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Third Earth


In a world of Kings, Knights, Dragons, and magic a mysterious evil has awaken. Lord Gambler and his Knights of the Wolf protect the Kingdom of Vance.

Something is coming and Lord Gambler has sent messengers to thee other Kingdoms and leaders of the Guilds. They must unite under one flag to save the world from impending danger.

The Outline

This rpg takes place in a magical world called Third Earth. You can be a Knight and serve your King, or be a King yourself and run a Kingdom. If you want, you may form a small Guild of your choosing or be a Ranger (loner)

You do not have to be a human, you could be an elf, a troll, a wolf that walks like a man, its up to you. Think Lord of the Rings but less gay. There are no powers in this rpg but your weapons can be special, like a magic bow and arrow or a mighty sword, no god mode though, you cant have a weapon of mass destruction.

Normal COMICVINE rpg rules apply. If you don't know em use the link and read about them.


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The dark army ripped into the small village , like a Arrow into flesh, they where unforgiving as the master landed on the beach head, His orges and goblins screaming pasting, Killing any man that stepped in there path, Each step made the very ground shake as his lordship made it to the stone well in the middle of the village.

His red eyes watched the slaughter of the poeple , pulling on the old rope a small bucket came up , taking the ladel that hung at the side , he took a sip , Screams filled the night air behind him, Then more ships began to arrive, Unloading the rest of his forces , there blood calls called to him as they joined the slaughter, It would take days for there attack to reach anyone.

The dark lord span , His white hair shining in the moon light as a man ran at him, His arm flew catching the mans throat , "whoooo are you" The beast said nothing as he crushed the man under his plam , Blood spouted from the man mouth over the lords face and yet he said nothing just a smile and an evil spakle in his eye .

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Music could be heard through out the Kingdom of Vance. It was a day of celebration as Lord Gambler's sister had been married to a Prince of a neighboring Kingdom thus insuring peace and a military alliance. There was a great feast and the young men competed in tests of strength and agility as well as archery and wrestling.

Lord Gambler walked among his people enjoying the days festivity, he loved his people and they loved him. It had only been 4 years since the Great Wars were Lord Gambler and only a handful of Knights stood back to back against two armies one on either side and won.

They were legends in there own time but soon they would have to test there courage once again.
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Lady Kitten was a very powerful ruler. she was born from a long line of kings and queens, but she had a very powerful secret she was a witch.

all throughout her kingdom she had people ready to please her and wouldn't have it anyother way, if she did not get what she wanted she would through fits of rage.

one thing that's for sure is she didn't accept anyone but the best.

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The man walked quietly through the forest. Leaves crunched underfoot. His face was obscured by a cloak with a hood. He had a sword strapped down his back. Suddenly, he stopped. A single leave fell through the air in front of him. He looked up, and three brigands dropped down from the trees, moving towards him. "That's a nice sword you got there", one mocked, drawing his knife. The sword on his back had jewels on it, shining, and at the bottom was a insignia of a skull with a snake crawling out it's mouth. "Can I have it?", one said, laughing and moving closer. "You can try", the man said in a deep voice, face still hidden. Suddenly, a knife slid down his sleeve into his hand, and he flicked it, revealing two. Throwing them at an insane speed, they span through the air and went straight into two brigands throats. The man tirned around to look at the last one. The brigand got a glimpse of his face, and went white. "You-you're Sparda!". The man said nothing. The brigand turned and ran, but only got ten feet before another knife flew into his back. The man known as Sparda turned around and kept walking.

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Lady Kitten walked through her kingdom, late at night. She heard an awful screeching sound. she turned around and there was the banshee, as in irish legend. His voice sounded like that of a thousand knights warring. the banshee flew closer towards Kitten and she told him to stay away, the banshee was not frightened by her warning. She called upon the powers of the amulets of the sun and the moon, she blasted him a devasting blob of light the banshee, flew away into the night, and she returned home.

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He stood at the top of a small hill just of the coast , an orange glow came from the village filling the night skies, using magic to hide his mens tracks the marched into the deep woods , Dark red eye looked over the costal town, bodies of familes lay on the floor , blood was every where, He allowed his men the pleasures they seeked and the loved there dark lord for it.

Liffting an arm a gaint shadow feel from the sky, the blood of the man was still on his face as was the smile, The thunderous beast slamed into the grouned next to hi, It tlaons digging at the earth each scale was of the purest black, It realed on to its back legs, Breathing deep red flames into the stars, Coming back down its purple eye met it master, Lowering it head the dark one swang onto is back.

