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Months had passed since Esther had lost her child and her husband, the birthright to her long lineage. The continuation of the dynastic bloodline that was Le Rose Noir division of Les Assassins Silencieux. Two long months had passed without a word from her husband, she had however kept a close eye and surveilance on all of his actions and communication with his old team, The League of Shadows.

It was a rivalry born in blood and slaughter. The lives of thousands thrown carelessly to the side on both sides of the fence in order to regain the upper hand and control of the world through political and spiritual means. They had been rivals for years, and when Les Assassins Silencieux managed to take on France and the greater part of Western Europe all those years ago, The League of Shadows moved their base to the heart of the New Orleans bayous. Gambler had been the son of the League of Shadows, Esther the daughter of Les Assassins Silencieux. The marriage, some said, had been doomed from the start; but their love and commitment for one another was something that seemed at first impenetrable, evident and clear. Their love made him give up his history and settle for hers...and she in turn, set him out at the first possible thought of betrayal. She had had two long hard months to sit and think. Sit and brood, toying with all possible outcomes; trying to understand and realize all what went wrong in her marriage, in her life, and how she had changed. She had watched as a child her Uncle Joseph Cotillard warn her about the effects of great power; of how it came with great responsibility...and how she should never succumb to it and always keep her head above water. She, however, had made her bed.

The candles flickered in the darkness of the room creating shadows that danced along the wall of the Great Hall. The oblong mahogany table rested at the center of the round room and along its perimenter were tall chairs, deep crimson velvet seats. Here sat her allies in the battle against all that was considered good and true. Their loyalty was never in question or up for debate in her mind. She eyed them each carefully one by one. The meeting was adjourned. They knew their mission was to uncover the individuals responsible for the kidnapping of the heir to her throne, and to obtain those security codes once again.
Before every trip she had ever taken, Esther would line the cars along the outside of the mansion and make sure that her entourage would be close behind her as a means of protection. Before she left, she would sit down her counsel along the round table and tell them the news of recent events. They would prepare to leave at her side. However, this time, she did not speak a word of it to anyone.

In the darkness of the night she left. No guards, no weapons. Just a suitcase of some belongings to last her 3 days.

She drove for 2 days, stopping at hotels, using fake documents. It gave her time to think alone. For once, there was no private jet plane, no big to do; just Esther, the black V12 and the windy road ahead. Papers were not hard to fake, but her face was plastered everywhere. The dark sunglasses and silk hankerchief around her head were discrete enough disguises in that they did not attempt to hide the obvious. The best way to hide, was in plain view. She knew these roads and did not need a map. As she stopped at her final checkpoint she could see the towering steeple of the cistene chapel in the distance. Jean was so easy to find, and she knew exactly what he was up to. She drove to a nearby inn and checked in under a false name, set her bags down in the corner of the room and walked into the bathroom. After a cold shower, she put on her Sunday best and made her way to church. Climbing the ancient building steps she walked through the high wooden doors. She knelt on one knee and after doing the sign of the cross, she rose again. There he was, rosary beads wrapped between his fingers staring up at the figure of Jesus hanging crucified in mid air. Her eyes narrowed. Next to him, the knealt the Archbishop of Italy. This was a silent holy war being waged, and Esther had been born prepared. For years the League of Shadows and Les Assassins Silencieux had fought over the support of the Catholic Church, one of the most influential organizations in the world. And each time it came down to money. Having returned to his old roots, it was of no surprise to Esther that the King of Kings would try to buy his power once again.

As she watched the last two tourists leave the church she shut the door behind them and locked it.

"Why if it isn't Lucifer and his assisstant Beelzebub," ("Paradise Lost" John Milton).

The two men turned to face the door and she stood there. Her black pencil skirt hitting her knee, shiny black stilletos and a wide brimmed hat. She slowly removed the hat and placed it casually in the pew to her right. She removed her riding gloves and set them down by the hat. She watched as he slowly rose from his kneeling position and stared at her. For a moment she felt her adrenaline rush and her heart beat in her throat. If there was a thought in her mind that she no longer had feelings for him, this moment proved her wrong. She pushed away her emotions and a sly smile crossed her lips.

"I know what you are doing Jean,...Don't. I've come to talk to you. It's about our daughter..."

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Paris,France.A perfect  venue for honeymoons and romantic nights with your loved one,an amazing place to say the least.It was everything that one needed to live and lead an illustrious lifestyle.Women,Fine wine,and the most beautiful locations on earth.Its also where the once most powerful and ubiquitous  groups rested there heads and watched over the country with an Iron Fist forged in the shadows,the Hellfire Club.France has seen the likes of many dynasty's,and grew to love them..each and everyone of them,but time comes and new things are built,the HFC is dead and the Les Assassins Silencieux rule now.Inching there way into every aspect of  the world and firmly grasping anything they want,the LaS are the new rulers of a new kind.To be apart of the LaS means you are an elite type of killer or politician,it means you have the status of a monarch and can do wht you wish,but you must always answer to one man.One man who has single handedly created an army more then once,and a man who has made the world his....Gambler.The Cajun of devil like porportions has made the greatest network of assassins ever with the help of his Queen Esther.

Recently its been split with Gambler leaving the LaS and the kidnapping of the daughter of the couple.They are at there weakest thanks to a plan made to bring down the most influential villain groups ever created,and a dangerous man is at the front of that assault.Some call him a low-life mercenary who prays on the weak,others call him a hero to the people,and most call him a villain with gravitas and bravado that make him more dangerous then Hitler,but in reality he is just a man who's intentions are unknown even to him,the Ghost in the Machine,the Phantom Phenom,the Komplex Killer....Akira Overdrive.
Lights lit up the streets and one could hear cars honking,and people conversating as if there wasn't a care in the world.It was a quiet night despite the noise and surroundings and tonight Akira Overdrive was on watch duty.Clad in white,the Cyborg Assassin was perched atop the famed Eiffel Tower in a crouched position taking in everything and staying vigilant while his chaste trench coat swayed in the cooling winds at the apex of the tower.He peered down until he noticed a faint sound of sirens and turned around to see a hot pursuit in progress and Akira just looked away and continued his watch.He was looking for any moves that the LaS were planning to make,he was on the watch for Gambler,Esther,or anyone else who claimed to be apart of the LaS.

Soon,AO's radio went off in his headset,it was mostly static,but Akira made out the message.

Sistine Chapel..zchzczcch...Rome.

Akira stood up at the point of the tower and let his arms stretch out as he began to tilt backwards,in an instant  the Ghost fell backwards and freefell from the tower.Right before he hit the ground a poof of mist and the mercenary was gone.

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The rhythmic melodies of the choir echoed throughout its illustrious halls casting a peaceful atmosphere upon the world famous church. But underneath the veil of tranquility and religious harmony lie the true . A powerful organization that had dictated world events and manipulated its history for centuries. Several months had passed since Gambler’s departure of the Les Assassins Silencieux. He had returned home to his own family’s heritage, the League of Shadows. A rival group of assassins who at one time waged a bloody and merciless war against the LaS in a seemingly endless power struggle.

Defeated, the LoS where exiled. With so few members left alive they disappeared into the unforgiving bayous of waiting for the day in which they would rise again. Now, Gambler was taking steps to ensure the Leagues future by forming an alliance with the . A neutral party for the most part their silent backing of the LoS would guarantee not only the rebirth of the LeBeau family’s clan, but also a renewed rivalry with the Les Assassins Silencieux.

Kneeling beside the Arch Bishop the self proclaimed King of Kings engaged the Holy Father in deep conversation. Gambler showed the Bishop a monumental sign of respect by speaking to him in the divine language of Aramaic. Their words where carefully chosen  as well as coded. Double meanings and words within words made their conversation impossible to comprehend.

But before any semblance of an agreement could be reached the prestige’s gold trimmed doors of the main chapel slammed shut. Slowly both the Arch Bishop and the Living Legend rose to their feet. With a look of disgust the Arch Bishop gazed upon the intruder and then at Gambler. A subtle nod while closing his eyes sent a clear message to the Cajun. There would be no alliance. Gambler returned the nod as the Holy Father retired to his chambers. Anger coursed through the veins of Jean Luc as he turned to face Esther. But he would not give her the satisfaction of seeing his frustration. He composed himself as best he could before closing the gap between the two.

The air was ripe with tension as husband and wife looked at one another with confusing    emotions welling up inside both. Esther was the first to speak flashing Gambler a crocked smile before saying,

"I know what you are doing Jean,...Don't. I've come to talk to you. It's about our daughter..."

Everything came to a halt as she spoke. Her message was more then the LoS leader could bare causing him stubble back She told him of how the LaS had stolen the Pentagon’s nuclear lunch codes with the help of the French Government. For a second Gambler marveled at how powerful Esther and the LaS had become. They where truly unrivaled. However as she continued the news of their kidnapped daughter caused the usually calm and calculated Cajun to slam his fist down in anger. Esther knew she needn’t ask for his help, instead she simply said,

“I need you to lead them Jean. I need you to set aside your personal animosity towards my team and utilize them in recovering our daughter. The United Nations have indicted me on ten counts of espionage and ten U.N sanction violations. Of course the charges will never stick, its been arranged. However I most make attend the hearing to keep up appearances. My private jet is fueled and waiting to take you to the Châteaux. I will accompany you and the team as soon as I can.”

Without a word Gambler began to walk towards the exit but suddenly paused. He turned around pulling Esther into his embrace before passionately kissing her as if it where the first time.

“We will get her back chere, I promise. And those responsible……..will have vengeance in its purest form rained down on them. Dis I swear.”

 And with that Esther and Jean departed.

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Again with the orders.. he had obeyed every order Esther had given him and he was as loyal as he could possibly be. But he couldn’t help but think she didn’t have the teams best interest in mind anymore. This whole affair with Angelique and Gambler was beginning to take a toll on her and it affected her leadership. It was painfully obvious.. a second rate team could simply stroll in and take her child, she could have foreseen this.

“Things would be a lot easier if Angelique wasn’t alive anymore”. This dark thought crossed his mind as he leaned back in a black leather fauteuil in the assassins mansion. Facing the large windows reaching towards the ceiling, it revealed a black sky filled with the brightest of stars. He stroked his short beard with the tip of his fingers. “Perhaps she would regain her insanity that way..” It were dangerous thoughts with all the telepaths walking around the mansion. Fortunately Esther was away.. for two days now, not leaving a trace for her friends and family to follow. He smiled as his thoughts became even darker “With Angelique gone, Gambler and BatgirlBabs would probably become closer, to comfort each other in this dark time. And the future of the assassins would be secured, Florian could take over from his parents instead of Angelique”.

He stood up and walked along the side of the chair, sliding his hand through his hair. With a blank face he walked through the door while at the same time bending slightly down picking his keys up from the coffee table to his left. He saw assassins looking at him with a curious look on their face. Even after all the missions there were still assassins that didn’t fully trust him. No surprise really, with these thoughts running through his mind. He gave them a smug look as he passed them walking towards the front door. As he opened the door a breeze of cold air filled his long trench coat, making him appear more muscular than he truly was. No more thoughts crossed his mind as he stepped into a black car parked just in front of the mansion and disappeared into the night.

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It seems like such a terrible shame that innocent civilians have to get hurt in wars, otherwise combat would be such a wonderfully healthy way to rid the human race of unneeded trash.

-Fred Woodworth


War, War was waged upon them. The second born stolen in the heat of the night, the pink cotton blankets torn from the babies cradle, Launch codes taken from the Assassins.....War.

It's what it all came down to is'nt it? When the most profound killers and murderers have been stolen from, Hell had to be raised. Death tolls would sky rocket and by now, Drift just did'nt give a sh!t.....Death was'nt murder, It was just a five letter word that somebody was going to feel. The back drop of the dark city scape set the scene, the outskirts of paris was where the chateux resided, Esther Cottilard had given the order, an order that Drift most definetly would follow, He'd follow her orders into the very gates of hell itself if she told him so.

Free falling from a window, a drop roll into the alleyways was made, The crack of his neck echoed throughout the town's street, waving his hand, The city lights dimmed and flickered untill they died out with a single snap of his fingers,  His presence made known as he unholstered his pistols. Sirens went off and surrounded the assassin with cop cars abundant........The police stepping foward without hesitation, cursing at the man in there native tounge with guns set to aim.

One shot......

Piercing through the first cop and going through him, and two others, a sick shish ka bob of sorts now left in a bloody mess against a brick wall.

Turning around, His smoking guns thrown aside. One man had witnessed it all, his eyes swollen like a flies, standing there in shock without one word escaping from his lips as he stared into the eyes of the heartless killer and the law enforcers that were now lifeless rag dolls.

Stepping toward the man, A single kunai fell from his sleeve and landed into the Hell fiery one's white gloved hand.

"Sir.......Do you know who I am?"

The man's lip quivering without any idea what to say, his hands shaking in fear he replied

"Svp, je me prie, ne tue pas, j'ai un famille"

Loosely translated to "Please, I beg, Do not kill me, I have a family"

His fingers toying with the kunai in his hand, staring into the man's pupils, with a smirk fixated onto his face

"They're better off without you"

Pulling the small knife across the man's neck, blood sprayed onto The Drifters face which was quickly licked off before he shifted his weight into his legs and propelled himself off the ground, landing directly upon the cop car. A small dent made into the metal as his feet smashed into the blue and red lights. He had to know who did this, The Rightful heir to the throne of the Les Assassins, and the launch codes to missiles that could plunge the world into hell.

Without a word, He disapeared into the night.......with high hopes set that he would find whoever was responsible......and make them wish that they were dead.

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Lying in his bed in the darkness, Jack started thinking, Finally, he had time to do this, the last few weeks had been so hectic he didnt know what to do with himself. His pale blue eyes shown like an enigmatic cat's in the room lain over with night, as he let his mind race and lay back to watch it. His heart slowed as he thought of things he needed to do, and things he still hadnt solved. First, was the entire idea of who'd made him what he was....at birth sent into a world unlike any normal human could know, he was a cyborg....but this had broken his mind in more than one way before.

His memories all seemed like paintings, of what he could remember of them, but one always stood out. In actuality, he remembered the events, but his minds eye made everything a still life when he tried to drag it to the surface again...it made everything an abstract except for her death. He could remember words spoken, sounds heard, things felt and even aroma's smelled, but not what hed seen in memories, and it was like this all the time. He had nothing to go by, and he could barely tell anyone what yesterday had meant to him. Of course, he could never explain these things to someone, it was something that no one else could ever grasp...all the friends he'd lost in time, they understood, but now they were all gone.

His dreams were like cinema's playing in his head, and all of the action in his life seemed to be there....he started to think of having all the happiness in the world with teams he could call family, and then he saw himself actually smiling....smiling. His heart stopped for a moment and he felt like he was fading into the night itself...no, not now.

Waking up, he looked around him and walked down the stairs, slipping on his shirt and cloak, walking down the stairs, only to hear commotion about how their leader, Batgirlbabs, was gone, without a trace. No one knew where she was, no announcements, and this had caused numerous rumours among the various foot soldiers, some that shed been kidnapped, and others that she was dead.  No, he knew neither to be true, it was unlike Lady Esther to fall to someone in the dead of night, and there was no cause for her to have been unlike herself in these moments, even with the rest of the things happening around them as they were.

He trudged down the hallways with the collar of the cloak covering the lower portion of his face up to his eyes, and sat by himself, pondering what these actions would mean. His mind and soul were with this team, and if he could still feel a heart, hed say that was too. There was nothing for him to say about how he had any emotional attachment to anything lately, it had gotten to the point that he didnt care at all about anything, but what Esther wanted. And it was only that because of their background...he owed it to her, like it or not. Though he had no problem with it, it gave him an excuse to become at least somewhat acquainted with one of the most dangerous people on the planet...and he loved seeing what made people work. More so than that, he loved seeing what made them break, but, he made his alliances clear, no one was being betrayed by him in the dark.

Day shifted into night for what seemed relatively quickly as he walked throughout the castle, still admiring the artwork pasted onto its walls, carvings, sculptures, painting, abstracts. things he couldnt name..they were all so thought provoking to him. As he walked down the hallway, he saw one of the fellow members of Les Assassin Silencieux' Le Rose Noir...Precise. He seemed to be, like Jack, in deep train of thought....though what he saw in his eyes, he didnt like. However, he had no way of knowing what his mind was focused on, and it was not his place to judge, as the man walked away from him, passing him down the hall, he stepped out onto the balcony for more fresh air...and more thinking about the child of Gambler and Babs, whom he had not seen recently, either....

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"I can't take this any more" screamed Nightwolf as he stormed out of the initiative. "My professors were useless, the students were failures, the hero community at large offers me nothing but failure"

Nightwolf returned to his home in New York City and when he arrived, there was a small rectangular package waiting for him on the counter. Instantly he knew something was amiss, inside the package there were two items, a list of instructions, and a cell phone. On the phone there was a message. The voice sounded strange, the caller did not want there identity known. The voice said "I understand your annoyance with the heroes of the Vine, they are weak and you, you have something special in you, you are destined for greatness." Nightwolf was intrigued and listen as the voice continued, "In the package I have left for you a list of tasks that you must complete, should you complete them, you recieve another call from me, when the time is right, I'll be watching *CLICK*." Nightwolf decided the voice was right, he needed a change, he could be a darker hero, one who didn't let others stand in his way, one who didn't join amateurish projects such as the Initiative. Nightwolf immediately started on the list of tasks, from taking down major drug cartels to stopping thefts, the list was gave him the time dates and place and was never wrong, whoever had made it up was obviously well informed. Nightwolf was able to complete the list in only a few months and waited for his call.

One night Nightwolf was getting particularly nasty with two thugs who had pissed him off, *CRACK*, broken rib, *CRACK*, there goes an eye socket, when the phone he had kept on him at all times began to buzz. Finally he was getting his call. Quickly finishing off the two pathetic enemies Nightwolf answered with a wary "Hello?" Nightwolfs new mentor responded briskly "Nightwolf you have succeeded in completing all of my tasks, finally it is time for you to begin your real work. I need you to go to Paris, theres been a, disturbance. You may have heard of a group called the Les Assassins Silencieux. You must confront them, take down all challengers, and then only then will you realize your true destiny. I'll call you when you arrive in Paris*CLICK*"

Nightwolf was excited yet frightened, Les Assassins Silencieux were a dangorous foe, the most powerful villians in the world. Nightwolf was however confidant that this event in Paris would change his life forever. When Nightwolf arrived home to his penthouse another small package sat on the counter. "How do they keep getting in here" he thought half grinning. Inside there was a plane ticket, first class to the next flight out of JFK to Paris and profiles on each of the members of the LAS. Quickly Nightwolf packed his bags and prepared for Paris, Upon arriving at the airport Nightwolf quickly boarded his plane, With the long flight ahead there was a lot of time to study the members profiles and plan his moves once he got to Paris. The more he thought about it the more worried he became. These were some of the greatest fighters in the world, with powers beyond my imagination, it's going to take all I've got to take them down, Nightwolf had confidance in the fact that in the past months he had prepared for something like this, he had invented his own martial art. It was a mix between Ninjitsu and Tae-Kwon-Do, and he hoped this unknown martial art would give him the edge he needed.

Immediately after exiting his plane Nightwolf recieved another call. This time the voice did not even wait for a greeting. "This will be the last call you recieve from me as i will be going away. The next time we speak it will be in person. You are to go to the Chateaux right outside of Paris, this is the LAS base of operations. There you will recieve your challange and begin forging your destiny."

Nightwolf made his way to the Chateaux and when he arrived the adrenaline started pumping as he confidantly strode up to the entranceway and told the guards "I am Nightwolf, and I'm here to destroy the LAS." Quickly the guards were dispatched and Nightwolf began running across the grounds searching for a real challange...
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 Besides the pale moonlight shining in the room was almost pitch dark. in the middle of the room lay a baby crib and just a few feet away a rocking chair. Soft noises of a childrens toy dangling above the crib filled the air. Inside the room there was a slight haze as the feral ghost sat rocking back and forth smoking a cigarette. He had almost banished himself to the child's room almost serving as a protector a body guard to the young infant. Ronin knew some day the king of kings would come for his daughter the only question was when. Ronin sat pondering to himself as he inhaled the smoke from the cigarette. he often wondered if he had made the right decision. when he was asked to infiltrate the LAS mansion he was under strict orders to return the package back the pentagon. Ronin did do this but once there he began to question what would become of the child. The answer was simple. To insure that the LAS would never be able to rise again the child would have to be killed. At that moment ronin feared he may have made the wrong decision.

"Do you have the package"the secretary of state asked ronin as he made his way into the conference room. ronin quickly pulled the blanket away from the child's brow assuring the secretary that he did indeed complete his mission. "Sir before i hand this child over to you would it be alright if i asked what was to become of the child?" ronin asked cradling the infant in his arms tightly. Codename ronin you know i cannot answer this but you also know the answer we have to end the LAS with this child! "Sir with all do respect i may have something in my possession that will allow the govt to take action against the LAS without handing over the child!" the secretary slowly pushed his glasses up to his face allowing him to see better "what is it codename ronin?" ronin quickly pulled a file out from underneath the child saying "sir within these files i can prove that the LAS have stolen nuclear launch codes from the US govt!" the secretary's eyes widened as he stared at the file in ronin's hands. "If this is true codename ronin you must hand that file over as it is rightfully US govt property!" the secretary's voice was crisp and demanding but did not even so much as shake ronin. "Sir all that i ask in return for recovering this file is you allow me to take this child and raise her as my own never revealing to her who she really is!"

"codename ronin you know what your asking could put your entire organization at risk as you know the LAS will never rest until that child is returned" the secretary sighed slowly standing up from his chair and walking toward ronin if what you say is true and that file contains the information you say it does then i see no reason why we cannot meet your request! ronin quickly threw the files down onto the table and turned around walking toward the door stopping just as he reached the door. "its all there that should be enough to bring the LAS down!" Ronin then opened the door and made his exit.


the rocking chair squeaked as ronin pushed back in forth taking in a long drag of his cigarette then dousing it out in the ash tray. was this child's life worth putting his team at risk as he has. slowly ronin stood up and walked over to the crib gazing at the child in its slumber. She wasnt even his child yet he felt attached to her. no one could truly understand why but the destines of him in this child were intertwined. 2 times in 2 different realities ronin had risked his life to save this young girl. Slowly ronin turned away from the crib walking toward the door and looking back one more time at the crib then quickly exiting the room. For the first time in two months ronin was calling a meeting. over the past two months risky was left in charge while ronin was left alone to figure out what was to become of the child." All Zero members to the meeting room asap" ronin's voiced echoed over the intercom as he sat in the large room awaiting his teammates.

moments later ronin would speak. Okay team i know i have been distant over the past two months but i want you all to know that the whole time my thoughts were on all of you! we all know that by my keeping this child here i was putting each of your lives in danger and i couldnt forgive myself if one of you were harmed due to my carelessness! So what im asking is id like to know how each of you feel about this and what you recommend doing! does the child staying here worry any of you? Are you willing to give your lives for this child?
Ronin then sat down in his chair and awaited any responses from his comrades.

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Alexandra stood in the shadows of the corner of a dim room. She watched as four men sat around a table, dealing cards with small amounts of drugs upon the top of the wooden oak table, a single light bulb over the table barley lighting the area around them. They sat there playing poker with the cards and the drugs made as the chips. Each man sat on the opposite of the table, throwing down cards and tapping on the table. Each of them barley speaking any words to each other.

