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This is a western-style RPG.

1.  No powers.
2.  Standard RPG rules apply.
3.  Ask and get approval to join before posting.
4.  All questions can be asked in the OOC: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/rpg/9/the-cowboys-ooc/23877/#59
5.  Have fun!


Montana - 1878

The sun was beginning to set after a nice day.  Tired from a long day's work, John Anderson walked through the door of his ranch house.  His back was aching, his palms her bloodied, and his spirit was nearly exhausted.  At the time, John was the owner of the Double B Ranch.  Now, his cattle and horses needed to be driven to market across the states of Montana and Wyoming.  However, there was a serious problem.  Just about all the men in the town of Clark Fork had left in search of gold because of a recent strike that had been discovered.  Furthermore, nearly all of the cattle hands of the Double B had gone as well.  Therefore, John was left to do most of the work by himself.  Agonizingly almost, he did it everyday from dawn until dusk.  Now, his only comfort came from the warm look on his wife and daughter's faces whenever he came in after a long day.  He had a son at one point.  However, a rattlesnake bite claimed his son's life.  John's family was the most important thing to him.  Bills needed to be paid, supplies needed to be bought - and he could not do it without getting those cattle and horses to market.

Finally, he came in from his work out on the range.  Exhausted and tired, he greeted his wife and daughter.  After dinner that evening, John walked out onto the front porch of the ranch house and sat quietly by himself.  Looking up at the stars, he let out a gentle sigh.  He then closed his eyes and relaxed briefly in the cool night air.  Opening his eyes, John looked over his ranch.  How was he going to get all those cattle across Montana and Wyoming?  Thinking to himself, he sat on his porch and relaxed some more.

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Longing to see John after a long day, Erika Anderson was eagerly waiting for him. She and her daughter did all the house work, meals, and outside chores. After Erika and her daughter had finished milking cows to get gallons of milk, gathering many eggs the chickens had laid, cleaning the barn, organizing the house, making the meals, and other activities, Erika was quite worn out.

The kitchen smelled good. Just out of the oven twenty minutes ago was a large, juicy chicken. Now, the rolls were almost done and Erika was tossing the salad together. John should be here anytime. Then she heard the wonderful knock at the door. Erika told her daughter to finish getting the table ready for dinner. Great! He is hear, and dinner is just about ready! She opened the door. There stood John, rugged, handsome, and dirty. But she didn't care. She embraced toward him and gave him a tight hug and kissed him on the lips. "So, how was your day today?" He told her that he had gotten a lot of work done. His daughter came up to him and gave him a big hug also.

They sat down at the table. They said a short prayer and started to dig in. "Well, what do you think?" He told her that it hit the spot and that he couldn't have asked for a better meal. After a long conversation at the dinner table, Erika grabbed the dishes and brought them to the sink. "I'll handle the dishes." she told John. John nodded and walked outside. There he sat down in a chair on the front porch.

She finished the dishes and peered out the window. My John, such a hard worker. I pray that he will be successful in what he does with our cattle.

She walked to their bedroom and got into her nightgown. Tonight I'll have a good nights sleep. She waited for John to join her.

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After sitting for a while in the night air, John stood up and walked around the ranch one last time before going in to bed.  First, he went to the barn and stables and found everything in good order.  Then, John took a stroll past the empty bunkhouses.  It served as another reminder of the hard times that lay ahead.  As he made his way back towards the house, he heard something towards the corrale.  Walking out to the corrale, he folded his arms and leaned on one of the railings.  The horses were trotting around gracefully in the night.  Watching the brilliant steeds in the moonlight, John chuckled to himself.


With that, he went back into the house.  Going towards his daughter's room, John looked in and found her peacefully asleep.  That young girl had worked so hard to help her mother and father.  Smiling at her, John whispered under his breath, "That's my girl...."  He then walked over to her bed and gently tucked the blanket around her so she wouldn't get cold that night.  Then, John went into the master bedroom and found his wife, Mrs. Erika Anderson there.


From the look on her face, it appeared as if she was kept waiting.  "Sorry to keep you waiting, dear." he said.  With that, he got ready for bed, then laid down next to his wife.  Putting his arm around her, John Anderson went to sleep for the night.  All of his troubles and concerned would have to be dealt with in the morning...........

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She slept sound that night, except for a strange sound that happened around midnight. It sounded like someone was sneaking around outside. What is that? She nudged John, "Wake up, something is outside I think." John was out cold. She continually tried and eventually  had given up. I guess I will have to do it myself. She got up and slipped on her coat and slipped on her shoes.

Erika had made it to the door and was about to open it when she saw the light of a lantern in her barn. We didn't leave the lights on, someone must be here. She went to the closet and grabbed the rifle out of it. I hope I don't have to use this, I'm not a very good shot too. She crept out the back door.

She peered into the darkness. Faintly she made out a wagon and horses. There were cages on the wagon, and the driver was waiting with the reigns in his hands. I looks like they are trying to steal our animals. She stealthily walked over to a small hole in the barn. She stared in panic. There was a group of four guys standing there, tying up the animals and carrying them out to the wagon. She stood up, Oh no, John is asleep and we're being robbed, they would probably capture or kill me if I tried to do something now. She crouched down and looked back into the hole. Hmmm... Only three guys, and one is still at the wagon, so were is the...

Erika felt a small tap on her shoulder. She trembled in fear as she turned around. Sure enough, the one robber had found her. He had his revolver pointed to her head. "So what are you doing snooping around little miss." He cocked back the hammer. John, please come to my rescue!

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Like Ever night, Young Lya Washed her face right before bed. She could hear her father outside in the barn, looking after the animals. And she could hear her mother in the kitchen cleaning after dinner. Letting her braided hair out, The redhead brushed it out and tied it in a ribbon before she sliped into her long night gown. With her book in hand, She laid on her bed, looking at the pictures and the small words, the only words she could read, To her it was a great book. And before long, with the window open so she could hear the animals in the barn as they talked to eachother, She soon feel asleep,

She didnt even wake up when her father came in and tucked her blanket around her small body. Lost in her dreams, of small words, singing birds, and cattle, The faces of the men that worked for daddy that seemed to of ran off in the night. And the chickens, pecking at the words she read in her book, she was siting there. reading and as she read the words, the lept off the page and the chickens ate them. So all that where left where the big words she didnt understand. Then the horses started to laugh at her. then they started to scream.

Her eyes snapped open as she heard the cries of the houses and the milking cows. the wild clucking of the chicken. blinking her eyes abit, to realize she was awake, the young girl slid from her bed and headed to her opened window. She saw her mother with a gun...Daddys gun. Why did momma have daddys' gun?? Then she saw the dark outlines of men. four of them, and one came right up behind her mother.

"DADDY!!!" The young girl cryed out as she ran from her room to her parents room to wake her father.

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The cries of his daughter pierced the night.  Suddenly, Lya burst into the master bedroom screaming for her father to come.  Jumping up to his feet, John Anderson looked around for a brief moment, looking next to where he laid.  To his horror, his wife was not there.  Throwing on a pair of pants, he could hear some sort of comotion going on outside.  From the sounds of his daughters screams and his wife's abscence, John could tell that it was something dire.

Racing over to the closet, he threw open the doors and found that his Winchester rifle was missing.  Hurridly, John went over to the dresser, took out his Colt Peacemaker revolver, and hung it at his side.  Then, he grabbed a large double-barrelled shotgun and raced towards the door.  Glancing over at his daugher, he said in a rough voice, "Lya!  Stay here!  I don't care what happens.  You stay here, understand?!....and hide!"  Just then, he raced outside and saw the bastard standing over his wife with a gun.  At that moment, John needed to maintain his wits and think clearly and quickly.  Taking the shotgun in his left hand, he quickly drew the Peacemaker with his right, raised it, took steady aim, then fired a shot.  Just as lightning, the bullet sped through the air and struck his wife's attacker directly in the back of the skull.

As the attacker's limp body hit the ground, John broke out in a run directly for his wife.  "Erika......" he said to himself over and over again as he ran to her.  All the way, he was praying to God that she wasn't hurt.  Finally, he was almost near his wife when gunshots rang out and bullets hit the ground where he was running.  With a boost, John lept foward and went behind the cover of the barn.  Immediately, he took his dear wife in his arms and held her tight.  "I'm here.....I'm here....." he said to her.  Then, with a concerned look, John looked Erika straight in the eye and said, "Lya's still inside the house.  I'm gonna cover you, alright darlin'?  When I start firing, I want you run and NOT look back.  Just get inside and make sure our daughter's safe...."

With that, John took Erika in his arms, kissed her, then took his Winchester.  Giving her the shotgun instead, he knew that she would be able to shoot better with it.  Standing to his feet, he looked around the corner of the barn.  However, gunfire quickly came and he ducked for cover.  Then, looking over at Erika, John gave her a nod to go.  "Run!  Hurry!" he whispered.  Just then, he turned around the corner with his Winchester and began firing towards the bandits.  Firing nonstop, it would provide Erika a chance to get inside to their daughter.  Deep down, John dreaded the thought of anything happening to either one of them.  He loved them so much.....they were all that he had left in this world.  When one of the bandits turned to fire, he was caught in the chest by the round of a Winchester.  Then, the same happened to another.

At that point, the gunfire stopped.  Ducking behind cover, John looked up at the ranch house..........It was completely quiet.  Erika was nowhere to be found, so he assumed that she had gotten inside.  After all, John could have sworn that there were four men.  However, he had only killed three.  Just then, he heard something in the barn.  It sounded as if something was rustling around inside.  Cocking his rifle, John Anderson entered into the barn.  Staying near the dark parts and moving quietly, he listened.  The spinning of a spur could be heard against the hay - causing John's attention to be drawn towards one area of the barn.  Slowly moving through the wooden beams, tables, and farm animals, John slowly approached the position where the sound took place.

Suddenly, a large knife shot out and sliced deeply into John's arm - causing him to drop the rifle.  At that moment, a bandit came out of hiding and tackled him to the ground.  The large brute then lept on top of John and began trying to stick the knife into his chest.  Gritting his teeth in pain, John reached up with both hands and blocked the attack.  Now, the bandit was bearing his weight down upon the large knife - trying to kill John.  Just then, John shifted the blade away from his chest.  It then struck down and the blade pierced into his large shoulder.  Yelling out in pain, John reached up, grabbed the large bandit by the hair, then struck him with a powerful blow to the jaw.  The attack stunned the bandit.  Therefore, John hit him again and again and again - each time with more power behind the blow.  Then, using his hips, he shoved the man off of him.  Rolling over to the side, John staggered to his feet, somewhat weakened by the loss of blood from the stab wound in his shoulder.  The man charged again with the knife.  This time though, John quickly moved out of the way, punched him in the ribs, then in the face.  Then, he issued a combination of fierce left and right punches to the man's face.

Then, in a fury, John Anderson grabbed the bandit by the collar, then threw him across the barn.  As the bandit's body slammed into the wall and slumped to the ground, he grabbed a hold of that big knife once again.  In a slashing motion, he came directly at John.  In a defensive manner, John caught the blow, used the force that the man was exherting, came around with the blade, and then sent it towards the man's throat.  Before the bandit could react, the knife plunged deep into his neck.  Then, he died and his lifeless corpse fell to the ground.

