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The Front Business

The Lounge

Welcome to The Cozy Lounge, a classy nightclub for classy folk. Our club features a bar inside of a large ballroom with tables for couples and groups, a dance floor, and a stage where our very own band plays the best in Jazz and Big Band. The lead singer, miss Karma Jenkins, has a voice like an angel. Come and let her voice throw you to the clouds. At The Cozy Lounge, we serve only the finest in food and wine. Have a special occasion coming up? We can provide special services. Check in with Alfredo, our receptionist, and he will see to it that you are accommodated. Enjoy your evening *Smile*

The Real Business

Now Hiring Waiters & Waitresses!

The Cozy Lounge is a front business for the new Brizio family mob. It was founded by Felix Brizio, the son of Lisa Bennett, a bank teller, and James Brizio, a small-time mobster. His father James had worked his way up the ladder until he scored a gig that earned him a fortune but that lead to his fiancee, Lisa, being murdered by his own boss, Bruno Gorbachev; so he defected, stealing what he could from Gorbachev before severing his ties. Later on he settled down with another woman named Margery, who had a son named Francis from her previous marriage. Gorbachev's mob eventually caught up with him and he and Margery were assassinated.

The Wine Cellar

Located behind the club's bar is the entrance to the the wine cellar, which is more than just a storage unit for the finest bottles of Marsala and Prosecco. It serves as the base of operations as well. Here you will find money, drugs, guns, gangsters, street thugs, and dirty cops, to say the least.

The Staff

The Club Owner

Felix Brizio

Felix never knew his father that well since he spent his whole life at boarding school, away from the family, but upon hearing the news of his father's death he dropped out and reunited with his step brother, Francis, with intentions of avenging their late father. Felix has no mafia ties so he utilizes street gangs, he is inexperienced but a quick learner, and though he has a pleasant demeanor, he can switch it off and be ruthless.

The Underboss

Francis "Franco" Brizio

Franco dropped his biological father's name and took on the Brizio family name. He's young, a bit wild, but he handles business well. Like his brother Felix, he was away at school for most of his life. Currently Franco manages the coalition the Brizio family has with the local street gangs.

The Receptionist

Alfredo Angioletto

Alfredo used to do odd-jobs alongside James in the past. Over time he came to be James' most trusted peer and was there when James landed the big gig. They split the loot that night then went their separate ways and years later, after hearing about James' death, Alfredo tracked down the Brizio brothers and donated what was left of his own half of the fortune to fund their front business. From time to time he offers council to the young bosses.

The Bartender

Cirillo Angioletto

When Alfredo left the mob he invited his brother Cirillo to be a part of the new business.

The Chef

Tony de Brum

Tony de Brum was once a mental patient. He still suffers from dementia but retains his ability to function properly most of the time.

The Pianist

Lucas Moore

At one time Lucas Moore was an independant hitman that was in high-demand for different mafia families. He was tracked down by Alfredo and hired to be the bodyguard of the Brizio Brothers. He keeps his custom handguns in a fancy chest where they wait to be used again.

The Singer

Miss Karma Jenkins

Karma used to be a struggling musician until she met Felix at the club who convinced her to lend her vocal talent to his stage.

The Bouncer

Spencer "Spanky" Jones

Spencer is an ex-con with street connections. Franco hired him to organize enforcers for the Brizio Family from the local street gangs. Spanky is not only the doorman to the club, he is the doorman to the shady side of the business as well.

The "Family Friends"

Aleshanee Loto

Aleshanee Loto

Currently the only known "Family Friend" to the Brizio Brothers. She is Franco's personal assassin.

The Rules

  • Standard RPG rules apply
  • This is mainly an RP between me and but the club and even the "Family Business" are open
  • You can fight here
  • You can break stuff (not the whole club, though) just be prepared to be hit/shot at
  • If you're here to do "Business" you must speak to Franco
  • Open auditions for "Family Friends" (Need a dirty cop and some contract killers) contact The Bouncer or Franco
  • If you're here to kill the Brizio Brothers, you're welcome to try
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@CozyDaPrynce: Walking into the beautiful building Dayton adjusted his suit. Looking around there were many people conversing and laughing, a jazz band play in the background. Before Dayton could figure out what song they were playing he noticed a woman walk to the microphone on the stage. The band began to play and the woman was now singing Fly me to the moon by Frank Sinatra.

