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The night was warm without driving sweat on the skin, comfortable even. A perfect backdrop to the actual ongoings. The moon was full casting a serene white light on the scene bathing the whole landscape into a silvery, almost dreamy light. The artificial stars of Champion City’s lightening competed with the originals in the sky while the veins of the city bled white and red light. Shimmering waves washed against the shore in a distance and that sound mixed with the melody of how the wind whistled through the high grass to deliver a subtle, soft background music.                    

All the fantastic details that nature could offer seemingly combined for a single purpose, to add another romantic dimension to the little wooden table that stood on a hill a few miles outside Champion City. In a display of playful and teasing irony a checkered tablecloth was draped over the wooden surface on which a single candle stood to mimic the famous all-time Disney classic The Lady And The Tramp. To further improve this likeliness the food for this evening had been carefully chosen: Spaghetti Bolognese.

For the two people who had a late and romantic dinner after sunset here, it clearly worked. From time to time the man’s fingers sneakily crawled over the table to caress the woman’s hand while their feet were constantly touching between the table legs. But even more than that the affection they shared was shown in their eyes. Not a single moment, even as they tried to get the unruly noodles on their forks, could they break eye contact drowning in the unbelievably deep windows to the soul of their counterpart. Their lips, frozen in an eternal blissful, testified to that.

How long they sat there the could not say, time had lost its meaning for them. Today they had met for the first time in person, too long had they had to be deprived of the presence of the other. What had started as a small internet chat had grown into a full blown romance after time. And now that they were finally able to be together supported by the loving effort he had put into preparing this dinner they drank of the sweet nectar of real attachment. Hours went by with the two eating in extended enjoyment. Speechless as they were they did not need words at all, the other had became the whole universe for them.

Inevitably they had reached the end of their meal the moon still shining down on them and their sauce crusted dishes. He still had a single meatball on his plate though. The woman’s face was suddenly enlightened with an enrapturing smile as her gallant used his fork to deliberately clownishly roll said meatball onto her plate. Still showing this breathtaking smile she impaled the food and brought it to her mouth where she playingly placed it in her mouth.

A moment of silence followed, a moment of awkward insecurity what to do. Maybe they did not need words but were actions justified at this point? Caught in the gaze of each other further minutes passed.

It was him who finally carried on. Breathing in deep he stood up and walked over to her, slowly, his eyes still fixed on her like she was the only thing in the world that mattered. Her beautiful face lightened up even more as he extended his right arm palm open for her to place her hand into his. Boldly and at the same time trustingly she did. It needed only one short gentle pull of him to get her out of the chair and into his arms.

And then they danced. There was no music, no two stereotypical Italians with accordion and violin like there had been for the two dogs, there was just them two and the sweet music that the island itself bestowed upon them as a present. The highway in the lively metropolis was the soft bass, the ocean itself played the drums with its waves, the wind in the high grass was like violins and the crickets who sung their lusty songswere something so perfect man had not invented it yet.

Like angels they floated over the romantic grass hill but still they were only teenagers in love. Every single move was surprisingly synchronous and played into the next, together they formed a unity that had no set choreography but could exist with any right on every official upper class dance floor with their beauty alone.

The woman’s heart skipped a beat when his hands which had lain so decently on her hips and in her hand suddenly changed grip. What was he doing? Her question was answered when her world suddenly turned upside down. A slight giggle escaped her crimson lips as she was suddenly held in a tango like pose lying in his arms. With a strength surprising for a man that cultivated such a bearing he put her back on her feet.

There they stood again breathing a bit heavily. Partly from the exhaustion of dancing, partly from the proximity their bodies had just shared. He was the first to act again. With as much tenderness as possible he stroked her fascinating long hair behind her ear and put a single flower there that he had just picked while he had held there. Following his newest act of gallantry he just stood there worshipping her with his eyes.

This time it was her time to act. All this tension became too much for her, an inner urge pushed her towards him started by all the effort he had put in the evening and the admirable gentleman like attitude he had held up for the whole evening. Not able to bear it anymore she pressed her lips onto his while a single cloud darkened the moon. As long as there was darkness, they kissed passionately his hand still cupping her face.

When the moon appeared again they parted again. But something was different. The woman’s eyes weren’t as sparkling anymore. Instead they looked in a dull expression at the man as if she had lost free will. Her mouth stood open and her whole body told of an uncomfortable tension.

The man’s plan had finally come to fruition. Like a zombie the woman who had been his lover only seconds before handed him a strange small device on a verbal command. Time for him to send the faithful text message.

“Let operation Enemy Within begin…” 

As soon as his mobile phone had confirmed the sending he turned towards his new slave again with an unwholesome crooked smile on his handsome face.

“And for you, darling, there is something very important you need to do for me…”
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Silvery gray moonlight showered down on a figure, sitting in the natural spotlight. Longshot's quiver, mask and heavy red coat were laid out on the dresser across the room. In the center of the ceiling was a glass dome, and on the edge was a balcony to allow for a breathtaking view of Champions Island. The skylight had been opened and Longshot sat with his legs folded on the cold tile floor. His hands on his knees, he drew in slow, natural breaths. All that he heard was the soft breath of this magnificent living creature that was the island, and the rhythmic beating of his own heart. A clear circle had been drawn, separating moonlight from bitter darkness.

Longshot was still trying to become accustomed to his involvement in the Champions of Peace. Although he was only a reserve member, he had been granted access to the island, and in an attempt to return the welcoming spirit of his new teammates, he took in all the sights of the island. Whenever he found the time to visit, he would walk the city streets, work in the Champion Tower, he had even paid a visit to the Andferne Statue, only fitting given the example the man had left, the shining beacon he had become in Longshot's quest to find redemption.

The drapes floated gently as a cold wind drifted through the door, embracing his scarred and damaged skin. The archer meditated as he had dozens of times in the past month, to purge the nightmares that clung to his mind. Whenever he closed his eyes, he was barraged by memories of Dathron's invasion, of the devastation that he had been powerless to stop. He remembered the blinding light that filled him as he reached into the raw fires of creation, the unlimited power that expanded his mind, his consciousness, everything that he was, beyond anything in all of reality, and threatened to incinerate him. He expelled the power, and thought that it was over, but very soon after he recovered, the nightmares began. He couldn't escape them. Omnipotence had left a scar on him deeper than any blade could. Now, as he struggled to calm himself, the images returned again. His breathing became deliberate and harsh, growing frantic as his eyes clenched tighter and his entire body quaked with intense strain until finally, he loosed himself, falling to the floor and gasping for air.

Longshot braced his head in his hands and brought himself back under control. He rose up, put on his jacket, his quiver, his gloves, and his belt. He looked down through tired eyes at his mask, the face of a relentless murderer, one which he toiled endlessly to transform into a symbol of justice, nobility, and peace. Sometimes, he feared that it was impossible. He had seen what lay beyond the borders of time and the cosmos, but it was too complex for his mortal self to comprehend, and was now nothing more than a faded memory, a scar that refused to heal. Still, he had to move on, he had to have hope.

With the flick of a switch, the eyepiece built into his mask flickered to life and he slipped his second face over his head. He ran through the balcony door and jumped out into the night air. Firing a grapple line from his gauntlet, he swung through the city streets. He landed atop a light post and rose up, looking over the island. The wind whispered in his ear. It carried an omen, something he couldn't decipher. All he knew was that something dark was gathering this night, and it was headed his way.

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A gentle , calming breeze blew over the Prince of power as he stood by his desk looking out of his office window. The skyline of the city was especially beautiful on nights like this, the sky was an almost perfect shade of silver broken only by the tiny diamond like stars that accompanied with the moon covered Champion island with an almost unearthly night time glow. The champion admired its beauty but continued pacing looking back over at his desk mumbling to himself " 5 people,unrelated just upped and vanished without so much of a peep. Police reports found nothing at the scene, all disappearances within the space of the last 2 nights." the files lay open on his desk. In all his time with the champion Edward had never heard of anybody going missing before on the island . Something was up but what ?. " Computer digitise all available information on the 5 files on my desk and send it to the meeting room. Run a check on all island functions and correlate that also into the report. Pay particular attention to mass alteration on the island pads and thermal imaging on the last known locations named within the files"

Steeping away from his desk the champion reached for his COP's communicator and began to speak " Champions squad meeting at HQ in 40 mins. The local PD has brought something to my attention. Suit up it could be along night." with his team leader duties now met he picked up his sword from its mantle and walked towards the training room. Champions tower was usually quiet at night and tonight was no different. Since Warkiller and Talon disappeared he had spent alot of nights in the office working. Now he could understand why Warkiller ,Eclipse and Sarah Lockheart where always so busy and why they used the night for doing the office work. Walking towards the training room Edward drew his sword and focused on the blade sparking it into life, the blue flame erupted from the hilt and covered the blade illuminating the room with its dancing blue flames. The blue lights flickered and then stopped " ill tidings are ahead young Edward keep me close." The champion stepped back as he looked around himself had he imagined what he just heard ? did his sword just speak?. Placing it carefully into the housing built into his suit and set off towards the medbay instead.

"Scanner MRI, patient Edward Windsor compare with previous scan." the champion lay on the table and watched as the beam flowed over his face .Nervously he waited for the cycle to complete. " No trace of abnormalities Edward, would you like me to rescan?" sitting up the champion looked confused " No thanks". Looking at his communicator the champion realised he had to get to the meeting room his squad would probably be waiting for him by now, this was something he would have to do deal with later.

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The gentle breeze of the vibrant night sky was only complimented by the soft ocean waves that swayed on and off of Dylan's feet.Sitting on the beach, watching the dark ocean as it shimmered in the beautiful night Dylan couldn't help but feel lonely.He hadn't really gotten to know anyone since he moved to Champions Island. So Dylan went to the beach to just relax and take his mind off of the stress of school and just general life.Tonight though, seemed different. Even thought the sky was lit by the moon and the many stars, fake and real, it just felt dark and unsettled.As Dylan watched the endless ocean sway back and forth, he heard a little crackling coming from his communicator. Soon after Dylan heard Edward Winsor's voice echo out of device."Champions, squad meeting at HQ in 40 mins. The local PD has brought something to my attention. Suit up it could be along night."

Dylan leaped up from the ground and wiped any excess sand. "This could be my first mission, wow, I didn't think it would feel this good to be a part of something ."Saying this Dylan was treading up the beach to the nearing one way road. Starting up his communicator Dylan pulled up the number for the Taxi service. As the number dialed Dylan sighed."Yea, I'm on the west beach of Heroes Ville." Dylan heard a click and then about a minute later a yellow hovering taxi flew up the road and stopped in front of Dylan. "Champion's Tower please." Slamming the door the Taxi made a U-Turn and whooshed back into city.

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Her eyes met the light that ignited from the ever shining sun, a beautiful sight to watch when it rises. Inhaling the fresh blast of air that swam her way, the winds play with her long corse raven hair and she smiles, taking in everything that day has to offer her. A tear drop swims down her cheek, moving her fingers softly, she wipes them away. Why was she crying, maybe it's because of fear. Scared of challenging the world or what it has to offer her, or the fact that she's getting older by the day and life isn't as easy as she thought them to be before. Still something throughout the day was unsettling, her mind aroused by uncomfortable tensions. She had to press through, even if the spirits who had no passage to the other side taunts her for her weaknesses. They were not to blame but her, deep down inside her weak physical shell she was strong and flaming, with a heart that still beated and was willing to help those and find peace for the spirits and herself. She was to make her life a memorial for her lost father and to push forwarded knowing he'll be happy with her.

The solar being set down only to met the other side of the world for others to embrace him, while his sister the ever peaceful lunar sphere rose and emerge with soft vibrant rays, the very celestial force she named herself after. Night has begun and she stood outside the room in her balcony, staring out into the open see that lay miles away, too far for her to walk by foot, but not far for her to see. She moved herself out of the Champions head quarter, levitating herself from her balcony to the hard cement floor. Dressed in a strapless black mini dress with a pair of matching Jimmy Choo, the latest collection released. The sound of her heels bounced to make the sound of a tapping noise that a fast pace tap dancer would make, as she wandered the quiet late street she observed her new surroundings. ."Champions, squad meeting at HQ in 40 mins. The local PD has brought something to my attention. Suit up it could be along night." the communicator from her clutch purse rang and she press a button to commence communication, and the orders were relayed from Edward who had an English accent.

No time to change she hurried her way back home. On her way back, she felt an unkown supernatural presence, was it nearby or afar? She could not pin point it's exact location but felt it "near", somewhere hiding in the city. "Beware little voodoo, the master has come for his poppets." a spirit, dead and terrifying spoke, his words were riddled with confusion as she fell to the ground and exhaled deeply. Her heart beating faster than it was, then the spirit left, disappeared the moment she blinked, "STOP IT!" she spoke as she heard the same cryptic message earlier. Her body shaken and affected by some unknown force, magic in nature, it was slowly draining her, slowly but surely. Mustering her strength she voiced her words and focused her mind, attuning to the natural forces that comprises the Earth, "The howling winds roars, the elements of day and night, I summon the winds to lift me, I summon them once more." an incantion that spoke directly towards the elemental winds, it softly pushed her from the grounds to the air and moved her, as if she was one of them, the wind. Light as a feath yet solid as a rock, her body softly lands on the ground, entering the building she flashes through the walls, rushing as her impatient nature cannot wait any longer for the elevators. Like a phantom her body presses through, melding with the object. "Somethings wrong..." she said hesitantly entering the meeting room, doubting them to feel what she's feeling, the memembers stared at her with questionable expressions, if they did then something was happening or something was affecting a witch like her directly. As if they had an agenda to elimnate her from their game.

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Golden sand twisted like a snake, the beach seemingly alive, rolling like a sea caught in a tempest. A stocky teen, his unshaven chin requesting the attention of a razor, preferably soon, stood on the sand, it twisting with each gesture he made. He was the sand, but he was apart from it, it was a mere extension of his body. He was so engrossed in his training he nearly missed the sound of his communicator. He pressed a button on his headset, constructed by the COP to allow him free use of his hands and still remain in contact with the team. "Champions, squad meeting at HQ in 40 minutes. The local PD has brought something to my attention. Suit up it could be a long night." James sighed as he heard the smooth English accent of Edward Windsor, leader of the Champions. Richter inhaled and did a small circular motion with his hands. He tapped into the island and the infinite capabilities of transport it offered. A shadow shot over him, and he looked up at the star-studded sky and saw the grey, moss-spotted lithe figure just before its long reaching arms that ended in wraith-like hands with long daggers for fingers grabbed him around the torso, just below the ribcage and ascended to the sky, heading towards Champions Tower at a mental command.

He zipped through an open window and brushed his dark hair out of his face the instant his feet touched the ground. With his private jet as some kind of silent rock bodyguard, he strolled into the meeting room and sat down in his chair, a cool can of Monster Energy drink waiting for him. He had barely cracked the top with that delightful hiss of gas before Moonglow had walked in, claiming something was wrong. Taking a sip, James smiled. He placed the can on the table and stared with a little smirk, and, like many sixteen year old males, felt the need to crack an inappropriate joke. "That time of the month?" He said, bursting out laughing at his own joke and slapping the table.

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“Do ya’ll know that song, that one that starts with the doobedoowap? Oh I am sure you do, it’s that one they used in that movie” the blade glinted in the light as the female vampires heavy boots danced around the tree’s “Lilly honey, you’ve got to give us more information that that, seriously” the other vampires sitting around the fire watched as the youngest member of their group alleviated her boredom slicing lengths of skin off the boy they had captured from a house inside Champion City. The tower housing the great heroes hovered high above the vast city below, it’s skyline shone in the dark night, their power and peaceful lore a lions roar that guarded their people below. Well, at least they thought it did. Hidden from the hatred that had its hold over the rest of the world, the heroes thought they had built a safe home for their families. And it had been, until now.

The blood from the youth’s wounds was being collected below in an elaborate system of vials and tubes invented by the vampire herself. Frowning dramatically she sighed as she peeled the strip of flesh down further allowing for the organs below to be exposed helping the blood flow faster “I just can’t remember more than that, why is it that the older we get the harder it is to recall memories from our human lives?” The other vamps just watched her work, there was no answer to that question.

Lillith was a throwback to her age as a human, she was turned in the 1930’s a chorus girl for Fat Sam’s she had been on the road to being a star. She was tough and a little bit off centre with the voice of an angel. Having been turned by an ancient vampire who was a fan of her singing, he had added her to his sick collection. She had been kept prisoner for the first 10 years of her life as a vampire, her sire a sadistic and twisted master. Forcing her to be one of his pets, his collection of girls who would perform their art for his pleasure, at all other times they were kept in cages suspended from the ceiling, thrown small animals to feed on. Rescued when the Authority discovered his behaviour she was rehabilitated and taught how to be a vampire by a member of the Camarilla, only to turn against her handler when she discovered the truth of their dark father Caine and connected with David and his plans.

Turning towards the sound of music coming from an event somewhere below in Champion City she crouched near the fire, bored with playing with the body. “I hate having to wait” she murmured as several of the others frowned at her, shocked at their lieutenants expression of annoyance at their leader. An upstart of a vampire stood above her quickly his movements faster than light as he grabbed her arm and hissed in her face. “We wait Lillith, David has given us our orders, you will follow them without discourse” sitting himself back down with pride the others watched as she rose, her eyes black with the blood lust that had risen, lunging for him she grabbed his hair and ripped his head from his body before he even had time to blink, holding the head close to her face she whispered “I really dislike a fella who can’t control his urges” Dropping the head on the ground she swept her eyes across the other vamps who were crouching around the fire, hissing slightly their own blood lust risen. One by one they stepped back off the edge and sat around the fire, a ghoul moved forward from the darkness of the tree’s and picked up the legs of the dead vampire, dragging him to the back of the woods.

The feint rustling of a body being disposed rose from the woods as the crackling fire began to die, the muffled sounds of the night were silenced by a piercing sound coming from inside Lilly’s pocket. With a smile that revealed the white fangs she picked up the mobile phone and looked at the screen “It’s go time boys” she cried as the vampires swiftly moved toward Champion City as weeks of planning and procedures would be finally put in place. Each vampire had their targets; each member of the Champion squad would soon meet their immortal death.