With his family protected, John Anderson painfully reached down and picked up his Colt Peacemaker revolver and his Winchester rifle.  The loss of blood had begun to weaken him more.  Staggering as he went, John finally made his way up to the ranch house.  Then, he opened the door and went inside.  Seeing his family, he let out a sigh of relief and hugged them close - being careful not to get his blood on his loving wife and his precious daughter.  Although he desperately needed medical attention, he didn't care.  His family was safe and that was all that mattered to him.....

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As she was about to be shot, John came to her rescue and shot the bandit. That was too close! She was handed the shotgun and told to run back to the house. "What if you need backup?" He told her to go. Okay then. She made a mad dash for the house. A bullet wizzed past her ear, only about half an inch off. That was lucky. She made it safely inside.

From inside Erika heard heard many gunshots. She went to Lya and said, "Are you all right?" Lya told her that she was fine, and that she had alerted John. Wow! Lya woke John up but I couldn't. "Thank you very much Lya, mom most likely would have died without you." She told her that it was nothing. "You look at me, that was something, and you are growing wiser and stronger by the day."

"The gunshots seemed to have stopped." Erika and Lya heard the backdoor creak open. "John?" There was no reply as the person walked forward in the darkness. Then, he lit his lantern. It was the driven of the wagon. "Your old man is a good fighter, too bad you aren't." He reached for Erika a grabbed her. "Help Lya!" Lya rushed toward him and stomped on his foot. "Ouuccchh!!!" He released his grip on Erika enough for her to escape the grasp. She darted away, but Lya was quickly grabbed. "Now I've got the little one." he chuckled.

Oh no, not my baby. She flew forward in a frenzied rush. Erika's hand grabbed the mouth of the unopened wine bottle on the kitchen table. Too quick to react, the thief was wide open. Erika grabbed and pushed Lya out of harms way, just as she slammed the wine bottle down on the thief's head. The wine bottle shattered and large pieces of glass were imbedded into the thief's skull. He stammered back, in horrible pain, with blood flowing badly, and fell over, dead.

Erika rushed over to Lya. "I'm so sorry that had to happen to you my dear, are you hurt from him or when I pushed you?" Lya told her that she had gotten a little bruised, but nothing bad. Lya told her that she didn't know that she had it in her. "Well, little one, when your family is in danger, you can do crazy things." She then, scared, asked her about daddy. "I don't know how he is doing, but they have guns, and they could easily pick me off if I try to help.

She heard a knock at the front door. Erika peered through the eyehole. "It's John!" She quickly opened the door, he came in, his arm had a deep wound in it and was bleeding badly. Lya hugged John, she was so glad to see him alive. "You could have died out there." He was about to respond when he saw the deep thief on the ground. He asked what happened, she told him that it had been the driver of the wagon. He was glad she was alright.

Erika finished cleaning out the wound and wrapped it in soft cloth with an animal skin under it, to not disturb the wound. "You are going to be okay. It will take a while to heal up though. I am just glad we are safe." What a night!

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As lya saw her father jump up out of bed and looked for his guns, She stood back fast, her little body was shaking and tears where cold on her cheeks as he grabed her arm and told her to hide. nodding fast, She darted back into her room and slid under her bed. Her body jumped with each shot that rang like thunder though the air. THen she heard her mother, Darting out from under the bed, She ran to her mother, Hearing her mother ask if she was ok Lya nodded her head "im fine momma...." THen she huged her mother when she gave prase to her waking daddy up.

"im scared momma!" Lya cryed into the hug, THen everything went quite. Whide eyed and shaking, The small girl looked out at the back door that opened, a man steped in but was hidden by the shadows. She heard her mother call out her fathers name, but then the face came into the light, Lya cryed out as the man reached out, He took ahold of her mother, Hearing her sream, Lya had no idea what was happening, but she stomped that mans foot as hard as she could, Like she saw the horses do to snakes.

But as her mother got away, SHe felt a harsh grabing hand across her arms and over her chest. "MOMMA!!" Lya cryed as she kicked out, raming her head back into his chest and kicking at his knees, but then, SHe opened her mouth and leaned her head back so fast, and her teeth found his arm, She bit so hard she could taste blood in her mouth, His scream was loud in her ears, Then His grip was lose and Momma took her arm hard and draged her away from him. Then KIRSSSHH, the sound of glass meeting flesh shot though the room.

Lya turned just as the man feel down dead, THen Her mother rushed to her side and held her arms softly, asking if she got hurt when she was pulled away. Lya tilted her head to her shoulder. "its ok momma..Momma I dont know how that happened...I just.." her mother said it was ok, and told her about if a family is in troble, We do crazy things. "Like daddy running out there to save you? Where is daddy!?" She asked in a shaky voice.

as a knock came to the door, Momma Let go of Lya and went to see who it was by the hole daddy put in the door last summer. Lya backed into the kitchen and took out a sharp knife, normaly she wasnt aloud to touch them. only working knifes and only when daddy said so, But she didnt think daddy would mind this right now. She held it up just as Her mother cryed out daddys name.

Her wild green eyes lit up with joy as she watched momma open the door, Lya ran forward, not even seeing the wound on his arm, And huged him so tightly. Then she helped momma wash and clean his wound, Her cheeks where pale, Her eyes where still scared as she looked at the body. Then she looked to daddy. "can i stay in your bed tonight daddy...Please??" She was near tears again.

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By that time, it was nearly dawn.  John Anderson looked down at his bandaged-up arm, then back up into his wife's beautiful eyes.  "Thanks, darlin'....I don't know what I'd do without you." he said with a loving look.  Then, John looked over at Lya.  She was standing there still afraid of what had happened.  When she asked if she could sleep in her parents' bed, John nodded his head to his daughter.  With a slight smile, he said, "Go on and get some rest small fry."  As Lya went back into the master bedroom, John slowly stood up and walked towards Erika.

"Look," he began. "I need to get those bodies into town.....I'm gonna let the sheriff handle it."  He then took his good arm and put it around his wife and pulled her close to him with her head resting against his chest.  "I'm gonna go now.  I'm so glad you're alright, my love...."  Looking into her eyes, he kissed her lips tenderly.  "Look after Lya while I'm gone.  Alright?  I know she's getting older, but it's been a rough night."  He then turned to go.  Putting on his hat by the door, John looked over at Erika one more time.  "I love you...." he said.  "My family is my life."

Then, he headed out the door - dragging the corpse of the man his wife had killed behind him.  Making his way to the wagon, John Anderson picked up the body and placed it upon his massive shoulders.  Upon reaching the wagon, he laid the corpse inside the wagon bed and went into the barn.  There was a lantern still lit, so John picked it up and began going around gathering all of the corpses - keeping his gun by his side at all times.  Finally, all five corpses were loaded.  Saddling up his own horse, he tied the reins to the wagon so that he would be able to get back.  John then went over to the wagon, covered the corpses with a canvas, jumped up into the seat, then yelled "Hya!" as he flicked the reins and got the horses moving.  Travelling through the night, John Anderson finally arrived in the town of Clark Fork.

Pulling the wagon up to the sheriff's office, John set the brake and jumped down.  Walking inside, he noticed a young deputy sitting at the sheriff's desk reading a paper booklet about the recent gold strikes up along the river.  As soon as John Anderson walked in the door, the young deputy jumped to his feet out of respect.  "Hhh...Hello there Mr. Anderson" the deputy said.

"Good morning Will, how's the family?"  John replied.  At that point, Anderson told the deputy about what had happened.  Walking out to the wagon, John pulled back the canvas cloth and revealed the five dead bodies.  "These are the no good dirty bastards who tried to harm my family lastnight." he said with contempt in his voice.  "This is all of 'em.....  Let me know if anything interesting turns up, Will."  With that, John Anderson took his horse that he had brought, mounted up, then rode off into the rising sun.

As morning came sure enough, John rode back onto the ranch.  Already, his arm was feeling better - thanks to his wife's care.  He would have to go out on the range and her cattle alone that day, but he would manage.  Walking inside the ranch house, John looked into his bedroom and saw Lya sound asleep on the bed.  Then, he walked into the kitchen and saw Erika working on something.  With a smile, he went over to her and gave her a gentle hug.  "Thanks again for taking care of my arm, darlin'."  John then kissed her lips gently.  "Are you alright?  How is Lya?" He knew that he had asked it before, but he felt better checking each time.  Perhaps is was just his stuborness, but deep down inside, he loved his family more than anything.  John then went over to the table and slowly sat down in his chair.  His body was still sore from the encounter in the night.  However, he'd manage.

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Erika slept with little Lya by her side for about half an hour, before the sun began to shine brightly.

She woke up, and looked outside. It was shining brightly, and she could hear the birds singing. Beside her, little Lya still slept. She could use the rest. She carefully pulled back the covers. What a night. I pray that no other misfortune like that will ever befall us again. She got up out of bed and got her dress on. She walked over to her mirror and started to comb her hair. After about ten minutes of that, she looked much better and opened her door. She looked at the floor. Pieces of glass were everywhere. What a mess, I guess it is time for me to get to work.

She grabbed a broom and started to sweep up the glass. It was a long and difficult task, as there was so many glass shards. After much work, she got them in a pile and put them into a bag. She put the bag in the garbage. Now, to clean up this mess from the wine. She got a bowl and put some soap and water in it, and got a rag. It will come out with enough scrubbing. She scrubbed and scrubbed, and then she heard the front door open.

In walked John, she put down her rag and ran over to him. He told her that he was thankful for the cleaning and wrapping of his arm, "I will take care of you anytime, anywhere, any place." He asked her about Lya. "She is still sound asleep, I hope she sleeps for quite a while." She glanced at the floor, "Well, got to get back to cleaning."

She finished cleaning the floor when she had realized that she hadn't made breakfast. How could I forget? First she started the oven. She took some flour, eggs, and water and mixed them together. She formed the dough and took out an oven sheet. She formed little sploches of wet dough and put them into the oven. The oven was plenty hot now, and she put the sheet in.

Half an hour later, she pulled out some hot, golden brown, rolls. These look pretty good, better than I thought they would. She put them on the table, and went to the icebox. She pulled out some of her home made jam and butter, and set them on the table. Erika went to her room to see if Lya was awake. She looked as though she was half awake, then sat up and said that she was hungry. "Well, I just happen to have breakfast done." Erika walked back out to the kitchen and went outside the front door. "John, breakfast!" No reply. Well, he must be kind of far.

She walked back inside to cover the warm rolls. He should be back soon, nothing gets between him and his stomach. She chuckled.

Well, what will today bring us? Hopefully something better than last night.

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Lya's eyes lite up abit as her daddy said she could sleep in the bed. Soon she huged him aroud the neck, "i love you daddy!" then she ran off and climbed into the bed, it didnt take long for her to fall alseep, though the dreams where freightening to her, so her mother came in and laid next to her.

THe next thing she heard was the sound of cooking bowls and plates, then her mother apeared again, tired and worn but happy.
"im hungry momma." lya said as she sat up and rubed the sleep out of her eyes, Hearing her mother say that breakfast was ready, Lya smiled brightly and hoped out of bed, Running to the wash room, She cleaned her face, brushed her hair and braided it back up before gettiing the overalls on and a worn shirt.

