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@kamikaze_: "Well, naturally whomever wins this little battle will wipe out his or her enemies and replace the courts with new allies. It's quite possible in the shift in power, you could find yourself usurped from your title as Rook."

@madame_blossom: Alexandra's icy eyes watched the dark haired woman move closer. The doctor's red lips curled into a smile at her tease, eying her slyly. "That, my dear queen would be a true tragedy."

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@the_psyentist: A smile that also replicated the doctor's stretched across her face as well, "Then lets hope everything goes accordingly to plan." moving away the witch sat in pleasure as she fore-seeks the outcome of this war between queens and kings. "Time is of an essence. Before we know it we're either died or alive. What would you propose my dear, White Queen? What is your plan?" a venomous grin once again shown itself across her face, before the Magic Muse would begin to happily comply in aiding her White Queen, she needed to know the plan and tactic in which they would handle this problematic war.

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@thepsyentist This reasoning gave Taylor the exact opposite thoughts of Alexandra's persuasive attempt. "Then explain Doctor, why should I get involved? If I pick a side, I risk the chance of dying, being injured or losing my title, but if I stay neutral, it will give them no reason to usurp my meaningless throne. You are the only member of the Hell Fire Club I have met, so I have absolutely no reason to believe they will mean any harm to me not in defense of themselves." Taking another sip, she continued "And if I were to side with you, I've heard stories of how this began with you betraying your supposed love in favor of megalomania. How do I trust you don't dispose of me once your done using me as some kind of killing machine?"

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@madame_blossom: She straightened her neck, drawing it to it's full length, her eyes glimmering with thoughtfulness. "The battle will take place away from the club and the school to avoid civilian casualties and minimize reconstruction efforts, on the Somme battle field north of Paris. The Triune, the Hellfire's secret weapon, will remain here in their psychic chamber to protect against psionic assault and to keep the forces mentally connected. They will be guarded by a personal friend of mine. The access to the chamber is and will be very restricted. Bloodstone will guard the school and the children should someone decide to attack the school during the war. Myself and my good friend Dr. Jean Quentin will attempt to utilize our shields to protect our allies, keeping them from being flanked in the open field setting. I have a number of allies including the Red King who will take on various combat roles, a patient of mine offering her Lycan pack as a supplemental force." The exhaled a cool breath. "Ideally, you could change the tide in this war, Madame Blossom. You are formidable in the mystic arts, and the Black Court and his allies would be hard pressed to find a counter to your unique abilities."

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@the_psyentist: @madame_blossom: Approaching the pair he silently took a seat beside the lovely Red Queen, putting his arm around in an affectionate but not overly so manner. "Good evening my queen." Smiling down at Fan, turning his attention to Alexandra, nodding politely to the true White Queen. "Alexandra, always a pleasure."

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@the_assassin_: @the_psyentist: @madame_blossom: Across the club, in the crowd, was Punchline. She sat in a velvet seat among the fat cats, standing out like an infected wound. Her bleached skin contrasted the gold hue of the glamoured club. The one person she was staring at in that trio of titans though, was Michael Caldwell, the rouge. Her and him were like long lost relatives, she being in the same squad as he back in the U.N days, however her sudden betrayal was two years before Caldwell would be assigned to the squad, thus they never met. However, she was interested in seeing if Michael would notice her face, though now bleached, she knew he would have read up on her.

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@kamikaze_: Alexandra chuckled. "Oh, dear. Have you forgotten so soon? It was Andres who first betrayed the Black Court for his 'megalomania' as you put it. I was loyal to the court, that is why I betrayed him. The good of the Hellfire Club supersedes my frail humanoid heart. I have no need to dispose of you, neither does Andres... but you can imagine our allies will expect certain favours in exchange for their support, namely roles within the infamous club. Do we keep someone who is ambivalent to our cause or surround ourselves with those who will benefit the reigning monarchs? You are a skilled fighter, and I would be willing to pay as well as ensure your station of Gold Rook remains intact."

