked out the window for a few moments, Sarah was still waiting for a response.  He turned back to her and with a sigh, "Fine.  I'll go."  "Thank you Peter."  She checked the time on her phone.  "Crap.  I have to go.  It was a pleasure finally meeting you.  Welcome to the team, and again.  Thank you."  She held out her hand and he shook it again.  She turned and walked out of the room.  Peter sat in his bed, waiting to be called.   
A few hours passed before the nurse came in with a wheelchair.  "Ethan Starks was just here.  You've been called for the interviews."  He gestured towards the chair.  "What's with the chair?"  "Our doctors think it's best not to push yourself too hard for a couple days.  so, we're going to wheel you down in this."  He thought about it for a second before remembering that the doctor got his degree for a reason.  "Ok.  I'm ready."  They got him into the chair and made their way to an elevator.  they got off and made their way down a hallway and turned into a room.  They werent trying to hide what they were doing.  It looked just like the interrogation rooms in all the cop shows.  One way glass, a metal table, two chairs, an asian woman who looks like she's going to screw you over, a man in the corner who looks like he needs to screw something.  The nurse pulled the chair away from the table before wheeling Peter to where it used to be.  He noticed something odd, a hole in the wall behind him where a fist must have gone through, and slashes in the table in front of him.  Something went down in an earlier questioning.   
The nurse began to say that she would wait outside for the questioning to be over when the female agent in front of him interrupted her.  "Thank you, wait outside."  The nurse gave the woman an evil glare before leaving the room.  The agent didn't notice it because she was reading a file that was no doubt all about Peter.  She clicked a button on a recording device before saying "Your name for the record.  Full name please, including whether you are registered."  Her government professionalizm disgusted him.  "That's rude."  The agent looked up from the file in confusion.  "What's rude?"  "You asked for my name without giving your's first.  That's pretty impolite for someone who's trying to make the government seem like they're the good guys."  He didn't care what he would start.  It was how he felt and he was going to give this lady hell because of it.  "Agent Callisto from the government of the United States of America.  Now, your name, for the record, and whether or not you are registered."  He decided to ignore her demand once more.  "Callisto, in Greek mythology, was a nymph who vowed to remain a virgin forever until she broke the vow for Zeus.  Upon breaking the vow, she was transformed into a bear and placed her among the stars as the constellation we now know as Ursa Major.  I'm guessing your father was Greek?  The nose is a give away."  Callisto was slightly annoyed at Peter's guessing game, but wouldn't show it.  "Is there a point to all of this Mr. Matthews?"  He smiled.  "Yeah.  I wanna know who you slept with to get placed among the stars." 

A normal person wouldn't see Callisto's signs of rage.  A faint twitch of her left eyebrow, her jaw closing a little more then it already was as she began grinding her teeth,  her knuckles turning white from clenching a fist.  This could mean one of two things.  She was offended that he would think she slept with someone to get a high position, or she really did.  She did not voice her frustration.  "Your name, for the-"  He interrupted her, happy with the reaction.  "Peter James Matthews, Unregistered."  "And why aren't you registered?"  "Well, this may be hard to believe for someone in your position, but I just got this job.  So I haven't gotten any perks yet."   
"What is your current source of income?"  This was an odd question.  What did it matter?  "Never had one.  My parents set up a savings account for me when I was young and I've been using that.  I don't think we get paid here.  But, I'm sure they pay for food and stuff.  I never really liked handouts.  Do you?"  He had struck a nerve in saying she didn't earn her job, so he was going to ride it all day.  She deflected his question with one of her own. "What is your place of birth?"  St. Mary's Hospital in Lewiston, New York.  It's right near Niagara Falls which is where I grew up.  Niagara Falls was called the honeymoon capital of the world you know.  Anyone ever take you there?  You know, before you got this job?"  She answered quickly out of annoyance.  "No, Mr. Matthews, No one ever took me there."  He smiled.  "Oh I see.  So it was never romantic for you?  Just business, right?"   
"Explain to us how your powers came to be."  Peter laughed.  Partly because this was fun for him, partly because she should know that answer.  "What, that's not in the lil folder you brought with you?  You obviously didn't do your homework, Callisto.  But that could be a habit of getting information in more seductive waysANYWAY!"  He didn't give her time to react at all between his jeer and switching to his answer.  "I was kidnapped by Medicorps Pharmaceutical Corporation.  They brought me to their headquarters and then performed experiments on me, seeing if i was a genetic match for what they wanted to do.  They injected me with something called the Genetically Influenced Feature Transmutation, or GIFT for short.  I was supposed to be a power source for a new energy that would solve energy problems for centuries.  I'm guessing another experiment went wrong because there was an explosion and I escaped."  Callisto wrote somethings down in the folder before following his answer.  "Medicorps is a government sponsored business.  This is a very serious accusation especially because we don't have records of a kidnapping."  She slid a file across the table open to a page with the Medicorps insignia on top.  his picture was also on the page and all sorts of information about him.  "According to our records, you volunteered for the experiments."  "Yeah?  Well volunteering isnt exactly voluntary when someone has the kind of money to cover up the disappearance of some kids."  This was all information she probably knew.  Medicorps was signing her paycheck after all, she wouldn't admit that they were doing something illegal.   
She made a few more notes before continuing, oddly, with a smile.  "According to our records, a fire killed your parents.  Is that true?"  No wonder she was smiling.  It was her turn to push his buttons.  "That's bullsh!t and you know it.  But if you're gunna play dumb like we both know you are, I might as well explain it.  The night I escaped, I went back to my parents house."  "But you didn't live there."  "No.  I ran away because me and my parents had a disagreement."  She checked her file.  "You also dropped out of school?"  He was getting annoyed.  "Yes, but would you mind staying on topic?  Your ADD questioning is really pissing me off.  Anyway.  My father was a lawyer, I figured he could help.  The GIFT takles a while to completely take effect.  Once it did, energy rushed through my body and cause an explosion that leveled the house and killed my parents."  She nodded and asked another question.  "Why didn't you stop the energy with your control over it?"  Peter shook his head in disbelief.  Was she really stupid?  "Why didn't you stop yourself from taking sh!ts in your pants when you were a kid?  You didn't know how to control your bowels.  You might have trouble controlling some other orficies still." 

