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 The sun had risen early in the morning, the already awake birds could be heard chirping in the cool air. The dim morning light shined more brightly the usual, it peeked through the midnight blue curtains in the room of a teenager named Blair. The interesting thing about her was that she is the hero known as Cellphone Girl. Now the leading the team called the Vine Titans with her teammate Moonglow, a-lot has changed for her and the team in the past few months.

Blair sits on her long bed, covered with a orange blanket that had only one or two little holes which showed her toe at the end of the blanket. Those two holes must of been from Zachery when Blair first got him. The light from the window made the dark purple wall turn into a lighter shade. She pushed herself to get off the bed, she yawned as half of the blanket touched the floor. On the corner of her eye she noticed her clock told the time of 19:44. "Damn, nobody better be messing with my clock again." Switching the clock to the actual time, Blair felt that she need to start her day.

The warm gray carpet warmed her feet with each step, as she opened her bedroom door, Blair could see that the hallway seemed to be empty, either everyone was sleeping, or doing something completely different. When she walked into the bathroom the cold tile froze her feet, giving her a chill down her spine. Blair grabbed the pink toothbrush that seemed to stood out from the others, she began to brush her teeth, while looking directly into the mirror.

Walking down the stairs with her minty breath, Blair entered into the room the team have been working on recently. They were thinking of sometime of training room, kind of like a Danger Room from the x-men, but not that hi tech. The walls, and tiles in the room were all like a chrome ish color, people could even see their own reflection on it.

Sliding her hand down the right pocket of her gray pants, she pulled out her Iphone, it shined with beauty as she checked to see what the time was. A picture of Cellular Dog appeared with the time, The time on her phone read 11:56 AM. And in just a few minutes the rest of the team will be walking in for a meeting, Blair just hoped none of the slept in, like she almost did.


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THE TOWER (or at least that’s how War Killer likes to call it), HOME TO THE VINE TITANS, EARLY THAT MORNING…

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! “Uhhhhhh…f-five more minutes…” Charles said slowly as he woke to the sound of his alarm. Still fighting himself to get up, Charles hit the snooze button on his alarm clock, and as he lifted himself up, he rubbed his eyes, trying to think of what he might do today. And as he picked himself out of his bed, Charles remembered that Cell, the Titans newly appointed co-leader, had a meeting planned for the whole team later on in the day.

As Charles moved around his room, opening the window certain, allowing the warm sunlight to enter the room, and as he took a good look outside, Charles had an idea on what he could do to get him wide awake, “It’s a beautiful morning, a good jog should get me up and ready for this new day” and with those words, Charles got himself dressed, Charles grabbed the pair of jogging pants that were sitting in the chair next to his father’s shield and his War Killer uniform. After brushing his teeth and getting fully dressed, Charles headed down stairs, looking at his watch and seeing that it was only 8:47am, Charles figured he be back into for the meeting.

Charles had been jogging around the small woods area around the base, he had only jogged about two miles before taking a short break at a small hill top that over looked The Tower, and as he watched the birds flying above him, he continued listing to his iPod that had been playing Eye of the Tiger, “It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight, rising up to the spirit of our rival…!” Charles sang as he continued his jog.


Charles returned back to The Tower, and as he walked up to the front steps, he put his hand on the buildings “Hand Figure print Scanner” or something like that, and after scanning his hand, Charles was allowed back into his own home. Charles made his way into the kitchen, and after grabbing a soda from the refrigerator, Charles headed into the large living room of the base, where he turned on the large flat screen TV and grabbed one of the Xbox 360 controllers, and as Charles took a sip of his drink, he chilled out for a moment and jumped onto XboxLive.


After he shut down the Xbox, Charles headed back up to his room, he then took off the clothes he was wearing and put on his uniform, War Killer then lend his shield up against his bed as he laid back down for a few more minutes…    

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The steel fingers of Erik’s right hand closed around the mugger’s throat as he suspended him in the air above the concrete floor of the alley. His ceramic mask carried no expression, save for the chilling smile painted on it in red and the dark soulless eyes in black. Beneath the calm exterior mask, which was seamlessly bonded to his face, his expression was one of anger and disgust at this filth. Why someone would attack someone else, especially someone physically weaker, was beyond his comprehension.

He’d been on his way across town when he heard the poor woman crying for help. It had taken him all of ten seconds to render this piece of trash immobile and save this nice lady. The unconscious body of the attacker slumped to the ground hard as Erik’s fingers loosened their grip, simultaneously returning to their normal color and human texture. He looked at the lady for a moment then nodded, wordlessly saying that she would be alright now. He rarely spoke when on duty, both because his bonded mask made it virtually impossible, and because he rarely had anything to say besides the obvious.

Erik hoisted the would-be mugger over his shoulder and turned, extending his arm upwards. A thin wire shot from the thick bracers he wore wrapped around each of his forearms, hidden beneath his sleeves. The black, near invisible wire, snaked up around the top of the building to his left and he shot up, following the path of the wire as it pulled him upwards. He shot past the edge, the wire detaching and retracting as he landed in a crouch on the roof. He started into a sprint, leaping from building to building, the weight of the criminal slowing him a little, but he managed none-the-less.

It was a good ten minute run to the Police station where Erik dropped off his still unconscious charge and left before anyone could make a scene, which they always did for some reason. The wire snaked from his wrist and found the top of the four story building, pulling him swiftly up and away. Erik sat atop the station, watching as the Cops dragged the sorry excuse for a human being off to a holding cell. The creep was lucky he had better things to do then to deal with him. He had no idea why, but he had a deep hatred for anyone who tried to harm a lady. Perhaps he was just chivalrous, or there was something in his forgotten past that instilled a hatred for violence against women. He didn’t know either way.