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@the_psyentist: The informative plan gave Fan a vivid image of how she foresaw the battle. Crossing her legs, she flashed her red red laced heels, giving them time to shine as well, "And to think you were for unification of the club." Fan teased, there was no harmful intent behind her words but a reminder, it was part of her new nature. "Whats not to say that our opposing queens and kings birth forth an electo-magnetic scambler, disrupting the magnetic fields and our psychic girls? Our telepathic defenses are out of the question, your plan if loved I give you that my dear White Queen. I would like to invite my psychic service into the fold as well, but that too has risks of its own." pausing briefly, "I take gratitude in your praises of my renowned skills. Given with your assured skills in your allies, I only ask for one thing: if we were to succeed in winning, that is, to relinquish supreme power of the black court and distribute them equally. Of course that is if your willing to hold onto my proposal, if so you have my undivided attention and gifts in this war-game of chess."

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Letting out a sigh and a laugh, Taylor replied with a hand gesture "To be honest Ms.Alexandra, I feel as though this is completely pointless. I am the only person in this entire club that isn't king or queen of nothing. I suppose it's better to rule hell then serve heaven. The more frequently I think about it, the less I actually care about the courts and such. I would much rather risk losing an imaginary position in politics then face having to fight against so many people for a cause I don't believe in, against people I might have some feelings towards, or some admiration for" she said, referring to her friendship with the red king and her deep respect for the mutant prophet. "In short, I still don't particularly care if Andre has every ounce of blood drained from his body, dying cold and alone by your hands, or if he decapitates you and keeps your pretty little head as an ambient trophy in his room whilst he makes love. Either way, none of it should effect me."

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@madame_blossom: The doctor chuckled musically. "Oh, best not to keep all our eggs in one basket, right darling?" Her ruby lips parted to reveal her pearly smile. "Any expertise you might have would be welcome, Madame." She nodded her head respectfully. "We must be adaptable in our endeavours. And of course, my queen. That was always my intent in this struggle, to bring the Black Court to it's knees and raise up the other courts as equals. A queen myself, I do not like to be subservient to any. I will not pretend to be superior like the current supreme rulers. The good of the club is in our true unity and equality."

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@kamikaze_: "Very well, darling. It seems your mind is made up, and I will not press the issue. Was there anything you wished to address?"

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(Your character is very bold. Respect. EDIT: F*ck my grammar)

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@the_rumor: Noticing the unfamiliar woman watching him he slowly rose from the table and made his way into the restricted sections of the club.

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@madame_blossom: Setting foot inside a particularly unfrequented location, the enigmatic Martial Arts Messiah clad himself in a luxurious, black Ermenegildo Zegna Martini Suit, perfectly complimenting his rarely witnessed, dashing good looks. Having heard a wealth of information regarding the accumulating turmoil within the Hellfire Club, supposedly generated by a former protege of his, Andres, Ishin seeks out his enchanting wife. Walking into the Red Court lounge, Ishin flashes a quick wink in Fan's direction, "My queen, everything is fine?", he asked, calmly seating himself next to her, planting an amorous kiss on her cheek, "Some things have caught my attention".

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@the_psyentist: A devious grin had risen upon her face again, the conversation between queens was rather interesting. "Well then let the games begins. The pawns are the first to go, are they not?" tossing her hair aside with a flick from her left hand the witch brushed them aside, baring her teeth and shoulders. "Who are the first to go? In this. Every second we waste in talking, the opposing courts are plotting or even already taking actions right underneath our noses."

@impero: An unanticipated visited from her lovely husband brought a smile of pleasure across her face, kindly accepting his kiss of love the witch respectively returned the favor. Taking a seat across from with a table dividing their gaps the witch simply nods to his problems. "Everything is perfect love. Now what is this specific problem I may that has caught your attention?" it seems news of war within the club has even reached outside forces, most notably the former White King himself had seek aid in her husband. This very little action itself would be a possible wedge in their relationship.

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@madame_blossom: "My attention was caught by this club's Black King. This boy was once my student, even before Quintus-san", still addressing the fallen Knghtfall Heir as an equal. "And he is the one orchestrated what I've heard will be a war?", Ishin asked, a brow raised in mild skepticism.

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@impero: "It seems new has reached all corners besides this little building." impressively connections and ears and mouths told and heard, Ishin was one to hear and now to speak. "Correction." she said, "It seems he and another, a female, has dethroned the former Black Court. Knowing the power of monarchy the Black Court are the true rulers but except this female wants another throne, the White Queen, of course that has already been filled by my dear Alexandria. And ever since the fall of their predecessors a power struggle from the inside has torn this place apart, dividing queens and kings against one another. The real question is: who will stand and who will fall." looking away the queen held something, determined and fueled like flames she look back at her love. waiting for his reaction or yet his response.

