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"Something tells me that there coming here or that they made a trap for us here." he jumped off the wall and landed in the courtyard of the castleand looked around for any traps with his scanning eye.

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@shadowswordmaster: Leon looks around. "Maybe....Or maybe they thought we were pushovers and that last guy took us out so they felt little need to have heavy protection..." the castle and woods seemed trap free for the most part. There were heat signatures in the woods a few miles away.

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"What do you see anything with your eye's." he said form the courtyard while looking for any clues that could lead them to the next target.

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@shadowswordmaster: leon looks around. "not that i can see...im pretty sure we're safe here for now." he sits against the wall. "i heard rumors of the next target in the woods near an old pond...only thing is that this pond has a bad history."

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"What do you mean a bad history, and what do you know about this Old pond were our target is at?" trying to find a way into the castle so that they can explore a little.

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@shadowswordmaster: this pond is known for disappearances. nobody, not even i know how. The townspeople they will tell you about the rumors that swell around this lake, Some say there's something in the water The fog that rides along the top has been said to carry voices,some have seen and others heard that they seen along the bottom Are all the bodies of the girls and boys preserved and remaining half-rotten.The water's fit with murky mud,the weeds are red like splattered blood.,the water is black even in the sunlight deep and dark nightmarish.Some believe the bodies surface and bask underneath the moon, Others say they seen a headless boy stumbling round the lagoon." he looks around. "as you can see...its quite a mystery. young boys and girls have vanished without a trace

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"There is something in the pond then like a monster or something that the hunters might be using as a defense for there own needs, no matter we are going to that pond." look around for anything that might be useful for there needs and see if there is any clues about the owners of this old castle.

"When do you want to leave for this old pond." he turned around and saw Leon there.

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@shadowswordmaster: "It's in the woods on the other side of the forest...supposedly this thing has existed since before the hunters...since before me for that matter." He stands up. "we could go now if you would like." The casel sign said -RESIDENCE OF THE HANSONS- on it in old faded letters. "i know the rough location of the place." He looked uneasy about the idea but was willing to go

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He looked at Leon and saw he might uneasy going to his pond and talking to him might need to get something off his chest. "So do you have a bad experience with this pond, do you what to talk about it." wondering if hetalk about something that might be n connection with what they are doing here.

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@shadowswordmaster: leon looks over. "i've never been there personally...its just that whatever is in that pond has been alive longer than me...who knows the abilities it has. we could die there." He cracks his neck.

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"Well then when you are ready lets get going unless you for want to rest before we head we head to our deaths." giving Leon a smile and to trying to make sure that his friend is ready for whatever is going happen next.He sat down on the ground thinking about there option a head of them.

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@shadowswordmaster: leon stands up. "im ready, lets go." he starts walking down an old trail that looks hidden away.

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He stands up and follow his friend out of the castle and to the unknown."You ready for this ." catching up to Leon and walking beside him to this old pond that is opposed to be dangerous and evil.

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@shadowswordmaster: "not entirely but we ain't gettin any younger now are we?" he stated and kept walking. -4 hours later they reached an entrance that had been roped off.- "this is the forest of suicide...named because this is where people go to kill themselves..." theres signs up trying to prevent suicide and travelers. "it's nicknamed the forest of the dead...theres a place in japan similar to it.."

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"Well that is depressing and not nice name for a forest." he looked at the sign and relies something."Wait you been to Japan?" gave Leon and strange looked

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@shadowswordmaster: Leon keeps walking. "yea i know. theres been at least 40 bodies or so pulled out over the past 5 years. some have yet to be found." he walks to a body of someone hanged from a tree and picks up a fallen gun. "and yes i have been to japan. i've been all over the world." he keeps walking and it seems to get darker and darker as they progress into the woods."

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"Well are get close to something that is for sure but we might be going into a trap for all we know but we are ready for a trap right? "walking though the woods while notices the woods getting darker and darker by the second. He look around if he notices anything bad and the he activated his scanner to see anything that might try to stop them in any way possible.

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@shadowswordmaster: "that could be but its highly doubtable..." he looks at another body hanging from a tree. "these woods are considered sacred ground for the lost souls. i know of this place quite well." The scanners are picking up no body heat except one person who starts swaying back and forth body heat leaving, he had just hanged himself. Farther away theres a low temperature like a body of water in the middle of the forest.

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"That is nice to know let's hope these souls know what I'm am at least. "He looked around to see the hanged body on a tree. The temperature is going down and saw what looks like a body of water up head. "Is that the pond up a head of us. "asking Leon about the pond of water up a head.

