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He turn around and saw the black flames comsuming the village and the know what is going to happen next if he does not stop Leon rage form doing more damage.He actived his leg booster but not to fly but to move fast enough to find Leon and stop this .He running thought the village saving what people that he can see form the black flames.Sawyer noices that the bar is a good place to start and Leon needs to clam down before things get much worse.

Sawyer noitces that the bar itself was bust it open and that something went though it.He walked in the bar and saw Leon there."Leon stop this now your killing everyone i this villiage even the people not part of the hunters." he walked up to Leon "You need to talk this over and get some stuff off your chest but this is not how you do it." looking around the buring city.

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@shadowswordmaster: The aura around him would usually indicate that leons consciousness was barely there, his rage was taking over and fast. he grabbed one of the hunters by the neck. "Your leader! WHERE IS HE!" the hunter kicks leon but his armor just breaks his foot. The souls of people who died were all going into leon's sword. He pulls the hunter closer and pulls the information out of his head with telepathy then throws him, impaling him on a burning piece of wood. He looks at sawyer. "The only thing i need is to avenge my race, my blood parents and family. they shall burn..." at this point leon starts shaking his head as though something else is in control like an internal battle with his subconscious and something else. Then he looks back at sawyer as the heat of the flames increase. "everything...shall burn..."

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"That is the only you think is revenge I joined you so that we stop the hunters form doing this and now we are doing but you killing everyone that even in your way,you need to clam yourself and fight this before something worse happens." Trying snap Leon out of his rage and get him to see reason.He look at the bar around them and seeing this what is going on."If you keep do this you buring eveyone and everything around you."

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@shadowswordmaster: Leon grabs his head screaming and the armor goes almost symbiot like back into his black coat and he falls over completely unconscious. his hair back to black and looking normal. his muscles had all almost ripped apart and his heart went under a great deal of strain. The bar was crumbling, bodies laid all over and some on fire. Just then the fire dyed away leaving the burned bar looking old and abandoned as the full moon shined into the room and wolves or werewolves howled in the distance along with a gunshot then silence

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He look down and kneel down at Leon scanning his body with his cybernetic eye, checking on if there is any injures that he need to work making sure that is friend is okay or at least okay.He looked at he moon wondering what will happen.He pick up Leon and carried on his back outside trying to get out of the bar and hoping out of the village.

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@shadowswordmaster: Leon's body remains limp as his vampire abilities slowly heal his injuries but even with injuries it would take awhile. more gunshots go off in the distance and there are fewer howls and more gunshots

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Sawyer helping his friend while he heals his wounds and form the events that happen moments age.They were out of the village and in the woods trying to catch there breath.He put Leon down laying on a the one of many trees in the forest ."We will stay here and catch our breath and gather our strength before moving on."Try to figure out a plan on what they will do next.

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moments later leon's eyes opened they still had a tinge of yellow in them. "oh man.....what....what the hell just happened. i kinda blacked out then i wake up here...." he looks around. "does anyone else smell smoke and burning flesh?"

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He turn around and saw Leon waking up form his coma like state .He kneel down right next to Leon and about to tell him the truth."Leon do you remember anything before you blackout?'trying to see what Leon remembers and what he did not.He uses his robotic eye and scanned the forest for anything that might attack or at least anything in the forest.

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@shadowswordmaster: There were hunters shooting where wolfs down in the distance. "no....i saw my sister dead from my own blade then i kinda....lost it. next thing i recall is waking up just know." he looks over at the smoldering village. "what happened here?"

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"Well you transformed into a armor figure and started to make your way to the village where you started to burn the whole village down with black flames I saved what I could before finding you in the bar when you were threaten everyone in the bar and when I talked trying to clam you down after a while you reverted back to original form and I carried you to where we are now." explaining what had happen to Leon.

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@shadowswordmaster: Leon glances around. "so the demon of the abyss finally broke free huh? I kinda figured i couldn't keep him suppressed forever." Leon seemed to show little to no concern for anybody at the village or any regret...then again, he wasn't what you would call heroic. "i recall some scenes in the bar. i had one of the hunters.....i know where the 2nd one is located now..."

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Sawyer looks around again making sure that they were not in a another trap."Well we should think of a plan to get this the 2nd one where is the second one any way?"He turn around and ask Leon the question.He though about what could happen and what they should do right now while they still have a time to think.

