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Villains Welcome

Instituting a strict public image on the surface, its reputation is one of respectability with unavoidable aristocratic overtones that constitute its embellished notoriety. There was a time in which the exclusive social organization known as the Hellfire Club was forced to gather in secret. Branded as free thinking radicals who's revolutionary ideals not only frightened the establishment, but threatened to tear it apart. But overtime utilizing its unprecedented influence to sway the political agendas of prominent individuals who were counted among their Inner Circle, they were slowly able to manufacture a cultural atmosphere that helped solidify its impressive display of modern prestige. Authenticated by its heterogeneous collection of socialites, celebrities, politicians, and wealthy business capitalists, its ever evolving membership has gone through numerous changes. A Worldwide organization with clubs in Tokyo, Milan, New York, and Moscow, the Hellfire Club is a culmination of extreme narcissism, elitism, wealth, sexual depravity, and power. A testament to the evolutionary advancement of unmitigated self-superiority birthed from the flames of arrogance and fathered by blue-blooded entitlement. The ruling heirachy of the HfC is spread out through two divisions, or Houses of Rule. White and Black with both filtering down into smaller less prominent sub-divisions. As the Black King and Queen, Jayden and Grace Knightfall are the pinnacle of authoritative implementation having lead the illustrious group for more then a decade. Parents of the secret Knightfall, Karalexis aka The Last Arashikage, the authenticated assassins have continued to facilitate the profitable elevation of this acclaimed faction.



Housing its own Casino that spans three floors as well as hosting some of entertainments most notable performers, the HFC's Paris establishment is its flagship enterprise. Recently licensed by the International Athletic Committee the Emperors Club will play host to several upcoming UFC events while construction on the first "indoor" horse track is nearing its final stages. Its hostess are encouraged to go above and beyond for the costumers, but are always expected to maintain a certain level of dignity reflective of the HFC highly standard of living. Honorary members enjoy unrestricted access to authorized areas of pleasure and vice. Private dances, Champagne rooms, VIP sections, and other standard club enticements are open to all, but the HFC's more exclusive and delicately guarded areas of depravity are offered only to a select few

The Circolo Ristretto (Inner Circle)

The infamous Hellfire Club is built upon the upper echelon of its clandestine Inner Circle, titled with various pieces of a Chess board in order of prominence, each council member belongs to a specific representation of each council. (coming soon)

L'accademia Di Hellfire (The Hellfire Academy)


Secretly Established in the 21st century, the Hellfire Academy was designed specifically to help advanced the mental and academic capabilities of Generation Z, otherwise known as Generation Alpha. The first truly authenticated Millennial Generation. Born with genetic mutations, as well as several other inherent abilities, the students of the Hellfire Academy are exposed to a wide and impressively detailed Ivy league education years ahead of normal human capacity. Their instructors are some of the most intelligent and recognizable names in their respective fields of science, mathematics, language, social and political studies, as well as a plethora of practical applications pertaining to superhuman abilities. These young innovative minds are continually groomed for success, as one day they will emerge as the future leaders of the World, helping implement the societal agenda of the infamous Hellfire Club.

-The Triune-

Ariel, Ariana, and Anastasia

Born with unparallelled cosmic level telepathic abilities the trio of identical sisters known as the Triune serve as the Hellfire Club's ultimate weapon. With a mentally manifested blanket of unbreakable protection, the Triune are completely subservient to the Black Court regime. Using their abilities when called upon to aid in various undertakings often mentally manipulating those who stand in the way of the HFC's progress

  • The Club is multi-level so feel free to creatively design/take liberty, with describing certain floors. (keeping in theme with the Club)
  • Membership is optional though certain areas are reserved for members only
  • The Academy is not located within the Club. Its location is reserved for members only.
  • Any Knightfall may be granted instant membership
  • Everyone is welcome though the HFC cater attentively to the villain community.
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Nice. For the record, this is the longest France has been out of canon CV lls

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Any Knightfall may be granted instant membership ker-mofoing-ching, Boss stuff

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Nicely done :)

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Well now I kinda wish I had a reason to be a fancy character. I wasn't even around for the original!

