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"Horizon, locate target: Mercy Sheridan" Starks artificial intelligence immediately began searching all known international and national satellites around the world. Hundreds of images being analysed in under a second, thousands in under a minute, Stark would eventually find his target. This particular task had been performed countless times since his landslide victory. Wanting to find and capture Mercy for yet undisclosed crimes against the United States.

"Sir, target located - Location - Upstate New York" Starks attention was instantly piqued. Swiftly instructing Horizon to alert the local authorities around the local vicinity where Mercy was located.... The Sanguine would soon find herself surrounded by a few local law enforcement officers under presidential orders instructed to take her into immediate custody.

"Sir, local authorities dispatched" As Horizon fed the information into Starks ears he himself had already personally departed from the White House in his iconic red armor. Knowing it would not take him too long to arrive at her location, but knowing if it took too long, she'd be able to call assistance from the Knightfalls. "Horizon, lock-down the city. Place a 1 mile radius cordon. Use the terrorism excuse. Do not let her escape".

Knowing locking down the area would make it harder for Mercy to escape. Stark kept his scanners fixed on point. Unwanting for her to escape his clutches and lose his chance. Feeling highly fortunate and lucky he had been able to attain knowledge from Clara Mass regarding Mercy and Andres' relationship. Mercy would be a pivotal part of his plan against the Knightfalls, and particularly, Andres Knightfall.

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The unmistakable scent of impending snow hung in the air as Mercy Sheridan began the initial preparations for the move to the newly constructed nearly palatial manor estate in upper New York City.

The specially modified iPhone that she carried on her at all times let out a shrill alert beep as the soles of her Calvin Klein black buckle accent boots that hit her on the lower calf strutted across the hardwood floor of the kitchen. Propping a hip against the black granite countertop, she slid the device from the pocket of her black Dolce and Gabbana skinny jeans.

Authorities dispatched to...

The systems had been wired in through SEER per insistence of Ellie Knightfall. The moment that things had been set in motion, Mercy had been alerted via a fully encrypted application that Ellie had designed for those deemed worthy of the knowledge and responsibility.

The screen had gone blank before the rest of the message had transferred and Mercy knew at that moment that something was very wrong. While the device had been upgraded and modified to be something entirely different from its origin as an iPhone, at the end of the day, it was still bound by those technological limits.

Pulling on the black Espen turtleneck cardigan over her grey angora wool cowl-neck sweater, Mercy grabbed the keys to her Lamborghini and prepared to depart back for the penthouse she shared with Andres Knightfall.

All senses were on the alert as she ventured outdoors, taking in the remarkable untouched nature of the land surrounding her newest home.

Sunlight reflected off of the black and white body of one of the three police SUV's that were traveling sans sirens and lights through the woods on the lane to her house. That was when instinct kicked in.

There were no crimes that could be tied back to her. Her status as the Sanguine, the existence of the Sanguine, were known to less than five people and not one of them would have let that information loose. Anything involving the Sicarii was untraceable and undocumented. The Donovan family conundrum had rolled over.

That left only one or two other possibilities. Somebody was playing a prank, this had to do with her socialite status, or it was somehow tied to the Knightfall family.

The three vehicles pulled up the driveway, with officers exiting from the passenger seats before any had pulled to a complete stop. They fanned out around her in a half circle and Mercy knew that it would be the simplest of matters to utilize any of the skills in her arsenal to escape, but that in the long run, that would prove futile and only hinder her.

"Mercy Sheridan, you are being arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit an act of terror." Her eyes snapped open in surprise as two officers approached. Dropping her keys to the ground, she held her hands up and out, away from her body. Thoroughly checked for weapons, her arms were roughly wrent behind her back and secured in the cold metal of standard issue police cuffs.

Her Miranda rights were read as her head was ducked into the back of one of the cruisers.

She was familiar with the officers here, as she was familiar with many of the local officers. Her father was high-level government in a position that had never been specified, but held plenty of power and secrecy. She had never in her life asked for his help in a matter such as this, nor would she ever. But the fact that he had not known spoke volumes of its own.

Resting her head back against the seat, she closed her eyes as the sirens were flicked on and the process of transportation in the caravan of cars began.

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Under presidential order, the convoy of police cars began their transit as they transported Mercy to an unknown and possibly unregistered holding facility in the middle of an undisclosed location.