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Love that song! Even better when it's this version   
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(Sorry my internet failed for a while :P)

The Cozy Lounge was animated by exuberant music. In the ballroom men and women were dancing lively to a bouncy tune playing which was complemented by the effervescent energy permeating from a vivaciously spirited woman singing on stage. Sitting alone at a couples' table in a slightly darker corner of the club was a young woman draped in a sparkly black dress with silky rose-colored hair, relaxed down to her shoulders, exposing a single viridian eye. A waiter walked up to her table and placed a glass of the club's finest wine down in front of her, "courtesy of the club manager." The woman nodded at the man as he turned to leave then lifted the glass to her soft, luscious pink lips. "Mmm," she uttered quietly to herself, relishing the sweet taste of the wine that was accented by a faint green-apple-like flavor. A smile spread across her face. The only time he would have the club's finest wine served to her free-of-charge was when he was feeling apologetic for being late, and usually the glass would be followed up with a nice bonus added to her payment; how convenient for her! She sipped at her wine with zeal as she continued to wait for his arrival.

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@ Bloody_Mist (It's cool but I gotta go soon.) Watching from the upper level of the club is Franco, he spots his associate sitting at a table to the side of the dance floor. He adjusts his coat then proceeds down the staircase to greet her. "How's the wine, Alesha?" he says as he takes the empty seat at her table.

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@_Franco_: "Delectable," Aleshanee responded with a grin. The grin wasn't for him, however, Aleshanee was just eager to receive her overdue payment. She feigned another smile then spoke again. "Let's get down to business, Franc. You know I don't like being around people much. Let me get my money so I can be on my way."

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Franco flashes a smile back then reaches into a pocket inside of his coat for a roll of cash and rolls it across the table, "here you go, you don't have to count it. It's all there." He leans back in his chair and rubs his chin as he looks to the woman singing on the stage.

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@_Franco_: Aleshanee stopped the roll of cash from rolling off the table. She looked at the man across as she slipped the roll into her purse, "it better be Franc. You failed to mention that Leoni had some friends with him that night."

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A large towering man walked towards the door from across the street. Already in front of the door, some civillian bystanders understood as they react naturally by quickly distancing themselves away from potential peril in unease. Fowler crouched slightly so that he can barely fit into the rather small door, in his context. So far he is having a hard time finding a chair that would not break under his own weight. Given the current lack of available options the Bioborg eventually decided find a spot on the floor to sit on instead. A floor for his butt and a table to put his food on, so far the atmosphere is wicked. The music is soo good that people can actually ignore a towering fifteen foot monstrous bioborg when they are having fun, It is as if a bunch of shrew would allow a mountain cat to enter their dwelling. The current mood would be okay as long as they refrain from looking above the dance-floor, but it seems that nobody will as that diva can play better than what they have on television. At last there is this large round table at the corner which happens to be unoccupied so with that in mind the large bioborg settled down.

"Waiter! I would like to have one of everything on this delicious menu please"

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@Rumble Man: The waiter puts his pen and pad in his jacket then responds, "one moment, sir." He then proceeds to the table where Franco and Alesha are seated at. "Uh, sir. There's a man here who placed an order for everything on our menu." Franco turns his attention from the music to the waiter with a wrinkled expression of confusion on his face, "You serious?" He asks. "Yes, sir." The waiter replies. Franco peers across the room, "Where is he?" He asks, unable to see. "There, sir. The one sitting on the floor." Franco laughs, "who the hell is this guy?" He puts a palm on the table and glances at Alesha @Bloody_Mist: "Hold on, Alesha. I need to check this out." @Rumble Man: He stands and adjusts his suit once more with a quick twist to his neck then casually walks over to the large man seated on the floor. He stops and takes a seat at the table in front of the large man then leans back and rubs his chin again, flashing a ring with a large ruby. "Hey, big guy. I hope you got the cash for such a large order."

