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Setting: S.H.E.L.D Helicarrier 70 feet above Kansas City
Time: Four months after Secret Invasion
Characters: Thunderbolt, Kitty, Stone, Iron, Ferro Vida, LightBright, Venom-Hulker_1, and Swordsman
Theme: Aftermath of Secret Invasion
The Death of Thunderbolt.....

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Secret Invasion.....

Thuunderbolt led his Mighty Avengers into victory against the skrulls in Orlando, Florida.  His sister killed every skrull in sight at The Basement of Mechanics.  Iron and Stone defeated the skrulls in New York.  His Avengers broke up due to the trust factor.  His team was a team for four days but they worked together like they had been together for four years.  He made great friends in such little time.  LightBright, Hardartist, and Ferro Vida.  The original line-up was Kitty, Ferro Vida, LightBright, Hardartist, and himself.  After the Arcade situation more members joined such as Venom-Hulker_1 and NewSwordsman.  Members left like Iron an Swordsman.  He ask people "Who wants to stay on the Mighty Avengers" but few answered.  The Secret Invasion is over it is now four months later and Thunderbolt sits in his chair.

Funez Warehouse: Now......

Thunderbolt places pictures on his table of heroes.  Such as Mark1212, Kurrent, Feral Nova, and Desilation.  "Who should be the next line-up of the Mighty Avengers?"  Thunderbolt hears a door open, he stands up, his armor covers his body, and he is shocked by a taser.  He drops to the ground, he sees Maria Hill walk in, and Tony.  "I'm sorry Bolt but we have no choice but to take you in."  Tony walks out the room in a sad mood.  Maria Hill laughs  "This is the alien warrior, BRING HIM TO THE HELICARRIER ! !"  Thunderbolt knows this deals with the Secret Invasion and that he is 20% skrull.  For some odd reason he remembers NightWolf of the LaS.  He was part of the Comicvine Initiative.  One of Thunderbolt's short lived teams.

Comicvine Initiative HQ.....

"NightWolf is our best student right now Bolt."  Thunderbolt is surprised that this newcomer is doing so well.  He had great hopes for this young hero and he wanted him for the Mighty Avengers.  Recently NightWolf has joined the LaS Thunderbolt was upset but what could he do?  His flashback is cut off by another when he helped a man called Boss Man assemble a team called Heroes for Hire.  It was one month after the Secret Invasion.

Statue of Liberty.....

Thunderbolt was a messenger for the man known as Boss Man.  He never spoke to the Heroes for Hire he was just there for show.  All he handled was the contracts but he did choose two people for the team.  Kitty for her work with the Avengers and Stone for her ninja skills.  (This is continued in the rpg "Money makes the world turn")  His flashback stops once again this time he wakes up and Maria Hill is in front of him. 

Helicarrier 100 feet above Funez Warehouse......

"Are you working with the skrulls?"  Thunderbolt doesn't answer her because he thinks she is really stupid.  "Is the Secret Invasion over?"  Thunderbolt replies "I don't know."  She gives him a mean look.  "Yes, you doyou dam skrull." Thunderbolt gets scared when both Tony and Fury walk in.  He falls asleep from a needle. Maria Hill says the most bitter words Thunderbolt has ever heard "The Death of Thunderbolt."

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Mark stops watching Thunderbolt walking into a warehouse. He had been tracking this man down for awhile. Making sure to keep to the shadows and tops of buildings he steadied himself. He knew one false move could land him in luliby land. Crouching he looked towards a small window where he can see the view of the inside. His visabiality wasn't so great from being so far away from the actual window but he could faintly make out a mystiq of a man. Turning down in haste making sure he could see what Thunderbolt was doing he took out his binoculars.Focusing Mark noticed that Thunderbolt was looking at something on a table Focusing them  even harder  he looks into the things Thunderbolt was staring at. There were three picturest .

One of them was one of his own face and others he couldn't make out .  Pulling back from the binoculars  he muttered to himself " What the hell does this guy have with a dang picture of me ." He couldn't figure out where it had come from or if it was a cut and paste picture from his various fights. He couldn't guess or think about it's lesser meaning in this. He had only been tracking this Thunderbolt dude because people wanted to know if he was a skrull ,not just any people high up there people. People who could burn you to the stake and no one  would ever look to see what had happened. He had taken the job but only out of fear of what would of happened if he declined. The Goverment worked in strange ways Mark knew.

Looking back into the binoculars he saw a dark black van roll up infront of the entrance. It had no markings on for its car plats which estranged Mark on why a unmarked veichle would be parked infront of a building a super hero was in and why they hadn't been pulled over yet. Watching closer three people jumped out of the veichle in haste. As they went towards the door and opened it  there was no clashing or anything. No resistance really at all . Thunderbolt had just let the vaugly looking shield people take him. He looked like he had no resentment towards them but a sort of resentment for what they had becomed by working for this very secret part of the Gov.
 Watching a couple more minutes of this unbealevable events  Mark's eyes were completly glued to the Binoculars . He watched as  the four people walked into the car slowly and took off down the road. Taking his binoculars he stuck them into his pouch. He was going to have to tell the team Thunderbolt was on about the situation. Getting up from the crouching position he turned. Shocked he took a step back . Two men were behind him and he hadn't even heard them . They were about twenty feet away and were only motioning Mark to give into them. He didn't agree so shaking his head he cracked his knuckles and some parts of his kneck ready to brawl it out.

As they relized he wasn't going to give up they moved into a defensive stance. Knowing they wanted a fight Mark bolted off towards them. He knew there had to be not one person to know what he had seen and these guys were the only persons. Jumping Mark performed a  kangaroo kick with his super strength pushing the first man 5 feet into the wall behind him . Dropping Mark ducked . The second man had tried to get a sucker punch at him. Performing pressure points onto the legs of the vauge looking man he watched as the legs gave way and the man fell with pain. Getting up Mark walked with a fast pace over and punched the head of the second man causing instant death.

Looking up Mark saw the bud of a gun. Before he could react a shot rang into his chest.  Feeling the shock Mark flew a couple of feet before landing back first into the ground. Getting up with the bullet still in his body Mark could feel the crimsion blood dripping down the whole towards his feet which had some droplets already on them. taking a quick breath Mark bolted yet again at the man who had been kangaroo kicked into the wall. Jumping Mark dodged four bullets before dropping infront of his target. Swipping the metallic gun in his left hand Mark let one shot go off into the first man splatering blood onto Mark's clothes. 

Dropping the gun Mark waited for his adreneline to go down as his body healed the rest of the remaining blood fell onto his legs . Looking up Mark knew that he had to reach the Avengers and fast.


Reaching the team base after flying off from the bloody rooftop Mark couldn't believe what was happening . The man he had been watching Thunderbolt had just been abducted with no resistence .Then two vague looking men with nothing but a suit and a  couple of guns  tried to come get Mark who had witnessed it all . Dropping down on the first step Mark took a breath to recollect these things if he was asked what had happened during the time. Then without warning he walked up the steps knowing that his life was about to get harder than before.

Punching the door with hast Mark walked over it . Looking around he knew he was covered in blood from head to toes by others but he had to get the message to the team. Takng a deep breath he started saying." Thunderbolt has been taken by people i dont know , they to me look like shield agents but i don't know."
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WAL Headquarters...

Felix shot upright in his bed, drenched in a cold sweat. His heart was pounding and adrenaline was pumping through his veins as a single sentence was left on his mind. "The death of Thunderbolt." That was all he could remember of the nightmare he had just suffered through. Getting up from his bed, Ferro streched as he tried to shake the sense of foreboding that lingered in his mind. Not having much success at this, he decided to look around his newest home, the WAL headquarters. The first team he had been on, the Avengers, had disbanded after fighting off the invasion forces out of mutual distrust. He felt that he had a bigger target on his back than the others, because of his shape-shifting. After that he had come upon a rough patch, having no money and being a prime suspect for betraying the human race was added to his already impressive rap-sheet of false accusations.

Padding silently through the enormous mansion so that he wouldn't wake any of the others, Felix arrived at the kitchen and, stumbling past the chairs strewn about the floor toward the sink. He turned the tap on and cupped his hands under the gushing tap, splashing the cool liquid on his face. Looking back across the chaos stricken room, he began tidying up, pushing in the chairs and picking up scattered bits of pizza from the floor and walls. They had been about to eat when the emergency alarm went off. The entire team immediately scrambled for the door, dropping everything. Thinking of the mission they had just completed caused the young hero to think back to his first mission with the Avengers, when they routed the Skrull invasion force in Orlando. Unfortunately, that had also been one of their last missions.

 Reminiscing about his old team, Felix felt compelled to take out his old communicator. Sitting back in the large living room of the headquaters, he held the device loosely in his hands, staring intently at the large red A on the center of it. He found his mind wandering back to his former teammates, especially Thunderbolt. The last thought from his nightmare had thoroughly shaken him. Thunderbolt was their team leader, and was the only one more accused of being a Skrull agent than Felix, Partly because Thunderbolt had a little Skrull in him. Twenty percent to be exact. Inspite of the accusations against him and his twisted sense of humour, 'Bolt had been a good leader, and the major reason that they had survived the attack in Orlando.

