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Traveling to the year 1944

 At the home of the Vine Titans it seemed to be one of those usual days, were the team would be doing their own normal things. Each member started their day off doing something different, like probably sleeping in for a few of them. Cellphone Girl would be in their brand new Danger Room, where the team would begin to start to train together, while one of the teams newest member Hotaru would be answering the door for the other new member Shift.  A few minutes later, and every member of the team would soon begin to hear and follow a loud explosion that happened in the Co-Leader Moonglow's room. When the team came to the room they found out that Moonglow had just been practicing her spells and that it wasn't anything too big. Moonglow then wanted to show the team her newest spell that she had been working on, so when she tried it again everyone around her was gone in a bright flash.

Waking up on the ground the young leader Cellphone Girl found herself waking up on this hard ground that was really warm from the shinning sun that was extremely bright. Getting up from the ground, she looked around to see that there were a bunch of people that were in dirty torn clothes. They all looked like they barely ate anything, and all seemed very sad. She began walking towards the tanned man that looked at her puzzled. When she asked him where she was, he replied with telling her that she was in a Jewish concentration camp that was located in Poland. Then before she knew it, she was shot in the back of her neck with a tranquilizer. The next thing she knew was that she was in these knew clothes in a very dark room, hearing men outside of the room gossiping in German. On the back of her head she felt a chip that was on her head, this made her powers not work at all. When they opened the door they dragged her out of there, and made her go into this one huge building were a mean woman would grab her arm and then give her a tattoo which said to Cellphone Girl that she was now going to die soon. About an hour later Shift came to the camp looking for her since it was getting dark outside, and was able to actually free her. He was able to break free her out of the camp and even take the chip off of her, then they both ran as fast as they could to get away from the horrid place, right as Shift did step on a mine there was a bright flash and the two were gone.

In another part of europe the young hero Solor was off fighting the Nazi's, and during this his mind was brimful on the loss of Nicole Jane, the bearer of his child, and several new friends he'd attained in the platoon, most of which had been ripped to shreds. It was a scary thing to be at war, while even thinking about why he was sent here, and wondered where the other team members were at. While he was fighting the crazy Nazi's there was a bright flash of light, and then Connor was gone from the scene.

The three members of the team Backfire, Raver, and Animal Kid all hung onto each other during the explosion that sent them to the past. The trio ended up in Germany, where Hitler at this time was controlling the entire place. It was a shock to them when they found out that they had been sent back to the year 1944. While they were there, Backfire was able to teleport them into Hilter's house. Since no one was there, they were able to look around. Animal Kid then stumbled upon the The Holy Lance. Not knowing what this amazing artifact was, he grabbed it and met up with the other two. Then the next thing they knew was that a bright flash of light had appeared, leaving Raver all by himself in the past.

The awesome girl known as Hotaru who was the daughter of the great fearless leaders of WAL, Nevann and Feral Nova. She had woke up to the cold air of the pacific ocean, with Eclipse next to her. The view of the sun that was setting was one of the most beautiful things that she has seen in her life. Turning around they both had seen over hundred American Marines staring right at her, some even pointed guns towards her. Realizing that the two had been in World War 2, Hotaru quickly made a clone to confuse the solders. While on the huge ship, all of them chased Hotaru and her clones that she made. While Eclipse was there helping Hotaru escape from the marines, he knew that what Madro's had sent him to do was really wrong, and that he needed to become a hero again. When one man caught her and her at gun point, the two had then had disappeared with a bright light, right when the man pulled the trigger of his machine gun.

And with a bright flash of light, War Killer, to his surprise, found himself in Paris, France. And after a short time of wondering through the streets, was he then helped by a man and his young son, who told War Killer that the year was 1944. They were glad to see an American who could help them stop the Nazi’s from capturing the group of Jews they were trying to help escape to the land of the free, to America. War Killer agreed to help them on their mission while he began his own mission to locate his fellow teammates; of whom were nowhere to be found. As War Killer continued his search, he helped the man and the group of Jewish people escape to the docks, to a boat that would safely help them get away from Europe and Hitler’s wrath and get them to America. But someone had tipped off some of Hitler’s men of the plan of escape, buy the group time to get onto the boat, War Killer fought off the Nazi soldiers that had flooded the docks, and as he watched the boat escape, he saw as a little Jewish boy waved back at him for the boat as it made its way out to sea. War Killer then suddenly disappeared within a familiar flash of light, leaving the group of Nazi’s to only guess what had happened.

Back at the tower while the rest of the members of The Vine Titans were back in the year 1944, the Co-Leader Moonglow was left by herself at the tower, wondering what had happened to the rest of her team. After a few days that have past she noticed that someone had switched the original spell that she had been working on and became sad that she might have killed her friends during the misfire. So while she waited for them she decided to give the tower her own personal redoration, after she was done with the transformation of the tower into a gothic cathedral, it was only her and Cellular Dog that were at the tower missing the team. Then her other self Charmix appeared in front of them, Moonglow then wanted her to begone of her castle. The problem was is that Charmix and Moonglow were both uneffected by each other powers since being apart of each other. Charmix then figured the only way to stop her madness was to grab a stake that she had tucked away, and stab Moonglow in the heart. After the young girl fell, Charmix caught her before she was able to touch the ground. Charmix laid there crying as there was a bright flash of light in front of the two. It turned out to be the the flash of light, was from the Vine Titans and Eclipse returning back to the present to come home to see their tower destroyed, and their loved one... Dead..

Moonglow's Funeral

The Vine Titans and Charmix were standing around together, Solor was seen hugging Blair tightly, who was wiping away her eyes with a handkerchief that he pulled out of his jacket, her hair had been slipping in and out between colors, but ended on blue for the funeral. It seemed to of happened immediately, she had died not long ago and now she was in a glass coffin that was now buried under the ground. It appeared their loss had blinded them to the loss that is all around, the world had been shattered and Solor hadn't even looked twice at the mess around them, in the back of his mind something gnawed, and It made him feel like their events in the past had affected the future, even though it was untrue.
After the service was over, Conner did not go back to the tower like his friends, he walked with Blair up to the car and then departed his friends, taking the long brown coat that lay across the back seat, it had once belonged to his father. He told them he'd meet them back at the tower and then he left the graveyard in the opposite direction to the cars. Solor wanted some answers, but he felt shameful to be asking television world news to give him the answers, he wanted to get it from people who experienced the tragedies head on. On their way in he'd noticed a couple of "Survivor Shelters", where people could regather their thoughts and feelings. Pulling on the brown jacket he walked the streets and entered a shelter, inside was a flurry of people, straight ahead was a board pinned with missing people, articles and cards, in the corner were cans of food that was being monitored, their was also a canteen and a rescue team. It made Conner wonder how bad things had been, admittedly the tower was in really bad shape, a hole in his bedroom wall being one problem, but the world was much was, his eyes caught articles abut the man dead, demons and J-Day.  
After asking around and hearing a few stories he returned to what was left of the tower, feeling worse for ware, he just felt really bad that he wasn't here to even try and stop it. Solor had made up his mind, on something he'd been thinking about ever since Nicole died, his child with her. Conner turned up in the living room, were she wanted to call a sudden meeting, no one else was there so he decided this was the best time, he was smiling weakly and she immediately knew something was wrong, Conner had changed into his normal Solor wear, now with his dads old jacket, he had an old kit bag under his right arm, the strapped holding it up around his neck, inside it was full of his clothes. Blair smiled weakly back, the news going on in the background reporting the going-on's of J-Day. She stepped forward and they embraced in a tight hug, as they pulled back Solor chuckled "Congratulations... It seems your the last of the Vine Titan Elders, well done. You did a great job of Captain, I'll miss you, and the ol' Titan days." It was quiet and he knew Blair was unsure of what to say, "Goodbye Blair... It's been great" with that, he kissed her forehead, and leaving the hug, he jumped out the window and flew away.

Cellphone Girl had been disgusted towards Eclipse when she found out that he was supposed to betray the team, he then figured that it would be best for him to leave and take on Madros. Shift didn't think that joining this team would have so much happen to him in just only half a day, but he would be more then glad to stick around with them. Animal Kid felt that it would at least help if he made a few jokes, which did lighten up the atmosphere. Raver though was oddly not there to been seen, like he had been left in the past. Hotaru had seen that her new leader had been affected by Moonglow's death the most, so she walked up by from behind Cellphone Girl, and hugged her for a long time, even shedding a tear of her own.
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Moonglow’s Funeral

“That’s the funny thing about time, no matter how hard you try to be ready, to plan things out to the exact moment and to even leave a little early just to be sure, when it all comes down to the things that truly matter…you always seem to be too late.”

Okay…what in the world just happened? Charles thought to himself as he stood among his fellow teammates as they lad their fellow Titan and friend to rest. Charles had only been in this universe for little under a year now, things were starting to seem up for him, with the Vine Titans he had found a purpose to be in this world and found himself some friends he could trust, but even now after the teams first mission with its new members, things were already seeming a harder then Charles thought they would be.

To Charles, magic was always a one way trip to disaster, even though he didn’t mind other people using it, he always tried to keep himself from it unless he had no other options. But that seemed to have been what had caused this little adventure turned tragedy, one little spell and an entire group of people are sent through time, they could have ended up anywhere, from the time of the dinosaurs or even into the distant future full of the unknown. But no matter where they went wants they had returned, not even magic seemed to be able to change things. Because no matter what spell you could have said, everything was still the same…a member of the Vine Titans, a friend, Moonglow was dead and all Charles could do was watch as everyone close to her mourned and tried to figure out what to do next.

Charles stood next to his fellow Titans and the girl known as Charmix, watching as CellPhoneGirl, who was crying over the whole thing, was being hugged by Solor. Charles felt furies at himself for not feeling really any type of sadness over all of this because no matter the facts, honestly? When all was said and done, Charles didn’t even know Moonglow, he probably hadn’t even had a full conversation with the girl if that, but now…he wished he would have spent more time getting to know her, before she was gone.