She nodded, made a few notes, and looked over what she had written for a few seconds.  It was silent.  She lifted her head and stared directly into his eyes with a cold look.  "How many people have been harmed because of your inability to control those powers?"  Peter became more angry then he could ever remember being.  "Are you f#cking kidding me?!  I lost my parents because I couldn't control my powers!  You think I wasn't gunna try and stop it from happening again?!  I practiced for months, MONTHS! Training myself to control my abilities, learning as much about it as I could.  I can fill this room with energy and make sure that you and Lurch over there are sadly unharmed!  I carry the gift that I've been cursed with and it's my obligation to never again allow that to happen."  She wrote down some notes before continuing.   
"Why did you choose to join the Champions?"  He rolled his eyes.  "What kind of question is that?  What does it matter?  I was asked to join and I accepted.  Why?  Because no one else offered and I wanted to do something bigger then street level crime fighting.  Happy?"  She didn't even pause for a moment before asking the next question.  "What information can you tell us about the Medicorps Pharmeceutical Company?"  Again, another pointless question.  She was wasting his time.  "They're money hungry #ssholes who are worse then flabby pieces of whale sh!t."  She shrugged knowing that this was the best answer she was going to get.   
"You've done a lot of work with the government, why do you not continue with that good work instead of helping out these renegades?"  How did ANYTHING she just said make sense?!  This was the last straw.  Peter's eyes glowed a bright red as he rose from his wheelchair quickly, kicking backwards and making it shatter against the wall.  He ripped the sling off of his left arm before planting both fists into the metal table creating dents in their shape.  He was unchained now, fueled by anger he screamed right in her face.  "WORK WITH THE GOVERNMENT?! YEAH, UNWILLING WORK!  THEY KIDNAPPED ME!  THEY CAUSED MY PARENTS DEATHS!  I BET IT WAS GOOD WORK TOO!  I'M SURE THOSE EXPERIMENTS MADE IT A LOT EASIER FOR THEM TO RUIN OTHER PEOPLES LIVES!"  He yanked his left hand out of the table and pointed at the door.  "Those HEROES out there that you called renegades are better people then you will ever know!  They give their blood, sweat, and tears so that you can f#ck your superiors and get a six figure position!  They make your American dream possible because sometimes dreams just don't come true!  And from the black sky of evil, we bring a dawn long overdue! And we'll do anything to make that happen!  And no Chinese/Greek WHORE is gunna stand in our way!"   
She looked at him, unmoving, as if to show that she wasn't really afraid.  "Are you threatening me?"  "I don't make threats, b!tch!"  She shook her head with a smile on her face, knowing that if Peter hurt her, it'd be the end of the Champions.  "You don't scare me Mr.  Matthews."  He smiled right back, eyes still glowing red.  "Really?  Are you feeling brave, or have you gone out of your mind?"  She turned back to her file and continued.  "Last question.  In your short time here, have you seen anything worth reporting?  Anyone you feel needs to be pulled into line?"  This question made Peter laugh hysterically.  "Have I seen anyone worth reporting? You know, actually, one person.  Come closer, they might hear."  He leaned over the table and she turned her ear towards his mouth so they weren't too far apart.  She really thought he was going to give someone away?  Right in her ear, "YOU!"  She jumped back with a hand over her ear.   
He couldn't take it anymore, he was going to leave everything he had to say in this room.  "You come in here, question OUR methods, and expect us to change?!  Never again will I be dishonored by you.  I'm not gunna work for the government EVER!  I'm no slave, I wont crawl on my knees for you.  And I wont believe the lies that hide the truth.  I wont sweat one more drop for you Callisto!  It's people like you who keep the gears of chaos turning.  And it's the Champions of Peace that are the rust upon those gears!  And our days are precious and few as we lay our lives on the line to defend peace.  I carry the torch of the heroes who came before me, and you aren't going to take that away from me just cause you say each breath we take makes us theives.  Here's a suggestion, use some discretion before you label us.  The thing I treasure most in life cannot be taken away.  And there will NEVER be a reason why I would surrender to your "advice" to change myself.  Hahaha, I'd rather die!  And it's something you can't understand.  I would make the greatest sacrifice to stop you from harming what we're trying to do.  I'm not alone, and you can't predict where that outcome lies."   
He turned and began to walk out of the room.  "Where are you going Mr Matthews?"  He quickly snapped back "I've had enough of your kind."  He turned the handle and began to leave.  "Mr. Matthews-"  He turned back in before she could answer.  "I'm done! You hear me, slut?!  The interrogations over!"  As he was about to walk away again she called for him one last time.  "Mr. Matthews!"  "WHAT!"  "Could you please tell Cly that he's up next?"  "GO F#CK YOURSELF! BETTER YET, GET YOUR BOSS TO DO IT FOR YOU!"  He slamed the door shut and began to walk away.  The nurse was too scared from his violent outbursts to remind him that he should be in a wheelchair.  She walked into the room to grab the wheelchair when she noticed it was in pieces.  She turned to Callisto who replied "Could you send someone to collect that please?"  The nurse nodded and left.   
Peter walked aimlessly through the halls of the tower looking for Cly... Whoever Cly was. 

