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A warrior on the prowl can be the most dangerous thing to walk the earth,it can hunt,kill,and take whatever it wants with enough drive behind the blade.A warrior on the prowl can smell his enemies and prey from miles away and never lose track of where they go or do,but thats not what Akira is.Akira Overdrive is not a just a simple warrior,he is an assassin for the LaS and one of the best in the Army of killers.The city is his jungle,and he is the modern day lion king,and recently he felt his crown was being threatened by the newly formed hero team known as the N.W.A.Tonight would be the night where he fixed the problem and added  another hero to his list of the men and women he has hunted and killed.

The N.W.A headquarters stood alone in the dark,quiet and seemingly uninhabited,but looks weren't every thing and AO knew that.His visor lit up as he hid in the shadows like a ninja waiting for the right time to strike against the tyrant samurai,his lenses switched threw different fields of vision,as he looked for his target..or targets.Thermal vision revealed three men,and his night vision exposed there gear and instantly his HUD analyzed there weaknesses.Akira smiled as he pulled out his Kimiyo Card and brought up the data of the N.W.A team members.

The first member brought up was Psysis.He gave a cocky smile as he read the info and quietly thought to himself already planning on how to defeat a psychic with dangerous abilites such as the man known as Logan.Next up  was Midnightist and extremely lethal hero who seemed to be a real threat,but nothing the Phantom Phenom hasn't faced before it got him excited to face against such formidable opponents.Last but not least his kimiyo card read error as the man known as Valentine appeared on his screen with little to no information,nevertheless Akira got up form his position and lept out of the trees like a jaguar poncing on its prey and tucked into a tight ball,hitting the ground with a roll and check over his surroundings.The headqaurters was easy to sneak into and he slipped through the laser grids and security cameras with ease.He reached the center of the HQ and quietly bent down to place a charge in the middle of the floor.With his charge set he quickly turned around and dashed back the way he came flipping over the laser grids once again like a Man Without Fear.

He dived as he reached the door then flipped upwards as the charge exploded causing mass damage to the HQ.If his opponents were anything like his PDa said they were he was sure that the explosion wouldn't have killed them,and that it would draw them out.Akira waited silently for there arrival smiling at the embers crackling and the shrapnel flying all around him,the flames reflected off his visor and he clenched his fist ready for the fight of his life.

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This was a normal and silent day in the lives of men and women who cannot live in a normal and silent day the phrase brings a tear to the eye of these breed of human because when the words this is going to be a good day come out of someone mouth the it becomes know to all that on this day hell has come to collect what it wants and will take from any and all. These are days that seem to be what you dream for, but will only live to regret as you walk down the streets with the people who know very little of the world outside of the world. This was going to be a very "good day"

The hero Midnightist knew of "good days". To him almost everyday is a good day. He ponders the fact that he feels some trouble coming as he umps and leaps from building to building as the phantom that walks over the city night by night. He makes his stop near the base of his closet allies the N.W.A. There base has become like a second home to him. Like anyone else home it was full of it's comforts and securities, but was always attracting some form of chaos or trouble. To most these are the common vermin of everyday life, but this place had a very special kind of vermin.

Midnightist walked into his "home to find his allies and friends leaving this place a silent tomb, but that was to be expected since you can't be "home" if your saving people. However this tomb was not empty. He found team rookie Psysis sitting watching football having a calm and quiet time. Midnightist decided to join in on the calmness he had formed and got himself a drink and sat down. They were soon joined by fellow member John Valentine. However the vermin that invade a house hand also joined them although like most vermin he kept his actions quiet and unknown till it had caused some damage and brought along chaos.

There vermin came in the shape of a genetically engineered assassin named Akira Overdrive. In fact he was not so unlike Midnightist as they were both people made as tools to other people who made tools of chaos for a living. Although some details are not the same given just a chance to switch some of those details their roles could have been reversed but this was still unknown to most, but Midnightist could smell the stench of the "good day" coming from him and soon there good day started as Akira placed explosives in front of the base to start the cycle of chaos his kind brought, but as he was not a normal kind of vermin, Midnightist was not the kind of person vermin annoy. Unlike most who have to wait for something bad to happen he always had a few minutes heads up. "JOHN PSY PROTECT YOURSELVES"

The vermin had broken down the doors and began to annoy and took pride in the fact he had caused a mess and wanted more. Midnightist was not in the mood for more and after opening a portal out of the chaos before it started he reappeared out his safe spot in between space ready to turn this "Lion King" into a spineless pu$$y
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"First one up,first one going down."

