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Happy Halloween ~ Enjoy

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(Everyone is out at parties/trick or treating xD)

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Lets start this party!!!!!!

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Masquerade party! yay!

Best of luck and hope people jump in and have fun with this. Once they are all off of their sugar high that is. lol

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Masquerade party! yay!

Best of luck and hope people jump in and have fun with this. Once they are all off of their sugar high that is. lol

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Yeah, this Halloween party will be filled once Thanksgiven comes around...


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Taylor was not one to care much for most holidays, after all what purpose was a holiday when parents were dead and she tried to not contact her sister much. However this celebration was something that appealed to the ever plotting lady usually in black. This building belonged to the HellFire Club a group of people who she thought were much like her. By being in this facility by coming in contact with these individuals she’d gather a plethora of information. So it was the woman of infinite potential went to the event. Her outfit of choice was a mix of Day of the Dead motifs, classy zombie goodness, and good looking class. Now she just hoped the various people wouldn’t be a waste of her time. High calls made the girl crave people of value.

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@infinity_: (impressive most impressive!)

Xavier was getting dressed and looking super fine. he thought to himself "never ever say "looking fine" ever again" He was anxious for this party and was hoping to see some pretty girls out and about. The request for time off of work was accepted due to his recent outstanding performances, and now he was looking for a place to relax. "hopefully they have fun stuff there i've been looking for a place to unwind." he finished getting ready and soon arrived at the party "oh this is going to be sweet!"

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The man formerly known as the Boss by his comrades walked into the room. He did not care for the holiday of Halloween; kids coming to his door asking for free candy and pulling pranks. Lance was here for another purpose. He heard that this party had alcoholic beverages and it is hard to turn down that offer. Lance grabbed a cigar from his pocket. He reached for his lighter and lit his cigar. "Happy Hallow's Eve" he muttered to himself.

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@kidman560: Lance looked over at some guy in a tuxedo and mask, "Do you know where the alcoholic beverages are?"

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@cyclone_champion: "i believe they are at the bar, somewhere over to the right. now what kind of Beverages are there? i do not know." Xavier wondered where everyone was but dismissed it "c'mon i'm thirsty myself." he started to walk over to where the bar was.

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@kidman560: Lance kept looking at the boy, while walking towards the bar. He seemed very familiar, but he could not tell. "I think I might have seen you before. Are you an actor? One of them superheroes? Was your father part of the army?"

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@cyclone_champion: "not an actor, and yes i have been called a hero before." he paused "my father... ehh i doubt he was in the army, if he was it was before i was born." the mention of his father made him really want to drink, he looked at the bartender "double malt scotch for me." he awaited for more people to show up while he talked to this guy. "why are you here bro?"

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@kidman560: Perhaps he just looked like someone he knew....I will figure it out later he thought. Lance looked at the bartender, "Just give me a bottle of the strongest thing you have". He then faced the one who had been called a hero, "I am here for drinks, possibly find somebody who is good at fighting. I have not fought in years and the idea of it is very calming".

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@cyclone_champion: "here bro? hmm understandable to say the least. just keep it clean-ish we should have some respectable ladies coming in." Xavier cooled his drink. "it was a little warm to me. So what do you know of the hostess? i hear she can be a real blood sucker... but then again i also heard she looks Fantastic, so we will see."

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@kidman560: "I have never met or seen our hostess. A blood sucker? Hopefully not, I have dealt with of the like enough for two lifetimes". After he said this he took a drink.

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@cyclone_champion: "oh you misunderstand me, she is one of these high class mutant supremacist, now its funny cuz im more of a mutate. I wonder how i will fit under he scale of social class? and did you just say you've dealt with bloodsuckers? thats legit. i really havent had much combat experience but i can handle my own." (speaking of which when will our Hostess, @valerie_huntington, be making an appearance?) "dont worry dude you'll get your fight as soon as more people show up."

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@kidman560: "I am just an old soldier. I really I wish I had powers, it would have saved so many of my dead comrades". With that said Lance took another drink. "Where the hell is everybody?"

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@cyclone_champion: "ha ha bro much easier being a human or a mutant. i dont fit in either. but given time they will show up." (cough cough @quintus_knightfall cough cough @ellie_knightfall cough cough @ownagepants) "until then you can tell me what training you have that allowed you the capability of tangling with blood suckers?"

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@kidman560: Lance had a flashback of his old soldier days. He remembered fighting in Korea and being sent on missions in Russia and Afghanistan. "Mostly my training in CQC. I use my enemy's weight against them and they are practically fighting themselves. It also helps to have my weapon the Ripper".

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@cyclone_champion: "the ripper?" hmm sounds dangerous, also sounds familiar. he thought to himself "the ripper i read about that i believe. it is capable of dangerous Sh!t. 5.56 mm rounds, 1.5 KG weight truly a fantastic weapon " he noted to himself to be careful. he then needed to talk to his boss as to why he was uninformed that this thing might be showing up.

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@kidman560: "Oh it is very dangerous. To my knowledge back in development it there were only five in the world, all were given to the most elite soldiers. I remember using it for the first time.........ha it was great, but war has changed".

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@cyclone_champion: " has it? or has the weaponry just changed? i remember reading about the Ripper. Did you know that i have been diying to see one, the possible upgrades to it are endless, due to its feed and being able to hold so many bullets." he sighed "but the original was always the best" Xavier was getting impatient. he was hoping to catch the Hostess and see where she stood on mutates but it appeared as if she hadnt even shown up "what kind of person throws a party and doesnt show?"

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@kidman560: "I personally prefer not to upgrade it. The Ripper represents me and my brothers struggles, I would find it a disgrace to their memory if I changed it in anyway". He then took out "Jack" the Ripper. "Here it is in all its beauty. Anyways, everybody probably just wants to fashionably late".

