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"It has begun, Mars will be the turning point of our operations"


The enigmatic leader of Cerberus spoke in a concealed location some where across the vast Multi-Verse as he held a fuming cigarette in his hand, "Mars the red planet named after the God of War Ares, across the Multi-Verse there are planets that have been colonized with or with out the aid of us"

"Yes that is correct sir" a female replied back

"Tell me Lawson, do you have all the equipment and resources necessary?" the Illusive Man placed the cigarette against his lips and inhaled waiting for a reply

"Yes, but I am concerned"

Zed exhaled and replied back nonchalantly "Concerned about what?"

"Interference from outside forces, this universe has such a large quantity and quality of powerful beings should they unite together and attack us now at such a vulnerable st-"

Zen interrupted and replied back "No worries, no worries I've been checking on all Cerberus activity and media activities the world governments would be unable to reach you at there current technology level they're too busy killing each other like imbeciles"

"But sir what about the Grade A or B superheroes?" she paused and than continued communicating through a holographic projector system one was in the Vine Universe while the other was by Zed was in another universe "how will we be able to combat them at such a weakened yet vital status?"

Zed replied cooly "It's simple Miss Lawson, we send in a Blade"

Lawson's eyes expanded surprised and her tone of voice turned surprised "A Blade, we haven't had direct assistance from the Blades in centuries!"

Zen chuckled softly "there's this one Blade which is the daughter of the second generation female, Jen is her name should anything go wrong.....well you'll see" a loud annoying beeping sound such as a computer error was heard on Zed's side "is there anything else Lawson?"

Lawson replied back returning to her former composure "No sir"

Zed replied warmly "good, now if you'll excuse me I have some business to take care of Zed signing out" the holographic projector on Zed's side deactivated leaving Lawson baffled in her Cerberus strong hold located on earth.

Near Earth five hours after the Conversation with "Zed"

"Our ships have left the atmosphere" a pilot of one of the advanced Cerberus relayed to Lawson on earth

"Good I will tell them now" Lawson replied.

One of the CEO's of Cerberus had been entertaining the media reporters invited by Cerberus Inc for a special announcement

"Now that I'm here let's get this show on the road" Lawson said charismatically as live cameras pointed to her and reporters got up

"Ma'am can you tell us the purpose virtually inviting several reputable media's here?" a male reporter asked

Lawson gave a coy look and spoke "It is simple, today humanity colonizes MARS!" a holographic image popped up covering the back ground behind her revealing live footage of the fleet of ships that were in space heading there away to the red planet "Cerberus Inc had spent decades on the sole purpose of creating inter-planetary space travel" Lawson lied flawlessly in reality it took them days to come up with the schematic but months and almost all their resources to create these ships.

Media reporters were still in shock and awe at the live footage of these ginormous ships several kilometers in width,depth, and length .

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Stationed inside of the Paragon headquarters the Paragon of Power was obliviously swiveling around on one of those fun chairs children spun on when bored, after-all he was highly immature and down to earth vastly different than the standard hero. This event documented as he was considered the "most relatable" member of the Paragons in the survey.

Suddenly, a beeping shot through the tranquil base alarming the hero instantly becoming aware of the impending ships which were on a course to mars, the reason was unknown however yet the Paragon was more than ready to do his duty for planet earth. Quickly pushing off of the swivel seat it rolled backwards as the verdantly glowing hero stood up his posture with an undertone of weariness due to the fact he had previously been sitting down for over 2 hours simply waiting for an event.

Briskly walking through the headquarters through the halls swiftly making his way outside, the hero looked upwards at the sky as his ring manifested a television watching the events unfold...ships..SHIPS? Invading mars? "The heck is this man..." Shaking his head the Paragon could only help but feel a very real sensation of anger...why would somebody try this? "Arrg" His ring started to shake as his very essence was being transported inside of it, suddenly his entire physical form was absorbed into the ring leaving it glowing emerald motionless in midair without a host.

Without delay the ring smashed upwards causing an almighty sonic boom to leave in its wake scattering dust and cracking the very ground it had previously been hovering over, transcending into warp-speed leaving phantom apparitions in it's wake the ring was instantaneous reaching and leaving the earths atmosphere leaving a green streak of light having a velocity going perpetually straight at 299 792 458 m / s at the speed of light the ring was going to pass straight between all of the vessels (not touching any) with deadly accuracy due to Pyro's clairvoyance ability hoping to land on mars and manifest himself physically.