Felix was shocked from his thoughts when the communicator went off in his hand. tossing it up in surprise, Ferro dived forward to catch it, reacting just fast enough to save the small device. Fumbling as he tried to answer it, Felix flicked it open and held it up to his ear. "Um... hello?"
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Light Bright pinched her nose with her fingers and gagged. The smell was awful. She'd been wading around in the sewers for a good few hours now, but man, the stench just seemed to keep getting worse. The things she'd do for friends. In this case Light Bright was waist deep in human waste because S.H.E.I.L.D had asked her to track down any remaining Skrulls from the Secret Invasion. Even though she hated Nick Fury, Maria Hill and anyone else to do with S.H.E.I.L.D she had begrudgingly agreed. And her search had led her here, the scummy underground of New York City. Had it not only been four months ago that she'd been a respected member on a team that had helped fight the Skrull? And now she was a government lackey stomping through the sewer looking for Skurll droppings. Yes, droppings.
Light Bright missed Thunderbolt and the rest of the team. She'd give anything to fight with them again, but sadly their first mission had been their last. Nostalgia almost took away from the foul odor of the sewers. Almost. Laura was desperate to get the heck out of that putrid place. Willing her already luminescent aura to get brighter she pushed on scanning the grimy walls, until...finally! Laura bent down and examining the squishy green substance. It wasn't poop, but it was Skrull for sure, and that's all she needed. Laura turned on her heel and hightailed it of there.

Once back on the surface world Light Bright ignored the indignant stares from the people walking by and slid the manhole cover back into place. Taking in a deep lungful of fresh air, Laura began to burn the foul smelling refuse from her legs. Finally feeling a little clean she took to the air, headed for the rooftop where she'd hiden her civvies.
As Light Bright changed her mind wandered back to the Mighty Avengers. People she'd probably never see again. She paused and reached into her pocket for her cell phone. It couldn't hurt, she thought, I'll just give Bolt a call and see how he's doing.
Laura dialed the number from memory alone and held the phone up to her ear. There was silence and then a dial tone.
"Weird." Laura tried several more times, each time with the same result. She was sure she had the right number; so was something wrong with Thunderbolt's phone? Or worse, was something wrong with Thunderbolt. Panic ripped through Laura for an instant before she calmed herself. Bolt was smart, he was probably fine, just forgot to pay his phone bill or something dumb like that. Still...
"Wherever you are, Bolt, I hope you're okay..."

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S.H.E.L.D Headquarters 100 feet above Funez Warehouse....

"Wake up Bolt."  Bolt opens his eyes he is no longer strapped to a table but sitting on a seat.  Nick Fury apologizes realizing Thunderbolt is 20% skrull and helped defeat the Invasion.  "You can go Thunderbolt."  Thunderbolt starts yelling "How dare you capture me and then when you realize I'm innocent let me go."  Nick and Maria are shocked by his tone and reply with a sorry.  Thunderbolt storms out the room rams Tony and calls him an @$$.  He doesn't care if Tony is hurt, he doesn't care if Maria and Nick are sorry he just wants to leave.  He hears his phone ring numerous times but doesn't answer.  He jumps out the Helicarrier, his armor covers his body, and flies right back to his base.  A cannon shoots him to the ground.  His armor begins to melt and by the time it comes off he is already on the ground crying.  Thunderbolt feels nothing but pain.  If the S.H.I.E.L.D left who is shooting him?  It's S.W.O.R.D's Abigail Brand and she is pissed.  Her gun looks like a hand gun but it shoots like a rocket launcher.  She says what Maria said "The Death of Thunderbolt"  "Maria and Nick let me go because I'm only 20 % skrull and the Invasion is over so leave me alone."  She doesn't care one bit "Maria and Nick are wrong they are always wrong."

Outside of Funez Warehouse......

Thunderbolt sees the man called Mark1212 run inside the warehose but no one is inside.  Thunderbolt presses a button on his shirt setting Ferro Vida's and LightBright's communicators on.  He hears Ferro Vida say "Um....hello?"  Thunderbolt begins to yell at the top of his lungs.  "I don't want to die, I didn't do anything wrong I'm not a skrull."  Abigail shoots and a big explosion emerges from the ground.  Thunderbolt's eyes close for one final time.  There is just one problem he is not dead.  Abigail missed and drops to the ground saying sorry.  She leaves but this is not over.  Thunderbolt gets up looking like garbage he falls into someones hands.  It's not human and he knows it for sure.  "Today is not my lucky day is it Super-Skrull?"
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June 7, 2008....

It was Thunderbolt's birthday, Stone and Bolt were no longer enemies they were now friends.  After the party was done me and him were left.  I started to talk with him and one thing led to another and we were sleeping together.  Personally she had a wonderful night. I made sure it was the best birthdady he ever had.  Once that was done she went to sleep on his chest. She wondered if this meant wer were no a official couple.  Except she wrong really wrong.  She woke up the next day without him in bed. "Thunderbolt are you in here."  No one answered her, she ran to the bathroom and threw up.  She got dressed ran outside, jumped in her BMW and drove to the drug store.  She then asked herself "Am I pregnant."

June 8, 2008

Stone is now in her bed. Looking at a test and drops to the ground.  She began to cry because she was pregnant with a man she had a one night stand with.  She felt stupid with herself. How would she tell Thunderbolt that she was pregnant with his baby.  She felt like her life was over.  It wasn't the babies fault that he or she is going to be born in 9 months.  It was hers for not being safe. A stupid teenager would make that descision.  Cassandra walks to her room not knowing how to confront Thunderbolt then she comes up with an idea she won't tell him she is pregnant.  She will just keep it a secret.  She then says "Todays date is June 8, 2007.

September 15, 2008...

She is now 3 months old and is currently in a team called the Heroes for Hire.  She clicks on first objective and a villians name pops up.  (This continues on Money makes the world turn rpg)  She then wonders if she should call Thunderbolt.  So she runs to the bathroom and dials his number.  All she hears his a man screaming, she closes the phone, and cries.  Is Thunderbolt okay, he sounds like he is in trouble.  She opens the door and walks to her blue bed.  She lays down and cries some more.  Her location Heroes for Hire HQ inside the Statue of Liberties crown.
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The funny thing about taking another's life away is, how much it used to bother Nightwolf. Now he had released the inhibition and was one of the greatest killers the world had to offer. Standing over a weakened hero, well, less a hero, more an idiot in a spandex suit, Nightwolf thought of the many ways in which he could kill him. What was more important thought Nightwolf, was how this hero managed to get himself in this predicament.........

It had started as a simple job. Man kills family, father of the family is wealthy, and wanted revenge, he paid the LaS to make it happen. Nightwolf took the job, and the paycheck. He spent about 20 minutes tracking the moron who killed the family and eventually had him more or less cornered. That was until some idiot in a costume swooped in and decided to play hero, and not well. This did not sit well with Nightwolf, as he had a man to kill and he would really enjoy just getting the job done.

The whole experience reminded Nightwolf of back when he himself was a hero, learning the ropes in the Comic Vine Initiative. This was a big experience in his career and changed how  he looked at heroes in general. The Initiative started out well enough, with a group of young heroes banding together under the tutelage of Thunderbolt and his team, in order to become true heroes and great fighters, Unfortunately the entire thing fell apart within weeks, Many of the young heroes didn't do what they were told nor did they pay any attention to there lessons. The young focused Nightwolf was disgusted with the idiocy of these heroes and left the Initiative as the only one who had gotten anything out of it. The only person whom Nightwolf remained close with was Thunderbolt, the leader of the entire Initiative. Nightwolf and Thunder made sure that Nightwolf would be prepared for the big time and prepared he was. Then Nightwolf acquired a new mentor and a new team in the LaS. They trained him to be 10X as powerful as he had ever been and made sure he was a force to be reckoned with. Nightwolf had completely lost his faith in heroes.

The entire experience destroyed Thunder's and Night's relationship and caused a major rift between them.  Thunder didn't approve of Nightwolf becoming a villain, and Nightwolf was disgusted that Thunder couldn't see that he was fighting for the wrong side, the weak side. This led to them never speaking again.

....Nightwolf had quickly grabbed the hero and his victim to be, no strategy was even required as both were inept. Quickly he used his flamethrowers to incinerate the man who he been sent after, and then moved on to the hero who had trifled him. "Who sent you" Nightwolf demanded. The hero was in shock, Nightwolfs reputation preceeded him. "I-I-I, well, I'm one of Th-Th Thunderbolt's trainees" stammered the terrified young hero. Nightwolf was furious, "How could he ever start training again, his last attempt was an ugly failure and when he had his chance to join me he let it go" Nightwolf was even more upset that he had been interfered with during a job and eyed this recruit carefully before saying "There is only one person, to blame for your death, and he will meet the same fate" Nightwolfs blade went through the throat and into the brain of the young hero, as he said "Thunderbolt"

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Standing there Mark could not hear anything . No commotion just silence,He had brought all of this energy in the team base for nothing. No one was in the base it seemed. Dropping to the floor do to the exhaustion he had felt he took deep ,short,elegant breaths. Knowing that if no one was here than he was going to have to search he got up quickly. Taking a step off the broken door he took his first actual step on the ground in the Base. His shoes we're bloodied so he knew this place would be a sort of mess when he was gone . Walking to a hallway he looked at the first door on his right.

