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The Sudan state known as the Hotlands, most of the fields are dry and sandy. A veteran of war looks across the field and sees his enemy, he sees his son. He had died before and from the help of a group of demons, he was brought back to his original state. Heaven was beautiful, he remembers the tranquility and peace of staying among the angels and worthy. He suddenly smiles and still sees the image of his long dead wife in his mind.

But Hell had plans for this mutant, he was to prove his worth to become a special edition to the Lord of Darkness' army. As valiant as the angels and himself fought for ElusiveStorm's safekeep, the demons had brought him back to life.

He comes back to reality after moments of dreaming, he unsheathes his black blade and points it at Vault.

"Son, there is no need for this, we are both equal in leadership and they need us to finally become the friends to those that we have lied so much to."

With saying that, ES charges his left arm and shoots a kinetic blast at Vault and runs at the young Arcryn OutRider.

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The words from his father's mouth pass through Vault like an empty shell. All he sees is evil and that he must defeat this man who was once his father. Vault generates his kinetic forcefield aroundhimself and draws his battle-axe and before he makes a step, already his father had begun the battle with one of the powerful Kineitc Bolt's heading at amazing speed towards Vault with ES following behind with the Black Meteor Blade in his arms.

"He's grown faster!"

Vault dives to the ground as the Kinetic bolt passes inches over the young leader. He rises from the ground and generates his Force-field Surfboard and flies towards ES gripping onto his massive axe.

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The Arcryn OutRiders start to appear making a large ring around the fighters. None of them make a single noise, they just watch as the two charge at each other with fear in each other's eyes. Death will fall this day and this will choose the fate of the Arcryn OutRiders.

The thought of a young and ambitious leader runs through their minds unfavorly. They all hope that their true leader is victorious and that they can rebuild everything that has been broken including friendships with new enemies such as Gambler, the "Uncle of the Arcryn OutRiders" as they have titled him.

They wish to fight against the untruthful and forces of injustice.

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The combatants finally meet in the center of the ring and their weapons dance in deadly force trying to meet the flesh of the other. Sparks fly, The sky grows dark and a storm has revealed itself. Thunder, Lightning clash as the weapons meet and the shadowing forms that are seen moving and dodging the attacks from another start to move faster.

The setting is epic.

This will be a day to remember.

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ElusiveStorm sees something off in the distance, even while battling his son he is aware of all thign around him. He hears the roar of an engine and instantly knows who it is.

The self-proclaimed king of the road has just came to watch the battle that will turn the tide of the Arcryn leadership.

he concentrates on the battle, he is lucky for he would have been dead if his attention wasnt directed to deathproof for too long as the axe falls down on ES's blade and the wooden shaft is broken.

Vault falls to the ground with tears running down his eyes he is scared. ES looks up and at Deathproof who is sitting on his car watching.

"Give him a sword."

An outRider achknowledges the order and runs out to Vault to give him the blade and returns to the group.

"get up"

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The Dark Colonel Rises to his feet and raises his blade.

"I am not your son"

He then lunges at ES, with sword so steady and swift, the blade meets ElusiveStorm's flesh.

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he landed between them both and put out a hand to help Vault up his sword was at Es's throat.

"leave him alone"
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'Constantine, you are doing the wrong thing! he is a traitor! He sint even my Son, what ahve you done to him Vault?"

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"he died the day he arrived in the future, the travel was too much for him, I took his kinetic source and came back to try and change the future and give the Arcryns a future to Live. You will betray your own kind and destroy them in madness. You will then flee to the moon where your only friends, the inhumans will be killed by you."

Vault opened a portal and said a few words that would change ES' life.

"You are still good"

Vault would never be seen again.

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Constantine watched as the young leader left his sword still at the throat he pulled it away and prepared for a battle.

it was just the two of them inside the ring of Acryns.

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ES and the Arcryns left the field and went back to Nyrcra, The battle was done, noone died today and the Arcryns for once showed some happiness in their leader's victory.

There was no happiness in ES for today, his son was dead and it was ES's 25th birthday.

Vault did say more, that ES had the special power of longevity and would live forever.

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he watched as they walked away "cowards" he muttered under his breath. he sheathed his sword and put it away.

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ES swung back around, stared at constantine and then continued his walk back to Nyrcra city.

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He looked at ES and wiping his blond hair out of his eyes he pulled out his gun and shot towards ES through mid-air the bullet exploded and a ball of white magic appeared it zoomed past ES's ear and hit the soldier infront of him his head exploded and blood flew everywhere knowing that ES got the message that Con wasn't a man to mess with he disappeared.