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@cyclone_champion: "the ripper, hmm it looks nice but its got be old?" and then he thought "but it will still put bullets in me" he continued talking "id be careful with that in here. dont want to put holes in the wrong person huh?"

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@kidman560: "It is old, but it fits my personality. You are right though, I do not want to give myself some unwanted attention". He then put Jack away, to save for later.

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@cyclone_champion: "its nice but when your me, you dont need many weapons." he created a white flame in his right hand and a ball of ice in his left hand "they tend to slow you down" he threw them up together and watched the ice quickly evaporate "and im still discovering new powers caused by the accident!"

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@kidman560: "........... Just be careful with 'em'". Fire controllers always got Lance on edge. An enemy in Russia that he fought killed a majority of friends. Whenever he see's someone control fire all he can think about are his friends screams.

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@cyclone_champion: "ah but this is white fire very destructive in the wrong hands but in capable hands..." he lit a stool in flames yet it didnt burn "do you see. it only burns when i want it too and it only destroys when i allow it too. but thats not even my favorite power." he created a brownie "hmm food creation, definitely the best. want anything?"

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@kidman560: "If you can't make Cuban cigars then it doesn't matter" he said with a smile.

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@cyclone_champion: "not yet bro. but im still young and the powers are growing." (you know whats funny this was all hyped up, even a blog was done about it, and now that its here no one shows up!)

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@kidman560: "Not for, for me. I do not approve of teen smoking, even then I would not want my child and grandchildren to smoke".

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Peter was happily lumbering towards the location of the Halloween masquerade he had heard so much about from other civilians he passed by that night, usually Peter would not leave the alleyways until he was sure the streets were completely empty before moving out but tonight was different as he could very easily pass for someone wearing a very well made skeleton costume at a first glance and only a couple of people saw through it. Nevertheless, he carried on without making a fuss and soon found himself at what he could only assume was the front entrance to the establishment that housed the party. He wanted to enjoy this night as much as possible and hoped that this place could help with that, he came close to the front entrance that was marvellously decorated with a plethora of fake webs, spiders a couple of glass pumpkin shaped lights combined with a short red carpet and fantastic marble entranceway. In front of the door was the bouncer who was wearing a simple, small, plastic white mask that covered the top half of his face, the burly man looked fairly tough but his eyes went wide as Peter came closer. The man stayed put and concentrated on the job seeing the massive sword on Peters back he put out a hand in the way of the eight-foot tall skeleton saying “I'm going have to take that sword away from you for the party” the bouncer sounded a little scared but he was quickly getting used to the idea of a large skeleton wanting in on the Halloween party “I’m afraid I can’t do that” replied Peter who didn't want his favourite new sword to be in the hands of a stranger “Then I can’t let you in” said the bouncer without a hint of hesitation. Peter grumbled a little before an idea sparked in his mind “Fine” he said rather merrily as he unsheathed his sword with ease and dropped in onto the bouncer who caught the sword but fell forward under the sheer weight causing him to trip and go head first into the pavement knocking him out cold.

“What’s that?” Said Peter jokingly, he bent down with a hand by where his ear would be pretending to listen to the bouncer. “You want to give me my sword back? You’re too kind!” He picked up the sword and put it back into the scabbard on his back whilst waltzing into the party feeling a little bad for the bouncer hoping he wouldn't be too angry when he woke up, he turned his thought away from that and simply walked about the building to find a good spot to settle down for a bit before maybe having a dance. He wandered about soon saw a couple of guys chatting at a bar (@cyclone_champion:@kidman560) and decided to to simply take a seat at the other end of the bar without interrupting and asked the bar keeper if the drinks were free and he was slightly relieved when he found out that they were, he ordered an entire bottle of whisky and laughed a little, obviously he couldn't drink anything as a skeleton but it was a key part of a evening like this and it was free so he opened the bottle and took a drink which only ended up on is ribs and the floor. He laughed a little more to himself at the novelty of his own shenanigans. Good thing I don't know these people.

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@cyclone_champion: "i look like a teenager? sweet." im actually (hold on i am checking to see how old my character is) "im 23 hold please a skeleton approaches" he thought never thought i'd say that in my life "so Mr.Bones what can we do for you?" Xavier noticed the height of him but also noticed he was demonic in nature.

@lastpyre forgot to tags you

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Last Pyre cocked his head in the direction of the voice, it appeared that he had caught the attention of the man in suit with a mask, "Mr. Bones eh? Sure lets go with that, I'm just here to celebrate the one night I get to be out in public and not have people phoning the police". He chuckled in a jolly fashion "What brings you here then?" He said once again pouring more whisky on the floor and on his ribs as he futility tried drinking it.

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@cyclone_champion: "not personally, but the place i work knows of him, from what i can tell he used to be a kid but then was influenced by a demon known as lastpyre. Peter ,as i believe his human name was, here recently received an upgrade from the demon and last pyre has not been seen to have influenced him. that report was put together by an old friend of his... Jimmy i believe. he's cool though dont worry."

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@lastpyre: "ahh me well i am here to meet our lovely hostess, if she ever shows up." (lets watch out this has the supreme potential to become cluttered real fast!)

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@kidman560: @cyclone_champion:

Peter stopped pouring the whisky and put it back on the bar, apparently the person in the suit that had spoken to him first knew vaguely what happened back at the academy due to his old friend Jim telling him at what he described as work. "You mean the hostess hasn't even made an appearance for her own party? I suppose she has other things to attend to" he then pointed at the man with one eye and said "If you don't mind me asking, why are you here?" Peter spoke quite loudly throughout the whole conversation and his stature ebbed confidence and joy.

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@lastpyre: "the one and only. have you heard anything about her? my knowledge on her is very low!"