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The crecsent Luminous moon  was phosphorus in the Indigo night sky as the silky white clouds parted slowly across  the boundless heaven, the  lachryminal Liquids that blended  into The sky, drizzled upon Ga hair  gently, The Pungency of Car gas and Industrial equpiment was Supressed by The smell Of wet Concrete and a hint of dog fur because Genesis archers Wet green Attire. Ga walked through The City slowly, glancing at the Brilliant  Neon Lights That Emitted The Nigresence within the city, his Shoes clanked Loudly into The desolate Abandoned city, he flinched perodically because of the sounds of rats scavenging for discarded foods.  As archer strolled down the City avenue, he glanced into the windows of shutdown stores and apartment buildings to check if he notices anything suspicous

Ga was Searching for an infamous Villain named Hayden Miles, years back she tried to kill Michelle, A student/partner  That He considered family, he wasnt going to let her roam so frelly amongst the world creating chaos for Innocent Civilians That did not Cause any harm to her. I large thunderous Noise Echoed the area at high Volumes, Ga Shudder In nervousness But  Calmed down Once he realized that it was The sound Of thunder, the rain pured harder From The heavens and all you could hear was the tranquil impact of the rain hitting the pavement, Ga ran Under an Store awning quickly and Wiped the rain from his face, the taste of salt got onto his lips Causing him to sneer in Disgust. The rain died Out And Ga Walked from Under The awning To stare into The Moon that made him Reminesence about Classic horror movies

"where the hell is this women, they said she was in this area, i hope the radar was acting up because of the storm or something".Ga Looked at a sign, it said 42 street and he could see a Mc Donalds Logo Straight ahead In his Path" maybe i should station myself there Until I get any transmissions or anything".Ga walked towards the mc Donalds That was Vertically In his path,  as he ran towards The fast Fod resturaunt, he though of a time when Hi and Michelle went  to this area To shop for clothes, memories of michelle  Made his stomach twicth in a nervous Feeling, after the formation Of Nwa, she left mysteriously , and was never heard from again. ga reached the mc donalds and took a set at a table. he took out a cigarette and folded his legs as he lit the cancerous Product, he puiffed on it Gently as he teared at the memories Of his dear friend

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As her brown Hair Lay drenched on the top of her head, she sat in the middle of the Road in a Steel chair eating a bag of Ritz cheese crackers. The very persistent Genesis Archer had tracked her down to the middle of nowhere and she was waiting for him, she took her index finger and ran it across the roof of her mouth she then glanced at the orange mesh on her finger and then stuck it back in her mouth. The rain drops Smacked her Cranium with the velocity of a penny, she looked up as they came down and said to herself “One day I’ll even destroy you!” She could sense GA in the area, and she was pretty sure he knew that she was there; he wasn’t stupid, or was he. Hayden had fought him before, but she lost thanks to the help of Michelle Stanford; however she did hear about Ga losing to Chaos Sha, Hayden was 3 times stronger.

She knew she was going to have to kill him finally this time no running. She stood up tossing her bag of Ritz on the ground, and kicking the Chair backwards she slowly began walking over towards the McDonalds. Her sense told her that where he was, her air manipulation allowed her to check for changes in the Density of the atmosphere and all seemed like it should be except at the McDonalds, there was an indention in the Pressure. She took off in flight towards the Area, Her fighting style was that of the luchalibre style learned in the Ancient ruins of the Mayan Empire, she was going to try and stick with it.

She approached him from behind, she instantly began to speak: You can save her…when I find her I will not only kill her I’ll destroy her being so bad god will forget her existence! As for the city No one had swagger like me...So I took it upon myself to escort there soul into oblivion! She smiled and then folded her hands and began floating. She had been free for a good 5 months and no one attempted to stop her reign of terror in the Northwest part of the city resulting in the deaths of thousands. Hayden Looked around the McDonalds and then got into her fighting stance, She grinned very sinisterly and then shook her head. Finally she spoke again: It’s a Shame…Your fate will be decided on the Greasy Floors of a Fast food joint….Can you feel your life flashing before your eyes? She was sounding a bit cocky which she shouldn’t have been because last time the crossed paths he put an Arrow in her Chest.

She figured this time would be different…and she was going to see to it that it was different.

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ga sat On the cold hard surface of the Mcdonalds chair  Smoking his cigarettter thinking of past memories Of Michelle, He smirked  sadly a funny moments that had and Sentimental meaning towards him, times like when Michelle tried to kick Ga but  flew into the air and fell on her head, times l when Michelle crashed into a bird as She soared  Through the air and Ga's rope, the good old times. ga could not beileve that his dear friend has left him alone in this world, she was  like a sister to him, she said that she would always be there for him no matter what, that she  would always be there when she needed him. Ga began to sniffles thinking Of all The broken Promises that scarred his life painfully."damn man, i cant beileve you left me here like this, i guess all we went through was for nothing...". ga flicked his cigarette onto the floor   and laid back on the mc donalds  chair  and rose his  boots onto The table, his eyes  became heavy with sleep, he tried to fight it but he eventually dove off into A slumber that was well needed for a restless soul