Grabing the horns on the back of its head , the last dragon pushed of the ground taking flight, It's dark lords Armour blendid perfeclty into it's scales making it almost invisable in the night skies.

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The moon shone bright. It always did. It shone in the night sky like a great silvery fire, lighting Third Earth. Sir Scotius Wolfman, sat atop one of the highest hills in Vance. He looked behind him an to his left, and he could see the lights of Lord Gambler's Castle. Celebrations were not one of his favorite things. Mainly because of his appearance. He looked down at his hand and saw the brown fur, the razor claws. He had been alone ever since he could remember. He was born like this, and he couldn't change it. It did have its advantages, though.

He looked up at the moon. It had always seemed to comfort him, acting almost as the family he never had. Suddenly, the moon began to dim. Slowly, at first, then quicker. There was a great flash and a ball of silver light began falling. He didn't know how big it was until it was headed near him. He got up in preparationg to run, but the ball of light crashed at the foot of the hill, wind blasting in every direction and knocking Scotius down. After he got up, he cautiously moved to the bottom of the hill. He expected something different than what he saw. In the crater was a girl, a small girl, silver hair and a pure white dress. She didn't seem to be breathing. Scotius, acting on instinct, picked her up and brought her back to his spooked horse. He calmed him, and reste her scross the saddle, jumping up onto it and riding for The Castle, hoping to help her. As he looked back at the moon, it had lost its hue, its brilliance, and was now simply a gray circle in the sky.

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Sparda stepped out of the woods. He was close to Vance, and the lights and noises of the great celebration boomed out. Sparda moved quickly to the gate of the city, and scaled up it quickly. Arriving at the top of the 20 foot wall, he jumped down the other side. He moved quickly-but quietly-down the cobblestone wall. He sidled beside a simple cottage. He climbed through an open window. Inside, he saw one room, with a staircase that led to a second floor. He walked over to a chest that was locked. Taking out a knife, he smashed the padlock open, and the chest revealed it's contents. Gold coins, many. Sparda took out four sacks, and filled them with the gold, leaving little behind. He dropped a note that had his skull insignia on it into the chest. Then he closed it, and hopped out the window into the back street. Moving slower, but still quiet, Sparda walked to a nearby hotel. The Sword Of Liberty. Sparda walked in. It was a simple hotel, a room with a receptionnist counter with a staircase that led to more rooms. Talking to the sleepy owner, Sparda got the last room. He paid the owner graciously, and went to sleep in his hotel room.

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Everyone was enjoying the festival when suddenly something shinny fall from the sky and crashed into the base of the largest hill in Vance. The ground shook and people began to scream and panic. Lord Gambler still dressed in his ceremonial robes wasted little time and gathered two of his Knights.

"You and you come with me. Close the gates behind us and get the archers up on the wall."

The Lord's horse was a massive beast as black as midnight and as loyal as his best Knights, The Mighty Thain was truly a magnificent animal. Drawing his Sword of Kings Lord Gambler led his man out towards the hill.

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Scotius was about halfway to the Castle when he saw the horses come. They closed the gates, and he could hear the archers on the wall pulling back their arrows, ready to fire. He spurred his horse to go faster, every now and then checking the girl that lay on the saddle behind him. He stopped at Lord Gambler and his men.

Scotius jumped off of his horse and grabbed the girl, walked up to Gambler and bowing his head. "My Lord," He raised his head,"I found her in the crater. She was the only thing in their. I-I believe the falling light was her."

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Sparda was awoken by the noise. He looke out the window to see Lord Gambler leave. He jumped out the window into the street, and ran as fast as he could do the castle. He had an idea.

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Lord Gambler raised his hand bringing his men and there horses to a stop. He jumped down off his ride and knelt next to Captain Wolfman checking the girl.

"She's just a girl. Barley 16 I'd say. Take her to the Castle at once. You and you continue on to the hill and report back to me."

He helped but the girl back on Captain Wolfman's horse.

"Lets ride." he said as the thundered off towards the castle.

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Just off in the tree line evil lurked. The Kingdom of Vance weren't thee only ones to see the object fall from the sky. Scurge and his Assassins Guild had also seen the silver sparkle crash into the hill side.

They watched as two of Lord Gambler's Knights searched the crater. Then with out warning they attacked. Scurge unleashed two arrows both of which plunged into the eyes of one of the Knights. The other was quickly over come by the guild.

