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Opening Scenario and Campaign Setting:

You find yourself drifting in a void. Somehow, and you don’t know why, the colors your senses pick up constantly shift from across the spectrum featured in the classic ROY G. BIV acronym as well as black and white. You’re unsure as to why, but, somehow, you’re mind can just tell how timeless this place is. You tell yourself it’s the amount of tachyons bombarding your immense cognitive abilities.

“You’d be correct…” In front of you, from dust you didn’t even know was floating in this otherwise perfect void before, something forms. A being. One that looks very much like a human, but experience with or reading about gods and shape shifters has taught you otherwise. Plus, you can just FEEL the immense power radiating off of him. “Greetings and welcome foolish mortals and/or timeless type immortals. I am an entity of vast power. Enough to tear asunder the very Universe you all call home if I so choose. Q. The Q entity. Aren’t I so clever?”

He puts a hand on his hairless chin and tilts his head, leaning it somewhat to the right, and smiles widely. You can tell he’s trying to looks distinguished, like those old black and white photos of writers sitting on a chair and smoking a pipe. To you though, it just comes off as pretentious and, to be frank, kinda unintentionally creepy. But, hey. If you had the kind of power this joker had, chances are, if you didn’t turn evil, you’d be a clown too.

“Ignoring those mental jabs of yours, despite all that I can do, greater forces than even I have…dictated that, if I am to enjoy myself within your realms, that the most fun I can have is organizing you lot of little godlings into a fighting force able and ready to defend it, the galaxies, and all the little nebulae therein.”

He looks at you for a moment. You can feel him probing deep into your soul despite all of the defenses you have put around it naturally or through other methods.

“Don’t look so surprised little godlings. I mean, make no mistake: your cognitive abilities are as far below mind as mere mortals are below yours, but surely you not so stupid, naïve, or BOTH that you thought a being such as yourself could retain the power you do, the power of a demi-god, and not be sufficiently challenged? Don’t get me wrong, I love beating up on costumed whackos mere mortals couldn’t hope to defeat on their own or existential brooding as much as the next reality warper, but I’m here to tell you that you’re ready to step up in the balance of conflicts, kiddos. Those gimmicky men you’re used to fighting will now replaced by things that can actually hurt you, more often than not, and I have given you one of the greatest reasons to exist ever in your cosmos. That’s right.”

He places his arms over his chest. Despite the jovial attitude he had before, something about him seems more serious, more solemn, when next he speaks.

“Worlds will live. Worlds will die. The same can and likely will be said for entire sectors or quadrants. All of that effort, all of that weight, will be carried upon your shoulders until either the day when time has used you up or you are slain in battle. Perhaps even more literally than you’d expect.”

With that bit of grim reality told to you, a smile creeps up Q’s face. Well…not so much creeps up as it is just there faster than the speed of light without explanation. “But now is not the time for such thought. That will come much later after experience has set in and taken its toll. Now is a time of new acquaintances and friends…possibly…”

With a snap of his finger, an image appears in-between him and yourself. It is of some sort of construct floating somewhere within the depths of space. Its shape is somewhat reminiscent of a chest of gold or toys only with rounded edges. Emblazoned boldly in dark yellow at the top and all other sides of the construct is an old letter from the Greek alphabet that looks like, λ within and equally yellow circle. The rest of the hull is painted in a dark and rusty looking gunmetal orange and black.

“This, is Lambda station.”

Lamba! So that’s what that letter is called! You have to admit that, while it’s not as catchy as Alpha, Beta, Delta, Sigma, or Omega, is still has a nice ring to it.

“It will serve as a mobile base and home for you lot, probably for the rest of your lives. It is capable of traversing galaxies within seconds, the space between galaxies and dimensions within this universe in minutes, and, on the odd occasion, the space in-between Universes in hours. It is equipped with all the amenities, gizmos and doo-dads, and magic I decided to put in to make your lives as comfortable as I desire before your timely or untimely demises.”

With another snap of his fingers, Q’s outfit, a futuristic military jumpsuit, changes into something your stereotypical tourist would wear at the stereotypical luau mainlanders think Hawaiians have instead of a barbeque (thank you pop cultural misconceptions). Complete with sunburnt face, tanning lotion on his nose, and a wide brimmed sombrero.