After the Funeral…

After the service was ended as the rest of the team paid their final respects, Charles returned back to the tower. Charles looked at the building he once had called his home, not partly destroyed and not like anything it was before all of this madness had happened, “Is this what you call ‘making a difference,’ Barnes?” Charles asked himself as he made his way into the base.

Charles found his room a mess, everything disordered and otherwise ruined. Charles began to clean up, taking all of the trash he could find. As he continued to clean up the mess that had been made, Charles couldn’t help but to stare off out the window, seeing as the sun shined into his room from behind the clouds in the sky, he didn’t know why or how, but it was like the light of the very sun was telling him that everything was going to be better, and Charles knew that this was true, because he had made a vow that he was going to use everything in his power to make things better, everything he couldn’t do in his world, his friends, his parents, everyone and everything he ever cared about, no matter what happens, their deaths would not be in vane, ”I won’t lose this world to chaos too…I promise.”

As he was taking some of the trash out, Charles stopped as he caught something in the corner of his eye, making his way into the team’s meeting room, he found a piece of paper on the meeting table. It appeared to have been a note from Eclipse, Charles remembered seeing Cell angry at him after the funeral and seeing him leave, the note said that he was going to fight his archenemy, Madros and that he wanted the team to know that he was deeply sorry for what he had done and that he was going to make things right.

Charles knew that Cell needed to see this, even though the team had been through so much, they still had a job to do. He then quickly jolted from the room, leaving the trash he was about to take out, and went quickly to find Cell and the other Titans.    

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Breathing heavily Hotaru’s feet pounded on the ground, her clone had failed her and she was too busy trying to run away from other USA Troops to try and create another. “How the hell do I get myself into these messes?!” She yelled out as she leaped down from one of the levels outside of the ship, and down to the deck. Rolling on the ground when she landed she jumped back up, how the hell was she going to get off a USA Ship with hundred’s of Troops looking for her? “We just HAD to be teleported in World War II!” She blurted out as she made a sharp turn around a corner, only to ram into a solider.
The man quickly aimed his gun at her, and all Hotaru could do was close her eyes tightly and pray to the God that she never really believed in. As the gunfire was heard she yelped out in fear as a suddenly flash of yellow light engulfed her body. Opening her eyes she found herself back in what seemed to be the remains of the Vine Tower. Her eyes widen with confusion, not sure what had just happened as she looked around to find everyone else around her, including… a deceased Moonglow.

Moonglow’s Funeral

 Hotaru stood silently throughout the entire funeral, she didn’t understand why this happened. She joined the team Vine Titans to finally stretch her legs out and become a fighter like her parents, to protect those she cared about and what happens? They get blasted to the pass, Hotaru almost gets herself killed, the Vine Tower is destroyed and Moonglow is dead.
“I… I never had a change to teach her wind jutsus…” Her eyes where building with tears, it was more than just about the jutsus, it was about finally getting to know about her, not as Moonglow, but as Yuki, and just a couple of weeks of knowing her… she was gone. Her hands balled into fists, has she struggled to keep her tears from falling, she had to be strong, not just for herself, but for her team leader. 

The young ninja’s eyes looked up to Blair who was now alone, she could see the pain she was feeling, the two girls had been like sisters, and she knew she was hurting. Staying silent the pyro ninja walked up behind her captain and wrapped her arms around her in a tight hug. “Its going to be alright Blair… We’ll get the one responsible, I swear we will.” Tears began to then fall from her eyes as she continued to hug her friend, she didn’t know how… but she was going to keep her word.
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 Experiencing the Holocaust

Wanderering around when Cellphone Girl woke up on the ground after being hit by a tremendously big light, she woke up to find herself in a concentration camp. A pain of her new tattoo hurt her left arm badly, Blair never thought that she would ever get a tattoo, well at least never at this horrid concentration camp. She knew what this place had been like from all of the text books she read in her old history classes, Blair knew that she was literally in place not a lot of people have gone to while they were alive, Hell.

A few hours passed as the pain of her tattoo began to die down a bit, it was almost already dark out, Blair watched with barely any hope left as she watched the sun set for the day. To her surprised the next thing she noticed was that the team's newest member, who Cellphone Girl herself didn't get a chance to actually get to know him that much before this incident. When he was shockingly able to easily break her out, and take out the chip she had which disabled her powers from used the to ran like hell out of the place not once looking back. Little did they  both know that right as they both got hit by the flash of light, one of them were about to step on a land mine. When they both returned back to the changed tower, Cellphone Girl found something she would never want to experince ever again in her whole life, a death of a friend.

Moonglow's Funeral 

Blair was seen dressed in a long black dress that reached to the bottom of her shins, her black high heels made her seem like she had suddenly grew taller while she was gone for that little while, she held a black rose in both of her hands, and left it on the top of Yuki's glass casket, then sadly watched the casket get lowered down. The youngest member of the team Hotaru, was quickly there to show Cellphone Girl that she would be there for her, and Blair only hoped that she would be the perfect role model for the young ninja. When the service of the funeral had finally ended, Blair was hugged by the fellow Vine Titans founder Solor. He was Blair's longest close friend, so he easily knew how to cheer her up in any situation. Little did she know that this would be the last time they would both talk for a while, since he chose that now would be the best time to leave. He was going through a lot with the death of his girl friend and his unborn child, so it was good that he could get his mind together for a bit, he really needs it Blair thought to herself, she would really miss him though. Blair held a lot of hate towards her rival Charmix, but at the same time she knew that she did it for a reason. Also if it wasn't for her action, about half of the team would have died only a few seconds later if they would of been in the past any longer. Something else that bothered her, was the her team mate Raver was the only one who never did return with them, so she questioned if he might of still been alive or not.


Later that day Blair shut herself inside of her bedroom for a while, now that she was finally by herself and had her painful shoes taken off, she could actually grive for the loss of her best friend. Not even the death of her older brother Jack, and childhood friend Chloe hurt Blair as badly as this incident did. She picked up this picture frame that sat next to her bed that had a picture of Yuki and her in it, this picture had been taken not too shortly after they both became Co-Leaders for the team. She will always remember when the two would have fun training together, and would even shopped until they could barely even carry any more bags with them. 

The next thing she knew, was that there was a loud knock on the door. It must have been really important, since the team knew she would be locked in her bedroom for a while. Blair got off her her comfy bed, and before she got the chance to answer the door, she put on her dark blue fluffy slippers. When she opened the door, it was War Killer standing there looking down at his hand which held a note that was only ment for her.

I'm sorry for everything. Sorry that I left the Titans to begin with. Sorry that I came back for the reasons I did. Sorry that Moonglow is dead. I know she meant a lot to you and I know the last thing you want to hear is that I "know how you feel", because I don't. But I can give you some advice, and that is not to move on. Never forget about Yuki, her life, her death, remember all of it, because some day you can draw on those memories of your lost loved one and summon the courage to do what has to be done. I know that it works, because without the memory of my parents, I would never be able to do what I'm about to do.
I can't blame Madros for my actions. I was the one who made a choice, and it was wrong. I'm not asking for forgiveness, because I don't deserve it, I just want you to know how sorry I am. I'm going to end things with Madros. And I'm almost certain that I won't walk away from it alive. But better to die a hero now than spend the rest of my days as a villain, fighting the people I call my friends. I'm going alone, I've hurt the rest of you enough and the last thing I want is for that madman to get his hands on any of you. I'm sorry, Blair, but this is goodbye.


The sudden shocked made Blair freeze for a few seconds, she couldn't believe that he would even think about going after Madros, let alone actually doing it. Looking back at War Killer she crumbled the note, and threw it somewhere behind her. Walking back towards her bed, while leaving her door wide open, Cellphone Girl picked up the yellow and black VT Communicator that was laying down on the purple carpet."Vine Titans.. I know this might sound really soon, but i want everyone to report infront of the tower in ten minutes to leave on a rescue mission immediately." She set the communicater down for a bit, as she went to her closet to get out a Cellphone Girl outfit. Then turning around she looked at War Killer with a serious look in her dark eyes. "Get the VT Jet outside in front of the tower now, i know we haven't tested it out properly, but right now is the perfect time to to do that." 
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Moonglow's Funeral

Jason Dodd stood alone as his former team-mates huddled together, consoling each other over the loss of their dear friend, the Titan's co-leader, Moonglow. He would have mourned with them, but felt he didn't have the right. After all, he left the team when Moonglow joined. He never really knew the girl. And considering the circumstances of his return to the team, he would only disturb Blair and the other Titans. 'Better to let them grieve in peace' he thought, nodding his head as the gentle breeze ruffled his jet black hair 'They've lost someone they loved dearly, they deserve the right to mourn her.' Jason knew the feeling, having lost his mother and uncle, the only family he knew he had, when he was ten years old. 
He wore a suit (a suit and tie, not his costume) as a sign of respect to the girl he barely knew. "That used to be my team down there" the boy sighed, loosening his tie as he turned his back on the funeral, shoving his hands into his pockets as he marched away from his old friends. "But I let them down. I betrayed them... All because of my own selfishness and cowardice." He turned his head once more, took one final look at the Titans. But out of the faces he saw, he knew only a few of them. To many members of the team, he was a stranger. The mysterious former leader, who one day suddenly vanished, never seen again until the day he broke into Titan Tower, planning to betray the team to their archenemy, Madros. "This isn't my team anymore." 
Jason's gaze lingered the longest on the only two remaining founders of the team, Connor and Blair, Solor and Cellphone Girl. He had missed them dearly during his time as Madros' apprentice, they were two of the only friends he had ever known. Sicily... Matt... Andrew... All of them were long gone and only Blair and Connor remained. And now, Jason was going to leave too. He knew in his heart he could never return to the Titans after what he did, he had destroyed Blair's trust in him. Any friendship they had, he sacrificed when he made his terrible choice. Jason knew what he had to do. In a flash of crimson light, he vanished, using his newfound ability to teleport and leaving nothing behind, save a solitary tear that fell to the earth. 

