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With a shuddering distortion of space, a massive vessel dropped out of warp above the planet Earth. Roughly the size of Greenland, the huge ship slipped into a geosynchronous orbit with the planet, positioning itself above the Marianas Trench in the mid-Atlantic.

Within moments, every television, radio, and set of computer speakers on the planet was abruptly hijacked, and began playing the following message:

“Take heed, creatures of the planet Earth. I am Nordok the Ancient, and I have little doubt that even your primitive technology has detected the presence of my flagship above your world. My intention is not to instigate hostilities, so you need not fear me…yet. I am interested in learning of your world, so to that end, I am opening my ship to visitors. Join me above your atmosphere, enjoy my hospitality, and let us see what we can learn from one another.”

“Be warned, however, that even though I do not seek war, I am fully prepared to answer any aggressive actions taken against me.”

Suddenly, the image on every television and computer monitor changes to the one below:

Loading Video...

“That planet was of comparable size and composition to your own. As you can see, my power is far beyond your ability to challenge or withstand. However, it need not come to this. Respect the autonomy of my ship and my absolute authority aboard it, and I shall continue to allow you the honor of existing. Nordok the Ancient has spoken!”

With that, communications on the planet below were returned to normal.

The World of Nordok

The greatest difference between our CV world, and that of Nordok's ship: violence and despair are more common here, because they need to be in order for the space marauding alien types to continue their existences. The ship is bleak, in a space-metal kind of way.

The Demon’s Fist is the flagship of Nordok’s armada, currently in a geosynchronous orbit above the Earth. Nordok has opened his ship to visitors, in an attempt to learn more about the planet’s inhabitants. All are welcome, until such time as their welcome is worn out.

Command staff: Captain Kayleira Auorez (Kayle_Rez), Security Chief Naamah (Naamah_Obyzouth), Chief Science Officer Bartholomew "Bart" Stahl (Doctor_Stahl)

Areas open to visitors:

Hangar: This will likely be the first area an arrival on the ship will encounter. It is massive, able to accommodate most non-capital ships, but otherwise fairly unremarkable. Please note: Nordok does NOT provide any manner of shuttle service; visitors are responsible for their own transportation. Personal ships (including armor that allows flight beyond Earth’s atmosphere), a characters own ability to fly (and breathe) in space, and any form of teleportation are all valid means of transit. Please make mention of your means of arrival in your first post.

The hangar

Common area: as the name indicates, this is a sprawling area for characters to mingle, conduct business, and otherwise interact. It includes a cantina/cafeteria area where a variety of foods and drinks from all parts of the universe are available, and a hostel where basic but comfortable accommodations can be secured. At present, Nordok does not operate any form of commerce, but spaces have been set aside in which characters who have received permission (from the Captain or from Nordok himself) may set up shops.

The cantina

Security offices: this area includes the offices of the Security Chief and her subordinate officers, barracks and an armory for the security forces, and holding cells designed for nearly any variety of being.

One of Nordok's security officers

Holodeck: Taking up nearly an entire level of the ship, this area contains numerous holographic facilities of various sizes. Visitors may obtain them for any number of uses, such as training, recreation, and combat. There are both arena decks (public) and private “holobooths” (PMs) available for visitor use.

A typical "arena" holodeck

Nordok’s throne room: the area from which Nordok rules. Any audience he grants will likely take place here.

The seat of Nordok's power

Stahl’s labs: A multilevel complex in which all research and development on board the ship takes place. Please note: admission to this area is at the sole discretion of the Chief Science Officer.

Physics lab
Biological research lab
Cybernetics development

All other areas of the ship are restricted. Any being found in a restricted area without permission will be designated hostile and responded to accordingly.


The only law on the Demon’s Fist is the will of Nordok, and his authority is absolute. Any defiance of his orders, or the orders of his officers, will be considered an act of aggression.

Any attempt to enforce outside laws or policies on the ship will be considered an attempt to usurp power, and answered with force.

Violence against the ship’s crew (PC or NPC) will not be tolerated.

Violence between guests is permitted, provided that it does not result in collateral damage or disruption of the operation of the ship. At the discretion of the security forces, combatants may be separated and transferred to the holodeck to continue their conflict.

Theft from the ship or its crew will not be tolerated.

