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High in the Olympian Realm.

_ _ _ _ _ _

The fates sat in their chambers, the threads of life tight around them flowing in a natural pattern. Clotho spun the thread of life, her hair rough and her clothes dirty. Lachesis measuring it, looking like she’d just come out of a garage. Atropos cut it, her legs very skinny and her face pale. The three fates weaved the lives of mortals. Clotho spins the thread of life and a child is born, Lachesis measures it, the child only lives for three days, and three days later Atropos cuts the thread, the child dies in a car crash with his family.

Clotho sits down, weaving the threads gently, mystical in appearance and fixed into place yet so fluid, waved by the magic of the fates, the balance of nature at work. All of them in silence, working independently of each other, they never spoke except for matters of utmost urgency. The humid air rushed upon their faces, the room dusty and lowly lit, empty for them to do their work save for a chair and small table in the middle. Their work was patient, and required their full concentration.

The silence had suddenly been snapped, the smallest of voices having broken a silence as old as time itself, or so it seemed. It was Clotho who spoke, only in times of urgency. Her throat weak after weeks of silence. The words escaped her mouth. Unclear at first, but after clearing her throat, the whole room could hear her.

"Lachesis . . . Atropos" her voice was devoid of any emotion, as it always had been. The fates drew closer together to hear what Clotho had to say. a new thread had been taken notice of, being pointed at by Clotho’s frail and skinny finger. A life soon to come, a thread had been spun. "Call Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, I request her most urgent attention"

_ _ _ _ _ _

Back on Earth


An explosion went off as Victor grappled away, his steel ropes taut. He landed on a high old building, his hardened but padded boots not making any sound as they hit the wet floor. He observed from a far away distance. Ten drug shipments thwarted in three days, detonating stacks of cocaine, values in the eight digits, this is how he spent his days now. His body was exhausted, fresh blood having dried into a red fade. But he ignored the pain, forcing himself to jump on rooftops one at a time as his knee almost collapsed. It hurt, but he'd become obsessed, and his willpower was as strong as ever, an undying flame. This was what he had now, it was improve and act on it. Right now he was acting on every improvement he'd made, taking it for a test drive. Plus, he doesn’t tolerate illegal drug profiting. These drugs would’ve made it to the back of Saint Lincolns school for Catholics had he not stopped them.

45 Minutes Later.

Slipping back into his apartment through the back window, fogged up by the rain. Victor took off his red helmet and black jacket that dripped with rain, laying them both on the dark wooden table. He wore a black under armour with few cuts and bloodstains dried up. His armoured pants were now stained with blood as well. Grabbing a wet cloth he began to wipe his bloodstains, he needed the amour clean for his next patrol tomorrow night. The irony, I’m only a vigilante now, the price I pay for choosing to help others one person at a time, and I still carry the burden. I feel compelled.

Klish. A small sound came from the kitchen as Victor raised his gun, a 50. Desert Eagle. Advancing towards the light blue wall separating the kitchen from the living room. Someone was in the apartment with him, someone must have broken in. "I can hear you, you better be disarmed when I walk in!" he grabbed an adamantine close combat knife and moved further forward. Using both in unison for quicker melee attacks. He preferred to do this the easy way, the enemy surrendering as opposed to a fight, besides jumping on rooftops had taken it out of him. Taking cover right behind the wall leading to the kitchen, Victor swapped his gun cartridge and did a corner turn, raising his gun at the tall shadowy figure that couldn't be seen in the dark. He could hear soft laughter from the kitchen as he clicked the gun trigger, hoping to subdue the enemy with a .50 bullet.

BOOM! His gun sprung up in recoil as the bullet bounced off the enemy, having no visible effect, a .50 gun had been put to shame. He advanced closer with an adamantine knife raised to the neck, he recognised her. Shrugging and flicking on the light, Aphrodite stepped out from her position, leaving an apple behind with a bite out of it. What is she doing here? We never talked much before.

"Aphrodite" Victor seemed devoid of any surprise, acting as if he had expected her. "What brings you to this realm of earth?" Victor asked while making two cups of coffee. In reality he was confused, what is she doing here?