Ever since the leader of LaS, Esther, told the entire team of the loss of her daughter and the rightful hare to the LaS thrown, Angelique, and how also some nuclear codes were taken from them. Alexandra couldn’t figure out... who in their right mind would attack a group such as LaS? Who would be dense enough to try and stand against one of the most powerful groups in the world? That’s why she was here, to figure out WHO did this. As soon as she heard the words of Esther, she immediately put herself in her position. If it was one of her siblings that she worked so hard to take care of and provide for... she would do the same thing. She would burn down cities to find them and cause pain and misery to those to rained this kind of pain upon her. Homicide was going to make sure that whoever did this... would pay with their lives.

The four men begin to speak, but in French, a language that Homicide herself didn’t quite understand that well, and yet she stood quite. Dressed in her standard black outfit with her black mask that covered from her neck and up to the bridge of her nose, she stood, her eye's shifting from one man to another, listing very carefully to each word every man spoke. She could see the tension in the men as they looked at their cards, they knew something... they were always around the LaS property, thinking that no one would notice some little drug dealers, but oh... Homicide knew. The five would walk around the entire property, each of them taking some sort of 'shift', one man one day, and the others another day. Rotating them with each other so none of the LaS members would notice it.

About three hours later, they began to speak what she was waiting for.

"A fait vous entendez ce qui est arrivé à LaS?"The first man asked sitting at the left of the table. (Did you hear what happened at LaS?)

"Vraiment, j'ai entendu dire que certains héros sont entrés de force dans leur siège social" Another one said. (Yeah, I heard that certain heroes entered their headquorters)

Just then the older man of the group slambed his hand on the table and stood up. "Ne parlez pas de telles choses ici. Ils sont à la recherche de ces responsables de l'intrusion. Le fait d'en parler juste vous fera tuer!" (Do not speak of such things here. They are in search of those responsible for the intrusion. Just speaking of it will get you killed.)

Homicid's eyes then shift to the last man, he sat there, blue eyes focused on the cards before him as small trickles of sweat began to slowly run his forehead. He then let out a nervous chuckle as he wiped the sweat off his brow and tried to keep focus on the game.

"...him..." she spoke to herself as she slowly reached down the left side of her body and gently grasped her trusty Desert Eagle while her right hand held onto four of her poison laced ninja stars. As soon as one of the men threw down their cards, Homicide attacked. Without word, she brought up her gun and shot at the table with her UV bullet, causing a massive bright blue flash to fill the room and lighting the table on fire. The men jumped up and yelled out in fear as Homicide took this time to throw out her ninja stars, one by one hitting the men in their neck. Blood flew out of their bodies as almost like a domino effect they fell upon the ground. All of them but the one man with the blue eyes. Homicide watched as the man yelled out in fear, covering his mouth with his left hand as he began to back up to the open window. Alexandra then stepped out, the light showing the location of her as her black hair covered the young assassins face.

"Qui sont vous ?" He yelled out in fear.

Homicide put her one gun back and then pulled out her other one that held her sulfuric acid it in and pointed it at the mans head. "English..." She said as she began to slowly make her way towards the man.

"W-Who are you?!" He yelled out with a heavy French accent.

"Dosnt matter who I am..." She said as she watched the man clime out the window, trying to escape her. Homicide sighed as she simply walked through the wall and onto a escape latter that lead up to the roof. As she reached it she could find the man standing with a gun in his hands as well, aiming at her.

"One step... and you die!" he yelled out with a cocky smile on his face.

Alexandra didnt even take a second thought, she took running forward and as soon as she did, the sound of a gunshot rang through the air. But to the mans surprise, the bullet went right through the girl, without causing any harm to her. "DEMON!" He yelled out as he dropped the gun and tried to run, only to feel a sharp pain in his lower legs, the man yelled out in pain as he fell face first onto the roof of the building. He looked back to see two throwing knives sticking out of his legs. He began to cry out, begging for mercy as he tried to crawl away.

"Tell me what I need to know, and I might conceder letting you go." She said as she pulled the man from the back of his shirt. "Who broke into LaS HQ and who took the baby girl!" She growled out as she pulled the man face to face with her.

"I-I-I cant! They will kill me!" The man said as tears began to run down his face.

"I will do WORSE to you if you dont tell me!" She said as she pulled out another throwing knife and held it up to the left side of the mans face.

"Ok, ok, ok!" The man yelled out. "It was a hero group!"

Homicide then slammed the mans body to the roof as she yelled out. "TELL ME SOMETHING USEFUL!" She yelled out.

"Th-they come from America, American heroes!" He said stuttering. "T-they work for government over there, t-they paid to break into the LaS HQ.

"Who is their leader?" She hissed at him.

"I-I do not know! It is a man, with claws, he had a woman with him, working with him." he said as he began to sob. "That is all I know!"

With that Homicide threw the man down and slowly began to phase down into the roof of the building. The man, breathing heavily, struggled to stand as he was ready to make a run for it, until his heart began to pound in his chest, as if burning. He yelled out as he fell to his knees and began to vomit, his body shaking violently as he suddenly couldnt breath, within seconds the man fell over, dead on the ground.

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Among the rooftops of modern day France sat a man, dressed in blood red garbs, face hidden behind a satin cowl. His feet dangled over the brim of the eight story building. Light had scheduled a meeting at this very spot many months ago, foreseen events ruled this decision. His harvester armor imitated a heart as it pulled the energy in and pumped it throughout his body. This living entity provided Light with many resources and expanded his array of powers and abilities. As did the weapon that accompanied it. Light concentrated on the noise that was most likely the footsteps of his attendee. They came fast and had a soft touch, the individual was spending very little time on the ground... the easiest assumption to be made is that the man advanced through great leaps. Fog lay before his eyes, but he was able to catch shimmers of the body advancing on him. Suddenly flashes of lightning struck down where the shadows appeared, they cut throw the darkness of the sky like paper. The strikes were accompanied by adrenaline pumping, clamor of thunder. This tease of the senses would have instilled fear in an ordinary man but Light's pulse remain steady. He sat and watched the display with a stern look on his face, his eyes veiled by the hood he wore. Almost unexpectedly, two daggers escaped the fog, the same moment the blinding lightning struck and the thunder roared. The daggers twirled in the air incredibly fast, the graceful arcs unseen. The daggers flew true and met there targets. They blew past Light's head and made hard contact with a gargoyle at the opposite brow. Light slightly adjusted, to settle in to his seat more comfortably, with his head still bowed, he initiated his declamation.“Kadaj, I refuse to indulge in your idiocy. I call upon you not for dalliance, but for discourse and admonishment. Now if you wish to persist with this foolery I will not cease to make haste and valediction.”His brother stood beside him, arms folded and face convoluted. He dropped down lazily and took a seat next to his brother. His vigilant eyes studied Light's awkward appearance. He mumbled to himself for a second and turned his head to the sky.“Okay Light, I'm all seriousness now. No nonsense. What did you wish to warn me of?”Light leaped off the ledge and the steel soles of his shoes skid along the sides of a parallel building. Three feet above the ground, Light leaped up high into the air, extended his legs and tuck his body in to perform an elegant front flip. He rotated twice and landed on his toes, his feet making almost no sound when they made contact with the ground. Light glanced above and bolted to the side as his brother came crashing down hard. His fist implanted in the ground and cracks in the cement stemmed from that center point. Kadaj, rose up and gazed at Light. The people starred at the two, there tones hushed as they spoke in French about the two. Light shook his head and his attire morphed. The veil disappeared and so did his blood like assassin outfit. It transformed into an exquisite, well tailored, black and white suit. He popped his collar a bit and walked off making a small gesture with his head to beckon Kadaj to follow. Kadaj galloped forward and followed in stride behind Light. “Brother, I fear for you greatly. Our family has been tainted by a grave curse. The curse is death. Everyone in our small family has experienced a most gruesome death, except you. I implore you too avoid alliances with anyone besides yourself. I'd take my own advice but i cannot leave my team, they as much apart of my as any limb or appendage I have. Kadaj, I cannot afford to lose you and though we stand on opposite sides of the idea of justice and what its requirements are you need to know that you are my brother and I love you.Kadaj seemed untouched by this statement. His face held the same look as he glanced at random objects. Kadaj glanced down at his feet and kicked a can that laid off to the side then he looked straight ahead a he open his mouth and words began to drool out. “Light, you are a most peculiar person you know that? I've been with you for most of your life, I've sat by and watched you go through main things that have put you on the verge of destruction. Yet you always seem to endure or survive some way somehow. The same can be said for me. So I have made an assumption. I believe there is something.. a greater being of sorts that has pulled strings in our favor.” He saw that Light was primed to interject so he kept on speaking. “ Think about it, you've been attacked by some of the most powerful villains on the face of the earth and yet you stand here at full health. You even died, but the RULER OF HELL decided to return your life to you. This is not happening by chance. So my advice to you is that from now on you relax a bit and observe. The best leaders not only lead by action but by sound judgment, and the only way to come to a sound judgment is through careful observation... Oh and I love you two..."

A week later...

Light sat in his room, he wore a velvet like armor as he practiced an improvised version of the sword dance. He saw this as the best way to get used to the weight of his Lame De Moissonneuse (Harvester blade). He sheathed the 10 ton blade and placed it on his back. He made his way down stairs and with each step was followed by the clank of his armor. He resembled the samurai of folklore, a god among men. He saw many of his teammates down stairs awaiting there next course of action. Following his brothers word he pulled out a large rag and began to wipe his blade with it, simply to avoid mingling. He watch everyone individually and avoided invading there minds. He wanted to gage whether he had made any improvements in his observation skills since the time he spoke to his brother. If he had, that meant he was ready to step up, be the member that the team needed. Had he not, god help him...   

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For two months the Zero Squad had been inactive as a whole. Every member did their own thing. The Gotham Knight continued his nightly city sweep to rid of criminals. There wasn't much for the team to do. Ronin's order from the Pentagon was to retrieve a package, Esther and Gambler's daughter.  The L.A.S. was accused to of stolen nuclear launch codes from the American Government.

The Zero Squad had been watching L.A.S. very closely over the years. When the heroes and villains united to fight Apocolypse, the Gotham Knight set up surveilance cameras in the mansion. Under his watch in his Batcave, the Gotham Knight could observe what went on in that house. He witnessed a few disputes between the L.A.S. members and a few tortures. Before Ronin left to retrieve the daughter, the Gotham Knight gave him insights of the mansion from his observations so he could safely get through any obstacles.After returning from the mission Ronin stayed in close vigilance of the child, making sure no harm could come to her. It was rare to see a sensetive side of Ronin, but these past months proved otherwise. While Ronin took care of the girl, Risky was appointed as a temporary leader.

Not much came from Ronin. It was as if he never existed. IT was only two months, but it felt like a long time. The Gotham Knight spent most of the time in the Zero Squad Headquarters just sitting in his room, hacking accounts and looking for useful files for his personal reasons. He never talked about his work, even to his teamates. He just outcasted himself when he was not in missions. A voice echoed from the intercom.
" All Zero members to the meeting room asap"This was what the team waited for after all these weeks, a sign that their leader was still alive and breathing. The Gotham Knight already had his proper team attire on so he didn't have to change. He walked out of his room, others could say his business office.

The Gotham Knight was the first in the meeting room. He stood there in a dark corner, not sitting on the table. It was like he wasn't in the room, but once people say those glowing white eyes then they knew the Gotham Knight was there. Soon, the room filled up with active Zero Squad personnel. The senior(literally a senior for his age) member stormed the briefing room and sat.
moments later ronin would speak. Okay team i know i have been distant over the past two months but i want you all to know that the whole time my thoughts were on all of you! we all know that by my keeping this child here i was putting each of your lives in danger and i couldnt forgive myself if one of you were harmed due to my carelessness! So what im asking is id like to know how each of you feel about this and what you recommend doing! does the child staying here worry any of you? Are you willing to give your lives for this child?

Still hiding in the dark corner, the Gotham Knight spoke. "I am no one to talk what we should do with the girl. I am only here to assist the team and serve as an analyst. You can look as the situation in different ways and have the same outcome. You can return the child to her biological parents. It would be safer for the girl, avoiding possible fights with the parents and affiliates. Yes, the parents will be furious. Why wouldn't they? They've missed two months of holding their own flesh and blood. If you keep the girl away from their parent's, they will find us. You know L.AS., they will strike with a powerful punch and will show no mercy for we've done. As long as the child lives, there will always be disasters ahead. Now, killing the child could be the fastest thing to do. But it's a test of moral. How will we look at ourselves if this is done? Are we heroes or are we just like the criminals we fight? Do you think the secret of how the Zero Squad killed Esther and Gambler's daughter will be kept secret forever? And if they find out, what will happen to us? Any choice you will make, endangers us all. I've never questioned our leader's judgement, yet. But I'm sure any judgement made, I will put my life on the table."


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Julia road her skateboard through the backyard of the Z Tower, the young blue team member kept perfect balanced as she kept her eyes focused on the ground while she road. Her mind was wondering on and off back to two months ago, when the team went off to LaS on a mission for the government. Their mission was to go in, take the child of both Gambler and Esther as well as retrieve some codes to some nuclear missiles. She could remember clear as day as the team walked into the Jet and dressed into their black ops suites for the first time.

Two Months ago...

"This.. is SO not my color!" Julia said as she tried stretching out in the outfit. "Well... at least is flexible." she said as she reached out and sighed only to have some black BDU's and a baclava handed to her. "I... have to wear this?" She asked as she looked up at the person giving to her, who simply nod their head, already having theirs on. Julia sighed as she slipped hers on. It was actually much easer to breath and see through them than she thought. "not too bad..." she said to herself as she sat, the jitters starting to crawl in her.

As they made it to their destinations, Julia was placed in a small team with Ronin and Bruce, the three made their way to the roof top of the LAS building and Julia, quickly made her way inside and into the babies room. In her black suit Julia looked around quickly made her way to the crib and looked down at the infant. Julia smiled as she gently picked up the baby, cradling it in her arms. The infant only sneezed as Julia held her close to her. 'Funny how this tiny little baby... is to grow up to be the leader of this group...' she thought to herself as she heard footsteps. Julia quickly made her way out of the building and made her way to the safe point were the others would meet up with her.


Julia stood on her skateboard, no longer moving as she sighed to herself. Was what they did right? I mean... taking a child from her parents... not even really a child, an INFANT... since that night, this had been haunting Julia. She wasn’t sure how to handle it, she couldn’t sleep, or even really eat. Ronin and Risky saw that she was having trouble accepting what they did was 'The right thing to do'. They would speak to her, telling her they did what needed to be done, but... what were they going to do with the child?

For the past few weeks Julia had been helping taking care of the little girl, mostly playing with her, it turned out that little Angelique liked Julia's power of speed. So whenever she became fussy, Julia would strap her on a carrier that would placed Angelique against her chest, run around the Z Tower, and the infant would calm down almost instantly. The young blue girl started to become attached to the little one, and became more and more fearful to what the government would want to do with her... thinking back to the Civil War... it scared her... she remembered back to what they did to her... how the chained her, treated her like an animal and killed her parents. If the government was so willing to kill mutants because they just wouldn’t register... what would they do to the daughter of two of the most evil beings on Earth?!

Julia couldn’t stand the thoughts that were racing through her mind. She was beginning to walk into the Z tower when Ronin's voice was heard through an intercom. "All Zero members to the meeting room asap"With that, Moonshayde kicked up her skateboard and took off into the meeting room. Like always, because of her speed she was one of the first ppl in the room, taking her seat were she always did with a small smile on her face. Then everyone started making their way in. When everyone was accounted for, Ronin began to speak.

"Okay team I know I have been distant over the past two months but I want you all to know that the whole time my thoughts were on all of you! We all know that by my keeping this child here I was putting each of your lives in danger and I couldnt forgive myself if one of you were harmed due to my carelessness! So what I'm asking is I'd like to know how each of you feel about this and what you recommend doing! Does the child staying here worry any of you? Are you willing to give your lives for this child?" Ronin then took his seat and began to wait for the thoughts and comments of everyone.

Just then Bruce spoke from the shadows like he always did, he liked keeping himself hidden but when he spoke... it was strong enough to make an impact on Julia. She sat there for a moment, thinking about what had been said and what had recently been done. It was a sigh of relief that Ronin decided not to give the child to the government, this itself gave Julia some idea that they made the right choice... if they could raise her themselves... she would family. But... was it right to deprive her parents of their own? After all... she just had to think back to the Civil War and it was almost as if the decision was made for her.

"I... I think we should give her back..." Julia said softly. "She already has a family... and yes... their not like us, their evil but... their still her family... her mom... BatgirlBabs... I'm sure she misses her and Gambler... yeah he's 'The King of Kings' but he still has feelings too." she said as she looked down, trying to avoid eye contact. People might have thought her to give full support of Ronin, like she always did, in keeping the child, but... Julia couldnt help it. She then looked up at Ronin and made a small smile. "But... I'm just a kid, whatever you think is best for her. You know I'll back you up, one hundred percent. If needed, I will put my life on the line for little Angelique"

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Cassie just finished UN packing her stuff, she glanced around her room as everything seemed to be in place. The team seemed to be a serious bunch of people, None of them seemed to have the personalities that her old friends had She just sat at the end of her bed, The team seemed to be occupied on events that transpired in a mission before Cassie's arrival. She knew she was officially part of the team but she didn't want to wonder about the HQ, so she stayed in her room looking at her pictures of her past.

She removed her traditional Sparta gear and placed on a more modern outfit as if she was going to take a stroll out on the town, She felt like an orphan in the ZS HQ and she was going to meet with some people who she thought made her feel comfortable. She placed her hands in her pockets and went down the steps, she wasn’t going to say anything to anybody, and she didn't feel she needed to. As soon as she opened the door she heard Ronin; her bosses voice on the loud speaker .
All Zero members to the meeting room ASAP She closed the door and headed for the Meeting room. As didn’t exactly know where it was but she decided to follow everyone into the room.

When she entered the room She saw, batman, Ronin, and Julia who went by the name Moonshayde, At that point and time she didn’t see Risky either, Cassie figured Risky was the mother hen, who preferred tough love over the original. Finally Ronin began to speak what was on his mind.

"Okay team I know I have been distant over the past two months but I want you all to know that the whole time my thoughts were on all of you! We all know that by my keeping this child here I was putting each of your lives in danger and I couldn’t forgive myself if one of you were harmed due to my carelessness! So what I'm asking is I'd like to know how each of you feel about this and what you recommend doing! Does the child staying here worry any of you? Are you willing to give your lives for this child?" Ronin then took his seat and began to wait for the thoughts and comments of everyone.

Bruce spoke first his Tone was stern but he spoke powerfully, HE had the voice that could capture all the attention in the room like he had. Cassie was going to say something next but Julia spoke up next
 "I... I think we should give her back..." Julia said softly. "She already has a family... and yes... they’re not like us, their evil but... their still her family... her mom... Batgirl abs... I'm sure she misses her and Gambler... yeah he's 'The King of Kings' but he still has feelings too." she said as she looked down, trying to avoid eye contact. People might have thought her to give full support of Ronin, like she always did, in keeping the child, but... Julia couldn’t help it. She then looked up at Ronin and made a small smile. "But... I'm just a kid, whatever you think is best for her. You know I'll back you up, one hundred percent. If needed, I will put my life on the line for little Angelique"

Cassie shook her head in agreement but then she had a flash back to about a year ago when she was a part of the Death syndicate, Where she blocked the bullet from killing Batgirlbabs, Cassie looked in shock as she looked down at the little baby, She wasn’t sure if this was the baby she was holding but she was going to voice her opinion.

"Um...uh...I think we should give it back aswell, because if we don’t every villain associated with they will come after us and well they may tear through our own families to get that child back. Think about Alfred Bruce...Think About Sha Ronin much less think about your daughter!" she paced back and forth turning red with rage, She too was a child taken from her mother but she stayed composed and not let herself blow up to much in front of her teammates.

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One Shot looked over the room at Ronin he listened to each comment made and stood his eyes fixed deep onto Ronin. A long time ago when he worked for the government he was asked to take out a target. The small girl was sitting in his sights he could not miss and he made a choice pulling his pistol he shot his handler and walked away from that life. His fist gripped in his leather fingerless gloves as his memory ran over that day and what Ronin had set out to do on his own. One Shots knukles turned white under the pressure as he leaned onto the table. It was the government once again pulling the strings. Once again they dangled missions and twisted lives to fit their own goals. While Ronin we out doing this One Shot had been sent on a Intel mission and now he knew why.

Lifting his head a deadly look entered his eyes “I don’t know who we are” his finger shot out pointing at Ronin “I don’t know who you are anymore. A child a f@cking child was a pawn in all this game. I’m going for a drink you stay away from me or this team will find itself without a leader. ” pulling off his dog tags he threw them  across the table they slid to a stop in front of Ronin “Semper Fidelis” (always faithful) Turning he walked to the door and pushed out of the room.  Once brother in the marine Ronin must have known how this would have effected One Shot.

Turning down the halls he walked passing pictures of wild nights before getting to his room. Where he began to pack his bag, Swearing under his breathe as he threw in clothes mixed with weapons before turning on his heels and heading for the Z tower lift. Had living above the people made Ronin forget why he was doing this One Shot would work this mission he had no where else to go but he would not do it under the leadership of Ronin not till he woke up. Leaving a note for risky the sniper set of once again into the world alone. If the government came after him again he would do what he did best kill them all. After all that’s what they trained him for.

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Northern Georgia (country) - 13:10 

With a wide smile, Bill watched as another one of his M14 mines was triggered in the distance.  To many, the sight of blood, guts and body parts flying through the air would cause disgust and loss of appetite, but to Bill Duggard, legendary mercenary and war hero, this was just another day on the job.  Recently border negotiations between the former Soviet Union and its Southwestern neighbor, Georgia, had broken down and exploded into full on war.  Throughout the years, Old Man Merc had made an immaculate reputation as a mercenary.  He was willing to do anything for the right price and was like a pissed off, rabid badger in close combat situations.  Because of this, nations far and wide contacted him in situations like these, in which the only person who could complete the task at hand was someone with no regrets, who would follow orders to the letter and would do the job so efficiently, that in the end his service was a bargain.  As the mines continued to be triggered by the bumbling Georgian soldiers, the white haired man sat down on a wooden box nearby and began crossing several items off his checklist.  Sabotage Georgian tanks and Humvees? Check.  Secure the borders between the towns of Chukoktla and Tula? Check.  Do it in all under 5 hours? Bill glanced at his elegant Bullova diamond studded, white gold watch, a gift from the president of South Korea for taking out those commie North Korea bastards so effortlessly...Check.

Just then, his cell phone began to ring and vibrate in his vest's pocket.  Without glancing at the caller id, Bill flipped open the small phone and said in a deep, virulent voice, typical of a man 20 years younger, Hello.  The legendary White Ram of Combat tried to block out all the explosions and foreign cursing in the background as he listened on to the person on the end of the line.  Hello?, he said again with the voice that military buffs everywhere had learned to fear.  Finally what seemed like a flutter of papers could be heard at the end of the line followed by a high-pitched, whiny voice.  Mr. Duggard? Bill Duggard?  The last surviving Georgian soldiers were now pulling themselves out of the swampy grass that had served as final resting places for many of their comrades.  Yep. That's me.  What can I do you for?  Again there was a pause before the voice started again, Mr. Duggard, our records show that you have had a long and successful military career.  


Also, that you have accrued quite a substantial fortune by working as a mercenary.  