Those that violate the rules or otherwise exhaust their welcome will be ordered off the ship. Those that defy this order will be subdued by security forces, placed in an escape pod, and returned to the planet, which may result in them landing in a hostile environment. Any who resist this process will be teleported back to the planet by Nordok himself, which will very likely result in their ending up in a hostile environment, as Nordok will be very annoyed by this point.

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The Chief of Security patrols the ship with her own personal entourage of Elite security officers. Naamah's eyes precive all... She was chosen for this job for her uncanny eyes, aswell as other skills. The gun she is holding was also designed to make quick work of any and all threats that may tax her patience. She has these men and women trained to the point to where words are not even needed, they can tell from her body movements what she wants from them. And they preform these tasks with great talent, as she leads them threw the ships interior.

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"What a ship! Such craftsmanship..." Abe wondered about in amazement from the massive ship he stood in.

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Stahl ran his glove clad hand along the counter of the observation deck in his lab, Stahl bots ran about assembling and unpacking his personal belongings while he gazed at earth. Finally he raised his hand up as if a gun and pointed it at the blue planet. "One day..." He smiled and gave a signal to drop banners along the corridors that belonged to the devilish doctor Stahl.

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Cynthia has jet lag, as she slowly makes her way onto this amazing ship... The one known as Nordok, she wishes to speak with him. They have met once before and she hopes he remembers her, from the last time. She is not sure if all humans look the same to one such as him, and hopes her face will standout in his memory. She slowly makes her way threw the hangar, and into the commons. She could use a cold drink first she thinks to herself, as she finds this bar of theirs.

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@Cynthia: The Ancient sat upon his throne, his awareness diffused throughout his flagship. The arrivals were still sparse, at this point, but he had little doubt that they would increase. Curiosity, he had found, was a powerful motivating force. Suddenly, he recognized a new visitor. The slightest of smiles played briefly across his stony face. Perhaps she was here to discuss the offer he had made? Directly manipulating the weave of arcane energy that permeates all existence, Nordok reached through the boundaries of physical space and brought her to his throne room.

"Greetings, lady Cynthia. Welcome to the Demon's Fist."

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Cynthia is in midstride as she appears to have been moved, to a new location. Interesting she thinks to herself, before she hers a voice she remembers.

" Lord Nordok... It is a pleasure to see you again."

Cynthia dips for him with a curtsy like the proper lady she is, now that she has paid her respects however it is now time for business... Get down to the brass tacks how her brother put it... God rest his soul.

" I am her to speak to you about possible employment... I wish to know what would be expected from me, by your lordship if we entered into our pre-requisitioned agreement?"

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@Cynthia: Nordok nodded politely at her greeting. Impressive, how smoothly she adapted to the unexpected teleport. She did not show the slightest sign of disorientation.

"Ah, yes. My expectations, in the broadest sense, would simply be that you make your impressive abilities available to me. I am a extremely lenient employer; I would simply present you with a task and allow you to complete it in any manner which you would see fit. I would provide you with any resources you required and cover any expenditures that you would incur in the performance of any mission for me. Cost does not concern me. Talent concerns me, and you appear to have that in abundance. Now, my question to you would be: how far are you willing to go to complete a mission? Are there actions or activities which you would refuse to perform? You would not be my sole operative, and I would not saddle you with a task that your personal code might interfere with."

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"Well my Lord you see... I have of late lost everything important in my life save for a few friends and family memeber's."Cynthia hands Nordok a list of names.

The List:

My daughter, Roisin.

My lover, Gideon.

My best friend, Naamah.

My brother, Ivon. 'Assumed dead.'

"If the name on that list is effected by the job in any negative way... I am not the girl for the task at hand... Other than that... I have no scruples... Its only business after all its not personal." she smiles as her mint green eyes seem to glow in the dimly lit Throne room.

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@Cynthia: Nordok read over the list she handed to him, nodding briefly.

"An easy enough condition to meet. Should a task I present to you have any unforeseen negative impact upon any of these individuals, inform me personally, and other arrangements shall be made. In addition, both you and they shall enjoy sanctuary aboard my vessel. Any action taken against them shall be considered an act of aggression against me. This even applies to your brother, should his deceased status prove premature. Your friend is already in my employ as Chief of Security, so you may rest assured that the safety of your family will be treated as the highest priority. Do you have any further questions for me?"

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"It is of my understanding that I have the freedom to roam... I am not obligated to make my residence aboard the demons fist, as of yet... Is that correct?"