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Destiny sat in the cathedral at a rather old celtic styled table. Across from her sat the pastor of the church a close and good friend of the angel. The churches structure very gothic in its architecture. A few of the others had a more victorian feal this one though didn't that and the fact it was the largest made it stand out to the angel. "How do I go about telling them father? This is a bit of a radical idea in most perspectives can it even possibly go over well?" Destiny asked her voice seaming to almost sing do to the echo of the chamber. A very magestic thing to behold in the eyes of most people and the reverend sertainly didn't seam like he was going to disagree. Taking her hand he spoke the moon light seaming to pass through the window and highlight the two in its limelight.

"Destiny why do ou even come to me for this you know your a good person at heart. Of all those I know you seam to show more conviction on a daily basis then I see in other priests in years. I'm sure your not doing this to harm people, nobody is perfect the only being that could call themselves that is our god. You learn from these things though if you haven't been revived as a full fledged angel yet its only on acount of your selfdoubt." The angel sighed, he hadn't seamed to get it.

Over the past few months they had seamingly lost Talon and Warkiller many others seaming distant. The Champions of Peace was strugling internally, while the city seamed at peace protected by some of the best heroes around the team itself was still fractured. This left CPG to be the main teacher of the new generation, the Future Champions being a promissing though sertainly under construction team. Edward was the leader of the main squad, she couldn't think of anyone better to lead things. Champions though fealt small and in need of some work as well. There was also the natural state of things in the world. Those within Utopia were placing a registration into the goverment. A radical idea that failed twice but was still sought out by some. Obviously considering the prison outbreak of Ruin and the loss of Russia something was needed to better police meta humans. The methods being sought out now though were not very promising and seamed more likely to bring on more calamity then the super beings that did more or less whatever they pleased. Destiny had tried to formulate a alternative method. Like all concepts that spawned from a Registration however it was viewed somewhat extreme.

It was at that moment that the stain glass behind Requiem exploded. The multicolored shards raining along the cobblestone floor. Cold night air breathed into the room emiting a low whistle as a body flew through the opening. The young teen crashing into the various wooden seats of the cathedral shattering them all. Splinters littering the floor as Dahlia came to a halt. Thick black colored blood seaping from her neck and various small cuts along her body. The cybernetic eyes of Andromeda closing as she colapsed. Electric blue hair losing its glossy sheen as blood began to stain. "She taste like a corpse, who would think an angel would play with the dead." All Destiny could make out was a silouette a black clad figure with the moon barely eluminating her even slightly. The voice was cold, feminine and seductive but aparently void of any emotion. And just as she seamed to appear she vanished a vapor trail of mist all that could indicate she had ever been there.

Picking up the techno loving girl Requiem had personally introduced to the Future Champions a string of curses escaped her porceline lips. "Make sure any of the workers or children who might be residing in the church are safe, lock the doors along the way. This isn't going to turn out well" the angel remarked. The priest had been trying to find any clue from where the silouette stood and yet couldn't find so much as a foot print let alone something that may have actually helped resolve who was behind whatever was going on. Confident the priest would do his part the white haired angel vanished in a flash of light. The angel reapearing in the meeting room, she had given a Champions comunicator to those she hoped to enlist in her new team. From the looks of it one of them was allready well aquainted to the island. Destiny smiled at the woman before seting Andromeda down on a near by couch lovingly brushing aside hair.

"Team allow me to introduce the newest members, Moonglow a witch if I am not mistaken either way a beautiful woman who should be of some help. No saint but then thats not the purpose of this team. Netzach is or atleast was a angel, perhaps happing me can help him become complete again much like I am persueing. Then we have Mercury thats the most troubling hounestly. He's with the Trinity last I heard and could be attempting to underhand us. We need him though this team, the Redeemers is not just a facet of people playing hero its a symbol. Where not just people fighting invasions we stand for something. The Redeemers establishes that, we train the young to be the future. We fight with some of the most noble to unify this world. And we take in the broked jaded or fallen to make them icons of what we can do. What where up against f-ck if I know. Im not Warkiller or MR just one of you, thats whats important though. We are not here to try and make you a soldier to deprive you of freedom and so on. Were equals and we're under attack by someone within are own walls so put aside any diffrences you might have so we can liberate are city as it rightfully should be.

Not the fanciest or best speach in the world but that was never her forte. Really it didn't so much as matter if she got through to them. Destiny only wanted to make the new team known, no secrets or covert lies. Wanted it to be known that whatever happend she was going to fight for them. Not one of them would be harmed like Dahlia had been. The angel leaning down to place a bandage on the teens neck and kiss her brow before turning to the others stopping just short of the doorway. Giving a moment for them to say something before she went back out into the cityscape.

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All around me I feel the stars radiating their beautiful souls onto me. In the sky I am free of any worry. The glowing bodies of lights tells stories. They have been watched for many years by billions of different eyes. Each life they have watched being born to the point of their death.

Among the stars I feel like a child taking their first steps. The delicate rays of colors shifting off of my body beyond into the cool night air. Each riffle parades around my thin framed body as i spiral into the moonlight with bliss. Shadows of the Auroras glow brighter the higher I reach into the sky. I myself will forever be a Star. Watching the world as it spins fast around me. Cities and people will change but i will always be here to protect my people.

I need to do whatever it takes to protect them.

These past few months have been even harder for this team. War Killer and Talon both left The Champions. I know others took it hard to see them leave with us growing so close, but I feel I might have taken it the hardest compared to the others. Charles had been my best friend for a few years now. The two of us have never left each others side. Now with him gone.. I don't even know. Then there is Laura. My sweet roommate. Even though she might have attempted to kill me a few times while rooming together she became a sister to me. I love those two with all of my heart.

I sometimes feel like I have no one with me. I now just sleep in my empty apartment. Yeah my Puppy Zachery is there, but it feels like there is an abyss right in the center of it. It's not the same.

I really miss Mistress Redhead. Being by her side everyday learning so much from her. Always smiling at our accomplishments. I miss my Brother Eclipse. His death still tears me apart. I miss Charles and Laura. I have no clue how i'm going to run this team without any of them. Sure Edward, and Destiny are amazing at what they do, and I love all the hard work, great leadership skills, and I will forever be grateful. It just isn't the same.

One thing that has been keeping me going was being together again with her. My best friend. My soul mate. Moonglow. Yuki has finally returned to me. Thinking about it maybe she can become my new roommate. Her and I still have a lot of catching up to do. I have to admit with the team nearly falling apart the two of us have barely had any time to talk. I feel horrible, but I need to make sure that changes.

Minutes later and I am entering the Champions Meeting room to see why Edward had called us in. It was kind of weird, yet nice not hearing a speech while listening to the CoP Communicator. After a while the other leaders got me into the habit of doing that.

Taking my first step in I see that all of the eyes quickly shift to me. Some of them grow wider when seeing me. I look to the left to see my refection in a mirror. I completely forgot to switch back to my non glowing human form when thinking deeply about my thoughts. I took a deep silent breath, and in a blink of an eye my body began cooling down. Slowly each dazzling light died down until there was I was a simple pink haired girl in her black and yellow costume.

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Markus was a lone Kindred, his position within the hierarchy allowed for little true social interaction, and he desired even less. He had only truly cared for one being, and as it stood, he was alone; exactly as he wished to be. He was well respected, though largely disliked within the Sabbat. He was fanatical about his Faith, and had never sired a Childe. Had he not held such an esteemed rank, it's likely he'd have been killed by a fellow vampire. Honour was honour, but pretentious and insufferable zealots were something else.
"Well that's one less follower to our cause" Markus thought as he watched Lilith tear the head off a fellow Cainite. The other vampires reacted as one would expect, with surprise, horror and delight. The filthy ghouls didn't react at all. Naturally. Oh how Markus hated ghouls. Dirty, grotesque little monstrosities that could never believe in Caine, and therefore not truly serve him. Markus would have interjected to Lilith's overreaction, but honestly, it wasn't worth his time. He was an older vampire, and a patient one, he had no reason to save the "life" of a fool who would test the patient of one such as Lilith. At that moment, he was more concerned with avoiding the inevitable blood splatter and viscera, not wishing to blemish his perfect suit. Wearing such attire to battle was, of course, ridiculous, but Markus liked his suits, and he cared little for battle. In short, style won out over sense. His lust for blood was quelled somewhat, as he had earlier satiated the Beast in a debaucherous affair with a young woman from a nearby suburb.  
The Archbishop had offered surprising credence to this plan of David's, but he liked the young Cainite. He had class, and though his penchant for Dominating was less appealing, at least he understood that propriety had its place even in the damned. 
He turned and looked at the manic woman who'd just decapitated an ally. Unlike David, Lilith was everything Markus reviled in vampires, not acting at all in the vein of a true Sabbat. She was vulgar, wasteful and above all, undignified. That said, she had not done anything to encourage his wrath, only his disdain. Markus was adjusting his sleeves as the call to arms had been issued. He attempted to check his hair, but with no reflection, it was more challenging than one would like. The Army of Caine rushed to battle and swarmed toward the unsuspecting city. Like a Biblical flood, this wave would cleanse the area of the unbelievers, of the heretics. His conviction strengthened, Markus smiled and threw his fist swiftly to the left, smashing a tree in half. He was not especially strong for his kind, particularly considering his age, but Markus could still engage in more barbaric violence, if required. 
"Still got it" he said. It had been centuries since Markus last went to battle, truly went to battle. There had been uprisings of course, small beings who had wished to unseat him and his religiously conscientious rule, but they were dealt with swiftly. While not strong, Markus did have a talent. His power lay in the Lasombra Discipline of Obtenebration.
"In Chess, it is wise to move the Bishop early" Markus said calmly, almost jokingly, but as Lilith was his only company, humour was unlikely. "I'm close enough" Markus finished before leaping forward, a veil of shadow covering his form as he descended toward the city. His target was a supposed Angel, an agent of the Creator. This prospect intrigued Langbourn. A being from the Heavens meeting a creature of the damned? It was a delicious concept. Perhaps he could convince her to serve God as an agent of Caine? Markus did not believe this to be beyond his reach, after all, his cunning was legendary. At least, in his dominion. Deciding the best place to meet an Angel was in a House of God, Markus made for the Church.
Archbishop Markus Langbourn was alone, but the shadows were ever his ally.

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Hours have passed for him though it only felt like minutes. People have come and gone at various time have danced and drank to their hearts content. The strobe lights are blinding and the smoke machines around the club catching in his throat as he inhales. The beat of the up-tempo music pounding in his chest this was the life. Dancing with a group of girls who seemed to have figured out who he was, which in all honestly wasn’t that hard considering he doesn’t actually wear any type of mask he was having the perfect night. Well he was having the perfect night until he felt something; a vibe that made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up ignoring this he went back to his partying hoping that it would resolve itself but he just wasn’t that lucky.

In his back pocket his Champions communicator vibrated and a message from Edward tried to make itself heard. Through the loud and thumping music he heard little bits of information “…….meeting.HQ 40 minutes…….could be a long night.” *Beautiful* with a exasperated sigh he made his way to leave “Sorry duty’s calls but the night is young, party on ladies!” leaving them screaming “I knew it was him!” Michael smirked and walked out the front entrance. Even though the temperature wasn’t low compared with the club there was a sharpness to the night air though he had to admit it was a beautiful night the moon was full and illuminated the sky while little twinkling stars filled the void cloudless sky as a gentle breeze ruffled his dark hair out of his eyes.

About to fly straight to the meeting Michael felt it again this time it wasn’t a vibe it was stronger something was lurking interfering with the intricate balance of nature…. It was everywhere waiting but for what. This put him on edge something was going to happen something terrible! But what it was he didn’t know. Swiftly flying off into the air towards Champion Tower after a quick change which really all he did was switch his shirt and put on his jacket Michael quickly made his way up to the meeting room and thankfully wasn’t too late just in front of him a new teammate a woman bust out “Something’s wrong…” she felt it too. From inside the meeting room Richter piped up “That time of the month?” rolling his eyes and this terrible attempt at a joke “James…shut up” walking in an leaning against one of the walls “She’s right though something is wrong I felt it too!”

Various other members filtered in CellPhoneGirl appeared like a firefly glowing thankfully she caught on and changed back. Their new leader Requiem appeared shortly after with a knocked out Andromeda, this came as a bit of a shock to him after helping him tackle demons he trusted and grew to like Dahlia. After introducing their new team-mates Mercury from the trinity foundation and Moonglow he’d heard her name somewhere but couldn’t remember where at time but Michael finally understood why the other woman was able to feel the same vibe he did she was just like him a Witch. He had to say Requiem could give a pretty damn good speech and she was right about the last part something was attacking them but just what was so dangerous that two witches would be able to feel it something so wrong, that Edward and Requiem would have to call all the Champions and what would even be able to take out Dahlia without some kind of alarm going off in a city such as this.

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*Post as Argious as I can't get into the account just now.*

The emerald green of the leafs of the trees seemed brighter against the cascading moon light , a soft mist touched the outer rims of the park where they had set up their holding position for the night. Lush green grass had become their hunting grounds and he could hear the pack already enjoying the blood they had secured for the night. Argious was one of the oldest of his kind and this was reflected in his looks, much like the Nosferatu, Arigous face was disfigured and his ears where pointed, his body was covered in glyphs from his dealings in the black arts. Argious was a Tzimitze and was the oldest of his clan, it had been several years since he had sided with David against the Kindred. They had started out as simply allies and soon they became friends, Argious saw the potential David had to become a leader, not just of the clans but of all vampires. Argious had been a part of almost all the wars between the kindred and his people and was not a vampire to be trifled with. He let out a sigh as he listened to the noise from beyond the tree line, the screams of their feast, His two black eyes gazed from the tree branch he had on decided to take to watch from.

The ancient vampire could not stop the small smile that crossed his ancient lips as he listened to them and watched their reaction as Lillith killed one of the other vampires.He reminded himself to discuss better methods of punishment to David's Lieutenant. It was unknown to the kindred but the Sabbat was at least two blood lines behind the Kindred. They believed that keeping the blood line less watered down allowed them to be stronger and closer to their maker. Argious had only made one childe in his time and that had not ended well, it still pained him that it was he who had to end her life. But he also understood the balance of needing warriors like Lillith just as much as they needed thinkers like Markus, they were both very impressive vampires for their age and yet so different. Seeing the two off them charge off into battle only renewed his faith in his friends leadership. Able to keep such different types of vampires in close proximity to each other was outstanding, this was just a small example of how different all the clans where within the sabbat and of course within the Kindred.

Some would think their actions one of conquest but he saw deeper into the world, his long life had allowed him the presence of mind to look past the present. David did not wish to rule the Sabbat he wished to bring it tougher and then to join with the Kindred under one leader. It would be hard at first, as is the way with change, but they had all been at war for so long even within their own clans they could forgive the deaths and battles, death is seconded nature to their race. But pride would be the issue, pride of class and house would cause more destruction than anything else. The continued effort of remaining in power, but David could remove that with appointing one king to rule over all and his word would be final Argious would see to that. But he did find himself questioning the events that where unfolding in front of him, he would follow David’s orders to the letter but putting themselves on the radar of the so called super hero community would only weaken their chances. They would but directly in the line of fire, a community like this does not forget an attack of this level so easily, the only reason he could think of was that David wanted to also weaken the Kindred’s standings with in the world, for they would also become hunted as well.

With all the elegance and power of his vamperic nature Argious lept from the tree branch with little to no effort and began following the trail of destruction towards the city, Marcus had decided to snap a tree in half with little to no effort, but the ancient vampire just glided along the streets, he waved his hands in front of him whimsically, as if conducting some silent orchestra in his head .Not touching or harming anyone that came into his path, , he simply ignored them. The human race was no more than a flock of cows waiting to be feed upon and the only person that cares about farm animals is the farmer. None of the vampires crossed his path while he moved, if one stepped in it they removed themselves quickly with a bow. Argious remembered what it was like to be hunted all those years ago, of course if he had the power that he holds now over then it would have been a different story and there was not as many super humans back then. A smallish smile tugged at the edge of his lips, his pale skin reflected the moon light as he remembered the taste and power from the first super he had ever killed. “Delicious” he said allowed wondering who would be the first of his kills, who would be deserving to face him in battle.

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For hours, he'd been standing there on the ocean's surface, bathed in the light of the night sky. Eyes closed, a gentle wind sailed through his silver mane. Divine skill, flawless and firm, Netzach stood on the turbulent waters, meditating the way he knew best. Violent waves bombarded his position and he seemed to dance in the moonlight as various blades appeared one instant to divide the waters, then disappeared again to be replaced by another in the next instant. Though his movements were fluid, he operated only half-consciously, his mind wandering elsewhere, mulling over his current position.

Cut. What am I even doing here? A seven-foot blade split the waves. Protecting these people? Hmph. Not too long ago, I'd have sooner seen them all dead, all of these islands sunken into the depths of the ocean. What changed? Slash. Nothing. Nothing ever changes, not for an Angel. Now I'm on that team, that squad - The Redeemers. Someone once told me, there's no redemption for an Angel who sins and turns his back on God. Shatter. So, these people, then. I act on their behalf. I pity them, unable to help themselves. His swords slashed water and stirred up more waves. Khesseth, I am mercy. I am absolute, unlimited benevolence and kindness. I am love. I am God's intrinsic will. Netzach, I am the base of the Pillar of Mercy. I am the essence of kindness, through harshness. I am God's will enacted upon the world. More swells dispersed by shockwaves from a second pair of swords. So, it's my job to protect their lives, that they may go on sinning over and over again, and they can keep being forgiven over and over again. I act so they can have that which I can not - Redemption. The thought of it makes me sic—! 


In that last distracting thought, he stirred up a much larger wave, which crashed over him, cutting short his dance, and carried him ashore, the same time as he was contacted for a meeting by the squad commander. Although, there is the thought of meeting another, a Fallen Angel like me, who wholly believes in this. An interesting prospect, to say the least. Peeling a starfish off of his chest, the faithless Angel flapped his wing dry and took off in the direction of the tower.

Once entered, Netzach fell to the back of the meeting room, always good at being invisible. Always observing, he scanned the room, taking special note of the strange woman phasing through the walls and the man laughing at her, Great. A joker, and the speaker, the Angel. She had a nice way of putting things as they were with the team, making them out like a family, or some unit of perfect coherence. For Netzach, it just wasn't in him to be optimistic. Soon, we'll see how all that holds up. 