The Tower

Wiping away his tears, Jason reappeared in his old room. It had been torn apart by the apocalyptic events that devastated the planet, but after a little digging, he found his closet. Brushing the dust and dirt from his suit, Jason threw open the doors. Inside was another suit... One he hadn't worn in a long time. He pulled on the green tights and shirt, and his armored red overshirt. He stepped into his heavy, metal capped boots and slid on the padded green gloves. Finally, he placed a mask over his eyes and strapped on his utility belt. No longer was Jason Dodd the servant of Madros. Now, he was once again the hero he used to be: Eclipse. 
Eclipse knew that he was probably going to his death. He was going to face off against Madros, a man who could literally kill him with the simple push of a button. He would never again return to the Tower, never again see Blair, or Connor, or any of the Titans. He remembered his supposed destiny, how he was supposed to die saving the world someday... And realized how, if he died facing Madros, his destiny would never happen. But Jason didn't care. All he cared about was defeating the madman. He refused to be his pawn any longer. 

The Lair of Madros

 When Eclipse was sent hurtling back through time, his comm-link with Madros was cut out. Any tracking devices the lunatic had placed on his apprentice short-circuited. As far as Madros knew, Jason Dodd was dead. So you can imagine the villain's surprise when the sword he had given to his servant as a tool to use against the Titans was sent clattering across the floor of his lair. "Hello, Madros." 
"Jason..." Madros smiled, a crooked grin, as he walked slowly over to the sword and picked it up, not even looking at his former apprentice. "I hope your mission was successful." 
"That depends on what you class as a success." Jason stepped out of the darkness and into the light, allowing his 'master' to see him in his old hero clothes, rather than his metallic apprentice gear. "If you wanted me to realize that you're a sick, evil man and I won't be your pawn any longer... That I'm a hero, you're a villain, and it's my job to bring you to justice... Then yes, it was a success." 
"Foolish boy" Madros tutted, not even a little surprised by his servant's realization. "I had one of my people place mental blocks in your mind to stop you from harming me. You can't touch me, and if you do, I'll activate my nano-bots and start a reaction in your body that will inevitably lead to death. Do not doubt their effectiveness, after all, I used them to kill your family, remember?" 
"I remember." Eclipse said coldly, standing up as tall as he could "And I know I can't harm you..." he smiled as he raised his arms above his head, clenching them into fists. "But I can do this!" he swung them down as he summoned his powers over the gravitational force and set off a series of explosions throughout the lair "I just destroyed the architecture that held this place together. It won't be too long now until this place collapses into the ground, bringing you down with it." 
"Then you have made your choice." Madros spat coldly, pushing down his left sleeve to reveal a device wrapped around his wrist. "Farewell, Titan." the madman said, as his right hand reached for the button on the device... The button that would end it all...

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Oddly enough, Erik found himself in a tree. One minute he had been walking towards the aftermath of an explosion and the next he was sitting in a tree with a cat staring suriously at him. "Hello Kitty..." He whispered and reached a hand out to pet it. The cat was rather willing to feel the warm touch of his gloved fingers. He scratched the cat behind it's ears and it purred loudly, it eyes closed. The cat almost looked like it was smiling. Erik smiled down at the cat and rubbed his hand across its back and tail, the cat purred louder.

"Let's get you home Kitty." He said and gently picked up the large tabby cat. "Wow you a heavy little guy huh...?" He said off-handedly and dropped off the branch, landed in a crouch, letting his leg muscles absorb the impact, the kitty held tightly next to his chest was still purring.

Despite the fading light as the sun set, painting red and orange hues onto the sky, Erik could make out a farmhouse not too far away. He figured this would be the cat's home and started towards it. A gentle prod from the cat's head signaled it's desire to be petted some more. Erik obliged and rubbed the cat's head as he walked.

It wasn't long before the house was no more than 50 feet away from him. Erik stopped in his tracks when he heard the sound of gunfire. A harsh flurry of words spoken in a foriegn language soon followed and despite being unable to understand the words, Erik knew they weren't friendly. He gently put the cat down despite it's protests and snuck around to the front of the house. A curious jeep was parked out front, one Erik knew wasn't used in the city or anywhere else that he knew of. As he approached the steps he saw a little drops of red coagulating and driping off the top step. A little boy, no more than 12 lay on the porch, a gun by his side and a pool of blood underneath his head. His cold lifeless eyes stared at Erik.

Erik felt his stomach tighten and his hands becoming steel fists. He moved silently up the steps, careful to step over the boy's body. He crept to the front door and peaked inside.

His ears picked up the faint yelling in the foreign language, his eyes took in the still room just inside the room. Whatever was going on must be happening in the back. He carefully moved inside the room. It was sparse furnished, which didn't surprise Erik, with only a couple of wooden chairs and a couch. Just beyond the couch was a dinning room with a wooden table, and a kitchen. Everything had a newer look to it, but it all felt old to Erik for some reason, like the entire house had been cut out of an old photgraph or something. There were only two doors leading out from the main dinning/living room area. The first one he came to led off to the right and was blocked by a man in uniform. Fortunately for Erik the man's back was turned, and he faced into the room and away from Erik.

From what little Erik could see, There was a small family huddled together in the corner and only one guard keeping watch on them. He was speaking something...and as he spoke the words became clearer and clearer until at last it sound as if the man was speaking in English. He was accusing the family of being with the rebellion, the father denied it, but the man didn't take his word for it.

Erik slipped behind him, cupping his hand over the guards mouth, trying to give him the option to go quietly. The guard didn't seem to be reasonable and struggled against Erik's hold, almost breaking free when he tried to elbow Erik in the gut.It would have worked, if Erik's skin hand't been turned to metal. A cold steel hand slammed into the guard's jaw and Erik heard a cracking sound as the guard slumped to the floor.

Erik looked at the family, who were surprised to see him, and to see the guard on the floor. Erik motioned for them to be quiet and checked the guard. His uniform seemed fimilar, and it took a moment for Erik to remember seeing a similar uniform in a textbook on the Second World War. He was taken aback by the possibility of somehow winding up in the 1940's as much as one might have expected. Waking up in a lab with no memories and strange powers sort of made most surprises less...surprising.

"So...The Nazi's eh...?" He muttered softly. "Wasn't exactly in my to-do-list today..." The Family was still looking at him with curious eyes, most likely deciding weither to be happy or terrifyed at what just happened. "Don't worry, i'm a friend..." Erik whispered with a smile. "You stay here, i'll go finish up in the back." He left the room and within a second was at the other doorway. He could hear two voices and the ruffling sounds. If he had to guess, they were probably turning the place upside down looking for whatever.

"Did you hear about the new inmatates at the camp...?" "Yeah, couple of them were real lookers." "Maybe the Captain will reward us for finding this rebel hideout." "I have my eye on the one with pink hair, I hear she was real fiesty...They had to do something extra special with her." "You mean the freak with weird abilities? Uh huh I wouldn't touch that for nothing." "You're loss, i'm sure the captain could arrange something for us..." "Wishful thinking i'm sure..."

At this point Erik had heard enough. The thin cable shot out of his coat sleeve and snaked around the nearest Nazi's neck, pulling him through the door and slamming him into the far wall. As the cabled retracted into his sleeve he lunged at the remaining guard, implanting his boot into the man's face. Fortunately for them they were unconcious already because Erik wasn't in the mood to play nice at the moment. A pink haired girl with abilities could only have been one person, assuming the others on the team had been sent back into the past as well. 

He stripped one of the guards and put on his uniform, stuffing his clothes into a pack he found in the Jeep. He tore out of the driveway leaving the Family to deal with the Nazis, which he imagined wouldn't be pretty.

In less than ten minutes of driving, something he oddly could do quite well, Erik found himself outside the Camp having been giving directions by the grateful farmers. He informed the officers that he had urgent updates for the warden. Whoever's uniform he'd snagged seemed to have high enough clearance to enter and Erik was glad he'd picked the right soldier. He parked the Jeep, threw the pack on his back, and made his way through the facility.

It was bleak and reaked of death. The little houses that held the prisoners looked so small in their neat little rows. Barbed-wire fencing ran around the entire complex with spotlights and guards, though this place wasn't as heavily guarded as he might have expected. He wondered why for a moment, but nothing made sense to him. People should never do this to other people, it was wrong. Erik didn't plan on staying in the god-forsaken place any longer than necessary. It took him a few hours of blending in to find her. Cell was unmistakable, even dressed in prisioner's rags. He saw her emerging from one of the bunk houses and look out at the fading sun, the last glimpse of it sinking beneath the horizon.

He decided to make his move, walking up behind her and pulling her back into the bunk house, which was virtually empty. She started to protest, but he put a finger to her lips to quiet her. Seeing it was a friend she was quiet, maybe even happy to see him. He touch the implant in the back of her neck and carefully removed it, shifting it into a small flower. He stuck the stem behind her ear then said rather evenly, "Now lets get outta here shall we?" He took her by the hand and they bolted out of the bunk house and towards the fence. Reaching the fence, Erik shifted the steel into water, the fence falling away, creating an opening large enough for them to escape through. Alarms began blaring and they had no time to lose.

They raced on, Erik never seeing the land mine in their path...

But in a flash they were both on the ground back in the hall of the Tower.

