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Down south in America, crime is no stranger to it's peoples, murders and gun runners are a plenty. But behind the cheap armatures and hacks, the Riders run cold on the lone roads...

The Forsaken riders, a ruthless and motivated biker gang led by a dead man, and filled with some of the most deadly people to stand on the earth. Their goals are simple, to run the south with a misfit grin on their faces. Gun running, alcohol trafficking are just their state side deeds, they also have a knack for bagging some of the most lethal bounties on earth and finish them before it's free whiskey hour at the club bar. But who are these bikers? What lives do they live when they arent riding cold down those lone roads with their fellow Forsaken?


Name: Ash Walmer

Alias: Ash, The Hunter, The "Bastitch"

Club rank: Chief rider

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Nationality: American (Presumably)

Height: 6'9

Weight: 425 lbs

Alignment: Neutral, w/ Villain Tendencies

Family/Friends: N/A

Origin of Powers: Reanimated by evil scientist.

Club patch:

Ash's chopper: The misery machine.

Ash literally sold his soul for this fine space chopper, highly durable and armed to the teeth. The misery machine can be summoned by mere thought and can be sentient if it is commanded to do so. It's loud and it packs a punch for anything in it's path. This hellbeast of a bike is capable of interstellar travel like most alien air crafts.


Name: Alex Jacobs

Aliases: Ferro Vida, Parity

Club rank: "Peace keeper"

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Nationality: Canadian

Height: 5'6

Weight: 140 lbs

Alignment: Good

Club patch:

Faction: LawfulEvil.

Super Name: Naamah / Obyzouth.

Real Name: Naamah / Obyzouth.

Base of Operations: Russia/ Savage Lands/Iceland.

Gender: Female.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.

Relationship Status: In an with Kayle Rez. In an open relationship with Mallory Lillian Blackwater.

Children: Vapula (Son) with Hate Monger.

Known Relatives: Elohim (Father), Azrael (Sister), Helena (Sister), Shadow Thief, (Brother)

Hair Color: Black.

Weight: 108lbs(Human) 123lbs (Demon)

Age: Unknown.

Eye Color: Blue (Human) Golden (Demon)

Height: 5'5" (Human) 6' 2" (Demon)

Super Power Origin: Angel / Fallen Angel.

Identity: Known.

Place of : Heaven.

Known Aliases: Naamah, Lust, Ivory, Beth, Kimmie, Nephthys.

Group Affiliation: Tenebrasque In. / La Cour des Hiboux.

Club patch:


Name: Desiray Divanova

Aliases: Spitfire, Diva Desire, D

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Nationality: Russian

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 123

Alignment: Neutral

Family: None

Friends: Members of the more or less disbanded S.I.B and Razor

Club patch:

"Diva's" Bike: Reign is a customized chopper styled Suzuki Hayubusa. Anyone who knows Desiray knows that her favorite thing above all else is speed. She modifies everything she can for it, its her addiction. Reign is one of the few bikes that doesnt abide the one eighty seven law capable of reaching 197mph on its own and breaking two hundred as Spitfire adds her own abilities to it. On a regular basis she tends to have two smgs and three clips of ammo a piece concealed in the bike. Her job being more a scout for police then an actual traffic in deals.


Alias: Trinity 00

Nationality: American

Skin Color: Caucasian

Real Name: Kelly Silverlance

Age: 26

Height: 6'0

Forsaken riders code.

  • ALWAYS Respect a fellow Forsaken.
  • NEVER Kill another fellow Forsaken.
  • The Forsaken riders are your family, and family is first.
  • A Forsaken in danger is a Forsaken that will be helped.
  • Never leave a fellow Forsaken behind.
  • A Forsaken's friends are friends of yours.
  • When you ride, ride true.
  • When riding in packs of forsaken, keep them as safe as yourself.
  • The bar is sanctuary, the bar is our church in dire need.
  • There is always booze to share with your fellow Forsaken.
  • Once a Forsaken, ALWAYS a Forsaken.
  • Bury your fellow Forsaken with respect.
  • Bare your patch when with other Forsaken
  • Respect the pentagon patches, help teach the circle patches.