As the escorted detainment went underway, one of the young officers turned his head, peering at the Knightfall A-Listers domestic partner with naive, almost confused eyes. "I'm sorry ma'am, but I really don't know what these charges are about, we got called by a higher authority you see," Looking back towards his leading officer, his head leaned in closer to Mercy, "I don't even think the place we're taking you's even has any formal records or documents...Whatever this is, whoever you are.... You must be mega important or somethin' " His voice almost fearful, but more curious.

Re-adjusting his position as the car sped up down the eerily empty motorway. The leading officer looked around prior to picking up the in-car police radio and placing it onto his ear, muttering a few inaudible sounds before placing it back down again into it's black holder.

Slowing the car down, he turned his head to his fellow officer and flashed an almost apologetic look towards the boy. "Son, this is for the greater good" And without warning, the leading officer withdrew a stainless steel knife from within his jacket, nefariously plunging it deep into the terrified officers throat as crimson blood stained the interior of the car which came skidding to an abrupt, yet controlled halt.

Anticipating Mercy would be distressed at this unexpected murder, his stainless steel blade was pointed in her direction obviously willing to use it with provocation. "Calm yo'self lady, you'll be safe unless ya try anything funny... Please," A malign grin appeared upon his falsely authoritative features, "...Do something funny, for me" Mischievously turning his head back around as he drummed upon the dashboard with an obviously bored sigh.

Checking outside the window, knowing the motorway had been closed off in a 50 mile radius and all human life was nonexistent here. Nobody came here, anybody who did, was never seen again. The police convoy had been dispatched elsewhere only leaving Mercy and the Officer alone in the middle of nowhere. "Aight.." The officer muttered to himself as he exited the vehicle. Paying mind to the Knightfall Affiliate with an evil wink prior to carelessly slamming shut his door and walking around two cars lengths away.

Removing a cigar from within his pocket, he started to smoke as the air carried the fumes down the abandoned motorway. And without reason, the in-car radio turned on, if Mercy was listening, she'd hear all about the Kamelot situation, and how her beloved Knightfall clan were in utter peril.

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She sat there blank and unmoving. Things had devolved in an unpredictable manner and if there had been any doubt remaining in her mind that something was incredibly off here, it would have been entirely gone at this point.

The blood seeped across the black leather of the seat, falling to the floor and dripping almost silently. The deranged driver beckoned for her to do funny and the deadly Sanguine just sat there, face intentionally emotionless as she casually crossed one leg over the other while mentally working out any and all possible avenues of escape.

Were she to utilize her telekinesis, nothing would be simpler. As it were, she had already mostly severed through the links of the cuffs, leaving enough intact so that it wouldn't be obvious when they moved her, but she was enabled to rip through them with little to no effort should the need arise.

"Motherfcker." The word was whispered under her breath as he exited the van, leaving her alone in the vehicle on the motorway.

The in-car radio sparked her interest as it seemingly automatically turned on.

The news reports, recited by the melodic voice of Amanda Hugginkiss came through the speakers of the car. Reporting possible deaths and casualties at Kamelot. There was upheaval and she heard Andres's name.

And then the report of Quintus's death.

A pain tore through her heart and a sob rose in her throat, swelling.

She refused to show an ounce of weakness, not in this position where the end game had still not been revealed.

It was clearer and clearer that these were not the actual police, or at least not ones working under mandate and protocol.

Maneuvering onto her back, torquing her arms at an odd angle, she lay lengthwise on the seat. The flat soles of her boots kicked against the secure bullet-proof glass of the backseat window in order to garner the attention of the officer, or whoever it was who had brought her here.

As he approached the window, cigar hanging from his mouth and smoke trailing and condensating in the cold early evening air as impending snow set in, Mercy sat up.

"Arrest me and take me into custody or let me go. Right. Now." Her voice shook minutely as her face remained stoic and calm. An ultimatum had been issued, one that would force his hand into revealing information or encountering her in a fight.

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As the Secretive Sanguine's tapping upon the darkened bullet-proof window garnered the unorthodox officers malignant attention. His black phone was idly pocketed as his cigar was nonchalantly dropped onto the concrete ground before being snuffed out, his boot extinguishing the fickle flame. Calmly making his way towards the woman, his crimson-hued eyes devilishly peered towards the Knightfall Affiliate uncaring of her attempted ultimatum.

Flashing her an almost comically indifferent shrug accompanied with a face of pure naivety as though he had barely understood her request. The window slowly retracted back into the cars door as his finger pressed upon the cars electronic key, placing it back into his pocket quickly after. "My dear, you are going nowhere, well...." He looked down, removing his government issue IPhone. Tapping onto the screen as the imagine of Antonia Dain, The Executive Assistant of Kamelot flashed upon the screen.