If any ships did get in the way however the force imparted into any ship would be the equivalent of 50 Megatons of TNT aka 2800 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima in World war two (Real science accounting for Speed x Force), A ridiculous amount of cataclysmic damage being imparted into ship possibly causing for instant destruction. The shock-waves being dispelled outwards during its flight between the ships would possibly cause monstrous malfunctions and stunt the speed they were moving due to the shock-waves being smashed outwards.

Regardless of the outcome, Pyro would be ejected out of his ring and subsequently shoot onto mars were he would need to rejuvenate before continuing the defense. Pyro was unaware who or what was on that ship, civilians or otherwise it was breaking major laws revolving around space travel and would be shown no leniency as legislated and declared by the "United Nations General Assembly" going against the Outer Space Treaty sighed by virtually all members of the United Nations and sanctioned upon all countries on earth.

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In the displayed holographic projection the one hundred strong fleet of ships were passing by the Moon when suddenly an explosion materialized instantaneously destroying the lead ship causing the force and derbies of the blast to expand outwards hitting several other colonists ships which barely sustained the damage of the first explosion the result caused in total over twenty ships in total to crash into each other while the others further behind slowed down to avoid collision.

Lawson gasped surprised at this event and spoke through a com by her ear "Lead ship reply" there was only static, Lawson gave a worried face "good god what happened?" she whispered to herself as the media reporters from all across the world began asking questions and taking pictures.

Lawson turned to one of the CEO's "Find out what happened this can not be a coincidence" turning to the Media she attempted to calm them down

Ship Ninety-Four

Loud beeping sounds were heard inside ship 94, it was one of the ships in the lead when the attack happened A.I were already warning about an incoming object moments before the lead ship was struck. The lead ship was completely destroyed it exploded with such force due to carrying a vast amount of explosive materials fortunately the advanced magnetic fields of the Cerberus ships followed by their deflection design resulted in only moderate damage to the five ships behind ship one hundred and light damage to and fro numbers eighty and ninety four.

"Get me Lawson NOW!" the ship commander of ninety four said angrily

"You're on live commander" Lawson replied through a holographic projector at the same time the reporters became silent and listened intently

"We were attacked!"the commander replied as the ships began to recuperate slowly and return to their formal positions "ships ninety five through ninety nine are damage but can still make it to mars for repairs"

Lawson had an A.I begin to replay the tape at slower and slower paces as they attempted to figure out what happened "continue on commander we will alert you in our findings in this incident when we get the chance but for now let security ship eighty five lead"

the commander replied with a nod as his holographic form dissipated

Ship Eighty-Five

Jen in Divinity armor sighed annoyed "I knew some a****** would attack us, I felt him pass by" a Cerberus Assault Trooper looked up to her "the commander of this ship is letting us lead point, we'll be landing on mars with in a few minutes" Jen rolled her eyes beneath Divinities armored helm "When there's one there's more, go get alert our allies tell them that we've come across hostile forces"the Cerberus Assault Trooper nodded and left Jen alone in the docking bay which is where with in a few minutes from then the Cerberus military force will lead the counter attack and defense of the ships even to their death.

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@pyrogram: @_cerberus_: Somewhere on Chile,Dell Conagher studied carefully his projects,working with enormous dedication and concentration.Suddenly,a cyborg jutted through the door,hasty.Irritaded for such intervention,Conagher pulled his gat from under the desk.

"You have one minute,filthy bastard.It's better you have a good motive." with a dry look,he stared the cyborg.

"Sir,Mars is getting colonized."

"And what do I care?" Dell spoke raising one eyebrow

"Colonized by humans.....it may affect our,uh,I mean,your plans."

Withouth reflecting,Engineer pulled the trigger.Metal parts spread around the chamber.None of the cyborgs seemed to bother,their programing would not allow such tremendous act of compassion.Pity was a despiteful characteristic,which had no spot on Dell's plans.The strongest must survive,death awaits weaklings.

He rested his forehead at the metalic palm of his hand.The icy sensation of an encounter between peel and brass.He remained silent for a few,scheming.With a mere stroke,he enforced pressure plaguy,piercing the table.A slender fission,that caused the table to split in two.

"Nineteen,prepare the shuttle.Mars will only be colonized under my dead corpse."

"B-but,sir,it's only a prototype.It wasn't tested yet a-and it...."