The chapel, the church and sanctuary. The riders club bar.

This is the home and hangout for the Forsaken riders, it is their garden of Eden. The bar is located in a small abandoned town in an unknown location somewhere in the south. To the normal eye it would be described as a dive, but to a person of a misfit taste, it is the classiest biker joint anywhere in the south of America. As for the highways that surround the abandoned town? Not a single form of authority for miles, seeings how the Forsaken paid of the cops and also being to afraid to cross into their turf.

Locations in the bar:

  • The bounty board: A massive board that consumes an entire wall filled with bounties from across the globe.
  • Main bar: A basic biker bar with enough liquor to give a viking a puking of his life.
  • The upstairs rooms: Where most of the members tend to reside for rest and privacy, each Forsaken having a room.
  • The basement/Fight ring: A cage is located downstairs with bets always being placed on a good ol' fashioned beat down among their fellow Forsaken.
  • The garage: The art gallery, this is where most of the Forsaken put their bikes when they are in need of a good tune up or just a place to store their rides.
  • The armory: Fit for a small Russian army, this small bunker located twenty feet under the bar is filled with weapons from today and back int the day.
  • The graveyard: Out behind the bar is a graveyard ready to be filled with the Forsaken that die fighting for it's cause.

The highways:

The highways are always void of any life, the locals from other towns know better not to cross into Forsaken turf, not even the police. If you are trying to escape the Forsaken by highway, you are looking at miles and miles of desert and grass plains for miles and miles in every direction.

Thread rules.

  • Everyone is welcome with good reason, if your character is a "Good guy" or "Hero", harassment I.C MAY ensue, you have been warned. ^_^
  • No arguing or harassment OOC, will result in instant thread kick of instigating writer.
  • Respect your fellow writers!
  • No major destruction of the bar, one warning then thread kick.
  • No god modding, one warning then thread kick.
  • Basic RPG rules apply, if you have yet to read them, read them now.> http://www.comicvine.com/forums/rpg/9/official-rpg-rules/696/#4
  • Have fun of course!

If you wish to join, contact this account or any member of the team.

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Love it! great work!

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Nice, good luck!

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Good Luck guys

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Bra F'n Vo son. Looks great

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@Gambler: @FALLENprophet: @Grift3r: @.Mistress Redhead.: Thanks all of you! :D

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The detail, badass man


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@Ash_Walmer:Kelly entered the main bar,

"Ello, anyone here?"

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Great Job Dude! Amazing, Makes me wish to join.

However I Find it strange you put the roster on the team thread.

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The sound of the misery machine could be heard for miles around the barren highways, Ash cruised down the cracked road with his hellbeast bike burning slow. With a slight rev of it's engine, he was at the gang's bar. Some of the recruits murmured as he stepped off the bike and stomped towards the entrance. "Grunts.." He said to them with a nod while stepping into the dim lighting of the bar, accompanied by heavy metal music blaring. The bastitch sat at his usual couch and ordered a bottle of rum.

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@Mercy_: Thank you! ^_^

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Turn on the lights and pull up your stools bothers and sisters!

The buxom raven haired, golden eyed, crimson skinned, vixen handled Ruby takes to the open mic area of the bar. She is dressed to distress, wearing talored black leather road-armor jacket which is flying her colors proudly trimmed with forsaken badges. Her own badge large and on her back, on her right shoulder is a badge for Ash, on her left shoulder a badge for Alex, and on the front of her jacket down by her right and left pockets are the circle patches for the grunts, Des, and Trin. She is wearing leather thigh-highs, and a leather corset, with black fishnets underneath.

Naamah starts to do a quick sound check with the spitbox, as her band mates check their volumes and pitches. The rockabilly band starts to fill the room with wicked riffs, and wild drum beats. After a few minutes of warming the crowds ears with their jams, workingout their kinks, Naamah starts to sing a song for her family, and the strangers who have wandered into the Forsaken lands. "Are you ready to rock!?" She says as she kicks over the barstool she was seated upon. "Well then... Lets f^ckin rock!"