Can you excuse me for a little bit? Just gotta take out some trash.  The last surviving men were now running and shooting their rifles towards Bill.  Plastered on their faces was a fierce desire for revenge, yet Bill as casual as ever, simply pulled out his custom Type 2 AK-47, (courtesy of the nice folks in the Russian government) and began to shoot away.  Clutching and shooting the gun with one arm, he once again pulled the phone to his ear and answered the last question with another simple, Yep.  as blood splashed onto his face.  The last of the Georgian soldiers was furiously running towards him, with eyes wide open and and a severed arm, the man was fueled only by rage and intent on avenging his comrades.  Old Man Merc sighed deeply and dropped his weapon as the man came at him.  With his one free arm, Bill grabbed the incoming man by the neck and turned him around, he then landed a hard fist on the top of his head and knocked the guy out.  Pathetic, he said as he put down his phone for a second and unhooked a grenade off of his utility belt.  Quickly grabbing the phone, and pulling it to his mouth he said in an almost giddy tone, Just wait one sec, I'll be with you in a moment.  Bill pulled out a thin wire from his left pocket and began tying it firmly around the grenade's ring.  After the wire was tied, he grabbed the grenade and began forcing it inside the soldier's mouth.  It was a tight fit, but after pushing for a few seconds, the grenade went in.  Finally, Duggard tied the end of the long wire around a ring on the back of his vest, picked up his cell phone and began walking away from the downed man's unconscious body.

Okey dokey, Bill said cheerfully as he pulled the phone back up to his ear, I'm back.  After shuffling for a bit, the voice on the end of the line announced,Well, as I was saying, our records show that you were a long time member of the U.S. Army, and that you are successful mercenary.  Suddenly the Georgian soldier that Bill had knocked out regained consciousness and sat up.  As he noticed the grenade in his mouth, he began screaming and fidgeting.

OK?  Bill answered, with a hint of boredom in his voice. I'll get to the point, drawled the man on the end of the line.  For the past 27 years, Mr. Duggard, you have failed to report the full extent of your earnings to the IRS and the federal government of the United States of America.  Because of this, you are looking at a substantial fine of well over nine figures.  The wire that connected the ring of the grenade to Bill's vest, finally reached its limit and tightened, as Bill took another step forward, the wire pulled the ring off of the grenade in the now awake soldier's mouth.  The soldier's eyes widened as the grenade exploded in his mouth and instantly ripped him apart.  A loud boom could be heard behind Bill as it began to rain body parts and a cloud of dark smoke rose into the air.  Bill had done this merely for entertainment but as impossible as it may seem, he had not noticed the loud explosion.  He was in trouble, more than $100,000,000 in trouble, now was not a time to celebrate.  

As he began worrying and wondering how the hell he was gonna get out of this situation, the man on the end of the line again began yapping again, Now, I know it sounds bad, but believe me, the U.S. Military takes care of its own.  We have come up with a proposition for you.  We are willing to throw away and ignore all that nasty, nasty debt, IF you are willing to work for us.  Almost immediately Bill, exclaimed, Yes! I'll do it.  The man at the end of the line smiled so wide that it was almost audible across the pone line, Well, then, that was surprisingly easy.  We'd like you to get to the Moscow International Airport.  There will be a private jet there waiting for you with a change of clothes and rations on board.  Upon landing on U.S. soil you will make your way to your destination and be briefed on your incoming mission.  We expect you to be a great asset to the Zero Squad and hope you'll fit in well with the team.

With that, the conversation was over.  Bill removed the wire from his vest and put his phone back in his pocket.  His facial expression was a mix of anger, excitement, and confusion.  Zero Squad? Team?....Meh.  Bill shrugged as he made his way to his Humvee and began heading out towards his destination.
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The sound of her shots echoes thorugh the room like death cries of fallen soldiers. What was happening lately? She and Ronin had revived the  Zero Squad for a certain purpose: To do Black Ops missions for the Government. And that was what  they did. And they were very good in it. Who else beside them could have entered the Las mansion and steal the heir to the Las throne? Their plan had worked flawlessly. While she and One shot had taken care of the guards in their unique manner Ronin had managed to sneak innto the mansion and take the baby right out of the crypt. But from there on there seemed to be a quirk in the whole thing.

Ronin was never a playful character as all, or even a joyous one. Perhaps that was the reason why they got along with each other so well, opposites attrack after all. But after they had returned from the mansionn he had given the command to her and retreated to his room. Risky didn't have a problem with being the head of ZS for a short time, she was supposed not to have as the second in command and had done this mutiple time. This time was no different. She had no problem but a thick black cloud seemed to hang over the Zero Tower. She could feel it. From the moment on they had brought this child into their HQ this slight despair had taken hold of the members of ZS. And the reason was clear. They were not used to it. Beatinng and eventually killing bad guys was one thing. Abducting a child was another. She could have unnderstood them if it wasn't for this specific case. They were not talking of anyone's daughter but of Gambler's and Bab's daughter, the two perhaps most deadly villains and assassins on earth. What were they supposed to do? Ask for it? Sometimes actions had to be taken and tough choices had to be made. Everything would have been better if she ad a chance to talk to Ronin but he closed himself up in the baby's room and didn't want to speak to her. Not to anyone. He sat just in his room brooding and contemplating. It hurt her to see her best friend vex himself like this. Risky had the feeling that the whole situation was getting to big for her. She was a field commander, not a psychatrist. Maybe she was the wrong for the job. maybe...

" All Zero members to the meeting room asap"

Ronin's accustomed voice got her back into reality. Being too long without action left her being that way. Adenaline boosted was the way she thought best. She tended to get too dark and whiny otherwise. Considering it unnecessary to use the elevator from the shooting range in the basement to the meetinng room on top she just teleported to the meeting room. Finally some actions. She did not know that the sad smiley she had left in the face of the man shaped target that  she had carved with her seven bullets spoke of the things to come.

When she teleported right in her chair she noticed that everyone else was already there. Without a an introduction Ronin started. And she couldn't believe what he said. But a look into his torutred painful eyes told her the truth. He had grown fond of this child. He had seen it as his own. More and more members of the ZS spoke up to give that child back to her parents. She knew Julia loved this child too. Cassie, their newest member, seemed to hide something. Bruce showed another time that he was a loyal mamber to the Squad and a loyal friend to Ronin. But then the bomb exploded.... One Shot jumped to his feet and started yelling at Ronin. Never before has she seen the otherwise jovial One Shot so angry and she hoped not to see that again. it ended with him throwing his dog tags onto the table and storming out of the room. Risky wanted to run after him but the attention of her team mates kept her nailed to her seat. Everyone was waiting for her decision. The lieutnant's decision. This had to get ugly. Risky knew this. she took a deep brath, sighed and spoke with a calm voice:

"I don't know what you expect from me Ronin. Sure, I'm willing to die for that baby... yes. But... I don't think keeping her is a good idea. We will be under connstant attack from Las and every other team that wants to put some pressure on them or us. Far worse, every team that wants to ally with Las will be on our tails. And where to give her when we are on a mission? Who will take care of her then? Who will take care of her when we not return? She will be in constant danger. The Zero Tower was blown up once, maybe it will be a second time. And what do you expect from the rest of us? Getting up late at night to change diapers? Picking her up from school? I don't know about the others but I make for a terrible mother... Look around you: Weapons and alcohol everywhere, heavy drinkers like Acer, One Shot, you and me on this Squad. is this the environment where you want her to grow up? We're soldiers. We can be family to each other, but not to a little girl. Sorry, Ronin. No.

But on the other hand... Give her back to her parents, team? Where do you live? Do you think she will fare better there? Julia, damn her father is GAMBLER! The man who was president and started the Superhuman Registration Act, the very act that got your parents killed. Do you really want to give her back to that man? I wouldn't. She will be raised to be a assassin, a hireable killer so that she can take over the Las at some point. No, I won't giver her there. Sorry again. I say we give her to loving foster parents and see that every proof of that gets erased. But that's not the point right now. by speaking of being family to each other... Excuse me, I'm looking after One Shot..."

That being said she stood up and left the room to head after the famous sniper.
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Zero Squad HQ - 0300 Hours

"Get close." It was the first rule they taught him when he joined forces with Gambler once long ago. "Get close and hope he doesn't think you've betrayed him." Jinx ran those words around in his mind as he tightened on his mask. "This will be close. If he can see through me then it'll be over before it's begun." Jinx shook off the foul thoughts brewing in his mind to make sure he could get his head in the game. It would be a bloody couple of days ahead and he needed to be sure it wasn't his blood that was spilled if this was going to pull off the way he wanted.

As he readied his gear Ronin stepped into his room. "You're leaving." Jinx just finished packing and slung the bag over his shoulder. "We're about to go through one of the biggest take downs in the history of the Zero Squad and you're leaving!" Jinx looked at him coldly from behind his mask. "I told you before I don't do teamwork." He pushed past him and marched down the hall towards the stairs. "How do I know you won't turn on us?" Jinx smiled devilishly inside his suit and let his answer rattle around in Ronin's mind for a moment. "You don't."

Rome - 0900 Hours

Kneeling in solemn prayer in his chambers, Archbishop Ursi gave a final Hail Mary before standing for his third and final meeting with Jean Luc Lebeau. Staring into the mirror momentarily he gave a defining nod before turning back to the trunk in the closet that held a broken body that very closely resembled himself. "Oh pius man of god. Sleep forever and sit at your lord's table." Jinx had done the unthinkable. Murdering a priest in exchange for a step closer to his target. "After all the things you confessed to, this would be your only way to get in to heaven...a technicality." The Archbishop had many hidden agendas, but none so hidden as his lust for young girls. It sickened Jinx so much that simply replacing him was out of the question. "Now, with my voice chip activated the only thing that prevents me from being you is my working back. Rest in peace padre." He said in mockery making the sign of the cross over his body before moving into the inner cloister of the church.

The King of Codes made his knowledge useful and carried in stride the heavy laden tongue of Aramaic. "A storm of angels watches over us Mr. LeBeau. They enthrone your arrival with a glorious thunder, but they alone do not give me the assurance that I seek." He said trying to be as biblically cryptic as his ability permitted. "We of the house of GOD are the carriers of peace and unity. We have no voice for war any more." Jinx heard Gambler speak once more hoping to gain the Vatican as an ally. Even Jinx knew how powerful an ally they would be, but unfortunately for Jean Luc, there was no way that the liar kneeling beside him could promise him anything real.

Jinx stared up at the cross and then leaned closer to his unexpecting foe. "Can you keep our hands clean? Can you promise that we will not be knowingly associated with evil?" Jinx almost wanted to laugh as he spoke the false pleas of a dead priest. He looked deep in thought drowning out any words that the King of Kings spoke to him. "I will have to ask The Lord for guidance, but until I can be sure that you and yours are not going to soil the name of the church I think you know my answer." He was interrupted by the slamming shut of the doors behind them. The Living Legend, only inches from his weapon and an imminent death and then she showed up. He felt a tug from the vocal chip on his neck as it came undone. He knew that the next words he spoke would be his own and not those of the Archbishop. He needed to regroup. He wasn't ready for an all out battle, at least not with the most powerful couple he knew existed.

With a look of disgust he stared hard back at Gambler and nodded, hoping that the message needed no further explanation. He hoisted himself from a kneeling position and walked away back towards his chambers, but not before dropping a microscopic spider drone into the holy water to be his eyes and ears in the room.

Closing the door behind him he waved away the aides that led him to the room and changed angrily staring at himself in the mirror as the faux skin he wore peeled back as he drug his fingers along it. "I had him. I had him right there and he made it out alive." He stared at the torn flesh and red glare from his mask and felt his mind silence letting his anger pass. "Next time. If I have to kill all of them then that is what I will do. That means no more games or warning shots. The time for turning back has passed."

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Lantern poles flashed by his car window every few seconds as he raced down the highway. Releasing a bright light every few seconds and countering the shadow inside his car revealing a grim look on his face every so often. He looked straight ahead as his hand began to move pressing a button near the steering wheel. He put the car on cruise control and leaned back into the comfortable chair. He picked up his mobile phone and began to dial 0856 674348… the phone rang, you could hear the beep throughout the car since it was put on speaker. A voice came through the speaker “Well, well.. look who finally decided to call..”. Precise smiled and responded. “You’re just lucky I guess”.

“So, what is it this time, are your implants acting up again?..” the man asked. “No Alex, you know I’m able to take care of myself.. I’m not that little boy anymore you mutilated years ago.”

“…mutilated?.. You might call it that, but I call it saving your life”.“HA!” Precise let out a chuckle “turning me into a cyborg is saving me?.. But I didn’t call you to argue, you’re one of the few people I can trust and I need some info.. since you still work for the French government you should have access to that kind of information” The man on the other side of the line sighed. “If it wasn’t that I promised your father I’d take care of you I would have already hung up the phone, but since I was so stupid to promise him just that.. what do you need?”

“Not over the phone Alex, you should know better. Meet me at Café Toureaux at the docks”.

“I’ll be……” Just as the man was about to answer, Precise drove through a tunnel, losing his phone connection. He didn’t bother to call him back as he knew the man would be there waiting for him at the café. After a half an hour drive he finally reached the docks. He parked his car somewhere in a remote area careful not to draw attention to himself. With a press of the button on a remote the lights from the car began to flicker and the doors locked behind him. He made his way into the night towards a red light emanating from a neon sign spelling out ‘Toureaux’. As he made his way in, he was careful to scan the area for any fast exits if he had to make his escape. The café was almost deserted, only four men were present. The barkeeper, two men at the bar and one in the corner in the back of the café. It was an older man, with a grey beard and a bald head. He was wearing a black coat similar to the one Precise was wearing. As he made his way towards the man he couldn’t help but smile, this man was like a father to him when his own father was murdered in front of his eyes.

“Don’t get all mushy on me” he joked “Now, what was so important that we couldn’t discuss it over the phone”. The man asked. “You know I’m an assassin, as I was trained to be from a young age. What you don’t know is that I’m part of the LAS” The man tried to intervene “let me finish” Precise said. “I know you tried to protect me from this life, but it’s what I am.. what I was trained to do. And they are my family, just as you are. But something happened, launchcodes were stolen from us.. This could jeopardise both me and my newfound family. I need to know who did this.” Precise didn’t tell him about the baby, it was better he did not know of it.

"Are you mad! This is exactly why your father was killed because of people like you. People who enjoy killing for a living.. I will do this one last thing for you.. but no more. If you chose this life for yourself.. you’re on your own. The only thing I know is that the American Government works together with the French Government to stop these teams, like the one your in. They work together with various teams in the , the most notorious being the Zero Squad. I suggest you look there first”.

Alex’s words hurt him, like no physical pain could ever do to him. The years that he had been tortured by his own government didn’t even came close to the pain he felt at that moment. At first his face looked shocked, but after a couple of seconds his face lost all sign of emotion. “I’m not on my own Alex, I have a family.. And I’ll do what is necessary to keep that family together.”

These were the final words he spoke as he turned his back to Alex and made his way to the door. “Wait.. here, take this” Alex took a Flight ticket from a pocket in his coat and handed it to Precise. “Go now, but never forget where you came from”.

Precise looked Alex in the eyes and took the ticket from his hands “I will not forget” Precise said, as he made his way out the café and towards his car. As he walked through the alley he wondered what he should do with this newfound information, should he alert his team?.. This would surely screw up his plans.. No, he decided to keep this information to himself for the time being.

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Daciana was new to the team, she had just joined up about a week after their crazy mission to go and kidnap the child of Gambler and BatgirlBabs. Ever since she joined, she could feel tension in the air, it felt like a giant bubble was growing, and ready to pop at any second. There were times were she was worried to talk to anyone, afraid they may snap at her for something because everyone seemed to be stepping on glass.

She walked through the Zero Tower, looking around at some old pictures of the formore teammates before them. She wondered what brought them to this team… and wondered why they left. She was meaning to ask Ronin, but never really got to speak with him ever since her one on one battle with him a few weeks ago. Just then as she was ready to walk away she heard the intercom

" All Zero members to the meeting room asap"

As Daciana made her way in she could see everyone was already inside she quickly took a seat and focused on the man before them, the team leader, Ronin. After he spoke, she knew that things were about to get ugly. The Gotham Knight spoke first, then the young Julia, Cassie Strong was next then One Shot who blurted out and stomped off, then the Second in command of the team, Risky. One by one they all spoke what was on their mind, and Daciana was going to do the same thing.

As soon as Risky was done, Daciana took this time to speak up. “I think we keep the kid.” She said not bother to look around, she already knew that everyone must have thought she was crazy. “I mean… look…” She glanced over at Julia. “You say give the kid back… well what do you think Gambler and BatgirlBabs are going to do? Just take her back, say ‘thanks’ and be off their marry way? No! There going to try and kill us, that’s what there going to do.” She then looked over at Cassie. “You say think about the family. Well, I’m sorry honey, but as soon as this team touched that baby, we were set to be on LaS most wanted list for life.” She then leaned forward. “As for giving the child to some foster family.” She made a smirk. “I’m sorry but that’s just not a bright idea as well. You want to give the child of two of the most powerful villains in the world to some… average Joe family? You don’t think that LaS isn’t going to somehow find out about that? Common, lets be realistic here people, this group is made up of some of the most powerful villains on this Earth, you don’t think that one of them can track her down just by sent? Or even by life aura or something? We might as well sign the death certificates to the poor souls who take that child in. Not to mention if she were to develop her powers… then what? You don’t think she’ll have questions? What would you expect those people to tell her? Huh?” She sighed as she leaned back. “As for diaper duty…” She sighed. “You say not to have a child on the team, and yet…” her eyes shift to Julia. “No offense sweetie,” She then looked up at everyone. “But the girl said it, she’s just a KID,  you guys already have a kid on the team. Julia is only what… 13, right? She’s still growing and developing in more ways than one. Why cant we do the same thing with this baby? Why CANT we raise her? Were already one big family, why cant we add another addition to the group?”

She then looked around, she knew everyone must have thought she was crazy, but… she didn’t care, Ronin wanted what she thought, and he got it. “I say, we KEEP the kid."

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Above the Sistine Chapel in Rome lay ancient stone gargoyles that crouched still and watched vigilant as the streets filled and emptied each night and each day.Guardians of one of a kind that stood heartless and emotionless protecting the concrete roads and its travelers.The Chapel was home to the Arch Bishop and the Pope,a castle like structure that towered iver the ancient city and was guarded by the most elite guards in the world,men who have trained for decades just like their forefathers  protected the holy man years ago.They were the most dangerous and would put their life on the line at all cost to save their master,and that's what Akira hoped for as he silently creeped with the Gargoyles and positioned himself above the stain glass window the was directly across from him,a small pause,then the Ghost ran from the ledge and dived into the beutifully painted stained glass,causing it to shatter and flying into the chapel landing on one knee after a graceful dive and roll.Immediatley Guards ran in charging the Phantom Phenom with short swords,the first drew the blade quick and slashed at the head of Akira,with a quick bend Ao brought up his white pistol and blocked  the sword,sparks flew up and the guard was pushed back into the next.

In a second swift motion AO brought his second pistol up and aimed for the chest of the the guard and fired.The bullet left the chamber and ripped trhough the first guard continuing into the second with less impact but just enough fatality to kill them both.The deed was almost done and Akira searched the around looking for anything that might lead him to the truth,any clue that would bring him closer to the man he was hunting,and with a quick look the Komplex Killer found a small clue in the holy water,a spider drone that was almost ivinsible to the naked eye,but Akira was more trained then that,in an instant he noticed who it really belonged to and a faint smile came across his face as he pocketed  the nano sized bug.He paused and holseterd his guns once again,soon turning around and silently whispering to himself.

"That must been the Arch Bishop is dead,and Gambler was here.J1NX,you sly son of a bitch."

As the he looked up he noticed that he wasn't alone,more then two hundred Vatican Guards surrounded the Lone Wolf with weapons.AK-47 was truly ouynumbered and outgunned,but only something like that could bring a smile to the face of Akira.It was the perfect way to die,but today was not a day for the man to die,it was a day to live,and watch his enemies die.

"J1NX,you with me.'"

Akira spoke out to his comrade knowing that he could be heard by the King of Codes.

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In the Zero Tower reside the sorcerer of the renown Zero Squad. Some of the members were here as well. Ztrange lay in his room studying a book on inter dimensional travel through science. He had sometimes longed to return back to his own reality. Just to visit his family. He made himself realized he had a family here countless times, but he could never prevent his mind from drifting off to thoughts of his lovely wife and amazing children. How he used to wake up to the smile of his wife in the morning and greet his kids in the morning. He missed these things as he woke up alone in his room in the Z tower. Or as he walked through the large corridors of the enormous building and heard nothing but complete silence.

Suddenly an announcement came through the intercom in his room.All Zero members to the meeting room asap" Ztrange shut the book close and stuffed it in his drawer. He walked through the door, shut it and made his way to the Meeting area. He walked through the door and slide over to a wall beside it and claimed it as his spot during the meeting. His red cloaked veiled his scrawny figure. His shoulders leveled out as he straightened his posture. He arched his eyebrow, as Ronin pleaded for there input on the matter at hand. The ZS was now in possession of a child. Not just any child... the kid of Assassins. He was fuzzy on the actual name of the group, and who they were exactly. But based on the government files he'd examined and news reports he saw, they were extremely powerful and dangerous. A global threat at least. Ztrange began to thinking hard on this query, when he was knocked off focus by none other than The Gotham Knight, he and others provided there opinions on the matter and they were mixed. One man, became extremely upset and made his way out pretty aggressively. Had Ztrange not been aware the door would have slammed right on him. Then the admirable Lieutenant Risky spoke, her advocacy supported both sides of the argument, and then she made her way out of the room as well to address the problem that was, One Shot. Suddenly another unfamiliar member rose up and spoke. She supported keeping the child.

He took in the accounts and feelings of all the members here. There analysis of the situation really explained quit a bit about them as people. The Gotham Knight, mysterious and loyal. Moonshayde, young and open hearted. Cassie, thoughtful and caring. Risky, leader like and strong willed. One Shot was different though. He was usually a pretty light person and that sudden outburst seemed a bit out of place. Ztrange would hold his thoughts about One Shot off for now. He carefully took a step forward to make himself more prominent in the group. He extend his arms as he began to state his view on the matter. “ Now I'm simply here to observe, I usually don't speak much but I just want to present this idea thats been scurrying around in my head since the discussion started. Now, you all have spoke of how to deal with the baby and how you will protect and give your life for it. But i really don't see how the child is in danger, at least when we are talking about both parties. Neither sides are willing to hurt the baby but yet we and they are more than willing to inflict pain on each other. So in my opinion the baby is second priority. Whether we give the child back or not conflict will still exist and blood will still be shed simply by these actions alone. Another thing I would like to address is, I've study the history of the American government and its, to say the least bit shady. You may rely on them but I would say we should also keep a careful eye on their activity. They have been known to turn on former allies “for the sake of the country.” The last thing I will suggest is that we decide who will be responsible for the child and its protection until we figure out a solid plan on how to deal with this child in the future. We must make haste because I fear that our time of peace is running thin.” With that said The Sorcerer Supreme stepped back, paused and stepped forward. “I would like to offer myself as the child's protector. You may choose someone else if you deem me unworthy in anyway...” With that said he stepped back once again and let his team deliberate on what they would decide to do.    

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Acer had been walking the streets for days before this event was taking place, not to long ago Mobb Deep had disbanded this was because of personal reasons and each member felt it best to go there seperate ways they all knew deep down that this was coming and Acer felt it most of all, he did not want it to end the team he had helped build but with what was going on with each other member he knew it to be best that Mobb Deep faded like many other teams before it. Acer had lost contact with all members all except his love Prima but he had no idea of what had happened to the other's, now he had no team and the dark urges inside of him were taking over him more and more as each day passed by. Acer felt it best to give into these dark urges and he let go of that little voice saying kill and thats what he did he went back to his assassin roots and for two days he took out selected targets from annonymus contractors but something ddnt feel right to him and thats when he realised perhaps giving into the darkside was the wrong choice perhaps the right choice is controlling force the darkness to fear you not the other way round. Acer knew he would need help and he went the only place he felt like was home to him Zero Squad it was the one place in these dark days were he could have fun get wasted and chill with friends and after along talk with Ronin about everything he was asked to join.