Knocking loudly , he could not here any movement from the other side of the door. Yet when he had tried to open it it had been locked. Looking down Mark saw a mat. Bending over he caught a glimpse of his bloody foot prints. Grabbing the mat he looked underneath it. There was no key and Mark was getting already so quckly fusterated at the thought of haveing to look. then he laughed a bit remembering he had super powers and could knock the door down in a instance.

 Grabbing the palm of his hand he slowly lifted his hand to eye level. Then pulling his arm back he straightly punched into the door. The doors hinges broke instantly snapping in a loud sound of metal being broken in half . As it flew off the broken hinges it slightly turned left and crashed into a nearby wall. Looking in he wiped his bloody shoes on the map before entering.

Moving in he looked around. The room seemed important to Thunderbolt and probably was his quarters since there was a bed on a wall to the left side of the room. Taknig a step in he noticed the walls barren exept for the occasional pictures of Thunderbolt and probably what seemed to Mark was Thunderbolt's team mates and friends. Walking to a short desk in the middle of the room which had been broken in the right hand side of it Mark looked down.
Sure enough there was a EMERGENCY BUTTON in red letters. Thinking for a minute Mark couldn't tell if he should press the button or look for Thunderbolt himself . Deciding that he would need help Mark pressed the button . A Communicator popped out next to the button. Grabbing it Mark put it to his ears and locked it. Then he pressed the ON button in the middle of the Communicator.  Emmediatly he caught the screaming of a man. He couldn't tell who it was but to Mark he only knew one name. THUNDERBOLT. He couldn't tell if Thunderbolt was being torchered but he knew that T was in alot of pain.

As the screaming ceased Mark could only think of THE DEATH OF THUNDERBOLT. But he didn't want to exept it , at least not yet.  In haste Mark turned off his communicator. He couldn't bear to hear anymore screaming if it started back up again. Taking a breath heartily he could feel fear in his head. What ever caused that much pain would surely be high tech or at least close to it.

 Pulling open a drawer Mark pulled out a folder. It was labled future members and others. Grabbing it viciously Mark opened the folder. Grabbing the papers in it he straightened them and laid them straight on the desk. Then he looked at the folder a bit more for any other writting. When he was done he hadn't found anything else and crumbled the paper. Grabbing the crumbled folder in his left hand Mark threw it easely over his shoulder.

Looking back at the papers that had been in the labeled folder he read the first name.Nightwolf3 : RED. Night was one of the members of the initiative which fell in weeks causing a major break down in chain of command.. Night had then searched for teachers and found LAS OR LOS cannot be comfimed which. He is now a dangerous ciminal . He is to be taken as armed and dangerous do not take lightly.

Stopping Mark stood awed.Nightwolf had been in the Initiative that Mark had assiociated with for awhile. It had ended but Mark didn't see Nightwolf actually turning red . Stopping his reading Mark folded the paper hot dog style and put it in one of his pockets. He knew the rest of the people Thunder had associated with like , Lightbright,stone92, and Ferro Vida .Sealing the pockets he moved on. Putting his hand to the communicator he turned it only. He could only hear silence he knew the screaming had ceased but mabe Thunderbolt's team members were still on

Pressing the speak button on his communicator he spoke authortivly and questionfully at the same time to comfirm his suspicions." HELLO. Can anyone here me . My name is Mark1212 and I've dire information. OVER." Stopping for a minute to let it seep into anyone listening he continued." Thunderbolt as you might have guessed was the one screaming. I personally saw him being abducted with no force. He hadn't laid a finger to stop who ever it was so i'm guessing it was S.H.I.E.L.D.  "

Stopping again by letting go of the speak button he took two big breaths before continuing yet agiain." Again if anyone is listening i 'm repeating. Thunderbolt has been abducted by what i think is the secret goverment force S.H.I.E.L.D. If anyone is wondering why i'm on this communicator it is because I personally saw this happen  when I was asked to follow him on suspicions on being a skrull and  I feel I need to help out. Even if you don't want a outsiders help i'm in this to find Thunderbolt. So let's get moving ..........
FIrst  I need to know your exact location. Trust me I can be there in a second. Second if you see Nightwolf3 anywhere report it to me so I can deal with him occordingly . Evil has no course in this fight. Thirdly don't take anyone lightly .. ..... if I am right and SHIELD did take him then suspect anyone of being a agent. They might be following you right now . Make sure to stay safe. As of now i'm in the Avenger's team base . OVER..."

Ending transmission he made sure that if anyone anwsered he could hear them easily. Then leaving the room he walked out into the hallway and proceded to the front door, but before leaving he grabbed a towel from the bathroom and wiped himself clean of the blood of those unlucky men. Dropping the towel at the front door he took a breath and stepped out onto the worn stairs. Stopping at the last one he knelt down and sat knowing he needed to take a break for a minute.

Leaning his head on a bar he breathed slowly before coming back to realty knowing that one more of those and he could dose straight off into a slumber that couldnt be broken. Now waiting patiently he said." I hope they anwser quickly if there listening cause I don't think I can do this alone..........."

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Avengers Base....

Thunderbolt sees the man known as Mark1212 he was in Thunderbolts' Future Avengers file.  He doesn't see Bolt at all.  The Super-Skrull is now dead thanks to his new powers.  Pain equals dying skrull in Bolts' current state.  Bolt yells at him trying to get his attention.  He gets no answer at all.  Probablly because he is crawling on the ground.  Bolt knows someone is going to try to kill him.  He wonders why this is happening to him as well as the location of the other Avengers.  He wants to know why a helmet of Penance is right in front of him.  Bolt touches his head and realizes that he is now bald.  He begans to cry and he remembers helping the man known as Boss Man.

Statue of Liberty....

He remembers that the Heroes for Hire being assembled was yesterday.  He keep saying months ago when it was yesterday.  Stone was not talking to him.  She passed out when seeing him.  It was a crazy day.  He sees a mini belly on her.  He wonders if she is pregnant or just fat.  He ignored it and walked out the room.  After giving them thier one-year contracts.  He likes Stone a lot but can never tell her it would change their friendship completely.  Speaking to her would be weird especially after his birthday.

Avengers Base.....

Thunderbolt picks up this helmet and raises it in the air.  He feels the presence of another villian.  He turns arounds and say "You can run but you can't hide" he now sees a tail.  "Kitty is that you?" he gets no answer.  He wonders if this person is truly his sister.  Her name is Jocelyn Funez a.k.a Kitty.  He puts the helmet on and a costume comes out of it covering his body.  He turns around to see if Mark1212 is still at the base.  Until he hears a "Grrrr"

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In front of Mark1212...

"Forgive me father for I have sinned."
  Kitty looks at this man thinking he killed her brother Thunderbolt.  She clicks a button on her wrist.  Activating sharp claws that resemble knives.  Kitty got here from the Statue of Liberty using her super speed.  It was hard because she had to leave her team for her brother.  She doesn't know how he got from New York to Kansas is 20 minutes but ignores that.  Family always comes first she thinks to herself.  Her claw gets closer and closer to the face of Mark1212.  She takes a deep breath and her claw is now in front of Mark1212 hopefully scratching him either in the cheek or shoulder.  Mom always said "Brother and sister must always stick together because one day you might need one another."

July 25, 1971....

Kitty was born Jocelyn Odette Funez a great name in her moms' opinion.  Her and Bolt had a wonderful childhood they were the best of friends.  Until his thirteenth birthday when Juwon was launched into space.  Only to return four years later.  She was now fourteen, wore only black, with a lightning bolt on it.  She was emotional for awhile without Juwon.  She didn't even speak to him when he came back.  She tried murdering her own brother.

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Mark sat at the bottom step for a long time. There was nothing from the other side of the communicator. The quite beat of wind that wistled made Mark almost relax a bit but he knew that never lasted long enough to make him really piece full. Then as if time had slowed A women appeared infront of him. He lifted his head. She looked like the sister of Thunderbolt.. if Mark could remember right her name for short was Kitty .Opening his jaw about to speak he closed it back up quickly clenching it. Kitty had a look of hate towards Mark . As she neared closer to him he wondered what she was doing. Nearing close to his face claws clicked into view . To Mark they shined into his face making his right eye squint alittle as he turned his head side ways. Then without reprecution kitty lashed out into Mark's face.

He didn't have time to recover so Mark just sat there as the index, middle, and ring finger clawed at his right cheeck leaving three identical marks. Feeling the seering pain Mark clenched his teeth and let it seer alittle more as he brethed deeply through his nose making sure he wasn't going to lose his senses. As his cheek healed Mark did a back flip onto a higher pair of stairs and stood.

He didn't know what Kitty wanted , but if she had come because of Thunderbolt than she must know that at least he was hurt. Or worse thought that Mark had killed Thunderbolt. Taking the last of his thoughts he knew she had some sensetive hearing. The type of which you can hear a high pitched scream in seconds and act without thinking. Moving his head side to side as it cracked he also bunched his hands and let them crack also

When he was done he said a couple of words hoping that Kitty wouldn't attack back ." I.....I.... didn't kill your brother. I'm looking for him. If you don't believe me don't but if I have to hurt you to find him........ I will without hesetation."  Then Mark lifted his fingers and pointed at Kitty to make sure she knew he was talking to her without the sense of fear. Gripping his hands Mark jumped off of the stairs.