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@shadowswordmaster: "very perceptive" Leon keeps walking towards it. "it is indeed and don't worry...it isn't the human spirits you need worry about...there just lost souls ripped apart by pain and sadness. nothing need being concerned about."

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"I hope your right because we could be in some from of trouble sooner or later. "He continued the to walked besides Leon hoping that they get to the bottom of this. "Can you swim? "he asked Leon a important question.

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@shadowswordmaster: Leon walks nearer the ponds location. "i can swim" he walks to a girls body on the ground in the middle of the pathway, she couldn't be more than 16 with a suicide note taped to a tree. "this youth today...do you now see why i have lost faith in humanity?" he looks over and right across the field is the pond, the fog all around the surrounding area.

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"Well I tell one thing this place is eerie that is for sure. "looking at the fog then at the pond and try to see if there is any thing that he can see.He looked at the dead girl's body and pick up the note."At least we can do his contact her family or friends. "looking at the note.

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@shadowswordmaster: the phone number was scribbled on the back of the paper for whoever found it. "why should we? I mean why should it fall to us to do this kind of stuff...thats the policies job." as they approached the mist faint whispers seemed to come from all around, the weeds and plants around the area had a reddish tinge to them...like they had been feeding off blood.

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"How about we discuss this later because looks like we are not alone here."He notices the plants were doing something weird and he heard something in the fog. "Do you sense anything magical about this place like can it attract people here." he is now on guard waiting for anything to happen.

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@shadowswordmaster: yes....lets..." he had full intention on picking sawyers mind about his merciful kind hearted nature, possibly learning a thing or 2 but now wasn't the time for he also heard the voices. "theres spirits around the place, saying to turn back...i have a feeling that at least some of these deaths weren't suicides..." he freezes up. "Were being watched...." he spins around Sawyer get ready!"

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He pulls out the sword hilt our form his arm and extend it .He scanned anything that was coming at them hoping to at least strike them but if that didn't work we would use his electric that he had built up in and could make burst of lighting at the sprits ."Any advice on fighting spirits Leon."Using his scanner to track anything coming at them.

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@shadowswordmaster: There was a faint disturbance in the mist as the creature walked out of the pond standing at 6 ft3 and hand a huge blade in his hand. "uhhh...no sawyer i never fought a spirit before" It had deathly pale skin and wings and seemed to be laughing softly

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"What is that a spirit or just some creepy monster that you never see before. "scanning the winged creature ."Does this thing seem friendly to you or just being a scary." He get his sword ready for any attack that might come his way or Leon way.

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@shadowswordmaster: The creature screamed at the top of its lungs, a deathly frightening otherworldly scream and charged on all 4s. leon swung his blade at it but the creator smashed leon into a rock and headed for sawyer and jumped at him intending to peel his face off with his grotesque nails. "I DONT THINK ITS FRIENDLY!" Leon yelled as he pulled the gun he had taken from the fallen man earlier but all the bullets seemed to zoom in other directions

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He saw the creature coming for him and charged his right robotic and dodged the creature attack with quick speed and the implants in his legs successful dodged the creatures attack .He aimed for the creatures by using his already electric charged right arm and attempted to punch the creature in the face he hopes that he implants in his arm is able to strike quick enough to hit the creature in time.

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@shadowswordmaster: It hits the creature and it flies back just to get up again and pull a transformation to look like the one each cared for most. Obviously to each of them it looked different. Leon saw his old apprentice whom had died in a war 4 years ago. he got up and pulled his knife and stared at the creacher. weather or not it was an illusion or not he could not tell. "well this sucks." he said out loud before rushing at the creacher."

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He saw what had happen to the creatrue and what it transformered what it looks like Leon but he knows that the this creatrue was using some magic to make it look like Leon but the real Leon is fighting the monster.He looked at the monster for a second and realise that this calls for the use for his sword.He got his sword and charged at the creatrue but would strike when and if Leon and struck a blow to the creatrue.He would try to aim for the wings of the creatrue but cutting it with his adamantium blade .

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@shadowswordmaster: leons knife sunk into the creacher and the creature pulled a similar blade to sawyers and clashed with him, turning back to its normal form it grinned, it had fangs and a forked tongue. i see inside your heart and its mine...Leon swung his blade and the creature grew a clone of itself out of it's back and blocked leons blade.

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He moved to assist Leon to attack one of the blades and attempt to block the blades coming at Leon.Then he would try and use his Eye laser and at least hit the creature to get some distance away from them.He is going to use his implants and try to get the creatrue fast and hard before he could see him.