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@madame_blossom: "I see", his response radiated calmness, yet a slight tingle of anger was laced under his voice. Yet another one of his former proteges had found themselves in an unfavorable position. Underlying anger at how he had learned of Andres' tampering with the souls of the first generation Keijijo blood-benders. "And you stand against him, correct?", Ishin asked, almost expecting his wife to answer with a 'yes'. "Because I do not stand with him", gently rising from his seat, his visible composure briefly disrupted as he tightly clenched his fist, desiring to shatter the Spaniard's skull.

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@impero: She could feel the non tranquil emotion emitting from her husband, it was a the under layer of his calm manners. "I stand where I stand, love." she responded coldly, "You say you stand against him but what if otherwise, what if the slightest recollection of bliss enters through you, will you regret it? If he were to die, would you not mourn? Would you not seek vengeance for a past protege? Even through his errors you surely remember his happy days. After all you were the one who taught him, trained him, you molded him." the air suddenly shifted, the rift of tension followed the married couple. She knew that her husband's reaction was normal to distraught news but what if otherwise, Ishin was a kind heart, this was a momentary fit of rage.

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@madame_blossom: "Hmm, of course", arms crossed in response to her cryptic answer, his composure seemingly returning. Yet further mention of Andres' name proved sufficient in lightning the masterfully hidden flames of fury within the messianic Impero. Through his vibrantly colored eyes, the innate rage could be seen by Fan, she knew him better than anyone. "Mourn? Most of my proteges have died and I only mourned for Quintus-san". "But I won't intervene, not yet. I will let this war happen. Perhaps it will even kill him for me", he concluded, diverting his attention to another subject entirely. "But this isn't the only reason I came to see you", he paused, turning back to look at his wife.

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@impero: "You say so now. But the bond between so is different and circumstances say other wise." she responded, emotionless, her eyes darting his. The air was still and quiet before her lover changed the mood or attempted to do so. "And what would that be?" she said responded, amused and charged, but she further tried to divide herself from him, parting ways.... temporary until the war was over. Hesitating and fighting against her heart the witch boldly expressed her opposite heart intent, "This is court business dear. Which I have to do, would you mind closing the door when you leave?" she asked, trying to pursue a temporary escape, walking out the door, she closed her eyes. Her heart sadden by what she has done, neglect and separation. Hopefully in due time he would understand, as though it seem he already had, but her life would end any time or any moment and she had to leave him cold.

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@madame_blossom: "Enough", calmly dismissing the topic of Andres with apparent disinterest. "I need you to find Kratesis for me", pausing as she abruptly departed. A slightly amused smirk forming, "I know what you're doing", he sighed, following behind her steps. Upon catching sight of her, he halts his approach, certain to maintain his distance as apparently desired. "You shouldn't have to put so much effort, I won't intervene", he assured, closing the distance despite her attempts, "But I will be watching", stepping away from his beloved, "You'll come see me when this 'war' is finished", teasing intent in his voice as he departs, his focus returning to his search for Kratesis.

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@madame_blossom: "I have a pack of Lycans on my side. They will serve as potent foot soldiers. And I highly doubt our opposition will think to stock up on silver bullets before engaging me."

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@the_psyentist: True, lycans were rare to involve themselves in the conflict of man unless the problem threatened them. The White Queen did prove to be an excellent tactician, most likely the opposing Court would not suspect this, but as the old saying goes, the witch recited it for the doctor "Expect the unexpected." before she continued she readjusted herself in her seating, "We can only pray for victory." siding away, she wanted intel on this new Queen who attempt to usurp Alexandria's rule. "One that works in mysteries is quite an enigma, is she not? Other than her name which is known but what of her talents. Valerie Hunter. Which is she capable of besides hiding behind the weak? What can she do that threatens us. She may have overthrown the former Black Queen, but anyone could of done so, but she was not alone. She is the true mystery to me or possibly to you."

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@madame_blossom: Alexandra exhaled a breath. "She is psionic, I know that much. Probably a powerful telepath. But my interactions with her have been few and far between. Her other talents I do not know."

