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The tides of change are coming upon America, First the Civil war, New York invasion and now the registration act has resurfaced. Public opinion is swaying as they steadily grow more and more agitated and scared of the corruption that lies within. The President slowly creates a rope for himself as he ties his own noose, Stark has gone into hiding or imprisoned for his crimes. Venezuela is beyond repair as the despair of the devastating war that was instigated by none other then Pyro, the fabled Crow terrorist who killed millions without remorse. In his view, Iconic locations are more important than killing everybody, Killing an idea, a faith - a dream was more potent at causing dismay than killing 1000, 2000 even millions to an extent. The destruction of liberty would put the last nail in the coffin for the President of the united states, the last nail in the coffin for the United States of America. The world would see them crumble among the cataclysmic terror attack that lay in wake, Pyro was ready - Eager to land his second blow to World peace.

10 hours before attempted attack

Pyro walked among the tourists with a liquid explosive that was deadly enough to bring down this statue of justice and liberty, Well - His only goal was to destroy the head, that would cause the most chaos. Destroy the head and the limbs will follow. Half-way up the statue in the elevator that was ironically built for the handicapped to be-able to visit this remarkable location, How funny would it be that the statue it-self would not be fully operational very very soon. Pyro was not allowed to the crown, since the 9/11 attack that had been closed off. However he would find alternate means than the conventional path, A simple locked door with a few security officers was the only thing in his way. He did not care for security cameras or being spotted, he strives for this in fact.

In the elevator he was alone with 10 other tourists and one official, he had stashed away a blade but not gun, simply pulling it out without any-body realizing he began to slit the throats of the tourists and security guard before they had a chance to alert anybody, blood and cuts lay like graffiti on the elevators floor as Pyro donned the uniform of a security guard, Previously Pyro had taken the liberty to "tip" a security manager so the CCTV was luckily turned off at this exact moment. Nobody was aware what had just happened. Pyro simply clicked the elevator button too the top floor, upon arriving he would take out the security and plant the bombs...

He however had already planted enough explosives on the 11 dead bodies in the elevator to cause considerable damage, these "explosives" were in fact liquid, stored in-side a bottle on each man ready to explode at a moments notice, a simple telepathic signal would explode them, and Pyro had that telepathic signal ready for use whenever he needed...

During this time, Pyro had been calling yet another flocking of over 10000 Crows to the Area, the sun yet again was blacked out by the sudden congregation of the crows. Over 10k Crows lined with this explosive liquid were going to land on the statue, creating a complete skin-like cover on it meaning to all eyes of the world, it would be a giant black nest of Crows. Pyro would explode them, using enough explosive to easily and utterly destroy the statute as he had calculated flawlessly very soon if nobody stood in his way.

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Because he's the hero America deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

Bombing in the USA

VZ was fun, the school shootings was fun, the hero making was fun. This will be better, a great country needs to have the fear for it to become more active. The land of the brave should act as a land that is brave, not a land of cowards and constraints. It is a system that is rotting from the inside, taking the rest of her people steadily as the structure is breaking loose. It was almost reminiscent of Rome centuries past where great cities died because of its corrupt emperors.

They need a wake up call, a slap in the face, a cold bucket of water. But something so small won't incite the wanted reactions, what they need is a big one. Such that will have to raise the patriotism of every pencil necked liberal in America. There is a Gulch&Gatherer. located in Venezuela where the corpses are being fed to the refugees, it was his own courtesy. A touch of kindness for a soiled nation, since rations are corrupted by the government. Now people are buying V-burgers at an exponential rate.

It was a pity that he is about to deface a gift from France to America as a sign of friendship for the American Revolution, the word is that somebody wants to bomb the Statue Itself. He just wants the pedestal, as in something that the yanks had actually built during that agreement. Should have hit the Empire State building instead, poor Kong died in vain after he was brutally taken out of his island in Sumatera for exploitation. Only to be shot down in his prime during his expression, also New York has a nice ring that is synonymous with incidents. After all, Hollywood is a bridge to unfulfilled dreams, sometimes nightmares. So why not make them real?

He is about to smack a b!tch up, with several military grade weapons procured from a super-villain network. Being extravagant as to place posters around several authority stations such as the police. Having paid crackheads and addicts to spread his word for some smack. Pulling up the dregs of society to rattle up the status quo, power to the people and let the meek inherit the earth. Another dot for historians to draw the line later on as children in the future will know their deeds, slapping their acts in stone. It seems that recently that earth had been the center of the universe, and that america had been the center of the world. So why not make it the canvas for Artistic Deconstruction?

Prior Jailbreak


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@nerx: @pyrogram: Six o'clock in the morning, he hadn't slept in days, when he didn't sleep he trained, he wanted to get tired enough to sleep, just another night it didn't work, he knew with his new powers he didn't actually need to sleep but he wanted to, he just couldn't.......not after.

"ONE,TWO,THREE,FOUR,FIVE,SIX,SEVEN,EIGHT,NINE,TEN..." He practised on his Mu Ren Zhuang (his chinese training post.), Wing Chun gave him a considerable speed boost in hand to hand combat, he'd begun timing how fast he could complete a combo using the stop watch on his phone, he kept training even as he began to relive the trips into hell, "ONE, TWO, THREE!" The terrorist attacks "ONE,TWO,THREE!", The senseless murders "ONE,TWO,THREE!", and the man he killed "ONE,TWO,THREE!" CRACK*, on the last combo he'd split the wood of his training post in a fit of rage.

He picked up the pieces of splintered wood and moved the broken training post back into the corner of the room, he sat down by his rarely used bed and collected his thoughts, pouring the contents of his water bottle in to his hand, running it over his face, he rested his head against the wall and exhaled loudly. CHEEP CHEEP* He heard the birdsong out of his apartment window, it was a few minutes from sunrise and the birds had come out early, whatever happens, if you die, if your life changes forever, even if you have the greatest night of your life, the sun always rises in the morning, maybe their's something poetic in that. "Man I need to get out more."

The Statue of Liberty 9:15 AM

Angel didn't have time to change into costume, he stood across from the terrorist who was about to destroy a national landmark as he looked over to the carnage at the elevator he was glad he took the stairs, what a bad choice for a day off, maybe that's just it, he isn't destined for days off.

"Hey Bird boy, I'm not gonna let you ruin this gal's good looks, Cause if you haven't noticed she's not big on personality."

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Before Pyro had a chance to retort his mind was overridden by a foreign intruder, creating a mystic/demonic link between the two. Creating a yet even more sinister murderer/terrorist. His eyes shone hell-like red as he stared at the man standing in his way as he spoke with fiery passion ready to commit iconic murder - "Leave this place"

He instantly summoned his Armour as a dense black metal coated himself, performing a running jump he ran across the wall slightly before using his momentum to push himself off another wall, then another before landing behind Angel with a planting of all fours somewhat like spider-man, before dangerously spinning around attempting to slash at the back of his thighs with a blade that had been pre-drawn further bringing the knife up and give him a deep X like cut on his back before spinning his blade in his hand and ramming it into the Angels neck for a fatal finish if possible.

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Breaking the trust in authority figures is a great way to undermine established control, The same scum he used to spread his words are also given several equipment to maximize collateral damage. One man can make a tragedy in the right place, a mob of those given firearms will rise the death count significantly. He wants them to remember this day, how freedom will be questioned for years to come. Also he had eaten several useful people prior to this event.

So why are these addicts loyal in the first place? Simple. Albert pulled a David McMillan, a kill trigger that activates the moment they enter the Island. Like how Milan bets on the cocks in manilla Albert bets on these crackheads armed with guns, using technical expertise to 'switch' explosive capsules within their necks. RFID chips, he purposely chose the ones that would cause cancer so even if somebody were to 'defuse' the bomb the filth would die regardless. He has the sole control over which of his goons live, and which of them die. They are 'set' to protect Liberty Island after the recent tragedies in America.

Each 'Riot Officer' comes with an MP-5, a Glock 40 pistol, fitted nicely in the leg holster, a helmet, tactical vest, and a gas mask. Specialist gears are distributed in between: "Hearts" comes with a ballistic shield, "Clubs" brings a battering ram, "Spades" equip H&K G-3 sniper rifles, and "Diamonds" are armed with a shotgun. The gas mask snaps over their faces, and can be worn under the helmet if desired. The tactical vests are made of kevlar/nomex, and various ammo and equipment pouches, a walkie-talkie and radio handsets.

His kill control is not untraceable, yet it will misdirect tracing attempts to seemingly random locations. From bank accounts to the emails of anonymous individuals such as Larry Benson. It will lead to multiple 'correct' sources that will branch into more. So far this group is still silent, as they await their master's orders. They would not do well against heroes as they are just crackheads, but against civilians such as the mother breastfeeding her daughter at the bench they can do certain things that will remain for a while. In normal engagements they are easy meat, but in the right context they are a powder keg waiting to explode. Keeping them down is easy, but removing collateral damage in its totality is not.

Two Drones have fallen into the side of the terrorists

A pair of MQ-9 Reapers, controlled from a distance. They can be shot down or taken out, but they cannot be taken over as such an act will result in immediate detonation. Also two detonations of the resident of the drone controllers, they are merely meant for distraction. A combination of AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, GBU-12 Paveway II and GBU-38 Joint Direct Attack Munitions would give Liberty a nice facelift.

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Last Pyre had received information from demons and other hell-beasts that some kind of terrorist plot was being formed to destroy the statue of liberty. Naturally, Last Pyre knew that the destruction and chaos would need a mass genocide to go with it. Just like the flu came with a horrid cough. Peter had agreed to do this surprisingly, he was becoming more and more corrupt and Last Pyre's ideas and physiology were seeping into Peters. It was as if they were becoming closer and forming a stronger bond. Or it could be that Last Pyre was going to have full control and there would be no Peter eventually.

But now was not the time to think of what would happen in the far future. It was time however, to begin burning lots of innocent people. Peter had found a nice quiet ally way near to Audubon park so that he could be near but not too near to the explosion. He had been pent up for a long while and it would only take a spark to set him off. And Peter had a whole box of matches to light off.

