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Archeron swung the sword, swiping the air in a perfectly executed slash that would, if an enemy had been present, sliced clean through his left flank. The white haired man moved through the room, slashing, ducking, dodging, and parrying as if he were fighting a real being. The shadowed room, however, was empty, apart from this man. Other than his contained motion, there was no light, not a flicker of movement, a whisper of sound, or even the scent of any other being. After a solid hour of his exhibition, Archeron stopped, panting heavily. It was odd. For some unknown reason, his abilities seemed to be in a state of deterioration. He mentally made the commitment to research this further, and had begun packing up to move to his occult library, when he froze. Slowly, he sheathed his soul stealing sword. He was no longer alone. His hands delved into his coat, and wrapped around the butts of Heaven and Hell. He was not alone. He exploded into motion, firing at the flicker of movement he had seen in the black-upon-black shadows as he leaped through the air, tucking his legs in for a side-flip as he moved, landing perfectly, shell casings surrounding him. A voice spoke behind him, and he whirled, guns at the ready. "Now now, Mister Zarek. That's hardly a fitting welcome for someone who brings you some good news." The man before him said. No not a man. Not quite sure of anything, Archeron didn't lower his weapons.

"Who and what are you?" He demanded, changing the empty clips for new ones. When he looked back up, the thing had disappeared.

"Don't you know? A big bad Hunter like you? But you couldn't even hit me, could you?" The creature grinned. It certainly looked like a man, but Archeron felt it trying to influence his mind and growled in a defeated tone, lowering his weapons.

"Trickster." He acknowledged, holstering his guns with a small smirk. "What is your business here?" The Son of Angelus asked, moving forwards.

"Well..." The Trickster began, flamboyantly, "You see, there's a man on this planet, who's not quite a man. He's more of a Hell Hound, and well...as Heaven is wont to do, they sent an angel, to destroy this man. And he was able to fight it to a stalemate. So now...follow me!" Tricksters knew three chief things among their realm of mysteriousness and power. The first was to be an enigma. Technically, no Trickster had a name, as this could lead to them being controlled. The second was flamboyance and elaboration. Tricksters were masters of the art of showmanship. The third and final thing they know, although by no means the most inconsequential, was that everything could serve a purpose. The Trickster that Archeron was speaking to simply disappeared. Being a Trickster, there were over a hundred ways he could have pulled that stunt. The most popular ways were teleportation, becoming unreal, and invisibility. By the way the Trickster spoke, Archeron figured it was teleportation, and simply piggy-backed the signal, managing to catch the tail-end of the Trickster's teleport signal. As such, he appeared with a loud snap and a cloud of smoke half a second after the Trickster. He did not look around the dwelling place, but judging from what he could see, it was well-kept. The pleasant scent of lemon fragranced cleaning products buffeted his sense of smell.

The Trickster appeared to have split itself into two beings, and now they merged back into one. A Trickster had an almost endless amount of abilities, some of which could not be accurately explained in human terms, and some which were impossible to pronounce in any human tongues. The second thing Archeron noticed was another man in the room. He gave a smile and a nod. The Trickster itself was now stood before them. "You both know why you're here. The simple fact is...neither of you can defeat an angel on your own." It smiled. Tricksters were privy to all kinds of sensitive information, most of which they were not meant to know. "But I brought you together...Like a super bada$$ occult dream team. Together, you can track the angel down, and should beat it." The Trickster smiled. Whatever happened, it would have an excellent show to watch and applaud the victor. And, regardless of the outcome, neither of the two sides had any power over it, or way of hurting it. With a wink and a spin, the Trickster disappeared once more.

"I hate those damn things." Archeron sighed. He turned to the other man and offered him a hand to shake. "Archeron Zarek, son of Angelus, Nephilim, occult hunter extraordinaire." He introduced himself. "You're the Hell Hound that the Trickster referred to?" He asked. "Good show, fighting an angel. Even better that you can stalemate one. Should make our job a lot easier."

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Three Days Ago

Liam landed on the concrete road in a crouched position. Blood was flowing like a river from a large gash just above his temple and ran down the entire left side of his face. He took a few deep breaths before raising himself to a standing position, it was very noticeable that the Wildside of Predators was not only exhausted, but outclassed in this challenge that he now faced. "I am no threat to humanity!" He shouted towards a figure that seemed to be made of pure light, standing a few meters away. The aura that came from this being illuminated the dark and uninhabited street, allowing both men to clearly view each other during this battle. "How many innocents have you slain? How many families have you destroyed? Oh yes you are a threat to humanity Liam Szever. If you are given the chance to unlock the full potential of your shadow abilities, the world will be doomed." A loud voice with a firm tone echoed from the faceless white hood that covered the guardian of light's face. "The council has decided and you must be destroyed."