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@the_psyentist: Suddenly a changing feeling aroused the witch, "A psychic you say?" Fan questioned dumbly, thinking on the female persona, it would of made sense, a telepath, just as Alexandria mentioned, this would most likely explained her triumph in status. Not just a mundane telepath but a powerful one, then the sudden realization of the White Queen's psychic triplet entered her mind, their combined might would prove to be just enough or more to handle Ms. Hunter. "I can why you've enlisted your girls to defend and barricade the psychic planes. Smart move." hoping to use her own mystical intelligence the witch was given with enlightenment, a thought that could work. "Do you have any remnants of her particular person, an essence of her. Straightforwardly saying did she touch anything in the club that could leave a trace? If so I can cast a spell, just enough to give us a taste of her...." she said quietly with enthusiasm in her voice as a vampire would for the craving of blood "Essence."

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@madame_blossom: "Of course, darling. I wouldn't involve the young women for any reason besides necessity." Her eyes narrowed as her lips pulled into a sly smile. She knew very well the hungering desire with which the eastern beauty spoke. "Oh, I'm sure there is something around here: a glass, the Black Courts' private quarters. Of course, it's been so long since she's been here, all trace of her could have been washed away."

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@the_psyentist: Others would judge Alexandria base on her outer shell but knowing her, conversing with her more would change their mind other wise. She was a caring Queen to her students, they lived for her, they loved her. "Such a great leader you are." Fan commented kindly. Pouting her lips the witch playfully played sadness, "Such a shame, if we had the slightest it would be possible to delve into her more. Lets not detest her trails, everyone leaves a little piece behind, an echo or some sort. Given her strong presence it is still lingering."

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@madame_blossom: "A word of kindness in troubling times. A rare gift." She nodded politely.

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@the_psyentist: "In times such as these. It may be our only anchor away from madness. After all we must not forget why we are fighting."

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@madame_blossom: The doctor turned her head to view the Red Queen straight on. "And what are you fighting for exactly, Madame?" Her mind began racing with thoughts of war. She needed to prepare herself, acquire the blood she needed.

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@the_psyentist: The question was rather blunt and straightforward, bad timing for the enchantress. But her nature was calm and collectivism even in times of dire distress, "Whatever gets in my way." she continued "I can't get what I don't have and what I don't have is what I must get." her response was smooth and translated with vague tones to it, but that was all she would give off. In return she smiled off to her companion this was just a taste of what surprises the Red Queen held in store. She knew where her true allegiance were but it was up to the others to find out.

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@madame_blossom: "Ever the mystery, my dear." She smiled sweetly. "But I really must be going. I have much to do and not much time in which to accomplish it." She stood to her feet and nodded a farewell toward the witch. "Madame Blossom, illustrious Red Queen, I bid you adieu and goodnight." Her red lips spread wider into a grin as she turned from the lovely dark haired woman and made her way back through the club and out into the darkness.

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Kallik entered the hell fire club after doing a little bit of research after her discussion with Alexandra

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Markus awoke at 9pm. He stared at the ceiling of his lavish room for a moment, taking it all in. The Archbishop was much like the soldier in the trenches waiting for an order, though his environment was considerably better. He waited til his friend would call on him, and until then, he was just existing within time frames. He had no purpose at the Hellfire Club, and he was not on a mission from the Sabbat. He was a man without purpose, something he had not been for a very long time. He stayed in this contemplative position for some time, before ultimately deciding to have a wander around the Club.

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@the_psyentist: "Well I am a woman of mysteries." as both ladies bid farewell the witch last response were simple "The clock is ticking my dear, time is of an essence.". She too rose from her seat and disappeared from the prized beauty's office, the White Queen was a woman of many things and stupidity was not one of them, sooner or later the Black Court will fall. But with Alexandria's ambition it would happen now.

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@ferro_vida -

Cormac had been hired to take out a man, he had One million on his head, this was a high valued target. He had been given information that a good way to defeat him was to disrupt his senses. He had been given the means to do so by the contractor. He looked onto his desk and found the equipment, deciding what to take.

Noise emitters to confuse - x1

Smoke bombs with knockout gas of confusion - x2

Flash bangs - x5

Pepper spray bombs - x2

He took the load and headed off to the location that the target had been last spotted.

Outside the club 30 minutes later ---

Cormac had tracked the man down, he was walking outside the hellfire club in Paris. Cormac was inside his car watching the man at the other end of the street.

