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The Harbingers

~ Ordinis ullo modo ~

The world is on the fast track to war, most don't even realize it. Content to live in a dream world where everything is fine and dandy. Empires rise across the globe, coexisting for the time being, forging so called alliances to maintain some semblance of peace. Undoubtedly it won't last, anyone with a mediocre knowledge of history can tell you, Empires do not last, nor do they co-exist. Iberia... Nakamura... Santo Rey, They could last another decade or collapse in ten days. Who knows? But their collapse in inevitable, along with the strife and unrest that will accompany their downfall. Meta-Human based crime is on the rise, with civilian authorities nearly powerless to stop them. United Nations Meta-Human Affairs, While more than prepared to handle most threats themselves, cannot be everywhere at once. Falling the events of the Apocalyptic Final War and the unprecedented swaths of destruction it sewed on nearly every major city, Michael Caldwell, Rogue Government Assassin turned Horseman of the Apocalypse, saw fit to gather a team, No capes... Mercenaries, Assassins, Individuals of undeniable skill with no qualms about taking a life. We'll bring order to the Chaos, By any means necessary.

Base of Operations:

Situated on a cliff overlooking the pacific ocean, with a small private beach below. The Team's base of operations is both scenic and easily defensible. 'Acquired' from the rogue government agency that manipulated their leader for years, the mansion blends in perfectly with the surrounding community, with nothing present to arouse suspicion from their neighbors. The massive home features more than enough living space for the teams members, a full gym, Olympic-sized swimming pool, various recreational facilities, a dojo, private movie theater and more. Rooms are spartan in nature, allowing teammates to personalize them to fit their own particular tastes. The Mansion's security systems are state of the art, with motion sensitive cameras monitoring the perimeter while a series of motion sensors keeps tabs on the outer most regions of the property.

Beneath the luxury of the mansion above, lies the true headquarters of the team of trained killers. A high security maze of winding passageways complete with Firing Ranges, A Hanger Bay capable of deploying a wide range of Helicopters and VTOL-type aircraft, A briefing room with it's walls covered in a vast array of monitors linked to various sources around the globe from satellites to CCTV cameras, An state of the art armory, Fully functional danger room and the occasional corridor still sealed off while cleaning crews wash the blood from the walls, left over from an attack years before perpetrated by none other than the Assassin himself. This section is only accessible to team members and those invited unless approved by the team for story purposes.


When the rogue operatives in control of the mansion lost their fight against the former attack dog Michael Caldwell, they left behind a wealth of equipment, weapons and vehicles including;

Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawks - A pair of the versatile utility aircraft along with various weapon and fuel pod attachments. They appear to be early stealth prototypes.

Lenco Bearcats - Armored Fast Attack Vehicles favored by SWAT Teams and Military Security Forces, Half a dozen were abandoned within the underground complex. Along with several different weapons mounts.

Prototype Stealth VTOL - The Harbingers primary means of transportation, this aircraft is capable of astonishing speeds, capable of slipping past the most advanced radar systems and remaining invisible to the human eye for extended periods of time due to a one of a kind cloaking device.

Secondary Base - The Nemesis Enforcer

The Nemesis Enforcer is a mobile-base. It travels well below sea level, both by land and by sea. For the mobile station is built like a submersible as well as a tank, and has a highly advanced weapons system built into its Hull. A Supercomputer Mega brain controls the defense system as well as the constant driving, keeping the base always in motion. Never allowing it to be detected by radar for more then a few minutes at a time, before it vanishes into the murky depths of the sea. This Mega-station is built to withstand incredible amounts of presser, internal and external. The outer appearance of the base itself is nothing short of horrifying, as it resembles a giant mechanical squid.