He had awoken eight months ago to the day in that trashed laboratory room. Whoever had left him there had left in a hurry, there had been broken test tubes and a host of other miscellaneous things one would expect to find in a lab. The test tubes had had the word RONIN written on them, which Erik had took to be the name of the company or group of whoever had done this to him. He’d found the black clothes and the wire shooters he wore on a table with a little note that said ‘Good Morning Shift’ on it. Confused, he put on the clothes and found his way out of the empty building, out into an unfamiliar world. He knew his name, age and that he was different; but to this day he still didn’t know what had happened to him, why they’d given him these powers, and who he had been before. For eight months he had looked with no answers. For eight months he had trained himself with powers he didn't understand. For eight months he pushed himself to the limits of human endurance. For what? Was this all just some kind of game?

As he raced across the roof of the Police station he thought about all this again, these thoughts were rarely far from his mind. Who was he? Why was he here? Why was he made this way? For all these months of asking himself these questions he frustratingly he still did not know the answers. He thought if he pushed himself hard enough, someone or something would appear and give him answers. But that hadn't happened. 
He leapt over the edge of the roof, wire catching a nearby building and he swung away in the general direction of the VT Tower. His stomach rumbled, reminding him that he hadn’t eaten in days. He seldom ate when on duty, and lately it seemed crime didn’t take a lunch break. He landed in an alley about ten blocks from the station, wire retracting beneath his coat sleeves.

He was so tired.

He was tired of fighting alone; he was tired of being hungry; He was tired of not having a home; he was tired of asking questions. This was why he was walking towards the VTT; he didn’t know if he would fit in with this crowd or if they’d even accept him, but he figured it couldn’t hurt to try.

He had nothing to lose.

He walked up the steps to the tower and rang the chime to let them know someone was here. For the first time in nearly three days, he looked at himself. A nearby puddle revealed his worn appearance. His coat was stained a little, and his hair was a mess, a great way to make an appearance…But Erik couldn’t help it. He had had a hard life, He made no attempts to hide the truth. If they couldn’t accept him because of a few smudges, well then that was kind of sad. At least he smelled okay…


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  Brain's room lit up from the sun. Brain was asleep he always was a heavy sleeper. Brain twist and turned and then he fell out of his bed, "OUCH!!! Come on I was having such a good dream...." Brain got up and yawned and looked outside his window it was a pretty morning to head to the beach, but Brain had forgot today was a meeting. Brain ran to the bathroom and started to brush his pointy teeth. Brain then splashed some cold water on his face and headed back to his room. 

Brain took off his clothes and he put on a new clean shirt and pants. "Hmmm what should I do before the meeting starts??? Oh I know! " He smiled going to annoy Mr. Smith. Mr Smith was a mean old man he would always scare little kids and say means things to them. Brain turned into a bird and flew right out of the tower. Brain then spotted Mr.Smith's houseand saw Mr.Smith in his garden planting some flowers. Brain landed on a tree and looked at Mr.Smith, he looked up and saw  Brain.  "Get out of my garden you stupid green bird!!!" "Hey who you calling stupid?" Mr.Smith's eyes widen. "It can talk?"
Brain changed back to his normal body. "Yeah I can talk!" Mr.Smith looked like he wanted to scream like a little girl. Brain turned into a lion and roared at Mr.Smith "Promise that you will stop picking on little kids and I may not eat you!" Brain got closer to Mr.Smith and he took five steps back, "I.... I promise I will stop just please don't eat me!!!" "Good!" Brain turned back to a bird and flew away he finally got him for good hopefully.
 Brain flew right back inside the tower and changed back to his normal body and sat down on his bed. Brain turned on some T.V. and waited for the time of the meeting. 

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Backfire stared out the window of his room, intent only on the rising sun. He rubbed his eyes with his blue, hairy fingers. His jet black hair was ruffled, a large part on the left was protruding out. He tried to pat it down, but the bulge remained. It annoyed him but he still watched as the sun glisten through the sky. It lit ablaze in hues of reds to blues. The sun, every slowly, began to raise and raise until Backfire could watch no more. His stomach growled, his hands moved to it only to feel a jolt of pain. Backfire knew this warning. He was hungry.
Instantly Backfire teleported into the kitchen. "Yum...." He said licking his lips. The thought of breakfast made his mouth water. He rubbed his eyes yet again. He had had a few nightmares, so his sleep had been disturbed. Yawning, Adrian pulled out a bowl and a spoon from the pantries. Then, from within a large cabinet, he picked out a Frosted Flakes box and poured the contents into his bowl until it was three quarters full. 
Putting away the box, Adrian replaced it with a jug of milk which he poured vividly onto the Frosted Flakes. Setting the milk on the table, Adrian dug in. His first few bites were gulped down viciously, but he slowed long enough to turn the television on to watch the morning News. "Ugh," he muttered as he saw the headline. A Man Murdered on Sidewalk.
Adrian listened to the Reporter as he spoke in his 'reporter' voice. "Yes, Susan, apparently this homeless man was walking to a cart just a few feet away when someone pulled up in their White Sudan and shot at him according to Eye Witnesses who were in the Sushi Restaurant across the street from the incident. One eye witness apparantly wrote down the plates to this Sudan and the police have traced it to a reported stolen car." The man stopped and hunched over as he pressed his hand against his ear.
"This just in! The White Sudan as been found by the Police Task Force in front of a house. The S.W.A.T teams are mobilizing around the house right now, as we speak. The suspects have already shot out the window and the confrontation is escalating into a siege."
 Susan, the newsroom person appeared on screen. "We'll be back to you on this story at 11."
Another camera angled towards her and she turned to it. "In other news, there are reports of a blue boy, or beast, that is walking around the city. It it scaring onlookers who believe that they are seeing the Devil's assistant.  Any pictures of this bea-"
Adrian shut the television off with his controller and finished his meal. Teleporting back to his room, he showered and then put on a white T-shirt and jeans. Teleporting back downstairs into the kitchen, Backfire put away his dishes after washing them and proceeded to the meeting room.
"What a fun day," he murmured." People think I'm a beast... and it's not even lunch time yet!"