The smart remark resonated throughout the yard where they stared each other down.Almost one in the same,except one was more dangerous.Who was the best warrior?Who had the drive?Who's blade was sharper?Those were all questions that ran through the mind of Akira,and course he egotistically responded to himself with a cocky "Me."A smirk ran across his face as he looked at his opponent with just cold eyes,waiting to observe his next move and instantly copy it down to his mind and store it for later use.The Ghost cut through the silence with the sound of him pulling his anti-metal daggers from one of his compartments hidden in the suit of armor he used so fatally.Fire still crackled and the orange and yellow light coming from it went well with the silver like moon hanging above the city skyline and the newly decorated HQ.

Anit-metal was essential in a fight according to AO,he never left home with it and always drew them first.It his way of doing things and it would always be that way,no one person got special treatment from the burning slice of his cold daggers,no one got to never feel how the savage land material ripped through skin and Midnightist was no exception.Akira picked up his feet,transferring all his weight to the balls of feet and began to dash straight for the hero without second thoughts or further pause,each dagger gripped tightly in his gloved palms and as he drew closer he spun around right before meeting with the Midnightist,using his torque to bring his anti-metal dagger to the back of the warrior,right below the neck and spine.He quickly pushed off and moved again to the opposite side of Midnight with a second jab at the underarm of the hero simultaneously backing away with a backflip he learned from the Living legend himself,Gambler.

Akira Overdrive could see his attacks before they landed and always planned his next move,sheathing his daggers he flexed his back muscles and allowed the escrima sticks to pop out from there holsters in his back,he caught them flawlessly and  twirled them around just like he had watched the Ace of Electrocution do,only far better and more deadly.Not another minute of delay for the Phenomenal AK Styles as he drew in closer to Midnightist once again,taking a quick capoirea stance and firing off his famous roundhouse,then instantly switching styles to that of kali attempting two  devestating blows with each kali stick to the neck of Midnightist,being almost sure of a counter-attack he used his ability of misdiretion and quickly flashed from in front of Midnightist to above him coming down with a defensive counter positon crossing his kali sticks as he fell toward his rival hunter.

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As the inhuman hunter rushed at him Midnightist took a basic stance without any of his normal energy or creativity. As he stood there blank his body began to move, but not from his own will. He moved because he had been stabbed in the back by Akira. His knife sliced through his skin as if it had become apart of him. His body then moved again, but once again due to Akira's hits this time hitting him in the neck. One last attack come in the form of Akira crossing his escrima sticks using a move that normally would have crushed a person rib cage onto its internal organs piercing its heart and lungs. The tall figure once standing tall was on the ground lifeless, but not from Akira, but because he never truly had life to begin with. The body's cloths and skin began to dissolve right away revealing a metallic robotic like skeleton.

You know for such a tough guy you really don't seem like you know when your fighting a decoy. Hi let me introduce myself I'm Midnightist, well actually I pretty sure you know who I am. I know who you are... I do allot of random research anyway you probably have some way to research your opponents right.. well every good assassin should I did... anyway I'm sure you read some file, but the thing about me is no one every pays attention to the part that says He has a genus level IQ. I just don't know why people think that just because I'm super fast and strong that thats all there is.

Actually allot of us on the N.W.A are real smart Captain Holland has his own battle suit, Genesis Archer real smart too.. I'm mean you have to be to build all kinds of super arrows. you know thats the good thing about teams you get a bunch of people with different skills and resources and connections and when there real smart you can build some really cool stuff. Like this base it has all kinds of defenses. We even made some life model decoys for myself I mean we have a whole room full them just ready to take on a specific shape and skills of the person they inmate. Not quite as good as the original, but there good knock offs. Suddenly another Midnightist walks out of the nearby woods In fact I made another steps forth three incase I needed to get away. I just love them they're great for "Misdirection".

You can just fill them full of little surprises.. you know what else is good for "misdirection rambling on about useless information. Its real good to make dumb motherf^^kers who want to start stuff too not pay attention to robot decoys that are pre programmed to self-destruct when damaged in about 20 seconds.. well now more like three. With that the Midnightist scatter into the nearby bush as the previous one detonates.
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