The events leading up to this point Acer had not been there for the taking of the baby and events even before that Acer had not been there he had been briefed as to what was going on but with personal issues his mind was on other things mostly his own child and the man he may one day become. Acer sat in the corner of the room leaning his back against the wall resting his head n the cold concrete legs crossed sitting there while other members sat in chairs or stood tall he sat there for some reason the cold hardness felt good made him feel like things were easier when really him and his new team were facing a dilemna and a conflict of what to do with the young child. Acer listened to the voices of each mebers opinion keeping his eyes on the next person to speak but his own eyes were covered by black tinted glasses.  The Gotham Knight was taking the logical route in all of this looking at all the different aspects of what would happen with each choice made, Julia and Cassie both wanted to give the child back One Shot a man who Acer saw as a light hearted guy and one of the few to drink Acer under the table stormed out showing his frustration of the childs taking, Risky wanted to give the child up for adoption and a girl Acer did not recognize wanted to keep the kid each person voiced there opinions each making a case just as good as the last.

Acer stood up and adjusted his black gloves and ran his hand through his thick black hair before looking around walking in a straight line his coat moving with him he knew most would have been suprised to see him like this sober any other time he came here he was drunk or passed out but not today he had not touched a drop in a couple of days he had went back to training to become a prime fighter so his new team would have the best. After listining to what each person had to say he could see that each case had there strenghts and weaknesses but the biggest part in all of this no matter what happens with the child a war between LAS and ZS will always reign untill one team is dead won to the last member so even if the child goes home the villains will always find away to attack the heroes and any option they make today will always result in a battle but now a child is stook in the middle an inocent child with no conept of what is going on and she is the reason today why this meeting was taking place why One Shot stormed off and why LAS will be out to get revenge she was the reason but it was not he fault it was there own fault they had brought a child deeper into a war a war she had no right being involved in. 

It does not matter what we do with the child she has no right being apart of this, we give her back she lives a happy life with her real family raised surrounded by evil and death and one day she grows up to be the threat to this world just like her mother and father is now, we give her back the King of Kings and his wife will always find away to attack us weather it be out of revenge or a reason entierly different. Now we give the child to the goverment how long do you think she will last they will kill her or much worse the goverment runs much deeper then any of us know. The child goes to a foster family the LAS will find her one way or another and they will take her and kill the family she was with. We keep her and the LAS will hunt us untill they get her back they will not stop and we took a child how many heroes will be to happy and the goverment will be after us any choice we make at the end of the day a war will break out but i want that child safe ive seen how you treat her Ronin how you look at her you want her safe to you look at her like she is your own but like i said each choice has its good and bad parts but i am not making the choice involving that child i will leave it to the rest of you.

With that said Acer made his leave going into the main room and sitting down he sat there listining to his ipod knowing that the desicion may take a while and he respected what ever was going to be done but he coud not be there to watch the life of a child being tossed around he had his own family to worry about but he knew deep down that this was not the end.


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As he stared at himself in the mirror he began to hear the sound of gun fire from outside the Archbishops chambers. Rising from his seat he began to tear the rest of the costume off in huge chunks as he tossed a plasma charge at the door.


He counted in his head as he charged his wrist-mounted ion cannons.


He turned on his force shield.

"..3...screw it!"

He said as he burst into a sprint towards the door and fired a concussive blast at the explosive charge sending the door shattering into tiny spears of wooden shrapnel in all directions. Sliding along the floor as the splintered door shot like miniature arrows about the room he saw Akira, the Death Dealer, and the guards that were beginning to fall around him from the explosion. Despite the chaos, Akira seemed unmoved, as though he knew Jinx would have blown the door from its hinges. That is what it meant to have two trained killers working side by side.

Letting the momentum carry him to his feet he slid up and inbetween the encroaching ranks of armed guards and the body of his partner in more crimes than he could count. Neither one of them needed to speak a word. They both knew the score as Jinx began to unleash of a barrage of ion blasts into the crowd cutting a deep gash in the ranks of men that still stood. The men around his latest victims summoned up a great bravado and rushed him in an attempt to contain him. It was the first time in a long time Jinx had to fight with his hands, but thanks to countless hours at the barrel of Akira's gun, he had learned to fight smart. As any sign of Jinx was lost beneath the crowd of armed men a low humm revirberated off of everything in the room. A squeal of pain came as a man rocketed off of the pile and then another as the Master of Mecha's fist broke through.

"He killed the Archbishop!" A voice shouted from the chamber room. Tightening their grip on the body of the Cyber Assassin, he groaned as they began to attempt to rip him apart. Tiring of this game of tug of war with his body the Digital Demigod sent a surge of electricity through his suit sending his assailants flying in all directions. Kneeling on the ground still crackling with energy he cried out. "Don't you dare put your hands on me again, you feeble minded pawns! One move and I show you what hell looks like up close." As the men began to rise to their feet they found themselves under the targeting lasers of the spider drones Jinx had hidden throughout the church. "Styles! Are we on the don't kill the church side or the kill the church side of the fight this time?" He said backing up to where Akira had stood before to stand covering his rear. "Please say it's the latter."

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Standing at the very edge of the airplane straightway Esther looked at Jean closely, analyzing his every facial feature; every scar on his face through tinted black sunglasses. The sun made its descent in the horizon behind them. They stood quietly at first, not knowing what to say until-
"I've missed you, you know."
"Dis feels like a scene from an old movie Chere...you're favorite."
Esther laughed.
"I worry one day I won't wake up from my slumber, and never get to see you again. Never hold my baby...That I'll be killed in my sleep-"
He put his finger to her lips and chuckled softly.
"Dat, is furthest from reality Chere...that will never happen. You have the most impenetrable security system on the planet...Oracle will always protect you,...and I will forever avenge you."
He took her hand in his and brought it to his lips gently.
"Thank you Chere. I'll find her, I promise." He turned on his heel and entered into the private jet alone. Esther stood behind some great distance away, watching and waiting as the jet plane door closed and the plane took off. Her silk scarf blew in the heavy gust of wind created by the plane's take-off. Entering the black vehicle, she leaned back into the seat of the car and watched as it disappeared in the distance.
Pulling up outside the Inn she walked up to her room silently. Turning the key and opening the door in one heavy push, the door hit the wall and Esther stood back. Years of training had taught her never to walk into a dark room without security clearance. She was taught always to be careful. Lights flooded the room and she looked around. Everything had seemed normal at first. Her eyes narrowed. Never sleep in the same room more than one night. That means tonight. She picked up her bags and left. The hotel room door swinging behind her.


This had been more than just a week of heavy traveling and you could almost see it wearing down on her face. As she woke up and stretched out in the King sized bed amongst the satin sheets she walked into the bathroom and began to run the water to the bath. Geneva had some of the loveliest hotels in the world. As she walked onto the balcony overlooking the city streets she held her robe close to her waist. Her long dark hair falling to the side of her body as she squinted at the morning sun.
"Gerard, call the car and ensure that it is waiting for me. I won't be long."
Gerard walked in and set the carafe on the metal table next to the ceramic mug and pitcher of milk. He stood by his mistress looking out across the city. Watching as the cars passed by in the heavy morning traffic. Horns beeping and the distant sound of birds chirping. Geneva was by far one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
"I am worried for you Mistress. I worry you won't make it...won't be safe."
Esther laughed and shook her head, running her hand down his arm. Gerard had been there with her through so much, from the very start. So many times had he stepped in the line of fire for her protection, and taken the bullet so she didn't have to. He was the most loyal of companions, and had saved her life as well as her Uncle's on more than one occasion.
"Are you sure I cannot come? You will not need me?"
Esther sighed. "Gerard, if you came as my guard, it will look much too obvious. You stay here with the rest of my men. I will not need protection today, I will simply use the United Nations forces that will be provided for my protection." Esther walked passed him with the cup of coffee in hand and shut the bathroom door behind her. Gerard stood and watched her leave, running his hand through wisps of grey hair, he could feel his stomach turn.


She adjusted her suit, and smoothed the wrinkles of her pencil skirt. She looked ahead, removing the large sunglasses and placing them at her side into her purse. She made her way up the red carpeted steps and stood in front of the  council of 8. One diplomat for every major country.
"Esther Marion Cotillard LeBeau, how do you plead?"
Esther adjusted the height of the microphone.
"Not guilty sir."
The council members whispered amongst themselves and the representative from the United States rose from his seat.
"Sufficient evidence has been presented proving otherwise."
Esther laughed loudly and covered her mouth with her gloved hand. "I am sorry sir, Je sui desolet...I mean no disrespect, but...the so called evidence the lead detectives and the attorneys hired out by your american government are absolutely ludicrous. Do you fully realize how many international rights violations your country commited against MY COUNTRY? As the lead foreign diplomat to the French govenrment I must say the actions of your government are despicable and disgusting. First, you hire a covert organization not attatched to your government to come into my home, violate french international laws by sneaking into France with false papers, ransacked my things by breaking and entering into my home, stole personal infrmation from my private quarters, kidnapped my child...would you like me to continue? I am an extrememly powerful woman. I was born into wealth and prosperity and here you are, placing me on trial. I have sufficient evidence for my defense, and I was framed by an organization known to the world as Mobb Deep. They broke and entered into my home and implanted false information into my comuter databases. I then discovered that they tipped off the American CIA and apparently it snowballed from there..."
The room broke in silence.

As Esther withdrew from the courtroom she felt a beaming confidence from within her. It was an adrenaline rush, nothing could be better than this moment. She had in one morning, deceived seven of the eight members of the leading nations of the world, and bypassed an international screening that would have made any other leader of an international terrorist organization sweat bullets. But not her. Esther Cotillard had proven herself on the world stage that she was more than just a fragile looking woman in Prada shoes. She was a sly, manipulative assassin and a great leader. As she stepped into the bathroom she washed her hands and looked deeply into the mirror. She closed her eyes and took a sigh of relief, allowing her body to collapse on the sink, hanging her head low, allowing it to touch her chest. She had won, at least this part. Now the American government would look foolish and the French government as well as the LAS would be seen as victorious. As she opened her eyes again her gaze caught a dark figure in the shadows reflected in the mirror. In one quick movement, she could feel herself gasping for air as a black bag swooped over her head and all she saw was darkness before being dragged away out the back door...

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Sebastian walked the stone path to the outside grounds of his mansion fully geared up with everything he would need. Before pressing a small button on his wristband which caused his scimitar (which had been completely invisible to the human eye and any radar system) air ship to fade into reality like a Mirage seen by desert travelers who had lost their sanity in the mass heat of the deserts only a few being able to go forward with their last ounce of willpower and live but with a traumatizing experience that would forever lay in the minds of the unlucky traveler. Sebastian walked up the metal boarding ramp of the scimitar airship and through the rooms which populated the ship all the way into the cockpit of the ship. Sebastian took a seat on the leather pilots seat quickly closing up the boarding ramp and the stands of the ship which let the ship stand well when landed. After a short while Sebastian's ship blasted through the air of Gotham City at insane speeds in which the surroundings were barley visible and life seemed to race by. Mere minutes after departing Sebastian had already landed and was racing over the Atlantic Ocean shortly after wards stopping over the French City of Paris many many feet over the Eiffel tower. Sebastian hit another button causing the cockpit of the airship to burst open and quickly crawled out of the ship perching himself on the edge of it. Sebastian turned himself backwards before doing a swan dive right off the ship diving through the fluffy clouds that polluted the morning sky before forcing himself into the top of the Eiffel Tower using his hand to hold him into place and his legs as a kick off and a base for his next dive.

Sebastian pushed himself off falling for miles and miles before pulling out a small rope and quickly prepping it. Sebastian quickly threw and successfully latched the black rope onto a construction beam which sent Sebastian flying (after letting go of the rope) and landing gracefully on a small apartment building. Quickly jumping off the building Sebastian landed in a small part of Paris where a law enforcement officer approached Sebastian. monsieur we cannot let you past these boundary's unless we see a passport. The man spoke English quite well and guessed that costumed men and woman were sometimes thought to be heroes. "Hmmm oh yes of course let me just...."  Sebastian pulled out a pistol and before the man could speak raise his hands or even blink a bullet had found its way through his skull and lodged itself inside his brain almost in slow motion the man gurgled blood and Sebastian watch it pour out of his mouth and the bullet hole as he fell to the ground with a thud.

Sirens roared through the air as two police cars screeched again the pavement coming to a halt with two cops coming out of each and pointing their guns at Sebastian. Sebastian raised his hand up in the air and let his force feild generator create a bolt of pure force usally ment to knock opponents back or injure them by knocking them into Something. The force Feild bolt collided with one of the cars fuel tanks at first only leaving a large dent but seconds later causing a small explosion with flames roaring through the air and chunks of debris knocking down lamposts and other small items and killing three of the four cops the other one knocked out with burns and sharpnel slowly bleeding out on the ground.

Sebastian made his way outside of Paris and to the LaS mansion grounds where the kidnapping of Angelique had taken place after the Zero Squad had been ordered too by the goverment this is low even for them Sebastian thought to himself before making his way to the room where the kidnapping had taken place.

There was nothing not even a mere fingerprint there was no way to know if they would strike at LaS again or if LaS would merely go for a frontal assult. Sebastian made his way outside and walked along the freshly mowed grass before coming upon a man who had been wandering around the grounds who seemed ready for a fight. The man looked like Nightwolf but until now Sebastian had thought of him as merely an urban legend that ran through Gothams Underworld he had killed the guards of the mansion which ment he was an enemy of LaS and made him an enemy of Sebastian.

"Hello there" Sebastian said in a casual tone as he ripped the pin off a grenade and tossed it at Nightwolf "Ready for some fun?" Sebastian said with an insane smile and a half laughing tone...

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ronin sat in his chair his elbows firmly placed on the table and his hands pressed against his cheeks. At this moment ronin did not seem like the cool calm and collected leader he had on so many occasions. He had put his team in danger and put the life of an innocent child in danger all at the cost of what he thought to himself. He could not explain to the team why he would bring the child into their house they simply wouldnt understand. ronin was from a different deminsion and had crossed over from another reality before that. two times he put himself in danger to protect this child was her life worth a third time. Better yet was her life worth his whole team's lives. for ronin the answer was simple. He knew what power this child had and who she would grow up to be underneath the likes of the LAS. a cold blooded killer. most of the Z team would not have to face off against this child because they would grow old and no longer be able to perform their duties. but for ronin he had a long life ahead of him and knew that if this child was raised by the hands of esther he would indeed have to face off against her in the years to come.

Ronin sat and listened to each member of his team. some had been around since the beginning and some were still green. But they were still his teammates and no matter what ronin would give his life for each and everyone of them. They were all valued members of the Z team and each one of their opinions mattered and would be heard without argument from ronin. This was a very hard decision to make on his own and even harder to make with the mixed feelings of his team. The gentle moonshayde pleaded with ronin to give her back but had she forgotten who infact was the reason her parents had been killed. One shot showed anger toward ronin for the decision he brought before him and stormed off. This was the hardest one of them all to deal with. Ronin knew why one shot felt the way he did but believed he would see why taking the kid was the right thing to do. Then there was his LT. A strong woman who ronin confided in more than almost anyone he knew. some could argue that he trusted her more than his own wife. When risky spoke up ronin listened carefully he was almost depending on her to come up with the right solution. But her arguement was flawed. giving angel over to a safe and happy foster family sounded like the perfect solution but just as daciana and Ztrange argued he knew that no matter what the las would find her. Cassie had agreed with julia but not in the way he had pictured her. cassie was always quiet and kept to her self but this time she sounded off with anger arguing what we had done was wrong no matter what the reason. bruce had also acknowledged his support for what ever decision ronin would make.

Before ronin could stand up and give his answer his presidential phone began to ring. Quickly he answered it. Only one person had the number to this phone. It was a direct line from the president to his go to guy. "Yes mr president?" ronin answered while some of his teammates sat and waited for him to tell them whats up. Moments later the conversation ended with a yes mr president and a click. Ronin looked up at what was left in the room of his team. The president just called to say that things didnt go over as he had liked at the meeting of the 8. He requested that Me and a few of my team be at his press conference to address these issues. Ronin quickly looked around scanning his teammates. he would have loved to had one shot and risky at his side for this occasion. not because they were his most trusted teammates but because they were both former military people and knew how to act and perform for one of these occasions.  But he knew he couldnt ask his friend to come along for this mission one shot expressed his feelings toward ronin and asked not to be bothered and ronin would do just that. He would have to leave risky at the Z tower to take care of business and perform the leadership role in his absence. That left julia,cassie,acer,deja and Z to select from. "Acer and Z your with me the rest of you perform your usual duties and keep an eye on all monitors so you can see the address for yoursleves and be ready for what ever comes up!" ronin didnt like choosing between his teammates but he had his reasons for not bringing the others along weather it be because of age or appearance or just worried that they would not have their heads ready for what was to come.  Quickly ronin readied himself dawning a military dress attire his old dress blues and a mask to cover the lower portion of his face to hide his burn scars he had acquired saving the life of angel in an alternate reality. Crimson goggles covered his eyes and his dress blues cover sat rested on his head as he waited downstairs for ace and Z.


ronin and his teammates walked into the makeshift conference room after several security clearances. The Z team had class A clearance to get into any place the government had and these helped to rush their entrance along. Inside the large room the president welcomed ronin and his teammates ronin with a salute and the other two with a firm handshake. most people didnt trust the government nowadays but for the first time in over 30 years the US had a honest and trust worthy president capable of making the right decisions and governing the US country. the press conference would begin shortly and ronin explained to both Z and acer what their jobs would be and where they were to be at during the conference. "Codename ronin i have somewhat i would like for you to meet his name is codename boom and i would like for you to take him into your organization. I beleive he will be a valuable member to your team and a trust worthy companion" the president said just before he was to go on stage. Ronin saluted the new comer and followed the president on stage standing just a few feet to his left. camera men and news journalists filled the large room to full capacity. lights flashed and voices sounded off in a disorganized manner. ronin stood at parade rest his feet spread just a few feet apart and his elbows extended out and his hands clasped behind his back. for a second he looked over to the left of the stage to see his teammates and give a thankful nod for being there with him.

"Ladies and gentlemen the president of the united states" the secretary said signaling for the crowd to quiet down. "Dis morning at 0800 hours me and the united nations had a hearing with the leader of a terrorist organization. after a long discussion and several harsh words she was found innocent of all charges. Some of you may ask what these charges are and what proof we had and how we acquired this proof. All i can say is that an organization outside of the United States found proof that this terrorist organization had stolen launch codes from our very own backyard. these launch codes are very high security nuclear missile codes that could be fired off or detonated from our own country. We all know the damage these nukes could cause and i assure you that all defensive measures possible have been taken to make sure these nukes were deactivated. The problem is this. This terrorist organization may also have several other stolen launch codes from other nuclear power country's. After she left i held a meeting with the united nations asking permission to go in and recover these codes. We were turned down after a few votes said that it was against world law. So i ask you this. Do you feel safe knowing that a high powered terrorist organization has the ability to wage a nuclear war against us or our foreign brothers? I say NO and that these terrorist need to be brought down and the codes recovered. After some help from our US ambassador we have recieved permission from 5 of the worlds powers to declare war on france until they give over the terrorists or they are killed. Unlike in the past this war is not fought for oil or money. this war is fought for the safety of our country and world. with terrorists like this group running around and france backing them 100% they easy attack us or another country with the press of a button. I say we strike before they can. We will not wait around like a bunch of scared patriots for one of our towers to be brought down or for our pentagon to be destroyed. We will Not wait for them to attack us and then retaliate. No We are the united states and we will show the world that we are not a country that will just turn the other cheek. We will not stand for terrorists or threats. Today at 1800 the united states has declared war on france until they turn over the LAS!!!!"

the president then turned around and walked off the stage denying any requests to press questions. Ronin also followed the president off stage. With his last step he turned to his teammates saying "this war ends tonight!!!"

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As Gambler de-boarded Esther’s Citation X class private jet, an entourage of six black Aston Martins where there to meet him. His bags where carefully secured before getting underway. It had been months since Gambler had seen any of the Les Assassins Silencieux or the luxurious Châteaux he once called home. During the flight his mind had run through countless scenarios trying to narrow down the possible suspects responsible for his daughters abduction. He had already ruled out several individuals such as Final Arrow and Kurrent. Had it indeed been a newly resurrected Arrow, the child would have simply been killed with no attempt at masking the heinous act. He would have wanted Esther and Gambler to know it was him. And with the recent decommissioning of Mob Deep Kurrent seemed an unlikely candidate as well.

The King of Kings focus shifted  as the caravan of luxury cars pulled around the center circle in the front of the LaS mansion. Armed guards where strategically stationed throughout the area, each one linked up to Esther’s pride and joy, the Oracle. The single most advance piece of artificial intelligence ever created. The entire Châteaux was intergraded with its programming making the assassins home virtually impregnable. Which meant whoever had managed to slip in and out undedicated would have had  to be unequaled in the field of electronics.

Gambler’s long black double breasted Armani overcoat flowed behind him as he made his way inside the main hall of the LaS mansion. Priceless pieces of art lined either side of the hall while beautifully hand crafted sculptures of former LaS members looked on. After hanging his coat and taking a quick look around the King of Kings started up the long twisted staircase towards Angelique’s empty room. Blood stains where still visible on the summerset ivory rug, a grim reminder of what had transpired months earlier. The room looked as if it hadn’t been disturbed since the abduction but Gambler knew the assassins had gone through and searched high and low for any clues left behind.

With each passing day the hopes of ever finding Angelique where drastically reduced. Tears began to form in the ruby red eyes of the LeBeau Legacy as he gently rocked the empty crib back and forth. However Gambler refused to let himself cry. His daughter was out there somewhere and feeling sorry for himself wouldn’t help the situation one bit.

“Oracle” he said with a raspy voice.

{yes Jean Luc}

"Play back all audio and video surveillance dee night Angelique was taken”

{I’m sorry, unable to comply. My files have been corrupted.}

“How is dat possible? Only one or two people in dee world have dat kinda comput……..”

Gambler paused mid way through his sentence. His eyes began to sharpen as his hands balled up into fists. During his days on the run Gambler had formed an underground group of refugees named the Outlawz. It was the first time he met the Cyber Assassin Jinx. A technopath with unequaled and amazing abilities. If Oracle had indeed been hacked, only the King of Codes would have the skill an know-how to perform such a feat.

“Oracle, I want you to broadcast a message to all LaS members over a secure line. Tell them I know who has Angelique. And that they are to meet me at the asap.”

{As you command Jean Luc}

Without hesitation Gambler headed out back to the LaS launch pad. After securing the headset and flipping several switches on the dash the chopper’s metal blades began to spin feverishly. Gusting up wind and lawn debris before taking off. Had the King of Kings been thinking rationally he would have gathered the LaS and converged on the Z Tower as one cohesive unit, had he been thinking rationally.

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Matina lay in the bed watching her power rangers, she was content and to herself, while she was indeed a part of the Zero Squad; her mother said she was too young to engage in any activity. She sat on the bed arguing with her little brother Diego about which color power ranger he could be. "NO PINK IS THE GIRL COLOR AND THAT'S ME!" She jumped up and down angrily.
She heard her dad come over the loud speaker instructing all members of the ZS to come to the meeting room.

Matina got up and made her way instructing Diego to stay where he was. She walked down the halls and into the room where it had seemed some action had already went down. The whole team was there Julia, Risky, RONIN, Acer, One shot, Ztrange, Daciana, Cassie; all of them were in the room arguing about the baby who was in the hands of Ronin. She looked up and Saw One shot and Risky exit.Matina’s most inner emotions were building inside her mind was young and naïve she thought this baby was her sister she didn’t understand what they meant by give it back.