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The sound of thunder echoed the Vine Titan halls, ringing throughout the whole premises, causing birds in nearby trees to fly away in fear. One after another the sound struck getting louder and louder with each blow. On the outskirts of the Titan tower Solor had made his own mini battlefield. Statues of rock hand sculpted by him, made to only be smashed into smithereens. That was what the thunderous sound was, Solor punching out his anger, into something so weak, he was not satisfied they fell like glass statues under his hands. Anger fueled his power and he was the most powerful he'd ever been. Everything he had been living for was gone, Nicole Jane, dead, the baby, dead. This was what fueled his anger, fueled his power. He was just about to become a father... now... nothing. He keeps fighting the good fight because that's what Nicole would of wanted, if he had his way he would just kill himself right now with some Solardin rock.
But there was not much rock to share, unlike Kryptonite, there was only a brief supply of it. A majority in the hands of a friend, who he knew would not allow Connors death, nor would the place he kept the Solardin be an easy place to retrieve it. That option was out the window. Connor looked around him, the thunderous sounds finished when he stopped punching but the rage hadn't. He laughed to himself thinking if anyone wasn't up when he started, they would be now. Looking round there were no more statues, but still, so much rage. He was going to have a boy, they hadn't even decided a name but now he was gone, they both were, and they would not return. Connor sat on the remains, all dust and rubble, his efforts seemed pointless now. He rested his heads in his hands, his hands dirty with rock. His mind trailed back to her. He wasn't even there when it happened, they needed a break apparently, NJ needed some alone time, she spent several days away from him and the team, Solor thought it only being the hormones, nothing serious, next time he saw her she was a stone cold corpse.
Tears started to get the better of him, leaving his eyes trailing down his palms onto his wrists, he let out a sob at the memory of his failure. He needed to better himself for her. It was funny, Connor always felt it sad, in the get a life way, for people to linger on memories of the dead, and here he was, doing what he hated in people. Connor was surprised at how this was so much harder getting over than his fathers death, of course it was his dads death which lead him to move to America, and become what his destiny needed of him, he bettered his self. But now, Solor wasn't sure if he could better himself any further, it sounded vain, but it was true. His hearing picked up on the Rocky theme tune, Eye of the Tiger, he figured WK was out for a morning stroll. HIs teammates reminded him of his boundaries, and his place, quickly scooping the dirt into one big pile so it didn't look so messy he returned to the Vine Titan Tower. Remorse still strong within him.

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The floodlights that usually illuminated the training room lay dormant in the early hours of the morning, leaving the monolithic dome in near utter darkness. The only source of light in the room was Danny Stone, his skin burning like a tormented soul in Hellfire. He couldn't get to sleep, just like every other night, so he had decided to come here to the one place that he was guaranteed not to be disturbed for hours: the place that they were all supposed to meet. In the sleak, new chrome panelling he could see his own muscular reflection staring back at him by the light cast off by his flesh; his own, inhuman, monstrous reflection. The yellow eyes that shone back at him were different then his own, though. The chrome-distorted smirk across from his own grim lips seemed to be mocking him. On its own the mirror image began speaking to him.
"You know you'll only bring suffering to these people, Daniel." Danny never broke his gaze, even as the reflection began laughing in a horribly high-pitched voice.
"Shut up. You're not real. I've been up all night and I'm halluncinating from too much caffeine." He knew he was lying to himself with this, and so did the demon across from him as it let out another blood-curdling laugh. It's voice quickly dropped to the sound of metal being grinded on a wetting stone as it's own bright, red arm turned obsidian black as it peeled off the clean surface and reached out, grabbing around Danny's throat like a vice.
 There is no way around it. You signed you soul away and will have to pay the price one day. These people that you have surrounded you with, these 'friends,' will simply be caught in the line of fire. You are doomed, and you have doomed them too!"
"NO! SHUT UP!" Danny screamed the words as loudly as he could as the oxygen was being choked out of him. His vision was beginning to blur and it became harder and harder to fight the black claw. Just as his world was beginning to go dark, Danny mustered the remained of his air supply in his lungs and used it to let loose with a wall of fire at his demonic assailant. The smell of burning hair and the hiss of a red hot sword being pluned into ice water filled the air as everything around him went black.
"GET BACK!" He sat up like a bolt, screaming through a hoarse voice. Danny looked around; he was alone in the training room. Everything was still dark, and there was no evidence of a struggle. Suddenly the floodlights flickered to life and the sound of runners padding down the hallway reached his ears. Clambering to his feet, Raver leapt into the air to the overhang just above the entrance. Could he get passed her? It looked like she was using her iPhone, so maybe he could sneak passed. He waited for Blair to enter than room, then dropped down and sprinted out. The door slammed shut behind him as he made it to the lobby. Danny leaned back against the wall, breathing slowly to slow his heart. It was then that he noticed the black brusies forming around his neck. How could he explain that?

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3 months ago

In the loud cold night of New York, the night of a snowy cheery holiday known as Christmas, three girls stand before each other. "Who the hell are you? Your a shape-shifter aren't you!" Yuki and Amora both yelled, "No I'm not, your the shape-shifter..... wait, this isn't right, were all identical, but with some different fashion senses, my powers, it brought you guys to me." Alyssa spoke. The three girls eyed one another, all who's life intertwined with one another, all due to the magic of Alyssa. "Something wrong...." the three girls spoke, their biological structure began to tingle, slowly fading away, "Times catching up to us, two or more people of the same being cannot occupy the same space and time of one another, if we don't fix this we'll all be erase from history and time and I mean completely." Yuki explained, as her knowledge of quantum mechanics and time and space flowed through her words with extensive.


