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The world is at peril,all of the violenece and evil on earth has cuased the God and his Angels to bring there wraith down on earth,Hell has come above to fight as well for control of earth,choose your side!Will you help the Angels or allign yourself with the Devil for power,or will you fight for earth and fight both?

Reguler rules apply.

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Sparda stood atop the church's tallest spire. The demons could not come here, for it was hallowed ground. Angels and demons were fighting throughout the streets of New York. He knew that they would come for him, the scent of demons was all over him. He felt a presence behind him, and saw three angel warriors floating. "How could a filthy demon enter hallowed ground?", one said aloud. Sparda ignored them. Then: "This must be a powerful work of magic. You will die, unholy one", and then the three charged at Sparda. He drew Reqiuem, and jumped at the nearest, impaling it's wing. The two spiralled down the long way, until Sparda climbed up his thrashing body and boosted off his head, sending the angel smashing into the ground. Flying up, Sparda met another of the warrior's sword slashes with his own, dueling in mid-air, the swords were moving incredibly fast, until Sparda grabbed the wing of the Angel, and stabbed his sword holding arm. He took the creatures own sword and stabbed him through his chest with it. And boosting off his body back to the spire. The third Angel was coming very fast at Sparda, until he unholstered his pistol Thorn and shot him in the head nonchalantly. With the three fallen creatures plummeting towards ground Sparda jumped off the spire, and walked away from the church. It was time to do what he did best. Kill.

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Post Deleted.

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Joseph sat on his throne and looked out on his loyal subjects,he had oeace for so long,his Acoylets were peace enforcers unlike his fathers.Genosha was filled with Humans and Mutants,living together in harmony.That was ending soon,Joseph's commanding Acolyte came stroming in with an urgent message,"Sir there is an Armada..of.....Angels coming towards the tower!".Joseph was calm under stress,he stood up his long whit hair flowing,he spoke demanding yet calm.."Get the people into the shelters,send your men to fight,and get my armor"His demands were meet,he looked out the towers window and saw many winged men and women with celestial weapons,he was given his Acoylte armour,it as Blue and gold,he began to head out for a battle.