SHe could hear momma calling for daddy. Abit worried Sence last night, Lya looked out her window, but not seeing him, She ran out the front door and looked around wild. "Daddy??" She bit her lip as the sun beams rosed the ground and kissed at her freckles.

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After resting for a brief moment, John went outside and thought about chopping some firewood.  By this time, He needed to get a start on his duties around the ranch.  The firewood was getting low, so he figured that he would go out and chop some.  As he stepped out into the morning air, John went over to the barn and took out his large axe.  Then, he gathered some wood together and headed out towards a stump.  The pain in his shoulder had begun to die down, thanks to his wife's loving touch.  Truly, John was a lucky man.  He had a beautiful wife and daughter who both loved him.  He then thought to himself, "If Erika knew that I was out chopping firewood with a hurt shoulder, she'd wring my neck for sure!"

Setting a piece of wood on the stump, John raised the axe, then brought it down in a huge chop.  In one blow, it split the wood in two.  He then continued the process until there was enough wood for both the fireplace and the stove ready to use.  Then, he hauled it over and stacked it up.  Still, he fealt like there was more that he could do.  That's when he heard something towards one of the corrales.  There were several wild horses that were recently brought into the Double B and one of them was trotting around the corrale.  John put on his chaps and then, chuckling to himself, he strolled on over to the corrale, leaned up against the fence, and looked at the wild stallion inside.

The wild steed was indeed spirited and lively.  Something about that untamed horse caught John's attention.  The animal reminded John of himself in a way.  Like that animal, John had been wreckless and lived for the moment back in his youth.  He could remember going into a saloon and single-handedly besting a group of other men in a fight.  How wild he was in his youth.  Like that horse would soon be, John himself was tamed.  However, John was not tamed by a whip or rope; but by the power of a woman.  He thought back to the time when he had first met Erika.  Sure enough, her charm was able to tame him like no one else could.  She brought about a more caring side of him that others usually did not see.  Now, here John Anderson was, many years later.  He had his own ranch now and a wonderful family.  Certainly, he was wiser now and more cautious; but deep down inside, there was still a fun-loving part of him that loved to push the limit and do dangerous things.


Now, that wild horse was still trotting around the corrale, whinnying and shaking its mane in the wind proudly.  John gave a chuckle, then went over to a large wooden chest near the fence.  Opening it up, he took out a saddle, blanket, bridle, and lasso.  Then, he set everything except the lasso down on the ground and went inside the corrale.  As John stepped foot into the corrale, the wild stallion shot its eyes across the corrale directly at John's eyes, then down at the lasso.  Staying near the opposite end of the corrale, the magnificent creature  began to pace back and forth almost nervously.  That horse knew how that lasso had taken his freedom.  Therefore, John took the lasso and lowered it down to his side, and raised his hand.  With that, John began to talk to the wild stallion.

"Woa, easy there......." he said.  Saying it repeatedly, John kept his voice low and calm.  The deepness and smoothness of his voice would hopefully calm the spirited animal down.  Once calmed down, John would gain the animal's trust.  In the long run, it would make the horse much easier to tame and break-in.  In a calm, soothing voice, John spoke some more to the creature.  Keeping his hand raised in front of him, John slowly moved towards the creature.  "Woa there.....It's alright.......Easy big fella...."  Getting closer to the wild stallion, John's hand nearly touched the creature's forehead.  As the tips of his fingers touched the magnificent animal's thin fur, the horse turned and walked away.  Now, the horse did not fear him.  Indeed, the horse would probably be tamed in the near future.


As for now, something else needed John's attention.  The voice of Mrs. Erika Anderson sounded from the front porch.  "John, Breakfast!" he heard her call out.  Just then, John could hear and feel his stomach growling with hunger.  Taking one last look at the wild stallion, John gave a smile and exited the corrale.  Putting the saddle, blanket, bridle, and lasso away, he walked out of the barn to see Lya standing outside the house calling for him.

With a smile, he said, "I'm here, little'n.  How'd you sleep lastnight?"  John gave his daughter a gentle pat on her head, hugged her, placed his hand down on her little shoulder, then went inside with her.  "Mmmm.....Somethin' smells great, darlin'!" John said with a smile on his face as he went over and gave Erika Anderson a kiss.  Going over to the sink, John pumped the water faucet and got water to wash up with.  Finally making himself clean, he went over to the table and sat down with his family.  After John said the blessing, he tasted the delicious buscuits, jams, and preserves that his wife had made.  "Mrs. Anderson, you've done it again.  I tell you, your cookin' is the best ever."  Giving her a wink, he finished up his delicious breakfast.

After breakfast, he sat there at the table with Erika and Lya.  Looking down at his coffee for a moment, John looked back up at both of them and said, "You know, those cattle need to be driven to market all the way across this territory and Wyoming...... I'm to the point where I just don't know what to do anymore.  I can't do it alone."  John then took a drink from his coffee, looked back up and sighed.  "I mean, all the MEN are gone lookin' for gold.  They want to get rich quick."  With a chuckle, he thought back to earlier times when he went on his first cattle drive.  John said, "I remember when I went on my first cattle drive.  I had turned 13 and............."  Just then, an idea struck him.  No, it couldn't possibly work.  Could it?  It would be so tiresome and difficult.  The chances for success were slim.

Looking up into Erika's eyes, John said, "What would you say about the idea of taking......older school-aged boys, teaching them the stuff, and taking them along for the drive?"  This idea would either prove to be a surprising success or a devastating failure.  At this point, it was their only option..........

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Erika had finished eating breakfast with her family and John had raised a question. He had asked her if she wanted them to recruit older boys that were still in school, to take them along on the cattle drive. Hmmm... Will this be a good idea? She bit her lower lip. Well, if Lya and I were going, they might try to mess with her and I couldn't allow that. They could permanently scar her inside for life. I had better get to know them inside and out if he expects me to go with him.

She looked back at John and stopped biting her lower lip. "Well, I think I have it decided. You can go alone with your recruits, or we can all go together, if I get to know all the school boys very well, so I know that they won't hurt my little girl." He heard her and thought about it. "While your making up your mind, I'll go do the dishes."

Erika cleared off the table and took the dishes over to the sink. She started to wash them. She looked out the window while she was washing them. Ah, isn't the sunshine great. Birds singing, rabbits running, and snakes slithering. She reached down into the dirty water that had dishes. "Ouch!" She poked her finger on something sharp. Luckily there was no puncture. When Erika had finished doing the dishes, she called for John and Lya. "John! Lya! Were are you? There was no response. They must be outside.

Erika walked over to the door and looked outside. Sure enough, her daughter was feeding the chickens some grain and petting them. She seemed to have a real close bond with the animals. Kids, love them. She turned her head to see John on his horse, doing some fancy maneuvers. Always trying to show off. I like it! She walked outside. "Hey honey, looking good!" He smiled back at her.

She gazed into the distance to see a small whirlwind. Hmmm... Most likely a dust devil, harmless.

She walked out to Lya to see how she was doing. After that, she went over to the fence and rested her arms on it.

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Lya smiled as she watched her father come in and head to the kitchen, As they ate, she listened, but didnt talk, Infact she stoped listening when her father said something about asking some of the boys along for the cattle drive. After eating, she picked up everyones plates and took them to the sink then kissed her mom and daddy on the cheek before running out to feed the chickens and gather some eggs.

Humming a sweet song, She Gathered some feed in a bucket and headed to the pin, There she saw out of the side of her eyes, a bushy tail. "Oh know you dont fox!" She said as she set the pail down and picked up three good rocks, With a smirk, She ran around to the side and hoped onto the fence. THen, as she waited, the fox poped his head out from under the hen house, then his nose got a good hit with a rock. He yelped and ran from the hen house and into the feilds. hoping down, she ran to check on the hens. With a click of her tongue she picked up a dead hen. Sitting down on a log, She petted the dead hen. Tears where driping from her lashes, had she only gotten here abit sooner...Whiping her eyes she placed it on the fence for her mother to clean for supper if she wanted. Then she went back, and got the feed, she walked aorund, lost in her mind, tossing seeds and corn out to the chickens, un awear that her mother was watching her. Then, Placing the pail on the other side of the fence, she hoped over and ran to the wild horses. They facnated her beyond many other animals her father had. She loved the spoted one. It was difernt. normaly, she would of hoped over, but her father if he found out, would skin her alive! So all she did was watch. then She rembered, she had to go to school. Bitting her lip, She hoped off the fence and ran back in side to get changed into her school dress. She hated dresses, but it was the school rules...and her father new it.  as did momma. So she washed her face and hands, then got her books, Taking her favorate one to read when she was at 'school'.

"Im off to school!! love you momma and daddy!!" Lya called out before she ran down the dirt road towards town. Half way down the road, she hoped away from the dirt and ran though the woods, other kids did the same, So she thought it was save, infact, it was her world there! Soon she saw the school building, but didnt go near it, instead she ran on towards her bridge, She looked all around to make sure she wasnt fallowed, then she sat down on a rock and opened her book. The song of the river, and the whisper in the tree's welcomed her.she could hear the birds, and other forest creatures that ran though the grass and the branches. THis was her haven. and know one new about it! SHe was almost done with the book, when she heard a twig snap behind her and a shadow loomed over her.

Turning around she saw jimmy, One of the mean little boys she went to school with,He was one reason she didnt go into school alot.

"Hey fire head! whatcha reading!?" he grabed the book from her hands and riped though the pages then threw it into the water. Then he tuged hard at her braided hair and pushed her back over the log, "Get back freackle freak!"

Lya bared her teeth as she stood up. Her hands where clunched in fists as she leaped at him, punching him over and over on the face till he was crying. Then he pushed her off into the river and ran. but he didnt run to his home or to the school, but he ran to Lya's house and started to look for her father. He new it would get her into alot of troble. So he was going to show Lya's father the blood on his face and tell him what she was doing out in the woods.


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"Stephanie, Stephanie get up its time for school!" A voice rang out in the distance to a girl who was laying face first into the bed. The young girl grunt in annoyance as she pulled her feathered pillow over her brunet head, trying to block out the voice of her mother, only to be in vain.

"Stephanie Ann Carter you better get your lazy tush out of bed and to school young lady!" her mother yelled at her. Stephanie knew since her mom used her full name that it was either going to be get out of bed or face her fathers belt.

Reluctantly she rolled out of bed, literally and sat on the ground. She yawned as she stretched out her right arm and used her left hand to move her brown hair away from her green eyes. A deep yawn escaped from her mouth as she closed her eyes and arched her back. The young 14 year old girl then stood up, using her bed to help her up and made her way to her dresser. She opened it to have her cloths already set for the day. The stupid white dress she had to wear for school.... she HATED to wear the dress, it was itchy and made her look stupid. She snatched the dress and closed the door to her room as she began to dress herself, slipping her dress up and over her head and slipping her arms through the sleeves. Sitting on her bed she looked to the left, were her shoes were at. She only had two pair of shoes, her school shoes and her boots. She looked at the school shoes and then at the boots, and with a smirks she grabbed the boots and slipped them on. She stretched out her legs and looked down at the old brown leather boots with a smile on her face. She then stood up and walked back to her dresser were her hair brush was at. With her left hand she picked up the brush and ran it through her tangled hair, she did this a few times until her hair was combed out and looked somewhat more decent than when she first woke up.