The angel held forward his weapon, a long steel staff with a menacingly large curved blade attached to the end. This was no ordinary spear, this was the weapon of Heaven, this was the Reckoning of Justice. This specific spear was the tool to carry out the sentences that the Angelic Council had decided and no one has ever escaped it's cold steel grasp or the angel who had possessed it. "Do not fear Liam Szever, you shall be at peace soon enough." The agent of Justice said with a comforting tone although it was a lie. Due to the man's dark heritage and crimes, he would not find peace where he would be heading. Liam would be bound for Hell, he knew this and dismissed the angel's cunning attempt at putting his mind to ease.

"No." The Wolf of Shadows spoke as black smoke floated from his body. His body temperature rose significantly as the dark vapor surrounded his body, that now vanished from the angel's sight. A loud growling sound rose from the dense cloud as it expanded. The angel rolled his shoulders and adjusted his grip on the weapon, preparing himself for the arrival of a being that could match his technique in battle with it's ferocity and resilience. "This is why I came for you Liam Szever." The host of Heaven spoke, watching a large beast emerge from the cloud. Fur black as night, claws of black steel it's orange eyes resembling the man it was moments ago. The canine studied the angel as it began to circle the celestial being who kept his composure, keeping the animal at distance with his spear. The beast swiped at the blade with it's large claws in frustration, knowing that it's holder would be kept safe by the weapon. "I have the advantage, you cannot win this." The angel boasted. The hound took a few steps back and twitched it's head, forcing it's large body to ignite into flames, the true form of the beast that Liam had transformed into.

Once again the Hell Hound swiped at the spear, this time with it's heat-infused claws it broke the blade in half. The angel recoiled, he was convinced the Reckoning of Justice could not be destroyed by any force in existence. While this thought crossed his mind, the beast pounced, tackling the angel to the ground. The two creatures of myth desperately fought on the concrete surface, the four hundred pound animal with top position, clawing and biting at the armored guardian that punched and kicked back. This lasted for several minutes until the angel was able to escape the dangerous situation, pushing Canine off and rising back to his feet. it now seemed that angel was the one outclassed as he held onto his side, a stray beam of light shooting out between his fingers. "This is not over." He announced before vanishing from sight, the sound of large wings flapping followed his disappearance.

"I have never seen an angel and a mortal fight to a draw." A cheerful voice spoke from behind Liam who had transformed back into his human form. "Then again your not an average mortal." Liam sighed and turned around to meet a familiar face. "Still keeping an eye on me Trickster?" His voice was raspy and quiet, the battle had exhausted him of nearly all his strength. "I find that the universe's only Mutant Hell Hound hybrid to be quite amusing. It seems that I am not wrong." The Trickster crouched down and picked up the steel shaft of the Reckoning of Justice. "He was in such of a hurry to leave that he forgot his toy. Fine craftsmanship I must admit, but still a toy." "That toy negated my healing factor for several minutes." Liam sneered, checking the now fully healed cut above his left temple with his hand. "I know someone who might be able to help you defeat Inias. He has a very colorful resume of dealing with supernatural beings." Trickster spoke while still admiring the blade-less weapon that he held.

Present Day

Liam took the demon's hand in a firm grip and shook it. "Liam Szever, angel bait." He said exchanging a smile. "I got him with a lucky shot. This guy is a top tier angel, he won't be as easy to kill as you think." His smile had disappeared. "His name is Inias, the angelic agent of Justice. He'll be extremely angry when you meet him. I broke his 'toy' so to speak."

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"Inias? As in Inias of Justice? Christ's sake, man, what did you do?" Archeron exclaimed loudly, putting emphasis onto certain parts. Archeron stroked his chin. "But, if we're going up against Inias, I'll need some tricks of my own." He turned to Liam with a grin. "Coming, Mr Szever, or will my secret angel-killing armoury remain a mysterious enigma? A work of hyperactive minds?" Archeron winked mischievously as he moved towards the door. "I just hope that Trickster was kind enough to-Ah, yes." Archeron said as he stared at his vehicle. The silver Mercedes sat outside, and as Archeron circled the vehicle, he saw that the keys were in the ignition. He opened the door, slid into the driver's seat, then reached across and moved several pieces of his previous hunt from the passenger seat into the back seat where they joined a crossbow, a quiver of silver arrows, a series of knives, crucifixes of varying sizes, as well as a collection of other occult gear, some of it looking deadly, some fairly passive. After organising the various pieces of gear so it wouldn't fall or move around, he opened the passenger door. "Get in, seat belt on. There is enough gear in this car to start World War 3, and I would not like to explain my job to a traffic cop." He said, slightly harsh. He twisted the key in the ignition and the engine thrummed into life.