“Now, eat, drink, be merry and mingle damn you!” he says, holding a pair of maracas in both hands. “Believe me: you’ll wish you had if you hadn’t…”

Everything flashes white for a few brief seconds. You now find yourself presumably on Lambda station, staring out into space via a large porthole a hundred meters tall and dozens of meters wide. In the air, there’s a funky and fun jazz beat from way back when. To your left and to your right are several other people. Like you, you assume they must be some form of demi-god or another or, at the very least, possess demi-god level power comparable to your own. Finding Q chatting it up with a man with glowing green eyes, a grey business suit, and a brief case in the center of this ballroom, for lack of a better term, you decide to follow the entity’s example and strike up a conversation with the nearest being.

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1. Last Pyre’s character sheet!

Name: Last Pyre

Age: Timeless

Race: None

Height: can vary, but normally 6 - 7 ft

Gender: Male

Weapons: None

Attributes: S: 2 SP: 2 A: 1 PD: 3 TD: 2 SD: 2 FS: 1 CA: 1 CD: 1 PP: 5

Powers: Total control and manipulation of fire. His fire does not obey the laws of physics.Can become intangible to physical objects.

Power source: The Devil. Supernatural.

Appearance: Looks like a man made out of constantly burning fire, the fire changes colour depending on his mood. He has no facial features other than a large grin. Appears to be of an average build in terms of muscle

2. Xerox’s Character Sheet!

Name: Xox

Age: 00:01

Race: Andalusian

Height: 5'10

Gender: Male

Attributes: S: 11 SP: 1 A: 1 PD: 1 TD: 1 SD: 1 FS: 1 CA: 1 CD: 1 PP: 1

Weapons: Kestus, Sling

Powers: Duplicate(s), Energy Metabolism, Tactile Psychokinesis, Possession

Power source: The Network

Appearance: Average looking human in business attire

Background: A copy sent to visit an alternate verse.

3. hudyman’s Character sheet!

Name: The Doctor

Age: 2072

Race: Timelord/gallifreyan

Height: 6"1

Gender: Male

Weapons: Sonic Screw Driver

Attributes: S: 1 SP: 1 A: 1 PD: 2 TD: 1 SD: 1 FS: 1 CA: 8 CD: 1 PP: 1

Powers: Able to regenerate i.e change bodies if attacked

Home/Vehicle/Ally: T.A.R.D.I.S

Appearance: Hazelnut hair, tall, victorian style overcoat, dark blue eyes

Background: Ended the last great time war and payed the price by being the last timelord alive, 1 daughter , single

4. johnjoe66’s character sheet!

Name: Keeper of life

Race: brown rock man


Height:5 foot 7 inch

Gender: M

Attributes: S:2 LS:2 A:1 PD:1 FS:2 PP:2 CA:1 TD:1 SD:1 CD:!

Weapons: Twin knives,Back cannon

Powers:I control earth(element not planet),can resurrect team-mates,summon two rock monsters (gorg and jarl) And finally when i die my powers are gifted to one of my team mates

Power source(s):Life essence

Appearance: A rock man that looks like different rocks floating together

5. DemolitionGuy's character sheet!




Height:6,8 ft


Weapons:Laser swords(dual-wield)

Attributes:Strenght:3;Speed:4;Acceleration:3;Physical durability:2;Telepathic durability:1;Soul durability:1;Fighting skill:3;Cosmic Awareness:1;Compressed Destruction:1;Power proficiency:1

Powers:Acid Manipulation;Invisibility;Enhanced Healing(healing factor);Surface Scaling(like Spider-Man's wall crawling)

Powers Source:Skinx Pact


6. i_like_swords character sheet!

Name: Caribos

Race: Greek

Age: 67

Height: 6’5

Gender: Male

Attributes: Strength 1 Speed 4 Acceleration 1 Physical Durability 1 TP Durability 1 Soul Durability 1 Fighting Skill 1 Cosmic Awareness 4 Compressed Destruction 1 Power Proficiency 5

Weapons: Multi-Staffs, Hellfire Whip

Powers: Conjuration, Soul commanding, Shapeshifting, Telepathy

Appearance: Below

Power Source: The realm of Hades. Hellfire.