The band starts the slow build-up leading to her start, as Ruby closes her eyes and takes the mic to her lovely full blood-red lips. The mic stand rest's up against her body, forming a path of steel that she is resting against it. Holding it much like a tender lover, if you have ever seen Steven Tyler from Arosmith hold the mic post. She is grinding against it, and swirling around with it like a professional dancer. Her voice starts to ringout like smooth thunder or pure silk, as the band plays the rockabilly breakdown.

" She's the womb that you left and she's the pride that you kept

She's the innocence that you left back in your youth

She's the poems that you read she's the mouth that you feed

And she's the holy and she's truth.

Sweet dream woman of the night

Come and love me in the night

Sweet dream woman come and be

A woman to me.

She's the mother of youth she is sweet baby blue

And she's a love that you once knew but you couldn't hold

She is bad luck and good and she's all that she should be

And I see her reasons all unfold.

Sweet dream woman of the night

Come and love me in the night

Sweet dream woman come and be

A woman to me.

Sweet dream woman

of the night

Come and love me in the night

Sweet dream woman come and be

A woman to me.

Sweet dream woman come and be

A woman to me..."

After Ruby finshes her song the band finishes the ending fade leading into more jamming, as she lights up a smoke and heads to the bar for a shot and a brew. She only sings a few songs a night, and she always drinks and smokes for a few hours between each ballad she belts out. Her voice is liquid sex, and causes all kinds of emotions to be felt by anyone that is not completely dead on the inside. As she sits at the bar perching herself on the barstool you can clearly read the tattoo on her right butt cheek, which reads "Queen B^tch!" writen in a thick black fancy calligraphy.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: Ash clicks his tongue at the rear art then gives her a light punch on the arm. "That was some smooth tunes sister, thanks"

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@Ash_Walmer: Ruby smirks at Ash. "Waylon Jennings, meets Reverend Horton Heat... How can you go wrong. Do you like my band hun?" Ruby looks over to her Band mates. "We call ourselves, Ruby The Roller Derby Queen." She laughs wickedly as she downs another shot of Bulleit brand whiskey.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: "Well I would say yer pretty fraggin' good Rube" Ash rubs her back and orders another bottle of rum.

(Sorry but im not feeling to well tonight, pick this up tomorrow when the weekend is starting and we both have nothing but time? lol)

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Bad ass biker gang , very well done. Good luck guys .

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"You punched Alex you know?" Naamah points to the Peacekeeper patch on her left arm, right where Ash playfully punched her a moment ago. "I didn't know it was like that." She teases as she giggles.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: "Well sh!t me neither!" Ash chuckles and rubs Naamah on her cheek with his large dead hand, "What say you for a cruise through Martial city? Cause a bit of trouble eh?" He grinned.

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Ruby aka Naamah nods. "What do you have in mind?"

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Inside Ruby's Room

She sits in a chair at her desk writing a poem... A poem she plans to turn into a song. A song that she writes for her love Kayle Rez. She has the lyrics broken down into two verses and a chorus. The song reads as follows, and is writen on a yellow sheet of loose note paper.

Verse One:

I tied my hair back, took my clothes from the floor.

You were still sleeping,as I stood at the door.

Once more I was heading to, Daddy only knows where.

That's when it hit me Kayle, I was already there.


I could wander,a million miles or more.

Never find the light, I've seen in your eyes before.

You gave me the freedom, to go on my own way.

But you gave me much more, you gave me the freedom to stay.

Verse Two:

Why keep on running, just to wish on the stars.

Searching for Heaven, when I know where you are.

Life is just empty, when you're walking alone.

So wherever we're going baby girl, Lord it's good to be at home.


I could wander,a million miles or more.

Never find the light, I've seen in your eyes before.

You gave me the freedom, to go on my own way.

But you gave me much more, you gave me the freedom to stay.

Naamah takes the yellow parchment in hand and folds it into quarters before stuffing it into her inside breast pocket, keeping it close to her heart. She gets up from her desk and takes a shot of her private bottle of whiskey, then she walks over to her bed and lays down staring upwards at ceiling fans that spin above her.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: Suddenly, Ruby's leather patched up jacket is tossed beside her on her bed, Ash stands at the doorway with a stern face, something was wrong. "Meet me in the garage and be ready to ride.." With that he walked down the hallway.