"Spare me of your endless blabber.There is no way better to test it then on a field trip."

Dell waded apace,reaching his personal chamber.A quirky smile on his face.It was time to test his new armor,perfectly designed,with the help of the strangest ally he could have:Anthony Stark.The armour adequated thoroughly,remarking his toned muscles.The systems checking took some minutes.All systems were engaged,the shuttle was ready to proceed.Dell nodded with a sadistic smile.

The shuttle took seconds to take off at half speed.The Earth was rapidly nothing but past.That shuttle had it's speed increased,and that meant arrival at Mars would take only minutes if the slingshot at the Moon's orbit worked.Fortunately,it did.

The cruizers were tremendous,but Dell had no time to worry about them.The attrition at the shuttle's pulp made it lose control.Ten seconds until the impact hit.Withouth further questioning,Dell ripped a hollow and,using every fiber of his being,escaped from certain death.A somersault and a spear dive were the manouvers used by Engineer to lend at the red planet,unimpaired,on a dreadful crash site.

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The events unfold on ship "Eighty Five"

The Commander of ship Eight-Five gave a command for all other ships to halt and they remained silent in place neither retreating or advancing forward, "were f***ed" he placed his palm on his sweaty fore head and sighed his old heart beated rapidly as he thought all options were exhausted

"No were not" Jen said walking inside the brig "I have been...meditating" Jen said calmly and not in her usual snappy tone "through the great wisdom passed down to my mother's mother, I have found a solution in our time of need"

"what the hell can WE DO!" the commander shouted and got up from his chair "THEY HAVE TWO COSMIC BEINGS AND WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE ON THAT GOD FORSAKEN PLANET, THAT'S IT WE HAVE LOST ALREADY!" the commanders voice trembled with fear and anger.

"SIT DOWN!" Jen shouted using the Devil's tongue on the commander causing him to submit and obey, Jen whilst still inside Divinity began to walk towards the glass and looked at what stood in her way as War Vision activated "I can only see three hostiles, two are on mars and the one that is up here" she turned her attention back to the commander "you forget, that I am a blade and that there is still hope" with that said she walked out.


A short period of time after her conversation Jen came towards Sawyer to have an important discussion

"Thank you for coming" Jen said while walking towards Sawyer in the attire she first wore when they met, "we are fighting beings of great power now, there's a chance that we might not make it" her eyes shined as she kept in her emotions and prevented tears from coming out and her voice began to break "but there is a way,and it's a long shot" she paused hesitantly and regained a bit of her former composure "I need your permission to augment you, I will remove the weaknesses that can be exploited against you and make them your strengths" a surge of a powerful aura could be felt emitting from her but it was confined to the room they were in "should you let me" the scene faded away with the decision Sawyer chose


minutes after her conversation with Sawyer she headed towards Madison and Tranquil telling them about the plan it was still a long shot but it's all they got.

as the plan was sent in motion Jen went into an air lock and jettisoned herself out heading towards Pyro at fast speeds via projecting energy blasts from Divinities palms, she knew his exact position thanks to her War Vision "I coming for you, you bastard" she whispered under her breath as she picked up momentum and prepared to smash into the green hero at massively hyper sonic speed but there wasn't just one of her there were two as she duplicated herself.

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Here he was on a ship part of a armada heading towards Mars the Red Planet.He wonders what will unfold when they will get there but he knows that forces will stop them form getting there.Sawyer was ready but at the same he was not ready so he made a choice that either would damned him or helped him to an extreme.He notice Jen one of the people in charged of this come to him and ask him about an upgrade for him a way to protect the people and the ships that they housed .He notice that her there something different about her."I accept and you have my permission to enter."

Now on the bridge of the ship he started to sense the machines around him and the metal around he can control with easy .He had many options but what he need to do is to keep the ships safe as long as possible.He now understand the power that he was granted. The cybernetics started to work better then before and his control over the machines like a master chess player and the met around him he could control like a magnetic but this magnetic was powerful .His visor close on him and with his power was able to put a magnetic shield around the Cerberus ships that now he was in control of ."This Sawyer taking command of the armada ." He said and something in his started to speak something in his head but doesn't know what.His only goal was to protect the ships but if need he would .

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The Ninjan Queen, Zavanna Tempest; has been lost in the Milky Way galaxy for weeks. Looking for salvation anywhere she can find it; she boards a Cerberus ship for repairs. At the request of high ranking Cerberus officials; Zavanna will aid Cerberus in the taking of Mars.