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Sprawled out on a soft chair was a sleeping figure. He was dressed in a matching tactical outfit, made of a Kevlar mesh blend that breathed like cotton. Turned on his side, his left arm was extended out over his head, while his right arm was across his waist, near the handle of his sheathed sword. Both of his legs hung over the end of the arm rest of the chair, his bare feet remaining still. Tilted on his side, his head was parallel with the seat of the chair. Saliva dripped from the side of his mouth, onto one of the pillows underneath his head. Footsteps approached him and the sleeping man remained in the same position, unaware of the approaching person. Poke! A finger pushed against the sleeper's shoulder, and he did not stir. Overkill pushed the sleeper again with his finger, having no success. Shaking his head from side to side, Overkill took a bottle of water he was sipping on, and poured some on the sleeper's face. Shaking his head a little, the man said strongly, in fragments, "...help me...lifeguard!...I'm drowning...!" Turning over on the cushioned chair, he fell back to sleep. Frustrated, Overkill didn't think he was going to wake Cly up. Eying his sword, he carefully reached his hand for the handle, and was about to wrap his fingers around it... Twang! The sound of the sharpest blade in existence hummed through the air, the double edge sword pressed up against Overkill's neck. "You have exactly three seconds to surrender before I knock you clean out, cuff you, and drag you to jail." The Rider's eyes closed, and he fell back on the chair, sheathing his sword before he fell back to sleep. Overkill was angry, no, he was beyond angry. He yelled at the top of his lungs at him, "CLY!!! WAKE UP ALREADY!!! IT'S YOUR TURN NEXT!!!" Nothing. A second later, Mistress Redhead rounded the corner, getting a clear picture of what was happening. She walked up to them and said in a soft voice, "Cly, time to wake up." Jumping up out of the cushion chair and front flipping once in the air, he landed to his feet in front behind them. The Knight shot his right fist into the air, and said with happiness, "Yes! It's my turn to brawl!" Mistress Redhead and Overkill looked at him like he was crazy. The redhead woman said, "Actually, your interview awaits. I'm afraid there will be not fighting for the moment." He took in a deep breath, and nodded his head. "Where do I go?" Overkill pointed at a big flashy sign with an arrow on it. Cly said with a laugh, "Oh, for me? You shouldn't have." Overkill shook his head side to side as he walked off.

Pushing open the door to the room he found by following the signs, Cly walked inside. It was a dark room, with a single light hanging above a table, with an Asian woman sitting in one of the two chairs. Shifting his eyes, he scanned the room, and saw a large, muscled guard standing in the shadows. Cly turned his head to make eye contact with him, then raised two fingers, his pointer and middle, and pointed them towards his eyes, then at the guard's, as if saying, I'm watching you. Approaching the chair, he grabbed the end, and spun it around 540 degrees, a circle and a half. Sitting on the chair backwards, he said, "You got the cards?" She raised an eyebrow and reached into one of her pockets, and pulled out a pack of playing cards. Slipping them back into her pocket, she said, "This is no time for cards. You know why you are here, to be asked a series of questions." He seemed a little disappointed that they weren't going to play a hardcore game of go fish, but he rose to the top of his game as he said with a smile, "Hit me!" She opened a folder that was on the desk and said, "Your name for the record.. full name please including whether you are registered." He replied, "Cly Michael Knight is my full name, and I am not registered." She wrote some notes with a black inked pen. "Why have you not registered?" He cracked his neck. "I have not registered because I'm still undecided about the real motives behind this registration act." She wrote down some more notes, then clicked her pen. "Fair enough." She paused, then continued, "What is your current source of income?" He reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. He set it on the table and opened it. No money, no driver's license, only a miniature passport, and a few quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies. "I have no steady source of income, but I do receive income at random times from various sources. One of those random times happened to be this morning. I received an unknown check in the mail addressed to me for a thousand dollars." He pulled the envelope out of one of his many pockets and showed the Agent. Looking over the folded check, she handed it back to the Rider. "Appears to be authentic." Turning a page in her folder, she asked the next question. "What is your place of Birth?" He responded, "Seattle, Washington, the Evergreen State."

"How did you come to be connected to... a dragon?" Closing his eyes, he leaned back in his chair. "It all happened a long time ago, even though I was five years old at the time, I remember it like it was yesterday. The connection began after a normal day had passed, and I fell asleep in my bed, but I did not dream. Instead of dreaming, my mind entered the Dream World. Words cannot describe how beautiful and amazing that World is. And then it happened, I stumbled upon a baby green Dragon. She was alone, and fearsome creatures were approaching, looking as though they had found their next meal. Making my decision in a moment, I grabbed the baby Dragon, and ran. I ran and ran and ran, until I became exhausted, and slowed down. The creatures that were following me were not tired in the least, and surrounded me. Defenseless, I cried out for help, and then noticed something shiny on the ground. A majestic double edged sword. Reaching down, and picking it up, I held it high, and the monsters charged. Then next thing I knew, I was awake, in my bed, thinking the experience was all just a dream, until I noticed a sword by my side and the baby green dragon curled up on my blanket." She looked at him, and jotted down some notes. "This Dream World you speak of sounds interesting." He smiled, "It is, very interesting." She moved onto her next question, "How did you come to be part of this world?" He stretched his right arm over his left. "Thirteen years of training provided me with a strong start. I joined the Super Hero team We Are Legend when I turned eighteen, and remained in it for two years, becoming the Leader, until we decided to join this team, the Champions of Peace." She brought her hand to her chin, "Thirteen years you say? Has all this training paid off?" He nodded. "Yes, very much so. I developed my own fighting styles, the Dragon's Edge and the Dragon's Palm, built solely on non-lethal techniques." She wrote down more notes in her folder.

"I've heard stories about your sword. Have you ever thought about sharing it's power with the government?" He unstrapped his sheath from his side, and set it down on the table. "Did you believe the stories that you heard?" He smiled, and unsheathed the double edged sword. She looked unsure, and responded with, "Y-yes." Pointing to her pocket, he asked, "Mind if I see one of those playing cards?" Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out the deck, and handed him one card. He held the card with one hand, and brought his sword close to the card. Slice! The card fell apart, severed into two pieces, one with the entire back, and one with the entire suit. He grabbed the super thin cut cards, and swung his sword again. Slice! Again, the two halves were cut in half, now four extremely thin cards rested on the table. Amazed, she inspected the quarter thin cards. "The stories are true." The Rider said, "I've never thought about sharing it's power with the government, because they could not use the sword." He handed it to the Agent, and she looked it over. "I insist, try to cut my arm." Hesitant at first, she brought the blade down on his arm, but it failed to cut it. She handed it back to him. "Why won't it work for me?" He smiled. "Let's just say it was made for me." The Agent asked her next question, "What happened during the Skrull Wars? How much help did you feel you gave to the team?" The Knight strapped his sword back to his side. "I was ambushed, by who I thought were my team members, Slight and Charge Up, and my neck was crushed. My Dragon, Esmeralda, was captured by them, and Eclipse came to her aid, and together, we fought off all the Skrulls that were attacking us." She replied, "So you had no idea about anything the Skrulls had planned?" The Knight covered the light-bulb with his hand, sending the room to pitch black. "I was left in the dark...OUCH! THAT IS HOT!!!" He let go of the light bulb and desperately fanned it through the air, trying to cool it down.