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Fowler answered the waiter "I can fill it all in, If the food is good I might be interested to pay you guys for private lessons." The bioborg then proceeds to pull out a brown box from behind his coat, he opens the package to show a small amount of Drug money. About 13k and a half, some to pay the meal and the rest for tipping or other hidden costs that might be interesting from this specific location. Fowler then puts the box on the table and slides it slowly so that the man can take the box.

Give me something good to eat willya?
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@Rumble Man: Still leaning back in his chair with his hand on his chin Franco can see a brown box filled with cash on the table in front of him. He grins, "Well, well, well. Looks like I got a customer." He leans forward with his elbows on the table, "excuse me if I came off rude. You caught me at a bad time." He raises his hand, flashing his fancy ring again, and waves a finger, signaling a waiter to come to the table.

"Yes, sir?" The waiter asks.

"I want you to go to the kitchen. Tell the chef to get his people working double time, they got a big order," Franco says. "And waiter ... " The waiter bends down with an ear next to Franco, "When this man is finished with his meal I want you to show him to the wine cellar." He then waves his hand again, signaling the waiter to leave and turns back to the box of money on the table. Math wasn't always his strongest subject growing up but he'd been around money enough to make accurate estimations on sums with just a glance. He could tell the box easily carried over 10k. "The waiter will see to it that you are accommodated. After you finish up we can talk business. For now I got a meeting with a dangerous lady, and she don't like waitin."

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"Thank you" The bioborg waits for his order as he reclines back on the walls, the music makes him feel good so he decides to help by adding some flavors to the the sounds system. With some non disruptive lights to help the diva as well, at the moment he just snacked on some peanuts available at the table and awaits as somebody is about to bring the bread selection with olive oil. He loves italian, back at base food is assembled but here the bioborg wants to taste something hand-made.

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@Rumble Man: Before Franco leaves the table with the brown box in hand he notices what the man did. "Nice touch," he says. "The waiter will be out with your order soon enough." He then takes the brown box in hand and returns to the table where his business associate awaits him.

The waiter

Some time passes and the waiter appears at the man's table with several other waiters, each placing a dish on the table. In front of the large man is an assorted variety of delicious Italian food. There is pesce, alfredo, spaghetti, grilled squid, shrimp, mixed salads, soups and meat sauce, boneless chicken, and beef steak marinated with wine and fried with the chef's own secret blend of spices. The last waiter sets two bottles of wine on the table as the rest return to their designated positions within the ballroom, "Thank you for choosing the Cozy Lounge. Enjoy your dinner, sir."

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"Thank you waiter"

Without any shed of hesitation the bioborg helps himself with the fine selection of italian culinary treats, starting from the fish as he gulped the whole thing down in the blink of an eye. He munches the morsel with his a adamantium choppers which he is thinking of replacing soon, no fork or knife necessary as the large man just used his hands. Plates pile up by the dozens as items are disappearing at an alarming rate, it was a magic show in the reverse order. Soup bowls empty themselves, salads vanish from plain sight, grilled squid flashed out of existence, shrimps shimmered out of view and at last the pasta is sucked into a vortex. It started when both the steak and the chicken were erased from the table and it ended with a hungry bioborg that demands "More!" he downs all three bottles of wine in one swig.

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@Rumble Man: The food comes and goes and the large man barks "More!" The waiters rush the table to collect all the plates then dash to the kitchen to gather more of the same, as well as some additional items, then swiftly return with a second round for the man. Along with the previously mentioned items from before there is now crab and lobster with sauce, fried rice, mashed potatoes and gravy. "Carry on, sir."

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"Thank you waiter"

His mouth is a gaping crusher that massacred all the food on the table, the crab and the lobster though that their armored shell can defend them from its curiosity They failed and ended up being analyzed by his enhanced tastebuds, he knows what it is made of but he does not care as he wishes to learn from the chef in person. He scops the fried rice with his left hand and the gravy covered mash with his right and gorges them both in at the same time.


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@Rumble Man: A single waiter appears at the table as the man eats. "Will there be anything else, sir?"

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"have you any desserts?"

The bioborg replied as he stacks the plates

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@Rumble Man: "Ah!" The waiter replies. "Indeed we do." He snaps his fingers and his fellow waiters appear behind him. "Gentlemen, get this man the special treatment." And with haste the team of waiters carry the dishes back into the kitchen and return with a veritable medley of Italian desserts.