Yuki, the dark yet mysterious girl who always seemed to be trapped in her room, where she would travel to a solitary location, to practice casting her clandestine spells. She reads from her spell book with incredible speed and accuracy, "Okay here it goes, all or nothing, Azaroth Metrion Zinthos!" energy streamed from her body. "Did my spell create a shield against magic yet." she ask herself, "No but you set me free, different than I was before." a voice spoke. A darker being appeared "Its time my love, for me to help you." the presence of her soul-self appeared and manifested before her, speaking to her in a vague tone.

"Something wrong.... your not yourse-" Yuki was cut off before she could finish her sentence off, the Raven entity spoke "Unleash the darker side Yuki, feel it, taste it, magic is yours.... Chaos Magick.... Can't you hear it. Someone else needs my help... someone more powerful than you but it is you.... so hungry... need power... need ALYSSA!". "BOOOOOOOOOM!" a powerful sonic boom rippled through the air like sound traveling through water, the giant shadow bird flew from her room through the roof giving off a loud shriek as it flies away from Yuki.

"Release it release it release it..." the Raven voice echoed through Yuki's mind, her soul chakra began to crack. "No please stop it!" letting a faint whisper. A huge bolt of black electricity shot from the gem. The jewel shattered to the floor in small pieces, "No friends, no home, no...... family.", Yuki's eyes blacken. Powerful wild energy flew around her room like fireflies, air cutting from the speed of the energy travel. Soon Chaos Magick encase her body in a cocoon of magic fields.
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Two weeks ago

Hotaru stood in front of her parents, an anxious look on her face as she bit her lower lip, her foot taping on the ground as she waited for their answer. Ever since she turned the age of 14, the young fire ninja has been asking them to allow her to leave Young WAL, and join another team to further her training, but trying to convince the two We Are Legend Co-leaders wasn’t easy. She knew they where concerned about her leaving their watchful eyes, ever since The Wanderer (from an alternate future) came to try and kill the young kunoichi in order to change his own future, which had Hotaru as the enemy. 

“Ok…” Stephanie finally spoke. “You can join another team, but we choose the team.” 

“And… I want a report on how your training is going, every week.” NeVann had a stern look on his face.

With a smile growing on her face she jumped up and made a dash to her parents, hugging them tightly. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Taru’s excitement was almost uncontainable as she began to rush to her room to begin her packing. 

“I’m still not sure it’s a good idea…”
Nova softly spoke as she gently placed her hands on NeVann’s arm.

“We have to trust her, and if we wouldnt have let her, she might have run off on her own and turn to Aztek for help once again.” NeVann spoke as he gently patted her hand with his free hand.


Sitting ontop of the Vine Titans tower, Hotaru was sitting with her eyes closed, the sun hitting her face as the warm breeze continued to sway pass her. The kunoichi was taking this time to do her usual morning meditation where she would get up before the sun rise and clear her mind for the day. 

It had been already two weeks since she arrived at the Vine Titans HQ, and was introduced to the team as their newest member. While Hotaru was hoping to be able to join the Wolf Pack, or ICE, her parents thought it would be best to fight along side those around her own age, and learn with them. Under the leadership of Cellphone Girl and Moonglow, Hotaru more than happily agreed to train and protect their city. 

Her cellphone began to go off, letting her know that the team meeting was going to soon start. Setting the phone off she stood up and stretched her arms upward towards the sky with a smile on her face as she suddenly heard her stomach growl. “Uh… I forgot to eat breakfast…” she looked at the time to see that she would only have enough time to get her ninja butt to the meeting. “Hhmm.” She thought for a moment as she began to make hand seals. “Kage Bunshin no Justu!” she yelled out as a perfect clone in looks, shape and size appeared next to her. “Ok, you go to the meeting, and I’m going to grab us something to eat.” The clone simply crossed her arms and glared at her.

“Why do I have to go to the boring meeting, its YOUR team meeting, not mine.” 

Hotaru sighed, “Look, stop questioning myself and go!”

With a frown on her face the two took off running into the HQ, the clone to the meeting room and Hotaru to the kitchen to grab something to eat. But as Hotaru turned the corner she could heard a loud explosion like sound, as the entire building shook violently, almost knocking the girl to the ground, it was as if the explosion came from the head quarter itself. “What the hell was that?” she asked herself as she slowly stood back, her eyes slowly looking around as she placed her hand on the wall. A frightening chill went down her spine, chakra unlike she had ever felt before was almost seeping from the walls, and it was all coming from the same direction… where the magic user of the team slept, Moonglow. “Uh-oh…” Hotaru mumbled as she made a dash to the room.

Finally reaching it she placed her hand on the doorknob only to get a shock to the hand. “Ack!” she pulled her hand back as she looked at the door. “Yuki? Yuk! Its Hotaru, is everything alright in there?” She asked over and over, only to not hear a single sound. “YUKI!” She began to worry, the energy still coming from the room, which meant that Yuki was still alive… but that didn’t mean that something very wrong was going to happen soon.
Knowing she had to do something and fast, stood as far back as she could, her back was pressed against the wall that was directly across from Moonglow’s door. Closing her eyes she took a deep breath as she suddenly opened them, her eyes now a bloodly red as her sharingan was activated. Quickly making hand seals she lowered her right hand towards the ground as she grabbed a hold of her wrist with her left hand. “CHIDORI!” She yelled out as her hand was engulfed in a bright bluish electricity like energy, the sound of a thousand birds chirping could be heard coming from it. Pushing forward, she began rushing towards the door, pulling her right arm back as she let out a yell, thrusting her right hand forward as it smashed into the door, the two chakra’s collided with each other for a few moments as the door finally gave in. Hotaru stumbling into the dark room as she dropped to one knee breathing heavily as she lift her head up, her eyes able to see the flow of energy that flowed inside the room.
It was so thick that the young fighter almost couldn’t see through it, dactivating her sharingan she reopened her eyes to see soft glowing flickers of light almost floating in the dark room. It would have been peaceful, if the feel of the room wasn’t so eerie. Quickly standing up, her head darted around. “Yuki!” She yelled out again as her eyes suddenly caught the sight of a strange energy like cocoon in the room. The young ninja slowly made her way towards it, it was made up of something other than chakra, most likely a form a magic, something that she knew she wouldn’t be able to break… easily. Remembering she wasn’t alone in the tower she flipped on her communicator. “Um… whoever is listening, get your butts down here in Moonglow’s room, NOW!” 