"How does your sleep healing work?" He responded, "I just found out how it worked a year ago, and it is all because of my little sister, Zaira. She was born with a rare blood disease, and passed away when she was three. I was five, and went to the Dream World shortly after this had happened. Somehow, her spirit followed me to the Dream World, and she was able to get a new body. About the healing, she is the one who heals me. Her item of power, instead of a sword, is a necklace that gives her the ability to heal. Every night, when I sleep, my body appears in the Dream World, and if I am hurt, she mends me up." The Agent turned the page in her folder. "That seems very convenient for you." He laughed, "Yeah, otherwise I wouldn't last more than a day." She said, "I have one last question for you. Is there anyone among the Champions that you feel is untrustworthy?" The Rider stared directly at the light bulb, then shook his head side to side. "Nope, no one comes to mind." The Agent closed her folder, and said, "You are free to go Mr. Knight..." He interrupted her. "It's Cly." She said, "Okay, you are free to go Cly." Walking lightly on his bare feet, he approached the door, and turned to look at the large guard who hadn't moved a muscle. He shouted back to the Agent in a comical tone, "Give this guy a raise." Exiting the door, he stopped, and saw a man tied up, trying to get out with all his might. "You must be tied up for a reason." He smiled, and walked towards a window. "A Rider must ride." He dove out of the window, and was snatched by a green blur.

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Since the Skrull invasion Crazy had been healing bit by bit, he had healed almost entirely thanks to Mike and Sarah. The two had exhausted every resource they could find in attempts to heal their friend no their family. The healers within the group were used in attempts to heal Crazy's body, the burns were so massive after he was rescued after the invasion he went into a short coma. Sporadically coming to his senses and regaining consciousness to keep those within the COPs happy making reassuring them that he was fine, when his two closest friends knew he was far from it. Those few weeks of recovering were up and down, but soon he made a full recovery his skin entirely healed thanks to those within the group and Chevie. Chevie sat by his bedside the entire time he was recovering, laughing at him for being so silly faking sickness to get out of helping rebuild the COP tower.   She sat with him when he did wake up for those short times, he would immediately try to make her laugh using his own pain to make her laugh. His little god daughter would stand by him through it all, his precious little angel.


Soon the world found that the invasion wasn’t an illusion that their world is full of even darker things than those evil men who walk this earth. Now the world is working against his team, the ones who took him in and kept him alive in his darkest hours. When Agent Callisto first arrived Mike and Sarah both held Crazy back holding him against the wall as he screamed “That whore is going to tear this place apart trying to find reasons to can us!!” He ranted and raved until he was finished he was seething with anger, no one was going to jeopardize what they have done with COP. The time went by and he only became more livid by the second, with each questioning he could see each of his team members slowly showing their own emotions. They were all hurt in some way by the questions they received, some found out information that was supposed to stay buried deep. His own team mate Dark Huntress was given information that was suppose to stay hidden until the time was right, even Crazy thought the idea of MR having a child was beyond all belief. Something that vile couldn’t have bred, was his thought but today he was proven wrong. Her emotions showed true; as she walked by calling on the next person she oozed confusion and slight anger. He sat down in his chair waiting, wondering when he would inevitably be called in for questioning.


Two hours later he was awoken to both Mike and Sarah strapping him to his chair “Guys what the hell are you doing?” They simply looked at him and continued what they were doing “Guys….this isn’t for a night of kinky sex is it? Because I’ve told you already I’m not doing a threesome with you two.” Suddenly the chair he sat in stretched out turning into a standing gurney four long metal straps were wrapped across his chest pinning his arms to his sides. Then a mask was placed on his face covering his mouth and some of his face, a mouth guard was then placed in the mouth piece and it was shut tight. “This is for THEIR protection Crazy; we don’t need you doing anything stupid.” He replied “You don’t want me doing anything stupid you best take this freaking thing off me right now.” But all that was heard was a jumbled assortment of words through the mouth guard. They wheeled him to the room he had stopped struggling by the time he got to the room, sighing deep as he was pushed into the room and stood across the table. They put the brakes on and Mike left the room, Sarah staying behind in the corner of the room. Agent Callisto motioned to MR to leave she chuckled “You want him to stay like that?” Callisto nodded “Then I stay here, I leave I can’t guarantee your safety. A quite frankly I don’t care for you, but he honestly would love nothing than putting a bullet between your eyes.” Crazy was nodding vigorously to this “So I’m here to keep him from doing something stupid….as much as his stupid act would please me.” She smiled at her before leaning into the corner of the room her arms crossed.  