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The sea called to him. There was no better way of describing it. Like in most of his clan the early pirate legacy and fascination for seafaring ran strong although so far he had never given in to it. There was always so much to do. Always another reason to ignore that longing pull of his blood inside, how it surged against his undead veins like the waves washed against the rocks on the shore. Still the siren call of the ocean rang in his body, went deeper than simple acoustics, the wish resonated in his very self.

Now that he stood in front of the breathtaking spectacle that was the wet salty element and watched how foam crowned forces fought not only with the land but with each other again the temptation was especially sweet. Not comparable to vitae. He needed blood, craved it, was addicted to it. But he WANTED the ocean, wanted to spend time on it, maybe even in it contesting his will with its incomprehensible power in a fight David against Goliath. The irony of this picture brought a smile to his well formed lips. Not yet, old giant, not yet.

Far out on the unruly water surface there danced two red lights like menacing predator eyes in the darkness. Almost hypnotically they wavered in the distance patiently biding their time. Personally David knew the boats whose position lights evoked this impression were less than calm. A rabid bunch of Cainitic vampires was crowded together on those vessels only waiting to get on land and start the conquest of what they already believed to be rightfully theirs. The crimson lights found their synchronous counterpart on land in the perimeter security of the coast. Red eyed sensors untiringly and unerringly scanned the immediate sea territory of the sovereign nation for illegal intruders into he safe, colourful world of the Champions Of Peace. Cerberus himself could not have been more sincere. But like all beings even Cerberus needed a rest from time to time.

For the high tech devices of the automatic coast guard this moment of peaceful sleep came now. The red light died and the digital hellhound’s oculars closed. David who stood there with his arms crossed and his magnificent long black hair flying in the wind chuckled.

“Thank you, darling. Now to step two…”

Modern technology was such a wonderful thing. It could be manipulated, used and misused in every way a creative devious mind like David’s could think of. A single text message had stirred his brethren into action and another let them jump into their rubber boats now. Like a howling pack of jackals the blood drinkers raced towards land screaming eager to taste the blood of the population.

A tide of Cainites, something worse than the tidal wave Champion City had experienced months ago, washed ashore and sped into the night ready to carry out the plans of   their ductus. They would grab and turn as many citizens as they could do stealthily to expand their army and have troops   that they could throw against their main target: Champion Tower. They all knew that if they messed up the would be better off dead than to face David’s wrath.

Only one gigantic figure remained with David. Tombstone. A Nosferatu of the Sabbat breed. Brutal and bestial like no other but at the same time controlled and stealthy when needed to be. Together with Lillith one of his most trusted lieutenants for quite some time now. Reliable and loyal but vicious and bloodthirsty at the same time. Once he had even seen him lift a car to crush an unfortunate opponent beneath it. 7'5'' he towered above the ground with a body full of grotesque muscles that bulged like the exaggerated muscles of comic heros. A head that was not much bigger than a football sporting an unproportional big maw equipped with steely fangs of more than 6 inches each sat between powerfoul shoulders of more than 3 feet wideness. To make things even more disgusting Tombstone's skin did not only look like stone but also felt like it, cool and rough to the touch. Hence he was given that new name upon his entry into the Sabbat. David's orders to the abnormally ugly monster were simple although he knew the horrible exterior hid a cunning and exceptionally intelligent mind that was able to carry out even the most complex tasks. He never failed him and he knew he would never do. For he knew the price. His job in this crusade would be to identify and take out the most troublesome Champions Of Peace by turning them into vampires.

“You know your assignment. You know the files. You would be wasted on the bloody battlefield. Now go… play.”

For a moment David thought he could see a smile on the atrocious visage of the monster but before he could react on it Tombstone had already vanished into the shadows using the innate discipline of his clan to leave the young Lasombra alone again.

One last longing look at the sea behind him and he walked off into the city where at this moment the first packs of four or more would start recruiting. Soon the city would degrade into a pool of chaos, death and fire and he would be at the centre of it. The centre, the big price, this glowing architectural masterwork loomed over the city taunted him with its beauty telling everyone “Entrance for members only”. His luck that he knew one member very well.

An ignorant onlooker could have thought him to be just another night owl walking along the beautiful beach of Champion Island. Only David’s answer to the sound of the sea in his ears could have alerted this spectator slightly.

“Not yet, old giant, not yet. I have to slay another Champion first.”
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"Infront of each of you is a folder, it contains the details of four missing persons cases brough to my attention in the last 48 hours. The people missing are Steven Perry aged 12, Roseanna Witica aged 21 , Dwayne Irons aged 18 and Hannah Jordan aged 23. There appears to be no connection between the individuals other than the dates of the dissaperrance and that whilst they are declared missing they have neither used a passport to leave the island or any of their ID's since they where last seen. For all intents and purposes they are still here on the island yet they have not be spotted by CCTV or any other means since the times listed in their files. Something is going on people dont just vanish here, i did some further investigation into the cases using the islands AI and found some strange thermal readings occouring in areas near to the last know loctaions of each of these individuals. I dont know what we are dealing with here, but anyone who doenst appear on our thermal scans is either sporting some high quality armour or isnt an average human being. As you can tell by my track of thought i think we have either one or more individuals attacking the general population and these dissapearances will continue untill we get to the bottom of this." Edward pauses for a second as he felt his sword vibrate between his shoulders looking over his shoulder as it does so "Something is very wrong here..."

A burst of blue light fills the champion meeting room as Edward sword shoots from its casing and hovers above the champions head " Darkness comes for you champions, your blood will stain the street of Champions city unless you take action tonight, search your souls for they will be tested in the cauldron of a blood war. " The prince of power grabbed at his sword and struggles with it as it fights to free itself from his grip. Forcing it back into its holster the champion focuses a small section of his telekentic power to apply added force on the struggling blade.Regaining his composure the champion continues "Look something is very wrong and we need to get it sorted, everyone is now active and we need to search every inch of the island starting now. Move in pairs dont leave each others site and keep your communicators on at all times. I will have the Islands defence mechanisms activated and awaiting emergency codes from any of you if something hits the fan. Now hit the streets and get searching, Richter your with me." Grabbing his communicator quickly taps a message on his communicator. " Archer be carefull unknown threats on island , suggest you get to a perch and recon any targets you can spot for us, rest fo the team on move watch for friendlies."

20 Mins later

"James Do you see that over there?, i see smoke coming from the park up on that hill thats a good look out spot. I have a plan follow my lead ok." The prince of power starts to slowly move toward the fire in the distance with his teammate just behind him crawling through a bush the champion gets a better view of whats ahead. Crap i see at least 40 individuals around the fire some dressed in what appears to be fineary from an age long forgotten.Their recon is suddenly broken by a scream past his targets and it was coming this way. Edward and his teammate watched as a young girl who he knew to be Hannah Jordan from her files was thrown to the ground infront of a smartly dressed man sitting in an elaborate chair. The gentlemen in the chair lightly placed his hand on Hannahs chin pushing her head up so she met his gaze saying something that Edward couldnt hear the smartly dressed man burst from his chair letting out a small jet of blood from Hannahs neck. Witho ta moments hesitation and with dark undercurrent in his voice Edward spoke "James i need you to do something for me, get back to the entrance to the park as quick as you can and activate the safety sphere field i need this place locked down and i need you to then call everyone we got i mean everyone people who are on the island , ex champions everyone. I will go and introduce myself to our friends and try to give them the run around till backup arrives now go."

Running towards the bottom of the hill Edward drew his sword, thinking to himself (5 mins tops for Richter to get to the sphere panel 30 mins for back up to get here and help all i need to do is keep them busy for 35 mins) arriving at the bottom of the hill his sonic boom rocks the nearby trees and gives away the fact that he has now arrived at his destination. " I'am Edward Windsor of the Champions of Peace this is my town and you arent welcome here. How about we settle this like men, send your best boldest and biggest champion and see how he fairs against me."

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Longshot received an incoming message from Edward, "Archer be carefull unknown threats on island , suggest you get to a perch and recon any targets you can spot for us, rest fo the team on move watch for friendlies." He nodded and put the communicator away, immediately racing across the nightswept urban landscape. The archer landed silently atop the Hall of Champions, walking to the edge and dropping to a perched position with his bow over his back. The lights embedded in the ground radiated upward, casting the shadows of statues upon him.

The faint trickling of the fountain below was just as clear to Longshot as the child laughing three blocks North. He sifted through every sound in his ear, every sight in his spectrum, but he couldn't find anything out of the ordinary, or at least, out of the ordinary for an island populated by superheroes. The archer had already read of the people who had gone missing on the island of late, and even he couldn't make a pattern out of it. The others had been sent out to sweep every inch of the island for clues, leaving Longshot to play canary in the coal mine.

The Crimson Archer put his communicator to his ear and called out to whomever might answer, "Would someone mind telling me exactly what I should be looking for?" He adjusted the collar of his coat and awaited a response. He couldn't help but shiver, odd seeing as that he had come to endure so much, and the headquarters of his own team was tucked away in the frozen Alaskan wilderness. With this task on his mind, the growing, yet still undefined danger, he was too occupied, too focused, for his thoughts to wander to dark memories such as the ones that had been plaguing him in these past months. He simply sat in wait, embracing the cold.

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Dylan was late.......but only 10 minutes late. Rushing into the lobby after his traffic filled ride Dylan jammed the up arrow numerous times.Seconds later the elevator came to the lobby and Dylan hurried in. Arriving at the Top floor of Champions Tower Dylan couldn't help but be amazed at the view. The skyline was complimented so well by the stars, walking slowly to the room at the end of the hall Dylan noticed that there were no stars above the north ocean. Arriving at the door before he could examine Dylan opened it a crack. They he walked in and stealthily slid behind a few people. As Edward Winsor talk Dylan only heard bits and pieces. Across the room, was Blair Świerczyński a.k.a Cell Phone Girl.

Dylan had had a crush on her since he got to Champions Island even though they had never talked before, and right now, he was staring hard. Dylan caught himself a few times but he always continued. After another catch he decided to actually listen to Edward. Just as Dylan look Edward's sword flew out of its sheath and began.........Speaking? " Darkness comes for you champions, your blood will stain the street of Champions city unless you take action tonight, search your souls for they will be tested in the cauldron of a blood war. " Dylan didn't really know how to react to this event, so he just pretended it didn't happen.

As Edward force the sword back to rest he started talking again. "Look something is very wrong and we need to get it sorted, everyone is now active and we need to search every inch of the island starting now. Move in pairs don't leave each others site and keep your communicators on at all times." Dylan's eyes lit up with the sound of this. "Now's my chance" Dylan thought to himself as he began moving across the room to Blair. Arriving next to her Dylan realized that he had no idea what to say. "Uhh, Hi Blair, I'm Dylan." Dylan was dieing on the inside. "So this missing person stuff is pretty scary right?"Hey, if you don't have a partner than maybe, I could be, I mean we could be partners?"

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Kid Devil listened intently to edward's voice over the cop comunicator. he stood in his normal watch place, a church that always seemed to be covered in blankets of darkness. He'd been less than active in the recent weeks, A missing person case would be a perfect warm up to any champion but in this city? Their crimes were never normal. Demonic urges told the young devil to kill the kidnappers. Shoving the Comunicator in his loose black jeans he let out a low, demonic growl. flames eruppted the blacken the stone building with soot,comsumed the young devil, the fire died down in seconds with warren now where in sight.

A quick eruption of flames appeared inside champion tower. He saw his "leader" Cellphone girl and the new addition, something-frost. Warren's fire damaged the carpet under his feet. "So I hear we have a missing person thing or some sh*t like that." He grinned at the new addition's Ice powers, cold air came off him. KD thought hewould end up fighting the guy in the coming weeks if the kid stayed around that long. He saw Edward wth a sword "huh guess f*cking annoying moodyness comeswith the job"hethought Warren looked at him for a momment but ignored it. Kid devil had done crazier things himself.

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They all watched, as they flow of vampires washed over the city like a wave of locusts on judgement day. One struck fast, killing an innocent with a bloody vengeance and passion, others spread towards the city racing in between the homes of people who lived on the islands, safe havens for families, their tiny homes full of warmth and love, ignorant of the horror coming at them. The vampires had been given basic commands, find and embrace, but each of them also had their own inner choices that drove them, their own dark passenger that blood lusted. As the wave of Cainites crawled over the city, the heroes would be stretched thin, battling the evil attacking what they had created.

“Lillith” hissed one of the other vampires standing near her as they watched Edward and other heroes take charge, felt the boom as he roared brandishing his sword, his power made some of them nervous, he was a born hero and that purity was something that could cut them down. She ignored the hissed demand for her attention as her keen eye site watched the surge of vampires that had been driven towards the leader begin their attacks, those that were in the first wave were young vampires, only weeks old, created by David to deflect and distract. Their own power weak against the heroes they were nothing more than cannon fodder. “LILLITH” the other vampire hissed again turning to face him her fangs out she spat a heavy whisper in return “WHAT IS IT?” the young vampire stepped back as he looked into her fierce eyes “I..” he stammered “Is it time for us to move out?” shaking her head as one of the others pulled the kid back into place, his excitement driving him to ask stupid questions. It was what David wanted, but a modicum of control was required for this second, soon she would release them for her commander and it would be on.

Watching the sky for the sign she was looking for she smiled as the light went on in the top room of Champion Tower, flicking on and off again as the signal beckoned them forward. Raising her hand she made a fist and gestured the horde of bloodthirsty vamp’s forward, dashing into the night they separated. Lillith racing towards the small box that sat on the hillside, it’s very faint green and red lights blinking in the moonlight.

Smiling as she reached the box she licked her fingers and flicked the switch. A gigantic fireball burst out of the edge of the Island as the front doors of The Hall of Champions exploded open. Once the smoke cleared and the sprinklers had done their work, the hall was flooded with the creatures David had brought forth; they began to create their standing point a place they could hold while they began to take their new army from the innocents housed at Champion Island.

Grinning she spun on her heel with a wiggle of her hips “Now my little heroes, while one of your leaders attacks over there” she raised a pale hand to point at Edward as he battled the hordes of vampires that kept coming at him “We’ll just make ourselves comfortable here” pointing at the Hall of Champions “but we really need you all to look over there” she yelled, as she slammed her hand onto the other switch, blasting the doors off of Champion Tower wide open, glass thundering everywhere, bypassing all the specialised tech that had not been updated since Mistress Redhead monitored the island. Someone had given them the coordinates to disable the entire tech, but Lillith rather liked a big boom. All of this was to get the attention they needed, it was time they needed. The vampires were like rats, once they got in you had to work damn hard to get them out again, once they began to feed, and create there was no way the heroes could remove them. David only needed a window of time to do what was needed before they would take this place and make it the island of blood.

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“I don’t know what we are dealing with here, but anyone who doesn’t appear on our thermal scans is either sporting some high quality armour or isnt an average human being.” Lazystudent, the new leader of COP’s spoke as he looked over everyone.

‘Do you think what I’m thinking.’ EVE spoke through Nicole’s helmet as she continued to flip through the pages of the files.

“Yup… I’m so going to fail my chemistry.”

‘Well were not trying to state the obvious here.’

"Darkness comes for you champions, your blood will stain the street of Champions city unless you take action tonight, search your souls for they will be tested in the cauldron of a blood war. "

“Well… that’s not a very good pep talk…” Honor Girl whispered to herself as she began writing on the folder that was given to her. ‘SnO2 + H2 → Sn + 2 H2O… there are two hydrogen atoms on the left and four hydrogen atoms on the right. To get four hydrogen atoms on the right, add a coefficient of 2 for the hydrogen gas. Remember, coefficients are multipliers, so if we write 2 H2O it denotes 2x2=4 hydrogen atoms and 2x1=2 oxygen atoms.’ She thought to herself trying to remember the steps to solving a chemistry balance problems.

“Now hit the streets and get searching, Richter your with me."

Her head snapped up as she realized the meeting was over. “Awww crap… I don’t even remember half of what he said!” she slapped her hand to her forehead.

‘Basically don’t die.’

“Oh well pphh I’m not planning on doing THAT anytime soon so I’m good.” The blond teenager spoke as she slid out of her seat. “Just gonna grab some stuff, and we’ll head out and patrol.”

‘I think you should hurry.’


‘I just have a bad feeling about this.’

Nicole stayed silent as she walked in her room, if EVE was feeling nervous about this… then something was about to go down. Quickly gathering stun/flash grenades, bo staff, grappling gun and other supplies she took a deep breath as she was about to open the door back out to the hallway, only to have the entire building tremble followed by the sound of an explosion.

“HOLY CRAP WE’RE UNDER ATTACK!” She yelled out as her bedroom door slammed on her, one of the many protocols of the building if it were under attack.

‘Thank you captain obvious.’ EVE blurted out.

“What’s going on EVE?”

‘Someone has bypassed the security measures, and I can’t get a fix on their location. There Is however a small group of them on in the first level of the Tower.’

“Then that’s where I’m heading.” The teenage hero spoke as she rushed towards her locked down window, leaping into the air, tucking her head in as she collided with the glass, it shattering upon impact.


As she was beginning her free fall her eyes widen in fear as she saw the grappling hook laying on her bed and she felt her heart drop to her stomach as her face went pale.

“EVE!?” She yelled out in a panic.


Stretching out her arms her cape suddenly stiffen and turned into what seemed to be like wings as she began to make a descend to the ground only to make a sharp turn and aimed right into the now missing doors that once secured the Champion tower.

“ITS GO TIME!” She yelled out as she glide into the building, multiple people inside as some turned around to see the teenager. Using her speed and momentum she deactivated her glider and pushed her legs forward, kicking one of the many people right in the chest, sending them flying back into a small group of others. Landing on the ground she flashed a grin as she quickly threw out her right arm, flinging out three Honor Rangs, smacking two of the invaders in the head, disorienting them for a moment before whipping out her… extra grappling hook… “Really EVE?!”

‘Don’t blame me, I didn’t know.’ EVE’s voice had a little chuckle.

