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Leon drove the car right thought the front doors to the building that the last of the three hunter leaders were in and the building look like an office of a hunter hide out and a government build too, so they are breaking some laws right now already but Sawyer knew this was going to happen and that this was going to have a serious backlash in the end. Leon jump out the vehicle and killed the people in the lobby with quick speed and deadly accuracy that turn the men into chucks of meat.Sawyer then saw more men with guns coming form all around them.

He got out of the car and with both speed and cybernetic implants was able to cut the guns of some of the armed guard's guns into pieces and then knock the guards out that had the guns by using enough force to knock them out and then use some electricity in him to shock some more of the guards but he was getting hit by bullets but was able to deflect with his sword."Got any more ideas for this ?"

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@shadowswordmaster: I got some. although its gonna hurt if tonights the night i think it is." Leon said as he ripped a guards head off n grabbed another using him as a meat shield of sorts to block incoming bullets before throwing him at the other guards. As the fight progressed more guards with guns, batons and other weapons charged into the room as well as a berserker looking monster. a guard that had been the result of a painful and cruel experiment. The guard screamed like a maniac and swung his giant blade at leon who jumped backwards and slashed him across the stomach. "how bout you sawyer?"

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He saw the twist looking beast fighting Leon and decided to help out by using his inhuman speed and his sword to cut the beast armor and hopefully the beast itself by cutting across it with one slash across the body of it.He check his intel cybernetic systems to make sure using the speed and power to do they task that he wanted to attack the creature.

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@shadowswordmaster: The creature fell but more guards ran in. Only now they moved like snakes. almost boneless and acrobatic. They were hardly any clothing. just skin tight suits with bandages over there eyes which leaked blood and a ball gag in there mouths, indicating they were both blind and mute, yet somehow shot around the place with swift gracefulness. they jumped at leon swinging almost bonelessly and leon cut some of them down wail others rushed sawyer. one cack fliped and aimed to decapitate him.

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He cut down the creature with one strike of his blade with this strike across the body slicing the armor that he was wearing .When he did that more guards showed up but these guards look different and even moved different almost if they didn't have any bones in them this made Sawyer worried a little but he faced worst and this fight will end right now.Leon was able to cut some of them down but the were some that went straight for him.

He was able to dodged one of the strange guards attacks by moving with speed that not so many people can see but these guards can't see him but they can hear him coming towards them.Using his electricity and made a trust of sparks at one of the guards and at the same time attempting to using his sword and using the electricity to make a shock sword to either shock the gourd to knock him out or slash right at him making it bleed and shocking him too.

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@shadowswordmaster: The guard hissed through the gag like a snake and fell as more flew out and a man in a suit ran from the room. the guards swarmed from all directions forming circles around leon and sawyer 5 rushing them at a time almost making a game out of it. suddenly leon screamed in pain as he thrust both hands into the guards and ripped their hearts out. as the guards dropped leons fingers had grown sharp pointed almost wolf like nails growing out of his now bloody and drenched fingers. at the same time his ears grew pointed and his tight shirt started to rip as his muscles became bigger, showing a crescent moon like scar on his bare chest. Right after that the roof of the building was ripped off liek cardboard as giant flying demonic looking creatures flew overhead screaming and diveing at both of them

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He saw them getting swarm by more and more guards coming in and charged at them and then they made circle and trying to figure out a planning when Leon transformed into a were wolf looking creature and started to fight the other guards and when this fight was going on the roof of the build was ripped off form it and a demonic creature that was huge by human height and it's wings was bat like in a way too.

"Leon you take the demon I got the guards here."he said with a confident voice to his friends before charging into the guards that surrounded them by using his speed , strength and cybernetics all rolled into one attack he was going use his sword and cut the weapons form them and then use a huge burst of electricity and try to get a huge group of them while trying to fight off any of them the that try and get a hold of him.

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@shadowswordmaster: Leon kept screaming as his ankles broke and reformed into dog like features and his claws became razor sharp before falling to his knees in agony as his teeth reformed into wolves teeth, causing his gums to pour blood. his back arched and his spine blasted through his back then was overtaken by fur and skin and he grew to about 6 ft 9 and his face morphed into a dog like muzzle and his shoulders snapped and reformed again into dog like features. he then got up as the veins pumped blood through his newly morphed body as the full moon shined its ghostly eerie light onto the scene. he howled at the moon in an eerie tone and leaps into the air and ripped the demon apart with ease sending a cascade of blue blood rain onto the scene, ripping and clawing wail he snarled and growled with rage and anger before landing back on the ground and standing upright, his eyes glowed yellow and he charged ripping the others apart as he ran and slammed through the door after the man in the suit as sawyers multitude of cybernetic moves ripped the other guards to pieces and knocked others out.Leon's mind was no more. it had been replaced with the mind of an animal, he only had one thing on his mind and that was the killing of St. Michael. He raced into the room where the man in the suit was before vanishing through the doors.