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With the screech of agonized reality, the lord of the Black Hand, secret master of the universe, and the great deceiver, the Lich Lord Vrakmul emerged from a swirling multicoloured portal torn into reality, flanked by his Enlightened Honour Guard. "So this is the adobe of the ancient...My followers in this facility were accurate in their reports." The Lich Lord said simply, his voice a chilling monotone, his Crown of Silence ensuring that his existence would remain a secret even if they conversed with him, for it wiped the memory of him from those who ceased to observe him for all but the most strongly minded. Never allowing his hands to leave his sleeves, the master of the black hand seemed to glide rather than walk as he surveyed the facility.

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@Cynthia: "Quite correct. Quarters will be made available to you, but you may come and go as you please. You will be contacted when I have a task for you."

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"Okay... I want in... How does this work exactly?"Cynthia drops down to one knee, and dips her head to Nordok looking strangly like a Sith Lord... She has never seen StarWars before, its just old habit this is how she showed respect to her father.

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@Cynthia: Nordok smiled, and a slight chuckle escaped his lips.

"Such formality is unnecessary, my dear. I only demand such from slaves and supplicants. You may consider yourself in my employ; I shall inform the ship's officers that you are to be given full access."

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She gets back to her feet, as her face blushs a little with embarassment.

"Very well... I will stay a few days if you need me... I will be around... I would like to explore the ship, before I head back to Earth to see the family. Can you put me back near the bar room area or is that to much for me to ask?"she says with a smile and a warm tone to her voice, he kind of just wisped her here so she thinks it would be easier this way.

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@Cynthia: His unsettling grin widened slightly at her blush.

"It is no trouble at all. Should you require require directions during your explorations, my security staff will be able to assist you. Otherwise, make yourself at home."

The reality around her once again twisted and blurred, and she was standing at the entrance of the ship's cantina.

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Cynthia heads into the Cantina and starts to relax. She finds a nice spot cozy spot and sits down, and lays her feet up. She orders a drink, and takes in the sights, sounds, and smells of the place.

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@Cynthia: Grinner sat at the bar, chugging down a large pint of some alien brew from a galaxy far far away while spinning around on the bar stool. Most of the creatures in the bar paid no mind to the green headed psychopath for everyone in the bar looked just as bizarre as himself. His maddening crimson eyes noticed a rather fine looking individual across the bar, about to make a dash for her he stopped and giggled, knowing she would not even make small talk to someone as annoying as himself, and he liked it.

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As Urbs stood in aw of the two big gates leading to Nordok's throne, he couldn't help but also feel a bit of fear. The two guards were nothing that Urbs couldn't imagine beating if necessary. The means to get here, not cheap. A taxi ride in New York was like 17 dollars, a taxi ride through space, more like 17 hundred dollars. The welcoming committee also didn't scream cherry. While few were fighting at the moment, there were many more under a strict hand of control. Something that Urbs half admired, half despised. All of that was nothing in comparison to actually preparing to talk to Nordok. Urbs shook his head and looked at the guard towards the right. "If i may, can i have an audience the master of the ship? I seek to do business." He said to the guard while putting his hand on the gun that held his fate.

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@Urbs: Wordlessly, the guard nodded, and led Urbs into the throne room. The Ancient one recline upon his throne, his glowing eyes regarding the newcomer with interest.

"Welcome to the Demon's Fist, human. For what purpose do you seek an audience with Nordok the Ancient?"

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@Nordok:Urbs looked upon the ancient with more awe than he had the gates, for within the beings eyes, there was knowledge. "Nordok, it's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Urbs and for you, i have preposition." Urbs unsheathed the gun he had carried along with him, it was different than his actual weaponry, but within it's barrell was something important. He took out of the barrell, pictures of many heroes. "This, good sir, is info." He looked at Nordok to at least see his level of interest so far.

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@Urbs: Nordok nodded.

"Information is a valuable commodity, for knowledge is power, and power is everything. What do you seek in exchange for your information?"

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Urbs smiled, "You see, i'm a business man. For power from me, i'll need power from you. i make many friends and enemies on earth. I'm also a genius, and though you won't need it, i can you the whole lowdown on any being i encounter in battle. What i'm gonna need from you is something simple, a relationship. When i need something that only you can provide, i want you to provide it. In return, i'll give you info on a month by month basis on people i come across." Urbs put out his hand. "deal?"

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"Front-line intelligence is valuable information, indeed. As my purpose here is to gather information, and as my resources are as vast as they are varied, your offer is of obvious benefit."