The Funeral

Erik hadn't known Moonglow, but he stood respectfully as the ceremonies proceeded. He looked around at his fellow teammates, accutely aware of the pain in each of their faces. Erik could see the boy still staring at him, the lifeless face he'd seen in the past. Erik was all too familar with Death, the enemy of everyone. In a way Erik was more familiar with death then most people. His memories had died long ago, leaving behind a fragmented person, unanswered questions, and a blurr of emotion he didn't know what to do with. So on some level, he could empathize with every one hear, but he wouldn't say it. Somehow he felt that would only make their pain seem...greater? It was an confusing sentiment, one he didn't completely understand.

Erik left the Funeral early, slipping out the back and ended up wondering the city streets for a couple of hours, lost in thoughts that never seemed to end. He heard Cell's voice over the comm about something urgent. He turned to head back, readying his cables.

"Just hand it over, and no one needs gettin' shot..." The male voice drifted to Erik's ears from down an alley way. He sighed, then walked slowly down the alley. It seemed heroes don't get bereavement days either...
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Titans Tower...

Charles made his way down the hall to the door of the team’s now only leader, CellPhoneGirl. The whole team knew that Moonglow’s death hit Cell really hard; Charles could see that for himself since Moonglow’s funeral, but he knew that she had to read Eclipse’s note that he had left behind after leaving. Cell opened the door to find him with the note, and after handing her the note and standing there silently as she read it, he could see the shock in her face as she read it. Charles had already read the note; he knew what it said and knew that Eclipse had left to face his old master, the evil Madros alone. Charles then watched as Cell finished reading the note, as she simple crumbled the note up and threw behind her, seeing the look of shock on her face transform into a look of seriousness. He then continued to stand there as she picked up her VT Communicator, "Vine Titans.. I know this might sound really soon, but i want everyone to report infront of the tower in ten minutes to leave on a rescue mission immediately.” He heard her say over the communicator. And as she went over to her closet and pulled out her own uniform, she turned back to Charles and told him her orders, "Get the VT Jet outside in front of the tower now, i know we haven't tested it out properly, but right now is the perfect time to to do that." Charles stood there as her listened to her orders, impressed at how his leader could push aside her own feelings and do what was right, no matter how she felt about the matter, Charles knew how angry she had been at Eclipse for what he had done, done to the team, but seeing her ignore those feelings of betrayal, not to mention the feelings of lose she must have felt after losing Moonglow, it was something Charles himself admired of her, and it made his glad to know that this team was in good hands. And with a small smirk on his face, Charles nodded at Cell as he began to move away from the door to go prepare the VT Jet, “I’m on it, boss. I’ll have it out front and ready to go in five minutes” he said to her as he then began to make his way down the destroyed hallway of the base.

Years Ago…On Earth-615

In Charles’ own universe, he found himself in his old red and blue uniform with his old black mask over his eyes as he sat in the pilot set of the Avengers, the heroes of his universe, Quinjet. As the jet flew high above the clouds, Charles turned his head towards the person in red, white, and blue uniform sitting the co-pilots seat across from him, “So how am I doing, dad?” Charles’ father was a member of the Avengers, he had saved the world many times alongside the other heroes of Charles’ world, and he was Charles’ greatest hero. “Just ease up on the throttle a bit, but other than that, you’re doing fine.”Charles loved flying; he loved the freedom of being able to simply soar above the clouds and escape from the world below and all of the problems that reside with it. Charles continued to guide the jet through the sky, bringing it down from the clouds and down towards the city of New York, “Are you sure you’re not going to get in trouble with Tony for ‘barrowing’ one of the Avengers’ planes?” Charles’ father began to check some of the planes control panels as the plane come closer to the city below, with Avengers Tower, the headquarters of the Avengers, becoming visible as well, “Don’t worry about Stark, he’s got plenty more of these things stashed away somewhere anyways. Now let’s get this puppy home before your mother finds out.” As Charles guided the plane over the roof of the tower, waiting as the roof began to open up into two large doors, revealing a large landing pad inside. “Okay, now just ease her in nice and slow and will be home free.” Charles listened into his father’s advice as he slowly allowed the jet to descend onto the landing pad, Charles then pushed a button on one of the control panels next to him, causing the landing hear to come out from under the plane, dust began to fly up as the wheels touched down, making it a nice landing. Charles then took a sigh of relief as he sat back into the pilot seat, taking his hands off of the controls, continuing to stare forwards as his father began to unbuckle himself, “You did good, son. You did good…”

Outside of Titans Tower, five minutes later...

Grass and dust began to spin up into the air as if a small tornado was starting to form upon the ground, the trees around the base began to blow back and forth as the Vine Titans new Jet hovered about fourteen feet above the ground, it’s two high powered turbine fans placed on both of the jets wings, allowing the whole plane to hover in place. Inside, a young man in a red, white, blue, and black uniform sat in the pilot seat, War Killer manned the controls as he began to check the main control systems of the plane, then looking to the switches and knobs on the dashboard above his head, and then flipping two of the switches down, Charles could hear the sound of the fans as the engines began to slowdown, allowing the plane to begin decent towards the ground the below, Charles then looked to the dashboard in front of him, seeing all of the flashing lights and sensors he simply pushed one of the blue buttons, causing it to light up for just a second, activating three ports on the underbelly of the plane to open up and allowing the landing gear to mechanically slide out. The plane hovered a little more than two feet off of the ground, the planes turbine fan causing dirt and dust to blow up from underneath the jet even more than before, looking back at the dashboard above his head, Charles flipped the rest of the switches down along with the other two, causing both fans to cut-off. The jet landed onto the ground, the landing gear’s springs absorbing most of the impact. Inside, Charles checked to make sure everything was shutdown, trying to allow the plane’s engines to cool-off; he then pushed the steering-wheel up as his seat began to slide back a few inches, allowing Charles to unbuckle his seatbelt and get up. Pushing another button by the throttle, causing the floor to lower down to the ground as an entry stairway appeared. Charles then made his way to the back of the ship and down the stairs. Charles stood on the last step of the stairs, looking towards the destroyed tower, seeing the colors of orange and pink in the clouds as the sun began to set in the background. Charles leaned up against the under hull of the plane, admiring the beautiful colors of the day lit sky as he waited for the rest of his teammates to arrive.    

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 Standing at the highest point of the destroyed Tower, Hotaru stayed silent, her eyes staring out, as her hands were balled up into tight fists, her knuckles white as she struggled to keep herself from yelling out from the top of her lungs in pure rage. She still couldn’t believe what happened… if only… if only she was stronger, faster, smarter, then maybe Yuki would still be alive, maybe if she would have taken out Eclipse back on the ship… she could have saved her… his life for hers.
Her head then jerked upward, brought back to reality as the voice of her team captain came from her communicator.
"Vine Titans.. I know this might sound really soon, but I want everyone to report in front of the tower in ten minutes to leave on a rescue mission immediately." Hotaru’s dark emerald eyes looked down at the communicator with a confused look on her face. A rescue mission? For who? Why? She was mixed with so many emotions right now, and she knew she wasn’t the only one, was it really wise to send the broken team into battle now?
Without another thought Hotaru stepped off the building, her body free falling, the wind hitting her body, running through her hair as the ground quickly came up. Landing on the ground in a crouching position left a small crater where she landed, slowly standing up she walked up to Blair. “Hey." she spoke with an edge in her voice, she was clearly not happy with whatever was about to go down.
The sound of engines roaring echoed through the air. Hotaru looked up to the sky as she saw a jet descend down and land before them with War Killer at the drivers seat. “Nice.” Hotaru spoke as she gently pressed her right hand against the large flying vehicle. She then turned back to Blair as Charles came down from the jet. “Whats this about Blair? Who’s so important that we need to go save their butts right NOW?” she spoke out of anger, not anger towards Blair, but just from the whole situation. She felt like an emotional wreck, and now they she had to go off into a mission. The pyro ninja stood as she waited for an answer, her eyes focused on Cellphonegirl, blocking out everyone else who might be around.

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"Whats this about Blair? Who's so important that we need to go save their butts right NOW?" Seeing the youngest member yelling, Blair couldn't help but giggle from how excited Hotaru was.  "Well.. Were going to go save Eclipse.. He made yet another idiotic decision." Blair helped herself inside when she saw that War Killer had brought the Jet in front of the tower, when she sat down in the co pilot seat, she couldn't help but think that it was their first time actually flying the Jet far without any test runs. Having no other way to save their former teammate, this sounded like the best plan for now at least. Knowing that War Killer was somewhat experenced in flying, made her feel safe since Blair knew that he would at least know how to land the plan without killing them all. Turing over to look in the back, she smiled when noticing that everyone was now on board for the mission. Having only four people on this mission was going to be tough, but it'll be easier for her to watch over everyone. The Jet did feel a lot more emptier without the five other members of the team. With Moonglow now gone, Solor and Animal Kid both decided to leave,  and.. Raver didn't come back with the team, Blair knew inside that something bad must of happened to him, but didn't want to even think about it, because if someone else close to her were to die... She wouldn't be able to keep herself together. "Okay now that everyone is now onboard, we could take off." Turning to War Kiler she smiled a smile that meant that she trusted him to get them there alive.  


About an hour later - over Madros' Lair 

Being high up in the clouds was something that was completely new to Blair, it wasn't everyday that she got to be in a Jet. Something seemed odd that it was this easy to get to Madros' Island when the two pilots saw it, Blair had a gut feeling that something was wrong with the picture. "Hey back there wake up, we've finally made it. So get ready for the impact when we land." Looking back down to the island below them, Blair noticed something that was coming out of the trees. "What the hell is that?... Oh no.. Everyone get a pair of parachutes and jump out of the Jet now! No questions just hurry up!" There was a missile that was heading towards the Jet with an increadiable speed.  Unbuckling her seat belt she ran to make sure everyone else got their parachutes on, and got them out of the Jet before her. "Don't worry if i don't have a parachute for me, i'll be okay don't worry." After her teammates were out of the Jet, she turned to see that the missile was only a few feet away from hitting her. From down below on the island the VT Jet exploded, there was nothing left to be seen of it at all, except for a pink haired girl falling down into the deep ocean unconsious. 
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The Remains of Titans Tower: Headquarters of the Vine Titans

Charles had already made his way back into the cockpit of the team’s new jet, buckling himself into the pilot’s seat as he started up the engines as he waited for the rest of the team to get aboard. He continued to check the planes controls one final time, making sure everything was ready for the voyage they were about to undertake. As he continued to focus what he was doing, he could see in the corner of his eye as the team’s leader, CellPhoneGirl sat in the co-pilot’s seat which was just across from his own. Charles knew that this was the Titans new jet’s first voyage and that it hadn’t been tested yet, but Charles had already gone over the planes controls, checking the twin turbine engines, all of the jets systems, the works, from his perspective, this puppy was ready to rule the skies.