"Hurry up Stephanie your going to be late!" Her mother yelled out from the kitchen.

"Yes Ma'am." She said as she then turned to her bed and knelt down in front of it. She reached her hand deep inside as she then pulled out a rigid old dagger that she made out of stone and a stick from a oak tree branch held together by a few strands of horse hair. She stood up as she tucked it into her left boot, not wanting her mother to see it as she walked off to the kitchen, her boots making a 'clump' sound every time they hit the wooden floor.

"Stephanie, are you wearing those ugly old boots again?" Her mother asked not even looking over at the young girl.

"Maybe..." Steph said as she snatched her book bag from the table and swung it over her shoulder.

"Stephanie, please be good at school today, I dont want to see you sent home early because of a fight. If you do, then its a whooping from your father, understood?" Her mother turned around and walked up to her daughter. She then ran her fingers through Stephs hair and pulled a wet rag from her apron as she rubbed it against Stephs face. "You didnt wash your face did you?"

"Mom, I'm going to be late." Steph said trying to get out of having to talk to her mother.

"Fine, get going then little lady." Mrs. Carter said as she patted her daughters head and smiled.

"I'm not little." Steph huffed out as she walked out of the house and made her way to school.

As she walked the same trail she had been forever, she saw other kids run past her, laughing and skipping away towards the school that was on the other side of the woods they all walked through. Steph ran her fingers through the leaves of the bushes that were lined up against the trail the school children walked everyday. She smiled as she pulled a leaf off of one as she walked, she took a deep breath as she felt the softness of the leaf in her hand. As she made her way to the school she watched as the young red head who was Lya Anderson take off to a bridge that wasnt too far from the trail. Steph smiled as she shook her head, that girl seemed to be in her own world most of the time. She then made her way to the school house and was greeted by their teacher, Ms. Peterson.

"Good morning Ms. Carter." Ms. Peterson said with a smile as she stood by the school door, her blond hair pulled back in a bun just like every other day, and her blue eyes seemed to be filled with happiness, just like every other day.

"Good morning Ms. Peterson." Steph said as she quickly made her way pass her and into the school building. She sat down at her usual dark wooden desk that was in the back of the room and close to a window. She leaned back in her seat as she looked out, she could see the bridge and small river that Lya went to almost every day to do who knows what. Right then she saw a boy run out from that area, a boy that she was all to familiar with.

"Jimmy." She hissed out as she slammed her fist on her desk. Before she could say another word a girl came up to and began to talk to her.

"Stephanie, did you do your math homework last night?" The bubbly blond girl asked.

"No." Steph said plainly as she turned to face Ms. Peterson who was getting ready to start class.

"Lets take attendance, shall we?" She started off the day just like every other day.

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The call of a rooster tore throughout the night sky.  Roland stood up straight in his hay-filled mattress.  He could hear his mother in the next room.  Roland, Rooooland! Roland's mother had been afflicted by an illness that left her bedridden and largely minimized her mobility.  She wa calling out to him because she needed help getting to the outhouse.  On my way momma, hold your horses! Roland jumped out of bed and put on a white cotton shirt.  Sprinting to his mother's room, he saw her look up at him and smile.  You're a good boy, Roland, God  bless you. Roland smiled back and said, Thank you, momma.  Roland Scott took his mother to the outhouse and waited outside for her to finish.  As he looked into town he saw the young boys and girls making their way to school.  He saw the boys with their nice little shirts and their fancy looking chaps, the girls with their dresses.  Roland's family was poor, very poor.  His father had died when he was 8 and his 19 year old brother, Monty, provided for the family, with Roland doing odd jobs here and there to help out.  Monty had gone out west looking for gold.  Roland had to take close care of his mother al;l the time because of her illness and hated to go to school.  

His mother finished in the outhouse and they went back to he house.  Roland set his mother on her bed and stroked her hair.  Momma, Mrs. Wilson sent for me, she said I could pick up some bails of hay for a couple a chicken or two.  With a smile, Mrs. Scott said, No Roland. You have an opportunity your father and brother never had, you are gonna go to the school classes today, like it or not.  Roland grimaced as he heard this and exclaimed, But momma, don' know if you've noticed but my shirts are ripped, my chaps are dirty.  I have no school clothes, momma, you know I can't be going there looking all miserable! Mrs. Scott continued looking at Roland blankly.  You're going to school boy, that's final.  The old woman anticipated Roland's next argument Uh uh uh, cowboy, you're going to school Mr.s Scott's voice became louder and more angry AND THAT'S FINAL!

Mrs. Scott was a nice woman but when she said something, she really meant it, there was no use in Roland arguing any more.  The young boy lowered his head as h walked to his room and began getting dressed.  His clothes was old and a little ripped and he knew that he'd have to deal with the other boys' insults.  Roland quickly said goodbye and ate a hard boiled egg and a piece of ham before heading out the door.  As he walked out he realized that the school bell was already ringing.  He began sprinting faster and faster and in the distance saw something that made him stop dead in his tracks.  Stephanie Carter.  Since he was a young little boy, Roland had admired Stephanie, her pretty dresses, her long brown hair.  But Roland new he could never talk to her.  He was too poor, too stinky.  Roland realized that he had stopped to think again, he did that a lot, it was beginning to be a problem.  He ran faster than ever towards the schoolhouse doors and stepped in.  The whole class turned around to look at the boy.  Ummm.....hi? Boys laughed and girls giggled at Roland.  Ms. Peterson, the class instructor glared at the scraggy looking boy.  Roland stop disrupting the class! Sit down now! Roland knew that most of the people in the class hated him and when he tried to sit on a seat the students would glare at him and shake their heads.  Finally Roland found a seat and was a delighted to see, it was right behind Stephanie's seat.  Roland quickly sit down, ignoring the boy shaking his head at him.  Roland smiled a large smiles before Mrs. Peterson looked at him.  Young man, no one wants to see that crummy smile of yours! Roland glared at her but said nothing, preferring to stay quiet.  He looked around nervously.  Everyone hated him..for no reason, if he could do anything to prove himself to them, he would do it, but an opportunity to be a hero had never risen.  For now all Roland could do was to daydream about being a great cowboy, riding through towns and saving people from bandits.
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After riding along the range and herding the cattle to water, John was riding to a different section of the Double B.  However, as he was going along the road, a boy came running across the land screaming out his name.  "Mr. Anderson!  Mr. Anderson!" the boy was yelling.  From the look of it, John could tell that it was the Wilson's boy, Jimmy.  To be honest, John Anderson already knew that kid was a royal pain in the ass.  As the boy ran up beside Mr. Anderson and his horse, he began telling him all that Lya had done.

Looking at the boy's bloody nose, John couldn't help but chuckle.  "My Lya did that?" he said.  The boy nodded his head accusingly.  Then, Mr. Anderson continued, "Now here's what I want to know.....What did you do to start her off like that?"  At those words, the boy stopped dead in his tracks and stopped running alongside Anderson and his horse.  As John trotted off towards the range, he chuckled to himself and said, "Took care of that little brat..."  With that, he broke out in a gallop and thundered towards the rest of the herd.  "Come on now, beef!  Come on, hya!"  he yelled as his horse raced around the cattle.  John could do something that most people couldn't do:  He could single-handely herd a large group of cattle over a distance.  Each time he did so, he would check to see if Erika was watching from the front porch.  To tell the truth, most of his fancy riding and feats were done to impress her.  It made him feel incredible each time his wife would smile.

As he finished getting the cattle back to the pastures, John rode around and collected the strays.  When they were all accounted for, he broke out in a gallop towards the house.  As his golden stallion thundered down to the ranch house, John could see Erika out doing something in the front - probably laundry or something.  Riding down the road, John slowly gathered his feet under him and stood straight up on his saddle, still holding onto the reins.  With that, he raised his other hand, took off his hat, and waved it in the wind at her saying "Yehaw!  Howdy pretty darlin'!"  Just then, he pulled the reins and made the horse slow down.  John then jumped down onto the ground from the saddle and tied his horse.  Grabbing Mrs. Anderson playfully, he gave her a huge kiss.  He didn't like to show off and act wreckless whenever Lya was around.  Knowing that girl, she'd probably try to do something just like it.  With no trailhands around and no Lya, John was able to show off a little bit more for his wife.

Holding her in his arms, John looked at Erika and smiled.  "Ya know, I reckon I'll head on into town for a spell, Mrs. Anderson......and then I'll bring back something pretty for you."  With that, he kissed her again, then went over to his golden stallion and mounted up.  Looking back at his wife and giving her a wink, he rode off into Clark Fork.  By now, it was around 1:00 in the afternoon.  The idea of training the boys as cattle hands came to his mind again.  Therefore, Mr. Anderson went out on a limb and rode towards the school.

As he rode up, he could hear the children reciting something.  John then dismounted from his horse and tied it to the post.  Walking up to the school doors, Mr. Anderson took off his hat, knocked, then went inside.  There, he saw Mrs. Peterson, the school marm.  The children had just finished reading something out of their readers.  Now, they had all sat down and had begun working on something different.  Looking at the students, Mr. Anderson could see some worthy prospects.  "Why, Mr. Anderson!  How nice to see you!"  Mrs. Peterson exclaimed.  "I was just about to send you a note today.....Apparently, YOUR daughter was playing in water and brutally beat one of the other students."

Looking to Lya, then back at the teacher, John Anderson replied, "I heard" as he looked at Lya again.  "But that's not what I'm here about."  As he looked around the room once more, Mr. Anderson said, "I was wondering if I may address the class, please?"  With that, Mrs. Peterson took her leave and left Mr. Anderson with the class.  Taking a deep breath, he looked around the room.  Several of the boys and girls were staring wide-eyed at him.  Then he began, "My name is Mr. Anderson.  As many of you already know, I'm Lya's father.... I'm also the owner of the Double B Ranch outside of town.  Now, many of you BOYS want to learn what it's like to be a trail hand.  Well, come on out to the Double B after school, and maybe I'll let you see what it's like....."

At his announcement, nearly every boy's mouth dropped.  Mr. John Anderson had just given them the opportunity to be a trail hand!  As he finished, John saw that even a couple of the girls in the room were looking curious.  His mind dreaded the thought of taking girls along.....but if he had to, he would.  Walking out, John Anderson stopped by Lya, who was nearly dry now.  Giving her a pat on the shoulder, he said in a quiet voice so not to be heard, "I'm glad you whupped 'im!"  With that, he gave her a smile so she would know that he wasn't mad at her.  Leaving the schoolhouse, John Anderson mounted back up on his golden stallion and left.  However, he stopped by the local merchant store and picked out a lovely bonnet for Mrs. Anderson.  Afterall, he promised that he would get her something pretty.  Having finished up his errands in town, John gallopped down the road back to the Double B Ranch.....

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When Mr. Anderson rode off, Erika watched and stood their for a minute. I wonder what he will get me? Hope it doesn't cost to much, we aren't made of money. She smiled. She knew that John was wise, and that he wouldn't do something they would regret. Well, at least, I don't think he would.