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The bioborg throws his coat to the back and extends several tendrils created from the prehensile layer of his exoskin, the ends remold into knives as well as other eating utilities as the fork and spoon. With a swift motion the desserts are cut into bite-sized bits and all shot towards his open mouth. "That was scrumptious, I must meet the chef at once!"

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@Rumble Man: As the man eats, the main waiter stands by. "That was scrumptious," the man says. "I must meet the chef at once!"

"As you wish," the waiter says with a slight bow. He then waves his fellows to retrieve the dishes once more and turns with his arm extended in the direction of the kitchen and his head facing the large man across the table from him. "After you, sir."

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Fowler stood up and he does it cautiously to not knock off any of the ceiling lights, with a rush of anticipation the bioborg literally zipped from one side to the other of the restaurant. His motion bypassed several others unnoticed, then he opens the door to the kitchen.

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@Rumble Man: The kitchen is capacious but crowded with a cluster of ovens, grills and prep tables. Aisles between are maybe 5 feet wide and the front of the kitchen is to the right upon entry. As the massive figure barges in the door to the kitchen he is met with wide-eyed, mouth-gaping expressions. All of the chefs have stopped what they were doing to stare at the behemoth, "Good god!" Says a man in black and grey slacks with a chef coat on. It is none other than the head chef, Tony de Brum, himself. "What the hell is that?"

Seconds later the waiter from the ballroom dashes into the kitchen and slides to a stop and offers up an answer, " That ... " He starts. "Is this evening's V-I-P"

"Oh?" Chef Tony says, "so you're the one makin me work extra tonight, eh? You here to make a complaint, Jumbo?"

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"I love your food" The bioborg bowed carefully so that he does not knock over any important kitchenware utilities. He is excited to seethe good conditions of of the machinery which meant that they cook with love. The surprise was a normal expression as it was not that of a hostile reaction, the bioborg laughed as some of them began to stare in aghast. "I wish to be taught the way of the culinary arts, I want to learn to cook"

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@Rumble Man: The man's words have put Chef Tony in a good mood. He puts on a smile and starts to reply, "well you're in luck, Jum--" but he interrupts himself in the middle of his sentence when he looks over the room to see the addled chefs staring in awe at the goliath. Now, at least for a moment, he's back in the agitated state he was before the large man came through the door, "w-what are ya people gawkin' at!?" He yells. "Get to work!!" And with that everyone returns to their normal cooking routine. Seeing his chefs return to their kitchen duties instantaneously puts Chef Tony into a more calm state. "As I was saying," he starts back up. "You're in luck, Jumbo. The lounge closes in an hour, I'll give you a quick culinary lesson then. If you want to, you can keep going to the back and wait where the wine cellar is. There should be some stuff back there to keep you busy."

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Franco takes a seat across the table from the red headed woman whom he had been conversing with earlier, by his feet is a brown box of money. With suave unlike any other he fixes his coat then makes eye contact with his lady associate. "Where were we, beautiful?" He says unctuously, aiming to ease her from her tizzy.

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"Teach me the ways of the chef please" the bioborg is eager to learn and so he follows the man in charge.

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@_Franco_: Aleshanee was sitting with one leg over the other, dangling one of her high heels between two toes by the straps and tapping the fingers of one hand on the tabletop with her chin resting on the palm of the other. She was irritated at the fact that Franco had the gall to walk off on her the way he did. She had been watching him talk with the bulky patron across the ballroom and had noticed a brown box was presented to Franco by the big man. She knew there must have been something good inside, Franc was just too easy for her to read like that. There were things that the young man would do, little things, that she could point out and give thoroughly detailed explanations about. She knew the lies behind his charming smiles. She knew the true intentions behind his pleasing words, and with him reciting an age-old line she wasn't impressed. His flattery wasn't going to work now, but the brown box, however, may be just the thing to appease the resentment she was feeling towards him. Without so much of an expression on her face, Aleshanee asserted her displeasure, "Save it for the stage girl, loverboy. What's in the box?"