He then landed on his fours quickly getting up. Turning left towards Kitty he attempted to jabs to her abdomen and then a drop kick in a clean blow after blow sort of way. Letting his attack go he jumped over Kitty and attempted to pressure point her left arm so it wouldn't move anymore.Then he jumped back and stopped . He still couldn't hear anything else on the communicator so his hopes of allies was low .

Getting in a defensive stance Mark waited for Kitty to make her next move.He had also flailed the attacks making sure that even if they did hit they wouldnt hurt. then he said loud" He's not here i'm telling the truth ... let me help you."

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There was something special about the training Nightwolf received, and it put him above most other normal humans. Aside from already being one of the greatest athletes to have ever lived, Nightwolf was trained by Batman, Nightwing, Thunderbolt, and Gambler. Each one taught him something specific, and when all of these things were combined, Nightwolf was nearly unstoppable. From Gambler, Nightwolf learned to battle, not just fight but battle. From Batman he learned detective skills, and the ability to hide in the shadows unnoticed. From Nightwing he learned to let nobody force you to be anyone you didn't want to be and always be your own man. From Thunderbolt, well Thunderbolt taught Nightwolf the thing that would lead to his demise, Thunderbolt taught Nightwolf, to never give up....

Nightwolf had been searching for weeks, he had no indication as to where 'Bolt would be, and needed a lead. Finally he decided to return to his old stomping grounds, the Comic Vine Initiative base of operations. Now abandoned, Nightwolf knew that with the help of a certain computer he would be able to reactivate the base and use it as his own base of operations. Nightwolf called the Oracle computer in the LaS mansion and began to speak to it, "Oracle, I need you to activate the, Comic Vine Initiative base." As the lights began to flicker on Oracle responded in its female voice "Base activated, mission successful" Nightwolf now had the tools he needed to defeat those who had wronged him, and finally kill any hero who was in his way.

Nightwolf knew that Thunderbolt would realize that the abandoned base had been reactivated and he would send someone to find out what had happened, if not come himself. Nightwolf smiled gleefully as he activated the Danger Room that he had much trained in as a young hero. He set it so that replicas of Thunderbolt, Mark1212, and Kitty were roaming around the grounds, depending on who showed up he would be able to unleash his plan and finally cause The Death of Thunderbolt

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She couldn't feel anything in her left arm.  She drops to the ground.  "You son of a gun, you hurt my brother and now me."  Kitty doesn't believe that Mark1212 is innocent.  She gets up and looks at Mark1212.  She doesn't know whether to talk or fight.  An idea sparks in Kitty's mind.  If I get drop this man to the ground without my left arm.  I can then step on his neck and ask him some questions.  She then puts her right arm up in a fighting postion showing him I want to fight.  A tear runs down my face because my brother is dead because of this man and because I can't feel my left arm at all which sucks a lot.  Due to this fight right now.

Kitty jumps in the air with her foot facing Mark's chest.  She then uses her super speed to get to his body faster.  Second by second she can feel the wind blow in her face.  Her tears fly off her face.  Her foot finally reaches Mark1212's chest.  Hopefully knocking him to the ground.  Kitty wonders if this man is innocent what will she tell him "I'm sorry."  I doubt he will forgive her.  Kitty turns her head and goes in shock.  Thunderbolt is alive and she is fighting this man for no reason.  She hopes her kick misses Mark1212.

Opening her eyes wide, taking a deep breath, and opening her mouth Kitty says "I'm sorry Mark"

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Noticing that Kitty was still trying to fight Mark defended himself. He took out a less lethal knife incase a item might be thrown towards Mark. As he stands there he doesn't understand why she continues. Why she keeps going . He didn't do anything. He couldn't kill Thunderbolt himself. So why would she not reason with him. Those were  the thing that raced through Mark's mind a hundred times with no anwser. The only anwser Mark had was IDK. Watching as Kitty jumped Mark slightly ducked and rolled to the left narrowly dodging Kitty's foot which ended up three inches away from his body.

Getting up Mark pulled back. Kitty's arm was down since Mark's attack had hit and even without a arm she continued to try to fight Mark which made him respect her more than he did already from reading about her. Then he hears her say three words that stick to him like a thorn. " I'm sorry Mark." Now he knew that she wasn't as bad as she had just been acting . Dropping his dagger he lowered his head.

What was he even going to do with it . It was the one item he had brought and he no longer needed it. Leaving it on the floor he let a tear run down his face for the first time ever." I'm sorry too." he said saddened since Kitty might of lost all she had and he hadn't lost a thing in his life. He had though been a foster child but still he didn't have family that he knew and loved who just died and death was shrouded in mystery.

Wiping the tear from his face he took a deep breath. Then he started the hopefully friendly conversation. " I think I know who killed your brother... but for just this time please try to trust me . I know it looks like i did kill your brother but i didn't lay a finger on him . Please listen to reason." Then he waited to see Kitty's responce.

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"My brother is not dead Mark" she turns and points at Thunderbolt crawling on the ground.  Just sit down and take a deep breath Mark.  Kitty noticed Marks' tear thinking it was cute.  Kitty regained feeling in her left arm.  She used her left arm to do a front flip to make sure it worked properly.  Kitty began running towards her brother Thunderbolt.  Kitty was now in front of her brother.  "Juwon Jorge Funez don't you ever scare me like that ever again."  She begans to cry a river.  "At first I was petrified but then I knew that you were safe because saw you face to face."  She began to sing because her singing always put a smile on her brothers face.

"Don't you ever scare me like that again."  She knew her brother couldn't talk because he was hurt.  Kitty noticed the new costume and was afraid because it didn't look like her brother.  Yet it was him it was her brother.  Kitty picks up a piece of Bolts' "old armor" and it begins to glow red.  "Red always mean emergency right Bolt?" but before he answers they disappear.  Mark, Kitty, and Thunderbolt land in the old Comic VineInitiative HQ.  A team her brother made to teach new comers of the hero business.  She then sees the boy known as Nightwolf of LaS or LoS, Kitty really doesn't know.  Kitty turns to Bolt who is now standing in fighting position.

She turns to Mark and gives him a wink.  "No one is hurting my brother Nightwolf so either fight me or die it's your choice ."  Kitty doesn't care that she is a hero and heroes never kill.  She got tired of the word "TheDeath of Thunderbolt."  Whoever says that is getting my fist down their throat Kitty said to herself.  Kitty wants to fight Nightwolf because she knows he wants to fight Thunderbolt.  "Why do you want to fight or in this case kill by brother Nightwolf?"  Kitty only gets silence.  "I sware you hurt my brother your LaS @$$ is going to get kicked."  Kitty gets in a fighting postion waiting for NightWolf.

Kitty then wonders how that little piece of armor teleported three people to the same exact spot.  No matter what the answer was she had to protect her brother Thunderbolt.

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This was pathetic, two great heroes had teleported with the little girl, yet she was the one confronting him. "I sware you hurt my brother your LaS @$$ is going to get kicked" said the girl as she prepared to fight him. "I don't want to have to kill you, I want to give you a chance to stand down." said Nightwolf, as he readied himself to squash this little bug that stood in his way. The girl never stood down, Nightwolf said, "Looks like I'm going to have to kill you." With that he decided to test her, and began his assault.

First Nightwolf unsheathed both of the blades from his wrists and grabbed a modified batarang in each gloved hand. In one swift motion, Nightwolf threw the two weapons carefully aiming one between the eyes and the other at her left leg. Next, Nightwolf used the danger room controls to instill fear into the girl. Fear, was the greatest weapon against any enemy thought Nightwolf as he littered the floor with dying Thunderbolts, the girls senses would become so overloaded she should be completely out of it. Finally attempting to take advantage of what he thought should be an opening Nightwolf aimed his flamethrower at her attempting to burn her.

Nightwolf knew that this girl would have to die in order for him to reach his ultimate goal, and had no problems with making sure that her death happened. He would worry about the weak one first then would move on to Mark and finally exact his revenge on Thunderbolt. He was sure that the LaS would praise him for taking out three heroes on this day. Smugly he continued his fight

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When Kitty said the words." My brother is not dead." he thought she was in total denial then she points at a figure crawling on the ground. It was Thunderbolt. He wasn't dead at all. Then she told Mark to sit down. He did and took his breath watching as she regained feeling in her left arm. She then commited a front flip to make sure it was working before running towards Thunder.  She stood infront of Mark but he couldn't hear what she was saying so left it as a family "Talk " session. Then without any indication Kitty says something and picks up a piece of Bolt's armour. It glowed red and everything went completly dark.

Somehow in that milla second they appeared in the middle of The old Comic Vine Initiative HQ. Which used to be a training area for new young energenitc heroes to pass into a brand new generation. The team failed sadly and the building had remaind abandon till now. Mark had finnally noticed Kitty and Bolt after  thinking of what this place used to be before it rusted out.