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@Ziccarra_Liafador said:

Nice. For the record, this is the longest France has been out of canon CV ll

This is true.

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@_Strigidae_ said:

Well now I kinda wish I had a reason to be a fancy character. I wasn't even around for the original!

You dont really need one ;p

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@Quintus_Knightfall: Oh, hey! You're back.
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@Quintus_Knightfall: Oh and Andres needs membership, it would OOC if he didn't :P

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@Morte_Knightfall: Done.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: Just saw it. Badass.

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Is (are?) the Triune NPCs? Any background on them? I'm interested since I used the Cuckoos for a bio image. A tie-in might be interesting. 
(The Cuckoos were used as an illustration of the work of the YOUgenics coorporation which made Alexandra, Scorn, PsyKnight, and Queen Cobra from the genetics of but not exclusive to Mister Q who might make an interesting addition to the Hellfire club himself being a rich, manipulative French bastard.)

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@The Psyentist: They are NPC. I hadn't settled on a background story yet but now I'm intrigued. Def like the idea of some sort of Tie-In.

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This is gonna be fun.

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@Mercy_: Right? Cant wait till we can make new accounts again.

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I see you kickin' all this about the Hellfire Club, when we gon' get Thugz Mansion?

Nah, but this's cool. I likes it. Can sense a turf war brewing already.

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Nice, I love it.

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@Alurvelve said:


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This looks sweeeet

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I could learn to like it here

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(awesome good luck!)

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& I'm in, of course

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Oh f*ck it, I'm in if you'll take me.

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@Kamikaze_ said:

Oh f*ck it, I'm in if you'll take me.

I shouldn't have laughed at this LOL.

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I like this a lot. 

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@The Psyentist: Meeting his radiant telepathic lover's request to visit one of his infamous nightclubs, the Catalan gentleman complied with a minuscule alteration, he was to take her to the prestigious Hellfire Club where he was their influential White King. Embarking on a spontaneous flight to one of the world's entertainment hubs, Paris, via Saint Andres' luxurious private jet, the newly formed couple had arrived in characteristic stylish fashion. With an arm affectionately wrapped around the alluring vampire's waist, the Charismatic Catalan set foot inside the extravagantly designed Hellfire Club, instantaneously immersed in an atmosphere of high-class entertainment and peerless exclusivity. "Perhaps a more private area would be more to your liking, mi rubia?", he suggested.

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@Morte_Knightfall: "Hm. So this is the infamous Hellfire Club." Alexandra looked around, impressed by the luxurious decor before returning her gaze to Andres. "Of course, darling." She cast him a wink.
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@The Psyentist: "I see that it is your liking my dear. Your taste is impeccable", he responded prior leading the telepathic vampire to a more secluded area situated in a more elevated position as opposed to the infamous club's main section. Entering an exclusive VIP bar, stylishly decorated with a variety of classic paintings surrounded by elaborately constructed frames, among other captivating decorative pieces, radiating an undeniable atmosphere of unmatched extravagance and class. Approaching a lone table, El Caballero charmingly gestured for his lovely companion to seat herself, "Please, querida", he smiled charismatically.

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@Morte_Knightfall: "You would know..." She gave a quick stroke to his beard. "I feel overdressed... or rather overdressed." The doctor smirked sitting herself down upon the plushly cushioned seat, crossing her legs under the table.
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@The Psyentist: "Well my dear", he pauses, calmly taking his seat prior to instinctively assuming an aristocratic sitting position, "You know that I wouldn't mind if you were underdressed as well", smirking flirtatiously with cheeky intent. Motioning for one of the composed waiters to approach them, he continued, "Afterwards rubia, perhaps you would like to see mi casa", he suggested. Upon the waiter's arrival, Don Andres requested one of his preferred alcoholic beverages. His favorite brand of scotch whisky, Johnnie Walker. "A glass of scotch whisky. Blue Label", before directing the waiter's attention to his enchanting companion with a calm hand gesture.