"Okay now that everyone is now onboard, we could take off." Charles heard Cell say as she then turned to him, giving him a short smile. He could tell by the sound of her voice that something was bothering her, maybe it was the fact that one of her closes friends had just died. Maybe it was that we were down to only four members and we were going on a mission to save our fellow comrade from one of the teams old foes and we weren’t even close to being prepared to face this “Madros.” Or heck, maybe she was just worried Charles may crash the darn plane, either way he could never be a hundred percent sure. But no matter what, he knew that this team had to be ready for anything, they couldn’t let another one of their own perish…not again.

Charles pulled back on the controls, causing the whole plane to shake and vibrate as the two turbine fans that were placed on both of the plane’s wings lifted the jet from the ground and ascended high into the sky. Charles then moved his one of his hands from the controls and moved into the planes throttle, pushing it forward, and with the roar of the engines, the plane began to zoom through the sky with grace, off on a mission to rescue a friend.

Just Above Madros’ Lair.

The plane descended from the clouds, allowing Charles to see the Madros’ island lair from the cockpit. Charles wasn’t too familiar with the criminals of this universe for he had only been here for a short time, but he knew that if they were anything like the villains from his reality, getting to Madros’ island like this was too easy. Charles began to wonder about this as he heard Cell’s voice as she was apparently waking up the rest of the team who seemed to have caught some time in the sack for the hour it took for them to get to the island. Charles smiled a little as he continued to man the controls, only for that smile to disappear as he heard Cell’s voice fill with panic, "What the hell is that?... Oh no.. Everyone get a pair of parachutes and jump out of the Jet now! No questions just hurry up!" Charles quickly knew what she was talking about as he looked at the plane’s radar, seeing that they had been locked on and that a missile was heading straight for them, Charles knew that it was too late for him to try any type of evasion tactics and that their only option was to abandon ship.

Charles had to be fast, quickly unbuckling his seatbelt as he jumped up from his seat, pressing one of the buttons on the dashboard that activated the back of the jet to open and lower down, and allowing the team to escape. Charles made his way from the back of the ship, making sure the rest of the team had gotten their parachutes on, he couldn’t help but make sure his fellow teammate, Hotaru was close by, he knew that she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself, but being that young of age, he still wanted to keep a close eye on her just to be safe.

Charles could hear Cell’s voice from behind as she told the rest of them that she would be fine, “Everyone, try to land as close to the island as you can!” Charles yelled as the team leaped from the jet and began to plummet towards the waters below. Charles was quick to pull his parachute, allowing it to fly out and open up, causing a little tug on his body as the air got caught within the chute, allowing Charles for a slow decent towards Madros’ island. Charles then, for a split second, looked back up at the jet as he began to float further down away from it, Charles began to worry since he didn’t see Cell jump from the plane yet, but his worries quickly turned into panic as the missile hit the jet, the impact causing the plane to break up into multiple pieces, smoke and debris filled the air around him, the smoke causing Charles to lose his vision of his surroundings, including Hotaru.

Charles soon regained his vision, shocked to see Cell’s body flying from the smoke and towards the waters below, “BLAIR!!!” Charles yelled out as he watched her body fall closer and closer towards the water, he then quickly pulled out a knife from his belt, slashing the lines that kept him connected to the parachute, allowing him to freefall. Charles threw his arms and legs back, slinging himself forwards towards Cell’s motionless body, pulling his arms and legs in, allowing his whole body to gain more speed as he began to quickly loss altitude, but he wasn’t quick enough, he watch as Cell’s body hit the water, disappearing beneath the dark blue water. Charles then closed his eyes as he waited for the pain to come, “Oh, I’m going to feel this in the morn--“ Charles’ body hit the water, hitting it with such force that it was like he had slammed full force into a brick wall, he could feel a spike of pain running through his whole body, but thankfully his suit had taken most of the impact for him.

Charles opened his eyes, looking up to see that most of the sun had been blocked out by the smoke of the plane, he then looked down, seeing as Cell’s body began to float deeper into the water. Charles pulled his shield around, jabbing his arm forward, using his heavy shield as an anchor to make his dive towards her body much quicker, finally grabbing her arm and pulling her body closer towards his as he began to swim closer to the water’s surface.

Charles’ head splashed up from the water, his lungs gasping for air with Cell in his arms. He began to look around, seeing wreckage from the jet splash in the water around them, he could then see Madros’ island just about a mile away, he put his shield around in his back, and with Cell around on his back, he began make the swim towards the island.

He could feel the sand in his hands as he crawled up from the waters and onto the beach, seeing some type of tower in the distant, “That has to be Madros’ base…” Charles then laid Cell’s body onto the warm, soft sand as he began to look around, with Hotaru nowhere in sight. Charles then began to gently shake Cell’s body a little, trying to wake her up, “Cell! Come on, Cell, wake up!”    

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   Giggling… she was giggling at young ninja, who simply gave a death glare towards her leader. “Well… were going to save Eclipse.  He made yet another idiotic decision.”
Hotaru’s dark emerald eyes widen, she was about to lash back out towards Cellphonegirl, like why the hell where they going to SAVE Eclipse?! But before she could get a word out, the pink haired leader ordered her to get on the jet. Grumbling to herself the pyro ninja walked a bored the jet and strapped herself in, looking around she didn’t realize just how much of an impact the death of Yuki would make on the team… it was herself, Blair and Charles on the jet… the three of them where going off to save the one person Hotaru blamed for Yuki’s death. 

“You better pray I don’t get to Eclipse first… cause if I do… he’s dead.” Her arms were crossed along her chest, her mind thinking of ways to kill the traitor of a hero. She could burn his flesh off his body… break every bone in his body to make him suffer… 

"Hey back there wake up, we've finally made it. So get ready for the impact when we land."
Snapping back into reality as she looked out the window and down towards the island they where looking for. The young neutral sat silently as the continued to fly, until the radar began to go off, Hotaru’s head jerked towards the cockpit as Blair yelled out. 

“Everyone get a pair of parachutes and jump out of the Jet now! No questions just hurry up!” 

“I was wondering when the welcome committee was going to greet us.” She spoke to herself as she then looked at War Killer who was trying to pass her a chute. “Don’t need one, but thanks!” Hotaru yelled out as she watched Charles jump out of the jet first. She then grabbed the chute and was about to hand it off to the team captain, only to have gotten the pull caught on the door and accidentally opened it. “CRAP!” Hotaru yelled out as she looked up at Blair, sure she could get HERSELF down just fine, but she wouldn’t be able to help Cellphone Girl without burning her.
"Don't worry if i don't have a parachute for me, i'll be okay don't worry." 

The ninja knew her leader couldn’t fly… but what choice did she have? Nodding her head Hotaru jumped out of the plain, free falling as she shift her body and looked up at the jet for Blair, only to be met with a blinding explosion of the aircraft. The explosion was so massive that it pushed Hotaru in another direction from where War Killer was falling from. Yelling out Hotaru burst into flames, she was able to slow down her fall, but not fast enough, her body slammed into the ground and rolled a few feet before slamming into a large metal wall and coming to a dead stop.

Laying still the ninja began to groan in pain as she rubbed her head, getting to her knees as she struggled to look around, her vision so blurry, it was hard to make out anything around her. “Ugh… I think I need some Advil…” she spoke a little groggily, struggling to stand as pain flared up in her spine. “Make that… vicodin.” Her body felt stiff from the fall and throbbing in pain, as she wiped some warm red fluid that was coming from her mouth. “and maybe a hospital…” her hands became shaky as she then heard a couple of voices from the distance. Her eyes widen as she stumbled into some bushes near by, staying silent as she heard the footsteps come closer.
“Did you see that explosion?” One of the men asked.
“Hell yeah, those little teen heroes are as good as dead, there’s no way any of them could have survived that explosion.” The second one replied.
“Do doubt, but still, Madros wants us to check things out at the beach front. You know heroes… they always seem to survive anything.” A third man spoke as they all passed right by Hotaru.
“Well anything but a bullet hole to the head.” The first man laughed out as he rose his gun into the air.
The other two men laughed as they continued to make their way towards the beach with a group of five walking closely behind them, making eight men, marching right towards her two teammates… who might be just as in bad as shape as she was right now.
“D-damn it.” Breathing heavily the neutral hero looked in her pockets for her communicator, only to find it crumble in her hands. “Ugh.. could this day get any worse?” she continued to sit as she began thinking. “I have to help… I have to get to them…” she then almost slapped herself as she realized, hello, she was a ninja!
She began creating hand seals, keeping her eyes closed as she then yelled out. “Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!” a puff of smoke appeared before her as a copy of herself formed in front of her. The clone, who was in perfect shape, looked down at the real Hotaru with concern. “Oh damn, you ok?”
The Titan member chuckled. “I’m peachy, but War Killer and Blair arnt… if there already not… anyways, get your butt to the beach, but avoid the men making their way over there… go around them and warn the other two, then… maybe come back for me and help me out here cause… I feel like I rammed into a train.”
The clone nod as she took off running in a blur.
Hotaru simply sighed as she felt more blood come dripping from her mouth. “I’m soo going to kill Eclipse for this.”