Turning the phone around and showing the image to Mercy, assuming she was aware of whom this particular detainee was, "Unless you want her blood on your already stained conscience," Clicking the top of the phone as it switched off. He placed it back into his pocket,"Kamelot has fallen. You have been captured. Antonia is ours....Quintus, is dead," The last words tipped with enjoyable venom. His aggravating smirk plastered across his wicked features. "You are in no position to negotiate" and with those finals words, he raised the window again, shutting off verbal contact with the Sanguine.

As the false officers footsteps slowly left Mercy's range of hearing. He withdrew a Bluetooth device which was promptly placed onto his right ear. Clicking a button, a light on the device started to flash scarlet red at five second intervals. Walking back towards the car as he placed his palm upon the bonnet, flashing Mercy an annoying grin prior to their instantaneous teleportation as though the car had never existed. Leaving but a whisper in the wind, the duo had vanished from sight.

Immediately arriving at a truly unknown location. Even to the officer, this was new. Relinquishing his grip on the police cars white bonnet, looking around at the spaciously under-lit area. The location looking like an archaically abandoned WW2 air-hanger. The Officer walked towards the door which Mercy was stationed within and calmly opened it.

Before he had a chance to personally remove the Sanguine himself, she confidently stepped out once again showcasing no emotion, staying true to form, and nonchalantly stoic. "Well, this is new to me...Now how's about..." He walked behind her, unaware the handcuffs had been compromised but really uncaring, even if she did escape, she had no way of getting back to safety, "....We get this over and done, lady, I don't even know where we are. So let's not try any funny business" As he spoke, he pushed Mercy forwards who moved with no resistance.

Making their was to another location after moving through a few ominous corridors prior to reaching a celled area. Walking down another flight of stairs, they came to a one-way corridor.

The only exit was the entrance. One dark door stationed at the back. "And that," He violently pushed her forwards, "Is your home..." Shoving her again and again until they came to the doorway, allowing her to walk inside herself, he closed the door behind with a gigantic thud, the automatic magnetic lock clicking in place.....As he left Mercy to her own devices, walking back through the empty corridor, looking into another cell, Antonia, sitting inside, peacefully perched atop of a darkened bed, her knees pressed against her chest, probably in shock, or deep thought.

Laughing, the Officer pressed his Bluetooth once more. "Mr Stark - Antonia Dain and Mercy Sheridan in custody. You may proceed..." As the false Officer removed the headset and placed it upon the ground, stamping it out with a simple thud, he then proceeded to close up all loose ends.

Removing a silver revolver from the inner's of his jacket, placing the cold barrel into his mouth....No witnesses.

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Hours passed as she kept track of time in her head, going over the many strategies that could possibly all come together in a collusion and collaboratory explanation for who had taken her and Antonia.

The executive assistant of Kamelot was not a worry for Mercy. She was fully aware of her abilities and nearly unlimited expertise and had full faith that if she were able to find a way out of here, Antonia would be able to decipher one or join along herself.

A customary check took place once every hour, a guard passing by her cell with the clear front wall, checking in to insure that she was there and using the display panel that was on the outside to monitor her vitals and further insure that nothing was out of place.

When he came along during her third hour of captivity, Mercy was waiting, standing just on the other side of the partition.

“Ma’am, I need you to take a step back.” His voice was firm, but he addressed her with a title of respect, which told her that he was either some form of military services, a genuinely good man, or slightly nervous.

There was no indication of rank or branch on his uniform. It was a nondescript, standard tactical getup. Combat boots, black cargo pants, kevlar-mesh shirt. Belt around his waist that housed an assortment of pockets as well as a holster. Technologically advanced communication device in his ear that she could just barely see.

Everything reeked of good funding. She could tell she was underground, but was unable to ascertain anything else.

Never in her life had she utilized her father’s position for anything. She was unsure exactly what it was, and she had never utilized any resources to attempt to find out. All Mercy Sheridan knew was that her father had given her a code. If she were to ever find herself in grievous trouble, that code would be given.

Stepping back three full strides, Mercy held her hands up in the air. “I’m going to give you a code, and you’re going to take it to your boss. He is going to know what to do with it.”

He nodded and she spoke the code, slowly as he committed it to memory. “Juliet. Alpha. Eight. Five. Niner. Niner. Lima. Sierra. Niner. Zulu. Four. Seven. Tango. Mike.”