"Is it time yet?"Last Pyre said impatiently. They had been waiting for 20 minutes making sure no one would come down the ally. "I should think so" Peter replied "But we need to time this right" He said. Last Pyre grumbled. Waited about a minute and then spoke again. "This is pointless, do you want to burn people or no?"Last Pyre said now irritated at Peter."Of course, I just think we need to wait a little long..." "Oh just shut up and set fire to something, you idiot!" Last Pyre shouted very loudly and almost attracted some attention. But all they did was glance and continue their day. "Fine" Peter moaned. And with that he lit the match and he ablaze almost instantly. The pain searing though Peters flesh as he cried out in agony. Then the pain stopped And the white how incinerating bubble of fire formed around him, causing people to panic and wonder what was going on. "Time to burn"

The white bubble expanded in a flash of white. Everything whiten 20 metres of Last Pyre was nothing but ash and a crater was left around him. He clambered out the big crater and drew his flame thrower. There were some who were just out of the range of the incinerating fire with arms and legs burnt clean off. The grabbed at their stumps writhing in pain and there were children screaming for injured or dead parents. "Perfect"Last Pyre said menacingly. He squeezed the trigger and presumed to burn everything in sight.

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Last Pyre continued to walk casually through the city. Burning everything that wasn't on fire, the cries and screams of pain and suffering was like a beautiful symphony, and the heat from the intense flames that were already engulfing building was a euphoria of pleasure. It ran through him and made him stronger. In his off hand he threw grenade like fire balls which exploded on impact. One of them landed next to women who had tripped over and it engulfed her, leaving her to add to the sounds of terror as people tried to run. Another fire ball landed directly onto a child, the force of the explosion turned the child into gibs, the father cried out from the horror of his sons death before he too was burnt to a crisp by the large stream of fire from Last Pyre flame thrower.

Soon some cops arrived along with a small amount of SWAT. Last Pyre was actually expecting more to arrive. But this did not matter to him all he cared about was killing them with fire and that is what he did. As they got out he stood still and released his grip on the trigger. He watched as they got into position and fired relentlessly. The bullets hit Last Pyre going through his clothes and melting inside the raging inferno inside him. They stopped firing. One of the cops announced " Just surrender and we'll make this easier for you" He sounded pathetic, like he knew that he would die and that if he tried to convince Last Pyre to let him live. "Burn mortals!" he roared, he raised his left hand quickly and four colossal pillars of fire rose from the ground where the police and SWAT were standing. They hardly got to scream before they were nothing more then dust. Last Pyre then took control of the pillars and brought them together into an even bigger, fiery tornado that was triple that of the surrounding flats. He let it go about and cause mass destruction towards the St Peters university while he made his way towards Arlington park. He was unstoppable.

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When shipped from France to New York, she came in 350 pieces. With that symbolism in mind there are an exact number of rogue riot officers distributed within the area. They act Manchurian, at the moment indistinguishable from normal enforcers of the law. One of them even guided an old couple to the restroom, acting as guides to help visitors. A diamond wears his shotgun across the waist, as he retrieves a balloon stuck in the trees for two siblings. Twins, both hazel eyed girls who are here on picnic as their mother prepares food from their basket. Everything is idyllic with as everything is in place. At now they are at standby with batons, disposable restraints and and armor protecting his legs, throat and groin. Each personnel dressed like James Eagan Holmes, so the media will like the irony and to remind them of yet another tragedy that happened in Colorado not so long ago. Now they are dormant, doing nothing that would endanger anyone until they receive the first sign.

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Unstoppable, this is what this monster thought himself, a lie which even he believes. This is not surprising; most pyromaniacs tend to be egotistical, otherwise why would they stick around to watch their own work, or as they like to call it "art". The situation was horrific, hell had broke loose on the streets of New York, the smell of the dead burnt bodies could make anyone who is unfamiliar to it pass out in a instant and the building and streets looked as if the Satan himself had laid his hellfire upon them. The dark knight was following the trail of fire when he noticed that the fire smelled different, like a 1000 crying souls. Instantly he analyzed it with his detective mode, it has different components than normal fire does he thought to him as he analyzed it. Whoever the person behind this isn't just a common maniac.

The reason for his appearance in New York was the crow activity in the area, a few weeks back he had encountered Pyro better known as the psychopath who blew up Venezuela to pieces, he accomplished this by putting bombs inside the crows and he suspected that he was about to do the same thing to either the empire state building or the statue of liberty. Why? What was the objective of this? Last time it was to avenge the death of his wife, but now? Is it because killing had grown on him or was there a obscure objective to this. He couldn't help but to think that the fire in the streets was somehow related to him. That somehow the day that he decides to attack New York another maniac decides to do the same thing, this was too coincidental. Maybe this was just a distraction, but even if this was he had to stop whoever was doing this. The killing couldn't keep on.

The Dark Detective had reached the end of the trail through roof top where he sees the black covered pyromaniac killing the pedestrians with a laugh; he is enjoying himself like he guessed. Again there is no reward in always being right, especially in things like these. As soon as he laid his eyes on the monster he knew what his abilities and weaknesses were. Predictable, one thing was for sure. This wasn't going to be easy but when is it in this line of work? He called his sidekick through his earpiece and told him to the place where the bombs go with crushed ice instead and send it on his way. Instantly he threw multiple sonic grenades at him in order to blind his enemy, after this he would throw multiple flash freeze Vs at him.

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@pyrogram: Angel watched as something in the insane terrorist turned, he looked on as his eyes began to glow, he gazed as the terrorists skin began to boil, like something was entering his body and then like a flash the terrorist struck, Angel prepared for the attack, the terrorist was bouncing from wall to wall so the odds were he would deliver either a side attack attempting to maybe take off an arm or cut him in half or he would land behind him, Angel decided to prepare for both attacks, he slipped off his jacket throwing it behind him and army rolled forward.

The attacker landed behind him attempting to slash at his knees but Angel's diversion with the jacket worked, the jacket was shredded to pieces but Angle's ankles remained un slit, he dove over to the opposite wall and ripped a steam pipe from the hinges, the whole room filled with steam as Angel circled the terrorist, holding the pipe in his hands like a sword waiting for the next attack.

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Last Pyre was continuing to burn people in an never ending torment of fire and pain. But as he was was walking along the street he heard some projectiles being thrown, the sonic grenades barrelled towards him but he did not flinch. Four of them went off next to him and one hit him square in the chest. They exploded but he had expected grenades so he was caught off guard when they turned out to be sonic grenades. The flash annoyed him greatly but the bang did not make him panic. Last Pyre guessed that there was going to be a follow up to this attack and used his anger generate an incinerating bubble of pure heat and fire around himself. The next set of projectiles went through the shield but disintegrated into dust when they passed. Last Pyre kept the shield up, pointed his flame thrower to the ground and fired. He was sent flying like a rocket above the buildings and he dropped his shield so that he could see his opponent. "It could be that man on the roof" he thought but rather than go back to kill him he continued flying until he summoned another vortex of fire beneath himself. He thought that if he simply got ahead of him the man could not catch up with him.

He used the vortex to keep him self above roof height and throw down fire balls the size of vans at more buildings and people. The vortex left everything in its path a smouldering pile of ash and travelled with sickening speed. His flame thrower spewed more fire but this time it was so intense that the stream of fire burned up to 80 metres in front of him. The added torment and heat made him feel amazing it was like a drug that he couldn't get enough of, this pleasure flowed through him granting him more power and in a massive flash his outside body temperature was 1500 C rising. It continued to rise but slower. He had to burn more and quickly.

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@amazingangelTearing up the mans jacket only angered Pyro in his already manic state, slashing wildly until their was nothing left. Angel covered the room in some-kind of steamy gas, Pyro ignored this in a blind rage possibly induced by an external factor as he rushed forward at impressive speed, just about to be in-front of the man he jumped into the air, grabbed a light and attempted to kick Angel in the face before propelling himself onto a wall opposite then using the momentum of that to push off and attempt to drive his dagger into Angels face, regardless of the outcome he would roll side-wards while slashing at the mans knees before getting back up into a defensive stance.

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One of the twin unmanned drones fires one of its munitions, a Hellfire Missile to hit the face of liberty. A Thermobaric kiss which contains depleted uranium to send a message to Americans everywhere, sending a precision strike to Sphinx her nose.It is supposedly meant to be an air-to-ground weapon of the Military, but it was modified. It is a precision weapon capable of striking targets when fired from air, sea or ground platforms. The Hellfire missile is primarily used against armored vehicles and fortifications such as tanks. However, the missile can also destroy bunkers, buildings and aircraft. The AGM-114 Hellfire missile Is flying towards Liberty's face as the chaos had already begun everywhere else.

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@nerx: Nathan had worked himself to the point of exhaustion in Venezuela helping the sick and the injured. If Maria hadn't forced him out of the country he would have still been there relieving the refugees of their cancers and radiation sicknesses. She argued that Nathan was no help to the good people of Calabozo dead and that since the fallout that enveloped the country was weakening him by the hour it would be best to recharge elsewhere. Somewhere less... polluted. Nathan chose New York which made Maria crack a joke about him not understanding the less polluted part, but she agreed that any place would be a more suitable place then the war torn country that represented the epitome of death and disease. So New York it was.

"It's really not all it's cracked up to be." Nathan playfully laughed with his cell phone to his ear while he sipped his cold beer and relaxed his battered body in the warm sud filled water. It hadn't been long since he last spoke to Maria, but he had promised to call her as soon as he made it to his hotel and Nathan wasn't one to deny Maria anything he promised her ever. "How would you know? You probably flew over the entire city and went straight for the tub." Maria joked. Nathan wouldn't consider it a joke however seeing as that is exactly what had transpired. He never really cared for large cities. He hated the smells, the rude people and the blaring noises that seemed to spawn from every crack and crevice but with that said Nathan loved feeling small and ordinary in times of stress and that is exactly why he chose New York. The only extraordinary thing Nathan could bring himself to do in the city of crime and corruption was warn a pair of cops from Yonkers that they were both in the early stages of cancer to which they both laughed and threatened to shoot Nathan if he didn't leave. Before Nathan could come up with some half-ass lie to distract Maria from the sound of bubbles fizzling underneath warm water the sound of Maria gasping broke the silence. "You remember when I told you New York probably wasn't the best place to find rest?" Maria's voiced trailed off with the sound of gunfire and what sounded like a frantic reporter yelling. "It would probably be best if you watched this for yourself."

Nathan didn't hesitated. He ditched the tub, forced on his uniform and activated the ARI (Added Reality Interface) on his phone. On it he watched as crows stormed the sky in large garrisons towards the Statue of Liberty and crowds of people fall to the ground in absolute pain from the orchestrated fire that covered their coal colored bodies. "Maria, where first?" Nathan calmly but boldly spoke as he skimmed the virtual wall of information and recorded video clips.