What now?

"Take there uniform and there armor. We have a party to crash."

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Sir Gorgon was awoken by the music of his lords kingdom.

" Ugg. What time is it servant."

Your late.

" CRAP."

Sir Gorgon rose from his bed and got his suit on. The black suit was forged from demons and angels. Both beautiful and evil. He left his loft above the grounds below. He was to meet with his lord.

He arrived and realized he saw his lord off in the distance. And Yelled " SIRE. I have finally arrived!"

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The day had come. Today was the day that Donovan would be knighted. He had awaited this fateful day his entire life, becoming a knight had been his dream. As a knight he would be able to serve his great kingdom and allow it further prosperity.

He bowed his head as he beautiful queen drew the sword. She gave it a quick glance and began to lower it toward Donovan. She gracefully took the sword and lightly tapped Donovan on each shoulder, finishing the ceremony. It was complete, Donovan was a knight. His queen slowly walked up to him and beaconed him to rise. She touched his face and softly kissed him on the cheek. She then whispered into his ear: "Serve my kingdom well fair knight"

The crowd burst into celebration around him. He could hear corks popping as people opened bottles of the kingdoms finest wine. People were partying and running around all around him. Donovan's eyes cut through the crowd and landed on Apparition standing off to the side. She looked as beautiful as ever. He and her were very close and had awaited this day together. She smiled as he made his way toward her.
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As Lord Gambler thundered towards the castle, and the castle gate was opening for him, Sparda quickly slipped inside and into the shadows. He examined the castle. Boxed in, only one entrance, men patrolling the walls, a steeple off to the side, and the entrance to the main towers ahead. Sparda went quietly to the steeples and waited. His plan would come soon enough.

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Scotius rode back to the Castle with Gambler. The doors closed as they entered. Scotius jumped off his horse and turned to Gambler. "I'm taking her to my qaurters. She can rest there." With the girl in his arms, he ran through the hallways of the castle to his quarters.

He kicked opene the door and rester her on the bed. He turned to get the door, and his ears picked up a breath leave her body. He quickly closed the door and ran to her body. A maid had heard the noise and quietly opened the door, curious if anything was wrong. Scotius turned to her and said, "Get me water, and a rag. Hurry!" The maid hurried off to get the water and rag, and Scotius knelt by his bed where the girl lay. She was breathing, that's for sure. 16 He thought,two years younger than me... Scotius was 18, and was knighted merely months ago. He hadn't really unerstood why he was picked to be Captain, but he accepted his dutie nonetheless.

The maid came scurrying back in, handing Scotius the water in a pail and a rag. He grabbed a nearby Goblet and scooped up some water. He sat the girl upright, she still limp against his left arm. He held the water to her mouth, and whispered,"Drink." The girl's eyes flickered open, eyeing the wolf before her. She seemed startled at first, but it didn't bother her. She sipped the water and sat upright on her own. Scotius smiled, unintentionally revealing his fangs. He quickly closed his mouth and said,"Pardon me, M'Lady. I often forget about my lupine disposition in the presence of others."

The girl stared at Scotius, not in a curious way, not in anyway, actually, just staring. She said,"It's quite alright," At the sound of her voice something in Scotius began stirring. Her voice reminded him of the brilliance of the moon. It seemed to echo through his head. "I am not afraid of your kind. It is my duty to watch over you." This intrigued Scotius. "My kind?" He asked. The girl nodded solemnly,"Wolf People."

Scotius dipped the rag in the water and reached for her hairline, but as he pulled away her hair, there was not a scratch on her. None on he head, nor anywhere else. How could that be? "Who are you?" Scotius asked. "I go by many names, but You may call me Moonchild." Her voice almost ha a mental quality to it, but she made sense with every word she said. "Where did you come from?" Scotius asked again. Moonchild laughed. This was the first time Scotius had seen her laugh, and finally noticed her eyes. They seemed like endless pools of silver, like metal just before it was forged into great weaponry. Coul she turn out this way too?

"You certainly ask alot of questions for the one doing the rescuing." She stood up and walked about the room, examining different meals and weapons. Scotius had unknowingly laughed slightly because of her comment. The rescued would be asking Questions such as 'Where am I?' and 'Who are you?'. She wandered over to the window, and her expression chaged from curiosity to fear. Scotius got up and instinctively flashed his claws. "What's wrong?" Moonchil pointed out the winow at the moon. "I'm weak." Scotius was confused,"What do you mean,'I'm weak', don't you mean the Moon is weak? It's lost its shine, but what does that have to do with you?" She turned her head slightly to him, and said,"Everything. I have lost my shine. Without it, I can't exist. I'll die soon if My Light is not returned."