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Last Pyre turns to look at the array of possible demi-gods that stood in front and beside him. In front of him he see's an aged but muscular white man with an M symbol on his chest. to his left was what appeared to be a collection of rocks that assumed the form of a man. An earth elemental, Last Pyre presumed. To his right was a women who was simply hard light. He could sense the power within her, as well as the souls of the dead that powered her. Next to her was a white man with brown hair and what appeared to be an overcoat. Last Pyre did not see much power from this one. Next to the man with an M on his chest stood a slightly shorter man wearing casual business clothing, the stench of pure strength reeked from this person, but as to the amount of possible defence there was very little that could be sensed by Last Pyre. He didn't bother speaking to anyone first, he wasn't created to be social it was just that talking seemed like a thing God thought would be needed when he created Last Pyre. This was not the case.

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@lastpyre: the keeper looks around sense the power withen the people around him he can also feel the amount of deaths each have caused one in particular catches his attention a man of fire the keeper walks up to him and asks him do you work for the man of death "the devil"?

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@johnjoe66: The silence did not last long as the rock man asked him if he was in legion with the Devil. "He is not the man of death. His name is Lucifer, he was once the prince of the world in which the humans now exist and he was the angel of light before he was unfairly cast out by the so called God of that universe." Last Pyre's flames turned a bright vibrant red and although the grin on his face remained large, he was angry that this rock had decided to judge his ally as the man of death so quickly.

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Sensing growing hostilities between Pyre and the Keeper, Q created a hard-light copy of himself in-between them and said, "Boys, boys! There's no need to get off on a shaky foot! Here! Have some yak milk!"

Two wine glasses filled with said lactate appeared in both of their hands.

"And while I'm at it, have a Sega Genesis!"

Two Sega Genesis', as though they were fresh from Japan and just manufactured a day earlier, appeared in their remaining hand.

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@perezite: The mysterious man named Q made some kind of plastic contraption and a glass of milk appear in Last Pyre's hands. The glass that held the milk quickly melted and the milk hissed as it spilled onto Last Pyre. He threw the molten glass at the man with an M on his chest and tried to use the contraption, but as he did the plastic melted and the electronics over heated made a miniature explosion which Last Pyre absorbed into himself. "You offering of food and entertainment are... sub par"

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"Technically, it was an offering of drink and entertainment. I will admit though, I should have had the omniscience to see how gifting you with regular yak milk and a regular Sega Genesis would go. As such--" Q snapped his fingers, and a goblet of golden adamantium filled with the fire-proof blood of demons was in Pyre's left hand. With another snap, a vibranium original Xbox was in Pyre's right. "--Do accept my deepest apologies, as well as the new drink and entertainment I have provided for you."

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Q decided to try and give Last Pyre more gifts. In one hand appeared an Xbox "oohhhhhh and Xbox. I have always wanted one of these. Could you send this to hell for me? we have a game room set up but all we have at the moment is a pool table and a couple of slaves to torture". In his other hand was a golden goblet which was clearly made out of a higher tier of metal. He could still incinerate out of existence if he wanted to, but like the Xbox it would not simply melt from his normal flame. The only thing he didn't like was that the man thought that demons liked to drink each others blood. This was certainly not the case, Last Pyre only knew three hundred and that thousand that did and while this did include all of the well known demons like Abaddon this did not include him. "You offer the blood of my friends and allies?" He said furiously "What kind of monster do you take me for?!" And with that he drank the whole thing in one huge gulp. "However, it is still delicious and who am I to go against the deadly sin of gluttony." He laughed a little put the goblet inside himself for later use.

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"Glad you like it!" said Q, smiling. "Now, if you need anything else, don't be afraid to ask the resident AI in charge of this ship and the robots there-in. Her name's Shodan. Oh! And have good time, damn you! I mean, you may already be damned, being somewhere between demon or angel or what have you, but that doesn't mean you have to be a party pooper!"

With that, the hard light construct Q had made blinked out of existence. The real Q was still busy chatting it up with the Green eyes businessman with the briefcase.

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As the man disappeared Last Pyre was left with himself and the other power beings. He stood in simple silence waiting for the in inevitable moment where he would have to converse again.

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So it was that the electric blue holographic imagery of Melashin. When dealing with others she likely would take her more human form. However the preference was the Elose and seeing as she would be here awhile that was what she presented herself as. "Mingle? I have had to much time to sit idly by doing nothing." Her voice had a electric pop or perhaps auto tune like texture to it, all the allure a goddess was expected to have but an alien and mechanized like quality as well. Casually the hard light hologram fell onto a couch resting in the most bored of mannerisms. "Spent some hundred thousand years brushing hair from my face wanting something fun to do. All that just to get more time to sit around bored. Names Melony by the way" she was polite enough to introduce herself, but the years of boredom had hindered her from bothering to present herself like a goddess.