The guard that stayed in the room walked over to Crazy removing the mouth guard and jumped back as Crazy chomped his jaw at him with a chuckle “Idiot….” Agent Callisto stared at Crazy for few moments before starting the questions starting off with “Your name for the record.. full name please including whether you are registered .” Crazy cracked his neck as much as he could then answer her question without pause “My name? Which one?” Agent Callisto glared at him “ All of them please.” Taking in a deep breath he begun “My names are Jacob Riderson, Marvin, Mary, Zeek, Zarchariah, Sly, Grendal, and Phillip.” Then thought for a moment to the second part of the question “I think I got those papers.” Agent Callisto looked through her papers finding nothing on the registration “I don’t believe I have your papers so that means?” Crazy smiled “Oh I got them, I just never sent them back. Meant paying more shit I didn’t want to right? So I guess that means I’m unregistered.” He said with a wide smile on his face, Callisto was definitely sick of everything she had gone through this day. Her body showed her short temper she now had thanks to everyone this day and Crazy was not going to make it any easier for her. She took a deep breath calming herself “What is your current source of Income?” Crazy tried pointing but wasn’t able to free a finger so he used his head gesturing towards MR “Her” Callisto looked confused “She gives you money when you need it?” He laughed loud “Hell no I put her on the corner when I need some extra cash.” Suddenly a stapler was thrown at his head the stapler side hitting his head and putting a staple into it. “OW!! Where the hell did you get that from?!!!” He wanted to glare at MR but he couldn’t so he pouted. Callisto rolled her eyes and continued “”So you get your income from somewhere else?”  Crazy nodded saying nothing “Your not going to tell me are you?” Crazy shook his head triumphant over this question with a smile on his face. She sighed deep before continuing onto the next question “What is your place of Birth?” This question actually irritated Crazy slightly, remembering his mother and that bastard of a man brought painful memories “Michigan…..” Agent Callisto looked through her file nodding her head “Yes, you were raised by your mother and father. Only to at a young age lose your mother to you’re…” Crazy cut her off with a stern look on his face “You will not refer to that man as my father again is that understood?” He wiggled his arm slightly as if to itch something . Callisto smiled finding a nerve with Crazy she prodded it more “Yes, your father who as of a year ago was a wealthy man. Drifting from woman to woman, spawning many offspring. Until he was shot hundred and six times then tossed out of a 40 story building. There wasn’t much left of him when we got there.” Crazy moved slightly for a moment “So you saw that? Huh wonder what happen to him. Whoever who ended his life should deserve a Noble Peace Prize for that.” He said stroking his own ego “Yes of course.” She said turning another page in her large folder, she asked “Explain your split personalities and how they manifested, Explain what area each of them manage inside your mind.” Crazy smiled slightly “Let them speak for themselves.” Suddenly his skin turned into something that resembled brick as Marvin took over, his restraints not budging the two who restrained him designed them just for Crazy and his powers “Marv…I came when daddy was hurting mommy.” Then suddenly he was gone brief and to the point Marvin, then Mary took control “Suck my left tit you pompous twat! I came to be when this moron was driving and didn’t look where he was going saving his ass with my precog abilities. Now goodbye, your smell is making me retch.” Suddenly Mary was gone replaced with “HeymynameisPhillipbuteveryonecallsmePhilcausetheirtoolazytofinishtheIPpartofmynameIcametotakecontrolofthismoronwhenhewasintrack.SUPERSPEEDHENEEDEDHAHAHAHAHAHAgoodbye.”Then as fast as he arrived in control he was gone Zachariah replacing him “My name is Zach, nice to meet you wish it were under other circumstances. My abilities are telekinesis and telepathy, and yes we will answer the second part of your question in time. I manifested when Jacob wanted to know if a girl liked him or not…she didn’t. Goodbye Callisto.” Zeek replaced Zach his eyes darted around the room “My name is Zeek, I don’t remember when I manifested and neither does Jacob. I think I was around the whole time, even before Marvin. I don’t have any real powers persay. I cast illusions or make people see me as something Im not. Able to transform my body into something or someone Ive already seen.” Then all went silent as his appearance changed into something more likable Sly was in control “Sly, control over people’s minds and bodily functions. Came to be when he needed something done then and there.” Then he was gone, suddenly the room went dark the lights flickering on and off, Crazys eyes went pure white as Grendel took control “I kill everything that gets in my way, just ask those bastards that tried to mug me all those years ago. Those are your answers.” Then he was gone the darkness within the room vanished letting the light shine through as Jacob took control once again “And to answer the rest of the question…they are my brain. They do not control any one part, they are everything I am. Next question please because I’m getting tired of this. By the way I have the ability to heal, always have and I am the main personality.”   Callisto didn’t stop to react with his answers simply writing them down as fast as she could, then she continued “You were part of a squadron run by MR and Mike before they “came good” so to speak. Explain to us how MR and Sov Son are now able to walk free when the three of you were mercenaries?” Section 8 he knew it would be brought up, he moved his body little bit more before answering “We did jobs for our country, nothing ever illegal…okay illegal yes but wrong no…okay again I’m lying. What we did we do to survive, if this meant killing people that needed to be killed then so be it. We are not walking around free to answer your question, because obviously you’re sitting across the table from me questioning everything I’ve ever done or will do. Pestering what’s mine and controlling our emotions with your questions. So please next question.” 
Callisto snapped her pencil in half with her frustration with his answer not exactly answering her question “So what you did with Section 8 was for the better of this country and its people?” He nodded “Yep every single job, every single bullet meant to preserve this country.” She glared at him before continuing smiling devilishly at her next question “What is your relationship to Chevrolet Lockheart? Why do you think a psychopath as yourself was chosen to “protect” their child?” MR went to step forward out of the darkness of the corner of the room but she was rendered immobile, the room went dark the light bulb above the table completely shattering glass going everywhere. MR tried to free herself but she couldn’t, Grendel was lose and in control of Crazy a hand emerged from the darkness slapping Callisto across the face, the dark hand then slammed the guard into the wall pinning him their. It lifted Callisto along with her chair into the air, her eyes widened as it wrapped around her holding her in place. She stared at Grendel as he spoke “That little girl is the only reason you still live and breathe. From the moment you stepped into our lives I could have ended you, made it look like an act of f@#king god! I only keep you alive to keep her safe and alive until the day she grows old and passes on in her sleep. Because if I ended you right here right f@#king now, I would bring the entire government down upon us and her. We may win, hell I know we would f@#king win against you idiots. But I couldn’t guarantee her safety in the fight that would insure. So to answer your question I will answer in two parts.” Grendel slowly sat her back down and the light started to come back to the room MR was freed from the darkness “I was given the honor of being her god father because I am the only one who can and will protect her other than her mother and father. And god help you if they ever die I would be the one to take care of her. Giving my life for her, my poor twisted disgusting excuse for a life for that perfect little angel.” Then Grendel was gone Jacob returning answering the second part of Grendels answer himself “He loves that kid so let’s not speak of her again in that tone okay? “
 He sat back marveling at her fear, she scoffed at him then rested herself for a brief moment before continuing “How many people have you killed under their order?” without a second thought he answered “3456 life forms. I say life forms because that’s counting the Skrulls I killed saving your ass.” He smiled wide at his own reply as if patting himself on the back. Her eyes widened to his answer then she asked “What have you been doing since the disbandment of Section Eight?” He thought for a moment “Before I joined with COP and becoming a member of….the team I did odd jobs here and there. Even saved the world once….I think. May have just been a really bad trip from all the pop rocks and Pepsi I did.” She looked at him for a moment trying to figure if he was telling the truth or not, then she simply shook her head.   “How have you managed to evade any government imprisonment?” He laughed even louder than last time filling the room with a few minutes of laughter “Really? Your serious right? How? HAHAHAHAHA Because you lot are a bunch of morons with toy guns, like the guy behind you. His continued existence is entirely because I haven’t pulled the trigger yet.” Callisto stood up slamming her hands into the table “You will answer the remaining questions without belittling me or my organization is that clear Jacob!!” Crazy leaned back slightly “Jeez oh peets, don’t get your panties in a twist you shrew like woman. Go ahead ask me another.” He said with a cocky grin on his face “What team are you on among the Champions?” His smile disappeared “The team in which certain missions are given to. The only portion of the team to act on the basis of eliminating those who are deemed hostile in ways the others could not begin to comprehend. We end things that need ending, simple as that.” Callisto wanted to ask him more but she had enough of this charade he was giving her gesturing for MR to remove him from the room. MR walked forward but Crazy simply stood up out of his restraints. They fell off him with ease, he patted himself off removing any dust or debris off his uniform before looking at MR and Callisto “What?! You honestly thought me moving like a moron didn’t have a purpose? Jeez these guys strap me up every other weekend to keep me from bothering them when they shag like rabbits. You think I wouldn’t have learned how to escape and entertain myself.” He turned around flipping off Callisto before tapping MR “Your guys turn next huh? I’ll go watch Chevie alright? OH can I take her out for ice-cream?!!” MR nodded with a smile Grendel taking control and walking out of the room with a wide smile on his face that he got to watch Chevie.