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@shadowswordmaster: He's held up in an old nazi concentration camp underground bunker. clever...nobody would ever look for him there." leon looks up at sawyer. "i'm ready when you are."

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"If you are up for it man lets get the second one shall we ."he said in a up beat manner .He looked down and saw Leon sitting there and extend his hand hoping that Leon would grab it and he would help him up so they can continued on this quest that they are on"Lets do this together my friend."

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@shadowswordmaster: Leon considers for a moment and after shaking the last of the abyss demon back under control he grabs it and stands up and dusts off the grass on his demonia boots before getting into one of the towns peoples cars and tosses the body out. they were dead he wouldn't have use for it now. "alright lets get going"

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He look at the body Leon just threw out and he knew what is going to happen when the cops arrived to see this place.He open the where door to the car and sat in the opposite seat of where Leon is sitting, he turned around looked at the town one more time "Well then lets get going my friend."

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@shadowswordmaster: Leon nods and starts the car "You know... it just occured to me...i always failed my drivers test." and with that he guns the car and goes tearing down the street nearly hitting people and going over a hill at full speed sending them flying across the river nearly crashing but landing last min and leon again goes tearing down the streets at over 210 mph. "never could figure out why i failed." He starts to check his text messages while driving with his knees locking the car on coast at 210mph

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While Leon is driving Sawyer put on his seat belt and try not to worried about the other people around him that might get hit by Leon driving."I have a theory about that,so where is this bunker at?"trying to say something while Leon is driving like a mad man.He watch with speed pass trees and people ."Who are you texting at a time likes this?"

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@shadowswordmaster: Leon nearly runs over an old lady not even seeing her while still driving with his knees. "My follower. i'm asking him if i left my lights on back at my hideout. i wasnt to sure." they keep driving gaining even more speed going down a hill and crash through a house, leon grabbed whatever was on the table as they flew by "pancakes?" he said offering the pancakes he had pulled from the table and noticing he had hit someone he turned on the windshield wipers which wiped the blood off the windshield as they now tore down a dirt road. "The camps a ways up ahead."

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"No I'm good right now."he said to Leon about the pancakes.He look in front of seeing the blood smear on the widow of the car.He started to scan the road in front of him looking for any traps or anything else in there way."So what do you have army of followers or something or just one guy?"

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@shadowswordmaster: "that my friend is all about what you consider an army. The man in general is just somebody who watches my safehouse when i'm not around and keeps tabs on my enemies but i do however have an army of the undead that i can call forth at will. There's been a few occasions i have made my enemies fight their own parents against their will. best way to end a battle." The road ahead was clear as they pulled in at extreme speed and skidded to a halt in front of the gates to an old concentration camp. the air was thick and silent, an almost foreboding air around the area. "such evil happened within these walls huh...." The place itself was falling apart as it lightly snowed. "over 2 million lives lost in places like this....sickening yet strangely intriguing" the wind blew his black cloak and his silvery white hair blew like silk in the wind.

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He got out of the car and using his robotic eye start to scan the area for anything out of the ordinary that they need to know about at the moment.Sawyer took in the fresh air that nature had to offer and look at the old concentration camp.This is a bad place and a place that a bad person might hide in if they could.He need to check the gate if there is any traps that might lead to anything bad for them."Well now do you want to go thought the front gate or is there a better place to go in."

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@shadowswordmaster: at that moment a man in a black coat dives off the top of the furnace chambers and flies at both of them,. Leon jumps out of the way and pulls his blade out. "At this point the front door is a good option." The man swings the flaming scythe like blade at sawyer and at the same time throws knives into leon which leon just pulls out like noth and and puts them in his belt

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When Sawyer entered the camp he saw a figure in a black coat on top of the what it looks like the furnace chambers that he is a top of.Then what the next thing he saw was a huge flaming scythe coming right at him this scythe was moving fast that normal people would be killed by the coming blade.

He moved speed that make every single Olympic runner seems like babies crawling to there movies.When moved to get away form the burning scythe it hit where he was at before .He looked up at the man in black and charged up his eye laser which burns red and a stream of intense heat going right at the man in black .

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@shadowswordmaster: the man hoped to the left dodging out of the way and sends a blast of fire from his hands soaring at sawyer wail at the same time shooting lightning at leon who absorbed it with his blade then sent it back crashing into the man thousand fold.