Sitting on the cot situated at the back wall, Mercy crossed her legs, back against the wall and facing the clear front as she waited patiently.

Just shy of fifteen minutes later the sound of heavy boots echoed across the floor. By her count there were seven of them, walking in formation. The footsteps were heavier than before, indicating to her that there was more tactical gear and possibly weapons with them.

The guard who had relayed her message stood before the cell. “Mercy Sheridan, we need you to come with us.” One of them initiated the beginning of the three-person code that would open her cell.

“What does the bird say to the little girl?” She remained unmoving, waiting for the reply. If they had contacted her father, he would have first told them the reply to this message, and second would have informed them to release her, providing them with a location to do so after checking their credentials.

“Even the wingless can fly.”

Nodding skeptically, Mercy stood, waiting as they finished inputting the other parts of the code and proceeded to enter their biometric signatures. The security was steadfast and it was at this point that she wished she had even a modicum of Ellie’s talent with technology and security systems.

Feet that were clad in soft-sole flats stepped forward towards the front of the admittedly spacious cell as three of the seven entered. One on either side, and one behind, the rest formed around, creating a wall around her as they moved down the hall.

Hall after hall, level after level, and the foreboding feeling that was in Mercy’s stomach just grew and grew. Never once had she doubted her gut, now the least of all. Something was very very wrong.

“Which location are you taking me to?” There was an unabashed air of authority surrounding the upper crust English accent even though the circumstances would have you believe she wasn’t the one in power.

No answer as they descended lower and lower into the facility.

Finally, all that was before them was the door to a large elevator. “Stop.” They didn’t, forcing her forward. Two grabbed her arms and lifted her off her feet, hefting her bodily into the elevator as she yelled French obscenities.

The doors closed behind them as they faced center, holding her tightly. She was unable to utilize her powers, and was unwilling to utilize skills to kill them all without knowing what was on the other side of the elevator. “If you gave him that code, he knows who you are, you fcking idiots. You are required to let me go.” Her voice was calm as she spoke, promising as of yet undealt retribution.

“He is entirely unaware as to where you are, or as to whom we are. And now that we know just how important you are, you’ll be joining some of our more colorful characters in the Pit for a while.”

“You’re an idiot.” Oddly colored purple eyes shone with mischievous knowledge. The fact that their boss had known what to do with that code meant one thing and one thing only. They were government run, somebody involved in the upper echelons of the US government was behind her abduction.

“And you’ve arrived at your new home.”

Four guards in full body armor that was notably high tech, accompanied by shields over their faces were there to greet them. Their training was apparent in the way that they moved and the pure imposing physicality of their bodies. She would be impressed if her lover hadn’t been able to bench press two of them together.

The elevator guards turned back as these new and improved ones escorted her into an anteroom. She was sterilely stripped of clothing, appropriately searched and then given new clothing.

Showing no sense of shame at the aspect of being revealed in front of men she had never met, Mercy stepped into the new clothing she had been provided. Plain and boring undergarments, cropped black yoga pants that hit her mid thigh, a tank top that hit at the waistline of the pants and a pair of soft shoes to protect her bare feet.

She was lead in between yards yet again, to the place from which the Pit derived its name.

A gaping hole in the center of the floor, surrounded by a secured fence with a doorway that required authorized input, lead to the depths and doldrums of a lower level. It spread for what was an unaccountable space, but Mercy could scent filth and death emanating from it.

From there it was a whirlwind of action, her mind and instincts moving at a stunningly rapid pace. She was descended into the pit, a glowering stare promising death on her face as it happened.

Then a loudspeaker came over, resonating through the pit. From what Mercy could ascertain, it was several levels of cave-like networks. Blood and filth were clearly splattered throughout and in the center, right beneath the hole that led up to the level she had been thrown in from, there was what appeared to be a gladiatorial pit.

“Combatants are Mercy Sheridan standing 5’6” tall and weighing in at 126 lbs as the newcomer. Defending combatant is Kevin Clarkson standing at 6’5” tall and weighing in at 217 lbs of pure muscle. Fight is to the death, dismemberment, or debilitation. Fight begins….NOW.”

It was another whir of blurred instincts as he came at her, a barreling 200+ lbs of pure muscle with the intent to kill. His arms were laced with tattoos, his bald head shining with the beginning remnants of sweat in the almost sweltering heat of the Pit.

It took her five minutes of continuous combat and using her agility advantage to finally take him down. With one knee in the center of his back, she wrenched his arm, ripping it out of the secure holding of its socket.