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@Morte_Knightfall: Alexandra chuckled. "Mm. I'm sure." She cocked an eyebrow suggestively. "Absolutely, mi amor." The doctor turned toward the waiter. "Vodka martini, dry."
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@The Psyentist: "I look forward to showing my reina where her charming Spaniard lives", he teased with a flirtatious wink. Upon receiving their requested drinks, the poised waiter departed. With his attention fully fixated on his vampiric lover, El Caballero began, his captivating, dark blue eyes instinctively meeting hers with unmitigated affection, "I've asked much about you mi amor. Certainly, there are things you wish to ask me of", he paused, certain that the unspoken details about himself have cleverly crafted an aura of mystique and intrigue.

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@Ravenna: @Kamikaze_:

The pleasure is ours, of course.

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@Morte_Knightfall: "You're even more adorable when you are brimming with anticipation." She grinned before raising the glass to her lips. "Indeed, Andres. I am curious. Since I will not be experiencing your abilities for myself, I wondered if you could describe your mutant abilities. For starters. I look forward to unravelling your mysterious person in our long correspondence."
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@The Psyentist: "You flatter me mi reina linda", smirking charmingly in her direction. "Ah my abilities, of course", he paused, briefly indulging in the taste of his preferred scotch whisky. "I have yet to fully unlock all of my powers, but I will tell you about the ones that I have mastered", Don Andres began, "My eyesight, with it, I can see not only the spectrum visible to most, but I can see infrared, ultraviolet, and polarized light. Aside from this, my vision it enables me to see in the darkness, and I can see things from a vast distance in impeccable detail. It allows me to further appreciate your belleza", Andres winked, "My other senses are greater as well. My sense of hearing for example, tis remarkable my dear. My directional hearing is enough to replace my sight should I ever go blind. I can alter sound with my ears somehow. Combined with my directional hearing, I can for example hear a rat stepping on a twig from sixty miles and pinpoint its exact location. So to sneak up on me is not a wise option", he chuckled, "Aside from this, I can enhance my speed quite a bit by electrically stimulating my nervous system. Even without it, I cannot be touched by any bullet. A gentleman once said that I am one of the fastest mutants he has ever seen", referring to his brief encounter with Amaranth, "But perhaps my greatest attribute is my mind. Like all people, I have at least one hundred billion neurons, but I possess about two hundred thousand synapses per neuron. Tis far beyond that of even an adult genius in his prime who will naturally have roughly fifteen thousand. Because of this, I can learn and study things almost instantly. Subjects, books, martial arts, I can memorize and mentally master them in mere seconds", he paused, once again taking another sip, "I hope your expectations were not lowered, mi amor", he chuckled.

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@Morte_Knightfall: Alexandra rested her chin on her hand, listening with intense interest to the specializations of her fantastic beau. She glowed at his appreciation. "Fascinating... I do value a strong mind. Consider my expectations delightfully surpassed. Such amazing sense abilities... I have my own augmented senses, but nothing as dramatic. My brother however... do your hyper senses ever trouble you?"
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"Hellfire... I can get used to it here." thought Percy over the roar of music, drunken laughter, and that always present hushed secretive talk from one of the near by tables. Sitting at a darkened back booth he continued to woof down the bowl of cherries and slurp his cherry sundae. The bartender was a bit thrown off by Percy's choice of beverage but after noticing the insane fire in his eyes he was quick to stir his drink. Sitting back and enjoying the noise and chaotic nature of the club he rested his converse covered feet on the table and closed his eyes waiting for something interesting to happen, because everyone knows there's never a boring night at the Hellfire Club.

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@The Psyentist: "Ah, then mission accomplished", he chuckled with a flirtatious glow in his mesmeric eyes, referring to her surpassed expectations. "A strong mind is an attribute that I value as well mi amor. Tis one of the reason that I found myself developing these feelings for you", he admitted with no apparent hesitance, "Sometimes they do bother me", he paused, bringing his glass to his lips, "Primarily my eyesight. My hearing I can control and return them to normal levels. But my eyesight. I find that I am more sensitive to bright lights and while it isn't immediately bothersome, it can get irritante. Recently, a goblin-themed loco threw a flash grenade at me, that was quite painful to my eyes", he revealed, fortunately, his conditioned mental and physical fortitude usually prevent him from making clear these sensory annoyances. "You mentioned a brother my dear?".