Matina wanted to say something but she didn’t want to look weak in front of them team and more importantly her father. She had heard someone mention Gambler and Batgirlbabs; it seemed her parents had run in with both of them, finally her mind clicked the baby wasn’t her little sister, it belong to Batgirlbabs. She wondered why her father spent the last few months caring for a child that wasn’t his, but then again she knew why, the war between the Las and the Zs didn’t involve this child…..at least not in her infancy. Matina stepped up to speak and as soon as she did the phone rang her dad addressed the person as MR.PRESIDENT .Her dad informed the team that the meeting didn’t go as planned and know he and a few of the ZS members were going to do a press conference. She saw her dad scan the room he was obviously looking for someone to take with him he finally chose Ztrange and Acer and quickly left to get dressed as he left Matina yelled BY DADDY! But she wasn’t sure he heard her. She went back up stairs to her room and continued watching her Cartoon’s.

She eventually grew tired of the Toons and began flipping channel’s when she saw a reporter names Miss Lopez on breaking news special.

ML: We breaking News the President of the United States will address the union. Were going live to him right now

"Ladies and gentlemen the president of the United States" the secretary said signaling for the crowd to quiet down. "Dis morning at 0800 hours me and the united nations had a hearing with the leader of a terrorist organization. After a long discussion and several harsh words she was found innocent of all charges. Some of you may ask what these charges are and what proof we had and how we acquired this proof. All I can say is that an organization outside of the United States found proof that this terrorist organization had stolen launch codes from our very own backyard. These launch codes are very high security nuclear missile codes that could be fired off or detonated from our own country. We all know the damage these nukes could cause and I assure you that all defensive measures possible have been taken to make sure these nukes were deactivated. The problem is this. This terrorist organization may also have several other stolen launch codes from other nuclear power countries. After she left I held a meeting with the United Nations asking permission to go in and recover these codes. We were turned down after a few votes said that it was against world law. So I ask you this. Do you feel safe knowing that a high powered terrorist organization has the ability to wage a nuclear war against us or our foreign brothers? I say NO and that this terrorist need to be brought down and the codes recovered. After some help from our US ambassador we have received permission from 5 of the world’s powers to declare war on France until they give over the terrorists or they are killed. Unlike in the past this war is not fought for oil or money. This war is fought for the safety of our country and world. With terrorists like this group running around and France backing those 100% they easy attack us or another country with the press of a button. I say we strike before they can. We will not wait around like a bunch of scared patriots for one of our towers to be brought down or for our pentagon to be destroyed. We will not wait for them to attack us and then retaliate. No we are the United States and we will show the world that we are not a country that will just turn the other cheek. We will not stand for terrorists or threats. Today at 1800 the united states has declared war on France until they turn over the LAS!!!!"

Matina quickly changed the Channel and then looked over at Diego who was playing with a piece of lint. Her mind had seemingly adapted to what had transpired and her age seemingly accelerated. She got up and went to her father’s room where her mother had put her Mission uniform. She was able to unlock the code to the chamber…and there they were the uniforms of her mother she started to take the red and blue super outfit, but she didn’t want to be her mother, so she took the black leather costume and took it to her room to make some alterations.

She went up stairs and shortened the Outfit and made it so it was a perfect fit for her. She looked over at Diego and said. IF SOMETHING HAPPENS TONIGHT…RUN MOM, DAD, OR MYSELF WILL FIND YOU. She went into the bathroom and cut a mark on her face and then bathed his face in her blood. This was so she would be able to find him if need be.

Matina didn’t know how the team was going to take to her declaring herself active against her mother’s wishes but this wasn’t the time for that. They had to worry about protecting the people and what’s more...Themselves.

Matina entered the room with new found confidence and began to speak to the member that was focused on the monitors: I KNOW I’M ONLY 11 YEARS OLD BUT I WAS BORN A WARRIOR AND I WAS BORN TO FIGHT,THAT’S MY NATURE SO PLEASE ALLOW ME TO FIGHT WITH YOU. She felt little dumb but she meant every word She slowly sat down at a monitor acting like she hadn’t drawn attention to herself.

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Ding, Dong“All passengers of flight 45 to please board now” It was time, Precise gave his ticket to the stewardess as he boarded his plane heading for . Thanks to the information he got from Alex, the Zero Squad was the first place he would look. He walked towards the first class part of the plane as he looked at the numbers on the back of the chairs.. 36..37..38..39 There was his seat. He took out his PDA from a pocket inside his coat and placed his coat besides him on the chair. It was time to find out some information about the Zero Squad. The LAS had extensive files on most teams throughout the world. The Zero Squad was no exception. He logged on to the network and all kinds of information appeared on the small screen. It showed the location of the Zero Squad tower and a couple of the members… Ronin being the leader, he had an extensive record of service. It was actually quite impressive. This wasn’t the kind of team where you could just walk in and out of their hq, as he did with some ‘lesser’ teams.

The files on this team weren’t very conclusive. It missed quite some data.. This could prove to be troublesome, Precise wasn’t the kind of man who would just walse in somewhere without properly assessing the situation. He preferred to take his time for any action he undertook. His arm stretched out and he moved his finger towards a button above his head “bing!” a sound rang and just a couple of seconds later a stewardess stood besides him. She was quite a looker, long legs coming down from her short skirt. He raised his left eyebrow and stared her up and down. “Can I help you sir?” the women asked. “Well hello hun.” The women smiled shyly at Precise. “I’d love it if you could get me a brandy..”

“I suppose you’d like a cigar with that?” The women said mockingly. Precise smiled and gave her a wink and send the women on her way. No time for distractions now. Hours passed by.. he kept studying his opponents, things they had done, their strategies.. as much as he could find out about them.. He looked at the route the plane flew and where the Zero Squad was. His eyes widened.. this was definitely his lucky day. The plane was about to fly directly over the Zero Squads tower. Just 10 minutes time left. That is if the data was correct. He quickly stood up, tossed his cigar on the ground and made his way towards the back of the plane. One of the stewards attempted to stop him “I’m sorry sir, this part of the plane is restricted, authorized personnel only”. Precise didn’t have time for this, he simply grabbed the stewards head and slammed it into the wall as he continued on his way. The man was either dead or unconscious, he didn’t care. He kept walking as he heard a scream behind him. Some hysterical women had seen him, no matter. They would soon have other things to worry about. He grabbed his suitcase from the cargo hole and put on his blue suit. The suit would protect him against the cold, heat even limited bullet fire, he held his mask in the form of a skull in his hand. He grabbed a parachute from a nearby rack and made his way to the front of the plane. People were watching him with a surprised look on their faces. Not even one of the men in the plane tried to stop him.. “cowards”.. he thought to himself. He stood by the exit and generated a claw of lightdaggers in his right hand. He gave the people looking at him nothing more then an evil smirk on his face. The stewardess stood to his right, looking in shock at Precise. He walked over to her and kissed her cheek while at the same time softly whispering in her ear “you better hold on tight love”. He put his mask on, at this altitude he wouldn’t be able to breath.. but his mask had it’s own air supply to support him.

After this he cut the lock of the door with one swipe from his lightdaggers. The metal door quickly opened by the pressure of the wind and slammed onto the side of the plane, the hinges couldn’t handle the pressure and both broke off at the same time. The metal door flew through the sky and crashed into the engine, smoke and debris came of the wing and disappeared into the night. The sheer airpressure sucked him out of the plane. The people in the plane held on for their lives to the chairs and anything they could lay their hands on. The people that weren’t strapped in or held on tight got sucked out following Precise. Precise dove straight down with dazzling speed into the blackness of the sky. Leaving the people falling out of the plane far behind him. The only indicator that the ground came closer was the small lights from a tower getting clearer by the second. He pulled the cord on his chute and a sheet unfolded above him. As he got yanked back up by the chute he saw one of the passengers on his right screaming his lungs out while falling down towards the little lights he was aiming for.

He closed in on the tower.. the wind blew him a tad off course. “Damn..” his only choice now was to unhook his parachute and let himself freefall.. Hoping for the best... As he fell down he barely managed to steer his body towards the tower.. he stretched out his body as far as he possibly could and just managed to grab the edge of the tower with the tip of his fingers. His body slammed against the wall andthroughout his arms he felt a fierce pain. The sheer impact on his arms had ruptured the muscle tissue in his shoulders. He couldn’t let go now, he had to fight the pain. With great effort he lifted himself over the edge, falling down exhausted on top of the rooftop. He rested for a minute and tried to calm himself down. His body was filled with adrenaline. No good when you need to be stealthy.

He took in a couple of deep breaths and rotated his arms to try and get the pain to disappear from his shoulders as he made his way towards the door from the elevator shaft. It was protected by an electronic alarm system. Responding only to a fingerprint, iris or voice recognition. He touched the side of the metal box and felt his psychometry powers, thousands of options ran through his head. He now knew how to bypass the security system. He generated a lightdagger in his hand and cut out the side of the machine. Revealing some wires. After a minute of connecting wires to wires to various screws, he put his finger on the scanner, it now remembered his fingerprint. He connected a few wires again and put his finger on the scanner again. The door became unlocked. A grin appeared behind his mask as he made his way into the building, sliding down from the steel wires in the elevator shaft. Leaving black grease from the cables all over his armour.

He heard a voice coming from the intercom system. All Zero members to the meeting room asap" Perfect, he thought to himself. “This will give me some breathing room” As he heard footsteps in the hallway, he crouched down and made as little sound as possible as he opened the hatch. He looked down and let himself slide carefully inside the elevator. He waited until the footsteps were but a faint sound in the distance and opened the elevator doors and walked into the hallway going the opposite way the footsteps were going. “That’s not a place I’d like to visit right now”. He heard sounds coming from one the rooms, it sounded like.. music.. the door was still open. He looked carefully around the corner. No one there.. just a computer playing a MP3-song.. He made his way towards the computer, there was still a website opened.. Facebook.com.. he quickly sifted through the pictures in the image gallery.. In a blur he saw pictures of a young blue girl holding a baby.. that had to be Angelique.. so the baby was here. There had to be an object that Angelique had touched around here, he picked up dolls, toys and let his psychometry work.. but nothing..He grabbed a pink blanket from her bed and used his psychometry powers again. He smiled, this was Angelique’s blanket, she was covered in it when she went outside.. after which she was placed in a crib.. Just two rooms away. He now knew her exact location.

He made his way into the hallway again as he quickly stepped back into the room when he saw an angry man walking towards the main room cursing all the way. “hm.. Let’s try again”.. he thought to himself as he made his way back into the hallway. He got to Angelique’s room.. it was dark in the room but it didn’t affect his vision in the slightest. A crib stood in the middle of the room. All over the rooms floor there were stuffed animals littered. He made his way towards the crib and saw Angelique sleeping peacefully. He began to sweat and started to feel uncomfortable. He knew what he had to do to bring the team back together… this child should die. It was the source of all the problems that happened in the LAS lately.. Gamblers betrayal.. BatgirlBabs confusion… He generated a lightdagger in his hand, a bright light filled the room. Angelique began to turn in her crib.. slowly opening her eyes she moved her little hands towards her eyes rubbing them and yawning sleepily. Precise stood ready.. one strike and it was all over.

Angelique stretched out her hand towards the lightdagger. Out of instinct Precise lowered the intensity of his dagger dramatically. As Angelique touched the dagger, a tingling sensation came into her body. The dagger only tickled here. A smile appeared on Angelique’s face and she slowly but surely bursted out in laughter. “damned” Precise thought to himself. “I can’t do it.. If I like it or not, she’s the heir.. and my family.. I have to find another way..” He took out his PDA from his pocket again and began typing a message.

“I got Angelique. I’m in the Zero Squad and need help to get out. Get h……….”

The message got cut short as he heard a sound in the hallway.. they must’ve heard Angelique. He quickly send out the message towards all the members of the LAS and threw a lightdagger at the ground at it’s highest intensity. The sheer heat caused a stuffed animal to burst out in flames. The fire quickly spread towards the carpet and the nearby furniture. He took Angelique in his arms and went into a nearby ventilator shaft. The smoke quickly formed around him, he took off the upper part of his body armour and wrapped up Angelique. It should protect her against the heat. He took of his mask and placed it on the baby’s face.. “At least she has clean air now” It was a funny sight seeing such a small child wearing a mask in the form of a skull. He couldn’t help but grin a little each time he looked at her as he made his way into the shaft.

“Let the cat and mouse game begin” He thought to himself.

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"This is....lovely...no?"

The Ghost just smiled as he watched the men cock there hammers and draw there many blades,eyes peered on Akira and suits all ready to attack and destroy the intruder who had just infiltrated the Chapel and already killed two captains in their league of men without any effort what so ever.Yet in all of this chaos the Kiomplex Killer stood with little to no fear,and the only doubt he had was which move he would open up to the start the slaughter.In his mind he counted down to 3,as he reached the last number a blast knocked the door from the Archbishop's room and out came J1NX firing off Ion blast and destroying the Vatican Guards with blow after blow,still Akira was un-phased as if he we he was just a manichean displayed in a store.Slowly creeping behind Akira was a Vatican Guard who leapt with a strike to the neck of the unsuspecting assassin,but to the sly killers dismay the man he thought was there blew into the wind as if it was mist,the strike had hit nothing but an illusion from the Master of Misdirection.J1NX continued to pummel the crowds of men ,but more and more poured into the Chapel making it hard for the King of Codes to  move and manevuer with moves that he wanted,but in a blast of electric impulse the men flew back and there was an openeing.From the chandiler the hung high above the floor was AO,he lept down and dove straight for the havoc,Guards fired off rounds into the air though none hit there target,Akira weaved through the metal riegn and with a wave of his hand the bullets shoot around his body and followed through behind him and crashed with the two dozen stained glass panels that hung above.

Akira's fist began to charge with an electric like enrgy that seemed cobalt in color and it gave off a heat that was intense and close to 800,000 volts,as he fell closer to the ground a Guard lept up towards him to meet the Phantom Phenom mid-way but the electric fist was palmed onto the poor man's face instantly killing him in a flash.His body was crushed into the ground and Akira lifted his palm from the face of the Guard,burnt face and all.The men looked hesitant and drew back as the watched Akira stand up and dust off his suit,though the cowardly fear they showed only lasted for seconds,another man drew in with a heavy haymaker,but it failed as the Savate Shinobi simply weaved it and ducked down with a leg sweep knocking the man off his feet and into the air.It all seemed in slow motion,the Vatican Guard hung in the air for an eternity but Akira raised up and met his chin with a volt-enhanced punch that shocked the nervous system and one could even see his skeleton as if it was an x-ray.Even then more rushed in and Akira continued with exquisite and uncanny moves that laid the guards down,and he made his way back to back with J1NX,the stain glass began to fall like torrential rain and the sun hit off of it making it a fatal but beautiful scene.J1NX spoke with a techno-melodic voice.

"Styles! Are we on the don't kill the church side or the kill the church side of the fight this time?" He said backing up to where Akira had stood before to stand covering his rear. "Please say it's the latter."

A devilish smile came across AK-47's face as he charged his fist with more and more electrons,ripping the air molecules away from the surroundings,he held his wrist in attempt to control the volted fist and spoke over the loud crackling his powers made,Vatican Guards just watched as the Cyber and Cyborg assassin sttod back to back.

"Monsiuer...I never was a religious man."

With that said the Phenomenal AK Styles launched in a way that questioned J1NX with "Are you religious?" tone.He cut throught the men like a hot knife in butter,until one Guard was stuborn to move and took the electric fist to the stomach,sending him into the wall,and the aftershock sending the the wall into the streets,making a gap in the chapel and sizziling Vatican Guard on the concrete pavement.This was going to be a afternoon to remember,a kill feast,a Brawl in the streets of Rome.

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Matina sat at the monitor a bit embarrassed about what she had just done she let out a sigh and then began to look around the room. She turned around to look back at the farthest hall way and saw an amber glow right before she got up to check out what it was she heard a loud SKIT! She turned around to see that her claws had extracted by its self, this was a sign of danger. Matina got up and sniffed around the room the nose picked up a strong sulfur smell.

HE...HEY YOU GUYS SMELL THAT? Matina asked the other members before releasing her other claws, she ran through the hallways the smell was getting stronger. She looked upstairs where the baby was without second thought she ran up the steps. When she got to the top of the steps she was met with a wall of flames. She looked on the other side where her brother was he was screaming the side of his face was on fire Matina took a step back and jumped through the Flames with her hands across her face protecting her. The flames teased her flesh but didn’t actually burn her, she quickly removed the top she was wearing and smacked Diego with it she kept doing it until the flames were out. The Flames had its way with his Face making it almost unrecognizable; Matina stood up in a hurry and yelled HELP SOMEONE HELP!

Amidst all the sulfur and burnt carpet Matina’s nose picked up a new scent Matina couldn’t identify it by person because it didn’t match anyone’s who was in the HQ. She figured this was the person who started the fire. She remembered the fire was still going; she to the corner of the room and removed a fire extinguisher She pulled the pin and pointed the extinguisher at the base of the fire putting it out after a few mins.She then turned her attention to her injured brother whom she picked up and placed in the crib in which The baby used to lay.

Her eyes burned red her claws were extended to maximum capacity, She ran back into the hallway where she saw the Grate on the ventilation shaft removed. She didn’t know why the person would head into the vents, because the vacuum would retain the smoke from the heat. She looked at the Shaft and then and then at her Adamantium Claws She was sure it was a strong substance but she wasn’t sure if she could cut through the shaft.

Matina finally decided to give it a try she closed her eyes and focused her senses for noise, if the person was moving around in the shaft she would feel it. Sure enough a thud occurred in the Shaft Matina Lunged at it with her Claws first and cut right through the aluminum Shaft.  She landed her hearing was working faster than her sight because the first thing she heard was a cry from the little baby. She saw a man holding her; He was smart enough to put the mask and cloth over her.

Matina looked at him, she was smaller than him and she probably couldn’t take him by herself, she looked around for the rest of the zero squad members; she didn’t see any finally she swallowed her fear and said. YOU DON’T LOOK LIKE THE STORK TO ME! HAND THAT CHILD OVER …OR I’LL CUT YOU INTO BALONGE.

She tried to sound vicious like Risky but stay funny like her Aunt Nova, she readied her claws and took a stance ready to engage the enemy.

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It was no easy task doing what the Excellence of Electrocution had been doing for the passed few days. Of all of the things he has done since he started the hero business this was perhaps the most trying mentally, physically and emotionally.  As the days passed it got harder and harder for him. Everything had to be perfect on his part in order to succeed in his own personal mission, his movements his breathing everything, one small mistake would cost him his life, this was a crazy man's game and Kurrent was playing it like it was the Super Bowl.

Whenever someone would get close he would have to use his Parkour skills to avoid being seen. He practiced meditation when he was staking out the premises to avoid begin heard. At times he would think if what he was doing was the right thing or if it was a selfish act on his part. Something that he needed, he thought back to what Slinger had said to him a few days ago at Loners Nightclub Some days it's really difficult to get out of bed in the morning man, knowing what we have to face every day that comment made him think some more about how much pain has been caused in the world because of certain people. As he continued his stake out he thought if he had done the right thing. Was it wise to let go of Mobb Deep and was his new path going to benefit him as a person. For a second he almost lost focus that was until he saw a curve ball get thrown into his plan. Gambler, the man he had been tracking these last few days had embraced his love and left on a jet.

Recent events had changed Kurrent, he had a new outlook on how to handle villains but two of them were on his list. These two would have to be handle the old fashoined way. In Kurrent's eyes what they had done to him was unforgivable and judgment had already been passed. Death would be the only thing that will cure the world of  evil that was Gambler and Light but with his main target flying away a new tactic was presented to him. Light will be dealt with in due time but what better way to hurt the Cajun then to take his pride. Gambler would have been too difficult to follow so Kurrent knew the best way to get an assassins attention was to become the target.

She was as hard to keep up with as the Cajun was. Never keeping a pattern, taking every precaution with everything she did like her life was a chess game and she was always three steps ahead. For hours he had kept a close eye on her and when he saw that she alone was going to the courtroom the opportunity had come for him to set out on his vengeful encounter. If BatgirlBabs had one thing going for her it was that she was an excellent speaker. She was like a "pit bull with lipstick" as her words not only saved her life but also brought up new questions about the integrity of the former group Mobb Deep. Kurrent stood in the back of the court room disgusted and in disguise and heard her deface the Mobb Deep name with false accusations and the panel ate up every word. As she walked out the confidence was burning from her exterior which in turn lit a fire in Kurrent's heart. He at first intended to only put a scare to her not a physical one but to show her that she and her assassins were not the ghost that they thought they were and that would hopefully bring Gambler after him.

Now after what he had just witnessed she had just become the most powerful villain in the world and that was something that needed immediate action. Inside the trash can in the mens room Kurrent had hid a bag that held his belt with weapons. He did this because he would not have made the metal detector with them on so as Babs went in the ladies room he went into the mens and retrieved his gear. Not five seconds after he put on his belt then jacket over. He walked out of the mens room and before the door could close he was in the ladies room listening to the sound of running water and seeing Babs hunched over the sink with her eyes closed. Spying on the spy was a deadly game and after treading softly he was behind her with bag in hand. When she looked up instinct took over and Kurrent knew that all she needed was an opening to get the upper hand. With his left hand he gripped the bag tight until it made a mold of her face then with his right he places it on top of her head. He used his electric power to send a quick jolt to her that would slow her down and eventually make her unconscious. After she lacked movement he dragged outside into a car that he had waiting and put her in the trunk .

They traveled a few miles towards the outskirts of the city and he backed the car into an alley. By this time she was probably regaining consciousness so Kurrent easily opened the trunk and saw that she was laying there spacing in and out . As he looked at her all that was playing in his mind was Mobb Deeps old saying Sometimes you have to get as grimy as the villains to get the job done. The team was gone but their belief wasn't at least for the next few minutes. Kurrent grabbed her with one hand and helped her out of the trunk in her confused state standing her next to him.

With his left hand he closed the trunk and with his right he already had pulled out his retractable adamantium Kali stick. As soon as the trunk door slammed he gritted his teeth and used the metal stick in his right to come across Bab's face with punishing force. The impact caused her still confused body to slam against the trunk of the car. With her body laying on the trunk of the car Kurrent again came crashing down with the metal stick and hit the top of her shoulder. After the two horrendous hits on the LAS leader Kurrent felt as if his message was sent. He went to grab her to set her on the floor. When he put his hand on her body to move her she unexpectedly turned around with a dagger in hand and drove it right in Kurrent's side while turning the blade once it cut the skin. He was in shock not only by the attack but by the resilience of this amazing woman. It lasted all but a second though and before she could strike again the Hero drove his head forward into her nose. As she fell back he grabbed her out of anger and with his left hand and swung with his right at the left side of her chin.

She was now on the ground after repeated attacks and Kurrent was losing his way from her one well placed and effective counter. As he walked towards the car leaving her he thought. "This is an assassin she has probably been beat like this before this won't get the point across". Kurrent turned around and began to walk towards her slowly. He had his left hand over his wound and his right was armed with his stick. Sparks of electricity began to come from the stick as he neared Babs who was on all fours trying to stand. He looked at her and said "Mobb Deep and everything they stand for dies here, right now, but so does your run as an assassin" with the stick glowing a blazing light Kurrent popped his hand up in the air and struck down as hard as he could on Babs' lower back. The sound of the metal and electricity hitting her skin was disturbing and the look or her as she laid flat on her back still alive was no better for Kurrent. Their was no camera or witnesses just an act of vengeance and a message to be sent. Before he walked away he reached into his pocket and pulled out a card that read "Veritas Inc." and placed it in Babs' hand. After he walked to the car stumbling from his wound and drove off leaving the Queen of Assassins on the ground of the ally clear from her debt to justice....for now.