Hotaru's Clone

The replica of Hotaru was dashing through the HQ, to the meeting room, still a bit upset that she was the one having to go to the meeting. “Its not like I’m even going to be around in another ten minutes anyways…” she mumbled to herself as her ears caught the sound of the doorbell ringing. Stopping in her tracks she looked in the direction of the door, then back at the direction of the meeting room then back at the door. With a sigh she took off running towards the door. “I’m sooooo going to hear it from myself for doing this.” 

Reaching the door Hotaru opened it, a smile on her face as saw a teenager, older than herself standing at the door. Her eyes slowly gliding upward towards his face, he was much taller than the ninja girl standing before him. Her head tilted to the side as she noticed his cloths with stains as his face had dirt smudges on it, his hair sticking up in all sorts of direction. “Damn, your all jacked up!” She then realized those where her first words to him and facepalmed herself. “I mean… ugh, I’m sorry, please come in.” she stepped out of the way and opened the door wider for him. “Cellphone girl and Moonglow told us you where coming, I just didn’t know when.” She smiled  at him as she closed the door behind him as he stepped in.

Suddenly the entire HQ shook violently as a loud BOOM could be heard throughout the tower. “oooohhhhh that cant be good…” The clone spoke as she turned to the dark haired boy. “Sorry to cut the introduction short, I’m Hotaru…er… shorta, no time to explain, lets hurry up, get to the meeting room and see what the hell is going on!” She yelled out as she dashed to the meeting room, hoping that the boy was right behind her. As she reached the room she pushed the door open and looked around. “Um… the new guy is here and something went BOOM but I don’t know where and-“ Suddenly their communicators went off. 

“Um… whoever is listening, get your butts down here in Moonglow’s room, NOW!” it was her real self’s voice coming from it as she looked up. 

“Ummm oh yeah, I’m a clone to come to the meeting… and stuff… that’s the real Hotaru in the communicator…” she laughed nervously as she rubbed the back of her head.
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'Well, here I am...' Eclipse thought to himself as he awaited his master's orders. ' Back home. Back with my family. I only wish I was here for a more heroic reason... Or just a slightly less villainous reason... This is wrong. This is twisted and wrong. But I guess that's just what I've been reduced to. I'm twisted and wrong. My fear... My cowardice... They've destroyed who I wanted to be. I'm a villain now. And I have no-one to blame but myself... To think, I used to be the one who led these guys in the battle against evil. Heh. Some role model I turned out to be.' 
Eclipse, a former young hero by the name of Jason Dodd, had just infiltrated his old base and home, the Tower, headquarters of the Vine Titans, a team the boy founded. The team he used to lead. But after abandoning his comrades without good reason, like so many of the other founders, Eclipse was forced into the service of Madros, archenemy of the team, unintentional reason for their formation and the man who ordered the deaths of Jason's parents. Eclipse was faced with a simple choice by the madman. Follow the orders of his new master... Or die. And death was the one thing Jason refused to accept. The one thing that he could not face. And the one thing he was destined for. 
But not yet... The prophets said that Jason was destined to sacrifice his own life to save thousands. To save the world. But dying at the hands of Madros would not fulfill the prophecy. He could not die yet. At least, that was Jason's reasoning for serving Madros. But deep down, he knew the truth. He was a boy. A scared little boy, who didn't want to end up rotting in the ground with the rest of his family. 
Madros had ordered his apprentice to spy on the boy's old team and report on the new recruits. How powerful they were, any weaknessess they might have... As an enemy of the team, Madros wanted to be aware of what his foes were capable of, so he could develops countermeasures. For instance, to counter Solor, the team's powerhouse, Madros had lined the edge of his broadsword with Solardite, the one thing that could harm the indestructible boy. He had other tools, devices and weapons to counter the others. Jason was armed with them all, ready for anything the team might throw at him. Ready to fight them. To fight his friends. 
At that moment in time, thanks to his natural ability to control the forces of gravity, Eclipse was hovering through the tower, traversing through the plumbing system. Eclipse had set up the majority of the security for the Tower himself, so he knew that the only way of breaking in undetected was through the sewage system. Even there, he had placed traps and sensors, though he still remembered where they all were, so he was perfectly capable of breaking into the Tower. And his levitation allowed him to carefully avoid anything... Undesirable. Once Madros gave the word, via their comm-link, Eclipse carefully ( very carefully) made his way through the system, deep into the Tower.

A few unpleasant and rather smelly minutes later...