She looked at the front porch. Some of the handrail was missing, along with the supporting beams holding it up. This could use some fixing upping I guess. It could be my little gift to John, it shouldn't take too long. She walked into the barn, looking for a hammer and nails. Well, where did I last see them? She looked around the whole barn and didn't find them. Great, I had the ambition, but not the tools... She approached the door of the barn, to see that the hammer and nails were right by the entrance. I can't believe it. Right here the whole time. She grabbed the nails and hammer and started off toward the porch.

Erika made it to the porch and looked over the side of the railing. The missing pieces had been knocked out. Hmmm... What could have done this? Oh, well. She grabbed the boards and started pounding away. She was pretty handy with a hammer, although not extremely experienced with one. She had almost finished when the head of the hammer came down on her thumb. "Ouch!" she yelled. If only my fingers were hammer proof. She chuckled. Erika finished the railing and it looked as good as new. I wonder if John will notice.

She put the hammer and nails away, as she saw John riding toward her. He approached a gave her the present. "Wow, a bonnet!" She tried it on. "I love it!" She hugged and kissed him. It lasted for a few minutes.

Erika stopped, and asked, "How do you think Lya is doing today at school?" John told her that she had beaten up a kid for being mean to her. "Well, she must learn that from you." She chuckled. "I''m proud of her that she can defend herself though. I wonder when my little girl will get home?

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Stephanie yawned in boredom as the class began to do some reading. She liked to read, dont get her wrong, but if she had it her way she would be outside climbing a tree or going fishing down at Green Lake about half a mile from the school. As class continued the door suddenly opened quickly. Everyone in the class room picked up their heads and turned to see none other than Roland Scott. Even though they've been going to school with each other for years, for some reason he never talked really talked to her. Just a 'Hi' now and then but never a conversation.

"Roland stop disrupting the class! Sit down now!" she heard Ms. Peterson yell at him.

She glared at Ms. Peterson, for some reason she was harder on him than anyone else in the class. She watched as Roland made his way to the back and right behind Stephanie. She could hear him adjust in his seat as he scoot his chair forward.

"Young man, no one wants to see that crummy smile of yours." Ms. Peterson yelled out once more.

By this time Steph was already pissed off, which was easy to do. She was about to shout something back at the teacher but before she could a tall man walked into the class room.

"Why, Mr. Anderson! How nice to see you!" Ms. Peterson said as she stood up with joy in her voice.

"Suck up..." Steph mumbled under her breath as she rolled her eyes.

"I was just about to send you a note today.... apparently, YOUR daughter was playing in the water and brutally beat one of the other students."

Stephs head picked up as she heard this. 'Lya beat the snot out of another kid?' ran through her mind as she paused for a moment. 'Jimmy' she thought to herself as she remembered seeing him walk off from were the river was in the morning. Steph smiled and giggled to herself as she heard this. She knew the little red head had it in her to stick up for herself. She only wished she was there to see her punch little Jimmy in the face and make him cry.

"I heard" Mr. Anderson said as he looked over at his daughter. Steph then felt a little worried for Lya. Was he upset at her? Was he going to punish her for what she did? "But that's not what I'm here about." He said as he looked around the room, or more specifically the boys in the room. "I was wondering if I may address the class, please?" As Ms. Peterson stepped away for a moment Mr. Anderson took a step forward. A stern look on his face as he then took a deep breath. "My name is Mr. Anderson. As many of you already know, I'm Lya's father.... I'm also the owner of the Double B Ranch outside of town.  Now, many of you BOYS want to learn what it's like to be a trail hand.  Well, come on out to the Double B after school, and maybe I'll let you see what it's like....."

Stephanie could hear all the other boys begin to talk with each other about what Mr. Anderson just spoke of. Even Jimmy started to talk as he turned around to the boy next to him. "I'm going to do it for sure!" He said with a smirk on his face.

"Boys huh?" Steph said as she leaned into her seat and crossed her arms. "Go figure." She looked out the window and sighed. Even though she WAS a girl, she always wanted to go riding on a trail and work with horses and cattle but her mother never allowed it. She said it wasnt 'lady like' whatever that meant. Stephanie looked back up to see Mr. Anderson then look over at some of the girls, even at her. This caused a small smile to form on her lips. 'I have a chance.' she thought to herself as Mr. Anderson then walked out of the room.

About another hour later school was out. All the kids ran out as if they were being set free, Steph included. She jumped down the steps of the school house and started to make her way, not home but to the Double B Ranch. She was going to prove herself in some way that she COULD run with the boys, heck she could even be better than some of them! Some of the boys only glared at her as they walked to the ranch, Jimmy included.

"What are you doing tomboy?" Jimmy said to her as he walked in front of her and turned to face her. "Didnt you Mr. Anderson? Its for BOYS, not girls who THINK there boys."

Stephs face turned red with anger as she made a fist with her right hand. "Jimmy, if ya know whats good for you, you'll shut your yap."

"Why, are you going to cry?" he teased. "Cry like the little girl you are?" he said as the other boys around him began to laugh.

Without hesitation Stephanie jumped at him and swung her fist at his face. Jimmy's head twist to the side as he fell to the ground, blood spewing from his mouth. As soon as his body touched the ground Stephanie got on top of his and punched him again, and again, giving the boy a black eye and a bloody nose. She then felt a pair of arms pull her away, it was another boy, she didnt see who but she was pulled off. Her eyes raving mad.

"LET GO OF ME!" She yelled in anger as she pulled herself away from whoever was holding her and stomped off. Her dress now having dirt and blood stains. She continued to walk till she made her way to the ranch and waited by the gate for Mr. Anderson to show them what they had to do. She looked down at her fist, they were not red and slightly bloody from punching Jimmy in the face multiple times. She smiled and laughed to herself.

"Jimmy got beaten by a girl twice in one day, this day may not be so bad after all."
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Lya had made it back to class, just to be there when her father got there. She was driping wet and mad. She slid in right behind Roland, trying not to be seen by the teacher, but as she yelled at Roland, She grabed lya by the scruff of her neck and held her back.

"What do you think you where doing near the river! What would your  mother think if her little girl got taken away by the river!?" Mrs Petterson started. Lya's checks got as red as her hair as she looked down, in fact, the river tryed to take her away. She was strong at swiming, so she wasnt taken to far down stream.

"Turn out your hands!" She grabed the yard stick and placed Lya's hands on the stool that the class fools sat on, THen hit the tops and the back of her hands five times. A single tear rolled down her face as she huryed to her seat, making sure not to look at anyone. Her hands where placed in her lap, so she could rub the pain out. And just as she was about to cry abit more, her father walked in. The blood drained from the girls face as she looked up at her fathers strong face.

"im so in for it now..." She whispered but then he adressed the class. She would of smiled if she hadn't been scared to death at that moment, Then her father touched her shoulder and told her he was glad that she got jimmy. Her face beamed so brightly at her fathers prase that she didnt even feel cold, wet or the pain in her hands. Her wild green eyes sparkled like crazy as her father left, The rest of the day, she was on another cloud, not paying any attecntion to class. Then the bell dinged three times, Class was over, She was the last one out of her seat, but then Mrs peterson stoped her again for another leacher.

After only a few words, Of painful anoyance Lya stomped out of class with her calling back, "Get back here! Im not done with you! I dont want to see you in class for the rest of the week!!"

Lya kicked her feet at a large rock, making it dance across the dirt road towards where it seemed the intire class had gone, right to her daddys ranch. "I hate her!" Lya growled then, out of the conrer of her eyes, She saw Stephaine beating up jimmy. That made lya smirk.

"Wow, He realy has a way with us girls..."

She hoped over the fence, not wanting to see any other kids right now, Letting the ribon out of her hair, Lya ran though the fields where the horses feed. She didnt want to go home, to see her mother's face With tears in her own eyes. So she ran towards the river, but stoped short, where the grass was soft and bright green, IT was her favorate place on the ranch, besides the lake, and the river itself. SHe laid down with her hair un braided, so it flowed about her with the wind, the grass was tall, hidding most of her, but her red hair, that was more like a flag. tears stole the sun beams as they danced over her cheek, into the rich dirt. A horse, the spoted horse she loved so much, came over and sniffed at her, but she just rolled over. but the horse didnt go anywhere. just stood near her.

With a half a smirk, She sat up, then heard a rattle. and a hiss. Her eyes whidened with fear as she looked onto the rattle snake. Lya could hear, in the back of her mind, The horse rearing up and stamping his hooves hard on the ground and making a frightful sound. but lya couldnt move.

She could rember her brother, her older brother, and his death from the snake. She couldnt run, for she was sitting on her knees, she couldnt move..if she did, it would bite her. She was shaking so bad, She new even if she could, she wouldnt be able to run..


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Roland heard the shrill voice of Mrs. Peterson lecturing about mathematics, nouns, verbs, and American history, by the young boy's mind could not be restrained.  His thoughts wandered as he daydreamed about a life as a cowboy.  Wandering through the new frontier, fighting the savage Indians, saving damsels in distress, and being a hero.  His name would be "The Two Gun-Kid" and he'd be the best gunslinger west of The Mississippi.  As his mind raced along new undiscovered trails and exciting adventures, the class room door flung open.  Roland and just about everyone else in the room jumped up in their seats as the Mr. Anderson, one of the most respected men around town walked in.  Roland had always admired Mr. Anderson, ever since he had saved Monty that time he fell in the town well.  Mr. Anderson also used to be one of Roland's father's best friends.  Mr. Anderson walked to the front of the class and, after a few words with Mrs. Peterson, said in a loud and deep voice, 

My name is Mr. Anderson.  As many of you already know, I'm Lya's father.... I'm also the owner of the Double B Ranch outside of town.  Now, many of you BOYS want to learn what it's like to be a trail hand.  Well, come on out to the Double B after school, and maybe I'll let you see what it's like.....

When school finally let out, all the boys seemed to be talking excitingly about how they were going to go to the Double B Ranch and become one of Mr. Anderson's trail hands.  It was exciting really, a trail hand, the first step to being a cowboy.  Surely every boy in town would volunteer for the great proposition.  Finally, Roland knew there was a chance at him becoming a cowboy after all, thanks to Mr. Anderson and his ranch.  A smiled grew on the young boy's face but then after coming back to reality, it faded.  There was no way he could go along with Mr. Anderson.  Unfortunately, his mother was very ill and he had to watch and take care of her.  Roland wanted to avoid the other boys and their happiness, so instead of going through the trail that led into town, he decided he'd cut through the wildflower trail.  Sure there were skunks, rattlers, and an occasional fierce coon, but anything was better than the other boys, he had already had enough trouble with them in the past.  

After quickly sprinting  through the field, Roland arrived at his house.  It was a big house, but it looked old and decrepit.  Once upon a time the house had been one of the proudest in town.  That had all changed the day his father died.  Roland walked into the house with his head hanging low.  Rolly! How was my boy's day at school? Did you have fun? Roland gave his mother a faint smile, Yes, momma, loads of fun.  Mrs. Scott continued smiling at Roland.  You know...I heard about Mr. Anderson.  I heard he needed a few assistants.  Aren't you interested?  Roland looked up, surprised, But momma, you... Roland was interrupted by his mother serene voice.  But nothing, boy, I'll be fine, I am a grown woman you know, I know a little something about taking care of myself. Roland couldn't help but be surprised, Momma? Thank you, momma...Roland quickly hugged Mrs. Scott and gathered his things: a rope, a piece of chewing gum, and some spiffy spurs Monty had once given him.  Walking out to the door he looked back at his room.   Pensively, he walked back to the room and reached under Monty's mattress.   The Broken Butterfly.  A beautiful gun.  Looking back and making sure his mother didn't see him, Roland placed the gun inside his sack.  If he wanted to be a a full-fledged cowboy, he would have to get a nice, mighty fine gun.  Smiling to his mother as he looked back at her he clutched the door knob, thinking about how fun this was gonna be.  Bye, momma...be back soon.  Roland  opened the door and a soon as he was outside set out, running towards the Double B Ranch.  He again tried to avoid the road for fear that he might have to deal with the other boys.  