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@melashin: @lastpyre: The Timelord slowly walked around paying attention to the conversations flying about the room. He had no idea why he was sent here or for how long he would be here but decided to make himself at ease and at home. He stared at a strange man who was covered in flames but did not seem consumed by it, if all goes well he would love to collect a sample of the mans DNA so that he could hopefully create a cure for the stranded population of the planet akhaten. As for the moment at hand he would simply observe the man then choose the right moment to speak with him. With his mind made up he walked towards an odd looking woman, there definitely was something strange about her but couldnt put his finger on it. Sometimes the best way to find out information is to get it yourself. " Hello? the name's The Doctor " he happily offered her his hand.

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The keeper looked around now alone as last pyre left being insulted by the keepers remarks he looks around for someone to create conversation but everyone is all ready in a disscusion, the keeper thinks to himself this is gonna be quite lonesome

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Last Pyre listened to the so called Doctor introduce himself to the alien named Melony and wondered if he could still burn the hard light projection and make her feel pain. He also wondered what actual power this so called Doctor even had. If he had eyes he would be looking intently at the Doctor as a means to study him, but Last Pyre could not see any obvious power showing. His curiosity took over but he waited in further silence to see how much the man revealed about him self to the alien.

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@lastpyre: the keeper approaches the last pyre "i am sorry if i a have insulted you" the keeper said with remorse

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Last Pyre turned to face the rock man "If you think I am going to forgive you then you are mistaken. I am not a forgiving entity and I do not have time for a snivelling earth elemental such as your self"
He paused for a moment before speaking again. "If you truly want to make amends then I will kindly take away your soul as an offering of your submission".

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@lastpyre: the keeper turns angry "i forgave myself for the sake of this so-called team" now taking a fight stance "also the only way you will get my soul is if you absorb it from my dead body" the keeper summons his rock monster gorg and jarl to intimate him.

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Last Pyre saw that the earth elemental had summoned a couple of rock golems to help him, they were nothing compared to what Last Pyre could create using molten metal or lava. In fact on closer inspection, he saw that the golems could be easily melted down into lava and probably turn them into his own golems if he so pleased. Last Pyre grew bigger, now he was 10 ft tall and was emitting temperatures higher than 1400 C. At this temperature he could melt through the rocks by simply touching them if he needed to. He stood over all of the rock monsters and his flames turned black as night. "While I could easily destroy you." he said calmly, his grin stretching further across his face, "I feel that when we come to a fight to a more power entity, I will need someone to take the proverbial punch in the face. I think you understand me. Mortal"

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@lastpyre: The keeper could see that last pyre thought he could melt him and gorg and jarl but pyre did not know that himself gorg and jarl were no mere rocks they were the hardest denses rocks in existence harder than true adamantium and could not be just melted the only way they could be destroyed would be through matter manipulation. The keeper saw that pyre has grown in size the keeper rataliates by turning twice his new height,20 foot.now looking down on him says "i am no mere mortal you second-rate satan"

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@johnjoe66: @lastpyre: The Doctor quickly stood up from his seat and went inbetween the two men, from a distance he looked like an ant compared to the both of them. " Gentlemen, this is not what we came here to do, Im sure you will agree that the best thing for everyone here would be if you guys calmed down ". He looked at the both of them sharply in the eye, he did not want to inflict any damage on these men as it was a simple misunderstanding but if they did not take his advice and do things the easy way, he would have to subdue them by means unnecessary.

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A hard-light construct of Q appeared right next to the Time Lord. He whispered into his ear, "I just love it when new recruits start measuring which one has the mightier pineal gland between their legs to establish dominance like a pair of animalistic dogs despite your best efforts to keep them from doing so. Don't you?"

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@johnjoe66: Last Pyre realised that he would have to get a lot hotter if he wanted to melt the earth elemental. This was possible but to reach such temperatures would risk destroying the base that they now resided in and Last Pyre quite liked it here. In a reply to his growth the earth elemental grew to twice the size of Last Pyre, he wondered whether he should just grow more or just not bother. It seemed that this pile of rubble would actually take some effort destroy and Last Pyre was not one for putting in much effort where it was not needed. "I am no mere mortal you second-rate Satan" said the rock man. This would have insulted Last Pyre, However in his universe the majority of most beings were second rate to Satan. After all he was a very powerful demon and often confused with being the Devil. "I already said that I don't want to do anything violent yet because I view you as somewhat useful, you should be grateful for this. Also I could still burn you out of existence itself, but I would probably destroy this base in the process of such an act, and I like it here. That and you're simply not worth the effort"

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Q nudged the doctor in the shoulder. "Oh, this is getting good. It's times like these I wish I had my lawn chair and a bag of pop-ed corn."