Eclipse secured the toilet back into place and immediately  started to look around for cameras. He had removed the toilet using his 'telekinesis' in order to get out of the plumbing and into the Tower itself, but didn't want to leave any trace he was there. Confirming there were no security cameras, Eclipse floated back up to the ceiling and set off. The Vine Titans did not have to worry about having security cameras inside the Tower. Their security outside and surrounding the base was top notch, and everything on the team was a trusted hero and friend. They weren't expecting the return of their former leader, especially as their enemy, instead of their friend. 
Eclipse was quickly attracted to some noises coming from the corridor to his left. Shooting down there immediately, he stopped as a loud BOOM echoed through the building, causing it to shake and rattle. Concerned for the welfare of his former team-mates, Eclipse temporarily forgot all about his servitude to Madros and catapulted himself to the ground. He appeared just behind a girl, who he assumed was one of the newer recruits. She looked to be slightly younger than Jason himself, her hair was also the same colour as his own, though it was longer and tied back into a ponytail. She also had a certain spark, a fire in her eye that gave off the impression this little girl could make even the toughest man cry by merely flicking his nose. 
''Um... whoever is listening, get your butts down here in Moonglow's room, NOW!' the girl yelled into her communicator, calling the other Titans.
"I'm listening." Eclipse said quietly with a small smile, his voice a whisper over the din. He was standing behind the new girl when he spoke, so he was certain she would be frightened by his sudden appearance. She also would not recognize him, which was good, considering why he was in the Tower, and the fact he was not wearing his regular attire. The sword on his back would surely intrigue the Titans who knew him. But as I said, all thoughts of Madros were gone from his mind. For the moment, he only cared about the safety of his friends. 
Studying the source of the disturbance, Jason quickly noted this was Moonglow's room. She was on the team when he had left, and was a magician. The object before them was clearly a thing of magic, and it was normally a good idea to avoid anything big, magical and dangerous. "We should get away from that, whatever it is... It definitely looks dangerous and, in my experience, it's not a good idea to stand right next to dangerous-looking things... They usually end up exploding in your face." Eclipse tried to lead the girl out of the room, uncertain of what to do, and still blissfully ignorant of his purpose in the Tower. The magical disturbance had broken his link with his master. For that moment, Eclipse forgot everything Madros had done to him, and focused on his true purpose. Being a hero.
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 Looking away from the time that was seen on her phone, Blair payed special attention to the wallpaper that was on her phone. It was the picture that she downloaded onto her phone, that was of her best friend Chloe, her older brother Jason, and herself standing between them with her long skinny pale arms wrapped around the both of them. This was the last time she had ever smiled that beautiful ever again. After loosing the both of them to the zombie breakout that happened in her small town that was in Colorado, she felt that she would never be happy ever again. Years later, and right before she became known as Cellphone Girl, Blair fell in love with a close friend of hers. He was everything someone would want in a relationship, and made her once again smile, well until she lost it once again when he faked his death and then came to try to kill her. Even though it hurts blair to even think about what her ex boyfriend had done to her, without that happenning she would have never or at least it would of taken her longer to become the hero known as Cellphone girl. But after that with Cellphone Girl now gaining a family with each of her team members, she now feels like she is almost as happy as she used to be. Whipping away a few tears from her left eye, with her the tip of her fingers from her right hand, then she dropped the phone back into her pocket.

 She walked into a small room that was in the corner of the room. The room had a huge window that was bullet proof, so it'd be very hard to break through. Which was good for watching people train, just in case they might hurt you while doing it. Lifting her left wrist above her waist, she pressed this red button that stuck out a-lot compared to the other buttons, but nothing had happened like it was supposed to. With a mean smirk on her face, and squinting her eyes Blair decided to quickly fix it, with three minutes to spare. Kneeling down to the cold floor, she opened this panel to look inside of it to find the problem. "Someone on this team needs to learn how to fix things in this tower.. Right now they might as well call me the cyborg of the team." With a fuastrated smirk now appearing with what she had said, she looked inside to see that there was a blue plug that was unplugged. "Brilliant" Streching her right hand to grab the plug, she gently put it into the white socket.

"Boom..." With the shocked reaction to the explosion she heard, Cellphone Girl hit the top of her skull with whatever was above her head inside the panel from the building shaking like if there was an earthquake hitting it. As Blair rushed herself to crawl out, she quickly ran out of the little room, to see the new team member Hotaru running into the room like she had just seen someone get shot or something. It was really nice that her parents would offer her to join the team, and with those two leading WAL it would be a honor to have her with them. 

“Um… the new guy is here and something went BOOM but I don’t know where and-“ The out of nowhere all of the team members communicators went off. “Um… whoever is listening, get your butts down here in Moonglow’s room, NOW!” it had seemed that the voice sounded a bit to familiar, like Blair had just heard it. “Ummm oh yeah, I’m a clone to come to the meeting… and stuff… that’s the real Hotaru in the communicator…” she laughed nervously as she rubbed the back of her head, now everything had made sense.

After rubbing her head from the little pain, she crossed her both her arms with a grin on her face. "That was really smart of Hotaru to do, and that could become really handy in a mission we have, good thinking." Taking hold of her own communticator Cellphone Girl grew an intense look in her eyes."Okay everyone, this is Cellphone Girl.. So just calm down from whatever had just happened,  i agree with Hotaru just meet in front of moonglow's room.." Setting the communitor into her pocket, Blair began to run to the hallway just outside the room, turning around she faced Hotaru's clone with a smile on her face."Come on, you don't want to miss anything good now do you?" 

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Earth-615, somewhere in the Japanese mountains, sometime ago…

Charles stood at the edge of a small mountain as he looked off into the distance, watching as the sun rose into the sky and brought light onto this darken world. “What’s on your mind my student?” asked War Killer’s master, Chin Yu. Charles had been training with Master Yu for eight months, hoping that he could hone his skills and be able to live up to the heroes that he will be fighting beside once he returned home. “I think the time for me to return to the world has come, Master” said Charles as he turned towards his master. “You have been one of my best students. You are strong, wise, and have the heart of a hero. You have earned my respect.” said Master Yu as he stroked his white beard.