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 Mike was waiting for his turn, each member of his team had left the room some annoyed and some nervous, this whole thing with the government was expected. The lights flickered in the waiting room and Mike shook his head, “Grendel” he said allowed, MR was in with Crazy she would control the situation. Watching he finally breathed out as Crazy left a large smile from ear to ear, he honestly had no idea what they thought they could get out of him, he had so many voices wanting to be heard that it would take months to question him properly. It was Mikes turn MR came out next and he gave her a smile, as she mouthed “behave” at him. Mike was dressed in his black uniform two pistols strapped to either side. he brushed back his short black hair and walked to the room, his sea blue eyes took it all in, it was nothing special a simple interview room a single bulb they had tried to clean up the broken bulb but the new one flashed over the tiny fragments they had missed. The bulb sat above a table and two chairs on either side, on the table sat a standard government issue Sony recorder and a rather thick file, he took the seat across from her. Callisto was one of the youngest agents to come through the ranks, Mike had met her once in the past, all be it briefly she had made an impression on him he was still trying to figure out if it had been a good one.

She pressed her lips and said nothing to him as he sat, her grey suit was ironed to perfection, you can tell a lot from how a person dress’s in these situations, Callisto was almost obsessive when it came to the facts, everything about her screamed, confidence and drives everything you need to be a successful at interrogations. You see you have several different types of interrogation stagiest, friendly, brutal, threatening and confidence to name but a few, each worked on different people, it took a certain level of balls to walk into this room and ask these questions to heroes and still has the confidence to face him. Which means she had something, some information on all of them, something to throw a curve ball in the works she spoke her accent was almost American now but he could still her some distant accent, something familiar about her directness. ” Your name for the record.. full name please including whether you are registered “

Mike smiled and leant back in the chair “Am I to assume you have clearance to speak to me?” She looked at him unwavering “Do not assume anything, was that not one of your teachings! I have clearance to speak to you and all your team.”  One to her Mike thought to himself, She was asserting herself, reminding him that it was his lessons that had been taught during their encounter, also playing a very smart game. “Now Your name for the record.. full name please including whether you are registered “ . “But I wonder how much clearance you have, okay lets play for now. Michael Lockhart, Registered.”  She wrote something down out of Mikes eye shot and continued with her next question, “What is your current source of Income? “ Opening with a personal question, which would meant this was going to get dirty later down the track, start with simple questions, name, income. Make the person fell safe with easy questions to answer before you snap them out of their comfort zone, make them nervous, angry. “I have a large inheritance and work as a  field consultant for many UN governments such as this one, I also work as a security advisor for them time to time.”  Mostly consulting with a gun to some ones head, but in some ways it was not a lie. She continued to write, he had not told her anything she did not already know, or given her anything she did not so far so good.

“What is your place of Birth?”  Mike looked puzzled “You should have asked that with my name, your dragging this out. It also should be the first page of that rather large folder you have in front of you, what is that my first three years service?”  She continued to look at him, “Answer the Question Mr Lockhart” Still giving nothing and asking for everything in return,This was it after this question she was going to start digging, the easiest question of all. A question almost everyone knew the answer too, “ , but I grew up travelling with my father.”  She nodded and continued, he was not going to bring Surreal into this not   unless he had to “What is your role amongst the Champions? Which area are you part of? “She was unaware of the Shadow Squads role within the C.O.Ps or she was still testing the water, it also depends if she asked this question to any of his team, he wondered if any of them had said just enough for her to make up her mind “Im not really a member of C.O.Ps I play a role here and there, much like the consultancy work for the government”  She waited for more, something she could work with, something that would give her control of this interview, as it stood he had told her nothing and he knew that meant she was going to go to the darker places of his life. The one place that could push his buttons, perhaps get him to slip up. ”Your family before you met Mistress Redhead were killed by the one known as Final Arrow, how have you in all this time never tried to stop his evil from spreading?”