"Audubon is further but it seems to me that Lady Liberty is in good hands." Maria quickly recited. "What do you mean 'in good hands'?" Nathan impatiently remarked as he closed the ARI and placed his phone back to his ear. "Heavily guarded swat team. Liberty Island has round the clock protection. They seem more than capable." Maria answered. Her voice excited from the ordeal but audibly confused as to what Nathan was getting at. "Hats or helmets?" Nathan quickly asked before leaving his room and heading towards the downstairs lobby via stairs. "It's a swat team Nate. Hats wouldn't be very practical for a SWAT team." The annoyance in her voice irritating but understandable. "I'm heading for Liberty Island. The only round the clock protection that island receives is from the US Coast Guard and last I checked helmets and SWAT gear wasn't apart of the official uniform. My guess is you probably don't see any running boats circling the landmark either. It's probably nothing but I need to check it out..." Nathan quickly ended his call before he could hear the inevitable sound of Maria protesting. She was right to doubt him, hell he doubted himself but if there was one thing he trusted more than his wife Maria, it was his gut. As soon as Nathan reached the exit his entire body illuminated with blue aether energy and before he knew it he was airborne and en route to the Statue of Liberty.

When Nathan arrived over the island the faint smell of sickness littered the air. The same sickness that he had grown accustomed to smelling in the dozens of towns and cities he had visited in Northern Venezuela. The smell of cancer. The smell of creeping death. It was faint but present and eerily welcoming. As Nathan tried to pinpoint the source of the smell something loud and thunderous caught his ears. In a fast blinding whip of light and smoke a missile shot through the air and towards the direction of the statue. As soon as Nathan caught a glimpse of the darting rocket he transformed into his metal form and flew as fast as he could towards the rocket. He didn't hesitate which raised alarm in Nathan's brain before he tackled the missile head on. If his armor wasn't thick enough this was it. He would be dead from the blast. And for what? A stupid monument? Nathan pushed the overwhelming thoughts aside and pushed himself as fast as he could. He knew his questions aroused from fear and that is exactly what needed to be killed in this frontal attack. His fear.

With a loud thunderous scream of his own he collided into the incoming rocket before it could reach it's target. The force of the blast was too much for Nathan to bear which threw him angrily to the unforgiving ground. He was done. He could barely move in the small crater that almost became his grave. His nerves were shot and his metal coated body was on fire. "Don't pass out." Nathan pleaded to himself. "The second you call it a day is the second your armor depletes and if that happens..." Nathans thoughts were muted as he caught a glimpse of a couple of armed SWAT units. "Maria..." Nathan choked in the burrowed hole. "The SWAT team.. They all have cancer in their bodies like the cops from Yonkers... Missiles from drones... Warn everyone with a mask in the vicinity. Badges and suits can't be trusted..." Nathan words were full of anger and pain as he clumsily stammered from his hole.

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9hrs 45 minutes before attempted attack

Tracing radio communications on a vast platform of networks and emergency channels had allowed Quintus to pick up the seemingly harmless banter between the Statue of Liberties security station and their inability to reach one of their own. His failure to report had sparked a moderate level of concern which in turn had piqued the Knightfall's curiosity, and luckily so. Slipping into the fabled symbol of freedom shortly after the calculated killings utilizing his uncanny ninja like stealth, the martial arts matrix tracked down the missing guard along with ten other bodies. Each one mercilessly bled out with their throats slit. Prompted to investigate further the dark Knightfall broke out his modified forensic kit uncovering, to his surprise, a foreign element residing in each one of the deceased bodies. Without hesitation he whipped out his gas powered grappling line, attaching the cable around the collective mass of death before using his wrist mounted control pad to summon his black V-Winged jet. In a sweeping motion of stylish execution Quintus fired the re-attached line out one of the crown's elongated windows snaring, with pinpoint accuracy, the aerial vehicles tow bar. Instantly yanking the deadly bundle out the window to be carried and quickly discarded over the Atlantic.

His attention was quickly drawn back inside though unwilling to risk a secondary or even primary attack completing the proposed task of destroying the Statue of Liberty. "Oracle, I need you to analyze the buildings schematics from....say a week ago, then compare it to todays and then tell me if you spot any anomalies.." His eyes shifting around the room. The synthesized robot voice of Ellie's innovative Oracle system responded shortly afterwards. "There seems to be several unidentifiable abnormalities." Using the relaid coordinates provided, Quintus began the painstakingly dangerous task of Pigsticking each bomb with a slightly altered variation of EOD. Unaware of the events unfolding outside the landmark Quintus had never the less secured the building from the inside. Gathering nervous tourists together, he assembled what security guards remained and prepared to march the civilians to safety.

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Albert was disappointed that Liberty had somewhat managed to retain her nose after observing the blast on the video feedback, such a missile would flatten a tank as he tested one last month on a church. It seems that something had intercepted its flight path in mid air as it is about to kiss her lips.

The other drone records an unknown metallic object that rams directly at the munition, head on at intense speeds. A Flying Brick type that plays the shield. Albert is somewhat entertained as the missile is designated as a bunker buster, even if it did work the reactor would be reduced into molten slag. Turns out that it wasn't quite dead at all, yet it moves. Although this teaches him a lesson to carry things that may kill a superhuman, reminding that they operate in an extraordinary world.

The mistake was that there are two Drones, twin reapers which patrol the area. Soon as the first one failed to hit the second one followed through. Sending a Hellfire as the explosion subsides, taking attention at the impact below. Firing another munition from the alternate Reaper as his opponent is still dazed and awed from the initial blast. Time is not on his side, as the second missile approaches the ear. Why else would Albert have used a Drone if he was not going to damage the statue?

The metallic object thumped to the ground with a crater surrounding its landing site, giving the visitors a sense of fear and panic. One of the Drones, the one that was intercepted kept tabs on the mechanical object. Sending images and live recording to various places. Relay information to central command and to several interesting websites. The man is still in his own bowl of broken stone and earth, trying to gain second wind. Intercepting the second missile may be too late for this man, in theory completely diverting would be impossible. However shifting it to create a glancing scar would be possible, opting for superficial damage instead of total Ruin. Yet with his condition such a feat would be a monumental effort, not that he cannot do it but 'will he do it in time?".

Rogue Riot Officers are now beginning to show their true colors, the blast had everybody panicking. The presence of a metallic man scared the visitors, this is the kind of calculated chaos that was planned. A signal is sent for all of the Riot Officers, in unison they began to hum "Its a Small World"

Ravens in the skies along with the twin raptors, flames outside and the people fell into their command. The somewhat reasonable authority figures in this time of chaos, as the two drones sent each one bunker buster to level the docks which lead to outside civilization. Riot Officers now tell the masses to calm down as they shepherd the people into safe locations, some are left behind as they try to run away.

They began to use tear gas for crowd control for those who refuse to follow in an orderly manner, the ones that have followed their instructions are herded in small groups. Scattered throughout the island, adding elements of a hostage situation into the already dire condition. Each officer armed with enough ammunition to break the Anders's record of spree killing. The restrooms became holding point, and the four cards began to mobilize.

"Let her go you c*cksuckers, leave my wife alone!" Glenn Church repeatedly pushes against the men carrying shields as they restrict his movement, one of their friends dragged his wife to the bushes. They had over five years between them in marriage, both working to support each other as they are paying the lease to their home. He was screaming as he heard her noise, men clad in tactical gear made him watch. The love of his life used like a puppet.

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@pyrogram: The attacker seemed manic and aggressive rushing at Angel with a near unquenchable fury, what would posses a man to carry out a single unaided attack on such a heavily guarded landmark, that was just it, he probably wasn't alone and every second he stayed de-powered was a second someone else might be paying for it, the steam continued to fill the room but Angel's attacker seemed numb to it, the attacker ran toward him, swinging form a fluorescent light he delivered a kick directly to Angel chest, this winded him but not long enough to land the next attack, Angel noticed the attacker bouncing off of the walls again like a stealthy spider, he was too low to go over his head, this was a front attack, Angel swung his steel pipe in a diagonal motion, attempting to hit either his opponents face, ribs or even to just disarm him.

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@amazingangel: As soon as the kick had landed on the mans chest Pyro bounced backwards onto a wall with his hands, pushing off against it with an upwards military press he kicked off once more trying to get in-front of Angel however he was met by a forceful blow towards the face as he was smashed onto the side of the walls, He had a bloodied and bruised face as he spat out a few of his front teeth, He gnarled at Angel before getting up and materialization two of his guns instantly firing two shots at point-blank range hopefully into the mans chest, these magical bullets could easily and simply go through concrete. Pyro had been injured in that swing of the pipe, he would have to summon his Armour soon.

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Angel had planned for this, he was lucky the attacker shot at his chest, maybe he'd be fast enough to dodge a shot to the head but he was lucky that today was no the day he would have to find out. The shot him hit in between the pecks my a sledgehammer swung by a weightlifter, knocking him back he knew in his mind that he could have composed himself and not fallen off the edge but that gave him the perfect escape.

He 'tripped' over a loose cinder block carelessly left by a contractor and tumbled over the side railing, now plummeting to the ground from a height of over ninety metres, he turned to the ground and took in a ginormous breath (despite the heavily increased air pressure.) yelling at the top of his lungs "GRANT ME THE POWER OF BLINDING LIGHT!", Simultaneously in his apartment drawers begin to rattle, doors slam open, locks nap at the hinges and windows break. "C'mon any day now!" His Staff of Samson and Gun of Gabriel fly through the skyline of New York City, "Hurry up". BOOOOM!* He catches the tools of destiny in his hands as the beam of Holy Light crashes through the heavens, transforming him once again.

Now fully suited the Amazing Angel uses the jetpack function on his gun to slow the inertia of his fall and avoiding a certain fatality, he slowly flies back up to the same ledge as he fell from moments ago but this time unrecognisable, "Excuse me." He draws his guns pointing them at the mystery man. "I'm afraid, I'm gonna have to confiscate those."

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During this charade as the man had left the building in a fall, Pyro had dismissed the attacker as he ran towards the door-way into the peak of the statue ready to plant the bombs that would bring the place down ( Head ), He only needed about a minute to do this deed. He ran into the building as he opened the door, slamming it shut behind him then putting a metal chair under the handle as a lock. He ran to the corner and begun to plant the explosives inside the head of the statue. Enough raw explosive power to easily blow the head up. However during this entire planting of the bombs and the mans brief exit Pyro had sent in around 100 Crows into the building through the open window Angel had left through and creating a human-like figure made out of Crows. Angel pointed his gun towards the figure he assumed was Pyro and spoke -

"I'm afraid, I'm gonna have to confiscate those."