“Thank you, Master Yu, you have no idea of how much that means t-“ Charles was cut off by his master. “But you are still young! You have much too still learn. When you first came to my home, I saw a boy who needed to be broken, who need to be trained.” said Master Yu. “Then why did you except by request to be trained?” asked Charles as he turned back towards the sun, confused at what his master was saying. “Because as time went on, I saw that boy grow in skill and mind, I saw a boy who wanted to protect the people of this world, a saw a boy grow into the man I see today.” answered Master Yu.

Master Yu then walked over next to Charles, watching the bright sun as he was. “The world has changed and will continue to change. The question we must all ask ourselves is this: When the world around us changes, will we change along with?”

Back in the Vine Universe, Titans Tower: Home of the Vine Titans, now…

Charles, now in his War Killer uniform, began to walk down the hallway of the tower. As he did, he began in a small notebook, “It’s hard to believe that I’ve already been in this world for a whole year” War Killer thought as he continued to walk down the hallway. It really has been a year hasn’t it? A year since he was practically banished from his own world, and into this new one. For the past months now, War Killer has been fighting crime, stopping bad guys, and being the hero he would be in his world. But he was also trying to find a way to get back to his universe, War Killer then thought about the nightmares he has been having lately, they have been much worse than his usually ones, the last thing he saw of his world was his father, that world’s Captain America, being destroyed by the hero Sentry who had gone insane, he can still see his father’s face as it disintegrated away into nothingness, that image will always be burned into Charles’s mind…

But Charles biggest problem was the fact that this was really an unknown world to him, a world full of completely different heroes and villains then his own, he knew little to nothing about any of them, and even with the vast Intel he had gather over this year, he still couldn’t find one that could possibly take him back to his universe, well that true until he learned of the girl know as Moonglow.

War Killer never believed in magic, he thought it was just slide of hand, mumbo jumbo kind of stuff, but as this year past, and the months got longer, War Killer was running out of options. “Where’s Reed Richards when you need him?”

War Killer then began to make his way towards the meeting room, “BOOM!”, War Killer then stopped in his tracks as the entry tower began to shake, “Okay…that can’t be good” War Killer said as he waited for the shaking and rumbling of the tower to cease.

Um… whoever is listening, get your butts down here in Moonglow’s room, NOW!” a voice yelled over War Killer’s communicator.

“Oh no, this can’t be good” War Killer said as he began to run down the hallway. As he made his way to Moonglow’s room, War Killer noticed that Moonglow’s door had already been broken open, “Hmmm…maybe this was the cause of that ‘boom’ earlier?” War Killer asked to himself. But before he could investigate any farther, he found his fellow teammate Hotaru with Eclipse, the VT’s former leader. War Killer knew Eclipse, they had met when Charles first joined, but Eclipse had disappeared soon after, War Killer was surprised to actually see him here. Hotaru was a new recruit along with War Killer himself.

War Killer found them both staring at this cocoon like object that was placed in the middle of the room, “Um…where’s Moonglow?” War Killer asked. But his question was lost as Eclipse began to give orders, "We should get away from that, whatever it is... It definitely looks dangerous and, in my experience, it's not a good idea to stand right next to dangerous-looking things... They usually end up exploding in your face.”

As War Killer heard this, and he then began to feel a weird, dark energy emitting from the cocoon, and as he felt this, he ignored Eclipse’s warning, “Oh come on. What’s the worst that could happen?” War Killer said as he walked towards the cocoon, and began to examine it, but as he put his hand on the object, he then began to feel a weird force of energy rushing through his hand, “What the he-“ but War Killer was then cut off as the cocoon hits him with some type of magic energy that sends him flying back out into the hallway. “Ow…” War Killer said softly through the pain as he laid up against one of the hallway walls that he was just thrown in to.

"Okay everyone, this is Cellphone Girl.. So just calm down from whatever had just happened,  i agree with Hotaru  just meet in front of moonglow's room.." Cell then said over the communicator.  War Killer then looks at his communicator with a big smirk on his face as he sees that he’s back in the hallway again, “Heh…perfect timing, Cell…”    

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"Please...leave my Wife alone...you have all our money..." "Fire on Fourth and Thirty-First, all available units..." "Robbery in progress on Main and Wernher Avenue..." "Mommy when can we get something to eat...? Soon Baby. Soon as I find some money..." "Don't make any sudden moves...no one needs to die here. Don't be a Hero..."

Erik had been idle for too long it seemed, the whispers were returning in earnest. Maybe they just wanted him to suffer as much as the people of this city were suffering. There was no rest for the wicked...or the heroes. He didn't know why he was cursed to hear the pleas for help, the distress of the masses, the cries of little children in the night. He didn't even know how he heard them. He just did, the whispers were everywhere...

His eyes were closed, straining out the little whispers that begged for him to end their suffering. There was just too much for him to handle; too much for him to fix; too much for a teenage lab reject to be expected to listen to.

 “...your all jacked up!” The voice cut through the whispers and his thoughts, bringing much needed relief and distraction. “I mean… ugh, I’m sorry, please come in.” She stepped out of the way and opened the door wider for him. Taking a moment to take in his host, he noticed she was shorter than himself, black hair and had a voice he found rather pleasant. She was definitely a character, which Erik found interesting, and she deffinately carried herself like someone who knew how to win a fight, should one ensue in the next minute. “Cellphone girl and Moonglow told us you where coming, I just didn’t know when.” She smiled  at him as she closed the door behind him as he stepped in. As the door shut, the whispers became a little more muffled, and the young girl smiling in front of him was a pleasant diversion. He bowed slightly in greeting.