"Victor. Why do you adopt such a mortal name?" she stepped forward, she was terrible at blending in with the modern age of America. She wore a thin silk wear almost see through to cover her private area and the same silk substance around her breasts. "So this is how you spend your nights? Jumping on buildings and protecting mortals from harm using mortal weapons used to harm?" Aphrodite was having her fun.

"Don't be fooled, I’m glad to see you dressed up for once" Victor almost smirked, a hard sight to come across these days, but Aphrodite just shrugged. "Now are you going to tell me what you're doing here?"

"The fates have spoken Victor" Aphrodite tried not to show her bother at the name. Victor laid the coffee on the table, his curiosity now peaked at the mention of the three fates.

"Spoken? Fates? That's two words that don't belong in the same sentence" Victor was glad to talk to Aphrodite, he hadn't spoken to anyone in awhile. Aphrodite's eyes wondered around his apartment, her curiosity on his gun, she wasn’t accustomed much to mortal devices. "What did they say? And why are you here?" he hid his surprise. Her attention was refocused on Victor once more when he spoke. She stepped forward so he could hear her better.

"I'm here because I was best suited, who else to send but the Goddess of Love?" Aphrodite's flawless hands slid against the kitchen drawer as a smirk crept on her face. Victor took a sip of his coffee, offering one to Aphrodite. She accepted the drink, picking it up taking a sip of the hot coffee.

"So this is about love?" Victor holstered his gun once more, rubbing debris off his hair from the adventurous night. "What about love?"

"It seems you've been shutting yourself out, love isn't on your mind anymore is it Victor?" Aphrodite seemed offended and laid her coffee on the table. Just when Victor was about to speak once more, he was interrupted. "But it will be soon, that's the only reason why I allow you to stand where you are"

"I doubt that" Victor took a sip of the coffee and stood up again. Seeing the threatening glare on Aphrodite's face, he retracted his statement "at least not for the moment" he left the kitchen as she followed.

"They've seen the future Victor, it's about you" Victor's heart skipped a beat. If the fates sent Aphrodite to him, there must be plans for him in the future, big plans. Aphrodite smirked, glad that she has his full attention. "Do you want to know what they've said?" she toyed with him.

"Well I doubt you'd go back without telling me, so what about it?" he tired of the mind games, but she enjoyed them, taking a long pause to torture him.

"The future is written out for you, or rather someone else to come. Your first child will be a special one, born of strength mightier than Hercules, speed faster than Hermes and . . ." she leaned in closer so that he might hear properly, Victor was taking it all in disbelief, his expression couldn't hide it. "More powerful than even the Sky father" she wasn't too comfortable saying his name "the child shall be conceived during your next sexual intercourse" she spoke with no hesitation, after all she was the goddess of love. "He'll look much like you, but adventurous, a natural born leader and selfless. He’ll be very important to the Olympian community, and this realm" she began to walk away, satisfied she’d delivered her message.

He believed every word of it, after all why would Aphrodite be in this realm or mention the fates in the first place. "Wait Aphrodite, tell me more. That can’t be all" this made her smirk. He was desperate to hear more about his future son.

"I think I’ll just leave now Victor" she toyed with him and walked away. He stood his ground however.

"That's all? It's very cryptic." He seemed frustrated, much to her pleasure.

"For now, bye Victor. The forthcoming son awaits" Aphrodite vanished and left Victor to his own in the dimly lit apartment.

The Forthcoming Son Awaits.

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This looks interesting.

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@_Punk_: Thanks Punk (pun intended)

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Nice! ^_^

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@Angeni: Remember when we spoke about it the other day?

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@VictorGrey: Yup! but who is the mother? O_o

I can't wait for Leiya to be born! >_< xD

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@Angeni: Well, that's the point, it could be anyone.

"the child shall be conceived during your next sexual intercourse"

Haha, Leiya is gonna have a friend!

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@VictorGrey: The world may never know xD. Is your child gonna join Camp Olympus?


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@Angeni: Yep, or Victor could selectively choose the mother, haha. Joining Camp Olympus seems very likely, but it depends on when it comes along.

Haha, i'd like to see the both of them chat. When you think about it, our characters don't know each other very much, haha. We need to fix that.

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Credit goes to for helping me out with some Greek myths. Haha, had to put it out there.

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@VictorGrey: It should be coming in the summer or maybe after my birthday, June 8. :P

She won't get along with him at first due to her personality. We can interact this Friday if you like?