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Hours had passed by and there no clear sign who took the child, The cold brisk winds of France brushing against the flaming skull headed assassin.  Blood splattered across the crisp white and blue spiked armor of his, Without a second to spare, He scaled across the roof tops of the outskirts of Paris, sliding across the brick paved rooftops, his eyes fixated upon the city scape, picked from his back pocket was a small tooth pick. Nothing special, just a tooth pick,  aimed towards a man's jugular vein...The man was dressed in a black armani suit, sitting directly across from his beautiful wife to be. Obviously, he had romance on his mind and was completely unsuspecting when he toasted his champagne and small piece of wood entered into his neck from 70 feet away. Blood spraying forth, and splattering all over his fiance and her new polished engagement ring.

"Flawless" Whispered Drift into the cold night winds, Spinning around, The fire illuminating from his head spun with him in the crisp ebony back drop of the night, not even bothering to pay attention to the up-roar and fear he had caused. Abruptly, A slight buzzing inside of his head occurred, an alert, alarming him quite greatly.......His finger raised, gently tapping the ear piece embedded into the hole he called an ear.

The skull like head of his jaw's clapped as he began to speak


< Steve Castle? >


< You are needed >


< Jean Luc LeBeau, The King of Kings Gambler has requested your presence among many others at the Zero Squad Tower ; Audio Playback Commencing now >

"Oracle, I want you to broadcast a message to all LaS members over a secure line. Tell them I know who has Angelique. And that they are to meet me at the Zero Squad Tower asap"

"Curiouser and Curiouser" Muttered Drift as he moved his finger away from his com link.


The beating, whirring blades of a copter finally stopped as it descended upon the grassy knowel not but a few hundred miles away from the ZS Tower, not trying to give away his position, Drift immediatly opened his laptop computor,  files immediatly pulled up, one by one, Drifter's fingers went to work, typing in thousands of key codes per minutes, showing the true hacker he really was. Files on Ronin Alexander and Risky and Zstrange all at his finger tips now. Hacking into every last one of the files and downloading them onto the internal hard-drive before shutting the comp. off before they had the slightest chance of tracking it. Setting the lap top aside, he wandered into the far darker regions of the chopper. Pulling out a shined ebony case, accented in silver and gold with a large skull emblem on the front.....His favorite gun. Remdeption was her name, loaded to the maximum and filled with several explosive rounds. Another case laid in front of him, an RPG case. A Rocket Powered Grenade launcher.......Excellent.
And so began his trek, stepping off the helicarrier with both his cases in hand, he began headed towards the tower.

Not much later........

Only a few yards away untill he reached Zero Squad tower, with a quick duck behind a large tree, He once again put his finger tip to his com. link

"Oracle, Tell Gambler I'm not far from ZS Tower, I am in sight of the ZS tower......Repeat, I am insight of the ZS Tower"

< As you wish, Mr. Castle >

Setting down both of the case, he gently unclipped the RPG case so as not a single mouse could hear him do so. Without hesitation, He assembled the RPG let out a powerful single blast at the tower.

"I LIKE ICE CREAM B!TCH" Shouted Drift, making his presence known with his usual insane babble.

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"Hello there" Sebastian said in a casual tone as he ripped the pin off a grenade and tossed it at Nightwolf "Ready for some fun?" Sebastian said with an insane smile and a half laughing tone...

"Aw...how sweet you guys sent a welcoming party"
mocked Nightwolf as he stared down his new foe. He recognized him from the files as Platinumwarrior. Platinum  was one of the worlds greatest assassins, he wore a super suit made of platinum and was easily one of the most dangerous men on earth. Nightwolf wouldn't let him no he was that good though as he smiled and said

"Another guy in a cheap metal super suit, I mean, I no your not as good as me but hey, at least i worked to become a hero, you just got yourself built"

Nightwolf figured, why not upset one of the worlds most dangerous men who would no doubt want to fight him to the death, it made for good sport. What Platinum didn't know was that Nightwolf had been training and working and was the best martial artist in the world at this point. Surpassed were his former mentors Nightwing and Batman, and shed were his inhibitions about killing. Nightwolf knew that the weak deserved to die and the strong to live. And in Nightwolfs mind anybody who had to wear a big metal suit to get his powers, was one of the weak.

"Now your probably wondering why I'm here, to be honest, I don't know either, I'm just following the orders of an unknown voice on a cell phone. Now before you laugh, I want you to know that this is a very intelligent unknown voice. They got me all the way to Paris and I didn't even have to pay. At least they keep the help happy"

Nightwolf figured taunting the assassin might get him angry, and cause him to make mistakes. Only time would tell however as Nightwolf prepared to battle with the strongest organization in the world.
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Acer lifted his legs from off the ground and stretched them out placing them firmly down on the couch, tilting his head back he rested his music player on his chest as he closed his eyes and rested waiting for the meeting to end and what would transpire aftwerwards. The sound of Slipknots The Blister Exits ran heavy in his ear drums the fast paced drumming of Joey Jordison was soothing to his ears as it not only chilled him out but it was one of those songs that gets you pumped um and ready for a war to come raising the adrenalinne in his body by a large amount. Turning up the volume to max to block out the annoying sound of the power rangers that was coming from the kids room but he also wanted to block out any sound coming from the meeting room he did not want to know what was going down in there he didnt want to make himself more anxious about the descions concerning that child. As the tracks skipped by each one setting a different mood in him as they played he became fidigty as his mind was telling to go back in and find out what going on.

Acer pressed down on his music player untill the screen went dark and stood up and made his way back to the meeting room, his music player placed firmly in his pocket the sound of the TV from Matina and Diegos room was like torture but hell even he liked that sh!t one upon a time and they were only kids just like Angelique and his own child Fibra this was not a world were they should grow up in or have such responsibillties at such a young age, some kids would love to be the superhero have amazing powers and save the world or be a super special assasson but Acer would tell them all being normal is just as special as the life he leads. Acer got back to the meeting room and opened the door walking in closing the door behind him and standing there he came just as Ronin began to say something over the phone "Yes mr president?" Acer waited but the wait was not long as the conversation was brief, Ronin looked around the room at each member of his team and told them what was p before his eyes scanned and stayed fixed on Acer and Ztrange "Acer and Z your with me the rest of you perform your usual duties and keep an eye on all monitors so you can see the address for yoursleves and be ready for what ever comes up!" Acer made his way out of the room and headed for his own room, he didnt stay long to take in this new room he only came to get two makeshift katanas and a pair of custom made dual action desert eagles, he also taked some daggers and grenades and suited up.

Acer made his way downstairs and there Ronin was waiting for him wearing his own gear. All three men not to long after that had left Z tower and were now going through many security checks, the process was quick for them Zero Squad had the connections to make things like this go much quicker than if they were a normal citizen. Even there weapons were allowed as to who they were, Acer didnt trust the goverment but for the first time he did trust the man in charge and he was there to protect and serve on any giving notice but there was no way he was jumping infront of the man for a bullet. Acer stood there infront of the countries leader not knowing how to stand or what to do what he would give to have a beer right now, the presidnt saluted Acer and the two others and Acer did the same before following it up with a handshake. Ronin turned to Acer and Ztrange and expained there postions in all of this, as Acer walked by he could see a large crazy looking man "Codename ronin i have somewhat i would like for you to meet his name is codename boom and i would like for you to take him into your organization. I beleive he will be a valuable member to your team and a trust worthy companion" Ronin saluted the man as Acer made his way to the stage thinking that guy is a new team mate he looked like One Shot on steroids. Standing there constantly changing his hand and feet postiotons he was uncomfortable in these types of situations, Ronin looked over and nodded at Acer and Acer did the same. As the president got ready to speak cameras flashing people speaking one of the photographers a female one flashed a sweet smile at Acer turning away he kept his eye on the president but also around the room. Silence and then the speach began.

The speech was of decent length it was not to long and to short it got right to the point hit all the major points, so the queen herself had been set free well Acer kind of saw it coming did the people really think they could tie down a woman like that with her connections there was no way she would have been found guilty if there was a chance that woman could escape hell itself she would escape.  So Acer knew it a war had come not just to LAS but to the country that surrounded this global threat and what would this war spark this may be the first of many the French goverment would not like this as would others and Acer thought had they set in motion something far worse than what had happened over the last few weeks would this war be the first of many more to come but Acer had to keep calm and focus on the job at hand and that was take down LAS, Ronin walked past Acer "this war ends tonight!!!" Acer turned and followed Ronin ready to kill ready to die.


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The room began to smell of burned hair and blood as the Digital Duo braced for another attack. The Vatican had many guards, all of whom would gladly die to save their city. This is what Jinx had readied himself for.

"Monsieur...I never was a religious man."

Those words were enough that he knew Akira was aimed for the same end he was. He doubled checked his surroundings as the wall of guards began to encroach upon him once more. "Command: Episilon-00." The walls of the chapel screeched with the dragging sound of metal on marble. All around the room men clutched at their ears and fell screaming to the violently dementing sound. Few guards still stood trying to escape the sound and even fewer still continued their assault, but to no avail. With the sound of a million air raid sirens driving them mad the guards were fodder.

Jinx delighted in seeing his prey struggle to survive the sound that was slowly deafening them, it was like watching a fish on a hook. Charging the ion cannon on his arm he focused it into a solid beam to make a cutting torch. "Now, who is going to tell me where I can get some wheels around here?" He said walking from man to man and burning them with his torch. "I am being kind now, don't make me become angry." He said as he jabbed the white hot lance into one of the immobilized guards that wrenched in pain. Jinx looked up from his victim to the others that still remained standing and he felt a protective rage flow through him. The remaining guards had turned their guns from him to the drones that clung to the walls and were picking them off one at a time.

The drones had been commanded by their master to execute the command to immobilize the guards, and would continue to do so until he said otherwise or they were destroyed. A loyalty that only Jinx could build into a machine. "Pull out." He said, disgruntled. "No need for all of you to die to these weaklings." A melodic chirp came from all corners and all of the drones that still were mobile as they cloaked and fled in all directions. The eyes of the guards showed joy at their minor triumph, but they didn't realize how truly unsafe they really were.

A slow clap came from atop the alter where Jinx stood. "Very nice gentlemen. You deserve a reward for defeating my pets." He knelt down and picked up a solid gold platter from beneath his feet. "Here, a gift from me to you." The Master of Mecha held the platter aloft for a moment catching the sun in its glinting beauty before hurling it at the men. As it sailed through the air the men dodged in unison, diving to the floor before them. "Idiots." Jinx muttered as he poured the white hot plasma from his ion cannons into them as they fell leaving nothing but blackened skeletons. "Cinis et cinis, pulvis et pulvis." (latin)

Jinx lowered himself from the alter and surveyed the damage he had done to the ancient church. "Guards immobilized, 5 minutes." He followed the carnage to the chambers he had come from. "Assassinate a religious leader, 1 hour." He then drew his eyes upon Akira in the streets. "Creating more devestation than your former mentor...priceless."

A flashing warning came up on the heads up display inside his mask.

{WARNING: All systems indicate that unit named Oracle has sent all points bulletin to all known LAS Operatives.}

"Point of convergance?" Jinx said questioning his onboard computer.

{RESPONSE: Unknown. Transmission encrypted.}

Jinx rolled around the information in his mind a moment. "Why would they encrypt their signal to their own members?" He thought to himself while watching the Phantom Phenom work. "....unless..." The King of Codes felt his eyes widen from behind his mask as he came upon a startling hypothesis. "They know about the girl." He whispered to himself aloud. "Akira!" He yelled. "Quit toying with them and reel it in. We have bigger fights to be in than this one."

Jinx knew what it meant. He knew that Gambler and his team were going after the baby and that meant an untold legion of assassins would be assaulting Zero Tower. It meant his team would be up against a brick wall fighting in one of the biggest battles that has come to the Zero Squad. Even more though, for Jinx, it meant there would be easy access to the one computer that he had only been able to touch once. "I'll be there soon baby. You won't have to wait on me any more."

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Alexandra just returned to the LaS HQ, reloading on blades and bullets. Her night wasnt going so well, she didnt get as much information as she wanted to. But the information that she did receive, would have to do. She was told than an American Hero team was involved, this only left a few teams to really take into consideration. The only teams that would have the skills to pull this off were ICE, Zero Squad and We Are Legend. ICE had been un-active for some time in the world of villains so she didnt feel the need to look into them, We Are Legend were always busy doing smaller missions, saving people from natural disasters and going usually into one on one battles with villains, so she figured it couldnt have been them. If Mobb Deep would have still be together she would have figured it was them but... they had just recently broken apart, so it couldnt have been them. That left only one team... Zero Squad. Homicide just finished packing up her things, ready to travel to America to see if her suspicions were right, until a voice came from her ear piece, something that all LaS members had.

'Ms. Alexandra Rahn?' the female voice said.

Alexandra heard about this person, it was a friend of Esther, back in America. She was like the information center for LaS, you wanted anything on anyone, and this person could pull it up for you in only a matter of minutes, seconds, if needed.

Homicide reached up and placed her right hand over the ear piece. "Yes?"

"I have been informed to tell you to go to the Zero Squad HQ by Gambler.' the voice said. 'He will be there as well in a little bit.'

"Understood." Homicide said as she clipped her belt back on and began to make her way out of the room.

With that Homicide took one of the LaS jets over to America. When they got their she sat with a smirk on her face, it was still day light over there. The sun was just starting to make the sky's an orange, reddish color. Homicide opened the door from the jet and looked down as she strapped on a parachute as she turned to look over at the poilet. "I get off here." with that she jumped off the jet and began to make her way down ontop of the ZS HQ area. She gently landed on the grassy field of it and pulled her paracute together as she began to walk to were more of the bushes and trees were, there she could hear a man yell out, almost as if he was crazy. It was none other than her teammate Drifter, he was wilding a Rocket Launcher. Alexandra's eyes widden in fear as she saw this, he was aming right at the building.

"DRIFTER NO!" She tried to run up to him and stop him, but she was too late, she watched the rocket fly towards the Zero Squad HQ. She then turned to him and punched him in the arm. "YOU IDIOT! THE BABY IS IN THERE AND YOU DONT KNOW WERE IN THE BUILDING SHE IS! YOU JUST MIGHT HAVE KILLED HER!" Homicide yelled at him. She couldnt beleive it, all of this... coming to retrive the child, might have ended up to be in vain.

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                Running late is not a favorable quality in people.  Groaning under the nuisance of carrying her various multitudes of bags, Prima walked along the side walk.  Life had changed so drastically for her.  Mobb Deep came to the agreement to disband.  While she wasn’t a founder or even on the team long, she felt a close connection with it.  She learned a lot from the figures on the team, and it was sad to see it go.  After the disbandment of the team, Prima hadn’t had the chance to speak to any of the member. Of course, she spoke to Acer, her other half, but she hadn’t seen him nor did she reach out to do so.   Just from the sound of his voice, the turmoil he was going inside projected to her.  She’d been down the road before, and felt it best to let him run his course, standing back only to interfere if needed.   Life seemed rather quiet and almost eerie as of lately.  Hopefully things would be taking a much needed change.  She was supposed to have been at the Z Tower yesterday, but as is obvious that didn’t work out.   Ronin, the leader of the Z Squad had been asking her for the longest to join his team.  Of course, before her allegiance was with Mobb so it never happened.  Now after the change of events, Prima looked forward to a new team, leader, life, and ways.  The people on the team were some of her long friends on the vine and it felt good to fight by people who were already like family.   Reaching the Z Tower, Prima went through the series of procedures needed to enter the building.   

                That’s odd……………… said Prima as she walked into a quiet Z tower.   The place was almost always full of laughter and the usual shenanigans.  Heaving her bags up the stairs she went to empty room.  She liked the layout and spaciousness of it.  With out an ounce of hesitation, she threw her bags onto the bed.  Seeing all that was presented in front of her to unpack, was depressive.  Not to mention that this was only her first round of things.  Casting the work of with nonchalance, she went down stairs to find where everyone was.   Slowly she walked through the corridors, checking in rooms as she went.  Stopping she heard a myriad of voices come at her.  Prima followed the sound coming across, what one would perceive to be the team meeting room.  She didn’t know whether she was to go in or if it was only for select members.  Yes, she was very familiar with the people of the team, but that doesn’t leave the small amount of uncertainty when walking into a slightly unfamiliar situation. 

"              Um...uh...I think we should give it back aswell, because if we don’t every villain associated with they will come after us and well they may tear through our own families to get that child back. Think about Alfred Bruce...Think About Sha Ronin much less think about your daughter!" 
the voice of Cassie Strong echoced through the door.  Obviously, a heated discussion was going on.  Prima knew Cassie quite well and at one point served along side her and fought briefly with her.  Cassie was a strong girl and a very calm one at that.  The sound of her raising her voice placed suspicion inside of Prima.  Standing by the door, Prima realized it wasn’t the fact that Cassie was disgruntled, but the content of the comment. 

Child………………they?,” said Prima questionably. 

Scanning her mind for information, Prima pasted what best she could together.  It was not secret , or at least among the powered world, that Angelique, the daughter of two of the most powerful assassins, Babs and Gambler, it was abducted recently.   Zero Squad was a team, that stood for taking down people in the world just like the members of LAS.  It only made sense that in some way, they were directly attached to the abducting of Angelique.  This was no laughing matter, it definitely put a uproar in society.  The fate of that child was directly attached to governments, countries, teams and people.  As for the other details of the matter, Prima didn’t know but they seemed to be almost of no importance. 

                Standing there reasoning out the situation, caused Her to zone out of the conversation.  The thought that she could be eavesdropping didn’t even occur.   Hearing a stir in the air, Prima stepped back from the door in time to see a angry One shot come out.  Only to be followed shortly by Risky. 

“I would like to offer myself as the child's protector. You may choose someone else if you deem me unworthy in anyway...  the sound of Zstrange’s voice came out. 

That bit of a comment caught by Prima gave her one of the key bits.  It was obvious.  The Z Squad held in possession the child. The real question being presented to Prima, was simply why.  Stealthily she entered the room.  Various members of the team set around the table.  She didn’t feel like disturbing the the meeting so quietly she slipped into the far corner.  IT was a lot better at times to listen rather then to disturb. 

It does not matter what we do with the child she has no right being apart of this, we give her back she lives a happy life with her real family raised surrounded by evil and death and one day she grows up to be the threat to this world just like her mother and father is now, we give her back the King of Kings and his wife will always find away to attack us weather it be out of revenge or a reason entirely different. Now we give the child to the government how long do you think she will last they will kill her or much worse the government runs much deeper then any of us know. The child goes to a foster family the LAS will find her one way or another and they will take her and kill the family she was with. We keep her and the LAS will hunt us until they get her back they will not stop and we took a child how many heroes will be to happy and the government will be after us any choice we make at the end of the day a war will break out but i want that child safe ive seen how you treat her Ronin how you look at her you want her safe to you look at her like she is your own but like i said each choice has its good and bad parts but i am not making the choice involving that child i will leave it to the rest of you.

After hearing this rather short speech, prima looked up.  The minute the voice spoke she knew who it was.  She wasn’t surprised to see him seated at the table with the team.  She’d talk to him later.

She listened in as member by member they each said their view on the situation.  It didn’t take long before the whole story presented in front of her unfolded.  Ending his part in the meeting, she watched and listened as Acer and Z went with Ronin to go carry out something.   As she listened to the other members converse, a microscopic feeling seeped through her.  It was odd it was almost so small as to go undetected but yet and still it was there.  Not making herself known she departed the room.  Going back into her room. Prima ended up at her room again.  Something wasn’t right that was for sure.  The feeling intensified as she sat there wondering what the heck was going on.  A slight sound was heard. It seemed to come from the vents above.  She quickly disregarded the sound, focusing on the energy she was picking up.  It wasn’t long before the keen smell of smoke hit Prima.  Her senses were magnified so she picked it up fast as ever.    The sound of a young girl screaming could be heard.  It didn’t sound like she was hurt but rather that she had found the fire.   Running near the room, Prima was surprised to see that the fire was taken care of.  As she looked over the room, she saw a hurt boy in a crib.   Running to him she placed her finger tips on the sides of his head.  Concentrating her energy she focused on rebuilding the damaged cells.  She couldn’t help them all but she could get him stable.  When she was sure he was ok, Prima left the crib.          

                Looking at she shaft she saw a hole in it.  The sound of the young girl’s voice heard earlier echoed.  Grasping the edge of the hole prima lifted herself into it.  Only to drop down directly next to the young girl.  It was Matina! Ronin and Sha’s Daughter.   Matina looked very focus; following her line of vision a man was spotted.  He held a small bundle.  It only made sense that that be the child. Prima had the rare ability to relay messages through thought.  It was a rather odd skill she obtained through her her ancestors.  If she concentrated, she could send a thought to a person, staying in their mind.  If the person thought their reply she could comprehend it.  It was a skill she constantly worked on.   Keeping her eyes on the  man, she focused all her energy towards the message.  Picturing every member of the Z squad’s face she attempted to assemble the message in her head.  The sound of a chopper near by could be heard. 

                It broke her concentration.  She knew it was only a matter of time before action was to take place next to her.  Concentrating yet again she pictured the images of the members of the Z squad.  Here altered neurons shifting as to cater to the message.

 This is Prima, Matina and I are faced with a what appears to be alliance of LAS possibly.  he is holding the child right now.  A chopper has also came to the premises.  ,

thought prima as she held the message in her hand.  She sent them out not knowing who got what.  She had never tried to send out multiple messages before.  Taking her mind away from the other member’s she focused on ronin and risky.  Hoping that either one of them received the message and would respond. 


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Flying low enough as to avoid detection from roaming radar Gambler approached the from the Eastern seaboard. Oracle had been in constant communications with LaS Captain relaying the United Nations dismissal of Esther Cotillard LeBeau’s trail, and the subsequent Presidential Address of the Nation. Labeling the Les Assassins Silencieux as terrorists and accusing the French government of engaging in unlawful activities detrimental to the National Security of the . A declaration of war had been made catching most of the World by surprise.

The had little to no proof of the allegations and as such cast themselves in an unfavorable light. Only hours earlier the governing bodies of the U.N. had cleared Esther LeBeau, who was one of ’s most influential and recognizable diplomats. But the had ignored the verdict, and instead decided the threat of war was their only option. A Cheshire Cat smile ran the length of the Cajun’s face as he thought to himself,

“Ah dats my girl. Always two steps ahead of dee game. Well done chere, well done.”

Just as the newly rebuilt Z Tower’s silhouette appeared on the horizon an in coming transmission broke the silence.

“I got Angelique. I’m in the Zero Squad and need help to get out. Get h……….”

Gambler’s domineer quickly changed as the realization of the situation was driven home. True to form Precise had infiltrated the heroes compound and already secured the future of the LaS. One of the newer members to be recruited, Precise had been hand picked and carefully groomed as one of Esther’s understudies. His interactions with the rest of the team had been minimal at best. Still, the King of Kings couldn’t help but feel somewhat relived that his daughter was in capable hands. Suddenly several lights on the dash began to flash as early warning systems  picked up incoming fire. Ronin and the Zero Squad had taken drastic measure to secure the parameter of their newly rebuilt headquarters.

“Ah sh!t, here we go” said Gambler.

Pulling violently back and to the left on the throttle the chopper titled to the side. Surface to air missiles relentless gave pursuit as Gambler closed in on the Z-Tower. However the maneuverability of the chopper was limited. Large explosions started to pepper the sky leaving behind small black clouds as the Cajun frantically tried to out maneuver the missiles. His attention was diverted as he looked down to see the distinctive smoke trail of an RPG missile.

“NOOOO!” he yelled out in vain as he watched it slam into the base of the Tower erupting into a blaze.