The Crows without a second's thought exploded. Strong enough to easily blow up the entire corridor that the Angel was situated in hopefully killing him. Pyro was not aware of the consequences as he planted the last of the explosives in the head, he would blow them any-time soon. They were bombs inside of water-bottles so would be nigh impossible to figure out which was which as he had scattered over 10 bottles all over the room. Making it hard for even the best detective to figure out what the bombs where. The explosion in the corridor had however put a hole in the statue already, only a small hole around 5 meters across that could be easily repaired if no-other attacks where made.

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Early that morning, Aidan finished sewing the suit he would use for his attempted “vigilante” ventures. Prompted by Mercy Sheridan’s exposure of high-ranking public figures, further motivated by a string of wanton murders meant to get back at her and draw her out, it was then he decided more people needed to stand up and do something about the filth in the country. The silk that composed the suit had just finished drying, perfect, for when he heard an abnormally large number of crows were surrounding the tower. Just like in Venezuela, before shit hit the fan. Donning the red and blue, he set off.

With his magnificent strength, propelling himself throughout the city, and no traffic going his way, he made it to the statue in record time. “Get out! Scat!” As soon as he arrived on the statue, he rushed to the crown and started smacking away at the birds, kicking and shouting, trying to shoo them. It proved an exercise in futility, as there were so many and they didn’t seem to scare easily. Some of them in fact retaliated, using their beaks and claws to annoy him into leaving them alone. Though doing no real damage themselves, Aidan momentarily lost his footing and slipped off, just barely catching himself on the side of her hair by his fingertips. “Okay, so leave the birds alone. Futile, deceptively deadly even when they’re not blowing up.” Besides, at that moment, a bigger fish presented itself for frying, as he noticed a jet headed right for his position.

Set in his precarious position, his spider sense was flying off the handle, even more so when the missile shot forth from the drone. At roughly the same time, Aidan sprung from the statue toward the missile and air vehicle. In mid-air, he shot from his wrists a net-like web at the projectile, aiming to ensnare it so he could use his strength, redirecting it with a mighty swing back at the drone. Either way, he wouldn’t stick around for the end result, letting himself fall from the monstrous height which would hurt like heck no matter what.

With the fall, rather than take himself to land, Aidan performed a swan dive just short of the shore, splashing lightly into the water. Next he’d move on to containing the terrorizing “riot officers” causing a disturbance with the civilians. From that point, whatever happened to the statue was secondary.

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'Not on my watch." the southern toned pilot smirked. Leading a standardized formation of 14 Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptors the risk taking daredevil gracefully blitzed past the side of the legendary statue launching a AIM-120D intercepting the Hellfire missile causing an explosion that spit fire and debris in several directions. Spitting hot metal across the left side of the statue's face with minimal scarring. Simultaneous tactical precision aided the pilot's wing man as he skillfully gunned down the remaining drone. How or why it had not been immediately intercepted before reaching the "No Fly Zone" was a mystery best left for the politicians, as was the ability of an unknown source to effortlessly confiscate two fully weaponized and operation Drones. Following suit the remaining fighters broke off with Top Gun level expertise perusing the rogue Raptors with the exception of the daredevil. Instinct based reaction propelling him to sacrifice himself in order to prevent further casualties. Diving his F-22 down directly into the path of the incoming bunker busters impeding their trajectory to the docks. Instantly erupting in a ball of flame that crashed to the docks bathing civilians in a sea of shrapnel but still substantially less devastating then the original attack would have caused.

Meanwhile the scene unfolding outside was unbelievable as riot geared renegades had unleashed a wave of terror inducing tactics unheard of in the free World. Having hours earlier helped the confused civilians inside the building to escape, Quintus had returned using his state of the art SeaPhantom. Rocketing out of the cockpit with jet propelled ejection he gymnastically hit the ground rolling. Gracefully using the momentum to effortlessly vault to his feet into a spinning leg sweep taking one of the riot guards off his base and cracking through his helmet's shield with a debilitating palm strike. Like a ballet of combat orchestrated maneuvers he catapulted himself head long into the fray strategically conserving and limiting his actions for optimal efficiency and speed. Instead of separate individual actions the resurrected Knightfall strong them all together in what could only be described as a never ending continuation of actions. Reverse elbows, knees, front kicks, roundhouses, and the dispensing of visually impairing smoke pellets, all rained down on the fabricated peacekeepers. Their unfathomable assortment of weapons rendered useless by the ninjitsu trained aristocrat as he stalked those guarding the hostages with a level of peerless stealth and unobtainable training.

@pyrogram: It was then that a small yet noticeable explosion blew a hole in Lady Liberty. The World watched as smoke poured out from her wound. The depths of this unprovoked attack were only beginning but Quintus had seen enough. Closing his eyes, the Knightfall's nose began to bleed as he broke his self-hampering vow to never again use his powers. Sending out a massive telepathic wave crippling the minds of the Riot police constricting their thoughts with enough raw pressure that their eyes, ears, and noses began to stream blood. And the dark Knightfall was only just getting started. Manipulating the shadows inside and out to construct a secondary skin of darkness, protecting the symbol of liberty from any further damage for as long as he could withstand the massive strain on his own bodies limitations.

The area had dissolved into a war zone as heroes and villains alike clashed in an epic battle for the landmarks salvation, but it was more then that. They were sending a message. No longer would the World play possum and allow those with powers to do what they wanted when they wanted. Pulling munitions out of nowhere, destroying countries, murdering groups of civilians in genocidal droves with the snap of a finger, it was time to show that being a hero did not mean being helpless. The Shadowking had returned.

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The Dark Knight fiercely kept running towards Last Pyre but not fast enough to catch up to him on purpose, he saw how the man's body temperature kept increasing but he didn't worry, everything was going according to plan. Without a sound the jet flew over him and dropped two tons of crushed ice. At this temperature he couldn't burn all of the ice and even if he did he still had a backup plan. He requested for his sidekick to send him his freeze gun through his car which he had invented in case he had to fight fire-based opponents. He had to avoid close combat; the pyromaniac could easily turn him to ash otherwise.

The direction that he was taking was too coincidental, they had already passed the direction of the empire state building, so that left the statue of liberty, suspecting that an attack had already unfurled he turned his cowl's frequency to the radio news. There was a reporter was explaining how the situation was escalating fast. They described the brawlers and as he suspected Pyro was one of them. Suddenly his sidekick called him and described what looked a like a fake version of him in a leather suit. Could this be the "Orphan maker"? Police reports said that the children described the killer like he did. If this was so, what was the purpose of blowing up the Statue of Liberty; it didn't fit his M.O. could he possibly switch M.Os whenever he got "bored"? I must investigate further.

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Using the mental link between the Crows that Pyro had been granted by the great demon shinigami,he was able to simply have thousands of eyes and ears all at once while doing his own thing. The birds had alerted him to a telepathic presence defending the area and an even bigger telepathic presence that had slightly interfered with his own demonic telepathy. Instantly, Pyro realized that a defender was on-sight. Nose-diving over 5000 Crows towards the Quintus Brother Pyro was sending 1/4th of the damage that had been done onto Venezuela all onto one man,a cataclysmic outcome hopefully awaiting the shadowking as the Crows flew in unison blocking out the sun like a giant cloud over the man before impact.

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@darkknightdetective: Last Pyre heard the jet fly over head. He figured that anyone with smarts wouldn't just try to blow him up. As the bombs hurdled towards him Last Pyre went straight down his own vortex and hit the floor , Last Pyre pushed out above him and the vortex was turned into a massive wave of fire and the missiles were sent completely spiralling off course and they explored in a shower of ice. Some ice landed near him but not near enough for concern. Who ever did this had money and smarts. But Last Pyre had lava. He formed another incinerating shield around himself and went underground. Burning deeper and deeper his speed and temperature increasing. He was soon at the crust of the earth but even that wouldn't stop him. He burned right through and went into the upper mantle. The magma below it was like a nice bath for him and his temperature rose higher to around 2500 C. However, he could not stay long. Things needed to be burnt. He rose up taking massive quantities of magma with him he begin to rose almost as quick as he descended then he reached the hole he left and lava spewed in all directions. More and more poured out. It ran quicker than normal, boosted by Last Pyre super natural control and his own temperature acted like a heart for the lava. He kept it hot enough to flow for miles.

He could already hear the beautiful screams of pain and death around him . Buildings collapsed around him. He formed the lava into a snake like form, collecting more and more lava from the earth's mantle. The snake that he had formed became larger quickly it had the appearance of a demonic python with a twisted smile on its face. In under 2 minutes it was already 50 ft tall. He went towards the statue so that he would have better accuracy. This was going to be one volcanic bomb everyone remembered.

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The effects of his own inherent abilities were beginning to take its toll causing his hands to tremble as he continued to shield the Statue with his shadow manipulation. Shifting wind and esoterically gifted senses provided an early warning system as the Pillaging Pyro redirected his deadly flock in the Knightfall's direction. Though concerned, Quintus displayed no visual alterations to his trademark cultured calmness. Instead, he slightly began a dancing illustration of fingers on his outstretched handmirroring the movements of a marinate who dictates his puppets maneuvers with graceful hand gestures. Using the outlawed Arashikage Bloodbending techniques to violently contort the endothermic gathering by quelling their internal organs but even his reinstated abilities were not enough to completely obliterate the attack, at least not in his present condition. Bulled into with the force of a mack truck in a barrage of concussion inducing force, the Knightfall legacy was lifted up and off his feet before being driving back through the air. Hitting the ground in a heap sliding several feet before finally stopping. His suit had absorbed a substantial amount of the possible damage but not all of it. Yet he could not allow himself to lose control over the protective barrier or risk watching the monumental structure be destroyed.

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"SHH!!T!" KABOOM!* Angel creates a forcefield around himself, strong enough to shield himself from the resulting blast, the smoke settled as Angel stood dominantly as destruction reigned around him, he stars out of the hole in the side of the building. Stares at the Carnage.