With a sigh she put her grappling hook away and flicked out her bo staff. “Alright you… very pale people… give up now and I’ll go easy on you.” Trying to intimidate them.

‘Nicole, you do realize that your outnumbered… right?’


‘And your by yourself… with people who I am NOT able to detect in the system… who just blew into our HQ.’

It finally clicked in her head. “You couldn’t tell me this BEFORE I made my epic entrance!?” Her blue eyes began to look at the group of beings that were now slowly surrounding her. “I could use some help.” She whispered to EVE, hoping she could get a hold of someone for her.

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Requiem listened and watched as the other leader made his pressence known. His sword floated about speaking of the darkness to come. Was a bit of a show stealer capturing any limelight that came from being a leader of the Champions of Peace. But then they were not here for the lime light it was not a job but a duty. They were small in numbers compared to those of old were small, almost fractions of former glory. Wether they were of thousands or no more then a dozen they would still fight. Many teams liked to compare themselves to others, well while they were not basking in media by being the nations ontorage of security they were still there. Some saw the OSC as the future, because surely assassins were the road to the future. Requiem believed in something else, they were not here for fame or some resurfacing mysterious order. If anything Destiny liked to look at themselves as the knights they simply fought for a greater cause how they were viewed was of little importance it was the job that mattered. Destiny didn't care if the danger was brought by aliens or a singular man, large or small they would fight it. Why, because they were the Champions they simply took a stand to fend off whatever they could.

Right on cue however the doors were being kicked in, subtlety evidently lost by the enemy. The threat made all to clear once they made their enteruption, vampires. It was easy to spot blood on the chin being one of the main give aways. One snarled at her growling like a wolf who had cornered its prey. His eyes seamed to promise agony unfathomable in description. Raising her hand Requiem forsaked any chance of subtlety as well. Light generated from her hand pure as the sun a beam of ultra violet light that illuminated the hallway ashing the one before her and the few behind him. In a fair fight they might have schooled her, these were the damned however and the angel saw no need for playing fair. Looking over her shoulder a few locks of snow white hair masking her features Destiny looked through the room. "Kid come with me, I don't know where the hell you've been but I want you with me. Where going to do some crowd control if its a vampire scorch it, if we don't wipe them out then they'll make the entire city a blood sucking mess. Netzach I also wan't you with me, we are attention grabbers for these freaks. We have some of the best odds of killing them fast, they probablly will come from the shadows try and flank us before divinity plays a part."

With that Requiem stepped into the hallway and began to leave, she didn't care if she was followed by one person or a hundred. They had to do something so Requiem would simply do something. Her body emited intense light in the confines of the tower it was illuminating all that was in her path. The hope being anything that stalked the night would simply burst into flame. As she made her way through the confines of her home she ventured into the cool night. The full moon leaving the city well lit, the anarchy could be heard but not seen. Chaos thrived in the shadows not the streets. Madness was being born in homes and where the city thought they were safest, the orchestrator of the event heald all the cards. The cries in the darkness were haunting, Destiny brushing aside a few droplets of water from her eye. She couldn't allow her emotions to govern her actions here.

They fed on fear they fed on supremacy, that was almost a given. And that was to be why Requiem was going to take herself and those who followed to a church. The ones with faith held a sway over the canites so burn the crosses and butcher the priests and faith was lost. Remove the strongest threats and everything fell apart all the faster. If that vampire had not staged an open assault on the tower Destiny would have been playing by ear. They attacked with brash ferocity however and made everything apparent. So Destiny sought to be all she could, do all that was in her power, to attract the creatures of the night.

Requiem was with a very small group of people in the open easy to flank a pretty thing with little to cover her back. Her wings sprung from her back silky white feathers making her origins clear. A holy thing of great threat that was standing around free to be obliterated. The strong figure that stood around more or less oblivious to the horror that learked like sillouetes in the moonlight. Using telekinesis she flung the doors of the cathedral open the loud boom echoing in the night. From her had emitted a light through the doorway meant to combust any and all. With it her attention also seamed washed from everything else. A warrior zeroed in on something and thus left open. Her hair off to the side leaving her neck even open for ones snack. She wanted the vampire to think he had everything working for him. A bluff to root out as many vampires as possible.

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Longshot fired one arrow after the next, striking down the feral attackers that now flooded the streets. His efforts seemed pointless. Whenever one of them dropped to the ground, they would get right back up and continue charging onward like unrestrained savages. Even tazer attachments couldn't keep them down for long. At last, with most of his cartridges and half of his arrows spent, he cast a series of smoke bombs down into the street to corral some of the madman together, crying out to the people of Champions Island, "Get inside! Everyone, get inside! Lock your doors! Board your windows! GO!" He kept firing upon the attackers, if only to give the innocents below a few extra seconds to flee. The coppery scent of blood filled the air. The horror was just beginning.

The very foundation of the Hall of Champions trembled beneath the archer's feet as the doors were blasted wide open. In poured the creatures, occupying the building below. He looked down over the ledge and several of them were scaling the walls, headed straight for him. With how they had endured everything else he threw at them, he deduced that they would survive what came next, and took the chance. He shot an arrow directly down, piercing one of the attackers in the base of the neck, the arrowhead running deep down inside his rib cage, scathing the heart. The man fell, crashing into the shallow waters of the fountain below. He kept firing, but as the fallen ones began waking up and ripping the arrows painfully from themselves, and their brethren reached the top, he simply raised his bow and smacked them across the face, stomping on fingers and forcing them back down. They climbed up onto the rooftop and he was forced to engage them head on, locking their arms and snapping them as far back as possible. From observing their seemingly indestructible nature, he allowed himself to unleash his arsenal of attacks at full power, caving in their sternums, snapping their necks, and driving their nose bones up into their brains, throwing their temporarily lifeless bodies down over the edge, and down the sloped ends of the roof. They fought back, bruising him and forcing him to stagger back in shock from the sheer intensity of their blows, but finally, their numbers dwindled, and he kicked the last one over the edge, reaching for his communicator. "This is Longshot, I need any available Champions down here at the Hall NOW!"

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Markus was not a humble individual, he was confident in his own power, and his ability to conquer any foe that stood before him. That said, he was not an imbecile. He had not brazenly entered the Church waiting for his prey, nor was he sitting atop it like some crow, no, he was standing on the roof of a building beside the cathedral, and this was a wise decision. The angelic creature, he understood her name to be Requiem, a name he adored, had just blasted the inside of the Church with a luminescent display of power. Had Markus been inside, his arrogance dictating his movement, he'd most likely have been incinerated. 
"Well, that was rather spectacular" Markus said aloud, though not directly to anyone, despite a few of Lilith's stragglers having decided to follow the archbishop rather than attack in a swarm. "I think it's time I said hello". Markus leaped from his heightened position and landed adjacent to Requiem and her followers. The straggling Cainites followed him, and one had the tremendously poor idea to break a window of the Church. 
Markus, who prior to this had been smiling and calmly (so as to not evoke a violent reaction from the Angel) walking toward his prey, stopped dead, and glared at the upstart Kindred. A dark shadow-form tentacle suddenly sprung from Markus' back and severed the Kindred's head from its shoulders in one swift swipe. 
"Any who harm a House of the Creator will meet the same fate." Markus said loudly, never averting his gaze from Requiem. 
He walked toward the Angel and offered a gentle wave in greeting.
"How do you do? My name is Archbishop Markus Langbourn. I apologize for the impropriety of my associate. He's gone now." He bowed and offered a sincere smile. Although his mouth presented a charming picture, his eyes always contained that same stare, the predatory stare of a hawk.
"Should the rumours I have heard of your existence as an Angel be true, I must say it is an absolute honour to meet you. I too am an agent of the Creator, though in a less... pure sense. I am an emissary of Caine, an Archbishop of the Sabbat. We seek to rid the world of the non-believers and celebrate a new age as the army of Caine. That is the goal of the Sabbat, I'm not terribly certain what David has planned for your Champions, I tend to get bored during meetings, but there should be something about that goal involved. Personally, I only wish to serve Caine and the Creator in a manner befitting a proper Archbishop." 
Markus concluded his introduction; set down on one knee, and put his right hand where his heart used to be. 
"I would very much like for you to join me, to embrace you as a member of the Kindred." Markus stared at the Angel's neck; and what an enticing neck it was. Her hair has been forced aside to allow any Vampire a clear view, an awfully bold move. "Though I'm not sure how an Embracing would work on a divine being. I suppose we can try it, and if it has no effect, we can still be allies, and perhaps more. 
Before your morality interjects and you decide to rebuke my offer, I ask that you consider this. Do your comrades share your beliefs? Are they true servants of the Creator? Or do they merely wish to have you for your power? I care not for your abilities, I have abilities enough myself. It is your conviction I desire. Your comradeship as a servant before His might. It is a terrible thing to be alone. This world's worst kind of pain, but it is far worse to be lonely in a crowd. Your associates cannot possibly understand your nature, nor your goal. You are Requiem, your very name calls out to the dead, to me and my kind. Your place is with us, with the Cainites; as a shining beacon standing in the light that we can never enter." He concluded his speech, praying that it had swayed the enigmatic Angel. "Also, it should be said that the last time I got down on one knee for anyone, it was a marriage proposal many centuries ago. I am a proud being, please take this gesture as the show of good faith that it is." 
Markus rose from his downed position and held out his hand, hoping the Angel would accept his offer. Not a complete fool however, he used his talent for Obtenebration to surround his body in a thin veil of shadow. It wouldn't harm the Angel, but it would guarantee some protection should she decide to attack him with one of her light displays.  


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Destiny was mildly disapointed her followers had settled to sit by and listen to the discusion rather than go about steping forward. It was a strange sence of isolation there was her team and there was the canites and yet it fealt as if it was almost just Markus and herself. The silence was abrubtly cut off by one of the vampires shattering a window. Markus was silent and revidentally calm as he aproached her up untill then, a tendril of darkness brutally cleaving the vampires head from its shoulders. The head floping to the earth in a surprisingly limited spray of blood. Being undead not to much blood to flow on acount of undead."Any who harm a House of the Creator will meet the same fate." Requiem returned the wave her lips never speaking yet still saying thank you, apreciative of the statment the vampire made. She may not like him but respect had to be treated with such

"How do you do? My name is Archbishop Markus Langbourn. I apologize for the impropriety of my associate. He's gone now." She watched him bow her enchanting features returning the smile though she refused to bow. The crystal like iris of her eyes never straying from the aggresive nature of his own. "Should the rumours I have heard of your existence as an Angel be true, I must say it is an absolute honour to meet you. I too am an agent of the Creator, though in a less... pure sense. I am an emissary of Caine, an Archbishop of the Sabbat. We seek to rid the world of the non-believers and celebrate a new age as the army of Caine. That is the goal of the Sabbat, I'm not terribly certain what David has planned for your Champions, I tend to get bored during meetings, but there should be something about that goal involved. Personally, I only wish to serve Caine and the Creator in a manner befitting a proper Archbishop."

As he finished droping to one knee Destiny tried to be as soft spoken and compasionate as she could be. "It seams your kin have come to rade my home I am not so joyous on this lovely night. And I noticed that, can't say it was with grace and poise it was unjust but not enough to merit death. Destiny Salvat Ion a servant of god once gaurding the gates of heaven is in fact the one at your service. Well I'm technically a fallen angel but that sh!t doesn't quite flow with the rest of the title." She remarked a bit of the crystalyin beauty lost to elements of the world that had rubed off on her. The hounor is a bit more yours then mine, and I can't quite praise your choice in your world any who do not believe die. One should be entitled to freedom of belief, there may be one god above all but there are still many gods so long as they believe in this and sence of right to hold to I don't mind much what they believe." Destiny eyed the hand above Markus heart somewhat offended do to what he was though not leting it ruin her respect being show.

"I would very much like for you to join me, to embrace you as a member of the Kindred." Markus stared at the Angel's neck; and what an enticing neck it was. Her hair has been forced aside to allow any Vampire a clear view, an awfully bold move. "Though I'm not sure how an Embracing would work on a divine being. I suppose we can try it, and if it has no effect, we can still be allies, and perhaps more.

Before your morality interjects and you decide to rebuke my offer, I ask that you consider this. Do your comrades share your beliefs? Are they true servants of the Creator? Or do they merely wish to have you for your power? I care not for your abilities, I have abilities enough myself. It is your conviction I desire. Your comradeship as a servant before His might. It is a terrible thing to be alone. This world's worst kind of pain, but it is far worse to be lonely in a crowd. Your associates cannot possibly understand your nature, nor your goal. You are Requiem, your very name calls out to the dead, to me and my kind. Your place is with us, with the Cainites; as a shining beacon standing in the light that we can never enter." He concluded his speech, praying that it had swayed the enigmatic Angel. "Also, it should be said that the last time I got down on one knee for anyone, it was a marriage proposal many centuries ago. I am a proud being, please take this gesture as the show of good faith that it is."

Markus rose from his downed position and held out his hand, hoping the Angel would accept his offer. Not a complete fool however, he used his talent for Obtenebration to surround his body in a thin veil of shadow. It wouldn't harm the Angel, but it would guarantee some protection should she decide to attack him with one of her light displays.

Requiem listened intently to his next words soaking them in a minute clicking by before she reached her conclusion. She took his hand grasping with soft skin but firm grip, a soft but empowering thing. "It does say alot to see you drop to your knee in such a way I do apreciate your gesture for what its worth. Alone yes is a sad thing but its also a strength, the lack of someone can be as empowering a reason to fight as having a lover. Its that cliche you see in all those god awefull horror films" she remarked laughing slightly remebering one she watched with Andromeda. " I don't need them to understand that comes when passing the gates. Untill then I wan't them rather to experience life. To persue something they themselves desire or believe in. Im here to better the world heroes die sad facet of life, a leader like me though is a symbol. Its one thing to be bold its another to simply stand for something. How im used is to better this world and thats all that matters. However..."

Her voice droped to a mesmorising whisper, it was as inocent as the youngest girl in a choir. Like roses in a pond somehow being made a sound rather then a sight. Yet it also heald such virtue as a speach from Joan of Arc. Her voice empowering something that could make a man on edge of death without chance of living still want to fight beside her. "My name however you are right dose call out to you and the others. Its a celebration of passing on. It's something you and your brothers and sisters have been robbed of. Your cursed to never be able to savor divinity such devotion as pure as even my own kind and yet you are deprived. If I could be you then maybe the enlightment, the freedom could be offered to more then just the living. All things deserve a brighter world what right do I have to deprive you? Especially as I preach on the way I do." The angel smiled a soft tender twist of perfect lips. A tilt of her head making veins just bulged enough to be clear as the autumn leaves upon a sunset. Her snow white hair resting on her shoulder out of the way and almost glitering in the moon light. Every layer of the image seaming to say that she was going to surender, that she wasn't going to fight, that she wanted to help. A well woven bluff to make Markus drink angelic blood, which would sertainly have a nasty effect or two.

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There were two things that Markus loathed above all else, impropriety, and being spoken down to. Those who did not follow his ideals meant that he was offered the opportunity for conversion, which he always enjoyed, so that secularism never really irked him. But this Heavenly creature, a creature born of light and purity, would dare chastise Markus for how he dealt with his subordinates?
"Not enough to merit death?" A slight twitch ran through Markus' face as his irritation grew.
"Tell me, Requiem. What do you know of death? We are dead. Our lives are over, our destinations preordained. We are fated to Hell, for we are the Damned. All we have in this existence is our purpose and our principles. There is nothing else for us. My underlings know full well that cathedrals are off limits, they're sworn to uphold my law, as if it was His law. When one disobeys me, violates the oaths they have taken, they forfeit their existence. Their deaths, per se, are merited."

Trying to keep his composure, Markus listened intently to what the Angel had to say. He was hoping that despite her self-righteousness, she would nevertheless follow his lead and serve Caine, but as she spoke more, he realized this would never be. Her respect and care for her comrades would see to that. Devotion existed in many forms, Markus knew that better than most, the love of another could trump even the love of the Creator. It was obvious, even to a black-hearted monster like Markus, that Requiem dearly loved her team, her (Markus shuddered before the next word entered his mind) friends. All the synchronicity of purpose and charm in the Universe would not alter that. 
Requiem had offered her neck to the Cainite, but Markus deduced this had to be some manner of trick. Whether she'd ignite a light blast as he attempted to bite her, or she'd simply raise a crucifx, he was not sure, but he was certain that giving into his desire to taste her flesh would prove greatly detrimental to his continued existence. He nodded solemnly at the Angel and moved toward a nearby garden. He plucked a single flower from it and raised it to Requiem, as though toasting her. He dropped the flower and turned so that his left shoulder was facing the angel. 
"It's a shame, I hate to sully this suit, but it seems we're going to have to go at it. And not in the fashion I'd hoped." He sighed once more, dropped his head and looked directly at his Heavenly opponent. A smirk stained his face as two large, black shadow-form claws grew over each of his hands. 
"Let's go." He nodded his head; motioning for the two remaining Kindred in his service to charge for Requiem. They were only young, most likely nothing more than an annoyance to this seraph, but they'd provide adequate distraction, if only momentarily. They stood at either side of Requiem, holding her flanks so that Markus would have a clear line of fire. 
In an instant, a black tendril grew from Markus' left shoulder in the shape of a multi-pronged hook, and discharged swiftly; aiming for the Angel's torso. The tendril, were it to connect, would act as a kind of harpoon, piercing the Angel's body and allowing for Markus to reel her in for a dissection with his claws. This was a common tactic of the Archbishop. It allowed for an efficient and definite method of elimination. Not to mention the satisfaction a Kindred gained from tearing a target apart with their bare hands.

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His body blurred fading in and out of view as he fought the masses around him. Ever moving in a state of perpetual vampire destruction. These vampires where not smart rushing in and using the same tactics as the ones before them. Their movements slow and predictable their force not much of a threat but the Prince of power was constantly aware that one lucky bite could end it all. They had the numbers , he would eventually tire. It was just a matter of how soon and if he's back up arrived first. Smashing his hammer like fist into one of the youngblood vampire he sent a shower of blood and teeth through the air. As the teeth flew through the air a flurry of strikes fell upon the toothless ones brethren. Edward swatted a pouncing vamp from the air with a devastating left hook ,pivoting from the hip a spinning elbow powered trough another of the young bitters. His spin giveing him momentum and using that momentum he whips an almost supersonic kick around the closest few vampires. As the champion lands a chorus of cracks are heard as the sound of the blows finally catches it source. A cold and slightly humoured voice speaks “We’ll just make ourselves comfortable here..but we really need you all to look over there.” Edward looked as the vampire mistress slammed at a button and the heavens erupted champions tower was ablaze.