At the same moment the tale section of the chopper was struck by a S.T.A.M. causing the helicopter to spin out of control. Gambler tried to regain control but it was no use as several missiles locked on to the disabled bird causing the acrobatic Cajun to jettison from the cockpit. He free fell crashing through the tops of trees while trying to reach out and grab anything that would help slow his fall. Branches broke as his body was flipped end over end repeatedly before finally being wedged  between two large branches. Debris and fire rained down from above as the remains of the chopper crashed to the ground in a heap of twisted metal.

Gambler had several cuts and scrapes along his body but nothing that would stop him from retrieving his flesh and blood. Dropping from the tree the King of Kings threw caution to the wind. The Z-Tower stood in plain view from the treeline and inside Precise was alone against an untold number of heroes. Taking one step forward the Cajun simply began walking straight for the Tower. His pace began to quicken as his facial expression turned from concerned to rage. He broke into an allout sprint as the Z-Towers security systems tried to stop him. They couldn’t even slow him down. Gun torrents opened fire only to witness Gambler performing some of the most breathtaking acrobatic feats every seen. Cocking his hand back as he ran Gambler targeted the still smoldering section of the building that had been struck with the RPG. In one stylish motion he took to the air thrusting his hand forward using his telekinesis to blow the hole wide open. His body floated through the opening landing inside the illustrious base of Ronin and his fellow teammates.

Slightly out of breath but fueled by hate and anger the Living Legend roared out,

“WHERES MY DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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He looked at her and said "Mobb Deep and everything they stand for dies here, right now, but so does your run as an assassin" with the stick glowing a blazing light Kurrent popped his hand up in the air and struck down as hard as he could on Babs' lower back. The sound of the metal and electricity hitting her skin was disturbing and the look or her as she laid flat on her back still alive was no better for Kurrent. Their were no cameras or witnesses just an act of vengeance and a message to be sent. Before he walked away he reached into his pocket and pulled out a card that read "Veritas Inc." and placed it in Babs' hand. After he walked to the car stumbling from his wound and drove off leaving the Queen of Assassins on the ground of the ally clear from her debt to justice....for now.

Her world had gone dark and her head was pounding. She struggled to keep her eyes open, as she began to succumb to the darkness of the late afternoon. Cars zoomed past along the highway and Esther could feel a shooting pain run up the inside of her torso. She was alone in the alley. Still groggy, her eyes darted slowly to her left then to her right. She looked at the large metal dumpster to her right and watched as a rat scampered, and ran near her head. Startled, she went to jump away from it:  nothing. Esther's face morphed in horror as she gazed down at both her legs. She slowly raised her bruised and battered body up, leaning against the concrete ground with the palms of her hands.  She could not move her legs. Thoughts racing, and her mind clouded by the severe pain still shooting through her insides, she knew at that moment that the painstaking years of training as an assassin had, in less than an hour, gone out the door.
He had wanted his revenge against her, against Jean, and now it seems he got it. And what a perfect place to commit such a heinous crime. She realized that he had just then taken her mobility in quite possibly the most dishonorable of surroundings. Stuffed in a trunk and dragged to an alley, beaten half to death. No way for a blue-blooded leader of any organization to be treated. No surveillance, no witnesses. It seemed to be so carefully thought out. She continued to stare down at both her legs as she heard the clap of thunder in the distance. She felt the drops of rain come soon afterward, hitting her head and her shoulders. The storm grew stronger as she stared directly up into the sky. The beads of water fell harsh against her face and she closed her eyes. Thinking. Esther could not cry. All she could think of was her revenge. A calmness came over her as she began to telepathically call out to him. Florian had arrived while she had been put on trial. She sighed deeply and closed her eyes again.

It broke his heart. Florian gazed at his mothers face, her lip was swollen and she had a black eye. She looked up at him, squinting through the rainfall and the pain of her battered cheek as he knelt next to her; pushing the dark strand of hair from her eyes. He wiped the blood from her mouth and lifted her chin higher.
"Mere..." He removed his leather jacket and placed it around her shoulders. He analyzed her torn face in disbelief.
She tried to smile through the pain.
"Who did dis to you, Mere..." Florian tried to hide the shock and horror plastered across his face, but couldn't. His face fell, and wrapping his arms around his mothers torso he sobbed softly into her silk bloodstained blouse.
"Shhhh" She whispered, "We will have our vengeance, but there is a war to be fought. We will use these circumstances to aid us..."
 The ambulance car opened and a stretcher was removed from within. The paramedics slowly lifted Esther's limp body, careful not to cause any more nerve damage to the vertabrae of her back. Florian trailed behind. His hair wet from the rain as he slowly got into the back of the ambulance. He knew at that moment she might never walk again. He didn't tell her this.
As he closed the door behind him he sat down on the bench by her side holding her hand in his. She turned her head to look at him and sighed deeply, grimacing at the pain that shot through her chest. The paramedics started the vehicle. The ride was smooth across the highway as her gaze moved to the corner of the vehicle. That's when she heard the radio broadcast...

"Ladies and gentlemen the president of the united states" the secretary said signaling for the crowd to quiet down. "Dis morning at 0800 hours me and the united nations had a hearing with the leader of a terrorist organization. after a long discussion and several harsh words she was found innocent of all charges. Some of you may ask what these charges are and what proof we had and how we acquired this proof. All i can say is that an organization outside of the United States found proof that this terrorist organization had stolen launch codes from our very own backyard. these launch codes are very high security nuclear missile codes that could be fired off or detonated from our own country. We all know the damage these nukes could cause and i assure you that all defensive measures possible have been taken to make sure these nukes were deactivated. The problem is this. This terrorist organization may also have several other stolen launch codes from other nuclear power country's. After she left i held a meeting with the united nations asking permission to go in and recover these codes. We were turned down after a few votes said that it was against world law. So i ask you this. Do you feel safe knowing that a high powered terrorist organization has the ability to wage a nuclear war against us or our foreign brothers? I say NO and that these terrorist need to be brought down and the codes recovered. After some help from our US ambassador we have recieved permission from 5 of the worlds powers to declare war on france until they give over the terrorists or they are killed. Unlike in the past this war is not fought for oil or money. this war is fought for the safety of our country and world. with terrorists like this group running around and france backing them 100% they easy attack us or another country with the press of a button. I say we strike before they can. We will not wait around like a bunch of scared patriots for one of our towers to be brought down or for our pentagon to be destroyed. We will Not wait for them to attack us and then retaliate. No We are the united states and we will show the world that we are not a country that will just turn the other cheek. We will not stand for terrorists or threats. Today at 1800 the united states has declared war on france until they turn over the LAS!!!!"

Esther and Florian looked at one another. She smiled at him.
"En guard my son,...If this were a game of chess, I think our opponents may just have given up their Queen..."


The hospital cafeteria had been transformed into a conference room, and hundreds of chairs crowded the area. Journalists and tv crews from CNN to BBC to Al Jazeera had arrived, and waited. They had waited all night while the doctors tried to figure out exactly how to make Esther Cotillard LeBeau walk again. It was 5am. It had been eight hours since her body was found mangled in an alleyway by her son. The doors opened and the murmuring ceased as two lead assassins walked ahead of a doctor, and there she was. Florian rolled the wheelchair out of the hallway and into the room and Esther sat in it, her focus to the ground, deep in thought. F3orian brought her to the center of the room and rolled the chair up onto the stage. He handed her a microphone and turned it on, stepping back behind her.

"Good morning Ladies and gentlemen of the press. I am glad you were able to make it, on such short notice and in such...well...unfortunate circumstances. I apologize for my appearance.."
She lifted her hand to her bandaged head and looked down, seemingly embarassed.
"As you are quite aware, I am the leading foreign United Nations diplomat to France and the representative for the French government on the United Nations Security Council. As you all know, yesterday I stood trial before the council and in a vote of 4-1 (UK, Russia, France, China against the US) I was found not guilty of all the charges brought against me before the International Court of Justice. The only member of the Security Council to claim me guilty of illegal actions was the United States government. I find it ironic that once they saw theiy could not win on the world stage, that they should feel the need to bring more false accusations against me. The American government has slandered my name, calling me a terrorist and claiming my ties to a secret organization that has violated the laws of the Geneva Convention. Now,..."
Esther chuckled softly and Florian handed her a glass of water,
"We all remember what happened in Iraq, correct? The United States Government has, on more than one occasion, lied publicly about their political policies. They have deceived world leaders before, and I will not put it passed them to do it again. I swear on the lives of both my children, I have no ties to any so called "secret organizations" or terrorist groups. I am a humanitarian and have nothing but bad to gain from illegal behavior. Now, the American government claims a war against France. I refuse to stand down. I have spoken to the Prime minister's of all western nations and out of the 158 active United Nations countries, only 3 disagree with the majority and claim their support for the United States. I am here to stand up for myself and against the hegemonic behavior of the American government. You have no allies this time, we do not want to go to war against you,...but if we must protect Europe, we will do so on a united front. All of the members of the European Union reject the accusations set against me by the Americans, and they refuse to aid the American government in their 'war on terror.' Enough is enough. Until further notice, Arab countries will shorten the oil suplly to the United States and the European Union will decrease the alloted trade with the country as well unitl they decide to come to a peaceful resolution with me and my government.
And to prove to you all the ruthlessness of the actions of the United States, know this. If they have the gaul hire the ZERO SQUAD to kidnap my child and to mug me and beat me half to death in an alleyway, they should be feared. Thats right, Ronin of the Zero Squad is responsible for incapacitating me. I will now take questions from the press"

Florian cracked a smile behind his mother as he watched the hands of the journalists shoot up
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Moonshayde sat inside the conference room still. She just heard everyone speak their minds and kept quite. After her it was Cassie strong, who seemed to have agreed with her. Then it was One Shot, he lashed out at Ronin, he was upset… really upset. Julia never saw him like that before, and it freighted her a little bit. She wasn’t sure what to do, she wanted to go after him, only to stay sited as Risky spoke. She turned her attention to Julia, telling her what she was thinking, giving the child back. Julia sighed, she didn’t know what to do, she then heard Daciana speak, the only one really agreeing to keep the child. Julia looked over at her ,Daciana calling her a child, which… was true… Julia was a child… was she really any help to the team? Or was she just in the way? She kept quite… Ztrange spoke talking about being the caretaker of the child, then Acer spoke. Right then, the phone rang. It was none other than the president of the United States. When he was done Ronin hung up the phone and stood there or a moment, looking around the room and at everyone. He was about to select a few ZS members to go with him somewhere… most likely to the white house for something. He then called them out.

"Acer and Z your with me the rest of you perform your usual duties and keep an eye on all monitors so you can see the address for yourselves and be ready for what ever comes up!" Ronin said as he walked out of the room.

“Got it.” Julia said as she walked out of the conference room and made her way down to the armory. She began to strap on a light bullet proof vest and pulled up a few throwing knives and a sword. She didn’t really care much for guns, she felt with her speed, she could do more damage to a person with blades than with a gun.

About an hour later Julia then made her way back up, she was walking back to the conference room to keep an eye on the monitors as she had the news on another screen. The president just spoke, declaring war on France unless they turned in the LaS team, as soon as it was done she then heard Matina come in.


Julia didn’t know what to say, she just watched the girl come in and sit down next to her looking at the monitors. The young speedster then began to explain to Matina which screen was keeping an eye on what area. She showed her the different buttons and how each camera was able to see in the dark, they each had infrared vision, and was all electric proof so they couldn’t be taken down as easily. Any movement, and the cameras would be able to pick it up with ease. Right then… something caught Julia’s sent.

“HE...HEY YOU GUYS SMELL THAT?” Matina was the first to speak.

“Yeah I do… guys I think there here!” Moonshayde yelled out as she looked at the monitor to the baby’s room. A figure was seen jumping into the vent of the baby’s room, holding onto what looked liked to be the child. “SOMeONE GET UP THERE!” Julia said as she took off to the other side of the room and picked up the phone, dialing the number for Ronin. She stood there for a moment tapping her fingers on the table as his voice mail picked up. Julia sighed, it was just like Ronin, have an emergency cell phone that he never picked up. When it was time she then left a message. Explaining what was going on and how the LaS was now attacking the Z Tower.

As soon as Julia set the phone down a massive explosion was heard and the entire Z Tower shook violently. The pieces of the ceiling on top of her began to fall as Julia quickly tucked herself under the table and covered her head. “We need to get out of here!” Julia shouted. As soon as the building finished shaking Julia rolled out and looked up at the monitors, they were all showing blank, snow filled the screens as she cursed under her breath. Without hesitation Julia ran out of the room, only to become surrounded by thick black hot smoke. Julia coughed as she waved her hands in front of her and ran back into the conference room. She opened up a wall that held first aid equipment and pulled out a gasmask and slipped it over her face. She turned it on as she ran back out and into the smoke filled hallways. She couldn’t really see what was in front of her, the smoke was thick, and she could hear the walls of the building creek, as if ready to cave in at any moment. She could hear the voices in a room not too far away as she took off running, only to find that most of the entrance ways blocked off and most of the exits blocked off by flames and debris.

As she made it into the entrance of the building she heard the doors suddenly crash open. A very angery Gambler was seen as he yelled out from the top of his lungs. “WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER!”

Julia stood frozen for a moment as she pulled out one of her throwing knives and threw it at a burning chandelier that was just above him, cutting it down and having it fall down where he was at, trying to get it to smash on top of him.  She then took off once more at full speed and reached the stairs that would lead to the room were voices were coming from. Only… the stairs were covered in flames and the left wall crumbled over them. Julia swallowed hard as she looked up to see a vent open, Julia quickly jumped into one and pulled herself in as she began to crawl through, only to feel nothing but heat all around her and thick smoke. Julia could feel the metal vent burning, suddenly behind her the vent blew out with fire, the pressure of the explosion caused Julia to shoot out of the vent and onto the second level, were the voices were at. Slightly on fire Julia rolled on the ground until the fire on her was out. Her legs were slightly burned as well as her back but nothing too much that  her healing factor couldn’t take care of in a few minutes. Julia then ran down the fire filled hallways until she stopped were the voices were coming from.

 She could see fire all around her, they blocked the door way of the room and were now working on the ceiling above her. Julia backed up as far as she could without getting totally burned and launched herself forward, smashing through the door and rolling on the ground, small amounts of fire clung on her furry body as continued to roll around till the fire on her was out. She then looked up to see Prima and Matina standing in front of a vent, the vent that the man must have been hiding in. She looked around to see the entire room slowly becoming engulfed in flames.
“Guys… we need to get out!” Julia said as she stood up picking up Matina and grabbing onto the wrist of Prima.

Right then Julia ran out of the room, caring Matina in one hand and pulling Prima right behind her, running at full force out of the room, as soon as she did the floor below them went down and fire shot up into the room as then the entire room caved inside itself. Julia was breathing heavily as she looked around, searching for another vent to try and crawl out of, she found one near the ground and was walking towards it only to have it suddenly shoot out fire from it. Julia let out a small shriek as she backed away and then heard a rumbling, suddenly one by one all the vents in the hall way shot out with fire.
“The vents are no good, the heat of the fire must be traveling through them to get around the building…” 

It looked almost like there was no way, until Julia looked forward, a window that lead outside was just blown out by the heat of a fire. The only way out on the level they were on. Julia swallowed hard as she held fast onto Matina and looked over at Prima. “Whatever you do… don’t try and resist, it will only slow me down and were going to need as much speed as we can. There’s a pool about twenty feet away from the window, if I run fast enough, we can make it.” With that Moonshayde took off running as fast as she could, the smoke ran into her face shield as she ran faster and faster, she could hear the floor below them slowly caving in as she ran. Then right at the last moment, she launched herself and the other two out of the window, she could feel the fire hit her body as they jumped through the flames that were surrounding their exit. Julia’s lower body was covered in flames as they fell, but just like she predicted, the three fell into the pool, so any fire that were on them, were now put out. Still holding onto the two, Julia swam up and made sure to pull the two up as well, swimming to the side as she put Matina on the cement and helped Prima out of the water as well.

Julia pulled off the gas mask as she threw it to the side and watched as the side of the building began to crumble on top of itself. She could only pray that everyone got out of the building in time. Water dripped from her face as she stood up, her legs shaking a bit from them being so burned, they were bleeding slightly as she looked at her clothing which was also burned. She could feel her body slowly begin to heal itself as she tried to take a step forward, only to have a wave of pain hit her. She fell on her butt, she couldn’t take the pain, her legs were going to be of no use for a while until they could heal themselves. She then looked at the other two. “You guys ok?”
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Light rose up and stretched. He had just been informed by relayed message that LaS was to head straight to the Z Tower. “It seems there wasting no effort in concocting a plan. Maybe the frustration is making them less logical. WE shall see.” Light mumbled to him self as he lifted off through a nearby window and headed towards the Tower. He wanted to be there late, hopefully his team would make a big enough impact over there before he arrived, giving him time to make his own analysis on what happened. He flew slowly and felt like he was moving at a crawl. Airplanes and choppers passed him, there engines seemed to mock him as they sped off leaving him with a view of there lower deck/rotary system. Moving at Lightspeed had become second nature to him and he had to really focus to move so sluggishly. He became lost in thought as he tried to decide how he was going to go about this little recon mission without being spotted by his friends nor his enemies. 

Then he flew straight through a cloud. Now most people have always dreamed of laying on a cloud or something abstract like that. But a cloud was just a big ball of water vapor and any contact with it lead to immediate soakage. His hair was dripping wet and his armor was releasing droplets as well. He did four hard spins mid flight to dry himself off. Heavy winds picked up and the clouds started to move. He decided what he was going to do and sped off to the tour, the rush of speed and increased velocity made him feel like he was home. As he closed in on the the tower he started gliding downwards, as about 50 miles out side of the Towers visual range he hit the ground as a monstrous lion. As soon as his paws made contact with the ground he took a large leap forward and galloped off. The ground trembled as he ran half speed towards the tower. He ran through the city, knocking people down as he charged down the lanes. He ran in the streets and not even the cars could stop his rampage. He stopped only a good 150 feet away from the tower. He could see a large hole in the wall and smoke escaping. 

Then he heard the bellow of a man he had met in his early years as a villain. Gambler. He shrieked, demanding his daughter. The tone of his voice was awkward, as stylish and suave Gambler was, at this point in time it seemed as if he had lost all of his eloquence. This meant he could possibly be unrational as well as more ruthless than usual but more observation would be needed. He ran all the way to the spot and noticed a small girl, she launched some knives at the chandelier above Gambler. Light acted instantly and with his powerful legs he leaped up and he rammed the top of his forehead into the chandelier, knocking it through a wall. He planted himself directly in front of Gambler and looked at his eyes for a second. He tried to create a link between them so he could be aware of Gamblers thoughts as long as he maintained the link. This would be a great aid in helping him prove his hypothesis. Light let out a thunderous roar and ran off, in search of a certain scent. It was a child's scent, a burnt child that is.             

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Matina stood with her claws battle ready she awaited movement inside the cut shaft a series of movements caused her to shift one eye to the threshold where one of her mother’s friends had entered. Matina thought that she was going to tell her to go somewhere but she was going to fight alongside her. Prima seemed to phone in to someone; she just figured it was her dad, but the message had even gone to Matina herself, Prima must have sent a beacon out to all the Zs members via their brain. Matina grew battle hungry right when she was ready to launch herself at shaft and draw her opponent out. However she was thrown off guard by the sound of an explosive hitting the side of the ZS tower. The tower shook and swayed back and forth, debris and other objects began to fall from the ceiling. Matina quickly shifted around to see what was happening; she couldn’t see her vision was clouded by the black smoke that had entered her respatory system and lay on her lungs, causing her to cough up mucus. From afar she heard Gun fire this told her that not only had the LAS come for the child, they had also come to take the Zero’s out. Her ears twitched as she heard the mighty roar from the king of kings himself…Gambler.

Matina’s feet appeared to sink low into the floor she looked down the see the room was ready to collapse. She didn’t want to move and it is the wrong one, then again if she stayed she would have fallen below. The flames intensified, the smoke thickened and the situation went from bad to worse as she realized Diego was still in the house. The flames ate through the south eastern part of the Tower like acid sending the smoke in every direction. Matina Got down on the floor and tried to feel her way around, Time was running out as was her oxygen, her little body couldn’t take not breathing pure air for that extended time period.

Matina managed to make it to her feet and no sooner than she did she was hoisted over the shoulder of a furry character, it only registered to Matina that this was Moonshayde. Matina watched looking back at the fire as it chased them out of the tower blowing the whole south eastern part of the tower to bits. Matina stood up looking in horror as she knew her three year old brother was still in the Tower, She ran on top of the mound of rubble into an opening on an above level. The fire was burning fiercely in this area, she got on the ground with her Claws extended and her Ninjan Keen Sight activated, this allowed her to see through a series of colors. She was able to avoid the flames and enter the room where her brother was “resting” The crib looked like it had risen from hell there was flames all around it and a huge metal beam that protruded into the top of it. As for the baby, there was no sound Matina walked to the Crib and her mouth opened but there were no words, tears flowed but there was sound. She slowly removed the metal beam that had penetrated the skull of the young Ninjan. Matina Drops to her knees letting out a loud growl, there growl sounded like a cat in heat. She then extracted her claws and readied herself for the battle back towards outside; when her nose picked up another scent, she slowly walked out the door and mounted herself right outside the door awaiting the moving scent.

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Precise felt his way through the shaft, the thick smoke quickly filled the entire shaft.. he tried to be as quite as he could possibly be while crawling through the ventilator shaft. He heard sounds coming from beneath him and he knew it wouldn’t be long before someone would find him. At that exact time, light began to shine through tiny holes under the baby quickly becoming larger. Some sort of claw had punctured the aluminium shaft. Out of a reflex he pulled the baby away and felt the claw pierce the flesh of his arm. Had he not pulled her away the claw would have surely killed the baby. Drops of his thick red blood fell down through the hole in the shaft.. as he looked through the holes he caught a glimpse of a young girl standing ready to fight.. his blood was dripping of her claws..

He had to get out of the shaft, the heat was beginning to get to intense for him to handle.. the smoke began to fill his lungs and polluting any fresh air in his surroundings. He heard her saying..  YOU DON’T LOOK LIKE THE STORK TO ME! HAND THAT CHILD OVER …OR I’LL CUT YOU INTO BALONGE.” Was this young girl actually mocking him..? She had courage.. he had to admit that, but she had to know she didn’t stand a chance against him.  Not a second later another woman appeared on the scene.. she looked at him but she didn’t appear to take any action.. All of a sudden a tremble shook throughout the building accompanied by the sound of a huge explosion, “They’re here” he thought to himself. Because of the sheer force of the explosion the aluminium began to buckle under the weight of his body. Fire was racing towards him in the shaft as he slammed both of his hands onto the aluminium from the shaft. The sheer heath from the flames singed the shirt from his body into his flesh.. burns began to form all around his body as he held the child close to him to keep her safe from the flames. The smell of burned flesh began to form around them. He slammed his fist into the aluminium once more and fell down onto the burned carpet below them which he had just set fire to a minute ago.