BOOOM! CRASH! EEEEK!* The neck of the Statue was now severed, it creaked and crumbled as the head began to tilt, something was keeping it together though, a strange invisible force but the giant stone structure was still a few mere seconds from tumbled to the ground...... and Angel would not let it, "HEAVEN HOG!" Angel's ethereal transport materialised behind the head of the humongous structure, he threw his Staff in the air, it flew over to the bike, Angel dove out of the window and broke his gun in two attaching it to the two sides of his belt, under Angel's mental link with both his Bike and Staff the two locked together, the staff took the shape of a makeshift winch and attached to the back of the bike, the other end splintered into five separate razor sharp edges stabbing into the back of the Statue's head while the bike pulled, Angel flew up to the falling head boosting his makeshift thrusters to full speed. "AAAAHHHH", He pushed against the head, his bones breaking and repairing every second, he kept going but he still had no idea how to reattach the head onto the neck, he kept pushing his eyes glowed white as he reached the limit of his light energy and then crashed through it, he couldn't hold it much longer but he was almost there............

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Without warning Pyro sent nearly the rest of the remaining 4.5k birds flying towards the man, this-time in a circular motion spinning around him like a spiral to try and disorientate the man before they systematically flew down in flocks of 500 attempting to smash into him with a wave of 9 accumulative sweeps of explosions perfectly timed to commence once after the other for full destructive power.

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@pyrogram: @quintus_knightfall:

Recent events have elusively forced unnecessary tardiness to manifest as an existent aspect of the Knightfall Elite's life. Through internally implanted computerized components intricately linked to futuristically developed satellite networks, the overwhelmingly complex M.D.D.S. rapidly informed the intellectual aristocrat of ensuing terrorist events in the iconic city of New York. While unaware of his recently resurrected sibling's involvement in attempted prevention of the violent occurrence's escalation, Don Andres would soon find himself pleased with the knowledge that he would not be the only of his family to intervene. As previously agreed in a past conversation with the Knightfall Heir, Andres quickly immersed himself in an enigmatic, masked identity. Donning a technologically-augmented white fabric composed of thin, flexible sheets of molecularly interlinked Beta-Trion particles, the Stylish Spaniard's iconic speed enabled his near-instantaneous appearance in the Big Apple. Relying on his heightened perception, the Martial Arts Don was immediate in catching sight of the damaged statue and the various esoteric forces attempted to maintain the beautifully constructed sculpture. Abruptly, a systematic combination of his elevated sensory prowess and electrical abilities caused the unanticipated detection of the distinct electric fields generated by Quintus' muscular movement, an identification confirmed by the M.D.D.S. (Recorded Electric Field Signature Detected, Target Identified: Quintus Knightfall, Category: Non-Hostile).

Heading towards his sibling's location, Andres' first action came in the form of utilizing his Zero Field-derived telekinetic capabilities to further assist in the attempted protection of the Statue of Liberty. Manifesting several binding telekinetic structures to maintain the statue's structural integrity, El Caballero soon followed by enveloping the colossal structure in a form-fitting telekinetic barrier. Unfortunately resulting in the division of his focus, prompting the Catalan Knightfall to shift regulations of his telekinetic capabilities from his natural mental capacities to the more efficient operations of his implanted zepto-supercomputers. Once within Quintus' visible range, Andres' easily stimulated senses alerted him to several diving crows, targeting his already wounded brother. (Exotic Energy Detected In Hostile Avian Targets, Explosive Probability: 100%, Recommended Action: Trion-Based Counter). As suggested by the M.D.D.S., Andres would rely on a counter based on the energy-absorbing properties of his Trion metallic compound. Combining his powerful mental and optical capabilities with a portion of the M.D.D.S.' processing powers to accurately calculate the number of hostile birds, Andres utilized the liquid Trion coursing through his body, projecting it through his pores prior to solidification.

Masterfully manipulating a modestly small sphere of the experimental Trion metal, the Spaniard opted against over-reliance on such a resource due to the inescapable issues regarding the financial strain and difficulty in crafting such a substance. Shaping the sphere into a single kunai dagger, the Don employed his undeniable shurikenjutsu skill. In conjunction with his nigh-flawless eyesight and blitzing speed, the maximization of precision-based accuracy was achieved. Methodically hurling the dagger at one particular crow, the projected blade soon split into a barrage of Trion-based senbon needle, one for every crow, their energy-absorbing properties operating as the perfect counter for the hostile birds' contained energy. Unfortunately, this would not fully ward off the released energy, prompting a secondary action. Channeling the muscular strength of his legs, Andres vaulted himself into the air, directly towards the crows. And while his bladed projectiles had managed to absorb the bulk of the crows' explosive energies, a lethal degree remained unrestrained. In order to prevent further destruction, whilst in midair, the Charismatic Catalan was quick to act, thrusting his palms towards the mass of crows, enveloping the released energy in a temporary telekinetic barrier. Despite this, he himself was still wounded. A decent portion of the energy had managed to bypass his various attempts, plaguing him with several burn wounds and the resulting kinetic force of the explosion returning him to the ground. Rising to his feet, the Spaniard diverted his attention to Quintus, having yet uttered a word.

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Before Nathan could catch his footing the heart lynching sight of a second missile swept over his flustered mind and his pulsing body. He hadn't the agility nor the resilience to take something of that speed and caliber down from where he was planted and it was futile to even attempt such a foolish task. It was done. In mere seconds tops the missile would strike the head of Lady Liberty and soon with it the rest of the monument would fall and in that single moment in time it all made sense to Nathan. The statue was more than just an over sized copper and wrought iron figurine. It was a symbol. A declaration. It wasn't about saving a piece of history or a landmark for tourists. It was about saving a civilization that had lost hope a long time ago. A civilization forced to break where they could not bend. If the statue should fall then who would be there to stop the Eiffel Tower from falling the next time a couple of whack jobs got bored and decided to play a game of Bomb Voyage? Or the Taj Mahal? Or anything else in this goddamn world? Unfortunately for Nathan, the revelation would only make matters worse once the inevitable forced itself upon Lady Liberty and her defiant soon to be broken face. Everything she stood for would be reduced to ash and rubble and the only thing left to do would be to watch helplessly.

Then the unthinkable happened. In a flash of light the missile completely broke apart and even though it still hit it's target it wasn't nearly as bad as Nathan had expected. With this affirmative action of unity a sudden burst of adrenaline kicked in Nathan's heart, body and soul. He wasn't in this fight alone and he knew it. The heavily armed SWAT team who had been rounding up helpless tourists while he caught his breath were now unconscious on the floor withering in what he hoped was unbearable pain. The crows were marauding angrily towards the statue in flocks of explosions and bursts of fire but still the statue stood. Defiant. Head strong. "Speaking of head strong." Nathan sighed as watched the head of Lady Liberty being pushed back into place by what he assumed to be another costumed hero. No more time to waste.

In a quick burst of blue stellar energy Nathan shot himself towards the still frightened tourists. They were still in danger just being in the vicinity of the island and he figured since he wasn't alone in this fight anymore that it would be best to take the scrubs off of the field before the songs of war began to play.

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@quintus_knightfall: @morte_knightfall

Rocketing through space at the speed of light the sword of Shinigami was travelling faster than it has ever traveled before, it had been over a week since the demon had thrown it and Shini had finally restored his energy and channeled the entire power of himself into directing the sword towards Morte_Knightfall who had done this too him. He had located his presence near the Statue of Liberty as his follower Pyro was attempting to destroy - Shinigami controlled his mind from hundreds thousands of miles away showing his incredible feat of telepathic power as Pyro attempted the attacks.

The sword flew with enough stored inside, if it connected with the ground it could possibly blow up the entire planet or simply carve a hole straight through the core and out of the other side however Shini wanted to manifest himself physically and kill the man who had fought him before. He was going to smash himself into the Statue with the earth busting power but instead of hitting the earth, 100% of the energy would go into the statue and hopefully turn it into dust from the raw power that would be imparted into it. Once this was done, the demonic energy release would manifest it'self physically as Shinigami so he could finish his attack if the initial energy release did not kill everybody in the local area, in fact Shini would control the output so it ONLY affected the Statue, meaning it would defiantly impart full power and not waste any energy for mass destructive potential.

As the sword tore though the upper atmosphere it ignited the air as it flew towards the statue, the demonic sword smashed into the side of the statute instantly imparting a literally earth shattering blow upon it, hopefully turning any defenses that would be situated on the tower would be rendered meaningless and obsolete. A blinding light was emitted as it took over the whole area, would would be the outcome? An apocalyptic explosion that would possibly kill millions? Or simply the statue being destroyed? One was for certain. Either-way Shinigami would return, with a vengeance.

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@darkknightdetective: @lastpyre:

Sawyer saw the immense destruction that was going on in New York City and the city needs all the help its going to get .While flying with his leg boosters seeing the city burning down around him he saw a burning figure and what looks like a man wearing a black outfit then he saw what it looks like a huge lava snake heading towards the statue .He needed to stop the buring man and his snake as soon as possible before more damage is caused and heading towards the snake.He charged his left eye to cut though the buring snake with his adamaniutim cutting laser hoping it would stop it or do some damage .

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“I said leave her alone, you f@%ktards!” Aidan heard a man’s voice shout, accompanied by a woman’s screaming. Disregarding all other things, Aidan rushed over to the sound, under cover of trees and crowd. It helped that these were simple untrained crackheads, not particularly skilled in the area they were now operating. The sight of the men forcing themselves upon her sickened him. But as they were armed, he waited for the moment, letting his anger build.

Just when he thought he’d seen an opening, a number of large explosions burst forth from the statue, drawing the eyes of all around. It took all of his focus to keep from looking himself, but he already resolved to put the people first, absolutely. Taking advantage of the accidental distraction, he shot forth from the trees, firing a number of his web balls at the standing men guarding the civilians. Harder than steel, when they collided with heads, limbs, and bodies, they caused concussions, broken bones, and internal bleeding.

“YAAAAGH!” With a mighty yell, Aidan pounced forth, bringing his clenched fist across the face of one of the men, pulling his punch much less than normal, resulting in the man’s broken jaw. Another raised his gun to fire, but a small and concentrated stream of webbing jammed the gun, causing a backfire. He rushed the position, bashing the butt of the gun into the man’s face, then turned on the last man, who had been down, “handling” the woman. He was just recovering, getting his pants up and rushing to his weapon. Aidan shot two more webs from his wrist, catching the man’s pants, pulling them down once more. A little poetic justice, then he snatched the legs from underneath him, dragging him toward himself.

