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when the final battle comes which side will you stand on...

A.the heroes

B.the villains

C.choose not to be involved and stay out of it.

The outcomes:

A.for the heroes...if they win everything will be at peace....for a while.

B.for the villains....they shall continue to fight after they defeat the heroes and have battles with each other....and the victors....shall have control over the vine.

C.ehhh.....the people that stay out just don't get to have fun!

choose your side now

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Yeah like umm, that's basically the NAO vs VV RPG. Its a battle for control over the vine... I think

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The VV already control the vine Blackbolt. LMFAO who are you to decide a battle for control? I'll crush you with my bare hands.

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im in and i choose badies side

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Villains, because it's so easy when you're evil. Good job for those who get the reference.

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i kill everyone using my magical powers

boom the universe explodes,