He loaded his longshot rifle and took aim at the man. He stopped...He would try what he was told. He took out a flashbang and a some knockout gas. Getting out of his car he walked behind the man, He put in his earplugs and turned on the noise emitter, it made a loud screeching sound that could be heard for at-least half a mile, he then threw a flashbang at the man followed by some knockout gas, all trying to get his senses. After this Cormac took out his gun, and fired at the man with a tranquilizer with enough drug to knockout an elephant.


Smoke bombs with knockout gas of confusion - x1

Flash bangs - x4

Pepper spray bombs - x2

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: @cormac: @madame_blossom

Paris smelled of piss and garbage. Something in the romantic image of the city was lost for Alex when he came to that realization. It wasn't so bad further away from downtown or near the tourist attractions, but the odour was too pervasive to ever completely disappear. He had learned to live with it. At least the city of lights was safe ground for him since he had joined the Academy. And this close to the Hellfire Club he should have nothing to fear from men and women looking to claim the bounty on his head.

No, now it was time to start figuring things out. He still didn't really know why he was a werewolf. All he had learned was that he was different than every other lycan, and that magic was involved. Thankfully, the Hellfire Club was home to one of the most revered mystics in the world. Who'd have thunk it?

Alex had her title: The Red Queen. With any luck he would be able to talk his way in to meet with her. Then maybe she could help him learn what, precisely, he was.

Noise exploded in his ears and he crumpled to the ground, clasping his hands over them to try to block it out. More noise, then unbearably bright lights blinding him and a strange scent filling him up. Through all of that, he was dimly aware of a needle hitting the back of his neck. Instantly his body felt numb. Someone was attacking him. Alex was blind. He screamed and lashed out with his hands and feet. Had to get someone's attention. Anyone. That kind of attack couldn't go unnoticed by everyone in a busy city.

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The attack had worked as expected, Cormac threw another flash-bang, it exploded next-to the man, Cormac charged in and attempted to smash the man in the head with his gun, the tranquilizer would take effect in about 10 seconds if he did not have an immunity. He had just attempted to smash the man with the gun in the temple, He followed that with a kick to the head. If the man went unconscious he would tie him up, and simply leave.

Smoke bombs with knockout gas of confusion - x1

Flash bangs - x3

Pepper spray bombs - x2

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Proelius strode down the streets of Paris, looking for the infamous Hellfire Club. Others may opt for a suit when going to the fancy club. Proelius did not, as he was still clad in his armour.

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Albert found a stranger dressed in wargarb, it is an unusual sight but then again he is an unusual being. Having eaten a mime before the monster had taken some of its mannerisms, and with that he began to entertain the stranger. Imitating the construction of an atomic bomb.

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A second blinding light and ringing noise. No one was coming. No one cared. Alex was beginning lose it. No thinking. A voice in his head whispered something. It wanted to take control. It could help. Alex had no choice. His senses were coming back to him and he became aware of a man brandishing a gun over him. He was going in for a pistol whip. Alex's hand shot up to intercept it. It was Alex's body, but the beast was in control; a yellow glint came over his eyes and he let out a vicious growl. He sloppily kicked his leg at the man's knees, aiming to knock him down.

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@ferro_vida: ( post limit soon so saving him for the sovereign interaction )

Cormac attempted to hit the man, the man grabbed the gun and pushed it back as cormac felt himself suddenly buckle, He fell on-top of the man, he had to time to draw his knife, he attempted to stab the man in the leg, the knife was coated with another poison, this time to further put the man to sleep. It would only take the smallest cut - Coupled with the tranquilizer before hand it would hopefully work.

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@nerx: Proelius smirked. The silent movements amused him for some reason. He had no idea what the man was pretending to do. "Excuse me, sir. I wish to speak to the management."

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He mimed the act of a bellboy and proceeds to 'call' management, as he is muted. His hands reaching for a dial and his mouth mimicking an order. Then he proceeds to walk 'up' yo towards an invisible staircase as he calls down the manager. An 'invisible man' of high status.

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@nerx: Proelius smiled, and began to walk away from the mime, further into the club.

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There was no time to disarm him. Even if their was, Alex didn't trust himself to move smoothly enough to do so. He pulled the man's gun-wielding hand into the path of his knife blade.

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(That's what I'm trying to get you to do)