He stared down at the fool disdainfully, fist raised against him, but ultimately decided against it, turning him over to the husband, who obviously had something gruesome in mind for all of the men. At that point, he didn't even care if they killed them or not, even if he wouldn't do so himself. Addressing the rest of the group, the fifteen-year-old, newly bred hero commanded as a general would soldiers, even if basing off the top of his head and from books he’d read.

“Take up their weapons and gear. Walkie talkies, shields, armour, everything. Use them to defend yourselves in case anything comes up. I’ll be around. ” Taking a walkie talkie for himself, Aidan departed that group to take care of crowd control and the others.

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@shinigami_: @amazingangel:

An instantaneous assemblance of particles manifested in the air behind the Statue of Liberty while the strained Angel tore muscle and shattered bone in an attempt to hoist the decapitated structure's head back into place. Taking form, the atoms quickly cultivated the illuminated silhouette of a man, but not just any man, the Ultra-Sapien Charlemagne LeBeau. Using his evolutionary telekinesis coupled with his ability to manipulate particles on an atomic and sub-atomic level, the Pinnacle of Human Perfection used his metaphysical might in assisting the Angel's restoration efforts. Adding his phenomenal might to the Angel's equally impressive determination and strength in order to set the severed section back in place. However, before the Lost LeBeau could transmute the dislodged piece of freedom, an esoterically impressive bolt of pure power and devastation ripped the heavens apart before attempting the smash straight through the body of the shining beacon of hope. Unseen barriers constructed by the defiant brothers in arms may have been able to absorb the Earth busting beam of unknown origin, but that would be a test for another day as the levitated mutant hater squared his body in front of the blast (sword/Shini). The revenge fueled LeBeau having come out of hiding after witnessing the unmistakable influx of Crows descending on the island mirroring the methodical moments preceding the empire toppling attack on Venezuela. Instantly pitting LeBeau against anyone aligned with the unknown Crow master.

In a cataclysmic like eruption of energy LeBeau used his glowing body to impede the game changing sword's trajectory. Though unable to alter its course or metaphysically destabilize the blade, he was nerveless successful in absorbing the initial devastation. Saving the Statue any further harm as he himself was driven into the ground next to it disappearing in the dark depths of the crater size impaction.

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@lastpyre: @shadowswordmaster:

This should even the odds a little more he thought to himself as he saw the flying man fire his laser vision at the snake, Malcolm always hated fighting magic based opponents because they are the ones that with a few words can alter the laws of physics like it was nothing, he knew there was some logic to magic but he could never bring himself to studying it, he had practiced years before with several gurus how to protect himself from the dark arts but never to counter it or make magic based attacks. But maybe it was time to begin after this.

Malcolm saw what was going on the island and knew that he had to hurry with this fight, as soons as his car showed up with the freeze gun he grabbed it and then threw multiple flash bangs at him, instead of firing the gun like any idiot would, he directed his car torawrds Last Pyre in attempt to run him over, this would give him a opening. Malcolm then ran with all his speed to the left of where Pyre was and fired his weapon at him.

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@quintus_knightfall: @mr_lebeau: @shinigami_:

(High-Quantity Energy Detected, Source: Incoming Aerial Bladed Projectile) With the M.D.D.S.' unmistakable alert coupled with his incomparably heightened senses detecting a disturbance in the air, the Martial Arts Don's simultaneously employed skill of sound elevation and peerless directional hearing enabled had enabled the determining of the projectile's exact location and airborne height. While not entirely aware of the combined efforts of both he and Quintus would prove sufficient in shielding the targeted sculpted American icon, his irregularly immense number of neural synapses coupled with the frighteningly overwhelming processing and computing power of his implanted zepto-technology had successfully formulated a theoretically effective counter-plan. (Existing Counters: Over-Utilization of Trion-Based Energy Absorbing Properties, Alternative Course: None). Readying himself for the unfortunate sacrificing of the totality of the liquid Trion coursing through a technological, synthetic transportation system internally constructed and maintained by the various M.D.D.S.-linked zepto-sized devices in his body, a sensation of genuine shock was generated by the sudden prevention of the incoming sword's potential devastation. The source, an unexpected one, came in the form of an esoterically manifested Charlemagne LeBeau, the mutant-detesting, human supremacist he had attempted to assassinate in the Venezuela conflict. With mesmeric blue eyes somewhat widened in apparent surprise, Andres innately counted himself fortunate for the unforeseen occurrence. Had Charlemagne not intervened, his own experimental alternative would likely not have succeeded and the unfruitful wasting of the entirety of his internally injected Trion compound would have been certain. With the collective barriers erected by the Knightfall duo enveloping the statue, and the sword substantially robbed of its energies and kinetic augmentation due to the nefarious LeBeau's actions and unexplained disappearance, Andres' sensory attention rested solely on the landed blade. (Identification Of Detected Energy, Complete: Demonic Energy) With technological confirmation supporting his suspicions, the Blood-Bending Icon briefly diverted his focus back to Quintus, "Mi amigo, if you have a counter for energy projection, I suggest you prepare it now".

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From annihilation back to reality Shinigami stood tall with his demonic presence, coming out of the crater that had caused a gigantic hole in the ground and burnt the earth all around. Grasping his sword firmly he inhaled some of the earthly air that he had missed a little since his "banishment" into space by none other than @morte_knightfall during an unexpected fight to the death, Shinigami's death. Or so they had thought, Mr Lebeau had inconceivably and impressively defended against his earth shattering blow which had not destroyed the Statute, but released something far worse - Shinigami had arrived back on earth and was looking for revenge. Shini charged himself up with his spiritual and demonic energy pulling in all ambient energy that had been transferred into the air around them boosting him, Putting his hand into the air and making a fist, he absorbed all of the demonic telepathic energy that was residing all around the location from the Crow's that he had given Pyro control over. This immense power absorption would amplify his powers to an abnormal level , even stronger than when he had fought Andres and the sovereigns the first time coupled with his pure unaltered rage. However his own natural powers, the power of fear and terror absorption would grow to be one most highly prized asset, the entire city was scared and petrified at what was going on.

Opening his arms like he was going to hug somebody, his whole body started to shake as he absorbed the fear of thousands into his body. His feet gripped the floor as it started to crack under the awesome power that was being channeled into his demonic body, The air become slightly heavier with metaphysical energy beacuse of the sudden serge of power all coming towards shini. He then clasped his hands together and let out a little whisper and exhaled heavily as the absorption had been completed "Ahh" Swinging his sword in a circular motion created a little trail of red behind it, the sword had not been properly used at this optimum level in centuries, simply spinning it while charged this much ignited a little trail of air as it passed through, leaving a trail of fire in its wake.

Shinigami then looked at Morte, and somebody else? quintus?....He spoke with his iconic and sinister tone that had put fear into millions before "Hello again...And who is THIS?" He pointed towards the fabled brother as his finger shook with anticipation "Well, w-whoever this is...he i-is about to d-die by my hand" Shini let out a cry of sadistic laughter as he charged forward at his peak levels this entire fight, blitzing forward with an instant acceleration towards the speed of light he attempted a quick yet fatal blow towards Quintus, attempting to utterly amputate his arm from the elbow down with an almost instantaneous slash that with even a simple scratch would have the explosive power to blow up a small mountain, Speed of light attacks were not only good for attacking enemies with blades, the simple power imparted into these moves made them even more devastating because of the energy release they gave out. Shini was not done attacking the @quintus_knightfall brother yet, He instantly teleported in-front of the man with a simultaneous 6 slashes to his chest swiftly followed by an independent decapitation attempt with a charged blade capable of slashing through the Statue of Liberty as-if it was thin air. Even if all of these attacks failed he simply finished with a single Po Pai Cheung punch towards the mans abdominal region with enough crippling power to carve a hole in a mountain. All of these attacks were done before a standard human heartbeat had even been completed, all of these moves performed before an even accelerated human synapse could register them. Shinis was performing at his pinnacle and amplified levels of perfection for the duration of this fight.

Having attempted to kill the first man, Shini diverted his attention towards the man who had caused him to be temporarily banished from earth - @morte_knightfall - Without a single word he teleported into the air above the man that was followed with a swift downwards strike, attempting to demolish him from head-to-toe. Attacking faster and stronger than the time they had initially fought. Gifting his demonic sword on the way down to Andres head with a special enchantment meaning upon contact it would poison the man with a mental image of his most loved one being horrifically murdered, Proving that even with all of his natural attacks Shini would not stop utilizing his tendency to cause pain and suffering...

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@darkknightdetective@shadowswordmaster: Last Pyre looked up to see his new pet attack by some kind of laser. However, all the laser did was increase the heat of the lava and distract Last Pyre. He then heard the sound of a car racing to him in the distance, without thinking he pointed his flame thrower to the ground and fired himself into the lava snakes body. The car ran right into the snake but the snake was not shaken and Last Pyre wrapped the car up in lava and threw it towards the man with the ice weapon. Meanwhile Last Pyre rose towards the head of the snake and his temperature increased further. He began to emit temperatures just over 5000 C. When he neared the head the snake unleashed a massive volley of 40 large fire balls directed at the man firing the laser. He would then command the snake to go to the ground and head closer to the statue. He was soon at the beach and the snakes tail coiled in place as it head rose to the air. More lava came and it increased in size. Even coiled up it was over 70ft tall. Last Pyre gathered the heat energies around him in preparation to make the snake leap to the statue. But it would take a good 2 minutes to do this and being this close to the water was risky.

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@lastpyre: Dune was new to the world of the light. He had spent most of his years in what he referred to as the underworld prison of Tartarus. For years he stared up at that skyline of rock and brimstone and dreamed of the outside world and fantasized about what he had been promised. A world that bowed down to him. It was his birthright. He was a titan.. a rightful king that had been kept from his throne and now that he was free he had to show the world exactly what he was capable of. When a king lives among gods and demons there is but one thing to do to secure a place in the world. And that thing is to choose a side, wait for the right moment, and strike.