He drove solidly for twenty minutes, until he reached a pair of large ornate gates. "Gates are an alloy of iron and holy steel. Strong enough to stop a tank and withstand a shell if they try blowing them off the hinges, and also keep demons out." He explained, leaning over and keying the button set in the wall. The gates squealed open at his command, and he put his foot down to allow the car to ascend the driveway. "The sound's a shield charm that protects the mansion being lifted for that small area. The fingerprint software in the gate system stops any unwanted visitors getting in." He said as the vehicle swished to a stop outside the steps that led up to a massive mansion. Archeron stepped out of the car. "Come on." He said with a grin. At the top of the stairs, he waved to a camera, which elicited a click sound from the door, which he then pushed open. "Motion sensors and face recognition software. Only three people who can get in as easy as this. One's me." He said.

"Master Archeron, welcome back." An elderly man said as he swept through the foyer with a certain degree of grace that elderly gentlemen seemed to project, and made his way to the marble steps. "Miss Angel is in the basement. She is currently taking out her frustrations upon your 'shoddy workmanship'." Stanford grinned. He climbed the steps without a second glance, and walked to the right, towards the mansion's library.

"That's Stanford. He helps with various things, and you'll never find someone with as much stored knowledge on the supernatural. I'm telling you, the guy's a walking occult encyclopedia." Archeron moved to the left, and began to walk towards his study. Inside the study, he randomly tapped the wall. "Finding this can be a one-in-a-million shot sometimes." He chuckled. As he spoke, a section of the wall slid open, revealing a sparkling silver elevator. He stepped in, waited for Liam, and then spoke. "DAWN, armoury." There was a beep and a click before the wall slid back into place and the elevator began to descend. Unlike a normal elevator, it didn't play any of that irritating music. Instead, a random song from a playlist Archeron had crafted was chosen. As the two men descended below ground, Aerosmith's "Walk This Way" began playing. After a couple of seconds, the elevator stopped and swung open to reveal a cavern full of high-tech utilities, not least the huge computer set in the wall directly in front of them. "This is DAWN, the Demonic Analysis and Warning Network. Contrary to the name, it is a massive database of collected supernatural knowledge, not solely that of demonology." Archeron said, "It has the collective processing power of seventeen Cray supercomputers." He tapped the keyboard for a few moments. "DAWN, search databases for all information relating to Inias."

"Inias?" A smooth voice said from the left of them. Archeron looked up. "You're going after Inias, Archie? I don't think you have the firepower." She gave Liam more notice than Stanford had, saluting him with the wrench she held in one hand. She was clad in a form fitting black jumpsuit, and had hair as dark as Archeron's was bright. The only likeness the two seemed to share was their eyes, both icy blue, bordering on grey. "Especially not with the joke you call engineering recently." She said, gesturing towards the machine she'd just been fixing.

"What do I need to do engineering for, sister dearest? I've got you here." He replied, smirking. She hissed, an inhuman sound that she could perform because of her demonic physiology, and turned her back on Archeron and Liam. Archeron grinned. "That's my sister, Angel." He said to Liam. There was a beeping from the computer. "Let's see what the damage is, shall we?" He said, half hoping. The computer outcome was rather promising. It presented all the information that Archeron had on Inias, a few paragraphs on his physicals and other powers, and a solution to fighting him. Luckily, it didn't require a special piece of gear that would take months to build, power, and take to fight Inias. Archeron smirked. All that they would require was The Sword of Angelus. Archeron began to walk away, and disappeared for a minute, then came back, holding a thin sword in his hands. It seemed to glow, even in this light, and it was not much more than a rapier. "The Sword of Angelus. One of few weapons that can end an angel with no doubt about it." He held the sword out to Liam. "I don't do much good with tiny swords like that. Revolution's more my style." He said, gesturing towards the colossal blade on his back. "Besides, I wanna see if Rev can cut an angel. They say it can cut anything."

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The mansion was impressive, so much that made Liam jealous. For the last decade, he had never really had a place to call him home. He had been drifting between mercenary and assassination jobs all these years and wasting the money as quick as he made it. If he could manage his life a little better, he could live like this. As they stepped out of the elevator, Liam was awestruck with the armory. He had never seen a place like this. The sweet scent of a woman filled his nose, forcing him to turn towards the direction where the smooth voice had begun to speak. Angel and Liam quickly shared a glance and a nod before Acheron and his sibling continued to argue. After the woman had left, both men turned towards the computer. The Sword of Angelus? Where have I heard of that before? He thought, recognizing the name.

