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Zeek was flying over a dark battlefield with mountains, a river, and what looks like a templeor cave when a boulder came flying at him. "Woah!! That doesn't rock!!" he dodges it and looks down and sees his opponent. As he descends down he smiles, "Hey bro, you must be Aasujin. I've been wanting to fight you for a while now. you up for the challenge?"

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Looks at Aasujin. "c'mon rocky it shouldn't be that hard to decide"

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Ha I knew that would get your attention... Aasujin crosses his arms and sizes up his opponent. So kid are you ready to face the god of earth!?!?... ylls Aasujin as he makes hi first move... Sand Haze!!!! Aasujin summons a sandstorm that engulfs the field Garanite soldier... Aasujin summons one of his soldiers and has it run to where Zeek stands... Explode!!! Aasujin has it explode mere feet away from Zeek.

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as the explosion begins I cross my arms in front of me covering my upper body. I then skid on the ground out of breath

The first freakin attack of the battle and I get sent flying. I should have seen that coming.

I try to stand but see my leg had got injured


My body glows and I am healed

I would have attacked but I know you would have just blindly attacked. try some of this rock head!!

he flies at super speed with a smile as he starts to attack


I get ready to punch him but then see him about to attack so i teleport behind him


Aasujin is paralyzed for a moment by the bombardement of my fists to his back. as I back away a couple feet he falls to his knee and i see a head size dent in his armor

I have to attack now, I can't spare any moment for him to recooperate

I put my hands back and prepare myself for a powerful attack


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"My armor... you little snot" before you can pull off the light cannon I unleash Earths Roar and send you flying into a near by mountain as you hit the mountain it molds around you then I launch my meteor sending ten car size boulders at you burrying you in the side of the great mountain.... "ha... why dont you luminate now"... I use Absorbtion to repair my armor and increase its durability...."your not going to crack my armor anymore.... hell you might not walk anymore"....

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falls to my knees coughing up blood


as he is healing he looks at Aasujin

Man this dude is hecka strong, c'mon zeek you dont get beat this easily. Now your opponent is rock, what beats rock....Paper!!! no wait, thats stupid.

looks around and sees the river and temple place

Water erodes rock. found my tool

stands up with a smile

Hey Aasujin, you got me pretty good. this so far has got me pretty hot, you look hot too. here have a drink.

uses the powers I have over what and start attacking


even though they are small they have great impact on aasujin. enough impact to crack his armor in the shoulder, abdomen, and left wrist

Now its time to end this......."LIGHT CLAWS!!!"

my light sicles attack all three cracks and make them bigger

Man its harder to break his armor, that it grew stronger with that mineral move. I need to find away to end this fast before I lose. think

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Im guessin this battle is over. No one wins because it is a draw.........that was so redundant.

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Great Gonzalez: Hey Zeek! I'm the same Great Gonzalez you knew in the Destiny Pirates. Read this comment so we can chat