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"I was born ready." She can tell Ash is upset about something, so she quickly puts her jacket on and follows close behind him as they walked down the hallway, as she makes her way to the garage.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: Ash growls and any recruit that was in their way. "A shipment of OUR guns has been intercepted by a small gang of fraggin thugs! You and I are going to show them how the Forsaken take to that kind of sh!t.." Ash explained while walking and lighting a cigar.

(Again today my posting will be a bit slow, helping someone move lol. But I will reply as soon as possible :))

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"I see... Do you want to just send them a message, or cut our loses, and frag their sorry arses?" Naamah speaks his lingo pretty well, she is learning anyway. Half of her thinks that they should only beat the holy crap out of them, and the other half of her thinks that there are not enough ghost's in the world.

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Des sat in the garage playing with gears and wrenches, disasembling and reasembling her bike Reign with dedicated discipline. It had been about a month oe so sence the Ninjan Invasion. A month sence she found her missing girl friend. Only to learn she didnt remember Desiray and was comited to some d!ck who was never around. Add to that S.I.B seamed dead and quite frankly she thought her life was sh!t. So Des did what any model gone racer gone spy gone rogue meta police force would do. She went back to the streets. The only place ever really home. The only thing faster then her thought process was a few of the bikes around her. Fresh grease and oil stains spoting her white tank top as she worked.
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@Naamah_Obyzouth: "Oh we are killin' them! Like right fraggin' now!" Ash yells as he kicks the door to the garage open, he whistles to call his misery machine out from all of the other bikes onto which he hops on. "Your riding right Ruby, lets see how well you can keep in line" Ash laughs and sticks his tongue out, revving his bike.

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@xXSpitFireXx: "Diva!" Ash yells while signaling to the left of his chopper. "Your on left!"

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"You know your swaping leashes is all right love?" Cain, the possessing figure in her mind spoke. He'd been silent till now just leting her go untill he could drive her up the wall. That seamed ok today though as she might get to let her anger out on someone. Grabbing what pieces needed attatching still Ses gave them a light toss, the momentum allowing her to guide the gears where they needed. A tender kiss to the side of her bike and she was ready. The engine roaring to life. "where we goinf Ash?"
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Ruby straddles her street-demon known as Shadow Runner Ex7000, or her nick name for her Bertha. Ruby revs up Bertha as shadows start to pour out of it, and it becomes a blur of foggy darkness. "I have never been very good at being straight." She smirks at him.

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@xXSpitFireXx: @Naamah_Obyzouth: "Alright Riders! Our hot spot is Martial city, outskirts of town in the industrial district!" Ash revs up his bike and bursts out of the garage in a loud sudden blast. (Meet you guys in the under dogs thread)

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Ruby watches Ash burn pavement as her blasts off towards Martial city. She takes a moment to blow a kiss at Des before Bertha shoots off down the highway in the form of a long black steak of shadow.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: (We both posted in the U-Dogs thread ^_^)

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Alex storms into the bar. He's covered from head to toe in motor oil. The sleeves of his filthy half-unzipped cover-alls are tied around his waist. 
Conflasted engine that no one can figure out no how...
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The darkness drive comes to its end as she has now returned to the bar, and enters the rear driving inside the garage and parking Bertha. She closes the vail as she and her ride become one with the plane of the living. "Can't see me... If there is nothing to see." Naamah thinks to herself, as she heads into the bar area and takes a seat at the bar. The bar tender see's her and sets a cold beer and a shot of whiskey infront of her. "Thanks darlin." she smiles and winks, then lighs up another smoke.