Roland ran quickly through the beautiful lush green grass, making sure to keep his eyes open.  There were rattlesnakes around and he knew of a boy that had gotten killed by one once upon a time.  As he ran as quickly as he could, excited upon the prospect of being a cowboy.  He heard a voice sweet voice utter, daddy... looking out towards the  east, Roland could see a girl with bright red hair.  He knew the girl...it was Anderson's daughter, Lya was her name.  She looked afraid, very afraid.  What's up with her? Roland thought, maybe it's...bandits! Roland drew the Broken Butterfly, ready to rescue the young damsel in distress and be a hero.  As he got closer he realized that no bandits were in sight.  A lone rattlesnake could be seen hissing and threatening the young girl with its rattle.  Oh no...Roland said under his breath.  He was not afraid.  From a young age, his father and older brother had taught Roland how to catch the rattlers.  This would be easy.  Roland got on his knees and began crawling on his arms and knees.  Lya seemed petrified and once she noticed him, he told her to be quiet and not move.  His plan was to sneak up on the snake as slow and as gently as possible, making sure to be perfectly quiet.  He was going to  grab it by the neck, and then smack it, square on the head with the handle of the gun.  Seconds seemed to become hours as he crawled on the green grass.  He was now arm's length away from the rattler, as close as he get without the snake noticing him.  In a swift movement, Roland reached out and grabbed the snake by it's neck, right under it's head, ensuring that that it wouldn't  be able to whirl around and bite him.  As soon as he had the snake between his fingers, he tightened his grip on the Broken Butterfly and drove the handle of the gun straight down into the snake's head.  The snake stopped struggling and became motionless.  Roland smiled at Lya as he let go of the rattler, letting fall to the ground.  He had never noticed how pretty the girl was and overcome with nervousness, he blushed.  

Ummm....hi...yeah you best be careful with them rattlers, they're pretty dangerous sons o' bitches...one bite and you down for good.  Yeah, my dad and brother taught me how to kill 'em when i was a little boy.  Roland rubbed  the back of his neck nervously.  So...I'm going over to your daddy's ranch, gonna trail hand.  I suppose your heading there too?  Well yeah, I guess we should get going.                        
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As John was greated by Erika with the abundance of hugs and kisses, he began to feel a little frisky.  After Mrs. Anderson had finished kissing him, he looked over at the railing that he was meaning to fix later on that day.  Looking surprised over at Erika, he aksed, "Darlin', did you do that?"  When she nodded her head proudly, John's heart began racing.  Taking her hands in his, he held them and kissed them.  Then, he kissed the thumb that was hit by the hammer just for good measure.  Whenever Erika got all blushy and teary-eyed, John found her extremely attractive.  Also, when she would do something like fix a railing or some other rough activity, John found that attractive too.  Now, she had just displayed both behaviors at once and it was more than John Anderson could bear.  She was truly irresistable now.  Therefore, in a bold and rather dashing way, John scooped Erika up into his arms and marched inside with her.

Around an hour later, John came out of the house with a big smile on his face.  As he was fixing his shirt and pants, he went over and strapped on his chaps and got on his gloves.  The fun was over and now it was time to get back to work.  Going over to one of the corrales, John was planning out how things were going to go.  If any boys showed up, he'd need to start with the basics - riding.  The wild stallion from earlier was trotting and galloping around its corrale.  As Mr. Anderson looked at the horse, he smile.  He knew what he had to do.  That horse was wild, spirited, and up for a challenge.  Therefore, John was going to give that horse a challenge.  Going back over to the wooden chest next to the corrale fence, John opened it up and looked inside to ensure that everything was there.

Just then, some of the boys from the school were showing up now.  Mr. Anderson had to do a double-take on the situation because, in fact, there were girls coming along too.  "Ah, this is gonna wear the hell outa me now...." John said to himself.  However, he figured that things would probably not be as bad as he had anticipated.  If the girls had enough spunk, he'd let them ride.  The boys, on the other hand, would most-likely be mule-stubborn, childish, and difficult.  Indeed, these kids were in for more than they were expecting.  Indeed, this experience would make them into adults.  Girls would become women, boys would become men.

As the group came up to the corrale and looked inside, Mr. Anderson strolled over and looked over the lot of them.  Giving Lya a gentle hug, he asked, "How was school today?"  That's when Lya told him about the incident with the rattlesnake.  John raised and eyebrow and nodded his head.  Then, looking over at young Roland, he said, "You're Tom's boy, right?....Son, I knew your father a long time ago.  He was a good man and a loyal friend.....Thank you for saving my daughter's life."  With that, he nodded his head to young Roland as a way to acknowledge the youth.  Truth be told, the other kids probably didn't think highly of Roland, but Mr. Anderson knew that Roland would probably prove to be one of the best of the lot.  Showing him respect and favor like that would cause the other boys and girls to show him likewise.

When their attention was on him, Mr. Anderson spoke to all the youths.  "Alright, you've made your way to the Double B Ranch.  We both know why you're here - you want to be trail hands.  If you make it, you'll be doing a MAN's work and be getting PAID a MAN's wages.  Do you understand now?"  Mr. Anderson then motioned over to the corrale and the wild stallion trotting around inside.  "You see that horse over there?  I caught him three days ago.  Yup, he's a wild one alright.  Now, if any of you were to stay on him for...let's say a count of TEN, I might keep that in mind when it comes to hiring time....."

At those words, nearly every boy's mouth dropped open.  "First thing's first."  Mr. Anderson said.  "I want everyone packing a weapon to bring it and put it in here."  John Anderson walked over to a wooden crate next to the house and opened it up.  He then said, "I don't care if it's a slingshot or a pea-shooter, if I see ANYTHING that shoots, you'll be hearing about it from the buckle end of my belt!"  Mr. Anderson then watched as all the youngsters began pulling out guns and placing them in the crate, sighing as they did so.  When they were finished, Mr. Anderson shut the crate and locked it.  They had to learn that being a cowboy meant more than just riding around shooting.  Guns were a dangerous thing and they needed to realize that.

With that, John climbed into the corrale with the saddle and bridle, set them beside the post in the middle, then lassoed the wild stallion.  The horse was tugging and galloping wildly.  Gripping on tight to the rope, Mr. Anderson yelled out, "Woa!  Easy there!.....Come on now!.......Woa!"  Seeing the horse violently struggle, many of the youngsters watched without blinking.  Then, using his strength, John Anderson managed to pull the horse over to the center pole and get the rope secured.

By now, the saddle was covered in dust.  John picked it up, dusted it off, then set it upon the stallion's back.  "Alright," he said.  "Who's first?"

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Erika had gone inside to wash the windows. Little finger prints, I wonder from who? She smiled. Erika continued to clean the windows, when she saw a mob of children come toward their house. What in the world? Is this for that cattle drive?

She walked outside and put her hands on her hips. Look at all the little guys. She walked over to John. He told her that these were possible recruits. "Great, I'll go meet them." Erika walked over to them. "I'm Mrs. Anderson, and I'd like to get to know your names." They told her their names. "Well, don't expect me to get them down very quickly, I'm not the best at remembering names."

Erika walked over to Lya. "Well, it's my little girl, how was school?" She told her all about it and about the rattlesnake encounter. "Wow! I'm so glad you are okay. Family means the world to me." She hugged her daughter. Erika turned around to the group of the kids. "So, who is Roland again?" A boy stepped out toward her. Erika hugged him, "Thank you dearly Roland, I don't know what we would have done without you."

Erika walked back to the front door. Got a lot of mouths to feed. What should I make? She walked inside, and took a large turkey out of the ice chest. I hope this will feed everyone. Erika also got out some fresh corn on the cob and started peeling it.

About 2 hours later...

Dinner is almost done. She walked to the door and say the kids still there learning from John. What a natural teacher.

She stepped outside and yelled, "Come and get it!" The children stood there at first, not knowing what to do. "I have plenty for all." The children burst into a sprint as they crashed inside. The children sat down at the extra benches Erika had brought in.

During the meal, many conversations started up and Erika noticed that most of the kids were quite polite. Many of them complemented her on the meal and said "Thank you." What a blessing, children who acknowledge what they receive.

After everyone was satisfied, the children went out the door headed home. "Goodnight, thanks for coming!"

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The dust flew upward as the sun began to set, the russling of the dirt was cause by a young man hammering pikes into the ground to fix a fence. He had been working for since the sun broke the horizon, his clothes were covered in sweat and dirt but he didn't mind as long as he was doing something with his time he was truely happy.

Hey Vann its supper time!

A middle aged women stepped out of the doorway of the house that was about 20 yards away from where the he was working. She waved a nipkin trying to get his attention, wiping the sweat that really did nothing but smire the caked on dirt on his face with his left arm Vann tipped up his hat and looked up at women.

But I'm almost Auntie Sue, can't I just eat when I'm done?

Look here boy that was not a request, now go and wash up and perpare to eat.

Vann knew better then to argue, so gathering up the tool and extra pikes he walked over to the shed where he placed till the next morning. Washing up Vann made his way down the stairs right as his auntie sat his plate on the table, his anutie loved to cook his plate was completely covered with greens, corn mash potatos fried chicken and corn bread. They placed their hands together and lowered their heads before saying a prey, as they finish prey and started to eat Vann began looking around at all the pictures and a sad look began to form on his face. Even though the food was great he found himslef slowly spinnig the food around his plate as his head lowered.

Vann I miss him too, you father was a noble and rightous man. It's a shame that he had to pass but I told him moving father west to become a sheriff.

But it wasn't right and they killed him for upholding the law!

I know, it wasn't right but he wouldn't want you filled with all that anger, look here Mr.Anderson down the road need so assisstance with his cattle farm bye you can go and help the nice man out?

Sure thing Auntie Sue, I go over first thing in the morning.

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Lya shaking and fearful, watched as the snake moved abit closer, then out of the coner of her eyes she saw the poor boy that lived in town, the one she snuck behind when going to school. Her wild green eyes whidened in fear as he crawled towards the slithering beast. Then, So fast did his hand strike out and take ahold of the snakes head, then his gun came up and boped it hard on the head, Then he droped it as he stood up.

Lya, out of fear and schock, droped back onto her rear as her fingers covered her mouth, A few tears rolled down her face before she was able to compose herself again and got up, Then he started to talk, abit fast, as though his heart was rasing a mile a mintue. That made the girl smile softly. THen he said a dirty word. Her eyes whidened as her smile grew abit. Drying her tears, she looked down when he said something about a boy dieing some time ago. Nodding her head, she spoke.