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@perezite: @hudyman: The keeper notices a man in a long over-coat is now standing in-between him and the last pyre, he can sense the amount of lives this man has saved and returns to his normal size "i am sorry for my actions and i hope we can get over this but" he then turns to the hard-light construct of Q "i dont see why he is on the team "looks towards the last pyre. "Also i would appreciate it if you didnt patronised me"

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"I will heed your advice Doctor" He said as he went back to being 6ft 5' and his flames returned to a warm colour of orange. It looked so inviting that any simple minded man would probably try to touch it. He floated on flames towards the so called Doctor "But, do not think this means you can order me around". He played around with a tendril of fire and made it dance gracefully in his hands as his grin grew wide again.

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"He's on the team because you folks could use a demonology expert and someone whose had first hand experience with such malevolent supernatural entities. There are quite a few billion quintillion of them running around this galaxy alone, after all."

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@lastpyre: "Please excuse me everyone for my actions" turns to last pyre "oh and lets just stay out of each others way, ok?"

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@perezite: " Phew that was close " The doctor wiped his forehead on the sleeve of his overcoat and turned toward Q, " If they keep clashing like that there'l be no need for sun tanning ".

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"Or watching paper-view brawls between the Hulk and Doomsday."

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@hudyman: "Doctor im sorry about that fight early,but anyways what do you think of this whole thing?"

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@johnjoe66: " Well Im in a strange building filled with strange people armed with all kinds of powers......., I love it!"

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A New Player Approaches!

7. DemolitionGuy's Character Sheet!




Height:6,8 ft


Weapons:Laser swords(dual-wield)

Attributes:Strenght:3;Speed:4;Acceleration:3;Physical durability:2;Telepathic durability:1;Soul durability:1;Fighting skill:3;Cosmic Awareness:1;Compressed Destruction:1;Power proficiency:1

Powers:Acid Manipulation;Invisibility;Enhanced Healing(healing factor);Surface Scaling(like Spider-Man's wall crawling)

Powers Source:Skinx Pact


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@hudyman: "And may i ask what kinds of powers do you have?"

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@johnjoe66: " Well " he said while placing his hand on his head, more like the gesture of thinking " I dont like to blow my own horn but i am a fairly intelligent man if i say so myself " a big wide grin appeared, might have been rather disturbing to some people " I can notice things that others would never consider even after 5 hours of observing a place, take you for example, your rock formation and incredible power masks your true age and identity so much that someone would think you were several million years old when you are infact 15 years of age"

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@hudyman: "How....how can you do that?" the keeper seems amazed "i can sense you have saved many lifes"

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@johnjoe66: " Actually i dont know, guess its just my Timelord trait, oh and The Tardis i can't forget about her, " He looked around the room, all of a sudden he stopped " THE TARDIS! how could i forget it " Quickly calming himself down he searched his pocket for the sonic screw driver. When he found it, he pulled it out and with one push of a button the tardis started to materialize.

(Watch this for visual representation------http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUg3gclzYg0 )

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@perezite: (Thanks,bro.)

Reptile was about to tear some stupid bartender apart,when,all of sudden,he was taken by a vortex,acting by instinct,he activated his invisibility power,than analyzed each creature that were on the vortex,specially that chatty god,who auto-nominated himself as Q.As they arrived the Langma interior,he found the closest wall and crawled it right to it's top,after hearing everything Q had to say and watching some strange beings talking about demons,he felt sufficiently safe to reveal himself.

He was wearing his mercenary suit and standed on the wall with both feet only,his hands slowly moved away from his twin swords sheath as he took more serious position.