While the inside resembles all that which a Mega-Base is supposed to invoke. Inside the massive Hull is an entire Base, which houses Horatio and his henchmen, and has enough room to spare for anywhere up to six more large families of people. The ship also has many farming areas to keep fresh provisions, as well as the large Fresh-Water tank system, and many other facilities as well. Including but not limited to:

  • Professional fitness lab. (Gym.)
  • Briefing Area. (Team Meeting Room.)
  • Captains Quarters, Hull-room (Observation Deck.)
  • Park Area. (Bio-Dome.)
  • Science and research lab. (Horatio's Study.)
  • Clubhouse. (Bar.)
  • Entertainment Station. (Games and entertainment, including a Movie Theater, day spa, and Tattoo parlor.)
  • Danger Room. (Like in X-Men.)
  • Advanced Prison Holding Area.
  • 5 Star Restaurant.
  • Housing Units.

NOT open at the moment. This is for Team use only. Post opinions if you would like, but please do not visit yet.


  • This Thread is primarily for interaction and character development between Team members but anyone is welcome. As long as you have a reason for being there.
  • The Thread is set in and around the Harbingers Base of Operations.
  • Under no circumstances can you destroy the base. Ever.
  • Have Fun. Or Else.


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@Kratesis: Thank you ^_^

@Canine: >:D

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Heeellooooo. :D

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Assassin? This is what you were working on?

I like.

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@_Alexandra_: ^_____^

Put your main in the Team PM

@Kovak: Indeed it is, Thank you my badass amigo.

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@The_Assassin_: Sweet. I'll add an alt when I've figured out who to use.

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@_Alexandra_: I think we already know who... lol

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Good Luck!

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@shadowknight666: Thanks bud :D

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Alex popped up outside of the entrance. She had to take a moment to steady herself as port lag set in. However, it wasn't long before she was approaching the place.

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Liam strolled along the sandy beach nearby, wearing a t-shirt and swim trunks, holding on to a surfboard. Before heading into the water, he took his shirt off, throwing it towards his nearby duffel bag. The water was warm, a bit of a surprise to him as he paddled out into the ocean, looking to catch a few waves.

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@Mercy_ said:


<3 You should visit sometime :D

@_Alexandra_: Exiting through the front door he spots the redhead approaching and turns towards her. Hands non-nonchalantly stuffed in his pockets. "Can I help you?"

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@The_Assassin_: Coincidentally enough, her own hands were thrust into her coat pockets. "Uh.. yeah. I'm the new girl." She crinkled her nose, trying to work out an itch without moving her hands.

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fdg;alkjglk;s j


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@_Alexandra_: A friendly smile appears on his face. "Well new girl. Do you have a name?" Turning to face her.

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@The_Assassin_: "Alex. Last name.. well, I'll get back to you on that. Still working it out."

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Dark clouds began to gather in the blue sky concealing the light of the sun. A sharp blast of lightning split the sky as a massive electrical storm raged over the base. Suddenly a man crashed on earth, a roaring clap of thunder masking the boom of his landing. The man had a thick chest, broad face, lined cheeks and long blond hair.

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@_Alexandra_: He chuckles softly. "I know that feeling. I'm guessing you saw our add in the classifieds huh?" Referring to him letting various underworld contacts know about the Harbingers and that they were recruiting.

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@The_Assassin_: "I was actually beating in some assassin's face. Saw the ad in an e-mail on his computer." She pulled a hand out of her pocket to scratch her head as she took a moment to examine him. Bits and pieces of memory popped up, but almost all of them were unconnected.. she couldn't get an exact ping on them. However, his face came up in most of them, except he was older in the memories. Most of them, anyways.

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@Polisus: "Are you the Pizza delivery guy?" Glancing at his watch to go along with the jest. "Because I think it's been more than 30 minutes." Walking out to meet the being.

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@_Alexandra_: "I think you'll fit in just fine Alex... So what can you do, Ability wise that is?" There was something almost familiar about her. He just couldn't place it.

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@The_Assassin_: "Set things on fire, freeze things to death, bit stronger than most.. and I heal. Like, really good. Blew my finger off last week, and, well.." She held up her right hand, indicating that she still had all five fingers.

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@_Alexandra_: "Then welcome to the team." He said with a genuine smile. "Let's get you settled in."