"It was my brother..my older brother that died from a rattler...Thank you..so much for saving me, I know i shouldnt show them fear, but..after my brother...I cant help it....."

As he rubed the back of his neck, she blushed at her words. Then he said he was going to see daddy. She hoped abit and bit her bottom lip.

"I really hope you can come with us! we need some brave men with us, and your as brave as anyone, but daddy ofcorse. Come on. Lets go around back, its faster, dont want you to be late, Daddy might get mad."

She smiled brightly and took his hand before turning and running along the fence then into the feilds heading right to the house. It was faster than the road. Her red braids jumped as she ran, as did her skirt, she had to hold one part of her skirt up so it wouldnt trip her. and her other hand still had his.

as they came to the house and the barn, She let go of his hand and smiled as she ran up to hug her daddy, then She told of how Roland saved her from the rattler, Then, after seeing how father reacted to Roland, Lya ran to her mother, hugging her, she told the same tale, THen darted behind her and into the house into her room.

there she undid her braids, took off her dress and threw it over her bed before jumping into some overalls and a shirt then brushing her hair back and places them into braids again, to keep them out of her way, as she headed out of her room, she jumped up behind her door to get her hat, then she darted out to help her daddy with the boys. and the girls, she saw as she walked out, along with stephine, She would surely get in, and as much to her dismay, she saw Jimmy..He saw her aswell. He had a sour face as he looked away, Then she bounced off to the fence where the boys and her father where. placing the hat on her head, she climbed up and pated the horses neck. to help calm him, like her daddy taught her to do ages ago. THen she looked to him.

"Daddy, aint ten seconds too long for the boys? I can barely get that...." She whispered the last part to herself hoping her daddy didnt hear, for fear he would get mad for he never seen her on such a wild horse. But in truth, She tryed about five times on this horse..and always got bucked off at about five seconds.

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Roland looked up at Lya, ready to make his way to the cattle ranch.  She was crying, tears rolled down here eyes.  Roland looked at her confused, rattlesnakes had never been much of a big deal to him.  He had dealt with them and had many encounters wit them before.  So why was Lya crying?  Roland's question was answered as Lya said, "It was my brother..my older brother that died from a rattler...Thank you..so much for saving me, I know i shouldnt show them fear, but..after my brother...I cant help it....." Roland felt very awkward, he could relate.  Death was an issue that most every child nowadays had to deal with.  Life was dangerous, if it wasn't the wild:  rattlesnakes, coyotes, wolves, it was things like murderous bandits and sometimes even savage Indians.  Roland himself had felt what it was like to lose a loved one.  His father Thomas Scott, had once stood up to a group of bandits who were trying to rob the town's bank and for his troubles, got a a lead bullet thrust straight into his heart.  Roland's brother, Monty, had grown up angry and vengeful and once Roland was old enough to feel the sensation of the thirst for revenge, he felt the same way.  Life had been anything but fair for the young boy, hardship after hardship piled up on the young boy's back and had taken a toll.  For the most part, the young boy wanted to be left alone, but he knew that if he was pushed hard enough, he would sure as hell push back. 

Roland was lost in Lya's tearful green eyes.  He wanted to say something to comfort her but he didn't know what.  As a child, Roland himself had never been comforted, so he didn't know exactly what to do.  The boy snapped out of his daze as Lya seemed to cheer herself up and say, I really hope you can come with us! we need some brave men with us, and your as brave as anyone, but daddy ofcorse. Come on. Lets go around back, its faster, dont want you to be late, Daddy might get mad.  As the girl grabbed Roland's hand he felt his face get warmer and blushed.  He could only imagine how dopey he looked and wished nothing more than to shy away from the pretty girl, but it was too late, Lya was already pulling him along towards the ranch.  They ran for a little until Lya let go of his hand and picked up speed, running towards her father and hugging her.  I sure hope Mr. Anderson didn't see me touching her daughter's hand, Roland said,  he'd have my head.  Roland stayed away from the house for a little as Lya talked to her father.  She seemed to be talking about him.  Roland was caught off guard when Mr. Anderson said, You're Tom's boy, right?....Son, I knew your father a long time ago.  He was a good man and a loyal friend.....Thank you for saving my daughter's life.  He felt strange Roland was not used to adults talking to him that way.  For some reason everyone had always been rude to the young boy, adults around town didn't like him much, but as Mr. Anderson nodded at him, Roland felt a new hope that that might all change soon .  Maybe he could become a cowboy and then instead of just saving girls from rattlesnakes, he'd save the whole town from no good bandits and indians.  Roland smiled as he looked around.  All the kids looked at him puzzled.  They were jealous, something that would most likely cause them to hate him more.  Roland then was surprised again as Lya's mother asked where he was.  Roland steeped up and Mrs. Anderson hugged him.  It was a warm hug, something he wasn't very used to. 

As Roland stood there still confused about what exactly was going on, Mr. Anderson steppedup and said confidently,  First thing's first. I want everyone packing a weapon to bring it and put it in here. I don't care if it's a slingshot or a pea-shooter, if I see ANYTHING that shoots, you'll be hearing about it from the buckle end of my belt!  Many boys walked up and put all kind of weapons into the wooden box.  Roland was nervous he had  agun with him but he decided it would be best to keep it, you never know when you're goan need a good gun.  Roland loked over at Lya, she knew he had a gun and was nervous about her ratting him out.  After Mr. Anderson put the wooden box away, he walked over to a corrale and explained to all the children that  they must stay on the bucking bronco for a full ten seconds.  Many of the children congregated there gasped, afraid to be hurt in their attempt to beat the horse.

Roland looked on as the first kids who attempted to master the challenge of the wild beast failed miserably, so far the longest time the horse had let anybody stay on it was a miserable six seconds.  Roland smirked as some of the kids who had picked on him in the past fell awkwardly to the dusty ground and struggled to fight back the tears as Mr. Anderson helped them back up.  The smirk quickly and suddenyl faded though as the time of reckoning had come upon him.  As he made his way to the entrance of the coral he heard the many jeers and cat calls of the other children.  Roland looked upon the best who looked down at him with wide eyes, eager to deny the boy the joy and feeling of success.  Shaking nervous the young boy mounted the horse.  It stood still as Mr. Anderson held it tight with the rope.  Mr. Anderson looked at Roland making sure he was ready and then suddenly let go of the rope holding the horse.  The horse bucked wildly, and Roland held on tightly.  Roland counted in his head...1 Mississippi.....2 Mississippi.......3 Mississippi....4 Mississippi....5 Mississippi.  The bronco thrust his body furiously and kicked up.  Roland would've went flying if it was for his arm being stuck to a rope that was tied to he horse.  6 Mississippi....7 Mississippi...8 Mississippi...The young boy had inadvertedly secured himself tight to the horse.  He heard the ooohhs and ahhhhs of the other kids and he approached home stretch.     9 Mississippi....Roland hugged the horses neck tightly now as the ride ended....10 Mississippi!  Roland let go of the horse's thick neck and untied himself from the rope as he fell to the floor hard.  Falling on the floor hurt but the sensation of success and accomplishment was enough to cover up the pain.  Roland got to his feet and said, Yeeeeeee-ha!  As he ran out of the coral and hugged Lya tightly, without realizing it.  The other children began cheering alongside Roland.  He couldn't believe it they were happy for him, they were cheering with him!  Roland then slowly walked up to Mr. Anderson and hugged him.  Thank you sir, I appreciate the opportunity.  

After the excitement had passed and the other kids were done with their challenge, Mrs. Anderson called out to the children, offering them dinner.  Roland, still happy and joyful rushed to the kitchen with the rest of the kids and ate merrily.  After the dinner, Roland nervously walked up to Mrs. Anderson and asked cautiously, May I please have a plate to go, for my mother.  I'll bring back your plates and silver, honest to God..it's just..my momma don't have too much to eat anymore and well yeah, it'd be greatly appreciated, missus..whatever you can give me would be fine.          

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Stephanie stood there for a while as she then watched the other kids make there way to the ranch. Not only boys but girls too came. She smiled to herself as she kicked her right foot the ground, waiting around for Mr. Anderson to show up. As soon as he did, so did his daughter Lillya and Roland, both of them came walking out from the woods together. She thought for a moment why those two were together by themselves. She then watched as Roland and Mr. Anderson spoke for a moment, as then Mr. Anderson nod his head at him.

‘Must have been nothing bad.’ Steph thought to herself as she then watched Jimmy come walking from the woods, his face bloody from the beating he just received from her. She couldn’t help but laugh as she turned her attention back to Mr. Anderson as he then spoke.

 "First thing's first."  Mr. Anderson said.  "I want everyone packing a weapon to bring it and put it in here."  He  walked over to a wooden crate next to the house and opened it up.  He then said, "I don't care if it's a slingshot or a pea-shooter, if I see ANYTHING that shoots, you'll be hearing about it from the buckle end of my belt!"

Steph watched as almost all the boys walked up to the crate all of the putting guns, knives, slingshots, and other weapons inside the crate. She hesitated a bit seeing that none of the others were walking up to put a weapon in it. She then sighed as she walked up to the crate. She then knelt down and lift her dress up just above her boot as she then reached in and pulled out her knife she tucked in this morning. She looked at the knife as she then placed it in the crate and turned and walked away.

When he put the crate away he then walked off and came back with a horse, a bronco. The horse was bucking and struggling to get free as he made its way over to the kids. Most of the kids backed away from the horse but Steph smirked and cracked her knuckles. Mr. Anderson explained that each of the kids who wanted to join had to hold on to the horse for at least 10 full seconds. She was ready to go first, that is until a boy jumped over the fence and got to the horse first. But not just any boy… it was Jimmy.

“Get ready everyone, this is how its done.” He said as he jumped up on the horse, however as soon as he did the horse bucked and threw him off in only half a second.

Some kids laughed while others gasped in fear, Steph, she was part of the crowd to laughed at him. She watched him dust himself off as he then jumped back on again, only this time he didn’t even have time to sit down before the horse kicked him off. He landed on the ground hard as dirt kicked up around him. Tears from laughing so hard were coming down her face as she gasped for air. Jimmy then got up from the ground and marched off.

“Who wants to go on some stupid trial anyways.” He said as he walked back into the woods.

She watched as boy after boy were thrown off the horse, the other girls that were with her suddenly became scared and some of them even began to leave. Steph shook her head at them as she continued to watch the boys take turns on the horse. Then it was Roland’s turn, she smiled at him as she then sat up on the fence, she knew if any of the boys were going to pull this off, it was going to be him. As soon as he sat down and was ready to go Mr. Anderson let go the rope. The horse began to buck wildly as Roland kept his composure. Her eyes widen after the first five seconds passed, most of the guys couldn’t even hold it for two seconds. Ten!’ Steph thought to herself, he was on that horse for a full ten seconds as he then flew off the horse. She watched him dust himself off and walk over to Mr. Anderson and hug him. She smiled as she then jumped down from the wooden fence and walked up to the horse before any of the other boys could. She was the first girl to try this, and from the looks she was getting from the other girls, she may have been the only one.

She jumped up and swung her leg over to the sides of the hose as she then wrapped the rope around her left hand and held it firmly as she then stuck out her right hand to her side, as if she was going to help keep her balance that way. Just then she started to hear the other boys make fun of her.