Scotius walked away from the window with his hands on his hips, trying to figure this out."Why do you keep saying it like..." Then it dawned on him. He turned, awestruck, to Moonchild, who in turn turned to him from the window.

"You're the moon?"

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Apparition smiled brightly at the newly made knight. He looked handsome in is raiment and she was so very happy for him. They had been friends since childhood.

She was a an elf princess, the sixteenth of 20 children. There was no chance at her becoming queen, no chance for real power. So she had spent her time learning other things and traveling roads uncommon to most elves. She had met Sir Donnie when he was but a child and she had watched him grow with much interest. She beamed now as she watched her dear friend approach.

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Timely as usual Sir Gorgon, Is my best solider ready for todays hunt?

" Hunt? Wait i thought their was a wedding."

See this is why i enjoy your company. You are very smart yet oblivious to most of what goes on in the world. The wedding is today, but our pressense is not needed. So i decided to take myself and you out for a hunt.

Gorgon looks at his lord very much puzzled "So you call me simple yet smart, and im suppose to come with you on a hunt. * Gorgon holds his mighty Zirken*"

The King looks upon his boast" If i didnt know who you were id suspect that was a little threat."

Gorgon laughs and slaps the back of the king knocking him from his horse. " You know i could never wield Zirken against you"

The King heads out on his ride towards the hunt while Gorgon walks on foot.

500 years prior

Sir Gorgon was a loley man once. Killed and plundered for meager wages. Using his strength to hurt others. But one day changed it all. He was searching for game when he stumbled upon a cave with smog and smoke spewing from its entrance. Being the simple man he is he walked into the cave. What he saw will forever stay in his mind. He saw the most beautiful women standing next to a what looked like a Basilisk and a Griphon.

Gorgon: My lady get back from that thing it will surly kill you and strip you from your bones.

The women stroked the creature. The beast made a purring sound. And she spoke, her voice terrifying and mesmerizing.

Jouer: This thing? Never he protects me with his undying devotion. Looks Gorgon down Yum

Gorgon slinks back to the entrance of the cave and turns to flee the beast.


In an instant the tail of the creature swung around the man and blocked the entrance to the cave.

Jouer: Now why would i want such a scrumptious thing like you to leave me.

The once sexy woman became a horrifying creature with the look of a lizard. She lunged at Gorgon with her teeth dripping with drool.

Gorgon turned and grabbed his sword and swung it in her direction with closed eyes. THUD All that remained of the beast was a nude body. Gorgon let out a sigh of relief, which was short lived because the creature was towering over him before he could react. It moved to an inch of his face with saliva dripping from its jaws.


Gorgon opens his eyes to see the dragon with what looked like a smile.

" IVe been waiting for that bitch to die. Shes had me under her spell for 3 centuries. Now how may i repay you"

Ummm. Suit and armor?

" Thats all? Alright"

In a flash Gorgon is in a suit of armor that feels as if its alive.

" This is Vakoo. It is made from the many demons and men this whore has devoured. * The creature snaps its claws*" And a weapon a mix between a pike and a sword appears in Gorgons hand.

" And this is Zirken. Blade of the Dragons. Created from my own tooth, The weilder of this weapon will have ever lasting life."

Gorgon looks at his gifts and asks the dragon one thing." What do you want in return?"

"Your Loyalty, Forever lasting

What is your name Beast?

" Gorax is what many have called me. But i need your word that if i am ever to meet you again foe or friend your loyalty will still lie with me."

Gorgon kneels before his master. Yes my lord.

And in an instant the creature vanishes. Never to be seen again for 500 years.


" Lord what are we hunting?"

You havnet heard. The great and mighty Gorax has returned and plundered our land.

Gorgon freezes in his place.
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Post Deleted.

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Sir Donnie stared into the eyes of his old friend. She was extremely pretty. He had known her all his life and had watched as she grew up before his very eyes, He'd always secretly had a crush on her but he was afraid what she'd say. They looked at each other for a long time before he finally spoke.

"Well look who we have here? Glad you could make it here for my big day. It wouldn't have been complete without you here to support me" Donovan spoke.