Then Mark notices a third figure. A figure of a old time apprentice of Thunderbolt's . Nightwolf3 had appearently been here for awhile Mark had guessed because he was so casual.  Then his gaze shifted to Kitty who turned around and gave him a happy wink. Then she starts to say." No one is hurting my brother , Nightwolf , so either fight me or die it's your choice." Mark smirked alittle . Kitty was authoritve when she wanted to be which was funny in Mark's mind.

Noticing everyone else in defensive stances Mark switched into one also. Then Kitty continued some more talking which Mark knocked out of his mind as the adrenaline slowly started to pump into his head.Watching as Nightwolf unsheathed his swords Mark moved fast.  Grabbing his swords by unsheathing them he blocked one of the boomerangs aimed at her eye that had been thrown by Nightwolf which Mark hadn't seen. He wasn't able to block the one to the leg but he couldn't see if Kitty was hurt or not. 

Nodding his head as he turned around for a second he started his move . He wanted the first piece of this so called "Nightwolf." Turning back to face Nightwolf Mark put a straight face on and pulled his left leg back to stay on equal weight. Swishing his sword he said in a loud voice." To get to them you have to get to me . So seriously , if you think you can at least come close to killing me don't even try. I've never lost a fight when it really mattered and i'm not about to lose one now. " Mark then shut his mouth and clenched it.

Jumping up he front flipped towards Nightwolf and bent on the ground. Then he lifted up quickly and attempted to slash at Nightwolf's left  leg at least 3 times. Then he pulled back and swirled around before attempting to slice the hands of his opponent. Then taking steps back he stopped . He was now 20 feet away from Nightwolf.  Then he crossed his swords before setting up a defensive stance.

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Thunderbolt noticed Kitty defending him.  So he stood up ready to fight as well.  The very next moment he saw former cadet Nightwolf attacking his sister.  Thunderbolt grabbed a piece of his old armor and clicked it.  Turning off the installation of fear.  "I own this place Nightwolf and I know exactly how it works."  Thunderbolt pushed Kitty out of the way and let Nightwolf hurt him.  The batarang aiming at his sisters leg was blocked by Thunderbolt's leg in which he got cut in the leg.  Thunderbolt began to laugh.  "For some odd reason Nightwolf, after all my beatings today, pain fuels my power."  In on swift stroke of his arms an energy blast blocked the fire and hopefully banged Nightwolf against the wall.

Thunderbolt doesn't know why his favorite cadet is trying to kill him.  Probably because he wanted to gain a good reputation with the LaS.  "You have will never kill me."  Thunderbolt is so angry right now.  He doesn't know what exactly to say to Nightwolf.  Nightwolf was such a great cadet so why is he evil, why is he trying to kill me, why?  Thunderbolt thinks to himself.  No one can see his face expression because of his helmet.  If they did they would be able to see that he was mad.  "When I grew I wanted to be a star, in movies, riding cool cars, and not dying."  I crack my knuckles and neck getting ready to fight and ignoring the pain in my leg.

Thunderbolt now stands waiting to see Nightwolf's next move

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It's amazing that between the three of them they could only block his attacks and push him into a wall thought Nightwolf. What Thunderbolt was forgetting was that Oracle was the most powerful computer in the world and only one man had ever hacked it, and he had been killed. Nightwolf buzzed into Oracle "Deactivate all controls into the base except mine" Oracle responded "Done"

Nightwolf figured that it was about time to even the odds. Using the danger room controls, Nightwolf made the room pitch black activated his infrared in his helmet, and then created pillars above the battlefield, Using his grapple gun Nightwolf put himself up on the pillars and dropped himself down, attempting to pick up the three heroes and drop them hundreds of feet below. Nightwolf then used his  controls  to make the room full of fire, he then set off his own flamethrowers and fired at the three heroes, hoping that the heroes would not be able to distinguish between the fake and real flames, Finally he used his blades to attempt to slice those of Mark's into pieces.

Nightwolf hoped that his attacks would hit because he was outmanned and needed an advantage, his back also did kind of hurt from hitting that wall.

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The dark hallways rushed past him as Felix dashed to his room. Skidding to a hault outside his room, he threw the door open, grabbed his jacket. In his haste, he hadn't noticed his WAL communicator fall out of his coat pocket. bursting through into the aircraft hanger on the top level of the base, he entered the nearest jet and took off in a blast super-charged particles. The last words he had heard from the Thunderbolt were still ringing in his ears. " I don't want to die, I didn't do anything wrong I'm not a skrull."His voice had been torn by pain and fear. Whoever was behind all this was going to pay. "No one hurts my friends. Ever!" 

Accessing the ship's computer, Felix began scanning for his former leaders last known location. "Funez Warehouse, Kansas City. The old headquaters."  Just as the young hero found the information he needed, the communicator began beating again." HELLO. Can anyone here me . My name is Mark1212 and I've dire information. OVER." Before he could respond, an explosion rocked the ship, sending it spinning. "What the hell was that!" Straightening his flight pattern, he glanced out the window and saw a jet pulling up next to him. Another explosion struck the back of his small craft, this time causing it to catch fire. Grabbing his bag, he created a small billy club in his hand and hurled it had the cockpit window, shattering it. The cold air washed him as he leapt forward . The shining wings burst forth from his back, catching the wind and lifting him up into the night as his ship exploded behind him. spinning to look back at his pursuers. There were three military grade jets coming up fast. "You should know you caught me on a bad night." Coming to an abrupt hault, Felix raised his arm over his head. A shimmering mass traveled up towards his hand, forming a massive scythe. The weapon had a wickedly hooked blade on one end and a large pommel on the other. "Lets dance!"

Ripping through the air he spun the scythe in his hand shearing the wings off of the middle jet and sending it careening into the one to its left. His razor sharp wings cut through the fiery explosion has he flew at the last jet, blood lust in his eyes. Bringing the scythe over his head, he brought the pommel down on the cockpit shattering it. Reaching in, he tore the pilot and his seat clear out of the aircraft. The jet went spinning down into the night as Felix held him there by his neck. Slicing the helmet from the man's head, Felix brings the man towards him so that their faces are barely an inch apart. "Who sent you!" Despite the visible fear in his eyes, he didn't answer. Felix brought the blade up to the pilot's head. "Answer me!" tears ran down the mans face now, and a single word passed through his lips. "Sh-S.H.I.E.L.D." Felix tossed the man aside, throwing a small needle at the ejection. Even as the large white parachute billowed out, the young hero was ripping through the air, his mind rushing with everything that had happened in the last ten minutes. "What the hell is going on here! Is Thunderbolt alright? What doesn S.H.I.E.L.D have to do with this, and what do they want with me?" The distance between him and the Warehouse was closing rapidly. Felix wanted answers, and no one and nothing was going to stop him. His eyes shone in the moonlight as he entered Kansas City. "Hang on, 'Bolt. Helps coming."

Arriving at the warehouse, Felix was met by shredded streets and scattered bits of Thinderbolt's armor. Just then he realized that the communicator was going off again. flipping it open, he was shocked by the news on the small screen. "Someone activated the initiative? I suppose thats as good a lead as any." Leaping into the air, he took off towards the failed teams headquaters. Thankfully the complex was nearby, as Felix's flight had taken a lot out of him. Arriving at the base, he checked his com. link for any sign of activity. Seeing that the danger room was being used, he headed for the large dome. Flying at it at top speed, he planned to break through it, only to have the wall pull away at the last second, letting him in before closing up again. Pulling up to slow down and avoid hitting anything, he looked down around him. Kitty, Thunderbolt's sister, and two other people were facing off against Nightwolf, the only student to learn something from the initiative. Around them the ground was littered with hundreds of dying Thunderbolts. Then the bodies disappeared and everything went black. And if that wasn't enough, only a split second later the entire room was on fire. Felix screamed at the top of his lungs. "What the hell is going on here!?"

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Deflecting the boomerang looking thing was easy. As it hit the floor Mark let it stand still for a minute. Then picking it up he looked at Nightwolf. Throwing the Boomerang towards Nightwolf he couldn't see if it had hit cause at that exact moment the place went dark. Immedietly Mark dropped and laid on the floor.Then all of a sudden the area started on fire. Letting the fire consume the area Mark was sweating . It was so hot. Gettng back up  Mark stood . He could see his surrondings . Moving left he punched a wall in so that actual air could come in .

Then without hesitation Mark saw Nightwolf . He was ontop of the pillars. Running to a pillar Mark flew up and ontop of one. Then he took out his swords.  Jumping from his pillar towards Nightwolf Mark attempted slashes all around his body. Mark missed the pillar and fell back to the floor dropping his swords to the sides of him. Flipping over he grabbed his swords and saw Nightfwolf attempting to slice Mark's swords in half.

Blocking the blows with the edges of his swords Mark rolled several times towards the left before standing back up in a defensive motion. Then he said out loud. " Your a sneaky little fella arn't ya."