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Sawyer was fighting the guards that he decided to fight them with quick speed and cunning thought he was able to defeated the guards by using his mind and body.He knew this would not be easy but he looked up and saw Leon in the wolf beast form and ripped the demon apart like it was nothing.He notice that Leon was losing his mind again and that this time it would be more dangerous then last time.Leon with quick speed ran to the were the last of the three was at and decided that he need to stopped Leon and the hunter before all hell breaks lose .

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@shadowswordmaster: Leon tackled the man in the suit and he kicks leon off running and pulling a blade which leon smacked out of his hand. at that very moment 5 guards rushed in which leon spun towards and gutted like they were nothing. He then spun around and savagely attacking him and ripping the flesh from his arm and slashing his leg open. Suddenly a white aura formed around leon as the roof caved in from the mounting pressure. as the roof fell away the northern lights shined across the sky, reflecting their ghostly shimmering lights, a spectacular sight to say the least. Then in a flash of light that seemed to fly out of nowhere the full moon was covered and there surroundings were clouded. leon stood fully human holding the man by the neck and in his other hand he had a knife. "for years, you have persecuted, prosecuted and executed werewolves and vampires, you killed them for game and for your amusement. You caused the death of my family and friends alike....now i can finally say that your deeds will condemn you to eternal damnation." re raises his knife preparing to stab the man and a faint glow around him showed the spirit of a white wolf hovering in the air around him like a ghostly specter

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Sawyer final caught up with Leo but when he did he saw a couple of dead guards and saw what looks Leon by as a big wolf than he last saw him but now he saw Leon about to execute the man in the suit and the last of three hunters leaders and this was going to be over but should Leon really killing the man for killing more people."Leon listen to me and think about what you are doing do you really want this ."

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@shadowswordmaster: Leon glanced over still holding the man by the neck. "He has been responsible for more deaths than either of us combined. He nearly started a 2nd holocaust, He's to dangerous to be left alive. sometimes....you need to take a life to save a life. what would you rather have sawyer? spare him so he can kill again or kill him and in the process save over 1000 lives and possibly generations of innocent people."

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Sawyer thought about what Leon said and though up something that could changed this whole thing."If you think that this is the right thing then go right a head and execute the man right but remember one thing we are facing hunter you think that it is this easy to kill this man."Sawyer at this point scanned the man that Leon had under it's claws and made sure that this was no trap that they were walking right in.

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@shadowswordmaster: Leon stabbed right into the mans chest and he fell scilant and spider liek arms grew from his body and his neck streached like a snake and struck like a cobera at sawyer waiol his heart dropped a steady flow of blood

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He saw the body that Leon just stab and then as he knew what would happen a trap was sprung and this would be a long night and it would not be easy but it will finish this business once and for all.Sawyer saw the body and spider legs came out of the body and aimed right but with his cybernetics implant and limbs was able to stop the attack and slice the incoming attack with quick speed .

"I knew this would happen Leon , you need to control yourself and think this out next time."

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@shadowswordmaster: leon growled almost dog like and spread after and sunk his vampire like teeth into the mans elongated neck as webs shot from the mans mouth at sawyer as well as pin like hairs flew off headed for leon whom was draining the man of blood. "the only though i have is mounting his head on my wall at the enforcers tower..." he snarled

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"I do not think that Stark would allowed that to happen but we could do is burn this place to the ground , what do you say."He said with not a hint of emotion in it and made sure that this business was done and over with."By the looks of this is that he is died but you need to make sure that he stays dead good sir."

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@shadowswordmaster: as the man lays on the ground leon pulls his sword from its holder and swiftly decapitates the man holding his head up with a sickening grin. "yea we should burn this place to the floor." He sends a knife flying through the walls and a high pitched hissing sound emits around the room. "i burst the gas container. light a match and this place goes 6ft under into the lake below us, although i already had my vengeance. i'll let you do the honors." leon says walking to the 2nd story window waiting

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"This is your fight and your vengeance Leon let this fire burn away that vengeance." When he finished that sentence ran towards the window and broke though it with both speed and strength that could destroy a tank and started his down way down but the he activated his leg boosters and started to hoover right on top of the water.

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@shadowswordmaster: leon lights a match n throws in and as the flames burst through the building leon jumps of using his cape to slow his fall and glides to the shore. "it's over. we best get back before anthony starts missing us."

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Moving to the shore and the landing on the soft sands of a beach.He looked at the burning blinding that is coming down and the hunters bodies that were left are either burnt or being destroyed in another way."Well let's get a plane ticket and get out of here." He said with a smile.

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leon walks to the mans car and hotwires it. he wouldn't be missing it he didn't think. "yea. i miss american food."

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Sawyer looked back at the man an d smiled at the comment."When we get out of here I get you some."He looked around and to see if there are anything that could ambush them but he sure was it was over but he knows that he will never be over.