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"Oh Donovan, this day is yours and my presence could never change that," Apparition said touching his arm gently. She then wrapped his arm in both of hers and moved started walking over to a table with him. She wanted to sit and talk with him. She loved their talks and wanted to steal him away from the adoring crowd.

But as she pulled at him others came over to clap him on the back and offer their congratulations. A crowd of young men about Donnie's age gathered around him, practically pushing Apparition back. They began to sing an uproarous song and many of those in the hall joined in.

Apparition felt out of place. She could always walk amongst men but she could never truly be a part of them They were fun and lively but not like her people. She had been raised with the poetry and light dance of the elves, great parties that would go on for days, cakes and cookies that were as light as air and tasted as sweet as love. She had once worn a dress of flowers and a cape of morning dew, but here among these rough men she was usually shorn in heavy wool and leather.

Today at least she was wearing many layers of soft lace woven in so intricate a pattern that one's eyes could get lost in its design.

She refocused her thoughts, remembering what she had wanted. She pushed gently through the singing men until she was again standing next to Sir Donovan. She stood and sang along with them then and waited until the song ended.

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Sparda the Ranger was in the steeple, in the rafters. He looked down to the men's horses being filed in. He waited five minutes when the last man left, and the doors locked. Satisfied, he reached into his carry-on bag. Producing something that looked like a steel ball that had a fuse on it. He chuckled at what was to come. He lit the fuse with a match, and droppedit into the mass of horses.


A loud noise, a flash, and the horses went ballistic. Screechinb and kicking. Then a loud crack was heard. The door broke, and the horses rushed out into the courtyard, bowling over guests and guards. Sparda laughed, dropped out of the rafters, and ran out into the courtyard. Fifty horses were frightened, running into people, creating confusion. A brutal impact broke a regal looking man's neck. Sparda ran to the side of the King's tower, and slowly climbed up it, his approach covered by the chaos.

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Post Deleted.

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kitten looked around her palace, she could feel a dark presence arising, she casts a spell of light, the dark presence fears for its life, and scurries away

Lady Kitten, asks a very special request, she soon is appointed grand duchess of her kingdom and the 5 surrounding kingdoms. Grand duchess Kitten trained her magic abilities in secret, knowing that if this secret was let out she would be killed.

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a creature of the night came oout of the darkness to serve the lork of the dead. his face was scared hidiously so he coved his face with a hood. he had a sowrd. the sowrd was the legendary BOken blade. its power was deadly. it drank the blood of the user and feed off of his life force, but only in combat sistuations. however the lifforce that is drwn into the blade can be expelled unto his enemy's trhough a powerfull beam. this move fatigues him though so it is somthing he does not do alot. he also has a bat which he has trained to locate his enemies. he traveled to the lord and spoke.

"i wish to serve you master. the enemy will fall i have long since forgoten my name so i guess you may address me as boken for that is the tital of this blade."

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Sir Donnie could tell Apparition was uncomfortable and it pained him. He knew she was out of place in this strange world of men. Though this was now her home she would never be fully part of it, she would always be different

"Let us sit Apparition" Donovan said. Donovan grabbed her hand and led her over to an empty table where they sat together. They each took a seat in fine oak chairs at the polished table. Donovan placed his hand on the table; it still contained Apparition's. Her skin was soft against his, he loved the way it felt. He smiled at her from across the table.

"Okay, tell me what's on your mind" Donovan told her.

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The dark beast roared into the elven home landed, Ripping at there tree like homes, It bore back on it hind legs as it sucked in the air around it's head, Slowly a bright glow came from it's chest, Making it's scale ruby, As if fell forward a geart flame exploeded from it mouth killing many and seting the woodland on fire.

Its dark rider demoutned , Shot of blue magic flew at him , They all hit, But he still stood, A dark smoke was coming of his armour, Like a evil arua had come to defend him, Lifting a finger all teh evlen wizzard in the villiage fell, Shaking and clutching there hearts, He walked into the the massacre, as Evles and Goblins battled.

Walking straight into the kings throne room, The kings royal guards charged him, His black blade slid from is dark hole, Scling them down with ease, as he advanced on the king, the blade had the same dark aura as it's master, The dragon was having fun outside as the elves tried to get in the castle to protect there lord, Explosion rang round the room, "A dragon a black blade you must , no you can't be your a myth, Are you..." A pale finger went to the dark lords lips, a hissing sound came from them as the balck blade cut the Elven king down, Slowly the elves fell, to the great army.

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After a short time the Royal Guards had gathered and calmed the horses returning them to there stables.