“Stephanie wont last two seconds.” One yelled out.

“I say she’ll cry as soon as the horse starts bucking.” Another said

“Mr. Anderson you should only give her five seconds.” The third boy yelled out.

Steph grit her teeth with anger as she then gave the nod for Mr. Anderson to let go of the rope. As son as he did her legs tightened around the horse as it began to buck. The first two seconds weren’t bad, it was just making sure you had the right composure. She could hear the kids start to count out loud. “FOUR.” Now the horse was shaking around. She could feel the blood in her body rush through her as she kept focused, her body jerking back and forth. “FIVE!” The horse then took off running with her still hanging on, and stopped dead in its tracks, Steph flew forward but ended up only hitting into the horses neck. “SIX” the bronco then started to jump around in a circle. Her body jumping up and down still on the horses back. “SEVEN!” The bronco then started to buck in place some more. Steph’s body was getting a little tired as she could feel her legs began to weaken. “EIGHT!” the kids yelled out, ‘two more seconds.Steph thought to herself as he horse jerked to the right then left. She held firmly to the rope that was now turning her hand blue from the lack of blood. “NINE!” the kids yelled out in excitement. Steph then swung her right arm around the horses neck and she held firmly onto it. “TEN!” the kids yelled out and cheered . Steph then let go of the rope and was bucked off, she was sent flying to the ground with a loud THUD as she landed on her butt. As soon as she landed she stood up and looked at the horse with widen eyes. She did it, she proved herself. She then threw her fist in the air and yelled out in excitement.

“YEAH!” She then jumped around for a couple of seconds as she danced back to the fence and jumped over it. She was so exited, so far she was the only girl to complete it and from the looks of it, it was going to stay that way.

After everyone else was done Mrs. Anderson offered them dinner, but knowing her mother Steph had to decline. She had to make her way back home, before her mom would send her father to hunt her down. She made sure she grabbed her knife before heading back home where her mother was waiting for her.

“Were have you been young lady?” She asked as she then noticed the dirt and blood on her dress. “What in Gods name happened to you?”

Steph just smiled as she walked over to her room and laid on her bed, thinking of the events that happened that day.


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As the sun partly broke the horizon young Vann was was already up finishing up the gate from the pervious day. Knowing he had promised his auntie that he would go down the road to help Mr. Anderson, figuring that he was just going to get dirty again Vann didn't bother washing up and changing clothing.  Walking down the dusty road in his old denim jeans that had wore out spots on them, with a dust filled white T-shirt along with a pair of brown boots and a brown hat that his father gave him a few years back. He wondered what type of man Mr. Anderson was, he know that the man was a cattle driver but he wondered what was his personallity was like. As he draw closer to the farm he noticed a number of kids taking turns riding on a horse that seemed to be to wild for any of them. Stopping for a moment he  crossed  his arms and  and lifted his left leg rested them on the fence as he watched on.

Um... it seems they are only staying on for about ten seconds. I guess it's some type of test.

Seeing all he needed Vann turned and headed for the house.  Reaching the house Vann knocked on the door and stood there for a moment, as he got no reply he figured that everyone was out on the horses. Making it to the fence he stood next to the only man there he know that had to be Mr. Anderson, thinking about introducing himself at first  but shortly he changed his mind  seeing that the man seemed to be focused on the others. Vann watched on seeing kid after kid fall off the mighty horse, after gathering his nevers Vann hoped on the gate and headed for the horse clapping for the girl that had just proved herself to everyone. Taking a hold of the brim of his hat with his left hand he tipped it to the girl and then smiled.

Well since you did I have no choice now do I? Wish me luck.

Vann having some expirence with horse walk up the steed that was still bucking alittle, grabbing on the reins he pulled down and reached out his hand brushing the horses faces slightly to calm it down some. As he soothed the horse he then place his foot into one of the holders and then leaped up and swung his leg over the saddle but before he could get his other foot into the holder the horse violently jerked kick out its hine legs. Vann almost was sent over the front of the horse, but shifting his weight just in time he corrected him self.
1.... 2... The horse bucked around stronger and harder the next few times before standing high on its hine legs while kicking the front ones, but Vann did not lossen his grip on the reins. Unlike the girl he wasn't doing to prove anything to the people there, he was proving it to himself he want to be a man like his father and eventhough at first he didn't want to come and help Mr. Anderson he promised his auntie. He didn't want to disappoint her by coming back home and telling her he failed a test and couldn't do after a girl did. 6... 7... 8...
He lowered his body closer to the horse in the closing seconds to make it even harder to toss him from its back. TEN! This had been the longest ten seconds of the boys life, in a moment of excitement he forgot that the horse was wild and once he took one hand of the rein and went to raise his hat high into the air. As he did this the bucked once more  sending the young man off its back, Vann fell landed back first to ground but the pain was nothing compared to the joy he felt. Laying there for a few seconds he laughed and then rolled over to his stomach and picked himself up, dusting off himself he walked over to Mr. Anderson and stuck out his hand.

Hello sir my name is Vann my Auntie Sue down the road said you could use alittle help, well I'll be happy to help if you'll have me sir.

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Lya gritting her teeth When roland got on the horse. "good luck!" she pated his leg before she got back on the fence and watched as her father let him go, it seemed to be the longest seconds she ever felt, She was counting them under her breath with her green eyes whide with hope and fear. "TEN!" SHe screamed before he hoped down from the horse, "YESYESYES!!" She cried out as she ran to him and huged him as they jumped abit, then He went to her father, then she saw the girl, steph walk up to the horse. "hmhm" She new this girl, if any girl could do it, even though she heard some other boys jeering her. Lya frowned then stomped her heel hard into their boots making them cry out.

Five, six, seven. She could do this, she new, The girl had to do this..! nine ten! lya smiled brightly as she jumped twice with glee, That shows them pushy prissy girls!

Then another boy apeared, She had seen him around town, but she never new his name, He to got it a full ten seconds. "cool.." She said in awe as he walked to her father, Then she looked around to see who was next...THen, like a spark of fire, it hit her, she was next. Her lips parted fiantly as she looked to her father, He gave her the nod. Bitting her lip she looked down and kicked at the fence, If she didnt make it, would he leave her here alone as he and momma went?!

"I gotta do this.." She whispered under her breath as she tossed her braid back and tucked it under her shirt so it wouldnt whip her in the face. Climbing on the fence, Lya took a deep breath before she swung her leg over and took a tight hold of the rope, then her dad let it go, She looked to roland just before the horse started to buck hard.

"EIYA!" She screamed as she lowered herself to the horse abit, but in only five seconds, She was off. With a growl She twisted over and watched as the horse trotted over to the fence, his eyes rolling wildly, and his nose flaring with anger, She darted at him, Twisting her hand, so the palm was up, and her thumb was away from her, She took a hold of the rope, Twisting it around her arm as she used one foot to hope onto the fence then jumped off and landing hard on the horse. With the other hand, She held tightly to the horses mane just as he went wild. Her legs where burning with pain from trying to hold on as tight as she could, she was counting in her mind, Four, five..six. The horse was going crazy, jumping with all hooves off the ground, rearing up onto his hine legs, kicking out with his back, twisting and bucking every which way, seven, eight, nine...

She moved her head just abit as she was just about to let go, when the horses head came back,


the sound of bone against bone echoed on the air as the young red head saw nothing but white blinding light. Ten. She fell from the horse. Her arm was still stuck in the rope, so the horse draged her a few feet before her arm droped next to her/

she was on her side, With one arm over her face, her hair was out from her shirt, both legs bent, one out before the other, She couldnt think, she couldnt see, But she could still hear the horse pounding its hooves into the ground around her.

after many children riding this wild beast, He stomped around with such rage, such anger that it couldnt see her anymore, So she didnt move, Then when it got far enough from her, She rolled right under the fence.

"i did it..daddy...i got ten..." She whispered faintly. Her eyes where closed, she laid there on the grass, such cool sweet grass. it felt nice against the ach of her forhead. She didnt want to open her eyes, she was afread if she did, she would be sick. But, regardless of the pain in her forhead and her neck, and the rest of her body, there was a smile panted on her lips, that no amout of pain could take away. She did it..She got that horse for a full ten...

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As each young person mounted the wild steed, they were thrown off one way or another.  The first to try was that little pain in the ass, Jimmy.  In a cocky way, he took the reins and mounted the horse.  Then, when Mr. Anderson let go, the horse immediately bucked the brat right off onto his kiester.  With tears in his eyes, Jimmy stormed out of the corrale towards his home.  Looking up, Mr. Anderson sighed and said, "Thank you, God...."  Then, more youths began to try.  Some of them reached ten seconds on the steed.  Others missed the mark.  However, the next youth to approach was Tom Scott's son, Roland.


"Easy there, son," Mr. Anderson said as he held onto the steed tightly and helped Roland up onto the saddle.  "Don't lean to far into him," he said.  "Just go with the flow.  Keep it natural."  With that, Mr. Anderson let go of the horse and stepped back as the wild steed began bucking wildly under the weight of Roland Scott.  Just then, John Anderson's eyes narrowed as locked onto the movements of the young boy.  At that moment, he saw himself many years ago when he was Roland's age.  The boy in the tattered clothes rode the bucking bronco with a smoothness like none other.


Suddenly, ten seconds were reached and Roland let go of the horse.  As he fell to the ground, Roland let out a yell.  Truly, Mr. Anderson could see the passion in the young man's eyes.  That also reminded Mr. Anderson of himself.  Of all the youngsters, Roland probably deserved to go out on the trail more than anyone else.  As he went over to Roland and helped him up off the ground, Mr. Anderson noticed something dark and metallic laying in the dust where Roland had fallen.  Therefore, he reached down and picked it up..... It was a gun - a large Colt revolver that had belonged to Roland's father, Tom.


This meant that Roland had lied to Mr. Anderson.  This young man deserved a chance; but how could John Anderson trust someone who would lie to him like that?  As the day went on, Anderson watched rider-after-rider as they either were able to remain on the horse for ten seconds or not.  What really impressed Mr. Anderson were the girl Stephanie and his daughter Lya.  Since they were both girls, many of the boys had underestimated them.  However, they each were able to stay on the steed for the full ten seconds.  John Anderson was proud of his daughter, Lya.


After showing them a few tips about riding and roping, Mrs. Erika Anderson came out and called everyone inside for dinner.  She had cooked a great meal and the young people enjoyed it thoroughly.  As everyone was leaving, John strolled out to the porch with a cup of coffee.  Calling his loving wife out to join him, John sat there with Erika in the cool night air.  The incident concerning Roland's dishonesty about the firearm still bothered him.  John Anderson figured that the only way the boy could redeem himself was to come to him like a man, admit his folly, and then learn from it.  Only then would he be allowed to ride with the Double B.


The next day, Mr. Anderson expected everyone to arrive at 6:00AM for more intensive training on handling cattle.  Also, several things would need to be done as well.  However, that would be in the morning.  As for the moment, John was sitting on the porch with his loving wife, enjoying her company, drinking his coffee, and feeling the night breeze that was blowing about.  "Excellent meal, darlin'." he said to her with a smile.  With that, he went inside and helped clean up.  Then, he went to bed....only to rise very early the next morning....