Three more fights ended in similar ways as her stamina began to wane slightly. They were whittling down prisoners, leaving the strongest standing so that they could be collected for experimentation.

Finally seven of the Pit guards entered, full body armor, faces fully covered. They were some of the most imposing men that she had ever set sight on, a feat in and of itself.

There was dirt, sweat, and drops of others blood splattered over her skin. Strands of sleek dark brown hair colored by red undertones. Her hand craned forward in a come hither gesture, beckoning the guards forward to come and suffer the same fate that all prisoners sent her way had.

Not a word was spoken as they engaged her. First one coming in, then another and another. Two thousand years of combat knowledge was part of the legacy of Sanguine. It was something she didn’t utilize often in the public eye due to only four people knowing of her status as Sanguine, or that Sanguine even existed, but in these moments she utilized enough to firmly place her as the most formidable combatant that these men had ever seen.

None had the seemingly good sense to run away from a fight that they were sure to lose, and as a result, five of them lay dead at her feet within nine minutes, two of them remaining. By this point she had deciphered that there was some sort of suppression on their higher functions and thoughts, all they were was baser instincts and the drive, there was no self preservation to speak of. They kept coming at her, even after she’d already put the majority down.

Gas masks covered their faces, and she knew that there was a reason for that. They’d shielded the entire area with something that prevented powers and there were no illusions of any sort as to just what it was that was going on. They’d gas her if they felt they needed to.

Just as that thought crossed her mind, she picked up on the smallest spark of speech from one of the comms attached to a now deceased guard. “Begin Protocol B, masks activated.”

Within moments of hearing that, she had downed the sixth and taken his mask. Strapping it around her comparably smaller head, Mercy quickly acclimated to the vision enhancers that had been placed in this. There was a clear infrared outline of any alive body, leaving only one in her field of vision as he attempted to approach her from behind and slightly to the side.

Slinking back against a wall in the depths, she waited for his approach as some form of gas spewed around them, momentarily obscuring all but the infrared. Utilizing it to her advantage, she grabbed the stun baton from him, slammed the side of it against his gas mask, shattering the shield and then shoved the cylindrical edge through an eye and into the brain, killing him instantaneously.

About five minutes ago she had caught sight of something that was some form of surveillance system. Looking directly into it, she mockingly bowed before standing straight again. “I want to see whoever’s in charge.”

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Watching the action in the Pit through the closed-circuit security system, Gunther had to admit that he was impressed. The mysterious young woman whom Stark had secretly transported to his facility had not only handily dispatched every opponent set against her, she had slaughtered an entire squadron of his psychically lobotomized guards with a seeming lack of effort. When she made her demand to see “whoever’s in charge,” he leaned back in his chair and pondered the possible responses. It would be simple enough to send in more guards; no one, no matter how skilled, could not be brought down by sheer numbers and superior firepower. Still, her performance, coupled with that curious code she had given her jailer, had whetted his inquisitive mind. Coming to his decision, he leaned forward and opened a comm channel to the Pit. “Bring her to the guard station. I am coming below and wish to speak with her.”

Rising, he strode to unremarkable-looking cabinet and entered a code into the keypad mounted on the side. The facade of the cabinet swung open to reveal the high-tech armor that he used to protect himself on those regrettable but necessary occasions when he put himself in harm’s way. Stepping into the metallic suit, it sealed about him, enclosing him in a cocoon of state-of-the-art protection. Satisfied that he was sufficiently defended against any hand-to-hand attack, he left the office and made his way to the Pit’s guard station, taking a seat at one end of the interrogation table, two of the massive, silent Pit guards flanking him.

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She was hauled in as delicately as possible, weapons trained on her at all times. There were five guards in formation around her, and one walking diagonally with a gun trained at her head, ready to shoot with a moment's notice.

They walked her through the halls, following additional security protocols while bringing her to the guard station.

Sturdy hands set on her shoulders as they shoved her into the chair, two guards with guns aimed on her at all times as she derisively eyed the man sitting across from her.

A large physique with an undeniable edge of brutality lingering beneath the surface, Mercy had heard his name whispered in hushed tones by the guards in her minute time here.

Ensconced in an overtly technologically cutting edge suit, Mercy once again almost wished for Ellie's prowess in this field, despite knowing that her own mental and physical acuity would be more than enough to handle the situations needs.

Splatters of blood stood in stark contrast to alabaster skin, the black of the clothing that had been given to her further contrasting against the natural skin tones of the Upper East Side socialite.