Madison stood on the command deck watching the stars twinkle in the abyss, a light that will never been distinguished. She had never been to Earth, she never planned to go; but in her time inside the Sol System, she had already come into contact with its sentient life. “Humans.” She scoffed, peering at her green skinned reflection. She couldn’t fathom why anyone would want to prevent such a progressive move; this could be the first step in putting the humans on an intergalactic scale. They shared the galaxy with the Ninjans and a whole host of other planets, yet willingly opposed planetary expansion.

The growth of the universe could be accredited to the transferring of the stars; something Madison had done herself. The fate of the galaxy would ultimately rest on the species within it, trade and other commerce would be needed, especially since Earth’s supplies were said, to be running out.

Cerberus picked her up not too far from an Omega Nebula refueling station, after promising to repair her ship for relay travel; she agreed to join this conflict on mars. “I wonder if anyone has thought about, what a war this close to Earth and the Asteroid field would do, to humans.” Madison spoke, telepathically not moving her lips at all.

From inside ship Ninety-Four she could feel a powerful emission of magnetic energy, the wave alone scrambled virtually all of the vessels systems. “I would help you guys out, but I believe my time has come” she said, disappearing on a teleported.

The Ninjan Queen floated stylishly in the vacuum, without saying a word, her SBA went online and completely eclipsed her half naked body. The sentry stood tall firm in his believes; she wondered what it was that made him think this was wrong. Trying to see both sides to the point, was something she got herself into doing; knowing how far an opponent would go to achieve victory was paramount.

“You cannot interfere with commerce between the galaxies; the future depends on this!”

Extending her hands forward, she shot her entire body as a Magnetic Pulse; knowing beforehand of her opponents properties, she quickly dissipated in front of him, and launched a high intensity sonic amplifier to disorient her foe; followed by a haymaker; she needed to see what the heavenly celestial body could do.

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Within the bridge of the massive APCKSS Winston Churchill, Grand Admiral Jacques looked at holographic files presented before him. Dealing with the mess at the Marathon ring had taken much of his time, and the commander of the Peacekeeper's operations in the home system was already weary.

"Damn Beaurocrats and their red tape."

With a sigh and a rub of his eyes he filed away his last reports to satisfy the wishes of the Peacekeeper's High Parliament and Round Table. He could have had a secretary or machine do it for him, but it would have left a feeling of having shirked his duties in the hawkish man, born on a distant world in the Alliance of Democratic Space Nations' vast territories.

To think that the Space program was begun by France and Britain in the thirties to oppose the Nazis and the Communists and now held millions of worlds and fought countless menaces across the galaxy and other dimensions to keep humanity safe. Funny how superhuman geniuses could advance tech like that.

Having to liase with the backwards homeworld of mankind and assure them that the peacekeeper fleet and orbitals were not there to hurt them though, was a draining experience. Convincing earth nations of the need for peacekeeper Garrisons? Even more so.

Ah there was that headache again, with a furrow of his brow, he looked over his screens and saw a problem he had been putting off for a while now. A fleet of unearthly origins bypassed the Allied Armada and was attempting to settle the fourth planet...what was it called?

Ares...no...Tyr? No that wasn't right either...ah yes, Mars. Merde, more annoyances to deal with. With a profound grimace he reached for a commlink and pressed down on the button.

"Get me battlefleet Rigel." He asked calmly, pausing for a bit.

"And Castle team too."

"Why sir?" A female voice responded, prompting the Admiral to crack some Knuckles.

"Beta class anomaly, and tell Commander Ericson at Deimos base to wait before shooting." He answered, nodding to the acknowledgement of the Ensign before cutting off the Comms, slumping back into his chair. First SWORD pulls their spaceship stunt and now this...

"Primus Delta, get me some white wine..." He asked of a robot aide who bowed slightly before going to retrieve the Drink. It really was going to be one of those days.

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@madison_maynard: @starheart:

Sawyer now in control of the Cerberus Fleet in his cybernetic mind was in control of the fleet but when he did a wave of EMP that he doesn't know of hit the ships but was able to with his new upgrade could and able to get the ships moving but it will take some time before all of the ships are moving but he was planing to move the civilians ships and then move the militarily ships behind them and try to move away form the unknown being that cause this .He knew that he could use his power over machines to repair the ships but that also will take time but he has to move at a slow pace but it will move away form the combat.