This was the start of it, what he had been waiting for the real interview to start; this was where he would have to keep his cool. “It’s a fair question” Mike said keeping his emotions in check, she had picked one of the darkest moments in his mind and was now playing with it to get a rise. “I have killed him four times or was it five, see the problem with creatures like him, is that he will always come back as long as we have darkness within us, us as a whole. If we wanted to stop him we would have to destroy ourselves. Right now all we can do is damage control , you of all people should know this, you assess threats to the government, Arrow must be on your radar or are you asking me why I have not wiped out the whole of  human kind? “ one all Mike thought as she took her eyes from him and for the first time wrote nothing and moved quickly onto the next question.” You were once a member of an elite team called the New Age Outlaws, how did you end up…. As a mercenary?”  Mike opened his hands and pulled the chair forward, “how long do you have, because that’s a very large jump you just took, I was a member of the NAO it’s true a founder and a leader at one point and trained many of this worlds heroes, when my family died I vanished for four years, trained Nighthunter and came back, I became a member of ICE where I met my current wife. I took various contracts for the Government and was released from services due to my age, I had talents that people where willing to pay for and a pregnant wife to support it was simple maths.”    There was no need to lie about anything to do with surrounding his past it was almost all public knowledge, the missions on the other hand. She was once again writing, it seems the game was far from over. Her voice was cool and was still showing no emotion herself as she went into the next question.

“How did Section Eight come to be? What government funding where they offered?” Mike once again looked into her eyes unwavering. “I am not a liberty to say” She placed the pencil down “Not at liberty or not willing, you have yet to answer any of my questions with any real answers” , “when I say not at liberty I mean not at liberty, I worked for many agencies all over the world, with many different levels of security, I don’t think your pay grade goes high enough for the information you are seeking, I have answered several of your questions just not the ones you want the answers too. You knew that my working with different agencies would become a factor this also spreads into my work with section 8, so again I will say I am not at liberty to say.”  She looked at him a flash of anger for a moment; he swore he saw the intent to kill, before she returned to her questions, it seemed he would live to regret angering her.

“What powers have you seen manifest in your daughter? And how is it that she came to have these powers, we have no registration information that either you or Miss Redhead are “mutants” “So she brought his daughter into it, stay clam Mike, stay clam he repeated in his head. “So you need to be a mutant to have powers “ They locked eyes, “Then if she is not a mutant then what is she?” Mike smiled “ I never said she wasn’t a mutant, I just merely asked if you had to be a mutant to have powers?” She wrote down something before returning to her line of questioning, no doubt she realized she had found a pressure point “ Your daughters powers how did they come to be.”  “In truth I think it has something to do with the experiments carried out by the government on myself, it seems to have skipped a generation and now my daughter has some powers, It’s nothing I have not seen before nor something that I can not deal with.”  He wondered if he had made the last part sound enough like a threat without there actually being one “Shall we continue” he said.  “You at one point supported Gamblers killer and daughter to be assisted by your step sister whom we have notes is a deadly assassin, how is it that the Government can trust you?”

“how can in one question you ask me why I have not killed Final Arrow to prevent his evil from going and in another ask why I supported a women who stopped Gamblers hold over France becoming so great it almost echoed his time as president of this country? Which is it, that I help a girl grow to help fight evil or that I shun evil for my own personal gain? Arrow may be the most visual threat but Jean has always been the serpent waiting to strike, his daughter needed help to become something more then her father to become something more then any of us. I guided her on to the right path as I have done many heroes in my time and I will continue to do so, for I also assess the dangers in this world and the real question you should be asking is how can I trust the government? They know my work and I know theirs, if they choose not to trust me any more then so be it, I am nothing more then a set of talents to be used when I am needed. They do not see the person behind the mask, just as much as I do not know the person behind the suits. I am British not American, I know where my governments trust lays do you? ” He hoped that would be enough to throw her from his step sister, a speech about how he needed to know if he could trust the government should hold enough stock in her report to help her ignore that fact.

“How is it you came to get over the “death” of your family so quickly to form a new one with Mistress Redhead?” It seemed his speech had annoyed her more then he thought, she was getting mean, she had his record, he knew certain areas would be blanked out but his suicide attempt at the death of his family would not have been,  nothing from his NAO days where classified, he imagined breaking her neck in for different places before she could even scream, or picking up that pen she used and removing one of her eyes, his thoughts where safe, from telepaths, she must’ve had one it was protocol for interviewing supes, something that he had insisted on when he started the training program, he had several blocks government issue and others placed in his mind over the years new ones sat on top of old ones, some false memories just to throw probing minds off the track. He wondered if she knew how close she was to death, before he could answers he replaced his rage with a clam midnight voice. “I listened to them scream as he burned them alive, that is something you never get over. I have seen terrible things in my life, that should place that memory to rest, but they don’t they just add fuel to it. “ his eyes glazed with rage and then was replaced by a deep clam “That’s why I will protect my family no matter what or who stands in my way.” Standing he held out his hand, “It was a pleasure to meet you Callisto, this is a meeting I will not forget.  She held out her hand to his “Yes it was educational  They both looked at each other for a moment, as if waiting for the other to make a move “I will send in my Wife.” And with that he left the room shutting the door behind him.

Walking over to MR he placed the best fake smile he could for her , he had answered every question giving her nothing and just enough to feed her report. “It was a breeze hon, I need to go check on my team, I love you ” he kissed her with all the passion he had before walking off, hoping that the kiss would give her the strength she needed, they had left the two of them till last for a reason.

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Days before the interview

The small pink + symbol mocked her weak body as she stared at it, her arms resting on her legs as she sat on the lid of the toilet in the Champion Tower, she could hear Chevie moving around playing with the Kinect her father had brought her. A small sigh escaped Sarah’s lips before she rose stiffly to examine the fading bruises that covered her entire body, she ran a gentle hand over her still flat belly as she thought of the joy Mike would feel at this new development, but it was not time to tell him, it was time to prepare her team for the upcoming onslaught of a different kind.