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@shadowswordmaster: the creature jumped out of the way fast and then dove and landed in front of sawyer. it had a necklace of human bones. Poor little cyborg...look at you...you have no memory of your past, no family, no idea where you came from....you're not even human. it swung its blade again How many times have you lied awake at night wondering to yourself....who REALLY made you.... Its voice was soft almost dangerous sounding

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He heard what the creature said about him and the creature maybe right but he would not let it get him .He active his laser eye and aimed it at the creature mocking him. He try to aim for the with his adamantium laser cutting and try to hit it. "I may not know who I really am but I can still look to the future." he said with a commanding voice.

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@shadowswordmaster: what future would befall a cyborg with no being? The creature got hit and stumbled back and walks towards him again. Are you sure you truly belong? robot. Leon jumps onto the creacher and slit its neck spraying sawyer with blood and the creacher stabs leon with a knife to the heart and throws him in the pond wal stumbling to a tree and a spirit form that looks like a ghost emerges from the body

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Wiping the blood off his metallic with his robotic hand. "Leon do you have any plans to defeat this thing or are we going to go with what we were doing before. "he got his sword ready and use his another hand and try to make the blade electric so when it hits something it might stun them or worse to the person on the other side of his blade. He made a stance that is similar to a samurai but not with experience of one but still ready for anything to happen.

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@shadowswordmaster: The spirit starts to walk towards him, semi transparent at a slow steady pace then it turns into a mirror image of sawyer. i don't belong here...a robot among living beings. In a voice just like sawyers in an attempt to mess with his head.

"IKR CALL GHOSTBUSTERS?" leon yells as he walks out from the trees pulling the knife out as he runs. "find something to disrupt the eletronic field around him

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"I have an idea. "he charged at the creature with speeds that no human and do and in the short time he charged up a lot of electric to make a big enough burst to either disrupt the electronic field around him or make a bigger problem then what is already here .He moved closer to the sprit and discharged that made huge sparks of electric go everywhere and some of them aimed at the sprit hoping to hit the sprit or at least stop it in it's tracks.

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@shadowswordmaster: the creature vanishes in a cloud of ectoplasm which hist leon and a body falls out onto the ground. Leon see's the body and falls to his knees and screams at the top of his lungs

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Trying to figure out what had happen he look at Leon and saw what had happen to him adn then looked at the body that fell down.He walk to Leon and put his hand on his shoulder."You going to be okay or do you want some private time?"

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@shadowswordmaster: Armor springs to life going over him like a demonic symbiot. His hair becomes straighter and blood red along with his eyes changing to red with yellow irises and his hand grows into a grotesque demon like shape. He stands with his giant blade that now has an eyeball in it which is looking as though its alive. "My sister has now died at my own blade..." His voice was deeper as well. "i will rip their hearts from there chest." he lets out a demonic roar that shakes the heavens and the ground begins to crack

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"Whoa clam down Loen you do not want to this , your not acting straight now." He is trying to clam him down so that he does not do something that he will regret later.He stand right in front of his friend."Clam down and think this though and lets figure out this together ." Cross his arms and giving Leon a concern.

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@shadowswordmaster: leon cracks his neck. "i know exactly what i will do....i will break them, rip the skin from there bodys and break each of their bones one by one." his voice sounded deep and demon like like an animal that he had kept locked away in his mind had finally released. "i can smell them....there in the town nearest the hillside....time to watch this city burn." and with that he began to walk towards the towards dragging his weird sword behind him as he walked. The air around leon had grown cold as ice

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In Sawyer's mind he can think of all of the things that can go wrong if Leon goes to that town and destroy everything in that town he will kill everyone there even though they are not part hunters.He knows that Leon will not take prisoners and there will be much innocent blood will be spilled tonight.He ran to Leon hoping to catch up to him."Leon this is a bad is idea you cannot do this even though you are mad as hell there are other ways to do this." hoping that Leon is listening to him.He continued to follow Leon hoping that he will stop this before he has to take more drastic steps.

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@shadowswordmaster: This is not a bad idea at all." leon says as he walks slowly towards the town. "i shall rip there bones from their skin." leon grabs his head. "no maybe it is...no it isn't...is it? NO!" almost like leon is fighting with himself he shakes off his doubt and keeps walking towards the village, he walks to the top of the hill overlooking the village and stares at it. "this city will burn for harboring these people....these animals"

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"Fight this Leon you know better than this,come man think this though."trying to get Leon's attention before he gets to the city and destroys it.This needs to stop fast before innocents die in this rampage of death.He ran and went in front of his friend and put his arms out trying to stop his friend form doing what he is planing to do."Stop this now Leon you are not thinking straight ,do you think that your doing the right thing by killing a entire town full of people ."

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