Dune had witnessed every attack and ruthless murder that the black masked fire demon had committed from atop one of the many surrounding buildings. His skills of acrobatics and prowess were even tested when the first building he was stationed at came crashing down in a fiery scorch. He admired the sheer brutality of the demon but questioned the motive and reward for committing such atrocities. He was taught to kill only for reason, even if the reason was jealousy or boredom. But this.. this was different. Even through the chaos the strategy was transparent. The giant metal tower in the shape of a woman was the point of objective and in an act of desperation the molted serpent was headed straight for it with a low probability of success. Dune quickly unpacked his bag of tricks and toys and pulled out his nuclear amplifier rounds and loaded them into his rocket launcher. He wasn't sure if it would work on such a magical beast or it's rider, but still he aimed.. and fired. In an instant the large bullet sprung from his device and towards the giant heated serpent. The weapon was created by the head scientists of the Brotherhood of Abraxas themselves. It was created to demolish large structures with the special hellfire found only in New Mecca. He wasn't trying to hurt the beast, but provide it assistance by boosting it's power. He figured that since it seemed to be at it's paramount when near heat, the round would provide ample energy for the beast and provide it with the means to reach it's goal. He wanted to watch the towering woman fall and with her one of the many countries that denied him his right as king. The time for waiting, training and preparing was now over. He was involved fully and completely now. He wanted to watch the world burn and if he couldn't light the match himself, he would assist any and all that could.

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In response to his iconic brother's question Quintus simply nodded with understanding. It was all he could do before the Demonic Death Dealer set upon him with speed rivaling that of the enigmatic Impero. But the demon had mistakenly underestimated the Aristocratic Autodidact by assuming he could overwhelm him with a combination of speed and martial arts based attacks. Attributes in which the Knightfall legend not only excelled in, but methodically mastered through years of uninterrupted innovative training. From the cradle to the current day Quintus' bodyreading capabilities had been carefully nurtured with prestigious cultivation and peerless authenticity. Allowing him a level of combat perception that extended into the realm of precognition. Revealing, analytically decoding, and countering, with otherworldly intuition and anticipation. Parrying right and left with ghost like elusiveness engulfed in a cradle of reactionary speed that left phantom apparitions in his wake, he narrowly, yet with meticulous elegance, contorted his upperbody. Like a matador the "ole" mirroring feint launched the Knightfall's sculpted shoulders sideways ensuring the initial elbow strike would miscarry.

Coupling his shadow manipulating attributes with the photographic reactionary illustrations of the copied Keijijo understudy, Tranquil, the Martial Arts Mamba ducked, shadow phased, and weaved, as the demonic entity teleported into a series of constituted sword strikes. The intangibility of his darker form allowed the imperviously skilled strikes he could not dodge to simply pass through the abstraction of his form. Finishing the orchestration of diverting dodges by transitioning into a drop-down horizontal leg-split escaping the final buttery Wing Chun based Po Pai punch. Somersaulting forward as Shinigami instantaneously teleported.

Volleying away from one Knightfall in order to attack another. Having re-instituted the versatile wealth of his previously restricted powers, the Pinnacle Polymath let the psionic aura of his telepathic dynamism reverberate off his body. Specifically his ability to suppress an opponent's powers. Airborne pheromones resonated as millions of microscopic spores saturated the battle field. Luckily, like all other Knightfall's sharing the same immediate bloodline, Morte had been born with a natural immunity to his brother's meiosis eukaryote affliction, but most others were less fortunate. Quintus' hope was that the demon's immense power base would be dampened by this outpouring of miscellaneous pollens. Without missing a step the acrobatic aristocratic planted his foot using it to spring himself off the ground in a diagonal vault perfectly aiming his trajectory. While in the air his balled fist manifested an illuminated blade of raw telepathic energy (Psi-Blade) marking the back of Shinigami's head in an attempt to drive the purple hued creation straight through into his sub-concussions. Which would not only cause considerable physical damage, but unmitigated mind rape but one of the World's more powerful telepaths.

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@dune_: As the his serpent pet began to jump forward rocket of some kind hit the snake in the neck. Last Pyre could sense the immense power and seized it immediately, the intense pleasure of fire seared through him and he concentrated the power into himself raising the temperature around him to temperatures over 10,000 degrees in a flash of flame and lava. The added heat was transferred to the snake and it become more like a rocket. As it hurtled towards the statue its mouth opened and Last Pyre was there. He was in a constant state of inferno, the fire around him had taken him and he loved it beyond mortal comprehension. The snakes mouth was nearly at the head of the statue, it was going to take a massive bite before Last Pyre exploded with the power to wipe out the statue, the island and the majority of New York. Nothing could get in his way now, it was end game for New York and Last Pyre couldn't wait to feel the thousands of souls incinerating within seconds.

But would it ever be enough? he thought to himself. Could he ever look back on what he has done and be satisfied. No was the answer, Last Pyre was a powerful demon, but he was a troubled one too. He was cursed to forever seek pleasure through fire and was cursed to never be fully satisfied after he had burnt anything or anyone. This of course was Lucifer way of keeping Last Pyre evil, as he knew that if Last Pyre could be satisfied with anything then he would be freed. But he would not be freed tomorrow or the next day, he knew full well that after this he would still have an eternity of creating fire and anguish for everyone around him. But the most horrid part of this fact was that this is what Last Pyre wanted. He cared not for freedom and so he would never be free.

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@auralaria:He was forcing her to accept him, pressuring her flesh against the warm grass. Mind blanked as he hits her repeatedly from the back, then he saw what seems to be a thing inside a suit. This guard was in his business and did not have the chance to unsheathe as he was giving her husband a good show. He offered her to his friends who participated with her on this team bonding excercise. Pointing a shotgun towards her head, ready to blow if she decides to clamp with her mouth. The explosions above startled some of the guards, yet the man above her were in such a frenzy that they moved harder. It was a three in one and her husband cannot do anything about it as he was shot twice in the stomach. Let to bleed as he did nothing. "Mother.." several guards found themselves pelted with odd projectiles, web like orbs which send them dropping into the ground. It was pain, yet it was not lethal as they had done to the civilians that they were watching. The balls protected the innocence of a child as a man was about to do what his friends did to that woman to this one. They started to shoot when they were still docking, some fire d at him while others were 'shooting' inside her. The man's lust had been his downfall as he did not have the chance to pull out of his current situation, he kept thrusting as he knows that his predicament is inevitable. So he 'fired' more inside her, in spite of her predicament and to accept his punishment. Reaching up for his pistol as he fell on the grass, his ankle height pants dragged him forward and he was brought to the husband. A man shot twice who stood furiously against the man who defiled his childhood sweetheart.

Then tear gas exploded everywhere in his vicinity.


The second missile nearly made its way to smash the face of liberty, soaring the sky like a proud American eagle. Landing on his nest with open wings, at that moment a hero in a groggy condition could do little to affect its outcome. The result had already been predetermined. As of now the Drone had already won, it was seconds to contact and the rest of the monument would tremble like a deck of cards. Another cheap American knockoff was about to hit the dirt, remembered as a tragedy. It stands as a false Idol. A complaint. It was another piece of history and it will be a memorial for visitors. A nice reminder of a civilization that their forefathers had screwed over a long time past. A civilization forced to leave when the land was rightfully theirs. A statue that was nothing, and more will follow after. Something that will put that b!tch in her place, to slap her with a grim reality.

Then a cheeky c*nt decided to play ball. An explosion did happen, but like the first attempt it did not go for the full intended effect. What was intended to be a big gaping hole became a series of minor scratches. Next to the cosmic hero a Riot Officer puts a grandmother in a chokehold.


A UFO flew into the air, taking the skies by speed. Its distinct black shape blending in with the crows before striking down like a bolt of chain lightning. Self-propagating structure that split to home in on each Pilot, seemingly chiropteric in shape. It hungers more for their blood as it also years for its flesh. Thirteen black wings began landing unto the cockpits. Their aviation windows will not offer challenge to its form.

One by one several guards began to drop as fast as the had managed to drop civilians. The one aiming at the disabled woman fell to a leg sweep as his shotgun misfired to kill a dog instead, then a palm strike crushed his nose. A deadly dance of crushing joints, legs and beautiful kicks began to swipe a flock of men. Each whom lets of a final offense in the form of collateral damage before falling down. The assailant did not get hit, but human surrounding did not have advanced martial arts training to dodge stray bullets.

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@quintus_knightfall: @shinigami_:

Almost mirroring the enigmatic battle-born habits of vanished Impero Ishin, the Knightfall Elite opted against issuing a verbal response against the unethically driven demon's nonsensical taunts. Instead, indifferent silence emanated from the polite Spaniard's physical frame. Confident in the nearly unmatched combat prowess boasted by his newly resurrected brother, Andres' natural focus found itself directed towards Shinigami's unnecessarily excessive offensive. With meticulous ocular examination simultaneously occurring with the methodical formulation of perfectly-developed counters to his M.D.D.S.' predicted assaults, the Martial Arts Don commenced the speedy preparations for the mental conditioning necessary for his performance at optimum elevation. Directing the entirety of the M.D.D.S. processing and calculating might to the logical prediction of Shinigami's future assaults, his extensively meditated mind found focus in more offensively minded tactics. Having yet to rely on the exotic abilities provided by the anomalistic properties of his elusive Zero Field, the Stylish Spaniard's impressive speed unfortunately paled in comparison to Shinigami's abrupt explosiveness. Despite his initial decision to conserve the energy-based reserves of his Zero Field, the Charismatic Catalan's physically conditioned rapidity still remained dramatically beyond the possibilities of some of the globe's apex speedsters. With a relentlessly drilled combination of his sensory ability to detect the minuscule electric fields generated by muscular movement and the heightened mental capabilities provided by his excessive quantity of neural synapses, an almost precognitive-reactionary system flawlessly harmonized with his ferocious speed enabled the narrow evasion of Shinigami's initial attack. Inhumanly leaning backwards towards the ground, Don Andres instantaneously located his iconic equilibrium, nimbly placing his left palm on the ground prior to acrobatically tilting his lower body away from his opponent's attempted attack, utilizing an effective combination of implausible balance and his left arm's muscular strength to athletically re-position himself, elegantly re-assuming his standing position, a mere two feet from the vengeful demon.

Assuming a previously unseen stance from his personalized 'Mano de Dios' grappling martial art, the Martial Arts Don's formulated counter-attack found itself on the verge of immediate commencement. Reliant on the potential success of his brother's attack, the Lethal Spaniard's objective remained capitalizing on the momentary physical and mental impairment that Shinigami would undoubtedly experience should the antagonizing nature of Quintus' attack find undisputed success. Immersing himself in his characteristic high-speed movement, arguably comparable to that displayed by Shinigami himself, the obsessively dedicated martial arts master had taken a lightning-quick step forward, fearlessly advancing towards their ethereally gifted opponent. Reaching for the sword-reliant demon's right leg with his left hand, Andres intended to powerfully grab his opponent's free leg, quickly lifting it while leaning forward, using a combination of his body weight, the attraction of the earth's gravity and the additional kinetic force gathered from his blitzing movement to effectively eliminate Shinigami's sense of physical balance. Following possible success, Andres would strongly force his right forearm against Shinigami's chest while intelligently positioning his right foot behind his opponent's left heel, perfectly executing an unorthodox single leg takedown with the obvious intent of forcing their antagonist to the ground. Should his initial maneuver prove successful, the Martial Arts Don would quickly transition into a dominant guard position atop the demon prior to rapidly pulling his left hand back and immediately thrusting forward a stabbing left hand strike. A bladed telekinetic construct would envelop his hand as he targeted the villainous entity's forehead with a striking speed of precisely 46,261 miles per second, generating unmitigated force behind the vicious ground strike.