The dream

The Immense heat Consumed the threacherous  toture cahmber called hell, The oxygen was limited in such a place, it was not ment for a human to step forth in such  a horriic setting. The Pungency of heat and raw flesh Engulfed the Sphere making any mortal Instantly asmatic Towards the ordor,The  Cries Of Souls Lost Without requiem Were bound the The Burning pool of magma wich seeked to Ensnare there souls foul enternity for there sins, the daemon roamed the cave In pursuit of toturous activites wich hell was infamous for, the the hot gravel scorched the feets of those Incapable of enduring over 99 degrees.  A Seductive looking woman approached Ga , She hand On  Victoria's secret Black Longeray with a wip.. Ga was  Strapped to a spinning  wooden wheel, with his mouth  Stuff with a red ball strapped to his face, he had nothing on but His white Fruit to loom boxers on.

The women Ran a finger across ga's Chest Permiscuiously and licked her lps in A flirtacious matter"your A sexy Bull arent you" the  Women Spinned the platform wheel that Ga was On, Screams on dismay and Anxiety filled the Sphere as he twisted upside down. The women Pulled out A small ensate form weapon and licked the flat part of the blade, Ga 's Muffled screams intesified as The women Did her threatening Seduction." your sceam erouses me baby" she pressed the blade against ga's stomach, ga began to flail madly  as the coldness of the steel blade Pressed against his stomach enticed  by the feeling of his warm soft flesh. " how about you scream a little louder for me" The women  forced the blade into Ga's naval Unforgiveningly"mMMMMMMMFHM...MHHHHHHFFFFFFMmmmm"the  blade pieced through his skin smoothly."LOUDER" The women screamed as she twisted th blade that embeded itself in Ga's flesh.Ga held in Huis scream and struggled to get out of the spining wheel, but then he heard another females voice" you can save her"


Ga Sprung Up From his slumber and Fell to the foor in fear" who's there?" There was a few seconds Of quietness "when i find her i will not only kill her ill destroy her being so bad god will forget her existence " ga looked around directionessly" you B**th dont you dare touch her!! Another period of silence fillled the resteraunt then" as for the for the city no one had a swagger like me...so i took it upon me to escort there souls to obilivion!"  Ga  Charged through the tables and chairs sending them fliying through the air" hayden You Monster !! all of those innocent lives, My friends Ill Kill you, Ill make sure its slow and painful ARRRGGGGHH!!" ga  Cluched his hair and began to pull at it in stress, he gritted his teeth In pain, his body trembling in anger, nausea  Developed within the Bowels of his stomach. The suddenly"its a shame..your fate will be  decided on the greasy floors of a fast food joint" ga turned around to see His Adversary Hayden Miles   before him in a starge fighting style "Can you feel your life flashing before your eyes?'

"Ill kill you!!"  Ga flipped backwards throught the air as elegant as an acobatic, as he saored through the air he withdrew two marksman disks and Launched them towards her torso Un mercifully, he wanted to kill her instantly by carving  her heart with Stainless cold steel. ga landed in a 3 point stance then Unsheathe His Seregated  dagger And charged at  hayden with abnormal speeds  , he lunged at her Abdomin with his dagger with hesistation and repented it quickly and rolled backwards and took his bow from his quiver

The fight was on
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She could see her words angered him, fighting without a straight mind and a calm presence lead many formidable fighters to death. One thing you never do when fighting a Ninjan of any kind, is conversation with them, they can see into your heart find ways to throw you off your guard. She squared up in her fighting stance watching him charge at her knocking the chairs and table out of his way. Suddenly he was in the air he dispatched some disk like mechanism and launched them at Hayden; she hopped on the balls of her feet, and dodged the first disk throw, the second cut her right across her chest causing her to fall to the ground in some pain, but she didn’t stay she quickly rolled back to her feet on the greasy floor. She looked up and saw him charging at her she quickly unsheathed her sword she blocked his sword. She moved so fast the sword looked like a metal beam as if blocked his. She managed to rise to her feet. She looked at him roll back and quickly dispatched his quiver, Hayden Ran at him quickly she jumped into the air with lightening streaming from her foot , she dropped down to two hands swinging her right leg at his face and then swinging her left leg at his leg’s in a break dance like fashion.

She punched at his shoulder, and then ducked and fired a massive right jab at his stomach. She looked like she was going to do a back flip but she stretched her hands out and caught herself she then began swinging her leg’s going for a second legs sweep. Hayden Took a step back, still in her fighting stance she ran at GA and attempted to jump on his shoulders and then hurricanrana him into the counter of the McDonalds.

Hayden had perfect body flexibility; she began rolling herself towards GA and then vaulted up trying to drill kick him in the chin. Hayden then did a turning Fly kick aiming once again at the chin; she was smiling, her eyes turning red from the blood sport. She went to finish her assault she cupped her hands together a blue aura filled her palms, the chi energy just kept building until it reached its peak she then fired it “KIKOSHO!” the huge energy burst spiraled towards Ga, with Hayden Looking on.