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The White Queen strode through the club, ordering a vodka for a much needed respite from the events following the battle of Somme. Her precious club might need to go through some evolution, a rebuilding of its own in light of recent events. Alexandra had every intentions of allocating funds from the members to refurbish the school as it was the club's namesake. She would discuss the future of the Hellfire Club and it's academy with the courts. So many thoughts sped through her mind as she sat down, trying to enjoy a moment in the decadent atmosphere. She sighed and sipped at her drink.

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The asymmetrical front zip style of his Rick Owens Mollino lambskin leather jacket was a testament to the Perennial Polymath's forward fashion sense and access to an abundance of yet to be released designs. Removing his murdered out black Ducati helmet while straddling Italy's premier superbike, the 1199 Panigale, Quintus gazed upon the closed down establishment with sun sharpened eyes. A small rush of mixed emotions swelling from within as he casually pushed past the condemned tape and warning signs. The clubs former elegance all but evaporated in the wake of its forgotten civil war. Once again solidifying the fanciful denunciation that a Knightfall's worst enemy was another Knightfall. Using his cognac colored Tod's leather lace ups to push aside the littered debris scattered along the floor he shook his head in disgust. But despair would not weight the Knightfall legend down for long as machinations of a methodical Milan rebuild consumed his consciousness.

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@quintus_knightfall: A sleek black limousine crawled silently along the club's driveway, the only vehicle that had visited it in months. The limo slowly rolled to a halt before a single door opened to allow a Louis Vuitton heel to step out against the pavement. Valerie Hunter rose out of the car with her usual elegance, donning a sleeveless straight mini dress from Jil Sander's S/S 13 collection that allowed her lengthy legs to be on full display. Years of accompanying her mother to countless fashions shows, photo shoots, and other events with the most brilliant minds in fashion allowed Valerie to develop a unparalleled eye for fashion and style.

She approached the club's entrance coolly, where, as she had expected, Quintus was waiting. "Not as glorious as it once was," she said calmly, standing beside him to look toward the once grandeur building. She tucked a strand of light blonde hair behind her ear before continuing. "I never thought Paris was the right spot anyway, wouldn't you agree?" she said, turning to look at him now with a small light in her icy blue eyes.

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Glad to see this return :-)

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I'm comin', and I'm gonna make Denim jeans a staple.

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Keeping the immensity of his attention on the corroding ambiance of the once majestic association he slightly scowled. The preeminent White Queen's reassuring confidence however quickly snapping him back as she conspicuously guided him towards a more socially acclimating habitat in regards to the club's potential relocation. Partially folding his arms across his chest using his left hand to caress the bottom portion of his stubble fashioned chin, the martial arts Machiavelli began to ponder the possibilities. "You may have a point Ms. Hunter. The HFC was never truly at home here in Paris. A change in order my dear."

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Soon, very soon.

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@quintus_knightfall: "For several months now I've been renovating and furnishing a building in New York City. The infamy of the Hellfire Club's name should draw enough attention on its own, but it'll take a local celebrity to really cement its allure." She took another gaze at the abandoned club before resting her eyes on her associate. "What do you say, Mr. Knightfall?"

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@valerie_hunter: His head began to subtly nod in visible agreement with the proposed move to the states. A potential move that could help monopolize the Manhattan Mamba's influence in the city that never sleeps, serving to generate a substantial source of reinvented revenue while simultaneously angling to undermine the political strangle hold of the prestigious First Family, the Addams.

"Very well Ms. Hunter. Let us see this venture through to fruition."

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At 12:00:01 AM four server farms linked over the cloud. At 12:00:05 a mutant technopath assumed psychic control. By 12:00:52 accounts linked to the HFC were under attack by the technological Leviathan.

By 12:02:23 enough data had been gathered to assault the HFC's accounts. The tendrils of the cyber beast wound around the HFC's monetary assets like Jörmungandr.

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Sliding into one of the establishment's VIP booths, the French socialite ordered a glass of champagne in her native tongue before taking another drag of the cigarette burning between her delicate fingers. Making appearences in her home country always led to an extra amount of media attention, the paparazzi trailing her in Paris second only to the mobs she faced in New York. As usual the blonde beauty chose simply to ignore the men fighting one another for photos of of the Rag & Bone clad beauty, her simple white tank and leather pants paired with a Lanvin two-tone shadow fox jacket and Givenchy heels. In a rather uplifted mood, Valerie smiled and made small talk with the various other HFC guests while awaiting her drink, anxious to find out what the night would hold.

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(reboot! NICE!)