His attackers had disappeared.. the safety of their own lives were more important then the live of a child he guessed even one of their own. A mutilated child laid before him in the crib. He tried to reach him but the building was starting to collapse around him.. Steel beams from the ceiling fell down racing towards his position. He managed to just dodge one of the steel beams as another one fell down on his shoulder. A sharp pain ran throughout his shoulder as the force of the blow dislocated his shoulder. He stumbled across the room towards one of the walls and rammed his shoulder against it with all his strength.. As his shoulder made contact with the wall he let out a roar from the pain coursing throughout his body. Small pieces of his burned flesh were pasted against the wall.. but it had done the trick.. his shoulder popped back into its socket. The flames were beginning to form around them,  It were two shadows, with orange flames dancing around them. He looked for ways out.. he was too high up in the building to jump out of the window.. he would probably survive, but he could not say the same for the fragile babies body. There was only one way.. he threw a chair through the window and climbed out, balancing himself onto the small ledge running by the window. He saw assassins outside arguing with each other.. Drifter holding a RPG while Homicide was yelling at him.. at that time he saw three people with burning clothes from the same story as him jump into the swimming pool besides the building. The ledge was beginning to crumble underneath his feet.. as he tried to make his way towards the next window.. He generated a claw of lightdaggers in his hand and plunged it into the wall.. trying to keep him stable.. but it was no use.. the ledge didn’t hold out and the wall was too weak to support their weight. As they plummeted down towards the ground pieces of the wall came with them..

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Gambler held his arm up by his face trying to shield himself from sweltering heat. The Z-Tower was engulfed in flames and lung clogging smoke roamed throughout its halls. Large pieces of debris continually fell from up high as the increasingly unstable structure began to give way. Gambler’s only thoughts where that somewhere within the blazing inferno his only daughter was being held. The sounds of snapping metal caused him to glance up just as Moonshayde had unleashed one of her throwing knifes with deadly accuracy. It sliced through the reinforced chain suspending the Victorian style chandelier hovering over the Cajun’s head.

With no time to react he braced himself for the impact. When out of nowhere a larger then average Lion sprung through the air ramming the chandelier across the room. As it landed its eyes made contact with the LaS assassin hoping to establish some sort of connection. But the Cajun’s mind was all but impossible to read do to his body’s natural ability to channel kinetic energy. It acted as a sort of static interference denying all but the strongest telepaths access into his mind.

The Lion’s focus shifted as it bounded up the fiery remains of the staircase. Taking a deep breath Gambler followed. Flames converged on him cutting him off from his new found companion. There was no way Gambler could continue and soon his only exit would be blocked. His body was already singed and the smoke was filling his lungs with every breath. Forcing him to retreat back the way he had come. Gambler stumbled from the opening created earlier as flames followed closely behind. It was only a matter of time now before the entire foundation crumbled to the ground.

As he scrambled to his feet Gambler caught a glimpse of several Zero Squad members who had apparently jumped from one of the upper windows into the ZS pool below. But there was no sign of Angelique. At was at this time that pieces of brick wall began raining down causing the exhausted Cajun to look up. His heart sank as he watched Precise still clutching the baby free falling from several stories up. Without hesitation he thrusted his hands up using his telekinesis to slow their fall while also attempting to slow the debris following closely behind them. Sweat beaded down his forehead as he struggled to save the life of his daughter. Blood began trickling down his nose as the strain increased causing Gambler to drop to one knee.

Finally the assassin and baby where set safely on the ground as the debris was cast harmlessly off to the side. Jubilation could best describe Gambler’s emotions as he crawled over to Precise and removed Angelique from his grasp. The child’s face instantly lit up as she stared into her fathers glowing red eyes. Extending her little arms forward she clutched at his singed shirt pulling it tight. Their joyous reunion was cut short though as the once mighty and majestic Z-Tower began to crumble. Gambler fastened the child to his back before jogging towards the treeline. He knew it wasn’t over yet, not by a long shot. They where still deep in ZS and Government territory with no evacuation plan.

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The news struck him like lightning through a steel rod. All of it hurt him like glass shards sliding into already salt filled wounds. Paralyzed...and now, Angelique was gone. As a new assassin, he had been told to train and become physically stronger. Hed been treated differently than other members of Le Rose Noir, though. As one of the more personal body guards for Esther, he was given access to multiple things very quickly. He had no assignment, and was confined to this mansion like area...

His heart burned at the thought of her being injured so grotesquely, and the fact that he had not even known of it, nor been there to protect her from anything. His hands turned from normal skin shade to pale white as his veins coursed with hatred. His hands slipped through the drawers of his room and grabbed two shining red daggers, the crimson seeming to have been the effect of slicing through flesh repeatedly over the passage of time since theyd been honed time and time again to kill.

They slid through his hands and into the hilts of his belt as he slipped on the cuirass made of the strongest metals, capable of blocking bullets. His cloak flew onto his head as his eyes glazed over, form passionate bright blue, soaked with the sun, to a darker, raining sky themed ocular phase. His dark grey demeanor with lack of an emotive expression betrayed the amount of anger he had within him. He held the perfect mode of politeness in himself, as if nothing in the world was bothering him...but those who saw his eyes knew otherwise.

His feet swiftly paced themselves down the hall way, and once getting into the garage, he looked over at several of his choices for transportation. Seeing a motorcycle to the far end, he reached back and flicked his fingers, a key flying to his hand after being surrounded by friction induced electromagnetic energy, and slid down his finger gracefully.

It spun into the ignition of the vehicle, and he sped off into the night, after reaching a city of some what large proportions, and as soon as he reached it, the lights at the edge of the city began to flicker. The energy from them was being stolen and followed him in the form of a large invisible miasma to most, and as soon as he had enough to make it...he knew what he was doing.

Turning the vehicle he was on to the side, he slid down a street, sparks flying from beneath him, his left hand hit the ground and caught himself, he cartwheeled with his one arm backwards off of the bike and as soon as his feet landed, he blasted from the ground, moving at the speed of light, he almost became the sky breaking material itself as he flew across the ocean in less than a second..he knew the relative location of the Zero Squad HQ, exactly where he was headed. Gambler was no doubt there....this would be the first time theyd fight together.

He saw the smoking ruins of the helicopter someone had been flying, more than likely Jean himself. His pace became one with the shadows of the trees and the black of the embers not emanating the light they should have, as his feet began to tap the ground at an accelerated rate. This was all that could be known of his presence, he was so fast and agile that as he swung through the tree limbs, he could barely be noticed as more than a mere shadow and the sound of something falling and hitting the ground. Seeing the smoldering building ahead of him, he started to move even faster, and his body was revved with adrenaline like no one had ever seen before, the limits of what his muscular capacity would have normally been were tripled as he charged into the building, to hear the King of Kings'  blasting out, demanding to know where his daughter was. His hands were charged with electromagnetic energy, and without so much as more of a notion, he  spoke to the man hed known to see as a leader.

Im gladly offering assistance, whether you need it or not. Where do we start the ceremonious slaughter, King?

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Still staying hidden in the shadows, the Gotham Knight listened to the rest of the Zero Squad members. Each had a good point to give.  While most wanted to return the child to her parent's, it would still be a dangerous mission. They would not take the news lightly of how the Zero Squad abducted their daughter. Nevertheless, it was the right thing to do. The Gotham Knight stepped out of the shadows and walked up to a window.  The night was quiet, but there was a disturbance in the midst. Suddenly, a whistling roar threatened to collapse the Zero Squad HQ foundation. Clusters of a smokey trail moved towards the base. Before the Gotham Knight could say anything the base was hit by a recognizable RPG missle.

 Inside, the Zero Squad team suffered the violent tremor from the missle. A part of the floor from the conference room fell below, a couple of floors down until it hit the very ground. Unfortunately, the Gotham Knight was standing on the floor when it occured. He plunged below, getting smacked in the face with debris thus turning into bruises and scratches. The caped fluttered in all corners, getting fragments of debris stuck to the bulletproof cape. The Gotham Knight landed on his in the basement. His cape's sudden shift in form(shifted into a crumbling state), supported the Dark Knight's back from the sharp fall. Above, a much larger group of debris came crashing down, attempting to crush the Gotham Knight.  Pulling a batrang from his utility belt, the Batman tossed up. Once it stuck to a large debris, it detonated blowing the large chunks into hundrerds of little pieces. 

The Gotham Knight's sommersault pulled up on his feet and evaded the small pieces of debris. Taking the grapplergun, he pointed it towards the room above where he once stood before falling. He fired it, sending a hook nailing it the ceiling of the conference room. Strapping the gun on his belt, he was quicly pulled up. The lenses on his cowl protected him from the hazardous clouds in the building, as well as the coverage of his nose. There was no one in the conference room. They either took the task of retrieving the girl or they just decided to evacuate.  Ronin promised he would risk his life for the mission, and that  was what he intended of keeping.

Rushing through the Zero Squad HQ towards the room where the girl was suppose to be, the Gotham Knight manuevered himself past falling debris, crumbling of floors, and fire that began to slowly turn the Zero Squad Headquarters into rubble. The team would one day have to rebuild it, but there were matters more important right now. If this was indeed the L.A.S., it was silly to Bruce why they would risk endangering the life of one of their own with a missle. The more he thought, he soon came to a possible conclusion, Drifter.

The force from his kick and incredibly strong boots knocked the door down. Searching for the girl, she was no where to be found. Examining marks from the shaft above, he could tell the infiltrators must of gotten the small but important cargo. It was no use to keep searching, someone had the girl. Shielding himself with his black cape, the Dark Knight sprinted through a fire that blocked him from a window in the room. As soon as the fire came in contact with the cape, it was soon estinguished. The cape served as a type of fire retardant. The Gotham Knight jolted through a window, cramming shattered glass onto his body armor. The Batman's cape spread apart like batwings. In the night, he indeed looked like a giant bat. While having moment of air to glide, the Gotham Knight circled the famous structure that was undersiege by flames from hell. His lenses picked up three exoskeletons below by the Zero Squad pool. With a touch of his gloves, he sent electric currents through the cape to mend its position. The cape folded like paper as he dove straightly down like a skidiver. He landed on his two foot in front of Moonshayde, Mantina, and Primevera.

"We have to find, Angelique." The Gotham Knight marched towards what was left of the Zero Squad HQ. The attack took a toll on the great building. The crackling flames would be victorious by hesiatingly smoldering it.  The Gotham Knight vigilantly waited for any detection of familiar life in the building, standing outside.

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The Cyberdevil stepped out of the portal to hell from which it was summoned, it's legs were bent backwards, it's ebony black organic hoof was the first to step out, then the steely gray cybernetic leg.   The Beast stood at least 18 feet tall, three times taller than a man and weighed over 50 Metric Tons, enough so that with every step it took the floor groaned beneath it.  The Massive horned Devil looked at it's summoners and was soon told of why it was summoned, it would crush the zero squad, much like two previous creatures that the spirit of the Dreadnought inhabited, but this time it wasn't doing it for magneto or arrow, it wasn't bearing the Vine Villain Emblem any more, no that organization was old and rusting into pieces, it was now serving the Assassains.   

It was certainly not a very subtle way to hunt down the survivors of the base attack, but each time the forces of Evil have called upon the Spirit of the Dreadnought, they were not disappointed, it had always done it's job, The first time it was to rampage throughout a large city and cause rampant destruction which ended in the death of a friend of Sparda's, the second time it called upon the Forces of the Hells to Hold the heroes at bay.  This time it would be the Hunter and the killer.     It would be the cat, and the heroes would be the mouse.

The Beast reared up and roared, it's bellow shaking the foundations of the entire Castle.     The thing then thundered towards the exit, it's imposing figure
casting a shadow of supreme malice.  The gates were opened for the Creature and the thing began the deadly game of Cat and mouse, as it was put on a transport to the Americas, where it would seek out and destroy it's foes, the cargo plane was moving towards the massive shape that was America, traveling through a risky yet fast rotue the Jet roared overhead as it was almost there *note time is being compressed for this post as will all posts dealing with long distance travel* the plane was almost at New york state, but being Impatient the Dreadnought opened the cargo door and leapt out at low altitude. 

The Hulking monstrosity''s rocket thrusters activated as it was about to land to slow it's fall down to avoid serious injuries, as it landed it reared up and began tracking it's prey.   It's Kill on sight prey included any and all members of Mobb deep, Zero squad, and any other vigillante that got in it's way, it's first instinct was to go to the flaming wreck of the Zero Squad HQ, so it spread out it's wings and took off to the location of the structure, it circled above the wreck and then landed, it was imprudent to waste any further energy on flying.   The mammoth weapons platform from Hell surveyed the flaming wreckage and scanned for any tell tale life signs. 
  In particular it was looking for this Legendary Batman it had heard of, Such a pure soul would allow it a great promotion in the eyes of the Lords of Hell.      As it went it destroyed every damned thing in it's damned path, it was not going to be denied.

It listened in on any radio frequency it knew, finding nothing of interest or relation to it's hunt, the Cyberdevil Grinned, it liked it's prey hard to catch, it would be more exciting that way, it entered the building, or more correctly, It crashed into the building, as it charged into it with increasing momentum it smashed a large chunk of the wall with all the force of a runaway train.    The Cyberdevil than Roared, the cacaphony of such a massive beast would be awe inspiring as it's roar caused the entire building to vibrate somewhat, this was the signal of the start of it's hunt, rather than opening the first door it saw, it simply blasted it down with a rocket, which crashed through the door and exploded inside the door.

The Dreadnought has Returned to the world at large, and this time it would show no pity for the innocent, it would simply crush, destroy, and obliterate all that has been deemed a target by it's masters, it lacked the reasoning ability to do otherwise, it was hell's mightiest warrior, and that was all it needed to be.   
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Flashback: 389 daysago.

Nighthunter had challenged Andferne to have one last fight with him before Nighthunter left the dragon’s lair, both of them showed in that battle every single technique and trick they had, but in the end Andferne was the winner.

Having lost one more time against his long time friend, Nighthunter slowly got up from the ground, splitting a great amount of blood as he had been incredibly damaged. Nighthunter looked at Andferne then and started to speak "...I guess things haven't changed that much......you are still always the winner" said Nighthunter with a smile on his face and in a joking tone, however suddenly Nighthunter’s face completely changed and displayed a face that sent the message that Nighthunter was more serious than ever and that for the first time there wasn’t sarcasm or a joke in what he said "But remember this, I'll get you one day, when I return we'll fight again and I promise to you….I'll win then" after that Nighthunter fell to the ground, he was exhausted and he needed to rest, but he knew that there wasn't time to rest as he had to keep going.

When he was finally able to get up he went to his jet, ready to leave the Dragon’s lair for a big time, without knowing if he would ever return, however before he left, Nighthunter grabbed his sword, it was completely full of blood from both dragons, after cleaning it up Nighthunter looked to Andferne and gave the sword to him. "A present my friend, I've used that sword since my first battle and it has never failed me, take it as a prize of your victory and as a prove that one day I'll return, but let me warn you, that is only a temporary present, when I come back, we'll battle and if I win, I'll ask it back".

With everything said Nighthunter took flight, in a matter of seconds the dragons lair couldn't be seen anymore, it was the end of a chapter in Nighthunter's life, but not the last one.

Flashback: 158 days ago

During his trip around the world, Nighthunter had decided to go to Mexico, it was there that he met the man named Carlos and discovered the true origins of his codename and the organization that used it, this was a moment that would redefine Nighthunter and would make him think again about his place in this world, this doubts would lead him to go back to the temple where Last Arrow trained him in search for answers.  *

* All of this will be addressed when I restart my fan-fic which I’m sure you all read :P

Flashback: 61 days ago

Nighthunter found his way back to the temple where he was trained by Last Arrow, there he found a statue in the memory of the fallen hero with the words “Heroes die, legends live forever” in it, that showed that some things are beyond death, like the changes that some people leave to the world and to the people that they met and affected while they were living.

During the next few months Nighthunter stayed there, thinking that by exiling himself from most of the world would help him figure things out, he was wrong. It was not until he stopped wanting to figure things out by himself but to ask the wise monks of the temple for spiritual guidance that he started to do progress.

He told them everything that had happened, how he learned that not only he and his predecessor had used the name Nighthunter, how there had been people using it as an identity and as a political movement that hid in the shadows ever since the times of the Egyptian and the roman empires. The monks stood hearing everything that he had to tell them and then when Nighthunter was finally finished, the monk in the center got up and spoke. “We know” said the monk, after that Nighthunter’s face turned into the one of a confused and angered man and with a great amount of fury he asked “What do you mean? How could you possibly know?”

After that the monks looked at each other and then they pointed to one of the statues behind them that were made in honor of monks that once lived there but that were now long gone. “That man was part of the organization that carries your name, when he died, he left a journal that revealed to us all of the secrets he had hid to his friends when he lived” replied the monk.

Nighthunter stood silent for a few minutes then in a low tone he started to talk “…you knew….you’ve know about this all this time….I’ve trained here for years, lived in the same place that you lived, took guidance from you….and it never occurred to you that I should know? That I deserved to know?” after finishing Nighthunter left the room with a fury that couldn’t be measured, he felt many things at the same time; confusion, anger, betrayal, those were the biggest ones though.

Just as Nighthunter was starting to pack his things a monk entered the room “You can’t leave now” said the old man, soon after hearing this, Nighthunter turned around and replied “Give me one good reason why I should stay here and another one of why I would listen to you after this”.

The monk stood silent for the next few seconds and then replied “Because you are missing something and I am the only man that could help you to recover it”. After hearing this, Nighthunter didn’t say a word for the next ten minutes, neither did he move, that until the moment he made his decision. ”You have my attention, don’t make me regret this” said Nighthunter.

The monk leaded Nighthunter inside of a cave, a little candle the only thing that provided them a little bit of light there. The monk then asked Nighthunter to sit and started to talk “We never revealed you that there were more Nighthunters because when you first came here, you were trying to find your place in the world, doubting that you were more than your shadow of your predecessor, if we had revealed this to you then, all of the effort of your trainer would have been in vain, when you left this temple you had finally found your own identity, we couldn’t take that away from you, now by your reactions after this discoveries you just proved us that we were right all along, you are lost Lorenzo…let the darkness and the solitude help you regain your identity so you can walk among the light and the others again.” Having said this, the monk shut down the candle and left the cave, telling Nighthunter that he would have to stay there until he had found what he had lost.

Many days started and ended, and there Nighthunter stood, without food or water, thinking things through, who he was in this world and how he would live his life by his standards and not the ones of any other person.

6 days later, Nighthunter would emerge from the cave, he was again the man he once was in the most part, yet some things had changed, in some ways he had died and was reborn again inside that cave, everything became so much clear and priorities were obvious now.

Soon after that the monks went to where Nighthunter was standing and gave him food and water, that’s what he needed after having spent so many days there, then one monk brought a cell phone and  told Nighthunter that someone had been calling him for the last few days but that the number wasn’t saved in the contacts section, Nighthunter grabbed the phone, he knew that the reason the number wasn’t in the memory was because he knew that if he ever lost that phone and it had the names of his allies it could be used as a terrible weapon, that’s why he remembered every single one of their numbers on his head, thanks to that he knew that the man calling him was his old time friend and in the past teammate Ronin.

Nighthunter called the number, then asked Ronin what was so important,  Ronin told Nighthunter that there was a very important situation at hand and that he needed Nighthunter there for assistance, without even having to think about it, Nighthunter told Ronin that he would be there in 18 hours.

Using his jet, Nighthunter took flight in the direction of the tower of the Zero Squad, not knowing what the situation was or why Ronin really needed him, after all ever since the Zero Squad was brought back, he had slowly but surely found individuals that would help the team regain his past glory.

As Nighthunter started to get closer to the tower he saw flames and the tower starting to fall, then in the ground he saw Gambler with a young baby on his arms, for the way he was looking at her, she was very precious for him, Nighthunter then put the auto-pilot and jumped from the plane, as he was getting closer he said something that he hadn’t said in almost a year, “Suit on” and then in just a matter of seconds Nighthunter’s body was covered by his power suit, as he got closer, he grabbed his gauntlet and used it to stop the falling, helping him to land safely in front of Gambler, pointing his guns at him “Don’t you dare move” said Nighthunter, his finger ready to pull the trigger if Gambler did any movement.

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This war ends tonight ronin spoke to all three members of his echo team then quickly turning around to make his leave when suddenly his phone began to ring and a splitting headache shot through out his mind.  This is Prima, Matina and I are faced with what appears to be an alliance of LAS possibly.  he is holding the child right now.  A chopper has also came to the premises.Primeavera had used her telepathic powers to inform ronin of the attack on the Zero headquarters. Ronin quickly turned around to face his team. They all had appeared to receive the same message as he watched them all reaching for their temples. "Mr president my team and i must take our leave immediately the LAS is attacking our headquarters!" Ronin said quickly snapping a salute and running toward the exit. "Pilot start the chopper we need to leave NOW!!" ronin demanded yelling into his ear piece running toward the helo. "Captain dunham staff sergeant tyson requesting permission for his recon team to tag along sir?" A young and pale faced marine shouted out stopping ronin and his team dead in their tracks. For a second ronin smiled then quickly acknowledged the courageous marine "Welcome aboard soldier!" Two helo's took off at the same time it would be a five minute ride from the press conference to the Z tower just on the boarder of maryland and virginia.

Ronin watched as the city flew by underneath him and his team he envied the people below. they were so ignorant as to what was going on around them. just outside their city a war was being fought and they knew nothing and could just go about their normal lives. The Z tower was now in view even with the moon up above and the stars out the tower could be seen. But this time it was different. there was a bright orange glow lighting up the sky as if a giant flare had been ignited. Ronin and his team looked on in horror. So many thoughts crossed his mind. His friends and family lived in this building. Quickly ronin shook it off clearing his mind of any bad thoughts and focusing on the task at hand. This could be the Z teams final hour and if that was the case they werent going down without a fight. The choppers were now in clear view just hovering over the Z teams property. Pilot dont worry about landing were getting off hereronin yelled into his mic. He could see gambler making a mad dash for the tree line and he sure as hell wasnt going to let him get away not this time. ronin quickly threw a rope down and repelled down it. His feet firmly placed on the ground he detatched himself and watched as the rest of the team followed in suit.

"Team lets not let this attack on our home and our family go unchecked if this is to be our final hour we will go down in a blaze of glory" ronin shouted as he took off running toward gambler. His enhanced vision allowed him to see gambler as if it was day time. He could see the baby on gamblers back as he peered through his crimson goggles. the goggles were fashioned and made by master of machinery jinx. they acted as a heads up display allowing ronin to be able to know how much ammunition he has used and even if any of his team members pulse rate began to drop. Ronin quickly pulled out his custom M16 handguns and took aim at the legs of gambler when out of no where a shadowy figure fell from the sky. With a quick glance up doing his best not to take his sight off of gambler ronin watched as his old time friend and teammate landed in front of gambler. With ronin behind him and NH in front of him and possibly the rest of echo team just behind ronin there was no where for gambler to run with out putting the safety of angelique in danger. Ronin held his guns at the ready aiming for the legs of gambler if he so much as moved. "Give up gambler and call your men off weve got you surrounded!" ronin yelled out still aiming at the legs of the king of kings.

"Just like you i do not want any harm to come to angelique when i was given the mission to take her i was ordered to surrender her over to the government in which they would have disposed of her with the morning news! I offered information about the LAS stolen nuclear launch codes in exchange for the safety of your daughter! All i want is that girl to grow up with a normal life and you know that growing up surrounded by psychopaths and mercyless killers is no way for a child to be raised!" Ronin spoke firmly not so much as taking his eyes off of gambler knowing that the sly cajun always had a plan. "Please Jean i beg you dont do this you know i would not harm her!" Ronin said as he slowly lowered his weapons. "Jean look at me!" Ronin said pulling his mask down below his face. "I know you do not understand what i could possibly want with her but these scars on my face are the burden ive bared to keep her alive!"

The other chopper flew in next to the Z team quickly dropping off the marine force it held inside. 6 marines were now on the grounds and would attempt to help bring down the LAS. Two choppers also hovered in the air both wielding a heavy machine gun. Once all the passengers were free both machine gunners from both choppers began unleash a massive barrage bullets at both drifter and homocide attempting to subdue them in the quickest manner possible.  Ronin had given both machine gunners orders to watch out for any surviving Z team members and give them cover fire and any help needed to take down the LAS members.