At the beach

The sound of men chattering could be heard from the distance of the two Titan’s as one by one they began to make their way into the beach area. Dressed in black leather like armor and black helmets on their head they held onto their guns tightly as they looked upon the two teens.
“FIRE!” One of the men yelled out as they all pulled up their guns ready to rain bullets upon the duo.
But before any of them could fire a yell could be heard from the distance. “DYNAMIC ENTRY!” The Hotaru clone could be seen jumping out from behind them and kicking one right behind the head, forcing him down to the ground and knocking him out as the other seven men jerked around and pointed their guns at her. “OK I GIVE UP!” she rose her hands into the air as the men slowly lowered their guns. “Just kidding!” she smiled as she quickly made some hand seals. “Kirigakure no Jutsu!” (Hiding Mist Technique) using the water from the ocean she created a thick layer mist around the entire beach area where they were at, the smell of sea salt was stronger than ever, thanks to her using ocean water. The men began to shout at each other, not to fire in fear of shooting each other as they ran around trying to find the three heroes.
“Charles.” Hotaru whispered as she found the two, and saw Blair laying on the ground, quickly taking her plus she sighed with relief as she then turned back to War Killer. “Come on man, we need to take these losers out, then find me!” She could see that War might be a little confused at this point. “I’m a clone, the real me is deeper inside the island, and I’m pretty jacked up, so come on, lets get this over with, you get the four on the left, and I’ll get the other three.”
The mist began to fade away as the men found the three.
With a smirk, the clone closed her eyes and took a deep breath in, as she suddenly opened them once again, her eyes now a bloody red as her sharingan was activated. Quickly making hand seals she yelled out, “Burning Iron palm attack!” her hands burst into flames as she thrust forward, her palm smashing into a man’s chest, her flames so hot that it melt through his armor, the sound of his body sizzling could be heard as he screamed in pain, as he fell to the ground holding onto his chest as she grabbed his gun. Jerking up upward she smashed the barrel of the gun under the chin of her second guy, forcing him to stumble back as she then did a round house kick to his head, followed by an flaming punch to the abdomen, burning through his armor as well. Breathing heavily she then felt a sting in her right shoulder as a ‘BAM’ could be heard in the air, blood began streaming down her shoulder as she turned around to see a man holding his gun, aiming at her standing before her.
“Take that ninja b!tch!”
Growling she crouched down slightly as she quickly made a couple of hand seals, lowered her right hand towards the ground as she grabbed a hold of her wrist with her left hand. “CHIDORI!” She yelled out as her hand was engulfed in a bright bluish electricity like energy, the sound of a thousand birds chirping could be heard coming from it. Rushing forward she thrust her right hand forward as it smashed into a man’s body and was engulfed in the light, his body flew across the beach and ended up skidding off into the ocean. Blinking her eyes they reverted back to their dark emerald green, the clone then fell on her butt in the sand as she looked up towards Charles. “Done yet?”
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 1 minute before

Blair's dark eyes widen as she looked at the missile coming right towards her. With a fast thrust of her right hand, a pink shield formed in front of her waiting for the inevitable blow. Her heart kept on racing faster, and faster as she waited for the blow to come at her. Looking throught the nearly visible shield, she saw the missile coming through the windows, once it hit her everything went dark.


The young Vine Titan leader fell straight to the ocean, around her also fell different parts from the plane, as she got closer to the water, it seemed like she kept on falling at a faster rate. If you looked at the girl, you would be able to notice the bad burns that covered parts of her arms, and chest. The way each of the burns looked, it would be hard for someone to tell if she was going to have scars or not later on, it was also kind of odd how there were burns marks all around the tattoo she had on her left wrist, but not even close to touching it. She was just lucky that her head wasn't burned at all. "BLAIR!" A yell came from Madros' Island, which surprising woke her up. Barely being able to do anything, from being tired from the hit, Blair knew that she wasn't going to make it. "Moonglow... Yuki... I'm coming to join you girl.."

The impact from the water hit her body with an intense pain, even the salt water from the ocean was burning the burn marks of her skin. As she got deeper into the water, she could thought there was no hope left, until she saw something dive into the water.

“Cell! Come on, Cell, wake up!”  Opening her eyes once again she was happy to see that War Killer was kneeling down next to her, pushing herself up she felt the pain of her burns, as her arms brushed up against the hot sand. "Ouch.."  Looking at War Killer she could tell that he had a conserned look on his face, she swung her skinny arms around the man to hug him. "Thanks.." So it wouldn't feel too awkward Blair got away from him, and looked around to see that the team made it onto the island. “Done yet?” Looking towards the sound of the voice, she could see that Hotaru was standing not to far from them. 

Getting off of the ground to stand on her feet, she noticed that parts of her costume were torn in places. "I look like shit.." Looking up from her costume, she walked up to Hotaru with a sweet smile on her face. "I'm really glad to see that your okay kiddo, and you have my permission to brake Eclipse's arm once you see him" Knowing that Hotaru would be extremely happy to hear that, she turned to look over to War Killer, her face quickly went from cheerful to serious in a matter of seconds. "Hey.. Would you mind leading the way? 'cause with me doing that after getting hit in the ass by a missile wouldn't be too good of an idea.."    
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On the beach of Madros’ Island HQ...

Come on….COME ON! WAKE UP! Charles yelled out inside his head as laid by side Cell on his knees. This was all his fault, he shouldn’t have left her on the plane by herself, she should have had backup! “So stupid…!” He told himself. She had trusted him with her life, one of his few friends in this world and he lets her get blown up! He didn’t take his eyes off of her face, hoping, just hoping that she was going to be okay.

“Blair…you need to wake up now, we really need you. Me, Hotaru…we both really, really need you to--“ He cut himself off as he noticed Cell’s eye’s began to flicker, and then opening fully up as she looked up at him, “Welcome back to the land of the living, Rainbow Girl.” Charles said as he looked at Blair with a huge grin on his face, just happy to see that she was alive. Charles started to open his mouth to ask her if she was alright, but he was caught off guard as Cell swung her arms around him and gave him a tight hug. "Thanks.." He heard her say in a low voice as he held his arms up just a little, not knowing if he should hug her back or not, “Um…your…welcome?” But she quickly pulled back, breaking up the awkward moment. Charles began to rub his neck out of awkwardness trying not to make eye contact with Cell, “So…we should probably go look f--“ But he was stopped short as the two were suddenly surrounded by a group of men in black armor, “Ok…this sucks.” He whispered as the men aimed their guns at the two young heroes.

“FIRE!” One of the men ordered. But in the flash of an eye, Charles heard as a familiar voice shouted out at them, but before he could tell who it was, “Kirigakure no Jutsu!” He heard the same voice shout out as the entry beach was in gulfed within a thick mist. “*Cough!* BLAIR!!! *Cough!*” He shouted out as he lost sight of Cell within the musky mist, No…! I’m not going to lose her again! He told himself as he began to make his way through the mist.

He sighed with relive when he found Hotaru with Cell, “Oh, thank goodness…” He said underneath his voice. “Come on man, we need to take these losers out, then find me!” Hotaru said to him as he looked around, seeing as the mist began to fade, revealing the group of men, who by now Charles had already figured were probably some of Madros’ goons, as they surrounded the three Titans. Wait…what, ‘find you??’ He thought to himself as he looked back at Hotaru, confused as heck by what she had just said. “I’m a clone, the real me is deeper inside the island, and I’m pretty jacked up, so come on, lets get this over with, you get the four on the left, and I’ll get the other three.” Charles figured that with all of things he had seen in his world, all of the different people and creatures, he’d get used to something as simple as a clone.

“GET THEM!” Another one of the men yelled out as the group of men charged towards the ready heroes. “Burning Iron palm attack!” Charles heard Hotaru yell out as she literally leaped through the air, with her hand on freakin’ fire, smashing her hand through one of the guard’s chest, melting away his armor! Charles’ eyes widened as he watched Hotaru’s clone, while flinging his shield through the air, hitting one of the men straight in the head, cracking his helmet into pieces, Mental Note: Don’t tick off Hotaru. Charles leaped forward, catching his shield as it ricocheted back to him, and rolling onto the sandy beach, avoided the other men’s gunfire.

Charles then held his shield up, hearing the pinging noise of the bullets as they bounced and ricocheted off his indestructible shield. Charles started to dig his right foot into the sand as the two men ceased fire, “Alright, you little punk. Drop the shield!” One of the two men ordered Charles. Like he was ever going to drop that shield, his father’s shield, the only thing he had left of his world… “Not a chance…” And with that, Charles kicked up a pile a sand into both of the men’s faces, temporally blinding them as he leaped forward, throwing his shield, causing it to arc forward, slicing across both men’s masks, knocking down to the ground, “Eh…son…of…a--” Charles cut the man off as he kicked the man with the bottom part of his boot, knocking him out cold. “Hey…I said I wouldn’t drop it; never said I wouldn’t throw it.”

“CHIDORI!” The word echoed throughout the whole beach as he then soon become blinded by a bright light, but quickly gaining back his vision, seeing as the last guard flew across the beach and into the ocean. Charles then looked at the clone of Hotaru as she sat in sand, looking up at him, “Done yet?” Charles gave her a short smirk, then making his way back over to Cell.

Charles picked up his shield which was lying in the sand after the short fight as Cell and Hotaru talked. He then threw the shield around on his back as he walked over towards his fellow teammates, he looked at Cell as she gained that serious look on her face, "Hey.. Would you mind leading the way? 'cause with me doing that after getting hit in the ass by a missile wouldn't be too good of an idea.."  Charles stared at her for a moment, wonder if that was the best choice, but he soon agreed with her, seeing as how she was injured. He gave her a slight nod, indicating that he would do so.