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@The_Assassin_: "Sweet." She grinned, walking up the steps. When she got close, she stopped for a moment. "Say.. we haven't met before, have we?"

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@_Alexandra_: Leading her up the steps towards the door he paused at her question. Glancing over his shoulder at her. "I don't... think so... but you do have a sort of aura of familiarity about you..." Opening the door for her.

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@The_Assassin_: "Getting some major vibes from you, too." She followed him into the building, exhaling. "Amnesia's just weird like that."

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@The_Assassin_: Liam sat on his board, waiting for two things: A nice swell and his bro who was late. He pulled a two-way radio from his pocket and brought it close to his mouth. "Hey Mike, storm's about to hit soon. They're saying seventy-foot waves, you coming?"

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@_Alexandra_: "Well hash things out later, see what we can come up with." Smiling reassuringly as he lead her up to the second floor and down a hallway. "Here you are." Taking the keycard that hung by a string from the door handle and handing it to her. "This'll be your room for the duration."

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@The_Assassin_: "Heh, an actual room. This'll be different." She slid the card, unlocking the door. "And probably better than back alleys and park benches."

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@Canine: Raising the radio he keys in. "Be there in a bit bud, Just gotta grab my board. Showing a new arrival around."

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@The_Assassin_: "What is this pizza you speak of? I am praying to my mother hoping it has nothing to do with the organs of a Centaur." He said as he approached the man. Polisus was wearing his golden bright armor and wielding his mystical hammer, which resembled a war hammer.

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@The_Assassin_: Liam smirked. "Which one? The girl who's scent I can detect from a mile away or the dude who sounded like he crash landed."

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@_Alexandra_: "Oh I'm sure." Smiling as he reached over and lightly pushed the door open, revealing the room within. "Feel free to decorate in whatever way suits you."

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@The_Assassin_: "Right.." She examined the walls. "Firefly poster goes up there.." She started mumbling to herself.

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Team 7 pic for the win

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@Canine: "The girl."

@Polisus: "Don't worry about it big guy, Can I help you?"

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@_Alexandra_: He chuckled, looking around the room. "You sound like my girlfriend... can't deny you have good taste though."

@Gambler: Thanks G

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@The_Assassin_: "It's weird. I've yet to watch an episode, but I have a poster for it, and I adore it for some reason. Judging from what little I do have of my memory, though, I think I got it from one of my parents."

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@The_Assassin_: "Aight, dont show her my room until I clean it up." He joked. The sound of thunder further out in the ocean distracting him for a moment. "Storm's close, gonna catch a few waves while waiting. See you in a few." He put the radio in his pocket and started paddling towards the rough waves.

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@_Alexandra_: "You should check it out, it's sad it only got one season. As a member of the team you get an allowance to decorate your room in whatever way you like." Patting her on the shoulder.

@Canine: "Pretty sure she saw the dog house on her way in."


A few minutes later he walked out onto the beach, surf board in hand, paddling out to meet Liam.

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@The_Assassin_: A familiar scent caught Liam's attention, he looked over his shoulder to see his new boss coming up from the shore. "I think you need to work out by the look of how slow you were paddling buddy." The water was quickly becoming restless.

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@Canine: "Sorry, I have a girlfriend, a son who happens to be a god and a team to run." Sitting up on his board looking out at the water. "I haven't done this in a loooong time..."

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@The_Assassin_: "I've got most of what I need in here." She held up a hexagonal metal object. If one looked close enough, they would see writing etched into the side.

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@_Alexandra_: "Um... what exactly is that?"

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@The_Assassin_: "Interdimensional storage. Kind of like a bottomless purse, except way cooler."

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"That should be okay." Liam referred to the Mike's fact about surfing then chuckled. "I've never done this before. So you have a God for your son eh?" He said as they continued to wait for the waves.

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@_Alexandra_: "You don't strike me as the purse carrying type..." He chuckled. "Interdimensional Storage huh? Guessing you aren't from around here then..."

@Canine: "Then I'd say we're even." He laughed. "Yeah, He's something..."