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@Bloody_Mist: Franco chuckles, "What, this thing? It's nothin, Alesha. Just a little something for the big brother upstairs."

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@_Franco_: Aleshanee took a sip of her wine then glared at him, "You can't lie to me, Franc. The look on your face when you saw that box was like a kid's when somebody gives him free candy. So what is it? Money?"

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@Bloody_Mist: "Alright. There's money in the box. So what? You already got your payment, sweety." Franco replies. "Don't be greedy."

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@_Franco_: Aleshanee set her glass on the table and brushed her hair back. Her expressionless face now had a faint hint of anger written on it, "When you take up my own time, you pay me. Whether I'm out doing a job for you or I'm here in your club, you pay me. I've been waiting around while you were talking it up with that... thing. I'm gonna need some compensation."

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@Bloody_Mist: Franco gives another chuckle, "that nasty attitude really doesn't go well with your pretty face, Alesha. I'll tell you what, I'll give you another five grand, and you can be on your way. Will that work for you?

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@_Franco_: And as usual, the crimson haired assasin gets her way. "That's more like it, loverboy. Give my regards to Felix," she said as she stood up to fix her dress and brush her hair back with a hand once more. She left Franc at the table alone, disappearing behind the couples still dancing on the ballroom floor. With an extra five grand added to her payment, it was another night of convenience for Aleshanee.

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@Bloody_Mist: Franco shakes his head and sighs his associate fades behind a crowd of dancing couples, " that woman is bad for business ... "

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James entered the nightclub wearing clothes of a civilian. He wore a black leather jacket with white stripes on the sleeves, a black buttoned shirt, and a red t-shirt beneath that. His pants were light grey, and he wore black magnum combat boots. "I'm in." James spoke through his earpiece. "Copy that. You know your objective, go forth and carry it out captain." A fuzzy voice responded. The undercover hero/soldier walked towards a table and took a seat.

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@Rumble Man: "Alright. Listen up," Chef Tony says. "First order of business, wash your hands."

@Patriotic: A waiter notices the well-dressed man and proceeds to his table. "Good evening, sir. May I take your order?"

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Creed waltzed in and took a seat at the bar, examining the scene carefully.

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@_Creed_: The man is approached by a waiter. "Good evening, sir. May I take your order?"

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@CozyDaPrynce: "Just a coke" Creed quickly responded.

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@_Creed_: "Very well," the waiter replied before returning to the kitchen. This was a rather unusual order. Perhaps the man may have come for something more than dinner, he will have to check in with his superiors. Moments after entering the double doors to the kitchen he returns with a glass of Coca-Cola and sets it on the table in front of the new patron. "Enjoy your coke, sir." He says with a smile.

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@CozyDaPrynce: "Right.." Creed said casually while taking a sip.

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@CozyDaPrynce: Fowler washed his hands on the sink and applied plenty of soap as he waits for the next instruction

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@_Creed_: Franco is informed of the new patron by the waiter. He stands and gives a few tugs to his coat then walks over to the man's table and settles into the empty chair across the table from him, "Haven't seen you in my club before but you already got my attention. What's the matter, you don't like to eat?"

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@_Franco_: "I must have missed the sign that said "You must eat, no matter what". What eve happened to going to a lounge to..Well lounge" Creed raised his brow while leaning back and sipping his drink.

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@_Creed_: "Heh," Franco chuckles. "A loiterer ... " He glances over to the stage where a lady sings along to a bouncy tune played by the club's band and continues to speak, "If the food menu doesn't interest you then maybe you came to check the specials. Is that it?"

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@_Franco_: Creed didn't know what he was referring to, but it sure as hell sounded interesting. "Could you excuse me for a second?" He said before getting up and walking for the bathroom. Once inside he made sure he was alone before slamming his fists together, making a duplicate. "Ok, lets plan this out..". Creed stepped out of the bathroom and took a seat again. "Yeah, im here for the specials.."

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@_Creed_: Franco remains watching the woman on the stage as he waits for the patron to return. Something was a little off about the man, he can't quite put his finger on it but he figures it'll come out eventually.

"Follow me to the wine cellar," he says.

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@_Franco_: "So when do I get to check out these specials?" Creed asked while tapping his fingers on the table.