Charles then looked at Hotaru’s clone, still having to remind himself that this was her clone, “Okay, first we need to find you…the real you, I mean. Then we’ll make our way to Madros’ base, Madros most likely knows we’re here now, so he’ll be ready, which means we have to ready for anything now.” He said as he laid out the ground plan, “Hotaru…lead us to where the real you is.” Charles ordered as the three heroes journeyed off deeper into the jungle of the island…

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 “Hotaru…lead us to where the real you is.” Charles looked over at Hotaru who was getting up from the ground, dusting off her outfit. 

“You got it.” The clone smiled back at him as she began backtracking where her real self is at, careful to avoid all the checkpoints and security personnel roaming the area.

Back with the real Hotaru

Gritting her teeth she stood up, a security guard coming her way once again. Hiding in the shadows, her eyes focused on him as he began to pass by her trying to stay out of site. But before he was completely out of sight something caught her eyes, a plastic security badge.
“We might need that…” She mumbled to herself as she crouched down slightly, waiting for his back to be turned to her. Taking in a sharp breath she pushed herself out of the bushes, her body soared into the air as she pulled out her blade in one sweep and jammed it into his spine. An ear-wrenching scream could be heard as the man’s head jerked back in pain, his blood spilling onto the ground. Yanking the blade out of the man’s now limped body, she jerked the tag off from around his neck. The corps fell to the ground with a thud, as a rustling sound could be heard from a distance. Her dark green eyes widen as she turned to face who ever was there, only to see herself come forward.

A sigh of relief escaped from her lips as she shook the blood off her blade. “About time you guys got here.” She smiled at her two teammates.

“Well maybe if you weren’t trying to be such a show off and just took the damn parachute, I wouldn’t have had to go get the others instead of you.” The clone replied as she crossed her arms along her chest.
Giving each other a death glare Hotaru snapped her fingers, and the clone turned into a puff of smoke. Looking back at Blare and Charles she nod her head to them as she held up the security badge. “Figured we might need this to get in. Come on, I’ve seen at least a dozen men walking this way, so the entrance SHOULD be around here.” She spoke as she began to limp towards the destination.
The trio snuck the rest of the way through as they now stood in front of the entrance, huge metal bolted doors closed the area as no security could be seen anywhere.
“This totally feels like a trap…” The ninja mumbled to herself as she held the badge tightly in her hands. “Well… go right on ahead oh fearless leaders.” She smiled as she turned to Warkiller and CPG.
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    “Well… go right on ahead oh fearless leaders.”  Spoke Hotaru, as the trio stood in front of the huge metal doors. The pain from the multiple burn rooms that Blair had gotten from the accident began to hurt again which made her stumble a bit as she began to walk walk up to the two huge doors."This is not my day.. Well we won't know for sure if it's a trap unless if we try to go through it or not." Said the young girl, when she touched the metal of the door, the palm of her hand began to feel cold. 
 Putting her head against the door, she listened for something as she knocked on the door lightly. For a moment she closed her eyes to listen, then they grew wide with her slowly walking backwards to the other two. "I think your right... when i knocked i felt the vibrations stop at a inch, there must be a wall behind it." Looking back at the two she began to feel the ground shake from below her. "Run" As she turned her whole body towards the two, to run with them the ground opened up below the group taking them underground. 
As they landed onto this slide that led them through the underground passage, Blair grabbed onto Hotaru and held her tightly so she wouldn't fall off. She knew that it would be more difficult for War Killer to fly off, with him being more bigger than the girl. Her heart began to beat faster and faster as they slid down the passage, not knowing where they might end up."Hotaru.. War Killer.. Just in case we might be on our way to seeing Madros right now, i need to make sure i tell you two something first.. He's on very dangerous man.. Don't let your guard down once, no matter what it is." 
For a second she began to remember the night the Vine Titans first formed, the night where her life was changed forever when she put on the costume as Cellphone Girl. Back in those days she was just a kid who dressed up as a superhero, because it was her dream to help whoever she could. When she got to a prison that she had been invited to go to, she met up with other heroes who had also been invited like her. Later on that night the team barely made it out alive from fighting the man who brought them all there, Madros. That night she learned that the life that she wants to follow will never be an easy one. 
She snapped back to reality when she realized that the slide had already ended, and that they had already began walking. When she turned her head to the right, her heart just completely sank. Chills poured all through out her body, not knowing what to say, she just said the first thing that came out of her mind. "Madros..." Looking around the room she had seen Eclipse standing right next to the guy.   "I just destroyed the architecture that held this place together. It won't be too long now until this place collapses into the ground, bringing you down with it."  Blair's emotions changed from being frighten to pissed off in a matter of seconds. "Eclipse! What the hell is wrong with you? We come here to save you, yet you plan on having the place collapse on us!?" Looking back towards Madros, the young girl had figured that a real hero shouldn't be afraid. "And you! How dare you send him to destroy us like that, do you understand what we just went through today? I was in a concentration camp, and they even gave me that tattoo for Christ sake! A few hours ago i just buried my best friend, and because of that i'm going to rip your damn heart out! 

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Madros’ Lair…

"Hotaru.. War Killer.. Just in case we might be on our way to seeing Madros right now, i need to make sure i tell you two something first.. He's on very dangerous man.. Don't let your guard down once, no matter what it is." CellPhoneGirl said to Hotaru and Charles as they made their way down a slide, entering into Madros’ lair. That was the worst kind of opponent Charles wanted to face, an opponent he knew nothing about, sure he had tried his best to get info on Madros from the rest of the team, but it’s not you can just Google these freaks…but Charles knew Cell was right, and he knew that Hotaru and himself were about to go up against someone they had never faced before, this wasn’t the most pleasant thought to Charles, he feared for both hers and Blair’s life, and he wasn’t going to let anything happen to them…..No matter what he had to do.

The slide ended, and the three heroes entered into a large, shadowy room, seeing as Eclipse, with his body seemingly immobilized, stood next to a man Charles didn’t recognize, which only meant that it had to be Madros. "I just destroyed the architecture that held this place together. It won't be too long now until this place collapses into the ground, bringing you down with it." Eclipse had said which only angered Cell even further. "Eclipse! What the hell is wrong with you? We come here to save you, yet you plan on having the place collapse on us!?" Cell begin to blurt out as Charles leaned backwards a bit as his eyes quickly widened, giving Hotaru a look of complete freaking-out over Cell’s anger filled rant, for a second he could have sworn Blair’s hair was on fire…

 "And you! How dare you send him to destroy us like that, do you understand what we just went through today? I was in a concentration camp, and they even gave me that tattoo for Christ sake! A few hours ago i just buried my best friend, and because of that i'm going to rip your damn heart out!“ Charles listened as Cell continued, turning her anger towards Madros’. “Alright, cool it, Cell! You can punch Eclipse’s in the face AFTER we’ve rescued him!” Charles ordered Cell to do, trying to keep her from losing herself in her own anger. Charles could then hear a crackling laugh which could only be described to him on a creepiness level of 1 to 10 as an 11 from Madros’ who held out a sword he was holding on too as he continued to simply laugh as the three Titans., “You three are so precious. I can easily see the weakness in your faces as easily as I could in my former apprentice’s here…” he said as he held up the sword against Eclipse neck, the blade just an few inches from the flesh, “...and you know I could simply just let him die from the nanites in his system, but I think having his former friends watch I kill him with my bare hands would be much more enjoyable. Wouldn’t you agre-“But Madros’ babbling was cut off as red streak flew across the room, causing Madros to lose his grip on his sword as Charles’ shield grazed his arm. “No, I wouldn’t.” Charles said as he stood in front of Cell and Hotaru.

“You Dare!?” Madros’ exclaimed as he pulled out a small pistol and opened fire on War Killer who swiftly ran across the room, trying to draw all of the action towards him, leaving an opening for Cell and Hotaru. “Yeah…I do.” He said as he leaped into the air as his shield began to ricochet off of the walls. Grabbing his shield, Charles landed on his back, sliding across the floor as his shield now took the villains gun fire, “TITAINS GO!! Cell, back me up! Hotaru, get Eclipse out of here NOW!!!” The young hero ordered as his sliding came to a stop, Charles’ eyes then turned to the ceiling as pieces of it began to break apart and fall towards what was now a battle zone below, which only made Charles realize even more that this wasn’t just a rescue mission anymore, but was now a mission to simply make it out of Madros’ clutches alive... 
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As Madros thumb pressed down on that red button, Eclipse felt somehow at peace. He was prepared for the pain he knew would come, because he was happy with the knowledge that he would take down one of the most evil creatures on the planet with him. But that sense of peace was soon shattered, as his rescue team arrived and he heard a familiar voice scream his name. His heart stopped and a bottomless pit opened up in his belly. "No..." he whispered, all the colour gone from his face "Not now..." he turned his head, now full of fear, and looked in the direction of his rescuers. Three Titans. Blair, Chuck and Hotaru. Their leader was obviously furious with the situation she had dived into. Jason couldn't feel anything over the mass of guilt. His friends could die here, because of his reckless actions. 
"What the hell is wrong with you?" CellPhoneGirl exploded at him " We come here to save you, yet you plan on having the place collapse on us!?"  she continued to rant angrily at the enemy, Madros, as Eclipse tried to tell her that he didn't want them to come, that they shouldn't have come... But he couldn't. He couldn't speak. And suddenly, his feelings of guilt were overwhelmed by intense pain. It started with an itch at the back of his head and before long his brain felt like it had been pierced by a thousand blades. His heart was on fire and his lungs had turned to ice. He could barely breathe and was unable to move. He was stuck there, on his knees, inhaling as much air as he could as he struggled to stay conscious.
He heard shouting voices, but couldn't distinguish any particular words. He felt a cool blade press gently against his neck, a relief from the searing heat he felt throughout his whole body. But the relief didn't last long, as a blur crashed into Madros, a blur Eclipse identified as War Killer's shield. He was distracting the madman, trying to save Jason's life. But it was far too late for that. 'I'm going to die here' Eclipse thought sadly. 'But worst of all, they're going to die too...' he had intended for the building to come down any moment now. They wouldn't be able to escape in time. 'I should have known they'd come' he thought, realizing that thinking was good. Thinking kept him conscious. 'Should have known they'd try to rescue me. When we first met, I saved Blair's life in an exploding building. I suppose she wants to repay the favour... Too bad it's not going to work out. But what can I do? I can even see, let alone...' he stopped. He blinked. He could see! Everything was cloaked in red, but he could see! He could move! He heard War Killer yell for Hotaru to get him out of here, and responded with a resounding "NO!" 
As he yelled, the roof collapsed. The entire building started to fall down. Reacting without thinking, Jason threw his hands up in the air and yelled in pain. He held his palms flat, as if to support the roof with his weight. And it worked. He had summoned his gravitational powers and he was holding the building up. But it couldn't last long. Sparks began to fly as he strained to hold it aloft, arcs of lightning shot out from his hands, dancing their way around on the ceiling. "Don't worry about me, dammit!" he yelled, his eyes tight shut due to the strain of holding up an entire building "FINISH HIM! I'll be fine!" but subconsciously, he started to help his friends. Various weapons flew from his belt as they bombarded Madros. He tried to deflect some away, but many made contact, causing large gashes and cuts. His bo-staff soared into the air, towards Hotaru, as the lightning that was dancing across the ceiling channeled itself into the weapon. Opening his eyes a fraction, he looked at Hotaru and nodded towards the weapon "Use it! Finish him off!"