"Close all the gates! Escort the villagers back to there homes. Most strange a day it has been, we shall not endanger the lives of any more innocent people."

Lord Gambler drew his sword, "Fetch Captain Wolfman and have him meet me in the Royal Palace. Those horses were nothing more then a distraction."

He led the Knights of the Wolf into the Palace, "Search this place high and low. I shall check on my sister and her new husband."

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Sparda the Ranger climbed slowly up the tower. Lord Gambler was below, the opportunity was perfect. He reached the top spire, his quarters, and climbed in through a window. A beutiful room, a kings bed. Ornate paintings covered the walls, and to the side was a shrine with armour and a sword with rubies imbedded. Sparda spotted his objective. He moved to it slowly, and grasped it with reverance. Solid gold, jewels imbedded, beutiful ingravings. Lord Gamblers crown.

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The revelation didn't seem to phase Moonchild. She merely looked on, her silver eyes gleaming in the light. Scotius, on the other hand, was stunned. "How can you be the moon? The moon is up in the sky, and certainly is not a girl!"

Moonchild walked to the bed and sat down, sipping more water. "I am the moon's earthly form. If I don't get back to the sky, I will soon perish." Scotius didn't how to handle this. Then, almost as if in answer to his prayers, a guard came to his door,"Captain! There has been a breach in the castle walls!" Scotius looked up and smiled, then turned to Moonchild,"Stay here!" He ran with the guard to the Royal Palace.

He ran into the palace. This day has been indeed the most eventful of days Scotius thought. He pulled his sword and stood next to Gambler,"Have we located the intruder, Lord?"

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"No, not yet Captain. Follow me."

They started up the long twisting stair case leading to the Kings Royal bedroom and his sister's room. Lord Gambler pointed towards his sister's door with his sword as if to tell the Captain to check it out.

He himself slowly opened the door to his room. In one motion he took out his dagger and flung it end over end taking the crown right out of Sparda's hand and sticking into the wall with the crown hanging off it.

"You are either very brave or very stupid......Ranger."

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Sparda looked from the Lord to the crown. "I merely look for something to tie me over, my lord. This crown would provide sustenance for the rest of my days. Oh.....you didn't pay much did you? I've heard rumours......how you've pillaged and plundered, enslaved. To me you are not a King, and as such", a knife slid down each of his sleeves, "you haven't earned the crown!", and he tossed the knives at Lord Gambler's face.

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The mighty King ducked as the knifes flew over his head. A puzzled look came over his face as he thought about what the Ranger had said.

"Pillaged? Enslaved? I was not born of noble blood, I freed this land from evil and starvation. I'll not have my name tarnished by a common thief."

Lord Gambler slowly walked over and removed the crown from the dagger.

"Here." he said as he tossed it to the thief.

"My crown does not make me King..... the people do. Now leave, I grant you safe passage out of my Kingdom."
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Kitten felt she was ready for the journey ahead, she had been weeping all night for the darkness she felt in her heart, was growing like a weed

Kitten called upon her royal courts and composed an army, to fight what they thought was a neighboring kingdom

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Sparda caught the crown. He made way to leave, then stopped. "I hope you live the last days of your kingdom and your life to the fullest m'lord. It will come crashing down on your head soon enough". Then he stopped, and jumped out the tower window. He made his way down quickly, and walked out the main gate. Travelling quickly to the Inn, and retrieved his gold. He walked out the main gate, then stopped and turned. Looking at the citizens of Vance, Sparda smiled. Then he put the crown on his head, and left the kingdom.

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The dark lord sat on the elven throne the decapted body of the great evlen king at his feet, His dark boots pushing in to the dead body, They had kept one elve alive then set him free to warn the kings of the land in his hand was a piece of skin and a message written in blood.

Sitting in the white throne, spinning the dark sword in his hand's, with out warning he stood, The dark cape flying behind him as he marched to his Dargon, Jumping on it's back to flew into the air , it's black wings blowing the smaller goblins of there feet, in the back round trees began to crack and split ass the Cave and wood trolls began to join the dark Army, they now ruled the elven kingdom.

His men took the great weapons and armour , the encanted swrods and bows , They began to lrean new spells and prepared for war.

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BOken went to the dark lord.

"nothin would please me more then for my blade to drink the blood of our enemies. i brought a gift."

boken tosses the dark lord a small orb with a bright light inside of it.