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When he decided to help Leon he knew that he will be in the fight that not a lot of people could be in but now he knew that this is going to be a long night a head of him.When he use his eye laser and try to hit the man in black with it he dodged it with speed that he knows that this man is going to be one heck of a fight.Next he saw the man in black cast fire right at Sawyer which in this case mean that this man in black has to be some sort of magic user of sorts.

He was able to dodged the incoming fire with ease by using his implants in his leg which gives him more speed to move which is handy in cases like this one right here.The fire itself hit the ground and start to burn the ground where it hit.He actives his leg booster but not to fly but he uses his electricity and transfer it to his feet and made it so that he to some place can run across walls like he was going to do.He started to run really fast but when he hits the wall and he put his foot up on the wall of the furnace chambers and run really fast so that he sticks to the wall but if he stop he would fall off .

He pull his sword hilt out of his left arm and extend to cut the man in black across the chest but the way he is in now he could miss.

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@shadowswordmaster: The slash hit the man but all he did was laugh as the slash healed into a scar. He started shaking as he morphed gruesomely and painfully, his skin falling off and eyes falling out and growing red as the sky became purple around them and the voices of the dead could be heard whispering in the wind. suddenly the corpses of the past residents formed from ashes and unearthed from the ground and started walking towards the 2. "well this isn't cool. mimicking my dead reanimation technique." leon said rather plainly before he started slashing threw the dead. "Go after boney over there. i got the dead."

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"Thanks I will get Mr.Bones here."Hoped that his joked will lighten the mood. What he knows right now that his sword as of right now does not work but he will need to work on this in this fight.He figure out that with Leon dealing with the army of the dead that has risen before them.He need to deal with the bag of bones that he has to deal with now.

He figure out that maybe his electricity will hurt or at least wound this creature of evil.He actives his electricity powers by using his electricity implants in his arm and shoot a burst of electricity right at the creature and the follow up with a slash to cut off the head of the creature using both his extreme speed and strength to moved quickly and strike hard at this creature of darkness .He makes sure that he doesn't fall down form the position that he is in right now.

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@shadowswordmaster: as the slashes connect the creature falls apart only to reform again, reattaching severed bones and mending broken ones before pulling a blood soaked scythe and swinging at the cyborg with the intent to kill. Leon himself was busy fighting off hordes of the undead. This gave Nazi Zombies a whole new meaning. He thought to himself as he slashed through the undead as more came up each time one was killed

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Another failed attack against this creature of evil again rebuilds itself for the second time .He needs another way to tackle this thing and bring it down and make sure that it stays down.Then Sawyer saw the creature swing his scythe right at him hoping to cut him half with the dark blade.He used his cyber implants and dodged the incoming blade form hitting by ducking down put at this point he used his leg booster to hoover instead of flying though the air.

He gave his sword enough spark of electricity to put down a blue whale and see if electricity will do some damage to this creature and he will aim for the head and try to cut it off and moved away form the body see if that would work .He charged at the creature and hope that his plan will work.

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@shadowswordmaster: As the blade slashed through the creacher it just rebuild again and this time breathed toxic breath so raised that made every living thing it touched die. however as he walked towards sawyer he turned back to what looked like his human form when he passed into a shadow of a tree but as soon as he walked back into the open he once again became the skeletal being. Leon slashed through even more of the dead, he was doused in the blood of the undead but he wasn't tiring at all. He hadn't killed this much in awhile.

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He moved back to escape the poisons breath of this creature that could kill him to an extent which he would die but could come out of it by a inch of his life.When he saw the creature moved past a tree's shadow the creature looked human but then the human looking creature moved back he was and the skeletal being that he fought earlier.

Thinking in his mind of a plan he though one that he would try to see if it would work.He with a quick dash towards the creature of the dark he would him and thrown to the other side of the tree's shadow by using his Cybernetic parts in him he wold this but when he gets the creature over to the other side of the tree's shadow he would give the creature enough volts to knock him and to interrogate him for some information.

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@shadowswordmaster: The creacher rose off the ground and flew headlong after sawyer and ran into the bolts as he turned human and with a scream of pain he fell to the floor dazed beyond all belief and the undead suddenly vanish, much to leons displeasure. He hadn't killed in ages

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Sawyer look around and see what just happen , after his lighting bolts hit the creature and it fell on the ground in a dazed.He looked around and saw what happen to the other undead beings that were and he realize that he must of stop it."Leon get over I need your help." Sawyer walked to the creature or human that he fought against and flipped him over on his back.