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Kitty was shocked at the current surronding.  She could now see Nightwolf and Mark fighting.  Her feline sences were activating now.  A pillar was coming full force at her.  Kitty jumps out of the way.  She does a back flip towards Thunderbolt.   She then clicks a button on her wrist.  Activating her claws that resemble knives.  She was ready to fight Nightwolf with Mark.  She then hears "What the hell is going on here!?"  Kitty knows that voice by heart.  It is the shapeshifter only known as Ferro Vida.  He probably got the transmission from Mark.  It was now four against one.  Kitty knew they would win but than again Nightwolf has the Danger Room at his control.  Could they defeat them or would Nightwolf win.  An idea sparks in Kittys head.  The control room where Nightwolf was waiting for us.  She clicks her glove and the claws launch to the control room.

Kitty looks at the computer reading the words on the computer.  She said out loud "The oracle?"   In one swift and elegant stroke of her hands she broke the computer.  Hopefully destroying the Danger Room completely.  Turning the Danger Room off would give the heroes the oppotunity of defeating Nightwolf.  Kitty turns to see a Batgirl costume.  It looks very nice in her opinion. It has a lot of weapons.  So she takes off her Black Cat costume and puts the new costume on using her super speed.  The mask completely covers her identity.  She jumps out of the control room.  With her cape blowing against the wind gracefully.

She lands on ground holding her cape in a offensive postion.  She wonders if the Danger Room has been shut down.  Reason being she can't see anything different.  She must ignore it because she must defeat Nightwolf.  She lets go of her cape and begins to run at a pillar.  She uses a brand new gadget called the launcher which is very similar to her claws.  Except there is only three claws on this launcher.  The mask makes her sweat.  As she goes toward the pillar she wonders where Thunderbolt was.

"I am the Brand New Kitty !"

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Nightwolf and one of the other men were bounding up across the pillars, striking at each other the whole way. They moved like the experts they were, fluid like water but powerful like fire. As their swords clashed together again, Felix ducked around them and headed for Kitty and the other man. By the time he reached them, though, Kitty had taken off somewhere. He couldn't tell what had happened to her in all the confusion. Reaching the man, Ferro was struck by a vague sense of familiarity, like it was a long lost friend standing before him. Setting down and pulling his hood back, he looked at the stranger's helmet, realising who this person made him think of. "Thunderbolt? Is that you? What happened to you? Are you alright?" In his excitement he rushed toward his old teammate. A crash from behind him caught his attention though. It was Kitty. She had broken into the control room and was trying to shut the system off. Sparks went off and Felix chuckled to himself. "Hasn't changed a bit." He murmered to himself as the memories of there little adventure in Vegas came back to him. He was shaken from his thoughts as he saw Kitty remove her costume. Despite the fact that his face was metal, he could feel the heat rising and thought for sure his cheeks were turning red.

A large heavy object sending him flying across the room brought him out of his stupor. Grunting, he tried to pull himself up only have an enormous clawed foot dig into his ribs, tossing him into the air. Looking down, he saw that the room was now full of enormous werewolf-like creatures on a rampage. "Thunderbolt is too injured to take on all of those things on his own!" Thinking frantically, a single idea came to him. "Crud... this is going to hurt." Wincing at the thought of what he was about to do, Felix fired a bladed chain from his wrist at one of the pillars. The shining edges wrap around, digging deeply into the stone. With a sharp tug and a fluid motion, he flew down at one of the beasts coming up behind 'Bolt. Releasing the make-shift rope from his grasp, the young hero rushed right at the hairy creature, morphing his hand into a blade and digging it into the monster's chest. His momentum threw them back across the room at an immense speed, sending the other creatures in their path spinning to the sides. There flight was brought to an end when they hit one of the pillars, shattering the base and causing it fall with a tremendous crash. attempting to stand, he grunted in pain. "Yup. It hurt."

The beast stood up behind him, roaring in fury as the blood gushed from its chest. Throwing his arm back, Ferro sent a flurry of needles down its great snarling throat. It shreiked in pain and dove at him. Sidestepping the great hairy mass, it still managed to dig its claws into his ribs as it soared past. Grasping his side as the pain racked across him, Felix attempted to hurl a javelin at the back of the beasts skull, but his injuries and the shear exhaustion threw his aim off and he only managed to graze its ear. Looking around himself, he saw that the other monsters were slowly encircling him. "Well, there not going after Thunderbolt anymore." He muttered. Throwing his arms out, he created a massive sword in one hand and morphed the other into an enormous demonic claw. Despite his injuries, it looked like his only option was to fight his way out of them. "Bring it on!" The challenge ripped from his lungs as they all leapt at him, teeth and claws gleaming brightly as the tore at they air.

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Thunderbolt notices Kitty in a new costume, Ferro Vida fighting creatures, and Mark fighting Nightwolf.  He runs at Nightwolf while dodging fire balls.  He then lets one fireball hit him in the back.  Activating his new found powers.  He charges up while letting more firballs hit him as well.  He realeases an energy blast at the creatures attacking Ferro Vida hopefully knocking them out.  He then realeases another this time hopefully blowing Nightwolf into the sky away from Mark.  The Danger Room shuts down and everything turns bright.  The Danger Room looks horrible.  Due to all of this fighting Thunderbolt is no longer himself.

He was almost killed numerous times because S.H.E.I.L.D and S.W.O.R.D as well as a Super-Skrull.  Just because he was 20% skrull.  They believed Thunderbolt was a sleeper agent but they were wrong.  They destroyed his armor completely.  He toke over a new armor that resembled Penance.  He hates the suit but he must use it to defeat Nightwolf.  Why is he fighting Nightwolf Thunderbolt doesn't know.  His life was turned upside down.  Once he defeats Nightwolf he is going straight to Tony for a new armor.  After that he is going to figure out if Cassandra is pregnant with his baby.  If she is pregnant he is going to ask her to marry him.

There is just one problem with this plan he must escape without dying.  He cannot let "The Death of Thunderbolt" come true.

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The launcher clings to the pillar.  As it brings Kitty up to Nightwolf the lights go on and the Danger Room is a mess.  She is now floating above Nightwolf. She does another flip.  Landing behind Nightwolf she takes out her knife.  So, she can stab Nightwolf in the back.  The pillar shakes due to all the weight on it.  Kitty must jump off or she might die herself.  Kitty takes out her launcher once again and shoots it at the control room once again.  She then sees another computer that says Oracle.  With the coordinates of the LaS base of operations.  She begins to read but stops as a breeze passes by her.  It feels cold.  She looks at the window.

This window was right in front of her wide open.  She had a chance to leave and find the LaS.  She can't because of her brother.  So once again jumps out the control room.  This time in a diving positon.  Her posture is dead straight.  She was now on the ground looking for Nightwolf.  She begins to run towards Thunderbolt.  She needs her brother right now.  If she could get him they would be able to escape once and for all.  If she can get Thunderbolt to safety.  She will find Nightwolf with the coordinates which she copied onto a disk.  Which is now in her right pocket.  Kitty is now in front of Thunderbolt.  Who just shot two energy blasts at a group of creatures attacking Ferro Vida and another a Nightwolf.  "Come with me right now Bolt."

"You are not going to die today so come with me right now !"

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Felix was thrown to the ground as the blast that erupted from Thunderbolt obliterated the wolf-beasts. Using his sword as a crutch, we raised himself up. "Hot damn... 'Bolt, that new armor of yours packs one heck of punch." Three of the monsters were still alive and charging him down. Thanks to the time that his one time leader had bought him, though, Ferro's wounds had had time to heal. In two swift motions of his sword, he had decapitated the first beast and sliced the second one's arm off. As the third one rushed at him, he held his clawed arm out, grabbing it by the throat. "Sit." He growled at it. Lifting the great mass into the air, he slammed it down, sending small pieces of the floor flying out with the force of the impact. "Good dog."

Looking around the war-torn room, Felix could vaguely make out Kitty bounding around the battle ground in a new costume at an incredible speed. She looked like she was going to stab Nightwolf from behind, but the pillar they were standing on was beginning to sway under all the stress from the fight. He let out a sigh of relief as she leapt down from it before it toppled over. Seeing that she was going back to the control room, Felix thought it would be wise to get to Thunderbolt, in case more wolf-creatures, or something worse, appeared. Coming up next to him, Ferro placed his hand on his teammate's shoulder. "You throw one hell of a party, golden boy." Seeing the scorch marks along Thunderbolt's back, his voice instantly lost its jovial tone. "Those burns look pretty bad. Are you okay, man?" Looking up, he could see Kitty dashing towards them. There was a small bulge in her right pocket. "God, that costume must be tight if I can tell that from here."

As she drew up to her brother, Felix could just hear her say something to him through the din of the battle above them. "Come with me right now Bolt. You are not going to die today so come with me right now!" Sensing the fear and conviction in her voice, Ferro decided to it would be wise to let them have a "brother and sister" talk. glancing skyward, he decided to assist the stranger against Nightwolf. Bounding up from pillar to pillar, he threw his arms wide upon reaching the top, sending a spray of needles at the former initiative recruit. Felix turned his head and called over to the stranger. "I'm going to assume that your with Kitty and Thunderbolt. Need a hand with this guy?"