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@nerx: One by one Nathan raced to the aid of the distraught civilians, carefully lifting each one up and flying them to the mainland. Chaos. Chaos everywhere. Jets flying, thunder crashing, people screaming, guns firing, bombs exploding. It was almost too much, even for Nathan, a man who until today thought he was invincible. He had run directly into a uranium coated missile not two hours earlier and here he was shaking in his armor at the sound of absolute chaos singing in unison with the melody of death and destruction. What had turned into a battle to save a statue quickly turned into a full blown war. A war that Nathan was not equip to fight. A war that was way bigger than him even though he could generate the essence of star matter and turn into a human bunker. What hurt Nathan the most and would scar him deeper than anything else was the grim sight of the torn flesh and mangled corpses of those he could not save. He hated everything about this situation but he continued as fast and as efficiently as possible. Even the injured and the dead found their way among the ferried. Nathan was certain the goons in SWAT gear had been incapacitated but the sight of a still able-bodied guard choking an old woman pushed that thought right out of Nathan. What made matters worse was the woman that was now turning blue reminded him of his first foster mother. A woman who had treated him like her own and loved him like no other human being had done before. This was the last straw. Something snapped inside Nathan. This was a war and he was a soldier and on the battlefield there was no such thing as "too far.

With a roar and buckle, Nathan shot through the sky like a flash of thunder and aimed his fist directly at the man's head. He wanted it to explode under the pressure of his titanium coated palm. He wanted to feel the brain matter mush like hamburger meat under his metal nails. He wanted to her the pop that came before the crunch of his skull imploding inside his head. He wanted to see the last thee seconds of the granny choker's eyes as they met his knowing full well what was coming next. All of it. He wanted all of it. Every last gory detail to savor for the rest of his life. If Nathan had to carry the burden of taking the etched in memories of this tragic day then he wanted to take some memories that would make him smile as well. Nathan was gone now. This? This warrior that saw only red and wanted to break every bone in every single one of his enemies bodies? This was Lux Invictus. The Eternal Light of Victory. The warrior that Nathan was destined to be. Lux did not tremble in fear as he pushed the limits of his powers to reach the skull of his enemy. Lux trembled in excitement and power. In dominance and brutality. "In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order."

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With every body saved by the hero two or three die elsewhere in the island, there are simply too many armed men. One hero cannot be everywhere at once. It was entropy. Aircraft blowing up, lightning lines, deflowering, gunfire, bomb shrapnel. The calculated chaos absorbs every act of violence as it grows stronger, festering from a tragedy into an atrocity at will. In an undisclosed location a man sits in front of a vanity mirror. Working with extremely dark shadows, startingwith the eyes. Using a black pencil eyeliner to draw on a domino mask. Using flat synthetic brush, he fills in the area completely with greasepaint. Covering every small detail completely. Cleaning the undereye area to apply foundation, concealer and highlighter. Using false eyelashes to prevent his eyes from disappearing completely.

The Riot officer was throttling the elderly woman, causing her to have a stroke. He kept the pressure so that she remains at a state of not-quite-dead which makes people think about intervening. One Riot officer was gone. He would not be screaming in the afterlife as the head became a sheath for a stern fist, exploding into gore that sent the final shock to the woman. Scaring her to death. He never expected to get out alive to begin with, but with drone coverage to media that recorded the event. Things have gone quite well.

Five men began to fire at the killer.

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Just as Aidan was about to make off, leaving the civilians to their own devices, his spider-sense started firing off like crazy in his head. Time slowed to a crawl as he looked toward where he was told the danger was. For efficiency’s sake, he aimed by the tens, large netlike webs shooting forth from his fingertips, aiming at those who had not yet donned gas masks. He really had no idea if it would work from there, but it did. The civilians were grabbed up in the nets, practically weightless to his strength, and he pulled whom he could to safety, the others herding after. The terrorists were left to fare however they would, such was the way of an angry, passionate teen.

He took them a ways out of the range of the gas before running them as quickly as possible out of the danger zone, being demarcated by a dividing line, and into the arms of the EMT who had arrived on scene. “Where are the authorities when you need them?” he remarked sarcastically before switching back to seriousness, just in time for the actual law enforcement arriving. He had no registration, but doubted they’d be checking in a time like this, and they didn’t. “Watch out for anybody looking like a riot officer coming from behind this line. There’s goonies in there causing trouble. I’m gonna help out. Some of you guys can come help. Free ‘em and bring ‘em back here. Here, for identification.” After a group was delegated to stay, another to go, he planted a few intricate symbols on them, so they could more easily tell, then he came back once more.

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Upon his failed attacks Shini was swiftly bombarded by an unimaginable amount of immense power dampening pheromones that began to render his own powers not useless, but slightly weaker than before but compare to his now over-powered state it would be a futile attempt to quell such power that was residing inside of Shinigami as he constantly drained the fear from the thousands of civilians that were practically drenched in the emotion giving Shini an almost unrealistic amount of force compared to what he had been granted by his own abilities in previous fights. Shini was so hyped by his own power levels increasing steadily he had dismissed the Knightfall as he stupidly indulged in a quick, being only a mere second like pause but long enough for the Knightfall to launch a highly impressive Psi-dagger attack before he had time to fully defend himself, only briefly raising his left palm towards the mans attack as he swiftly spun around catching the telekinetic dagger with his own telekinetic powers as it was a mere fraction from his face, using an immense amount of energy he defended against the physical prowess of the attack but came to a standstill as a telepathic incursion into his mind was created as he had no-time to defend against the blades telepathic powers. Shini buckled backwards heavily as the second knightfall - @morte_knightfall initiated his own attack towards the vengeful demon as he was swiftly and easily taken to the ground by the mans offensive, however he had failed this attack as Shini swiftly accelerated his downwards fall and became intangible as he cunningly fell into the ground avoiding all damage only leaving behind a faint laugh as he vanished. Upon doing this however he had used his telekinetic powers to attempt to drag @morte_knightfall leg down with him hopefully trapping the man's left leg in pure concrete causing him immense pain and inevitable immobilization, However this was a cheap attack and would probably be discarded as one.

Teleporting from out of the ground he instantly appeared above @quintus_knightfall in midair as he flew and remained stationary. He punched downwards sending a ripple of TK energy compiled with pure heat-waves that would cause a crater the size of the State of Liberties head in the ground where Quin stood, hopefully causing him immense damage. Without even waiting for the consequences Shini teleported near the last known location of @morte_knightfall as he appeared behind him, attempting a subtle yet fatal 2 slashes towards wherever the man was, either hitting him chest or back as he vanished once more leaving a TK induced bomb in his wake that would send out a shock-wave strong enough to blast Tanks over 50 meters away.

Shini still had not completed his attack, he vanished yet again and appeared directly in the middle of the two, over 500 meters high he smashed forward creating a TK shield around himself to defend against the upcoming hit as he accelerated forward at 100 792 458 m / s, Once he smashed into the ground the following explosion could possibly cause an explosion close-to or stronger than a miniature nuclear bomb but before Shini felt the consequences he teleported away into the sky around 1000 meters above the hit he was attempting, creating a force-field around himself to absorb the energy from his own blast to not commit a suicidal move, he was doing this so fast none of the consequences of his attacks he even been finished yet. He awaited the consequences...

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Human perception of the dueling trio's deathly struggle was non-existent as their attacks and counters were executed at a rate of motion nearing the inertial frame of reference, or Galilean transformation. The sheer acceleration of the demon's momentum was enough to radiate concussion causing waves of force that mercilessly bent and cracked the island's trees. Shinigami's amalgamated allocation of speed and teleportation effortlessly delivering him out of harms way. Vanishing then re-appearing above the Martial Arts Da Vinci attempting to deliver an elevated telekinetic force bomb in hopes of removing the dark knight from the equation. Spinning down into a crouched position with his arms bent over his head Quintus quickly published a defensive shadow cocoon around his body. But the reputable demonic martial artist's violent velocity drove the Knightfall heir into the ground with explosive power plundering him into landscape with crater producing results. Slender cracks along the terrain had splintered away from the impaction like a series of intricate veins. Perhaps had the Devil's Favorite Demon continued to push the offensive he would have been able to substantially diminish his foes already exhausting taxation of power. However his strategic misstep in turning his attention towards the Stylish Savant, Morte, had granted Quintus a temporary reprieve.

By the time he pulled himself out of the impressively deep hole, clutching his ribs, the reaper like Shinigami had transformed himself into a diving bomb. A move similarly preformed by that of the legendary Keijijo Impero. Dispatching his arms up and out the Shadow Master gave birth to an unbelievable dark blanket of protection utilizing the propagation of the shadows throughout the island. Instead of impairing the Earth with another nuclear like blast of raw destructive fertilization, the adumbration sheath of darkness would hopefully protect not only the defiant brothers, but the surrounding real-estate as well.

@lastpyre: As blood continuously streamed down Quintus face painting a crimson portrait of his own bodies inability to maintain the influx of his powers, his eyes shifted towards the badly battered Statue and the molten fire monstrosity coiling its way towards the top of her base where Angel was still triumphantly attempting to re-secure her head. A quick glance back towards Morte and subsequent head nod was all the assurance the resurrected Knightfall needed. After all, the Spanish Storm Shadow was perhaps the greatest all around combatant the World had ever known. Bringing his forearms together in front of his face with visible strain Quintus began to shift his body into the esoteric shadow shell that would allow him to teleport.

Repairing above the fire serpent free falling out of the air, he extended his arms out and then furiously clasped them together attempting to engulf the fire based snake in an inclosed coffin of shadowy methodology. The shadows constricting without remorse suffocating the oxygen out of the creature's fiery foundation enacting upon the fundamental knowledge that a fire needs three things in order to remain burning: fuel, an adequate supply of oxygen, and a sufficient heat source.