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Only the cluster of aristocratically styled patrons camouflaged the obviously under-dressed LeBeau. A black tone Ricaso cap with distressed bill cunningly masked the master of martial arts Darwinism's face while the cascading shadows perfectly angled themselves along his sculpted jawline. The collar of his waist length Burberry Brit Howson bomber jacket finished the dissimulation of distinctive facial characteristics synonymously attributed to the Ultra-Sapien as he swiftly glided through the crowd. On approach, he stylishly intercepted the Authenticated Aphrodite's drink before making his theatrical introduction. Curving into the booth across from her while simultaneously sliding her drink atop the tirelessly polished table and offering a salaam. "How would you feel if I told you right now there are 22 mutants in this establishment? 22 X-Gene carriers who have no comprehension of the unchecked power coursing through the bodies?"

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@the_last_arashikage: One moment she was alone, enjoying her cigarette and the small talk provided by random guests, and the next she was accompanied at her table by a strange and conspicuously inconspicuous-clad man. Taking her drink off the table and bringing it to her lips a shadow of a smirk tugged at the corner of her lips as he shared the interesting fact, however her own insight was two steps ahead. Leaning forward with a mischievous light in her cool blue eyes she whispered alluring. "How would you feel if I told you there were 7 CEOs, 4 governors, 1 rambunctious prince, and 23 mutants in this establishment? It pays to know your company," she said, leaning back arrogantly to take another sip of her drink before placing her cigarette back in between her lips. "Now, the bigger question in, what's your interest in this 'unchecked power'?"

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"Impressive perception" he nodded. Subtly arching his chin over his shoulder once again surveying the aristocratic milieu. "Most impressive indeed." his own monocular focusing and x-ray vision working in tandem. Optically breaking down the crowded club into an intangible vision of microbiology, scanning the genetic sequences of each patron with but a glance. Cancer, sexually transmitted disease, and a host of other compelling cellular abnormalities were premiered with stunning clarity. Also disclosing the carrier of the twenty third X-gene solidifying its conformation through evolutionarily advanced visual authentication. Charlemagne then shifted his purple hued stare back across the table. "My own interest in the matter lies not with their power, not exactly. But what they are.....what they will, inevitably do with it. The mutant species are not our" our being the human race "cousins. They are not the future our salvation of this planet. No, these so called Children of the Atom are the beginning of the end. An evolutionary side-step, a biological retardation of genetic integrity. And if we continue to allow them to grow, to flourish, they will replace us as the predominant species. And as history has proven time and again when a new dominant species is introduced to the premortal melting pot the lesser species sudden vanishes. So as you can appreciate Ms. Hunter, I aim to correct the unbalance the mutant species has created, but I can not do it alone....."

Do not fear the Wolves led by a Sheep. Fear the Sheep led by a Wolf

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@the_last_arashikage: His perception of evolution appalled the White Queen, however she maintained her cool exterior. Her eyes followed his as he clearly scanned the room with more insight than the average man. Little did he know that for every man he read with his eyes, she just as easily read with her mind. Valerie had long-learned not to be intrusive with her telepathic abilities, however getting to know the basics of someone's character was hardly prying. As he finished his rant on the self-proclaimed genetically 'retarded' mutants, the French beauty's eyes narrowed subtly, the cigarette between her fingers resting delicately near her luscious lips. With a mock-puzzled look she responded to his proposition. "I'm not sure you're in complete understanding of your own business, Monsieur. You see the mutant gene isn't a plague, an illness, a disorder that you can either treat, or, eradicate the infected. The mutant gene is the future. Natural selection at its finest. You could kill every last mutant alive, and you'd only be presented with the births of hundreds more. Because nature itself is on the side of Homo superiors. And one day the time will come where your genetically advancedcousins will hold the power to chose whether or not the human race as you know it will be allowed to walk among them," her words came out with a disturbing calmness, her frigid gaze never wavering. "Now you have a choice: Learn to live among the Homo superior, or be the first to die when they outnumber you."

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@valerie_huntington: His head dismissively swayed to the side with disappointment. The beautiful yet apparently misguided place holder of the White Queen moniker spoke of genetic superiority and natural selection, instantly presenting the Arashikage with his uncharacteristic oversight as to her own point of origin. She was a mutant. Unbeknownst to the Ultra-Sapien he had just attempted to cultivate a partnership with one of the strongest telepathic mutants on the planet. Without a word he quietly slipped from the booth. Taking his leave and departing with the same stealth like disappearance as his arrival. Silently confused as to how he could have made such a foolish error.

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greetings he phased in through the wall