In an instant Edward was re-galvanised his fists no longer throbbed he's body no longer tired adrenaline and anger filled his veins and he exploded from his the spot he stood swatting anything in his path.Grabbing at the vampire mistress throat with one hand he began to squeeze with the ferocity of angered python unrestrained he showered a barrage of hits on the the vampire with his free hand. Each blow a wrecking ball of pain propelled by jet like speed and furious anger. Edward screamed at the woman as he's assault barraged her " I will break and burn each of you for this you here me. Every single one." Drawing his sword with his free hand he swiped at the Mistress abdomen a subtle taste of the blue flamed blade to introduce her to new kinds of pain." You like draining the life from others , guess what i'am gonna do? the same to you except i will make it last longer than one of your frenzied feeding's i will draw the life from you so slowly you will beg for me to end it ,you f*cking hear me"

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Everyone in the room stood there in silence for a few seconds after what shocking moment occurred in front of our eyes. All I knew is that whatever was going down I wouldn't let anything more bad happen to my city. If I find whoever is the cause of all this they will be brought to Justice.

Glancing around the room I look for a teammate that I could handle this street searching with, which will be really fun and kind of scary I would imagine. It would be like we're playing a new game where we are slowly walking down the sidewalk with no idea where our enemy might attack us from. Suspenseful.

"Uhh, Hi Blair, I'm Dylan." I heard a voice from behind. "So this missing person stuff is pretty scary right?"Hey, if you don't have a partner than maybe, I could be, I mean we could be partners?"

Looking around me I see one of our newest recruits. Judging by his tone of voice he must be really shy. That is kind of adorable. "Sure we can!" Extending my arms I hug him tightly with a cheerful smile. "We are going to have like so much fun! Do you think we could grab a bite on the way there though. Like during the meeting I just realized how my stomach was all crazy and growling. Imagine how horrible it would have been if Eddie heard me while he was talking!" I look around for a second to make sure Edward didn't hear that either, which he didn't luckily.


The nice cool breeze flew comfortably through my long flowing pink hair. Looking over at Dylan he looked to be one hundred percent on guard while glaring around for whatever was attacking the people around here. That's good. I'm not saying that i'm not keeping a good eye or anything, but i'm currently in the middle of walking beside him as i'm joyfully enjoying the chocolate milkshake in my left hand. Like if anything these people might be lactose intolerant.

On the corner of my eye I see a flicker of a shadow sprint by a building and into a couple of trees. I hold out my right hand in front of Dylan to quietly let him know we are most likely being watched. Squinting my eyes I try to focus on anything might be slightly move. Oh hello.

I throw my shake into the air as I kick my right leg back hitting the mystery person in the torso as they dart towards me. I launch my right elbow back hopefully leaving a good bruise. Spinning my left arm around I released a beam of light at the enemy. As I catch my milkshake I stare in shock at to what I just did. The man was now on fire. A dying scream bursted from his lips as he fell in agony. In a blink of an eye the man turned into ashes.

I look down at the palm of my hands. "Now I know why Eclipse told me to never eat while on the job" Turning to Dylan I see he is a bit shocked. "I swear I have never did that before."

That is when we saw them. All at once they appeared out of nowhere. Standing on buildings. Crawling out of the shadows. Gracefully falling out of trees. "Dylan never let the enemy intimidate you. Especially if they out number you by a few dozen."

All around us the bright light shined down. Cold breath slowly escape each of their mouths as they awaited the first move.

First. My emerald green eyes flickered into these blood red eyes. Energy began pumping through out my veins making my thin pale wrists singe with vibrant colors.

The first one quickly leaps off of a building. Landing right in front of me I could see the woman's face. Pale as the moon. Her eyes were cold. Her upper lip had lost it's human color, while the bottom lip had blood dripping down to her chin. I throw my milkshake at her to see if she was a ghost or not. The drink hit her in the stomach. Some of the shake opened up getting some on her red shirt. The two of us watched it as it slid down to her pants. I guess they aren't lactose intolerant.

Now she focused on me. Her eyes grew darker and thinner. Opening her mouth I saw fangs. Shit. I just threw a beverage at a vampire.

A step later and she is lunging towards me with her mouth aiming for my throat. Whipping my right arm towards her. Light shoots out horizontally off my wrist forming a green colored bow. Swiftly I make an white arrow of light. Now a few feet from me she is still racing toward me. I release the arrow watching it as it pierces first through her red shirt, then her skin as it meets her heart.

Her body explodes into a pile of ashes.

All of the other vampires in the area aren't pleased. More of them now come running towards the two of us. One decides to tackle me be the side.

I fall back. Pressing my palms onto the concrete I raise my legs for the tips of my feet to meet the man's torso. A knife pop out from each foot upon impact. I missed the heart. Great. I then launch him over myself and I watch him fly into the window of a car. Luckily Talon left a pair of her shoes at the apartment before she left.

"Any help would be nice."

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A rather peculiar missing persons report and a strange omen from a talking sword. Maybe this team thing wasn't such a bad idea after all. What a fun night this is turning out to be, thought Netzach as everyone started splitting into groups. Even better, he was called upon by the Fallen Angel, Destiny. A perfect opportunity to get to know more about her, her reason for believing and for serving. Just his luck to get stuck with the devil child as well. Put simply, they'd met and he didn't like him very much. Hostile. Reckless. Extremely volatile. Headstrong. All of  these words came to mind when he thought of him. Still, you have to give him credit. When it comes to raw power, kid really knows how to bring the heat. His hand reached suddenly for his head, almost surprised, relieved, to find everything in order. Smirking at a memory, he went to accompany Destiny for a night on the town.

She shone brightly ,sweeping quickly through the halls taking care of weak grunts until they reached the street. Her radiance, a stark contrast to the night and even the dark aura that emanated off of him. It was beautiful, magnificent; repugnant. Netzach himself felt like he could barely stand being in her presence like this, let alone the creatures of the night. If they were smart, they should have fled long before they got hit. Such a gleam should be hard not to see.

No need for subtlety, Destiny busted open the church doors, shining her light for all to see. Waiting until the light died down, Netzach followed, though quickly falling to the side, concealed by the shade in a dark corner. A bow and arrow materialized in his hands, drawn and trained on the man who'd newly entered and spoke to Destiny of joining forces. This Markus was obviously the leader of this little entourage, though it was doubtful he was the mastermind behind the whole thing that was happening that night, whatever it was. Not if he would humble himself in such a way without any quarrel. Still . . . Why, the One-winged Angel puzzled. Surely he doesn't expect her to just comply and accept his offer. Netzach strained his bow, pulling harder on the string, sights set on the vampire's heart. Whatever trick it was, it was doomed to fail. They would ensure that.

As expected, the offer was refused, and as expected, the vampire didn't take it well. Two companions lashed out at the female Angel, and as soon as they moved, the arrow strung in Netzach's bow was released, sent sailing through the air to intercept the one called Markus in his own attack. 
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On the outside he could have been just another young man going for a relaxing walk on a lush evening. His leather shoes produced a silent rhythm on the concrete as the ate foot by foot of distance, his hands were burrowed deep in the pockets of his leather jacket, his long black hair flew in the soft evening breeze and a confident smile graced his handsome features. Inspired and in a good mood he even startled to whistle a small tune. Something that had spooked in his head since he had stood at this bay earlier this evening. It was as if the murmur of the sea itself had put the melody in his head.

A few moments he revelled in the sublime tones before he recognized them. Positively startled he stopped dead in his track for a moment to mildly laugh before continuing his stroll, the merry melody still on his lips. It seemed at the same time the most and the least fitting soundtrack for this operation. Mozart’s Serenade No 13 for strings in G major, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. A little night music. This music would be the final lullaby for the Champions Of Peace.

Fascinated he witnessed how his score fused with the night sky while his feet unerringly carried him forward. Higher and higher they ascended, strove towards heaven, became one with the ambient surroundings till…


A gigantic fire cloud rose towards the sky joining his tunes in a fiery spectacle. The location was clear. The Hall Of Champions. Once more David shook his head and his silky black hair fanned out. Under a chuckling he said:

“Oh Caine, Lillith… I love that girl… Exactly as planned.”

Only a few more steps and he had reached his own destination. The Fourth Estate. Dormant the powerful gates lay before him, closed off and barricaded, impenetrable for any normal man. A challenge. A small one.

Still smiling the young ductus closed his eyes and started to concentrate. Felt the unbelievable energy around him that was untapped. Hidden where no one would have ever guessed it. In the darkness. For one as him even the night itself was a weapon. He felt the darkness between the doors, took it over. Became it. And then, he suddenly became physical and expanded.

With a deafening scream of maltreated metal the doors of the TV station were brutally pried open. Chunks of metal and debris flew past David in the darkness.

The answer was instant and aggressive. The guard positioned behind the door took a shot at him and hit the Lasombra right in the chest. The echo of his shot resonated through the hallway, proof of his deperate attempt to fulfil his duty and protect one of the most important facilities in the city. Growling David stumbled back as the bullet entered his body. A second came and a third as well. One even exited out of his back.

In open disbelief the guard stared at the monster who had not been taken down by three 9mm bullets. David’s reaction was similar. His brown eyes fixed on the attacker after he had lifted them from the shot wounds. The poor man froze. The last thing he ever heard was David’s displeased snarl…

Not even 10 minutes later:

Everybody in the TV station was dead. Gone down in a terrible massacre. Some of them grabbed and ripped apart in flight, others nearly evaporated as they kneeled there crying and praying. Blood was sprayed on the floor, the walls, up to the ceiling. Severed body parts formed grotesque heaps carelessly thrown there as they were. An especially luckless victim hung from a ceiling fan strangled with his own intestines. Carnage incarnated.

The instigator of all this was not even soiled with a single drop of blood. Instead he sat in the program director’s chair with his feet up and sipping blood from a human heart. While his left hand held the organ the other skilfully entered codes to start the next stage of the plan. His stolen, or better surreptiously gained, code worked like a magic charm. From the code query to the menu, from the menu to the sub menu, from the sub menu to menu point 7 and from there to execute. All the time the eerie tones of the Kleine Nachtmusik still hovered in the air, breathed into life from his lips. And as he was done he leaned back and enjoyed his handiwork.

With irresistible might the just activated broadcast system forced its way into every channel, every bandwidth, even into radio and internet. Soon every screen showed the pre-recorded message featuring the well known and respected face of a Champion himself.

“Dear citizens of Champion Island. This is Edward Windsor speaking to you and this is a pre-recorded message. An emergency has befallen Champion City. It is now important that we all remain calm and focussed. Whatever caused this emergency is not of importance right now. Please gather at your assigned evacuation points and wait for the evacuation squads to take care of you. I assure you everything will be fine again soon as long as we all keep a clear head and work together. The Champions Of Peace are already on the job and will certainly solve the situation to your benefit. Now please watch out for yourself and help others finding the nearest evacuation point in your vincinity.”

And as the message played over and over again the Cainitic upstart typed another one of those deadly messages into his cell phone. It was just a short message but it said everything there was to say.

“Initiate Stage 4: Attack the evacuation points. And get me Edward Windsor. Alive.”

Not once had the arrogant smile vanished from his face and neither did it now. So he just closed his stylish mobile phone, got up and walked back through the abhorrent scenario he had created himself without even giving a second look. Serenade No 13 accompanied hi   all the way to his actual target:

The Hall Of Champions.
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The missing person reports were as useless as everything else they were being told. No disrespect to Edward or Requiem but he honestly didn’t think looking over what they already knew would be helpful it was taking up time, time that could be used elsewhere. He was getting slightly impatient now he wanted out there to find those people and more importantly find whoever hurt his friend Andromeda and crush them.

“Something is very wrong” quickly snapping his head up he was meet with Edwards’s sword hovering in the centre of the meeting room, and a voice echoing throughout the room "Darkness comes for you champions, your blood will stain the street of Champions city unless you take action tonight, search your souls for they will be tested in the cauldron of a blood war." That’s it he wasn’t waiting here any longer he’d felt something dark and malevolent earlier and now this warning was just physical proof, he didn’t much care at the minute but thankfully Edward has dismissed me them and sent them on their missions.

Told to go in a group he does the opposite but honestly it was more for his benefit this way he didn’t have to worry about anyone else. Whatever this things attacking was he needed to grab its attention it was looking to take people down so why not give it the chance. It was getting quite late and despite how on edge he felt it was a beautiful night. He’d only walked a small distance when the sound of an explosion ripped through the night.

Barely visible black smoke billowed straight up into the atmosphere he was almost oblivious to the screams of the inhabitants of the island though he did find it odd that they were screaming as long as they got home quick enough they should have been safe, so why so much hysteria?

Well he couldn’t understand it that was until a swarm of people washed into the streets running, crying and screaming at the top of their lungs. “What the….” his words were cut short as a force hit him quicker that he could see knocking him back quite a few feet if he was being honest. Getting back on his feet as quick as humanly possible he was caught by the throat and lifted off the ground whatever he was fighting was quick and strong and they certainly weren’t playing around.

All thoughts of the explosion that shook the night and the names of the individuals who had been kidnapped let his mind, gone for that brief moment when he stared down at his attacker. Such paleness sick like, but his appearance was only mildly distracting it was the vibes he could feel radiating from him, the same he had felt before, malevolent, dark but above all twisted. Through the choking he a hoarse barely audible note passed between Michael’s lips “Wha..t….ar..e..you?” eyes widened in shock as the man opened his mouth to reveal a set of fangs and not the those flimsy ones bought by kids on Halloween these looked very real and very strong…Vampires.

Backing Michael against a nearby wall the Vampire weakened his grip on the teenagers neck just enough to get a clear shot at his veins but Michael had different plans now that he was able to breath better and talk “Big mistake attacking a Witch” concentrating his power surged through his body and the bloodsucker collapsed in pain as his body was being slowly crushed telekinetically from the inside. Michael concentration was slipping that was a bad sign this kind of magic was more taxing he needed more practice but it was enough for now, more screams could be heard in the streets but a familiar voice close to him caught his attention "Any help would be nice." It was a girl’s voice he’d heard it before but none the less screaming or not he was obliged to help.

“Must be going damsel in distress yadda yadda yadda you know what I’m talking about.” Walking away from the recovering Vampire he snapped his fingers and smirked at the soon to be dead creature “Oh almost forgot there Ignes Dissipare et Vallum” it was a spell he grown quite fond of and it effects deadly. The Vampire burst into flames slowly killing him as the Witch boy walked away leaving him to his fate.

He would never do that to a human or any other creature with a soul, he never wanted people to get hurt but Vampire’s were a different story they were soulless unnatural creatures they needed to be dealt with the only way possible. Rushing to the girl’s aid with relief he saw it was Blair blasting the undead with light, smart move he thought and with she was the new guy what was his name again……Dylan that was it. *Wow I should really pay attention to meetings more* he thought. Thankfully between the two of them they were keeping the undead off their own backs.

However even a Champion couldn’t see everything, from behind one of the bloodsuckers snuck up behind the Dylan. Fangs ready to pierce skin Michael summoned his soul dagger and with as best aim that he could threw it across the street but it didn’t have his desired effect. The creature had superhuman speed and caught it in the air. Michael felt a piercing in his chest, like something was stabbing him repeatedly; he couldn’t breathe when that creature held his dagger it did hurt and then it dawned on him that dagger was part of his soul he needed it physically to be on his person nobody else should every have something that belongs to someone the way a soul does.

Storm clouds gathered above the and the winds answered his call lifting any stray leaves and small items around into the air, thunder boomed in the sky and lightning struck the Vampire in the chest Michael’s aim was impeccable. The dagger was dropped and faded out of the physical world back into Michael’s soul. Now he was pissed, heads were going to roll tonight, running over to the other two Champions he joined their fight using a simple non verbal spell he telekinetically through the Vampire’s that were to close for comfort farther back he gave a quick smile to both and returned to bashing undead head’s with whatever he could think of. This was going to be a very long night and the sword was right this was going to test them.

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After waiting a few seconds Blair replied to Dylan "Sure we can!" She said while cheerfully hugging Dylan."We are going to have like so much fun! Do you think we could grab a bite on the way there though.Like during the meeting I just realized how my stomach was all crazy and growling.Imagine how horrible it would have been if Eddie heard me while he was talking!" Dylan could only stare for a minute but he came back to his senses."Oh yea of coarse, I'm Starving."

Later on

Now walking through the East side of town Dylan and Blair searched for any hints to what could be causing all the comotion. Dylan was very alert and he was paranoid to say the least. While Blair drink her chocolate milk shake Dylan kept looking at her face. She seemed so cheerful and calm but Dayton could tell she was still alert. As they walk down the ominous road Blair suddenly stopped Dylan. Trying not to panic Dylan began searching for the cause of Blair's halt.In a swift movement Blair threw her milkshake in the air and kicked behind the two.

Turning around after the kick Dylan saw a person take the blow of the attack.After elbowing the person a sudden burst of light shot out of Blair's hand. "Whoa" Was the only thing Dylan could think to say. The person was now ablaze as Dylan watch Blair catch her shake.Looking at her hand Blair was naturally in more shock than Dylan. "I swear I have never done that before."

Before Dylan could reply numerous figures appeared on the rooftops above them. And in the allies around. "Dylan never let the enemy intimidate you. Especially if they out number you by a few dozen." "Yea, we totally got this. Dylan replied " Waiting for someone to make a move Dylan looked at Blair and saw that she was changing. Before he could ask what was going on one of the people jumped from the rooftop.

Flying towards the two Dylan saw that the person was a woman. But she was, pale, really pale, and she had blood on her face. Dylan sighed. " Vampires, really? " As the vampire hit the ground Blair launched her milkshake. Now the shake slowly slide down the vampire's shirt. "I guess they aren't lactose intolerant. " Dylan laughed almost out loud as Blair and he now prepare for a fight.