She had researched Callisto heavily and trusted her research, but there was still a niggling feeling deep in her gut that told her something was not right about all of this, from the moment Sarah had received the letter informing her she was worried. The ICE Dragons had been through something similar once before, but never to this extent, she wished yet again she had her guide her beside her to help with these moments. Pushing away from the sink she dressed and went out to join her daughter and begin to inform her team of the upcoming storm.

Interview Day

Her forehead burned as she watched her husband walk away, smirking as she admired his back end. It amazed her that after 13 years of marriage she still found her husband to be the sexiest man she knew. Raising and slipping her arms in the navy coat sitting on the chair, her hands empty as she moved into the room she was so familiar with. Light spilled from the hallway as the door closed behind her, Callisto sitting straight backed and firm smiled at the leader of the Champions and indicated a chair opposite her “please take a seat Mrs Lockhart” Sarah sat and faced the woman, slipping her legs across each other she placed her hands carefully in her lap looking at the woman across from her Sarah;s face showed nothing as she waited for her questions “shall we begin then” Sarah nodded at the woman her hand raising slightly as if to say go on. Callisto’s face could not hide her glee at having the powerful woman in front of her, weak and flushed. “What is your full name, and please add if you have been registered” Sarah smiled, the questions were simple to start with, easy, this was a technique she had long ago learnt from her husband “Sarah Lockhart, Registered” Callisto’s head raised quickly her eyes narrowing “Are you lying to me Mrs Lockhart?” Callisto’s eyes attempted to bore holes in the leaders as she sat there calmly “not at all Agent, I registered not too long ago” Sarah had made sure to register when the Champions were started, knowing that being at the helm of so powerful and agency would bring about criticism from people who knew of her past. Callisto’s face burnt as she realised her information was lacking.

The beautiful agent straightened up and tapped her papers with a red nail. “Very well, next question, What income does the Champions live on?” Sarah smiled slightly “Financial benefactors” Callisto raised an eyebrow and sighed “if you are not going to contribute to these questions Mrs Lockhart…” she let the sentence hang in the air, the threat warm as Sarah adjusted her glasses “If you wish to ask a question Agent, I suggest you ask it properly, if you were asking who it was that funds the Champions, then I am more than happy to share that information with you” Callisto nodded her head slightly as Sarah went on “The Summers Institute provides us with everything we need” The name of Andfernes powerful foundation hung in the air, as the agent began to register just how powerful this team actually was. “How old is your daughter” Sarah’s face twitched ever so slightly as she replied “She will be 12 in one week” Callisto continued “And how often have you tested your daughters power set?” “We stopped testing her powers a few years ago, I prefer my child to simply enjoy her childhood” Callisto smiled ever so slightly “You do not attempt to control her budding powers at all?” Sarah straightened in the chair as she replied “my daughter is no harm to anyone” Callisto held Sarah’s stare for a moment before continuing “how long were you involved in the Mercenary group Section Eight” Sarah smiled at the memories “That information is classified Agent, come now you know better than that” Callisto narrowed her eyes and leaned forward “You were informed of my clearance Mrs Lockhart, I suggest you answer the question” Sarah replied “Roughly 7 years” Callisto raised her head “you had your daughter during that time?” Sarah nodded as Callisto made some notes on the pad in front of her “After you were with Section Eight you took control of the Vine Prodigies from your… sister?” The mention of her sister Madeleine was one Sarah was prepared for “Indeed I did” Callisto made further notes continuing the interview without comment “How many Children did you influence in the time you managed the school?” Sarah looked to the roof, calculating in her head “roughly 2000 students went through the school before it was shut down” The questions a lot more simple that Sarah had originally thought, she began to be suspicious.

 Callisto looked at the man behind Sarah and made a curt nod, the man left the room quietly through the side door as the Agent crossed her legs and leaned back in the chair “Mrs Lockhart, were you aware of the intentions of the Skrull queen before it occurred?” Sarah’s pupils dilated slightly at the question, realisation of what the agent actually knew crossing her face.  The room becoming warm as the Agent moved down the line she was heading towards. Sarah had no choice, knowing full well what the Agent would do if she lied, Sarah though of her family and her team and went on, hoping they would forgive her.


“How did you know Mrs Lockhart?” Callisto raised an arm to flatten a straight hair

“I hacked into the B.P.R.D database and took hold of their satellite downloading the crypted information they had received and decrypted it”

Callisto watched the woman as she continued “How did you come to be captured by the Skrull army?”

Sarah swallowed “I announced my presence and demanded they leave our atmosphere, unaware of their plans” she sighed “Once they were aware of who I was I was captured and taken to their ship”

Callisto rose as the man entered the room again asking her final question as the man stood behind Sarah “Mrs Lockhart, did you not feel the need to offer the government this information and help to stop the invasion?”

Sarah looked up at her “I was confident my team could handle the invasion”

Callisto nodded at the man who hauled Sarah up out of the chair and slapped wrist cuffs on her arms, thrusting them behind her back and gripping her elbows, kicking the chair aside. Sarah made no move to stop him as she watched Callisto.

“Mrs Lockhart, you are under arrest for aiding an alien race to invade our World, by order of my Leaders you will be taken away for further questioning, you have no rights under the terrorist act and may have no contact with any lawyer for 72 hours, Do you understand?” Sarah simply nodded as the man hauled her to the door, wincing as he shoved open the door and dragged the leader down the Champion corridor, the faces of her team mates swimming into view as the passed the glass barrier, separating the living area from the hallway, she turned to face them as they sat aghast, Eclipse and several others leaping up to intercept, but the agent had her in the elevator before anyone could stop them.

As they exited the building Mike and Chevie were walking up, Ice Creams in hand, Mike let go of Chevies hand, his face in a rage as he barrelled towards the trio, the man moving to block him as he tried to grab his wife “WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS” he roared at them, Sarah turned and looked at him, her eyes moist “Mike, be calm, its deserved, make sure the others are protected and make sure to look closely at my OREC system, there is a file you need to see” she rose to kiss him, but the man swept her out of the way, Mike roaring swung at the man but met with air as the three of them had been transported.