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The orb landed on his hand , As the dragon flapped his wings, The dark lord nodded as he took to the air , The goblins round Boken began to bow, With out a word they understood that Boken was now there field commander, Taking to arms they went back to work stripping the dead bodys.

His great dragon filled the dim moon, He knew she had fallen, It was time he flew over the grand dutchess castle, dropping the headless body of the elven king in the main court yard, the body craked and exploded on inpact of the stone floor.

No one saw who had done it and by the time they got to the elven kingdom they would be gone again and his powers would cover there tracks, The dark lord knew how to start a war take away the people moral, almost kill it, Show them that there where no more elves to sing or create magic for them, Break there hearts, one elf remained and he would start the war with out knowing.

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Apparition's rich amber eyes stared deeply into Sir Donovan's. She studied the face she knew so well and was finally moved to speak.

"My soul is discomforted. I know not why but I know that something is amiss in the world. This earth speaks to my people. The plants, animals, land and waters are all connected and if one is listening than one can hear, truly hear what is happening in the world. I can hear it and I am afraid. I know fear I have never felt before."

Her eys grew moist as she said this and a pain formed deep within her. She did not know what she should do but she knew that she felt truly alone. Her best friend was with her but she had never felt more alone.

She missed the reassurances of her father. The quiet strength of her mother. The comfort of her siblings and cousins. She wished deeply to see them now. She wanted desperately to have them at her side.

A single tear ran down her face and her eyes dropped to the table.

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Sir Donovan hung on to her everyone word. He looked at the face of his greatest friend and felt her sadness. Donovan closed his eyes and pondered her words. Suddenly he had visions of his tortured childhood. He was no longer at the table with Apparition, he was a young child in a shabby cabin.

Donovan was peeking through a door. Inside of the other room the bandits had his mother. His father already lay dead on the floor, quickly cut down by the criminals beforehand. He looked on as they slowly tortured her, beating and hurting her within an inch of her life, yet not allowing her the mercy of death.

Donovan could not look away, his eyes were filled with tears. He wanted to help but he knew he could not. The bandits spat on his mother and kicked at her. Anger brewed deep within Donovan, his soul was clawing at his chest, begging for redemption. The leader smiled and turned his head in Donovan's direction. An intense fire exploded in his belly as he saw the face of the man, the man who had killed his father and tortured his mother.

The bandits then made their exit, having killed his family and plundered their belongings. Donovan made his way to his mother's side, teared still filled his eyes. Suddenly his mother spoke.

"Son, tonight, me and your father did not die, tonight, our power is given to you, our legacy will live on within you" she said. She coughed and spat up blood but continued her speech. "Son, when you find her do not let her go, she will be your savior, she will fill the void in your heart and give you power you cannot imagine"

Donovan did not understand but he did not speak. He wept as his mother died in his arms. He howled into the dark night. On that night, a boy had been broken.

Anger filled Donovan. He still did not understand his mother's words and it made him angry. He missed his string father and loving mother, his heart ached, he no longer had a family. Apparition was the closest thing he had to family anymore. He squeezed Apparitions hand and began to weep.

"Do not be afraid Apparition, I will protect you no matter what. You are all I have left" Sir Donovan spoke shakily.

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What happened here?

Scurge shook his head as he sifted threw the burnt remains of a small fishing village on the coast.

"It looks like......it cant be, its looks like they were burnt by Dragon's Breath."

The last Dragon was killed over 100 years ago Scurge. You know that.

Scurge whirled around grabbing his lieutenant by the neck and squeezing he said,

"The only thing I know is there used to be a village here and now everything for a mile in every direction is burnt to ash."

Suddenly they saw smoke on the horizon directly over the Elf Guild's Kingdom.

"Gather the others, we're leaving."

Where to?

"The Kingdom of Iskandar. We must warn them."

Thee Assassins Guild didn't ride horses, or other beasts, they ran everywhere and never left tracks. They worked like shadows and were loyal only to themselfs. But even they knew that the evil brought forth this night would destroy all and take no prisoners.
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She thought it sweet that he wanted to protect her. But at the same time her heart dropped even lower than it had before. Men never quite knew the right thing to say. It touched her deeply that he felt she was the only one he had left but it hurt her as well. Her heart went out to him for what she knew was heavy on his heart, but it made her think more of her family as well. The feeling of ill fate increased within her and she knew that she would not be comfortable until she knew how her family fared. She made up her mind that she would travel to their lands on the morrow. She knew that if she went than Donovan would go as well. She would be glad of the company.