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@shadowswordmaster: the man stares up at the cybertronic swordsman whom he had been warned about as leon walked over wearing his mask. "you took him down i take it?" The man spits at sawyer. "WHAT IS IT FREAKS!?"

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He looked at Leon and then back at the man on the ground."So sir who are you and what are you doing in this accursed place likes this?" He looked at Leon and made sure that he was still the man not the monster but to him there were his friend either way."Do you know this man Leon?"

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@shadowswordmaster: leon cracks his neck. "yea hes one of the 3. Hes the 2nd in charge. the 2nd of 3." the man looked back at sawyer. "I'm not telling you sh!t" and tried running off before leon throws 2 knifes through his knee caps making him immovable.

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"Was that real necessary?" he look back at Leon .He look back at the man on the ground "Where is the location to the 3rd?"

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@shadowswordmaster: "yes i think causing him pain was very necessary." the man pulls a gun and leon swings with his knife and slashes the mans hand off. "as was that" The man screams in pain as leon grabs him and lifts his up by his neck. "spill it" He keeps trying to get out

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Sawyer at what Leon is doing and what he might be doing."Leon put him down and let the man talk with the treat of getting killed." When he said that he gets ready to heal or at least not bleed to death here."I will patch you up but we need answers to our questions."

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@shadowswordmaster: Leon ties him to the tree and leads the other end of the rope to a horse and ties it around the saddle which at that point he starts singing a german kids song wail slowly walking away. "speak for slack eh?" The man out of fear finally rats out. Its a man named cole st thomas. He has a place in the government. Hes runner up for leader. At that point the rope being dragged by the horse tightens up on his neck and he starts coughing and gagging, eyes bleeding and slowly and painfully suffocating.

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Sawyer heard the man told the truth about the location to the last one but then he saw the house started to move and the man started to bleed out and worse form it.Using his implants and sword he moved quickly enough and cut the rope that was tied to the man releasing him form the pain and falls in the ground.

"Leon I think we should get this over with."He said with a low voice before walking to the man and trying to heal his wounds.

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@shadowswordmaster: Leon walks grabbing the rope grinning to the tied up man. "and where would he be located?" with a sick smile on his face like he enjoyed watching this. the man still gasped for air and only worsened as wire shot from leons belt around his neck. "Hes the head congressman of the country." the man screamed, then leon began to sing, singing that same child's lullaby in german as the man tied to the tree screamed. as the screaming became louder leons singing became louder until they were both shouting, except one out of terror and the other out of shear psychoticness until leon pulled on the wire and it retracted with such force it strangled the man against the tree and beheaded him sending blood spraying all over and across his face. as the head rolls away leon licks the blood from his face with a grin. "Ein Männlein Steht Im Walde indeed...."

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Sawyer was unable to stop form this man form his death but he hope that he would pay his respects to his enemies that have died in the past couple of days .He looked at Leon and gave a disappointed look said nothing to him but he knew they both have to finished this now and stop more of the unnecessary bloodshed on both sides of the conflict.

"Leon do we know where this last one is or are we going to think this though and make a plan."

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@shadowswordmaster: Leon spit on the mans corpse. "Goodbye" before walking over it and getting into the car back at the road. "Looks like we'll be fighting congressmen and politicians" Then noticing the look on sawyers face. "You look troubled. whats up?"

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"Lets just say I not used to seeing that much tortured on a single person ." He looked at Leon and back looking what is in front of the car and thought about what will happen next in this adventure that there on.He count that that two of the ones that they fought were indeed tough but they beat them and now they are going to fight the government here or at least the a congressmen to say at least."We need to be careful what we do next they most likely have a lot of traps and an army waiting for us there."

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@shadowswordmaster: Leon cracks his neck. "sometimes you need to torture information from people. otherwise they don't talk." he pulled up in front of a government building. "you ready for this bro?"

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Sawyer smile at Leon thinking about they did together and what is in store for the duo and remember what they were here to do in the first place."Let's finish this."Sawyer extend his robotic arm and pointed straight ."Onward to victory ." He said with a bellowing voice.

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@shadowswordmaster: Leon spins the car in a swerve and crashes through the doors to the office and jumps out slaughtering everyone in his way as the sun sets and out from all around armed guards burst out firing at both of them