Nordok reached out and shook Urbs' hand.

"You may consider this contract sealed, business man."

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@Nordok: Urbs smiled again as he took his hand back, "I'll make sure to be here in a week to give you info on the heroes and villains i know. I'll also put it into a nice little page so it's not by word of mouth. Just one more thing..." His face becoming slightly serious."Do you have a way for me to get back home, the ride here was quite expensive."

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Nordok laughed, a deep hollow rumble that contained no trace of humor.

"I can return you to your planet myself, once you have given me a specific destination. When you wish to return, use this."

He handed Urbs an unremarkable-looking piece of rock.

"It is a fragment of a dimensionally unstable world. I have shaped its inherent energies to allow it to teleport its holder to the location to which it has been keyed. That location is a small living compartment within the ship's hostel facilities which I shall reserve for your sole use, allowing you to enter the ship discreetly. Simply rub a drop of fresh blood upon the stone and will it to work, and it shall. Do you wish to return to your world at this time, or would you care to explore?"

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Seeming to emerge from the floor, forming out of trillions of tiny nanites no larger than the cells of a body, Eliminator omega's rough shape flowed into form, at first colourless with the jagged legs of the nanites scrambling for purchase, the nanites seem to respond to an unspoken command and flip into their proper place, forming the semi-solid shape of the machine, the slayer of heroes, the protectorate's hunter, the lone wanderer. UIt's single cyclopean eye rotating a bit like a camera lens as it adjusted to being a single mass, o, once again, it turned to it's former employer urbs, who it had worked for as a passing gig. "Greetings...Urbs...it seems to have been a while since I have last murdered for you in the shadows." The mechanical murderer said with an offputtingly polite tone as it s electrostaff formed out of more flowing nanites who locked themselves into place to create a single seamless structure while others formed the rest of it's considerable external arsenal.

The machine then turned to Nordok, while all things would be consumed by the oncoming Harvester fleets, it judged that assisting this being would be beneficial to it's goal of preparing the planet earth for the arrival of a massive tendril of Harvester Fleet Tharidizun, one of the newest and by far the largest of the protectorate harvester fleets that have come to the milky way to strip it down for all of in the name of creating the pure state.

"You must be Nordok, I am Eliminator Omega. I have heard that you are curious about the denizens of the planet designated as Earth, third from the star designated as Sol. We have judged it fit to share with you some of the knowledge acquired about Earth gathered from our own studies of the planet." The machine said with a polite bow, it's tone nor it's inflection ever changing, no tell tale signs of mechanical parts moving being heard as more nanites flowed up to it's back and rested on it's shoulders, quickly forming a dark purple cloak and cowl that hung from it's shoulders, with billions of nanites flowing together to form the clasp.

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@The Lone Wanderer:

"Then be welcome aboard my vessel, Eliminator."

He gazed at the mechanical being, evaluating its potential strengths and weaknesses.

"That is a most generous offer you extend. Might I inquire as to what benefit you would seek in exchange, or is altruism simply one of your protocols?"

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"Your advantage would be of benefit for the oncoming fleet. The next few months will experience a great deal of destructive change. They are coming, and they are already here." It reported simply, telling the truth while at the same time revealing very little.

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@The Lone Wanderer: @Nordok: "Thank you Nordok, if you don't mind. I believe i will explore." Urbs said as he took the rock, just as his employee appeared. The being known as lone wanderer was one of his most powerful, and at first the being had given him slight unease, but as he got used to him, he realized its potential. Still, the thing gave him shivers some days. This being one of them. "Wanderer" Urbs said as he finally got the will to speak, "how are you doing?" Urbs asked in his normal tone. Shivers or not, Urbs didn't actually fear the being.

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"There are approximately fourteen less metahumans left to interfere in your monentary acquisitions. Perhaps if they took to not wearing such bright primary colours for their outfits all of the time I would have more challenge tracking them. Their equipment has been deposited at the warehouse should you seek to "pawn it off" or keep it for your own usages." The machine reported matter of factly, optic zooming in and out rather like a camera lens with a soft whirr. It was true, the typical choice of dress most superheroes and villains liked to wear made them such visible and hard to miss targets, and of course their flare for dramatics means tracking them is almost insultingly easy.

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@The Lone Wanderer: "Thank you. Your services are always... exceptional well done. Hopefully, we can keep working together." He winked at the machine and walked out of the throne room, deciding to see what was on the ship.