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Kitty begins to yell at Thunderbolt.  He wants to leave but what about Nightwolf.  He couldn't leave until he got some answers.  He pushes Kitty out of his way and begins to run.  Ferro Vida is asking Mark if he needs help with Nightwolf.  Thunderbolt's first blast missed Nightwolf and hit the pillar he was fighting Mark on collaspe.  He needs more power in order to defeat Nightwolf.  So he turns to his sister Kitty and attempts to punch her in the stomach.  He is truly sorry but he need fuel and the last time he hit his sister she went crazy.  Thunderbolt needed crazy for his power to work.  He waits for Kitty reaction to the punch.

Her notices her brand new costume and it looks cool.  Especially the cape and the launcher.  He then notices a disk in her right pocket.  A hand folds into a fist.  "Thank you sis."  He can't wait for her to punch him.  So he goes for another punch.  That should hit her in the shoulder.  He knows she will be pissed because she is trying to help her older brother.  He feels ashamed for hitting Kitty but he needs the power.  Thunderbolt needs to defeat Nightwolf of the notorious LaS.  A group of evil assasins led by Gambler Thunderbolt assumes.  As well as BatgirlBabs.  He wanted to be exactly like them but Thunderbolt could never be a villian and he knew it.

He was Thunderbolt leader of the Mighty Avengers, manager of the Heroes for Hire, brother of Kitty, and probably the father of Stones' baby.

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As Mark initiated his battle he was thinking of what to do next. If he killed Nightwolf would he be a murderer or a hero. He couldn't think straight let alone fight right now in the middle of a huge fire. Then out of no where the lights turn on. Everything is gone and the Danger Room is a mess. Grabing his head he laughed a bit. To think of it he thought I was tracking a everyday super hero and now i'm in the middle of the old Initiative that I participated in teaching. How can this of really happened , it's just so funny to think of it . Looking back up Mark saw a man spray needles at Nightwolf before turning his head to Mark and said.

"I'm going to assume that your with Kitty and Thunderbolt. Need a hand with this guy?"

Smiling Mark anwsered back" I'm with Kitty and Thunderbolt for today, and yeah I'ma need some help with dis guy ..... Oh and i'm Mark by the way pleasure to meet you."'Then Mark ran at the stranger before jumping over him onto a pillar. Looking up Mark put his swords away and flew into the sky. Seeing Nightwolf he attempted to drop kick the former recruit before Punching him in the face.

Dropping back down onto a pillar Mark stood there with hundreds of thoughts racing through his head. The one that hit him the most was . What the hell am I doing , which he could find no anwser to. Then as a act of bordom he let his hands out and said." Nightwolf ........Give up ..... You can't beat 4 people at once.....and the Danger Room isn't much of a danger anymore..."

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Kitty begins to laugh partly because Thunderbolt punched her and it was really weak.  Also because Nightwolf was out numbered four to one.  She knew what Thunderbolt was trying to do.  He needed more power.  Kitty makes a fist and punches Thunderbolt in the neck, stomach, and shoulder.  Hopefully giving him enough pain.  She turns to see Mark making fun of Nightwolf.  She takes out a grenade which she doesn't know how it got there.  She throws it at the ceiling making a huge hole.  She then dodges the pieces of the celing.  She uses her launcher and it clings to the ceiling pulling her up it a matter of seconds.  The wind blows in her face.  She knows someone else will attempt to kill her brother.  She remembers a lady from a village somewhere in Azores and island owned by Portugal.  She told my mother that when my brother turned 27 numerous people would attempt to kill Thunderbolt.  Due to a great thing he does in the future.  Something great will happen if he does survive "The Death of Thunderbolt".  Her mom didn't know what Thunderbolt was.

The woman told my mom it was is super hero name and her daughter Jocelyn would become the hero Kitty.  When this event occurs she will do everything in her power to save Thunderbolt.  If he dies she will take over the Mighty Avengers.  If he dies his future baby will grow up to become a notorius villian.  If he doesn't the baby will follow his foot steps.  People will try to kill him because of the great thing he shall do.  The villians want to kill him because he is 20% skrull but the true reason is......

Kitty is stopped when she hears a rumble.  She looks up ahead and sees Nick Fury with a huge gun in his hands.

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Nightwolf was cornered...

Attacks were coming at him left and right, he was being beaten and badly, any one of them he could've beaten one on one, but four on one! Nightwolf took attack after attack, he was bleeding and weakened. Suddenly he had an idea, he turned all of the lights on, and acted like Marks attack against the wall had broken the room, then he made an army S.H.I.E.L.D operatives led by Nick Fury, little did the team against him know that this was all an illusion. Nightwolfs Nick Fury said "All right well take it from here" Suddenly all of the operatives blasted Nightwolf with what appeared to be stun guns, Nightwolf fell as if he had actually been hurt, this was of course all an illusion. "All of you out" said Fury, "Bolt your coming with me, I need to know what happened here, and being that your the highest ranking hero here, your on point" Nightwolf hoped that this would get the other heroes out and allow him some one on one time with the weakened Thunderbolt. This could be the opening Nightwolf needed....

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New York
6:15 pm

Laura glanced her watch as she chewed her lower lip. She needed to make a very important descision very, very quickly. What had Mr. W said? Six twenty, Laura. At six twenty exactly all hell will break loose. Be ready. For what? Well that was the great part about Mr. W, he always had to be mysterious. Now it was up to Laura to choose whether she wanted to stick around and face "hell" or ditch. Listening to her gut, of course, she stayed put.
The minutes ticked by. As six twenty neared Laura felt her gut clench and sweat form on her brow.
Tick. 6:20. BOOM!
Laura jumped and looked out across the rooftops. A great plume of smoke rose from halfway across the city.
"The hell is that?" Laura took to the air, headed towards the blue black smoke that now filled the sky. She was soon above a familiar place. Funez Warehouse. The building roared with fames, the heat intense. She could only hope there had been no one inside. Well that wasn't too bad, Laura thought, Hardly all hell braking loo...
Suddenly all across the city alarms began to blare. Lights turned on, causing every building to glow. People shouted and screamed in paniced voices. Chaos. What the hell was happening? Just then Laura had a thought. She had to get the Mighty Avengers to help. This was crazy. She flicked open her communicator. That was when she got the message...
 "I don't want to die, I didn't do anything wrong I'm not a skrull."
Bolt. Now what?
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Thunderbolt sees hundreds of Nick Furys'.  He realizes this was not a killing spree.  A random act from S.H.E.L.D or Abigail Brand.  It was all an illusion.  Nightwolf's little game to kill Thunderbolt.  To get a better reputation on the LaS.  How could his favorite student do this to him.  Thunderbolt then remembers what he told Nightwolf months ago.  "Once you prove yourself as a hero you will get your own team."  Except when Nightwolf proved himself when other cadets did not.  Thunderbolt never gave him his team.  It was hard because the Mighty Avengers were assembling for the first time and Thunderbolt was learning who his sister was.

Kitty was a difficult sister.  She attempted to kill her brother at one time.  It was mind control by the Puppet Master though it seemed real at one point.  Especially when she grabbed a dagger and almost stabbed him in the heart.  Her personality has changed though she was a former member of the hero team called Mighty Avengers and part-time member of the Heroes for Hire.  Much has changed in five months.  Finding out that his one night stand with Cassandra Adams got her pregnant.  Learning that his student Nightwolf is a member of the LaS.  His flashback is cut short when a loud gun shot is launched out of a gun.

The bullet rips through his armor seeping into his chest.  It attacks one of his blood vessels.  Bolt drops to the ground with a thump.  His eyes close into a deep sleep.  Is he dead or alive?

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"That just won't do" thought Nightwolf, as he saw Bolt drop to the ground. This was his kill, his time for revenge, his chance to prove that he was the greatest, better then the master. Then noticed, Bolt was still breathing. The deed was not yet done, Nightwolf smiled. "Looks like your time is almost up Thunderbolt." He continued "Who better to kill the master then the student, who deserves it more then me." Nightwolf was now ready to finally reveal why he was doing this, he knew Bolt must have been asking himself "Why" so Nightwolf prepared to reveal the truth, the whole truth for all to hear.

"I know there are certain things that you want to know about me Bolt, and I think your finally ready to know, why i became a villain, why i betrayed you, why i stopped being the hero. The truth is, heroism is just not worth it, I achieve the same being an assassin as a do being a hero, I just get paid more. Now as for you, I'm not going to kill you because you never gave me my team, they would have been villains anyway. I'm killing you because you are a fool, an idiot, you fight for a cause that has no chance of success. You would've been better off with me, on the LaS, realizing I had surpassed you, and just had let it be. But no, you had to play hero, and unfortunately your one of the only good heroes left. Most of the rest are all idiots, with the exception of a few like you, Sha, Kurrent. Honestly though, all that being the best means is that more people are gunning for you, more people want to take you down. You don't truly realize your potential until you become like me, and unfortunately you will never have that chance. It's time for the master to finally learn that the student has surpassed him."