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He ruefully sips from a glass of water. Who knew an engine could be so complicated? Alex had no idea what he was getting in to with this. He had managed to get most of the oil and muck off his hands, so he reached into his back and extracted the journal he had taken from his father's office.
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(I admit I totally just geeked out on my DeathRace playing >.> lol)

"You know there's something wrong with you." Twenty Two remarked, he was a skinny tweaker. Really he didn't have the edge needed to be a biker or any gang for that matter. Just a homeless kid, Des had sought to get him in the gang though. It gave the drug addict a home and a way to earn some cash to get a sense of supporting himself. Right now though Des was busy working on a new Dodge Challenger, was receiving a total make over. Most the the time people just had motorcycles, they had fallen off the grid though and so Diva was able to work on some new projects. Using her talents in a race for pink slips she had scored the car. To her surprise she had for the first time cheated, like not I can weave through traffic at two hundred miles per hr cheated. That was a highly improbable talent she exploited, this time though she had actually dampened the output of the Challenger so she could win. Subtle was the hint that something in her mind was begging to change.

"Seiously Diva Desire" she hated when people used that nickname "you join a motorcycle gang called the f*ckin Forsaken god damn Riders. Expected for the princess of wheels to do. Then you join the Justice League? Look at you, a half zipped cat suit or hard rock looking attire and you go hero. Your main tactic is to use a near unavoidable bullet at the head and you want to help the nation? All the while you hook up in a semi secret relationship with the guy who lead the attack on your home." He took a hit that looked like it could kill a good twelve brain cells easy. "Your a walking contradiction Diva."

Annoyed the blond pulled up the goggles she was wearing and switched off the blowtorch. "It's not a single mind up here, theres me and then theres possessed me. Cain hasn't been going all spectral on me of late, its more like im in control but he calls the shots." The bullet witch not realizing that the stint with brief insanity of Gambler had broken apart walls in her mind. "Save the drama man and check this sh*t out. So I scored some good rides in some Pink Slip racing right. And you know me, totally willing to cash in an trade for a new project. So I did that got people to put on a nanite coat of armor. It's a micro sized layer so it barely effects wait at all. Its made of some good composite metals though allowing it to work like armor, it could take anything short of a fifty cal. Windows the best plexiglass on the market more important though, drop down window shields total black out these could take a fifty. Theres a camera though in the hood and back however meaning I can drive it with these down. Thats the generic stuff though heres where it gets good. Crank the jacks would ya" the tweaker did so loving the mad scientist of automation. "So with my talents direct aim isn't always a must, thats the fun here. have to go hood mounted I could go bottom Right here forward mounted twin M16's barrel mags, flip the switch in the front seat and they'll be ripping bottoms of cars easy accidents assured, easy to make more lethal for me if needed. Now pursuit that's easy what's needed is rear defense and this is where my gifts really show. Allright check it, this is like some Jame's Bond sh*t. See just inside the bumper I made retractable mine shooters. To avoid damage to the ride they sit upfront and loaded, you can hardly see them when they are without close eye contact. Click the button though and a good four thousand ball barings are shot outwards. That's not all though see the second muffler thats the third of these, because its one its only fifteen hundred. Going through the right channels though I got them all however to have semtax in them. So it's more like a grenade launcher, that kind of blows cover however. Front guns are suppressed figure if I am running though i don't need silence though. So click the button and trunk, reinforced steel goes up and the two humve fifty cal machine guns come out. I'll be spraying enough ammo to make swiss of a tank."

Twenty Two shook his head a few grains of white powder being brushed from underneath his nose. He was impressed but he was not a idiot. He had seen the suggestion of noss beneath the back seats there was no excuse for the large containers of fuel in-between the fifty calls though. "Sorry I forgot to mention that as you can see the mods don't add to much weight its still a hundred over the standard though and that comes from these bad boys. Reinforced with a sublayer of insolation contains the heat so the car is not at risk when these are popped. Jet packs and power armor have got to have a fuel source these are those. I stripped down the components dropped them into a noss design so its easy to trigger and it turns this beauty into a jet engine for like thirty minutes. Guns dry still got bast*rds on my tail activate that bady and you need the damn air force to catch up."