As the Vampire lady dashes at Blair she is hit with a beam of light. Dylan noticed Blair now making weapons out of her light and noticed that he hadn't done anything yet. Ready for action Dylan thought about a perfect weapon then made two katana and prepared mentally for what was coming. "Hey, bet I can get more than you." Dylan said looking over his shoulder. "I'm already two for two." Blair replied with a smile.

The two now stand back to back as a wave of vampires swarm from the streets and rooftop. Harnassing his senses Dylan slashe upward right when a vampire come from above. Slashing horizontally Dylan managed to cut off one of their heads. Not being able to react a bodie flew over Dlyan's head and pushed back another vampire. Ducking at a coming attack Dylan stabbed that vampire through the stomach .

With the other blade Dylan deflected another attack and was forced backwards. Looking over his shoulder Dylan saw Blair being pushed backwards too. Now back to back again Dylan closed his eyes and began creating ice in his hands. As the vampires get in a 10 foot radius Dylan opened his arms and a thick dome of ice was made.

As the two catch their breath the sound of vampires clawing and beating on the dome was heard. "They never stop" Dylan said while trying not to look at vampires. Now pacing across the dome Dylan heard static coming from his com. There were numerous reports of people in danger. Dylan heard Longshot and Honorgirl too.Looking at Blair, Dylan sighed. "What are we going to do?"

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"Theres three of us, the Saints of Ion, Each is a Requiem of something. Requiem is a bit more of a rejoicing outlook of a sad moment. A celebration of death which comes off as a celebration of passing on. We were few in number fifty of the demons for each of us, my sisters and I however refused to break. Despite all the brothers and sisters we lost the three of us prevailed. We moved on from then aiming to do all that was in are power in their names. You go to hell, a child goes to heaven. When a angel or demon dies however you do know dont you? Odds are we will get to go to purgatory some empty domain or simply cease to exist. What do I know of death? I am it, a bridge into the afterlife. And no matter what I do thats me in the end, sending things to be judged and trying to give the best chance for one to go somewhere more welcoming then a lake a fire. For fifty years I have been on this path, my actions bringing me to you for a reason." Her choir like voice spoke through the cold night air. It seamed she would not be able to coexist with this creature despite her effort. She had one more card to offer however, hopefully wavering this horror that had befallen her home.

Her white hair flickered from the wind as she watched the vampire. His calm stance never wavering as he went to a garden plucking a single flower from it. A rose of crimson hue, the way it was heald like a toast. It crossed paths with the hunters moon above. It looked like a drop of blood upon a wedding dress a beautiful tragedy made portrait by a solitary action. "It's a shame, I hate to sully this suit, but it seems we're going to have to go at it. And not in the fashion I'd hoped." The words spoken by the charismatic figure as claws of shadow grew over his hands. Two other vampires steping forward on either side of her ready to flank her. A prepared tactic to give their master an opening.

Destiny wasn't going to take a beating though from either of the two, she wanted them not to be made ash though. Blood and violence was not the reason for her existence she had to do things much smoother and noble. Symbolism was important to her something a leader needed to be. Her family needed faith as did these canites slaughter was not the method to use. Her blood also had to avoid being spilled loss of such could mean the loss of a chance to comunicate. The one on her right was the fastest of the two. She targeted him first, her arm sparked of briliant blue light. Lightning dancing along her skin as she became a blur of motion. A slight duck and a claw passed above her head. Her fist slaming into the vampires chest, ribs broke the heart being pierced by one of the broken bones. Electricity convulsing muscles, a leap upwards and her knee had crashed through the lower jaw snaping the head backwards. Twirling in the air she planted her heel in the other creatures temple. A slight nodd of her head as she landed created a blinding burning flash of light before her enemy. Not enough to kill but enough to eliminate the tendril coming at her. Destiny found herself thanking god for giving her the ability to mimic light and for having super speed at that moment. Otherwise she knew none of it would have worked. She watched the arrow to see if it hit or not. Requiem couldn't focus on such to much however and after fealing confident Netzach was all right.

Her intercom crackled with the words of Edward his roaring wrath booming in her ears. The words alone almost hurting the angel her softness on the inside showing for a moment. "I will break and burn each of you for this you here me. Every single one. You like draining the life from others , guess what i'am gonna do? the same to you except i will make it last longer than one of your frenzied feeding's i will draw the life from you so slowly you will beg for me to end it ,you f*cking hear me." Requiem shook her head in disdain.

"Edward enough" she whispered more to herself then anything else. Droping to her knee the angel reached out with her mind. The rose that the vampire had droped was guided to the angel. Tucked into her hair to hold her bangs from geting in her eyes. The small crucifex tattooed beneath her crystal colored eyes showing. Her hand touching the grass wet mewdew specking her soft skin. The ground lit up with an angelic light a cross thats horizontal line reached out to the two near dead vampires. A bright light radiating from where the heart would be as the pair rose. Requiem had tricks of both light and dark. One of the dark abilities being a necromancy, a spark of enthusiasim lit in her mind. Untill today she had never really goten to play with it. With eyes and core radiating light the battered corpses moved to flank the vampire as they had just done to her. "I don't want this."

"Markus, I can't promise I can save you..." spoken with true and legitimant compasion. "I do believe though I can aid you in being judged for the man you are and not what you are. None of us are perfect that includes myself, we can however seak to be something better then this. I offer you a chance to try, to reach for judgment rather then persecution. I do not ask you to convert to another faith, just not to take the lives of the inocent to live. I do not ask you to not be a vampire, but to try and be a man first. And upon your end I will do all that is in my power to insure that you are treated right. Im offering you redemption though I understand if you refuse." Her head remaining tilted as she rose. A cordial bow of respect before she retracted her blade. Forefather glittering in light as it was freed of the scabard.

Should he refuse which she predicted but hoped not then all safe guards would be off. Both zombified figures would lunge for him. The angel bursting forward in a blur of motion porcelin feathers forming a trail of her path though obviously no where near her speed. Forefather the blade of her family given to her would aim to impale the vampire her motions ending in a blinding flash of luminesence. She had no desire to fight only see this dark tide end as quick as her wings would allow her to bring it about.

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The Angel dispatched Markus' underlings like they were nothing, which was wonderfully appropriate, because they were nothing. Foolish and immature, it was a miracle Markus himself hadn't killed them, but that would take more effort than was desired. They died in a spectacular concert of light; a concert that even managed to dissipate Markus' shadowform tendril. From within that bright display an arrow of light (fired by the angel's companion, who Markus has not so subtly been ignoring) pierced the tentacle as it flew toward Markus, ultimately hitting him in the shoulder. Luckily the majority of the impact was absorbed by his veil of shadow. Nevertheless, the light managed to burn into his skin, searing away the epidermis of his right shoulder. 
He hissed in pain for a moment before chuckling to himself.
"Heh, it seems I underestimated you. I suppose it's time to get serious, as they say."
Before he could launch another assault however, Markus was interrupted by the Angel performing some kind of ritual on the now deceased, which ultimately seemed to resurrect them as undead slaves. 
"Hmm, well that's crude. Speaking as a member of the less-than-alive-brigade, I'm rather offended." 
Requiem then began to speak, but her voice was not haughty or self-important, it seemed to almost be pleading. She spoke of redemption, second chances, the hope of perhaps returning to something resembling a human being. Her words were kind and sincere, but that's all they were; words. Though words they were, they did affect the centuries old Cainite. He smiled ever so slightly, not his insidious grin as before, or even the sultry smirk he used to try and seduce Requiem; this was simply a small smile, completed with a sad, but honest, look in his eyes. 
"You speak of hope, Angel, and it is a beautiful idea, but there is no hope for me. There hasn't been for 800 hundred years. Even if it were possible for me to seek some form of atonement, I don't wish to be considered in the same company as good people. They do not deserve it. What I have done... It cannot be washed away, nor can it be compensated for. I deserve to suffer, and suffer I shall. I...am sorry."
As he finished, the two Zombie-like dominions lunged at him. Markus remained calm, in fact, he never took his eyes off of the Angel. Without moving even a hair on his body, Markus entered a state known as the Tenebrous Form. Essentially, he became a shadow unto himself, immune to any type of standard physical harm. The two zombies crashed into each other as Markus' incorporeal form stood in between them. They fell on top of each other in a clumsy heap. He stepped back and looked down at the two zombies. He returned to his standard state, reached out with his hands to either zombie, and crushed their skulls. 
"I'm not tremendously strong, but even I can crush American engineering. I kept meaning to tell David to only bring vampires from Britain, but alas, here we are." Markus mumbled under his breath. Even in this moment of abject tragicomedy, his snide nature would prevail. 
He looked back at the Angel once more and he was quite certain, were he able to still create them, a tear would have fallen from his left eye. His right hand reached up to the two bite marks on his neck that he had received all those centuries ago and reviewed them with his fingers.
"I think... Had I met you 800 years ago, we could have been... I truly wish things had been different." Suddenly, shadows began to form around Markus once again, creating a far sturdier armour than his previous veil. Spiked shoulder, forearm, knee and shin guards covered his body, as the areas in between were covered in hard shadowform. Finally, a helmet manifested itself around his head, with an accompanying face-guard that served a secondary purpose today. It would hide his miserable countenance from Requiem. 
"If I am to die here, I consider it an honour, and if you are the last thing I am to see before I am forever doomed to Hell, then I will believe myself lucky" he said solemnly. In that moment, the Angel burst forth as though fired from a cannon, brandishing her blade and aiming for Markus' heart. 
 The Cainite barely managed to avoid the strike as he moved quickly to his left, unfortunately, his torso was cut just below right armpit. The Angel had led with her arm, which left her head wide open. Markus drifted his right arm out above the blade in a horizontally obtuse angle, his goal to catch the Angle in a clothesline-headlock combination. The pain in his torso was compounded with the screaming from his psyche that said a headlock-combination wasn't going to kill an Agent of Heaven. It would merely immobilize her at best.
And therein lies the rub, despite his posturing, despite all sense, despite the indignity of dying on somewhere called "Champions Island", he simply didn't want to kill her. He'd kill anything and everything; women, children, the elderly, the newly-born, he was a monster. And though monsters they may be, vampires still have a heart to stake.

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Requiem destoryed vampires easily on her own while Kid Devil and Prophet watched "nice" he thought . He had expected an order or plan most of the COP were eager to plan for battles. With out a order he grinned "time for some anger managment" The teen devil plunged into a crowd of vampires ripping and tearing at their skin with his claws and teeth the namless vampires attacked in a similar manor knocking him around. The chunks of flesh tore from the vampires should have killed them "undead. Forgot." Warren's own right hand burst into flames black flecks moved in the fire. without a momments warning he thrusted his fist into a vampire's mouth burning it from the inside out. The ashes fell to the ground. KD reopened his fist, white canines sat in his bloodied palm. "this is gonna rock..." he whispered just loud enough for his angelic teammates to hear.

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Netzach quickly loaded another arrow into the bow. Hearing all this talk of hope and of hopelessness, of saving, it made him sick. And why should Markus receive anything akin to salvation. Nothing but eternal damnation would suffice for him and his kind. They, who willingly slaughter anyone, and the Angel who fell victim to a simple trick. But this Angel, Destiny, she insists on giving more chances. Funny, how he himself felt personally invested in this battle, the outcome of whatever decision weighing on even his closed mind.

"I'll leave this one to you alone, Requiem. I trust you can deal with it properly. But before I go, allow me these few words: Your capacity for hope is admirable, but in this case, horribly misguided. There is no hope for this one. Do not go easy. Do not show mercy. When you have the chance, kill him. I want to see you when this is over."

With that, he turned his attention to Kiddevil dealing with a crowd outside. "This is gonna rock..."   "Yes, well, try to contain yourself. You're cleaning up after yourself." Deciding it would be better not to let them get surrounded, Netzach opted for a less direct approach. He took to the air and flew off, about two kilometers away, forming and stringing a black arrow in his bow. Upon pulling back, it emitted a red glow. Release, and the arrow traveled the distance in less than a second, striking several vampires through the hearts, stunning. Then, with incredible speed, he rushed in, taking his flame sword in hand, and promptly removed each of the wounded of their heads. Crowd control was the game now, and spinning around, he unleashed a wave of fire on another group and, upon stopping, released the sword, letting it fly and embed itself into the chest of another. Quickly closing the distance, he shoved his hand into the vampire's mouth and tore its head in half from the jaw, then grabbed the sword and brought it down, dividing the down the middle. "I concur. This is going to 'rock.' "
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My world. My new home. Is slowly being taken over. All around us eyes are watching us.

People might ask how a girl with a golden blindfold could see these things. The mysterious girl that Mistress Redhead escaped with while both being held captive. The new girl who whenever seen in public is either with her or Cellphone Girl. Now that one is gone, Blair is the only one she sticks with.

I'm that girl. Chloe, the one with the long silky black hair. People gossip about how Blair and I were best friends in High School. How I even lived with her family before the two of us ran away our own separate ways. She was lucky to quickly be brought into the superhero business, while I was kidnapped into become an assassin.

I've been asked why I have a blindfold and my reply is so I don't get to see the bullshit that surrounds us all. We live in such a mad world with distractions. I just want to see the truth.

In the middle of the night I woke up with a dream that had me shaking with fear. I found one of my teammates dead. His body roasted. Usually my dreams will come true unless if I stop them myself. A gift I must be cursed with. All I know is that I need to be there. For him.

Before Lazy is done speaking I sneak out of the meeting room already knowing what is going to happen next. I might as well be there or close by when it happens. I also chose to ignore that whole staying in a two person thing. Sorry man, but they would just get in my way while i'm trying to save our teammates lives.

Outside i'm one with the shadows. They lurk around the Island hunting for their prey. Do they not know about all of their prey?

Pulling out my two long blades I listen to the night breeze that whips itself around the trees. Step by step in the green grass I follow wherever the sounds take me. Already I take notice that the meeting has finished and the other heroes are already leaving the tower in search of defending our home.

I suddenly stop walking. My head slightly tilts to the right. The grip of my blades gets tighter. An apple falls down from a tree. I spin to my right sending my left handed sword into the chest of a being. I swiftly move my right arm to slice it's head off.

The reason I knew it wasn't human. It didn't have a heartbeat.

Luckily for me they'll have to rip my blindfold off to manipulate my mind, sadly for them no one has ever been able to do it.

Picking up my CoP communicator I hear the call I have been waiting for. "This is Longshot, I need any available Champions down here at the Hall NOW!"

Looking to the right I am standing not to far from the Hall itself. Let's just hope that Vampire didn't distract me too long.

Inside I can feel the clock ticking down. Time isn't going to wait for me so I slide my swords back inside of their holster as I search the hall for him.

That is when I hear his voice.

I then scream his name. "Longshot!"

One step and I am running down the hallway. He is surrounded by other vampires who get even thirstier once hearing my call. From each side I pull out a couple of ninja stars in each hand and whip them across the room distracting a few of them.

Taking my feet off the ground I place my palms on the ground to do a flip over this vampire who leaped towards me, which he completely missed and tackled another one that was chasing me by the way.

Landing back on my feet I face Longshot. "Run"

Grabbing him by the hand I lead him to a window. Together we plunge through the glass as an explosion follows the two of us.

Falling to the ground I notice that i'm laying on top of Longshot. Good thing it's dark and the blindfold covers a bit of my face for him to notice me blushing. "Hi. I'm Chloe, and a girl with a blindfold just saved your life."

The man in my dream. The one that I found dead. It was him. I need to protect him tonight.

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"Hi. I'm Chloe." said the girl who had just tackled him off the roof of the Hall of Champions before it was consumed in an explosion. She had a fiery blush in her cheeks as she spoke, "And a girl with a blindfold just saved your life."

"Charmed." said Longshot shakily, he had just been pulled from an exploding building, after all, "And I've seen much stranger things." He gently crawled out from under her and jumped to his feet. "We should hold this position until others arrive." he said, "Thanks for showing up when you did. I couldn't hold them much longer." He turned and gazed at the Hall of Champions, engulfed in flames. An institution of bravery and sacrifice lay in ruin, a piece of the island had died. From the wreckage, from the fire, and from all around them, the vampires began to arise. Piecing themselves back together, they shuffled down the stone tile steps, waded through the waters of the fountain, finally breaking into a run towards the two.

"Look out!" Longshot cried as he fired two arrows straight at the blindfolded girl. They passed right by her, the sharpened tips slicing her fine stray hairs as they flew directly into the throats of a pair of approaching vampires. They dropped to the ground. Not dead, but down. He spun round and cracked his bow into the jaw of another of the oncoming creatures. "Where are they all coming from?!" he bellowed, tossing three small, sharpened metal disks into the eyes of three other bloodthirsty berserkers. He put his back to Chloe's as the invaders closed in, breath heavy with blood, fangs gnashing furiously in anticipation of their next meal.

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It wasn't her arrow but rather Netzach's she just boosted it a bit with light. A smile was

along her features when she saw it had some effect. The coment of being serious

however never sank into her mind. She was an agent of god, a answer and shield for the

people every part of her was serious. Including her offer, the necromancy she used was

a slight cure to darkness. Using it before one's soul passed would allow them to be

judged as a man rather then a vampire or possessed. A exorcism for those who could

not be exorcised in a way. Of course the lackies she killed had no chance to pursue

penance for their crimes. The thought of their coming fate descouraged the angel

slightly, she couldn't dwell on that now however. "Hmm, well that's crude. Speaking as a

member of the less-than-alive-brigade, I'm rather offended." Requiem had a slight laugh

when Markus had said it. She however never ever would say such a thing, wouldn't

admit that playing with the darkness that was fun. Normally she didn't use her darkness

abilities and it was for that reason, it was wonderfull to be the mid point of light and

dark but something about the darkness frightend her. Something about it fealt like a

perversion to her heritage.

The reason she formed the Redeemers, a team for the lost to try and reclaim humanity,

the purpose was behind those eyes. Somewhere in the cainite their was still shreads of

something human. He killed men, seduced women before draining them, and murdered

children. He was a monster it was a cold unshakable fact, yet Requiem could see it in

the soft smile and the gloom in the eyes. He was damned by default, not lost to the

world. "You speak of hope, Angel, and it is a beautiful idea, but there is no hope for me.