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@The Lone Wanderer: Nordok simply nodded without speaking. Though the mechanical being's words revealed little, they portended much.

"I accept your generous offer, Eliminator. Know that you are a welcome ambassador aboard my flagship."

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Kayle had been given the title of captain part of her was genuinely inthusiastic over the fact. So far though she hadn't goten to kick anyones ass though and thus found it all a relative bore. That being said she pushed hersself away from her desk to actually go and venture around the ship for a change. It was great that so much of Nordock's forces were machines. It was alot more apealing to have breathing sentient creatures though Kayle had to admit.

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Stahl sits aboard the massive ship, flipping through his fingers is a domino piece.

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As a beam of pure comical energy Angel is bazing threw space at incredable speeds, as he finds himself hoovering infront of a large alien ship.He has his pack of space dolphin's with travling with him 8 strong, as they play with one another in the space around the Demon's Fist. Angel's eyes scan the ship as all things hidden become revealed, his comical senses make sense of it all in mere moments. His platinum hand reaches out as his platinum finger taps on the glass of Nordoks thrown rooms observation window, using very little force so not to damage its integrity.

"Yo Nordok! Whats shaking dude?!" he says as he waits for Nordok to notice him, while waving.

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@PlatinumSurfer: Under most circumstances, such a flippant greeting would have aroused annoyance, but the individual tapping at the exterior of his ship never fell under the category of "most circumstances." Nordok respected beings of power, and the Surfer had power in abundance. In addition, he was one of the few beings whose antics the Ancient One found amusing.

Though the stony expression on his face did not change (it seldom did, as Ancients did not feel or display emotion in ways that most sentient beings could relate to), he nodded cordially at the being hovering outside of his observation window, and with a gesture of his clawed hand invited him inside.

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The Platinum Surfer veiws the Ancient known as Nordok, he see's him become aware of his presence as a greeting of a nod and hand gesture is made. Angel accepts his kind offer, and decides to enter the ship. As his body becomes intangible he phases threw the observation window. Once his Platinum body is all the way inside, Angel relaxes becoming at ease so to say, and his body regains its tangibility. Becoming solid once more, as his eyes take in the sights of Nordok's thrown room.

"Hello Nordok. This is a mighty fine ship you have here, if I may say so myself. Mighty fine." Angel says as he swaggers around the room, with a pimp type walk. Until he finds a chair and takes a seat.

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@PlatinumSurfer: "The ship fulfills its purpose rather nicely."

A robotic butler stepped from behind the throne and stood expectantly, awaiting orders.

"Would you care for any food or drink? I have no need of them, myself, but I've made a point of collecting any victuals that please my palate in the course of my conquests."

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@Nordok: @PlatinumSurfer: Ash, Stahl's personal killer watched the two beings talk while he lit a cigar.

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"I am like you in that regard, what would you suggest for me to ingest for pleasures sake?"

Platinum Surfer has never had much need for food or drink, but he does enjoy partaking in others customs. He can ingest food and drink, its more for the sake of the act however. As he does not need to in order to survive.

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@PlatinumSurfer: "Have you ever imbibed Xilaxian bourbon? Xilax is an extremely high-gravity world; it's natives possess incredibly powerful, durable frames. As such, their drink of choice is especially potent."

The automated butler scuttled away, returning moments later with a decanter and two glasses.

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Kayle stepped into the dock where training was often carried out and looked at the guardsmen and vanguards around her. She had gotten a little intoxicated the other night and picked a fight with them on the Nexus. They had all blown it over as their own intoxicated actions but had later decided to put the claim to the test. Three Guardsmen and Three Vanguards stood blades ready. Their bodies completely armored though no weapons were permitted to the fight but blades. Kayle was on the other hand dressed in nothing but casual ware. All her blades conceiled somewhere on her person, kneeling on one knee a sign of respect to her opponents who did a bow in turn. They had come to the Devil's fist to partake in this small brawl, which was also being played live and recorded so sentients on the vessel could see why Kayle was made the commander.