She reached over and wiped the tears from his face. He was bigger than her and stronger too, but she knew she had to protect him as well. She wished to take his mind from his troubles so she gave him her brightest smile and took his hands in hers as she rose. The troubadors were playing a gay tune and many were capering wildly around the hall. Others were singing along, as it was a song that was much loved in the kingdom of Iskandar. As she led him to the center of the hall and began to dance with him, she wondered at how she had not noticed the revelry before. She had been lost in her friend’s and her problems. Well she would let it out now and simply enjoy the movement of the dance. Afterwards she would tell him of her decision and all fears would be held off for another day.

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Donovan could sense the sadness growing within Apparition and it added to his. It was one thing that he was upset but it was another that she was sad. He hated to see his friend in this condition. He cracked a smile as she wiped the tears from his face, he knew she hated to see him cry.

He rose from his chair her hands within his. He heard the music and saw all the people around him celebrating. He had forgotten that this was his celebration for today he had been knighted, an honor that few are blessed with in their lifetime.

Donovan placed his hand on Apparitions waist and held her hand with his other. They began to glide across the dance floor with their dance. Everything seemed to move in slow motion as he and her danced in the center of the hall. He felt a smile come across his face and stared into the dark brown eyes of his friend. He had forgotten his troubles, everything was alright now.

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Sparda had accomplished his task. He now possesed the crown of Lord Gambler, the king of Vance. He only had a few more to go. His journey would be over soon. Climbing onto his horse that was in the forest he had slain the Bandits, he rode onwards to Iskandar. After tens years of suffering, ten years of endless nightmares, it would all come to an end.....

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Lord Gambler sat on his throne and thought,

"Had the Rangers really fallen so far as to become thieves? When I was a child Ranger's were men of honor and followed a code. But now......"

His thoughts were interrupted.

My liege you must come quickly

Lord Gambler followed the Knight outside, a bloody elf lay on the ground dying.

An...A.a.An army......we...we never stoo....

The elf using his last bit of life gave Lord Gambler the piece of flesh with Shadow Arrow's message carved into it.

"We must warn the Iskandar at once. If Shadow Arrow has made it to thee Elf Guild then Iskandar will be the next to fall. WE RIDE!!!"

The mighty king and his Knights of the Wolf headed towards Iskander.

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Scotius opened the door to find Gambler's sister peaceful. He sighed in relief and felt Gambler rush past the door. He followed him an took his place by his throne, standing with his arm's folded. He had followed Gambler outside and veiewed the horrific scene. The Elf was a mess of blood and gore.

Scotius saw the flesh and almost gagged. Happy to be rid of the site, he rode with the other Kinghts with Gambler to Iskandar. He rode next to him, saying,"What if he gets there when we do?"

Scotius felt a cold hand running over his shoulder. He was startled and spu around to find Moonchild's silver eyes staring at him. "You try to leave me?" She asked. Scotius tried to speak but Moonchild said,"You have been chosen, Scotius Wolfman. You are the one to bring me back." She nodded up at the moon and wrapped her arms around Scotius. "I'm weak, I will die soon. Please, hurry."

Scotius looked at Gambler with a worried look on his face.

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Sparda was on his way to Iskandar. He was taking the backroads. He didn't want to be seen with the Crown, not when he was this close. Then he heard rumbling, and turned to see Lord Gambler with his Knights rushing in the same direction. They must not get there before me, Sparda thought with a determined look on his face. He would not let anything ruin his plan. He rode on faster, slowly inching towards Lord Gambler's convoy, and slowly into their sight.

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Her feelings became overwhelming and Apparition felt like to cry. She buried her head against Donovan's shoulder and danced on but the feelings grew deeper. Her stomach churned and her limbs felt weak. Normally quick and light she felt even lighter as she drifted about. If he had not been holding her she might have collapsed then. Her throat grew tight and she felt heat rise into her head. She began to sweat and her heart and lungs felt tight. The panic rose within her and she longed for her weapons. She could dance no more.

"Sir Donovan," she pulled back and stared into his eyes. "Please take me back to my room. I feel an ill wind blowing and I have a need for my leather and my weapons. I still can not explain it, but the feelings have risen and they are like to overwhelm me. I will not feel better until I take the outer air and have my weapons at the ready."

She did not wait for an answer as she slipped from his embrace. She turned, his hand still in hers, and hurried toward the door. She must hurry for the feeling was far too urgent.