Suddenly the entire HQ shook violently as a loud BOOM could be heard throughout the tower. “oooohhhhh that cant be good…” The girl spoke as she turned to him. Erik agreed completely. Well at least he wouldn't have to worry about a lack of distractions...“Sorry to cut the introduction short, I’m Hotaru…er… shorta, no time to explain, lets hurry up, get to the meeting room and see what the hell is going on!” She yelled out as she dashed to the meeting room, Erik tilted his head slightly. Yes she was definitely a character. Kinda reminded him of...of...he couldn't remember who. Erik swore under his breath. He had the feeling whomever she reminded him of had been someone important. Memory loss sucked.

Erik walked along behind the girl, his long stride letting him move faster than most, even when he was just walking. His walk was a non hurried one, despite the urgency. He looked at the ground, his face expressionless, mind in thought wondering why there had been an explosion. As she reached the room the girl pushed the door open and looked around. “Um… the new guy is here and something went BOOM but I don’t know where and-“ As Erik entered the room her communicator went off.

“Um… whoever is listening, get your butts down here in Moonglow’s room, NOW!” Erik was puzzled to hear the girl's own voice coming from the communicator.

“Ummm oh yeah, I’m a clone to come to the meeting… and stuff… that’s the real Hotaru in the communicator…” She laughed nervously as she rubbed the back of her head. 'Interesting...' Erik thought. He looked at the other girl who was in the room, the one to whom the first girl, Hotaru it seemed was her name, had been talking to. Erik recognized her, though this was the first time they'd met in person. 'Hmmm...she's even prettier than I was told...' He thought, reinforcing the observation with a nod. He reached up a hand to smooth out his hair subconsciously. 'And the one day I forget to shave too...' It wasn't like the rest of him was all that more presentable anyways...Living on the streets tended to fill your mind with more important worries than how you looked at all times.

Erik looked around a little. It seemed like a pretty nice place to live...much better than a cardboard box, that went without saying really. He hadn't known much about the Titans before joining, in fact he still didn't know much about them, just that they were dedicated to helping people, same as he. Erik had kept his life pretty simple, both his lifestyle and just about everything else about him in fact. The last months hd basically been spent helping people, eating and sleeping; most times more of the former and less of the later. Erik couldn't complain about finding people to fight with, and having a nice meal and as oft pillow. In fact, he should probably make a Thank You card or something for them...what is one supposed to do in a situation like this?  Frell if he knew.

Cell Phone Girl crossed both her arms with a grin on her face. "That was really smart of Hotaru to do, and that could become really handy in a mission we have, good thinking."  Erik assumed she was talking about the whole cloning thing, to which he agreed. It would most likely come in very handy, and he imagined would make shopping a breeze as well. He chuckled mentally at the image of making a clone to get the other half of the grocery list.

Taking hold of her own communicator Cellphone Girl grew an intense look in her eyes."Okay everyone, this is Cellphone Girl.. So just calm down from whatever had just happened,  i agree with Hotaru just meet in front of moonglow's room.." A sensible course of action, and the reason Erik hadn't ran at the explosion. One thing he had learned is that panic got him nowhere fast.

Setting the communicator into her pocket, Cell Phone Girl began to run to the hallway just outside the room, turning around she faced Hotaru's clone with a smile on her face. "Come on, you don't want to miss anything good now do you?" After the two had run off, Erik waved at the empty air and mumbled rather sarcastically, "Nice to meet you too. And Yes I wouldn't want to miss anything good either..."  He shook his head with a grin and set off after the two girls.

He was always thankful that his sarcasm and sense of humor hadn't been lost with his memories... 

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 After Brain had finished watching T.V. Brain felt kinda sick he started to remember his past when his parents had been killed. Brain sat up from his bed and thought to himself. "Why this happened to me I could have saved them I could have stopped that man from killing them but I just stood there in shock." Brain needed somewhere to go or do something  to go to take his mind off things. Brain then walked out of his room still thinking about what had happened he could not stop thinking about his parents death so he went into the training room.
Brain stepped in the training room, the room was all white and  nice and quiet just what Brain needed he smiled, Brain walked up to the training computer and looked at the screen there was lots of training battles he could choose but he needed something hardcore to fight and to keep his mind off his parents death, Brain then selected one of the training battles.The training room then turned into the city and then his simulations were all lined up. all his enemies he had battled before joining the Vine Titans. "Holey uhhhhh..... cheese! Why did I have to choose hardcore?" Brain then tried to run to thA computer to shut the training mission down but then one of the enemies rammed him to the wall.
Brain then turned into a gorilla and punched the itoff of him. "Crap no wonder its called hardcore." As Brain watched one of his enemies got back up all his opponents then began to attack him. Brain then was getting jumped by his enemies who were computers, Brain then fell to the ground and his enemies had circled around him, Brain then stomach started to hurt."Why do I feel hungry I just ate?" Brain then started getting pain through his body and then Brain turned into a unknown beast that looked like big foot but bigger, Brain then went rampage  on all of his opponents and started ripping them apart with his claws, Brain mind went blank and then the room  turned all white again, Brain fell to the ground and turned back to his normal body and fell asleep.
Few minutes later Brain woke up his favorite shirt was torn and his pants were also torn. "Uhhhh.... What just happened?" Brain could not remember anything what had happened. Brain walked out of the training room and went into his room changing clothing he then walked back out and he finally remembered. "Oh man ,the meeting I am gonna be late or maybe not. Brain ran to get to the meeting but before he could get there something had went BOOM!!! the whole tower began to shake. "Wow..... why is it that everytime the Titans have a party they always start without me?Um… whoever is listening, get your butts down here in Moonglow’s room, NOW!" The Voice said over the communicator. 
"Hmmmm.... this can not be good!"  Brain then turned into a dog and started to smell the floor, Brain then found the scent where the explosion had hit it was coming from Moonglow's room. Brain then ran inside Moonglow's room, As he saw his friends talking to the New Member of the team Hotaru, "Okay guys what did I tell you about starting a party without me?" Brain smiled.