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 The building was falling all around them, as the one they have been searching for stood before the three teen heroes. Madro’s laughter could still be heard as support beams began to fall all around them, Warkill out on the attack with Blair while the young ninja nod to Charles on her orders.

"Hotaru, get Eclipse out of here NOW!!!” She was the rescue part of the mission, now she just had to pray that the one she was going to try and save, wasn’t going to try and be a last second hero.

In a mad dash she pushed herself forward, jumping over the fallen support beams and pushing her way through rubble around her with pain throbbing through her body with every step she took. She then saw him, Jason, her first thought was smashing her fist in his face, but she had to remind herself, this is a RESCUE mission, not an assassination mission. She was almost within reach of him until the roof suddenly came down.
“ECLIPSE!” The pyro ninja yelled out as she stopped in her tracks, smoke from the debris loomed all around her as she began coughing, trying to get the dirt out of her lungs. Through the thick dust cloud she could see the silhouette of Jason still standing, holding up the entire building from falling on top of them. Sparks lit up the room from the now bare electric wires, making it almost impossible for her to get to him.

"Don't worry about me, dammit!" She could hear the strain in his voice, he was struggling to hold the building up. "FINISH HIM! I'll be fine!" Ugh, that’s what all heroes say before something bad happens to them, but what could she do? If she got him out of that position, the building will fall on them, but if she doest get him… she fails her part of the mission, and Uchiha’s never fail at a mission. 
"Use it! Finish him off!" Eclipse yelled out as Hotaru grabbed a hold of the bo staff, her green eyes suddenly changed into its sharingan red. Lunging forward she pushed her body up from the ground and went airborne her face filled with concentration as she came up from behind Madro’s, he was so occupied with the other two and Eclipse that he almost forgot about the ninja girl. Or at least he did until he felt a smack right behind his head. Stumbling forward Madro’s eyes went blurry for a moment as Hotaru flipped over him and landed before him as she turned to Warkiller and Cellphonegirl. The man was weaken by the series of attacks that were set upon by the four of them, but what good would it be if they died along with the villain?

“Forget it, we need to get out of here, alive!” She quickly preformed a series of hand seals. “Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!” about Ten clones of the girl could be seen all around them as the building began to tremble, it was going to fall at any second, even with Eclipse trying to hold it up. “LETS GET OUT!” In a massive scramble the clones, as well as Hotaru, scattered all around the collapsing head quarters. All exits were blocked off, there were no window's and it looked ot be that they were going to be trapped... unless... "Use the trap door!" She yelled out as she pointed above them.
Two clones grabbed both sides of Cellphonegirl, careful not to hurt her as their feet burst into flames, shooting upward in the same direction were they fell in from. A pair of clones also made their way to Warkiller doing the same thing. Then four clones made their way to Eclipse, two getting on either side of him and taking the weight of the building under their shoulders while another two grabbed him and pulled him away from the pressure of the building, going the same way the others went.
The last two were trying to occupy Madro’s unleashing a series of attacks to try and keep him in his place while the others escaped. The real Hotaru however wasn’t done just yet, she quickly made her way over to the machine that had been what seemed to be controlling Eclipse, or at least she hoped it was and not some sort of machine that could set off a self-destruct thing to the whole island… Raising the bo staff above her head she grit her teeth as she brought it down, the giant computer like object made a weird sizzle noise followed by blowing up in the ninja’s face, forcing her to fall on her back as she quickly got up, her eyes widening as other machines around the area began to explode. “OOPS!” she blurted out as she made a run for the exit. “KEEP HIM HERE!” She yelled at her two clones that were still fighting Madro’s their bodies bruised and bloody from the fight that was only in reality about five seconds.
Making her way out of the building she came out of the hole they three had originally fell through, she landed on the ground, as stumbled forward, her body suddenly tired out from the mass clone making. Dropping the bo staff her eyes rolled to the back as she fell forward, her body exhausted from everything that happened today. The same time she began to fall her clones one by one puffed into smoke as a rumble could then be heard from under the heroes, fire shot up from the trap door they came up from as the building before them finally collapsed inward.  

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As soon as he tossed the weapon, Eclipse clamped his eyes shut again, groaning with pain. For a few moments, however, the pain ceased. His senses had stopped working again, he couldn't feel a thing. The only sound in his ears was a high pitched ringing noise. His entire body was numb. Jason tried to open his eyes, with a lot of effort, but everything was cloaked in a dense shadow of red. It took him a while to remember that he was supposed to be holding the building up. But as he looked down at the red rippling shapes where his arms used to be, Jason realized that he was not using his powers to hold the building up. Yet he was alive. 
Turning his head around in panic he saw that he was being supported by two identical red splodges. As the feeling returned to his legs he felt the sensation of flying. A second later he was dumped onto the ground. He identified two red blobs as CellPhoneGirl and War Killer. Shortly afterwards, a third Hotaru-shaped-splodge arrived. Feeling his bo-staff roll against his knees, Eclipse gripped it firmly and used it to pull himself upright. Holding the bo-staff as a support, he staggered around on his feet. The Titans were safe. He hadn't killed them after all. They had saved his life from the clutches of Madros. There was only one problem. The nano-bots were still active.
"AAAAARRRGGGGHHH!!!" Jason yelled, falling back to his knees, drawing breath in sharp gasps. He tore the eye-mask violently from his face, pulling clumps of skin with it, praying that he would be able to see clearly. But everything was still red. And the blobs were all merging together, soon he couldn't distinguish anything as his eyes began to itch horribly. He tossed and turned on the ground; grasping his staff between his teeth as he banged his fists against the floor; shaking his head around madly as he screamed; grasping his cape with both hands and tearing it to pieces as he tried his hardest to think of a way out of the situation. Nothing came to mind. He couldn't do it alone and none of the Titans knew enough about nano-technology to help. Even Jason was no expert. 
'No expert...' Jason thought suddenly, his eyes snapping open once more, but again revealing nothing but a sea of blood. He needed an expert in nano-technology. One of the world's leading experts. One man came to mind, the one man who could save Jason's life from this reaction of death. "Nighthunter..." he gasped between his yells of pain "Ice Dragons..."he struggled to his feet, his limbs shaking. Jason opened his mouth to speak. He wanted to tell the Titans how grateful he was. How thankful he was that they had saved his life at great risk to their own. How they shouldn't have come, for he was not worthy of being saved. The words never came. Sparks flew from his fingertips, red lights flashing all across his body. Eclipse was teleporting. And in the instant before he vanished, possibly never to be seen again, one phrase escaped his lips. The one phrase he seemed to always return to, that he used more than any other. One phrase. "I'm sorry." 
And he was gone.

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Seeing the huge building collapse inward right in front of her made chills crawl down her spine, as the two clones of Hotaru sat her down. "It's... Finally over..." She said outloud. Looking down at her arms, she saw the burnt marks that would probably scar her if she didn't do anything about it. She still couldn't believe that she had survived that crazy explosion. 
Turning around she saw both Hotaru and War Killer standing next to each other waiting for Blair to make an order on what to do next. She walked over to give each of the two a hug, being glad that they all made it out alive and safe. Looking over to the side she saw Eclipse standing by himself, before she even got the chance to start walking over to him, he simply teleported away. "Eclipse!" Yelled Blair as she ran to where he stood nearly a few seconds ago. She knew that he felt guilty for everything that had happened to the team, he wasn't a bad person at all, he just came across a really bad man.  
Blair hoped that this would be the last time she would ever see Madros, because like in the comics characters never really stay dead, since the writers love to think of random crazy ways to bring them back, even though it wasn't good to wish someone to be dead, for what that mad did, she wished that he would burn in hell for all the pain he caused the team. 
Looking across the beautiful sea, Blair remembered that the team didn't really had anywhere to really go to. Since Moonglow had nearly destroyed the tower before her death, it would just be non sense to rebuild the tower, since it would probably be more money then actually building a new.. tower. The Titan's eye grew wide, as her smiled transformed into a grin. "Hm... A new place would be interesting.." Turning around to War Killer and Hotaru who both looked tired as hell, she surprised them by her sudden smile. "Titans.. Next stop, Canada"