The Vanguard and Guardsmen were some of the best with blades around. They were the best with such in the Keresh military, the safety settings were in ones own self control. The armor set up to mark killing blows for the wearer, the ones for Rez would be obvious as she would infact be bleeding. Raising to her feet she smiled giving a nod for her collegues to advance. One came from the right, another the left another forward. Her ind worked on instinctive actions training so wired it wasn't so much as thought about. The right was slightly faster, vanguard scout she deducted meaning he was going to go for the throat lean backwards and take hold of the arm with the ker'va. Left coming energy blade aimed for the right lung. With a tug she pulled the scout towards her side leaping at the same time. The forward vanguard's attack went wild, the leap twisted the scouts arm snapping it in three places and forcing the blade to be dropped. Her foot gracefully kicking it out of the air at the same time as the left guardsmen stabbed into the scouts gut. Or atleast it would of if he hadn't shut off the weapon hastely still the scout was labeled dead. Snagging the ker'va from the air upon landing Kayle swiped downwards in a blow that at full force would of cut through helm and skull. The Guardsmeen was quick though turning and catching the blade in a parry. Only for Kayle to withdraw a knife slash at his gut and sheath the weapon. The blade dripped with blood, full force would of removed intestince that was another target down.

The vanguard left of the group advanced with two guardsmen this time. This time she spotted the pattern off bat, one was going to slide slashing at her legs, the other guardsmen would faint a attack at her wrist to swiftly go for the spine. The Vanguard the forward attack again as distraction. Ducking bending backwards dodged the forward attack her right hand retracting a plasmis and swiping at the downward attacker, neck shot. Would of been a decapitation in the fields the blade redirected to her side to block the shot at her spine. Dropping onto her back and rolling Kayle brought herself behind the guardsmen. Stabing into the sartorius muscle, fatal if not near a medical bay to take care of it quickly. That left two vanguard left, smiling with pure malice Kayle undid her four plasmis katara. Each was snapped into two blades tethers binding the now two blades together. Leaving a total of four blades for each hand. With a playfull bow the Queen of Blades smirked and the two advanced. A flick of her wrist and each of the blades had turned on and shot outwards. It lasted only three seconds, those three seconds had led into one of the most gracefull fusions of dance and blade that many had ever seen. The two vanguards looked at her in amazment as they were loaded up to be taken to med bays. "We can outshoot you any day but feck going at you with blades." The group laughing as each handed her a thousand credits for wining. The gold eyed sword fiend leaning against a wall and lighting the last cigar in the case Brom had given her.

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@Kayle_Rez: A slow clap can be heard within the room, followed a few moments later by Ravek appearing as the shroud from his cloaking device faded away. "Good show..." walking over to her "Been awhile Kayle, Where have been?" a friendly smile on his face "Not spending all your time picking fights with your own people are we?" teasing one of his oldest friends.

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@RavekTheConquerer: "Well there was a planet sized invasion to cope with. Prison planet to so you can imagine what thats like when the virus turns its entire population into monsters. Not an easy thing to cope with took a few days. And not picking fights im sharpening skills, a good Guardsmen puts blades to use atleast once a day be it by war or spar." Kayle remarked brushing strands of gold and onyx colored hair from her eyes. "What about you actually doing something or just staying cloacked to avoid paper work" she remarked teasing him back.

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@Kayle_Rez: "Me? Never..." The sarcasm in his voice obvious as he walked over and embraced Kayle, hugging the petite yet lethal guardsman

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@RavekTheConquerer: "Ha you admit it you never do anything, your totally a commander. Sitting back and pointing where to go." She remarked hugging him and continuing her sarcastic annoyance. Putting out the cigar and sighing remembering the man, just another casualty of war. The one downside to the job "it was a ammusing planet though. They had chainsaw bayonettes its just so satisfying to sneak up on them and rev that engine before diging it into ones collar."

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@Kayle_Rez: "Your lucky we're such good friends Kayle, If not I'd order someone to throw you out nearest airlock" chuckling "You can keep your blades dear, I'll continue to sneak around and break their necks, all up close and personal like" winking at her.

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@RavekTheConquerer: "Incase your visor is foggy we are not on a Keresh ship. Technically the only Keresh with influence here is me. Of course Nexus has a fleet around it that could remove the Fist if they needed we're good like that. Onboard though your a guest and I can throw you out the nearest airlock." A wink acompaning the remark "and as I recall I'm the one who took out a bunker single handed you just came and helped fight reinforcments. Admittedly while your no slouch in stealth and close corners neither am I. Give credit where its do otherwise people will try and start a mutany against you next. Of course they'll fail but still." Being on the Demons Fist meant that Keresh weren't listening in she didn't have to bite her tongue.