Liam took the sword and instantly noticed how light it was. He held the small weapon upwards against the dim light that shined above the two men, it's unnatural glow amplified. "Impressive, but as you say, it is very small." He then placed the blade inside the duffel bag he had been carrying around with him. He had a few books and some occult items inside the bag, a small gift from the Trickster as the items were not made by mortals. "Your weapon will be able to slice through him. My claws dealt some serious damage after I tackled him to the ground at one point in the fight." Liam recalled as the memory filled his mind with clear images of the event. "I cracked his armor and white light was coming out of it. I thought angel had to possess bodies to walk the earth. He was in his true form a few days ago."

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He frowned. "I will want that back, you know." He said, gesturing to the sword. "It's a keepsake, and very dear to me. So just...don't think you're keeping it." He emphasised, and his eyes widened. "His true form? Inias was in his true form? No, no, that's impossible! There are rules! Laws! Commands!" Archeron yelled loudly. "But him being in his true form could work in our favour...or kill the planet...Either way, it's a fifty-fifty chance." He thought out loud. "Walking the Earth without a vessel. DAWN, add this information to Inias' file; He appears to be able, under certain circumstances, to walk the earth without possessing a vessel." the information was added as Archeron spoke. "Do we have a sample of Inias' Grace on file?" Archeron asked, a loud buzz indicating that they did not. "Well damn. He could be anywhere on Earth by n-" He was cut off by a BOOM! He looked at Canine, and laid a hand on Revolution.


The mansion, or rather, half the mansion, lay in tatters, the rest utterly annihilated by Inias' attack. "Justice cannot be held back by cheap magic, nor by stone or mortar." He scanned the area with his soul vision, and saw one figure descending in the lift, and three beings stood below ground, one of which was his target. "He went for help. Cute." Inias smirked, then dived at the ground, plowing through it with the force of Justice.

Archeron readied himself to spring at the descending elevator, and watched it shudder into view. He pulled Revolution free and allowed the doors to begin opening. "Stanford!" He yelled, running to catch his friend, who fell forwards, battered and bruised by Inias' attack on the mansion.

"Angel...spells...didn't...hold...I'm sorry..." Stanford wheezed. Archeron dropped Revolution. Stanford was weak, near death, but Archeron picked him up and carried him to the medical station, laying him on the table.

"You have nothing to be sorry about, old friend. Now rest awhile. You'll be up and about again in no time." Archeron said, his voice weak with fear and sadness, his tone stern.

"Is that...an order....Master Archeron...?" Stanford asked, but did as Archeron said, and relaxed, and in a moment, began snoozing. Archeron began walking back towards Canine, his eyes full of pain. A portion of the cavern's roof exploded, sending Archeron flying backwards. Inias hovered in midair, his armoured form divine in every sense of the word.

"Justice will never be stopped, Mr Szever." Inias said, not even sparing Archeron a glance. As such, he managed to leap to his sword and scoop it up with one hand, rolling into a defensive stance.

"Inias! You dare?!" Archeron yelled. "You trespass on my land, blow up my home, possibly kill my friend, and for what? So you can be the servant of God's justice?" Archeron was furious, and he felt the souls in his sword strengthening him. "God is a cruel, sadistic, misogynistic ba$tard!" He roared, charging at Inias with his sword, letting loose a myriad of slashes. Inias had been expecting it, and through a series of minute position changes, avoided all of Archeron's attempted strikes.

"You will be dealt with in due course, abomination." Inias said, striking Archeron with a flat palm that sent him flying across the cave and slammed into a wall. He dropped to the floor, Revolution slicing neatly into the floor in front of him a second after his impact. He stood, already unholstering Heaven and Hell, looking up at Inias, expecting to see Liam launching his own offensive as Archeron brought his guns into play.

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As Acheron turn around to look at Liam, the Hell Hound hybrid was gone. "Typical dog, running away with his tail tucked between his legs." The Angel of Justice announced, realizing as well that Canine had left the area. "I might as well deal with you now while you are still within my grasp, abomination." Inias turned his head back towards Acheron and reached over his shoulder, grabbing the hilt of a massive broadsword that was strapped to the back of his armor. He pulled the weapon upwards over his head and slowly brought it down in front of his face. "There are many weapons of Justice. My spear was thought to be the most powerful in existence. Now the council has granted me this: The Final Strike."

"You guys need to come up with better names." Liam spoke as he emerged from a dark corner inside the cave with a smirk on his face. "My apologies for leaving Acheron. I should have done this before." Four figures followed the Wolf of Shadows from the dark corner. Inias' smile had disappeared as he noticed what had returned with Canine. "Hell Hounds." He hissed. "Yes it seems that I'm still invested." Liam responded. "Sic em boys!" He threw his arms forward as he commanded his kin to attack.

Each of the beasts howled before charging towards the angel. Two of them leapt into the air, claws first, while the other two circled around and swiped towards the greaves that protected Inias' legs. Liam ran over to Acheron and placed his hand on the demon's shoulder. "I am sorry for your house and Stanford. Let's give this junk-less fairy something to fear."