As he finished speaking he set the Danger Room walls so that any heroes who were still around would not be able to interfere with what was going to happen next. As he said his final word, he brought his blade Agony down towards Bolt's heart hopefully finishing the deed that Thunderbolts little sister could not do. This could be the Death Of Thunderbolt. Would he come out of it dead or alive. Furthermore if he somehow did survive would he be changed by the incident...
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Mark watched Nightwolf intently. He was wondering what the cadet was going to do . Then out of nowhere S.H.I.E.L.D agents jumped into the room from the broken crumbled wall. They rushed in and stopped when they were all filed. As if time had slowed Mark took a deep breath . He wasn't about to listen to these Goverment soilders who commited crime everyday and were so secret they could just leave the scene of a crime with a body. Like gosh SHIELD walked over the country and countrys as shadows and no one was doing anything  about it which pissed Mark off more than anything else about the stupid @ss goverment agents.Of course this was Mark's opinion and he wouldn't bring down anyone elses but if he was going to do what he had to do keep the Balance of life than the S.H.I.E.L.D agents and the whole thing was going to go into a hole when he was done with them.

Returning to reality Mark could see Nick Fury, the leader of the SHIELD. There was no reason somthing like this had to involve the leader of the whole intire sector. Mark knew they were heroes but there was only five here and SHIELD brought at least 40 men with them with the latest gadgets.Then they all attacked Nightwolf until Nightwolf "anonymously " fell to the floor hurt. Then Nick Fury bolted with a booming yet authoritive voice.

"All of you out." that was the first of orders."Bolt your coming with me, I need to know  what happened here,and being that your the highest ranking hero here , your on point."
Mark slowly grabbed his a new pair of daggers from his sides then he held them tightly. He knew that no one , not even Nick  Fury could boss around the heroes that made up the whole thing of goverment security. Without the heroes this would would be full of nothing but corrupt armys, Soilders, presidents, and low life people who worked for the Goverment knowing they could still without anyone else caring because they were all rich.

Then Mark looked closer. The so called " SHIELD" soilders were actually Nick fury inpersinators . That was when Mark knew they wern't real. Gripping his daggers harder he took a breath. He was alittle pained from the previous advents of the day but he had to keep fighting , no cadet , not even Nightwolf was going to end his life where so many had failed.Jumping Mark hit the first Nick Fury in the face. Dropping he stabbed the clone in the heart killing it instantly. Moving to his next victim Mark took his left hand a jabbed the dagger into the kneck of his opponent killing it . The IT was because Mark couldn't find out what these clones were but if they wanted to play like this Mark was bringing his own clones out.

Cloning himself he and his fighters commenced in war.Grabbing his first fighter as other Mark clones came Mark jabbed it in the armpit with his dagger breaking the skin, the blood poured out of the Nick Fury clone . When Mark had seen enough he pulled his dagger away and dropped the clone. Looking around every one of his clones were in hand to hand combat . But there was one little stragler in the back who was fighting a Nick Fury with a weapon. No Amo had been shot but Mark couldn't hear that well over the fight.

When Mark turned around he was surpised. A clone was coming at him at a incredible speed. Dropping instinctivly Mark dodged the blow. Grabbing the leg of the cloned Nick Fury he stabbed it in  the eye. It still breathed so Mark stabbed it in it's other eye and watched as blood dripped out. Leaving the bodys he remembered a old saying. This is what went through his mind as a gun fire rang out."Hero's have a code to protect the people, Villians have a code to destroy the people, and Neutrals are the real Killas in the world."

Looking around Mark saw the one thing that he was trying to prevent. The injury of Thunderbolt. As Mark tuned in on Thunderbolt he slowly watched as the man fell to the floor. Unmoving . Mark was mad as all hell could unleash. Gripping his knifes hard he strut quickly towards Thunderbolt.Taking a look he could see Thunderbolt still breathing. Stopping infront of Thunderbolts head he looked at the injury.Mark couldn't heal it and he knew he didn't have or know anyone with the abaility to heal the wound.Mark's clones had killed off every last one of the Nick Fury clones so Mark dispersed his own clones before anything else.

Then looking up he could see Nightwolf autoblogging about something but all Mark got was "BLAH BLABLA BLABLA BLABLA." When Nightwolf was done Mark could sense a change in the Danger Room.Nightwolf had somehow appeared infront of Thunderbolt. Taking his knife he watched as he missed the sword Nightwolf had taken out by a milasecond. Knowing this might be the end of Thunderbolt ,Mark jumped into the air backwards attempting to keep his place far enough from Nightwolf that he could design a fast enough dodge if the cadet attacked him.

Then he wondered. What is going to happen to the Thunder man as Mark had figured to call him. Was he alive, was he dead, What was the consequences of both . WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT ... kept appearing in Mark's mind as he waited to see the next set of events.

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20 years ago...

Callisto waved her magical hands.  "Your son doesn't know how good he is."  Maria Funez begins to cry.  "An LaS member will kill him just for a better reputation."  Maria slaps Callisto and walks out the door.  Little did Maria know Bolt would live this incident.  Except he would return but no the way he enterd the world.  Kitty will attack the LaS member known as Nightwolf after her brothers death.  She will attempt to murder but she won't.   "Callisto never lies Maria !" Maria hears Callisto say that but ignores.  Young Bolt who is now seven says "Mommy what is she saying?"  Maria replies "Nothing dear...nothing"  Baby Kitty begins to cry when she hears utter words come out of Callisto's mouth.  "Your son will die and they will call it The Death of Thunderbolt."  An epic event that will trigger more to come for his sister Kitty.  Who will lead the brand new

10 years later...

Thunderbolt is now seventeen years old.  He has now returned from his captiviy in space.  Kitty was angry under the control of the Puppet Master.  She tried to kill her brother but couldn't when she remember those utter words.  Her mind control was wipped off completely from her mind.  In ten more years her brother would die.  Callisto was right Thunderbolt doesn't know how good he really is.  She takes the dagger away from Thunderbolt and says "Sorry brother."  He forgives her for some odd reason.  Kitty gives him a huge hug.  "Thank you, I love you brother."  Her mind projects an image of a dead Thunderbolt in a hospital bed.  Kittty pushes her brother away and begins to win.  She notices a card and in the print she reads LaS.  A team of noble assassins.  Kitty ignores it and runs away.  Elswhere Callisto is preparing for The Death of Thunderbolt.


KItty looks at her brother and doesn't know what to do.  She had broken through the stone wall that was blocking her.  Kitty jumps down and runs toward Nightwolf taking out two daggers.  Ready to murder Nightwolf.


Callisto packs her bags and begans to walk out the door.  In a swift movement of her magical hands Callisto disappeared.  She then reappeared in front of the dead body of Thunderbolt.  Who was barely breathing.  "You will not die but you will not return the way you came Bolt."  Callisto puts her arms on Thunderbolt's heart.  A blue auorora flashes in Kitty's eyes.  Utter words come out of Callisto's mouth but honestly they are no longer utter.  "The Death of Thunderbolt will not come true."  Callisto's eyes turn an aqua blue.

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Comic Vine HQ....

Thunderbolt feels his wound close little by little.  Callista is trying her best to keep Thunderbolt alive.  He remembers when he was seven.  Callista was talking to his mom but his mother ignored the Callista's statements.  Thunderbolt wondered what would be the outcome if he died.  Who would take over the Mighty Avengers Black-Ops team?  Would his sister go insane?  What happened to Stone and his baby?  If he lived would his life be the same?  Would his methods be the same?  Will he be the same person he was before these events?  If he lived Nightwolf will pay the ultimate price for what he has done....

His eyes turn sky blue and it glows like the stars at night.  Thunderbolt is alive and well.  Thunderbolt gets up and looks at Callista eye to eye.  "Where have you been all these years cousin?"  Tears run down his face like a river.  "You scared my mother for years especially when I was trapped on the planet known as Knowhere."  Thunderbolt is relived that he is alive but mad that Callista comes back into to his life now.  He no longer feels the same like yesterday or the month before these events.  Thunderbolt has hardly no emotion.  He can cry, laugh, but he can't feel pain anymore.  He looks for the man called Nightwolf of the LaS.

Thunderbolt doesn't let Callista speak to him.  He begans to search for Nightwolf.  He moves pass his sister Kitty.  He looks back and says "Thank you for protecting me sis."  He notices Mark1212 and his clones finishing off the Nick Furys'.  Ferro Vida is standing in one place in astonishment.  "Avengers you may go and you to Callista, I wan't Nightwolf one on one."  He wants them all to leave right now.  This boy wants to kill just for the fun of it.  Being a hero is overrated and Thunderbolt doesn't know how good he really is.  Thunderbolt's latest armor is destroyed.  Callista has given him a new costume that resembles Cyclops.  Thunderbolt wants his Iron Man armor back but ignores the urge to ask Callista for a new armor.  He wants mister Nightwolf right now.  He wants to finish this once and for all.  Thunderbolt takes a deep breath....

"Come out, come out wherever you are."  Thunderbolt is ready to fight, he knows Nightwolf is good, and can put up a great fight.  Nightwolf will not go easy of his old teacher.  Thunderbolt will not go easy on his old cadet.  This boy thinks being a hero is overrated, Thunderbolt will show him what a real hero is like.  He will kick his @$$ once and for all.  "The Death of Thunderbolt is not coming true Nightwolf."  Thunderbolt has never felt like this before.  He wants to hurt Nightwolf until he cries for his mommy.  "Under registration law you are hearby under arrest."  Thunderbolts get's no answer.  He feels someones presence it is......

"Callista why are you still here?"

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