Just then the boss dropped in with a slow clap of applause. She was praised for her work and then given a mission. It seamed the Riders had been forgotten, to low cover to be recognized. That needed to change, some crime that made a strong statement had to be made. Spitfire was the most active at the moment and was perfect for the stunt needed. It was just after this that Gambler and his suave nature said he wanted to join the team. To be more then just a person to date. Even companions had to be proven worthy however to join the League of Shadows. A part of her plan for tonight was to get caught, and taken to the asylum. Micky Oblivion was a mutant and detective. Climbing ladders using his persuasion powers to force confessions. In this world many could buy the jury, bribe the judge, get the dirtiest lawyer. There was no way to get free of confession though, even evidence could be forged. The power of a lessened sentence for admitting was one of the best means though for those low on options. For the LoS however that was the one liability to dread, boy scout needed to die.

Do to the requirements of this mission however sadly Des would not be allowed to "make Twisted Metal no longer a cheap PS3 game." She added some halloween make up to her face for theatric giggles, no clever masks or illusions would be made however. Nobody took, sweet girl on magazine covers as a criminal they would see a look a like if anything in the media. It was the perfect ruse, and oh so obvious. The rest of her get up consisted of red and blacks. Weapon wise she kept it simple, just one silly weapon. A metal base bat had been cut off at the end of the handle and attached a chain. The opposite end of the chain was a ax, tips ending in a good thin curve it looked like a highly impractical ax flail fusion.

Tires squealed as she rounded corners through the city Twenty Two not to far behind her. Glass shatters as the vixen of vehicular manslaughter violates the structure of this gun store. Having leaped off the motorcycle it was free to glide through the air and snap a late night shopper's neck. It crashed into the wall and shattered into a variety of components and gears made fragile it exploded like a bomb. Parts flew and eradicated every camera, boxes of bullets fell and were hastened to hit the ground as if the gun hammer had been pulled shock used to be the trigger. The room explodes into a sea of bullets none hit anyone. Instead they paint murals of the Forsaken emblem, of skulls, and the words forsaken and riders. It was bullet grafitee and to finish it off the ax was swung into the skull of the man at the register it went just below the eye lid.

The police came as Desiray let Cain take a hold of her actions. The dark essence guiding her hand to paint her portrait in blood. Sanity slowly unraveling the beautiful model was okay with this. It had a weird elegance to it despite its chaotic nature. Comical yet violent, it gave her a rush. Adrenaline washing over her making her sway as if listening to a favorite tune. She lived reckless and free, adrenaline her drug. Officers saw a crazy woman to be taken away. When Spitfire left in the back of the police car, Twenty Two raided the gun shop of all its money and guns.

(Part two--> http://www.comicvine.com/forums/rpg/9/moments-captured-rpg-the-random-epicness-thread/667338/#19)

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I think I have a character that's perfect for this team. o_o

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The front doors to the bar swung open, slamming against the dingy wood it was held up by. It was like a bomb went off, everyone ceased what they were doing. The forsaken riders all stared at two of their comrades drag a half dead biker in on his knees. The poor bastard mumbled nonsense, clearly he was hit good and hard in the head a few times. "Hey Joey! Who the f!ck is that supposed to be!?" One of the patrons asked while leaning against his pool cue. The two dragging the man didn't stop and quickly answered the question "The main man wanted to see him!".

After making their way through the main bar, the three went through three armories filled with forsaken enforcers, loading up all of the gun and polishing them like it was their own child. The man was finally brought to the back room, it was dimly lit and smelt of bullet metal. Next thing the man knew, he was handcuffed to a char at a table, across from him was a shadowy figure.

"...Evenin'..." The figure said in a thick British accent, it filled the room with tension as soon as the words escape his mouth. The man regained himself, now actually realizing where he was. "What the hell?" The man says while tugging as his wrists, seeing they are cuffed. He struggled and struggled, but even the chair itself was bolted down, and even worse was the fact of just how much old stained blood covered the chair and the man's side of the table.

"Hey look man I just fix the bikes for the-" Ash placed his blaster pistol on the table, making the man go dead silent, it was clear pretty fast that he was not used to this sort of thing. The shadow figure sighed from being so tired. The man started to actually get scared, the figure in the darkness looked nothing like a man. It was roughly the size of a large cat. "Ya' know..I have owned this gang for a year now, and we haven't done a lot of expanding? I mean, how daft is that!? We ave only been doing our little operation here in the wastes, but that is going to change very soon.." The figure leaned out of the shadows, revealing it to be Ash walmer. A merciless homicidal raccoon.