Crossing one leg over the other as if she were in a board room and not a black ops prison, she gazed down at her fingernails, playing intentionally coy before meeting the questioning gaze of her captor.

"So, here's the deal."

Without a seconds notice, she was up and out of the seat, debilitating one of the two men who had a gun trained on her.

Hyperextending his arm, she used him as a shield and pointed his arm, gun and all, at the other. An unseen motion from the seated man had the enemy combatants dropping their arms and standing down, hands up in the air.

Mercy took the invitation to take her seat again, having thoroughly displayed her prowess and further solidified the fact that this prison could not, and would not hold her.

“You can keep me here, and I can continue to tear through your guards like candy, or we can have a nice, civilized chat.”

The natural English accent colored her words as she spoke, adding a further depth of deadliness and sincerity to her words. “I’m Mercy Sheridan. The code I supplied earlier, the one that verified to me that this facility at the least had ties to the government was one given to me by a very close friend. Due to the reaction of attempting to disappear me, I can only assume that you know very well what that code entails; me as a person of importance. My best friend is the lauded Valerie Huntington-Whiteley. My partner is Andres Knightfall. My mother is Lea Sheridan.”

Every name that had just been supplied held nearly insurmountable authority, power and reverence. The combination of them united against one foe was more than anybody could stand against. “So I’m going to ask you a question, and depending on the answer, I’m going to make you an offer.”

She paused for a moment, letting the gravity of the situation sink in, displaying no waning of confidence. “Which government figure instructed you to hold me?”

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As impressive as her moves had been when viewed on camera, Gunther had to grudgingly admit that they were even more so when viewed up close. His eyes narrowed behind the visor of his helmet, and he watched with an appraising gaze as she took her seat opposite him. He was no fighter, but he had seen enough of them to recognize that this woman’s every move was a calculated, controlled action; even when seemingly at rest, she was ready to erupt into violence at a moment’s notice. This was quite the volatile package Stark had saddled him with.

If Mercy had had an unobstructed view of his face, the only response to her words that she would have been able to observe was a single raised eyebrow at the mention of the prominent families to which she was connected; Gunther was too much the professional politician to display more than that. However, the names he did recognize, and they were not names to be taken lightly, even singularly. A most volatile package, indeed…

“Well, Ms. Sheridan,” he began, steepling armored fingers beneath a helmeted chin, “that certainly was a convincing display, though entirely unnecessary. Your performance in the Pit was more than sufficient to convince me of your prowess. However, I think you might find that I possess enough ‘candy’ to sate even your voracious appetite. As you have astutely observed, though, we have more to gain from conversation.”

He paused briefly, considering her pointed inquiry. He doubted that Stark would be overjoyed to learn that he had confirmed who was ultimately responsible for Mercy’s abduction and incarceration, but then, the presidential prelate had not made any overtures that suggested he was worried about keeping the matter a secret. Besides, he reasoned, if this woman was half as deductive as she was deadly, his answer would come as no surprise to her. “You, my dear woman, were sent to this facility under the direction of none other than President Stark, himself. He did not offer me an explanation as to why he wanted you to disappear, and I did not ask for one. If you are, as you say, connected to the Knightfalls, I think that even a great fool could ascertain the reason, however. They are a dangerous family to be associated with, at this point in history.”

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The information hit her like a wall. To her great merit, Mercy displayed no outwards reaction at the abrupt revelation, instead internalizing all of the righteous anger and indignation that she felt. That meant that it was Stark who was at least in some part responsible for Kamelot, as this was intrinsically tied to it as told to her by the initial abductor.

It took hours of the two going back and forth before a deal was reached. He would stage Mercy's death and give her enough leeway to leave the prison before it was inevitably found to be a ruse. Due to the black ops nature, there would be no arrest on the books, and no cause or warrants would be issued to bring her back in.

She now had full knowledge of Stark's less than noble aims, and would keep how she managed to leave the facility to herself, Beremud's name to be forever silenced on her lips.


The cold brisk air met Mercy, hitting her in the face as she exited the chaffeured vehicle. She'd been delivered home, back to the finally finished estate that she had been having built. The contractors had adhered to the strict deadline, with the place ready just in the nick of time to ring in Christmas.

A brief moment of introspection hit her as the flat soles of her boots strolled across the driveway. The first year she was in a relationship, and not only a relationship but what was essentially a marriage. The first year sharing her life with somebody else, and she felt better than ever.

Christmas would be spent with friends and family, and the aftermath of the new year would be spent fcking over anybody who tried to disrupt her life.