There hasn't been for 800 hundred years. Even if it were possible for me to seek some

form of atonement, I don't wish to be considered in the same company as good people.

They do not deserve it. What I have done... It cannot be washed away, nor can it be

compensated for. I deserve to suffer, and suffer I shall. I...am sorry."

The attack was short lived, turned to shadow the reanimated corpses colided into

eachother and fell to the ground. Those eyes of the man traped in the body of a

monster never vanishing. Returning to normal brought about the ends of the two as the

zombie figures, with glowing ocean blue eyes and a cross of similar glow blazing on

their chest were slain. Their heads reduced to practically nothing. A lingering moment

on the markings of where the vampire was bit when turned passed. One singular tear

allowed by the angel as she caught the moment. If they would not seak penance then

she would atleast spare the rest of the world from becoming one of them. "I think... Had

I met you 800 years ago, we could have been... I truly wish things had been different."

the vampire remarked as shadows formed around him, darkness forging into armour,

ornate with spikes and an overalll visage Destiny thought to dark for someone so noble

on the inside. A face guard covered most of him, riding the angel of any sight of the

man just the monster.

"If I am to die here, I consider it an honour, and if you are the last thing I am to see

before I am forever doomed to Hell, then I will believe myself lucky" In a flash of

movement she was upon him leting the fight get underway finally. She should of put

more of her supernatural speed behind it she thought as the cainite just barely managed

to step aside. All she scored was a slight cut, and the vampire was quick to take hold of

the moment. A closeline thrown in almost as soon as her blade had shed blood,

knowing demons she was confident a headlock would be thrown in it as well. They

both had ages of experience it was clear to her now. This couldn't be fought with

glorious or virtuous mentality. He masked his humanity best to just see him as the

condemned he was.

The forarm struck her throat, instinctive movement took effect. The angel fluttering her

wings allowing her to flip backwards in gracefull flight. Her wings keeping her slightly

above the earth as she stoped as she coughed. Lungs suffering a shortness of breath

from the gauntlets strike. Of course that also told her something, he could of killed her

or done more. Upon contact it probably would of been just a thought and spikes would

dawn the glove and riped her throat apart. A piece of this vampire, that heart it tried to

deny having wasn't wanting to kill the heavens beautiful guardian."I'll leave this one to

you alone, Requiem. I trust you can deal with it properly. But before I go, allow me

these few words: Your capacity for hope is admirable, but in this case, horribly

misguided. There is no hope for this one. Do not go easy. Do not show mercy. When

you have the chance, kill him. I want to see you when this is over." Netzach remarked

from behind her as he joined Kid Devil.

"Thanks for being forward and hounest, I may be the leader but where not following

blind. Its a family not a military force I want that kind of openess." She remarked to the

other angel. "That also however is why I had to show mercy, we are the saviors not the

destroyers its that simple." This portion of he speach not really aimed at anyone more

just voiced for her. Explosions had somewhere between the fighting and discussions

been heard. The flame and smoke billowing into the air. "Net and KD I would recomend

you go try and aid Edward and the others. Takeout what you can along the way, none

of the underlings have the sence to talk to anyways" the fact delivered with sorrow.

This curse was more often then not inflicted upon them not a gift, and yet they became

so devoted to it that their was no saving them.

As her teamates fled the scene Requiem turned back to the cainite. "I won't say the luck

would be the same for me, the fact that I have to use this is a shame. Forefather is for

the demons the truely wicked not those forced to be monsters. I truely wish I could of

saved you" she stated as she admired her glistening blade. "The honour though is

mutual, perhaps if not for your turning something more could of come from this

encounter. Though in the same sence it is your damnation that brought you here so in

away I am almost thankfull, almost." With that she made her next move, her wings

became encased in blinding light as she parted from any efforts of fighting on a fair

level. It had to be all or nothing, she couldn't let her mind linger on the man just the

horror in need of being stopped. Diving in at speeds more equivalent to a jet then of a

living being she flew at him stoping in a flurry of attacks. The first swipe aimed to sever

the head from its shoulders. The motion flowing fluidly into attempt to sever the left

arm, and then before leting her blade rest a jab towards the heart. Her speed being used

to make the attacks flow like one singular movment. The attack ending with her wings

flaping downwards in effort to encompass them both. Light being layered ontop would

then go off in a flash that actually made the near by streetlights turn off thinking it day.

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"Net and KD I would recomend you go try and aid Edward and the others. Takeout what you can along the way, none of the underlings have the sence to talk to anyways" Warren grumbled hearing requiem's idea "Whatever." KD said turning his attention back to his fight a male vampire clamped its teeth around Kid Devil's shoulder from behind as he backed up. "mother f*cker" Warren yelled "you do not F*ckin' bite me with your f*ckin overgrown teeth!" Before the vampire Realized what had happend the teenaged demon grabbed ahold of its head tearing it from the young vampires shoulders in a shower of blood. "Who's next?" in response vampires tackled Warren in groups he swore under his breath flunging the vampires around spewing fire from his mouth. A vampire picked KD up by his torn blood soaked shirt. His lips twiched holding in a smile " I've been waiting to do this..." Kid Devil thrusted his head forward tearing apart the vampires head with a horn enhanced head butt. "I think I'll stay around here tweety!" he yelled to Requiem.

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Twenty Minutes Earlier

Tigerun and Lily arrived at the HQ for the team Champions of Peace. "Tigerun...aren't you excited!!?" The young girl eagerly exclaimed as she roughed up her spirit partner's mane. "Ohh, sorry about that haha." Tigerun now looked like a big orange fluff ball. He looked up to the girl and did a slight growl under breath as she shook loose the static from his fur.

"Lily, we may be new members, and you may be excited to be here but compose yourself. The only reason your father allowed us to join was to be liasons between our worlds. Absorb as much as the culture as we can and help protect the balance." The tiger nuzzled Lily as he tried to not make it so serious. "Lets go inside and introduce ourselves. Hop on."

Lily hopped onto Tigerun as they pushed through the doors of the massive complex. "Wow, Tige--" A human shark came at them. His fangs dripped with blood as her fratically extended his arms. He tried to claw at anything within range. "Tigerun!!!" Lily let in scream in panic, they just entered the hall and were already getting attacked. "Is that what we signed up for?!" She grabbed a table and held it up as a shield to the fiend. "Ahhhh!!!"

Tigerun looked up at her and rolled his eyes. "Lily, composure remember?" He telepathically communicated to her. "Go into battle mode now! We need to find survivors and any members of the team we can." He flared his fur up, he was in his orange tiger mode, which meant you could manipulate fire. He let out a roar that confided the vampire in flames. The vampire bonded off screaming as it clawed the skin off it's face to release itself from the pain.

Lily watched from above the table she had grabbed, if these were real vampires then she knew they couldn't be out of the woods yet. "Spirits within, lend me your strength to defeat my foes! Those that wish to cause harm to balance of things! Ancestors give me strength!!!" Lily's eyes glowed as she recited the chant. Her eyes turned cat-like, she developed black scars all over her body, to replicate the pattern of her partner. Her nails shifted into claws, she sprouted a vibrant orange tail, and the final touches cat-like ears. She locked onto the vampire that had regained it's balance. It had numbed out the pain of the flames and began it's charge once more. "Not so fast!" She snapped one of the table legs off and speared it through the unlucky vamp.

"Maybe...next time we should call ahead Tigerun?" She smirked as she drugged the flank out of wood from the blood sucker. The spectacle had now attracted a large crowd of vampires. "Oh yay! He has friends!" Lily looked down at Tigerun as their eyes met they knew what they had to do. Kill every last vamp, and fight for the team they had just joined. They had no idea if they would make it, or if anyone on the team was still alive. But they had to try.


"Lily move!" Tigerun could sense the incoming danger, not from the vampires. But something that would would cause mass damage. Lily ran up a flight of stairs that seemed endless as it spiraled around and around. "Finally!" exclaimed Lily, "a door!" She pulled the door open. The light blinded her as it crept into her eyes, she had become used to the dark of the Champions HQ. "Tigerun...where is everyone? We just keep running to vamps..." She cupped her hands against her eyes as if they were binoculars. She surveyed the rooftop, in search of someone, something friendly. "Ahoy!!!" She cried as she pointed the two figures on the roof. One appeared to be a girl with a blindfold on, with a gentleman that had a quiver and bows. Lily slammed her fist into the flat of her other hand, "Tigerun! Teammates!" She started to run toward them when Tigerun grabbed her in his mouth.

"Lily the danger! We must jump!!!" Just in the nick of time they leap from the roof of the building. More vampires seemed to be on the ground, as they tried to see if they had injured themselves, Lily thoughtlessly bound toward the figures again. The two had made a safe recovery too. "Hi!! I am Lily! And this is my spirit partner Tigerun!" She motioned with one hand back the tiger, with the other she clawed through the jugulars of vampires that ran in front of her. She smiled at the figures as she ran, she paused. Tigerun had caught up with her and so had a large group of vampires. "Geezz, cheeky bastards huh Tigerun?!" She clawed with one hand and stabbed with the table leg with the other. Tigerun was attacking with a combo of fire powers and tearing through the vamps with his claws and fangs.

"Lily lets regroup with those two." Tigerun motioned for her to get back on his back. They bounded over the fleet of vampires, and arrived where the others had landed from the explosion.

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Champions Park 2PM

The night was only half way through and it wasn't looking good for the prince of power. He was alone , had no idea how his fellow champions where fairing and what had happened to the HQ. All he knew was he had a vampire elder in his grip and several more gathered around him. The battle ever nearing a vital tipping point in which he would either triumphantly crush the hordes around him or be swarmed into their masses. Then it came. "Lady Lilith we have our orders start phase 4 , Our guest is wanted alive." A smaller young almost innocent looking vampire looked up as he addressed the struggling mistress of the coven. Loosening his grip Edward looked at his opponent and then tilted his head at the younger vampire in a gesture to make her respond. Representing herself , straightening out the crinkled neckline of her expensive looking top Lilith nodded back at the prince of power and addressed her surrounding minions " Phase 4, go now. As for our friend here subdue him." , Edward laughed " You think i will be subdued and come along quietly." Lilith looked at Edward with a wry smile " Spirited young men such as you always fight , but eventually they can persuaded. You now have two choices, one you take you chances and fight everyone of us on your own or two you come with me as my prisoner and perhaps your submission will allow some people to be saved. Edward paused for a second conflicted , could he really be isolated and alone here was he enough to rescue the whole city on his own. Or would his submission be a better idea and allow for recon and people to flee the islands.

Edward sheathed his sword " I will surrender on two terms, one your attacks stop now and people are allowed to get to safety and two you are to be my escort. Failure to meet these terms will mean i fight to the end taking as many as i can with me." Lilith smiled looking almost lovingly at the champion her potential new plaything as a prisoner of war. Her face dropped almost as quickly " No deal."

Exploding out of his neutral stance Edward smashed tackled the vampire mistress and smashed her into a nearby tree a loud crack echoed around the park as the tree split open sending shards of woods and bark up into the air. Hissing in anger through the pain his opponent gouged at the champion with her perfectly manicured fingers and struck him with a low blow. Edward felt a sudden rush of nausea as his eyes began to water. His body in a sate of shock he did the only thing he could to restrain the almost free Lilith form his grip Shooting his head forward his armoured cranium came down full force on his opponents nose causing her to yelp in pain as he face became oddly distant Standing up over his opponent Edward was hunched over still feeling the effects of the low blow he bound Lilith to the remnants of the tree Grabbed his communicator and Send out a last ditch call for help hoping somebody would answer. " Guys This is Edward still in the park did Richter get to you?, if any of you are still hearing me . Help ,they want me alive and i have a small army between me and the city"

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For the longest time, Longshot and Chloe struggled against the overwhelming horde, closing in from all sides. He was running low on arrows. Thankfully, the fight had dissolved into a hand-to-hand brawl, so he was holding on to his remaining eight, only using them on occasion to stab a charging vampire in the eye. They would always get back up, so Longshot had to beat them hard enough that they'd stay down for more than an instant.

Without warning, a girl riding atop a roaring tiger descended upon them, her steed crushing several vampires upon landing and ripping others apart immediately. At this point, any backup seemed like a gift from the gods.

His communicator rang and Longshot answered, clobbering vampires with his bow in the other hand. "Guys, this is Edward still in the park." said a familiar voice. He sounded weary, tired. He was in trouble, "Did Richter get to you? If any of you are still hearing me... help. They want me alive, and I have a small army between me and the city."

Longshot turned to the others, gesturing to the girl and her tiger. "You!" he said, too preoccupied to recall the name on the dossier he had read, "Get that tiger to mow these things down on a course toward Champions Park. Chloe and I will take up the rear." He fought on and, as he kicked one of the berserkers back into a group of her comrades, he lifted his communicator to his face and pressed the talk button.

"This is Longshot." the archer replied, still keeping the vampires at bay, "We're making a stand at the Hall of Champions. We'll do our best to carve you a path and meet you halfway, but that's all I can promise right now. Edward, we're getting overru-" A clawed hand smacked the comm-link from his grip and another was already clutching his bow. He felt another jaw crack under his fist before they took him. He was lifted up above the crowd and carried away from his teammates. "We have him!" they screamed as he struggled to get free, "This is the one! Bring him!" He was carried through the streets on a sea of pale, sharp hands before he was brought to a clearing. Another of the hooded vampires lifted the manhole cover from the middle of the street, and grabbing, clawing hands reached up for him.

Longshot was lowered to them, but he continued to fight. His pocket knife slashed and gouged, and finally caught inside the cheek of a screaming vampire. He punched and jabbed and kicked, but it was all useless. He was handed down to them. His fingers scraped along the concrete. He gritted his teeth and tried to claw back up, but the hands in the darkness pulled him down, finally disappearing into the sewers. The manhole was capped again, and covered in stomping vampire feet. Below the ground, the only light in a sea of unending black was the faint crimson glow of Longshot's eyepiece as he was carried off to some unknown horror, which he dared not imagine.

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The Angel had avoided Markus' headlock, though he had connected with the initial lariat. He had dearly hoped he would have managed to hold her, to take a moment to breathe in her exquisite scent, to let his lips ever so slightly grace themselves upon her neck. He wouldn't bite her, of course, he wasn't a fool, but he would enjoy the tease. Alas, this was not to be. Requiem was a capable warrior, actually, that term almost insults her ability. She was hyper-competent. In 800 years he'd not met an opponent as strong or as skillful as her, and he suspected, should he survive this encounter, he would not meet another. 
She instructed her compatriot to leave this fight, something that greatly pleased Markus. Truth be told, the Cainite had barely acknowledged the other angel's existence, he was far less enchanting to the deranged vampire than Requiem. She coordinated her team from her current position, her tactical skill while under direct attack impressing the Kindred. Of course, it would make sense for him to coordinate his troops accordingly, in conjunction with the orders issued by the Angel, but that would be cheating. David's army would survive and conquer on the powers that Caine has bestowed upon them, or they would die. Their continuing existence was not Markus' responsibility; this Angel was. 
Amidst the strategy, she had leaped into the air, her wings illuminating the sky around her. She was truly a sight to behold. The Archbishop almost fell to his knees in worship of this seraph, but he kept his composure despite himself. Were he to let his guard down, for even a second, Requiem would use the advantage to end his miserable subsistence. But he could not allow that, not yet, his plan, ridiculous though it was, hadn't been completed. 
The Angel suddenly descended with incomparable speed. Her wings shone bright as the sun while she swung her blade in a calculated flurry. Her aim was to disect the Cainite; decapitation, limb removal, and a piercing of the heart. A wise strategy, the Kindred were almost like cockroaches, they were damn hard to kill. 
Markus survived. But barely. His instincts and unconscious skill with Obtenebration were all that saved him. He had ducked the initial swipe, as Requiem must have known he would, while the second connected with his arm. The Heavenly blade plunged itself into the Cainite's left shoulder, almost removing the arm, before a shadow-form brace blocked the sword's movement. Using her speed, Requiem quickly moved back to her primary target; the Vampire's heart. A single shadowform plate appeared directly in front of his heart, causing the blade to glance off and bury itself in Markus right breast. He fell down in pain while the Angel concluded her assault with a tremendous explosion of light as her wings flapped down encompassing them both in a brilliant display of power. 
The darkness and artificial light of the streetlamps soon returned to replace the fading heavenly glow, but all that remained of the two combatants was Requiem. It seemed the Cainite had been destroyed. 
"Well, I am not going to lie. That really hurt." A husky voice echoed from behind Requiem as Markus slowly rose from beneath the ground; he was in his incorporeal form. But he had taken substantial damage. He held his right breast wound with his left hand, which he was supporting with his right, the left half of his face was severely burned and he was almost hobbled over. 
"You are one spectacular creature, Requiem" he said smiling, coughing as he did so. "It'll take even someone as old as me awhile to heal after this." He looked down at his devastated arms and chest. "Guess I'll have to focus on defense now." Six black shadowform tentacles grew from his side as an even larger armour than before covered his body. This one was effectively a brick, it lacked any true mobility, but would provide very solid protection for the Kindred inside. 
One of the six tentacles quickly darted from Markus' side and wrapped itself around a streetlamp, plucking it from the Earth like a flower from a garden. Markus lobbed the lamp at Requiem in an attempt to disorientate her as another tentacle morphed itself into a claw and flew at her right ankle, hoping to reel her in. The third tentacle then transformed into a sword that flew, with such speed that (if it had been a solid form) would have caused it to immolate from the friction it created with the air, directly for her left collarbone. 
Markus' strength was waning, but his will would serve him through this battle. He had only to keep Requiem occupied until the invasion force had done their part. Although his motives seemed clear; his reasons for wishing to keep her attention had changed drastically from when he first set foot on Champions Island.

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From behind I hear the sound of an explosion. Turning back it sounds like it's coming from where the Hall is. "I guess that is where we are headed." I see Dylan standing there listening to me. This must be extremely scary for someone that is new to the whole hero scene. It is sad to say that it barely phases me much. For years now my life has been in danger constantly. I can't remember a time when I could sit down and relax without worrying my life my be in trouble at any second. I've just got used to it.

Extending my left arm I place my palm on his shoulder. "Listen. I know for sure the rest of tonight will be get more bad, but we'll make it out of this." I hope my quick speech is somewhat reassuring.