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@Angeni: I'm not sure when American summer is, so i'll just assume June :D (Peer Pressure, haha)

Haha, but he's just an innocent kid ;) so what's Leiya's primary age going to be?

Alright, this friday.

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@VictorGrey: The start brought me of the fates scene in Clash of the Titans then felt like it shifted into Daredevil <3

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@Fuchsia_Nightingale: Am I the only one that hasn't seen this movie? Haha, the modern feel is because Victor is now mortal.

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@VictorGrey: you can wait and get both Clash and the squeal lol

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@Fuchsia_Nightingale: My cousin watched it and said he didn't like it that much though : \

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You can't hide from me Clara! Get over here and read this! xD

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@VictorGrey: What matters if you like it.

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@VictorGrey : I'll read later...I'm sure this will help me write Political Powers ;)
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@Closure: Hmm, it won't take that long. It'll be worth the read since it's very important to Victor.

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@VictorGrey: It's in the end of June for me but don't worry time flies. xD

Most likely ten because she ages fast at first then when she becomes sixteen she ages slowly.

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@Angeni: Ok.

@Angeni: Haha, i'm gonna have fun with the young ages first, let's say . . .

1 Year = 5 days?

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Haha, wonder what I should name him. At first I though Alex, but then there is the 'Alex Gray' from Trinity so that'd be very confusing.

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@VictorGrey: Acacius :P

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@Angeni: Sounds too much like Alceus, and Victor wouldn't want that :P

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@VictorGrey: Cleitus? xD

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i was thinking a mortal name since Victor seems to like those. Something simple.

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@VictorGrey: Alexander, Jason, idk xD

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@Angeni: Alexander = Alex

Jason . . . I don't know : \

Let me dig up some stuff :P

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i love it<3

why more powerful than the sky father?

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@Charmix: I've actually given it some thought to make it logical. So here it goes:

  1. Victor has some residue energy in his body, he still has the genes of a god (Despite not being able to access them anymore) but it still lies dormant. Within these genes are the Zeus Source (you can read it in my bio) it's an energy source that certain gods can call upon that allows them feats above the average gods (Like the Odin-Force) So Victor's son is going to be born a conduit of that energy, having it naturally in his gene instead of being able to draw upon it. Having the Zeus-Source in his body makes him insanely powerful (which is why i'm not getting him into battle-RP's or god-modding him) since his body generates his own source.
  2. At the end of Crisis in Olympus, Victor draws many of the titans energies into himself, and then expels it away. The reason Victor is peak human (which I haven't disclosed yet) is that some of the residue energy of the titans still lays dormant in his body, this will also be passed onto his son's genes, giving him a good portion of Titan Power in him. This works with the Zeus Source to make him even more powerful.
  3. Victor was powerful before he lost his powers, and since every child in the vine is supposed to be superior to their father, the child will have hereditary power from Victor.
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  • Daniel
  • William
  • Michael
  • Sean
  • Ryan

Any of these?

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@VictorGrey: Ryan.

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@Angeni: Ok . . . thanks for the opinion. Haha, interested to see if the mom turns out to be an NPC or an RPer.

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@VictorGrey: I seee.

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@Charmix: Haha, don't worry, I won't ever god-mod intentionally.

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@VictorGrey: I like option 2 you listed, makes so much sense.

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@Charmix: Phew, I was afraid you'd blow up in my face xD

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@VictorGrey: never, I was just confuse on how lol. Then you explained it to me and the thought process.<3 so woohoo XD

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@Charmix: ^_^

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I'm expecting at least 2000 dollars in child support each week.
Kidding, that would be nasty.

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@Zauberin: Haha.

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But I'll be sure to keep an eye on that child. He could be worth some fun in the future.

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@Zauberin: I'm sure the both of us . . . actually i'm not sure if we'd get along : \

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@Zauberin: LOL
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XD Whose the mum?

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@RyanGrey: Yeah I'm still not entirely sure if me and the father like each other. Part of me feels like he was just being nice for Park (hehe). 
I know the perfect mother!
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@shadowknight666: It's not set in stone. It could be either an NPC or an RPGer, whichever comes first.

@Zauberin: Who?

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@RyanGrey: XD Then the time to hit up the bars is now!XD

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@RyanGrey: Victor's sister!