The man's eyes went wide, trying to grasp what he had just seen. "What..THE F!CK!?" He yelled and started to struggle again. Ash chuckled while hopping off his seat and walked over to a small green canister over by a counter. The counter itself was littered with pliers, knives, barbed wire and tons of other improvised torture devices, all crusted with blood. The raccoon returned to the struggling man, this time walking being him and uncuffed his hands. Before the man could do anything with his newly freed hands, Ash grabbed the left one and lunged up onto the table with it firmly in his furry hand. "I would consider yourself lucky mate..Im not going to make a mess of you, you have no idea how hard it is to get blood out of the wood..." Ash laughed like a maniac while pressing his foot down on the mans forearm. For being a raccoon, Ash was almost as strong as a normal human that works out. His foot easily held down the mans arm while he unscrewed the cap of the green canister.

"Now you see, most people ask the suspect a question first in an interrogation. but I REALLY wanna see what this does.." The man started screaming in panic as Ash slowly tilted the canister over top of his hand. The clear oily substance poured out and onto the man's hand, he started to scream in complete agony as his hand started to freeze. Within seconds his entire hand was frozen solid, like an ice sculpture. "THAT WAS NITROGLYCERIN! HOW DOES IT FEEL!?" Ash yelled in the victim while he started to cry from the pain. "OK! Now for the questions! Who the F!CK supplies for the avenging sinners!? WHO!?" It was finally revealed, the avenging sinners were a rival biker gang, and only a few weeks ago they hit one of their shipments hard. It seemed this man fixed their bikes for the sinners, he has to know a thing or two.

"I DON'T K-AAAAAAAAAAUHG!" The man was cut odd when Ash brought his elbow down on his hand, completely shattering it into pieces everywhere. "WHAT WAS THAT MATE!? I COULD HAVE SWORN YOU JUST SAID "Don't" THAT IS THE WRONG WORD TO BE SAYIN' SON!" Ash punched him in the face, making his mouth spurt blood across the wooden floor. Ash suddenly went into a frenzy, punching the man over and over again, rapidly. Finally he shook his head while wheezing. "A...A...B-hrnnn...Brazilian..No name..He on-only goes by "the roller".." The man said with half of his teeth missing. Ash grinned and laughed as if it was Christmas, he gently smacked the mans cheek a few times. "SEE!? Was that so hard mate? Now you get to go home!" Ash smiled at him and hopped off the table. Only now did he uncuff his other hand, it was indefinite he couldn't move on his own.

Ash opened the door to the room, seeing that half of the gang members were listening on the man's screams with fear. The raccoon leader sneered while walking towards the garage, whistling at two of his enforcers. "Oi, take him down by the ravine and shoot him there.." Ash said as a soft mumble while finally walking into the garage.

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I would hope that a ruthless biker gang headed by a bipedal talking raccoon to be pretty sweet XD

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The Red Bandit
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Naamah aka Ruby is chilling like the seductive Villain she was born to be. She has a devilish plan to boot, which is expert level mayhem no doubt. She is dressed to distress, with weapons excess, and codes access for a government funded weapon storage facility. Now however she sits on the blacktop, propped up against her machine for the day, stolen wheels, used for surveillance.

Her perfect eyes scan the area of interest, from a safe distance away. As she relaxes in her own hotness, taking her notes, and making her check list. The eyes of the goddess see things that have only been seen by the personnel of the facility itself. Very interesting indeed, she plans to bring this plan to the Main Man before the days end. She drinks her beer and checks her gear, then she double backs the road attack, as rubber meets road, and she hits her zone. Becomes a blur of thick black shadows, heading throughout the Umbra, until she is back at the Club House.

She parks the hot bike in the garage, and throws Desiray the keys. @614azrael:

"Needs to be broken down babe, she's hot, we can use her for parts, or sell what we don't want."