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@Morte_Knightfall: "My twin brother yes." Xandra adjusted in her seat. "He's... not as charming as me or as attractive." She winked. "He can't control his senses, so he is in sensory pain often. Very bad attitude and very overprotective of his dear sister."
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@The Psyentist: "Perhaps I can help him with his pain, help him improve his sensory control", he offered, "Unless of course, your overprotective hermano will not be so fond about meeting your charming boyfriend", a light chuckle escapes the Catalan Knightfall. "My rubia, if I may ask, what of your mutant abilities?".

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@Morte_Knightfall: "He would despise you." Alexandra laughed. "My abilities. Well, my mutation consists of the abilities of telekinesis and psionic possession. I call it 'psy-jump' because it is more than simply controlling consciousness like a telepath. I actually phase mind and body into a target."
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@The Psyentist: Andres chuckled in response, "Tis a pity, but I do not need him. Only you, mi amor", he smiled charmingly, affectionately placing his hand over hers. "Very interesting, rubia. It seems that your powers, they are quite rare, perhaps even unique to you. And while I'd much rather stay on the topic of you", winking cheekily, "What of your family? Do you only have one brother?".

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@Morte_Knightfall: She smiled and stroked his hand with the back of her thumb. "My family is a rather... complicated situation. I only have one brother, but I have a male clone whom you have met already." Alexandra stared into his eyes knowingly. "My father and mother were more genetic donors than real parents. My 'father', I believe has even invested in this Hellfire Club."
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Donning a black Dolce & Gabbana rouched shift dress matched with suede Bianca sandals, Ravenna kept warm under a heavy fur coat that trailed down to the back of her calves. With her dark brown locks tied up with the smallest hint of distress and a glowing cigarette relaxed between her fingers, she was the vision of an old Sicilian sex symbol. Her Italian flare stuck out amidst the French atmosphere, a culture Ravenna had a strong appreciation for. Throughout her years a number of Hellfire Clubs had been erected, privately and publicly, every one of which she had made sure to take full advantage of. Gliding through the elegantly decorated interior of the high profile club, the Mediterranean beauty made her way glamorously toward the bar, where she found herself a seat and ordered a single glass of Bourbon. While awaiting her drink's arrival Ravenna scanned her surroundings, her eyes absent of malice for a rare occasion.

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@The Psyentist: "Ah I see, he's a clone then", coming to the realization that his friend Jean was in actuality, his lover's clone, an unanticipated bit of knowledge. "Then it is fitting that you are with the Hellfire Club's White King", he smirked charmingly. "I myself was born without siblings. I have my cousins, Quintus and Ellie. But aside from them, I have no direct family members. Mi madre and padre, they passed away years ago. Twas a difficult time of course", he admitted, amorously meeting her eyes, "But now it is good to have an important person in my life", he smiled, elusively referring to his lovely companion.

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@Morte_Knightfall: "Quite possibly my 'good twin'." She chuckled. "Yes, it seems like fate, my king." The doctor winked then listened as he divulged about his own familial situation. She herself was almost raised an orphan, the feeling of absent parents was not unknown to her, but the loss was something to which she could not relate. She shifted her hand to grip his, smiling warmly. "I'd be interested in meeting your family sometime. Any relation to my charming Spaniard must be worth my attention. Are you cousins mutants as well?"
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@The Psyentist: "Good is an interesting way to put it", Andres chuckled, "It does mi reina, it really does", smiling warmly in response to her loving words. Feeling the affectionate grip of his beloved's on his hand, the Catalan gentleman's mesmeric eyes conveyed the deep affection he harbored for her as lovingly gazed into her eyes. "Then perhaps one of these days, I shall take you with me to meet them, rubia", he suggested. "I don't believe so my dear", he answered. Unaware of the potential abilities of his Knightfall cousins. Gently rising from his seat, her hand still amorously gripping his, he smiled, "Come my love, tis time to show you a gentleman's casa".