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@hudyman: @johnjoe66:

Last Pyre continued to play around with the fire in his hands as he listened to the rock man and the Doctor talk with each other. It appeared that this Doctors power lied in his intelligence, perhaps a possible tactician in up coming battles. However, Last Pyre could sense that both the Doctor and the rock man had done very little to sin and have in fact done the opposite of such acts. As a entity under the command of Lucifer he had been given a sub goal of trying to tempt people into sin so that more souls would be dammed to Hell. He didn't know how to go about it yet, but he figured that if they going out to kill things then that would probably get them sent to Hell. The only problem would be that if there were evil deities in this universe then the God of his universe would probably let them off. He would need to find another way to lure them into sin, Perhaps gaining their trust and lying to them would eventually lead them to do something sinful. Or at least that is what he hoped. Getting them to trust him would most certainly be a difficult task, especially with that Doctor around. "Everyone, I think I set up a bad first impression. Let us put that behind us and start again, yes?" He floated towards the two of them and stuck out a hand in gesture for a hand shake. His flames turned a calm blue colour, almost like the colour of sapphires. A small blue flaming halo formed above his head and flaming wings appeared on his back, in an attempt to imitate an angel."You can shake my hand, I promise that you won't get burned. Go on you know you want to".

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"Ah! Reptile! I was wondering when you'd drop your natural ability to induce active camouflage and join in on the festivities!" the Hard-light construct of Q said. "Here! Have a box of ho-ho-ho's!"

A box of delicious snack cake rolls appeared at Reptile's hand. There was a picture of Santa Christ on it, with a word balloon coming out of his mouth that said, in big golden letters, "Now made with 20 percent more transmuted Satan's, lords of darkness!"

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Now with a candy box in his hand he couldn't contain himself,people of his race loved sugar.He removed his mask,revealing a mouth with many small and pointed teeths,he ate the whole box of candies in matter of minutes.

Putting his mask again,he turned his head to the hard-light construct of Q and,on a extremely low voice and with his reptilian accent,said:

"Thankssss,they were deliciousssss."

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"Good! Now, mingle dammit!"

The Hard-light construct grabbed Reptile by his neck and threw him towards Pyre at half the speed of sound.

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@lastpyre: @perezite: Reptile couldn't do much,but avoid hitting the fire creature he was aimed at.Getting back on his feet,he looked to Q with an enraged expression,than turned his head to Pyre.

"I am sssssorry for that."

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It seemed that the reptile man had good reflexes for Last Pyre barley noticed that he had been flying into him before the man apologised. "There is no need to apologize my serpent friend"He said with his hand still extended out to shake with the Doctor. Last Pyre always liked snakes, after all it was a snake that tempted Eve to bite the apple in the garden of Edan "But before I continue with the Doctor, what is your name?".

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"My name issss a ssssecret,fire creature,but you can call me Reptile.And yoursssss?"

The lizard humanoid was amazed,in all those years of experience,he had never saw a fire creature before.

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Last Pyre lowered his hand and turned his body towards Reptile. "Normally I would not give my name without you giving me yours first, but seeing as people here already know it there is not much point in keeping it secret" He took a moment and paused, he starting moulding a fireball into different shapes before continuing "I go by the name of Last Pyre" He formed the fire ball into a small snake which hissed and spat a tiny amount of flames out of its mouth. Last Pyre open the palm of his other flaming hand and the small fires went into it as did the snake. Last Pyre enjoyed playing around with the fires he had, it was somewhat therapeutic for him.

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Reptile watched the whole scene in silence,it looked like Pyre had a certain like for snakes.

"Nicccce to meet you,Pyre.It sssseemssss you are the demon the othersss were bragging about."

To answer Last Pyre's gesture,Reptile created an acid bubble and shaped it on the form of a flame,than expanded it while the construct rised on the air,above their heads,making it explode on minor flames,while they were falling back to his hand,where they faded.

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A New Player Approaches!

8. i_like_swords character sheet!

Name: Caribos

Race: Greek

Age: 67

Height: 6’5

Gender: Male

Attributes: Strength 1 Speed 4 Acceleration 1 Physical Durability 1 TP Durability 1 Soul Durability 1 Fighting Skill 1 Cosmic Awareness 4 Compressed Destruction 1 Power Proficiency 5

Weapons: Multi-Staffs, Hellfire Whip

Powers: Conjuration, Soul commanding, Shapeshifting, Telepathy

Appearance: Below

Power Source: The realm of Hades. Hellfire.

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@perezite: (the lack of females on the team is huge xD)

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@demolitionguy: @hudyman: The keeper was amazed as he saw this phonebox of sorts appear in front of him "that is a nice form of transport" he remarked to the doctor,something caught the keepers eye a lizard man had started a conversation with the last pyre this intriged him as to why the lizard man had not been here the whole time.