I hear a voice and remember that there had been someone else here from outside of the dome. Umbra Sorcerer had randomly joined our fight in helping keeping the horde of Vampires off. Crap we managed to lock out one of our teammates from safety. Taking a step into the air my body slowly ignites into a whirlwind of colors. Escaping the dome my body gracefully flies into the air. With a flick of my wrist bolts of light dance their way to my targets. I spot some of them combusting into ashes the second the ball hits their flesh.

Then I spot him. Michael holding them off by himself. Then for a single moment i'm pretty sure he looks back at me. I don't know why but for a minute I forget about what is going on around us. All I can do is stare him not wanting to look away. I feel myself suddenly smiling.

Next thing I know i'm hugging him. "Make sure sure to stay closer to us, and duck for a split second." Spinning around I feel the energy burning in my body. "Dylan duck!" I let out a wave of sound pulsing in a block radius. Glass everywhere shatters from the buildings. The vampires close by instantly fall down to the ground only delaying them for a short time.

"We are leaving."

Minutes later we find ourselves standing right in front of the Hall of Champions. I then hear a thud hit the ground from somewhere else around the building. Having the other two follow my lead that is when we see Longshot with Chloe fighting off another horde of them. Before I make a run to help them I hear the communicator going off

" Guys This is Edward still in the park did Richter get to you?, if any of you are still hearing me . Help ,they want me alive and i have a small army between me and the city"

Everyone is in Hell right now. As i'm about to reply to the message I gasp and drop the communicator as Longshot is being dragged into the sewers. Chloe launches her sword slicing off the heads of two vamps as she dives into the sewers after him.

"Everyone go after them now! I'll hold the rest of them off up here. Just get them out now!"

As I send the them after them while I guard the entrance of the sewer holding off anything that comes into my sight.

I fall to the ground. My head hurts. A sharp pain sparks through my skull. The pounds of it hurts. Opening my watery eyes I look to see them just standing around me staring. Not moving an inch. Just watching.

I feel my body bringing itself off the ground. I hear the sounds of fighting coming from below in the sewers but I don't look back. I just keep on walking. I watch the vamp's eyes follow my every step.

I find myself now walking past the front doors of the Hall of Champions. I step into the quiet darkness as the doors close behind me.

"I'm all yours Master."

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F*ck this i need to find the others. Placing his communicator on his belt the champion shot off towards champions tower. Rocketing down the streets towards the flaming tower he could see the continued chaos erupting around him. Each horrific view causing great confliction within him. If he stopped to help each of them he wouldn't be able to help them all and he would never catch the people truly behind this , but by doing nothing he was condemning people to death at the hands of these blood lusted animals. Deep in his melancholy thoughts Eddy arrived at Champions square immediately spotting familiar faces amongst the crowd raising his heavy heart slighty. Grabbing a downed lamp post the champion held it out in front of him like a tow bar and once again set off like a rocket. Running carefully around the edges of the square using his new grill as a cow catcher plowing through anything that come across his path Edward sent a cascade of the undead into the air appearing like some sort of grim Mexican wave had commenced around around champions tower. Slowing down to walking pace Edward walked up the step towards the base of champions tower launching the now heavily bloodied lamp post into another of the nearby undead. Nodding at the champions in the area he headed into the building whilst gesturing to those around him to follow him.

Walking into the reception area he noticed the familiar shape of cpg walking through a set of doors beyond him. Walking slowly towards her Edward could sense something wasn't right her movements where off she wa either incredibly relaxed for the situation or she wasn't herself. Pushing the doors to one side Eddy walked though his mouth shaped up to speak but the words where sucked from his lips as his eyes sent a cocktail of shock and confusion through his body. There stood CPG her legs wrapped around the waist of a man who's ice cold glaze now fixated on Edward " Kill him my dear , your master commands you"

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Longshot awoke with his arms folded across his chest, his legs straight and clamped tightly together on the bed beset on all sides in darkness. He looked up through the skylight, the moon looming directly over him. "I'm alive..." he muttered.

"Not quite." rang an icy whisper in his ear.

"Who's there?" Longshot asked, jumping from his bed and looking around. He spotted a figure sitting in the corner, just barely outlined by the light of the moon. It was Longshot's Champions Island apartment, but this intruder was the only one who seemed at home. Before the archer was even completely upright, he had pressed a near invisible button on the base of his eyepiece and within minutes, Horus, who had been circling the island all night, soared down and dove through the open terrace door.

The hawk stared down the intruder, the red eyepiece bolted to his falconry hood glowing with the same brilliance as Longshot's. Horus hovered in the air, flapping his wings, and suddenly flew towards the intruder, landing gently on his outstretched arm.

"W-what?" Longshot stammered in utter disbelief.

"Common beasts respect power." the intruder said mockingly, "They surrender their dominion to people like me. People like us."

"Who are you?"

"Your savior, Longshot..." the enigma replied, letting Horus fly, "I am your savior."

For hardly more than a second, Longshot averted his eyes, glancing to his bird who stood perched on the bedpost, and when he looked back, the shadow was gone. The chair was empty. He was alone.

The archer could hear the sounds of violence and struggle for miles outside, but something stayed his feet. Something kept him from returning to aid his teammates. He had to find the answers to his own questions. He caught his figure in the mirror across the room. His clothes were clean. The ash and dirt and blood was gone. He couldn't even smell a trace of the sewer on him. They had changed him into a clean uniform. Why?

He leaned over the dresser and stared into the mirror. His skin was on fire. There were a million things wrong about this, screaming out to him that things were not as they seemed, and yet he didn't know why. Slowly, as if he knew he was only confirming his fears, he pulled off his mask, revealing only the hollow neck of his shirt and the forlorn stare of an invisible man. He ran his finger along his neck and felt the small welts of a pare of fangs. He parted his lips and felt razors in his mouth. The archer pushed himself away from the horrific sight of his own reflection and collapsed to the floor. It couldn't be true. None of this could be true. It was only now that Longshot realized... he couldn't hear his own heartbeat.

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Tellumo awoke with no light permeating into his room, with no alarm clock in sight & a general lack of care to think about what time it is the tired teen yawned & walked to his fridge. As he opened the door he looks to his right to see a chocolate mousse that he blindly claws for, he removes himself from the light his fridge releases & turns to his right expecting to see his cabinets, his hand reaches in to grasp nothing, he continues swatting the air until after a whole 10 seconds opens his eyes to find a flaming hole in his kitchen wall.

Any other person would cower in fear or recoil in shock by the fact that A) their home is burning & B) a horde of bloodthirsty undead await outside in the street. Tellumo, instead, paused, stared at the horde marching forward & threw his breakfast/dessert at a bald, pale head, this was followed up with a burst of anger as he screamed...

''A f**king riot!? I am trying to sleep! Plus now I don't have any spoons..! Or forks..! Or sporks! I'm from England, we invented rioting this is not how you do it! THERE ISN'T EVEN ANY LOOTING!''

This was met with little response until Tellumo put his powers into play, his arms slowly rise up tensed with a similar expression on Tellumos' face, the earth follows him as the ground on the street outside rises several stories in a thick layer. Several of the vampiric crusaders notice the unscared teen, after scanning the area for other routes, immediately they leap towards him, fangs bare & claws extended. Finally realizing the situation at hand Tellumo uses his predicament to his advantage by hurling balls of fire into their ranks causing spontaneous combustion in an oddly funny way. Now knowing what he must do Tellumo runs into his bedroom to retrieve his bag, inside are his costume, tanks of water that attach to his waist, a pouch of flint rocks & a small case that he found among his parents possesions. With a quick change & his bag over the shoulder Tellumo throws himself onto another building & throws the pillar of earth high into the air watching as it freefalls onto a mob of the undead, with a smirk on his face he says to himself...

''Looks like being a vampire right now...''

Tellumo places his goggles on & continues his monologue...

''Must suck!''

He then jumps in to a horde of the bloodsuckers with the CSI shout reeling through his head.

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There was a faint sence of pride in her that Markus failed to so much as notice her partners laying waste to vampires near by. The vampire didn't seam to conscerned with ordering those under his reign or even if they lived, Destiny found it sadening in a way it wasn't a team or even a monarach they simply would die for higher ups. It was insulting to life itself she wished she could purify every one of them give a chance to be more then a slave. Even angels showed to have independent will the vampire and those around him however seamed void of such and so much more. Like the bird of prey she was Requiem moved into the attack her vicious onslought without a trace of mercy.

For all her glory though obtaining a kill was not so easy to obtain. One swing missed not to surprising but admirable. The following blow hit deep cut short just before severing the limb. Another shadow apearing to halt her blade from her goal of a wicked impalement. The Shadow though not sparing Markus completely allowed the seraph little more then scoring a flesh wound. Her wings then folding around them in hopes to kill the vampire by a searing hot light. Seconds pass and the lights finally come back on, the angel seaming victorious the arbiter of valor she was meant to be. The monsters of the story however were never so easily slain, never so hastely removed from their devilish play ground.

"Well, I am not going to lie. That really hurt." Markus voice rang out muffled seamingly coming from the ground below. One hand rested on the gash in the right breast, the face chared and ugly to look upon. The vampire while hunched however seamed eager to go on in the battle they waged. "You are one spectacular creature, Requiem It'll take even someone as old as me awhile to heal after this.Guess I'll have to focus on defense now." The angel found herself loathing the results the damage she inflicted just meant some poor family would be massacred by this creature so he could go on. The wounds were not enough. The armor seamed almost to add three inches to the vampire, it apeared as if nothing would move him in the slightest way. Six serpents plack as the night apearing to aid him.

One of the six tentacles quickly darted from Markus' side and wrapped itself around a streetlamp, plucking it from the Earth like a flower from a garden. Markus lobbed the lamp at Requiem in an attempt to disorientate her as another tentacle morphed itself into a claw and flew at her right ankle, hoping to reel her in. The third tentacle then transformed into a sword that flew, with such speed that (if it had been a solid form) would have caused it to immolate from the friction it created with the air, directly for her left collarbone.

With lightning fast reflexes the angel was able to slice the thrown street lamp in twine. Each half flying past her and kicking up dust as they colided into the ground thick metal failing to harm the angelic warior. A sharp claw pulled her in and downwards as a third shifted to a blade aimed for her colar bone. Solidifying suspiscion that he may not after all be in persuit of Requiem's death. Forefather went to block the weapon sparks bursting in the air as the blades colided. This left her foot open though and with brutal force he was pulled his way. Blood trickling from deep scratches along her foot, the agile warrior telling herself to keep wings in use to lighten the wieght on the injured limb. It was a easy fix the problem was time. which in this battle no side had time for.

Requiem kept that thought in mind though, time or the lack there of, every moment the sun drew near. As dark and malevolent as these creatures were they were unpure Destiny could win this. Had to win this there was more to it then just her, friends and family were closer to the breaking point every moment the leaders struggled. Requiem couldn't grow weak or show doubt. Not here. Faith was what she embodied for the team and her people and even if this thought was just a fallen angel telling herself a lie she needed to believe in it. From the tips of her wings to the center of her heart from her warn down shoes to the top of her scalp where a halo once had been, came a bright light. Like the sun as it kisses the waves of the ocean she emited light he wanted armor? Then perhaps it was time she get some as well, for her the holly like aura of devinity was nothing to any else it was blinding. The angels blade extending into its sickle like form also emiting a briliant glow. Darkness saved Markus so Destiny would leave no darkness in tow.

First came the typical sickle aimed for the neck, every arc the blade made leaving a stream of glowing light. Back fliping the angel escaped his hold in landing trying to bring the blade in an upward angle. Likely to split any leser vampire in two. just a move however she had more to come. Leaping into the air she made a pass for his wounded side trying to dig the luminous weapon into Markus' arm. Finally every light dispatched from her each set to go off a few seconds after. A minute long plan of explosions of light bursting with friction.

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"This can't be happening..." Longshot murmured, faltering as he tried to stand. His breaths were labored. He was inhaling solely out of habit. He fell and pressed his hands against the wall for support. "This... this can't be real..." Suddenly, his trembling fingers sunk into the drywall, and with a single thrash, he ripped the wall apart, screaming, "THIS ISN'T REAL!"

He collapsed to his knees, whispering painfully, "This isn't real... this isn't real..."

"Oh, but it is." a deathly apparition whispered in his ear, "Go on, archer... taste power. Real power."

"I've known greater power than you can offer me." Longshot said aloud to the voice only he could hear.

"Yes, but you've never been the same since then, have you?" the phantom hissed, "Whether you knew it or not, you hungered for power once again. Now, it's been given to you. This is not a curse. Embrace it as the blessing it is."

"No..." Longshot whispered, staggering to his feet. He walked slowly, head bowed and shoulders hunched, toward the balcony. His fingers brushed the flowing drapes as he passed through the open sliding glass door. He stepped up onto the railing. The street lights below beamed in his soar eyes. He shielded himself. The archer had spent most of his hours fighting in the dark, yet he had never been so sensitive to light. He nearly toppled off the railing. Where had his balance gone? Slowly, it returned to him. In fact, he felt as confident in his stance as he ever had. He crouched down and, like tight coil, his legs sprung out and he flew over the street, landing silently on the rooftop that would seem beyond impossible for even a man of his acrobatic prowess.

Feeling a cold sensation rush over him and steal his self-control, Longshot swung his arm in a swift, lethal strike, slicing through brick and mortar and metal as the chimney crumbled at his feet. He looked down at his hand, covered in dust, and clenched it into a fist. "I'm hungry..." he muttered to him self, wandering aimlessly across the roof, "I've been trapped under an avalanche for a week before, but I've never been this hungry."

"Then eat." the voice taunted.

"No..." the archer replied, "No! NO!" His fist shattered brick and he looked to the horizon, leaping through the air as if he could outrun this nightmare.

The voice called out, tormenting him, "You can't escape this, archer. Don't even try. Embrace the gift."

"This isn't a gift!" the archer cried as he landed on a fire escape, looking out over the barren streets.

"Oh really? You of all people understand the sanctity of life."

"And you killed me!" the archer interrupted harshly.

"No. I set you free. I freed you from death. The people you hold dear, we can free them together. We can free the world, archer. We can save..."

"Everyone." Longshot finished. He came to his senses and shook the very notion from his head. He had to keep himself. He had to stay in control, no matter how strong the sickness became. That was what it was. A sickness. Not a curse, not a blessing, not magic. A sickness. Flesh and blood, logical explanations. Once he broke it down to scientific reason, pulled away the veil of superstition and fear, he could overcome it. That all changed when the urge struck him like a sledgehammer in his gut. He collapsed to his knees, bracing his burning insides. He wrestled for control, and he was losing. His ears, now sharper than ever, caught a man fleeing through the alleys. He had dared venture out of his hiding place, assuming that the invasion was over. He moved quietly enough to evade the hordes of mindless berserkers, but not the archer.

Longshot jumped into the air and somersaulted down. Another leap brought him down over his prey. He repelled off the narrow walls of the alley and crashed onto the man's shoulders, tackling him into a pile of garbage.

The man stared up at his attacker, petrified in fear. His eyes bulged from his skull and his lip quivered, only fretful, malformed syllables tumbling from his mouth. He let out a wince of fear as he was lifted by the belt and shirt collar and flung against the wall, held horizontally. He screamed as he saw the archer's hideous face, half-revealed by the mask rolled up over his nose. He bared his fangs and one last cry was heard as he began his meal.

Warm, coppery blood splashed on the hunter's tongue. He could feel the warmth leave his prey as he dropped the seemingly dead husk to the cold, wet ground. Like a blinding cloud, the hunger was lifted away and he was left with blood on his lip and a body at his feet to tell him what he had just done. The hunter fell to his prey's side and lay a trembling hand on the body. Cold. Lifeless. Soon, he would awaken to the same sickness his murderer endured. No. Not a sickness. A curse. Longshot pulled off his mask and cried out into the heavens, "NOOOOOO!"


Longshot steeled himself as he walked through the courtyard and up the front steps of the tower. He walked through the door, immediately buckling at the knees and gripping the wall for support. He appeared weary, disheveled, injured. He looked around and called out to any Champion who was there to hear him, "I made it. I was separated from the others, but I'm here. How many are left?" His voice was weak as he limped through the bottom floor of the tower. His leg was smeared with blood. "Somebody?" he begged. The question was rhetorical. He could hear hearts beating in the tower, hearts filled with blood. His plan was simple; separate one Champion at a time from the group and drink them dry until he had enough on his side to take on Edward... to claim the island.

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The pictures hit me. I rearranged the order of events for a new step in the future to unravel. In front of me I see we found Longshot, but why are his body movements so off from before. He is just silent. It's as almost if all I see is an illusion. I don't even hear his heart bea-

The vision escapes me as i'm hurling back into reality. Around us are the horde of Vampires. Searching for Longshot I can no longer hear his rushing heart beat that was a second ago right beside me.

That is when it happened. I pressed my delicate fingers onto the soft yellow blindfold that hid my eyes from the world. I raised it slightly to open my sight to what had been in front of me this whole time. This would be the first time in weeks since I let myself see anything.

At first all that came to me was darkness. Then slowly it began to clear up to where I saw these shadow figures. As one began to race towards me I lunched my sword towards it's skull. As my vision cleared up even more I noticed that I ended up getting a double head shot since one had been behind it before they both combusted into dust.

"Longshot where are you?" I don't like this one bit. Being able to see all of these objects The bright lights from the street lights, the tall trees standing over everything, the blood thirsty shadow figures hunting for everyone. It's all too much for me.

Suddenly what isn't blocked in my hearing senses i'm able to pick up loud noises from behind. Turning around I saw something behind pulled into the sewers. "No.."

Grabbing the sword from the pile of ashes I run after them. While chasing them I notice Blair with two other members of the team. The only reason I noticed her is because of her bright pink hair. She'll instantly pick up on what to do.

Looking the opposite way I saw a young girl with a tiger. She really must be new to the team. The second she sees me jumping into the sewer, and hearing Blair giving off an order I would hope she'll know to follow.

I take a step and I have fallen into the underground sewers. Sliding my Blindfold back on i'm ready to kill anything that gets into my way of finding Longshot. "I'm coming for you."