"Sawyer to all ships and allied forces with Cerberus I moving the ships away form combat."

He said over the ships speakers systems.He will moved the ships away form the earth and still heading towards the target planet.He had to make a some protection form any attacks so he will around the ships a magnetic shields again and extras around the civilian's ships.Still standing and still his mind is on his plan of getting them to Mars with as many ships as possible but with the attacks coming he knew it would be tough.

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@_cerberus_: (I'm playing as Pyro quickly to get rid of him)

~ On Mars ~

The heroic Paragon quickly looked up as he saw an orbital like-bombardment coming down from one of the ships thinking it was a deadly missile he quickly raised his shielding to maximum levels without turning red (Giving an even stronger amplification). Just as he assumed that the missile would simply collide into a brick wall which he had previously created his eyes widened in shock as two missiles appeared then suddenly, at the last moment he saw it looked like a figure...a human? A..what?..That was the last sight he saw as his body was propelled backwards being flown into a near-by rock due to the shock-waves being imparted, the blast so loud it crushed some of his ribs and broke his left arm. The impact, had sent a massive concussive blast of debris and other particles into the sky looking like an explosive device had just gone off.

~ Olympus ~

Iliad the God of Wrath watched over the events taking place with a stern fist swiftly smashing onto his diamond table looking at his "father" Zeus "They are attacking a planet named after the God of War!" Shaking his head clearly angered, the Roman God of War would have been ashamed "Such disrespectful behavior shall not go unpunished!" The God of Wrath was duly angered at this current event, Before Zeus had a chance to speak the God of Wrath interjected pointing towards the image of the Paragon of Power (Pyro) "Who is this man? So valiantly trying to stop this monstrous invasion?" Scoffing he continued "Hmm" Stepping off brashly taking up a stance to fly with one more looked towards of Zeus "I shall travel to Mars and avert this barbaric invasion" Without delay his body was "seemingly" transported instantly through time and space as-if he had teleported however this was due to his flight speeds being nigh incomprehensible to the naked eye quickly arriving towards mars landing with an almighty crash the explosion being loud enough to be heard all around of the island, looking towards of the fallen Paragon who was still emitting a verdant green glow he was not sure where the initial attacker was as he hoisted up Pyro "You are safe now hero of earth" Quickly blowing on the Paragons face waking him up due to his divine healing powers the hero awoke speaking quickly "Whh...Where, who are you?" Iliad spoke without delay as he placed Pyro down "My name is Iliad, God of Wrath - Now travel back to your earth - I have this" Protectively placing Pyro behind of himself as the Paragon of Power engaged his transcending warp-speed again flying back to earth without hesitating, he had been unwise enough before to quarrel with Gods and had been beaten servery as such - Pyro would not deny the God of his wishes.

Now alone the Celestial Combatant stepped up with his fists clenched, lighting bouncing from his fists to the ground speaking with anger "WHO DARES ATTACK THIS PLANET" Stomping on the ground creating a dangerous shock-wave his eyes glowed crimson red awaiting a challenger "You shall pay dearly" Huffing out once more his anger levels were overbearing ready to kill.

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"Mind telling me why we're cockblocking Cerberus?" Allison asked, briskly popping a knuckle as she stared at her orders form.

"Dunno, probably something pretty major if we have...him...on standby." Cid answered with his easy Spanish accent, idly fiddling with his Divine steel sword. He looked down and shuddered, muttering something in his native tongue.

"Probably another black ops base or something" A perky raw recruit from Japan posited, fresh into the Frankensteins...Codename Tsunami Queen. Although why a liquikinetic was brought to a world famous for being dry baffled Carol.

"Bet they made off with some Masari kit, all under lockdown." A congolese voice interjected, another newbie, Operative Katanga, a biomancer if she remembered right. He might be useful, messing with living tissue, friend or foe, was very powerful.

"Wonder if they got some guns there...I'd kill for Sentinel beams." Hmm, if she was right that Brazillian Accent belonged to Snowstorm, Odd given how rarely snow appears in Brazil but she'd seen weirder.

"Bet I can bag more earthies than you." A cutting Belgian voice knifed into the conversation, Mind slayer, lethal telepath, earlier generation Frankenstein...Carol then frowned, the older generations were always less stable, the flaws more pronounced. His flaw was a sadistic streak a mile wide, and being near him made her uncomfortable.

"What about you Henderson?" A peacekeeper asked, clutching his Gauss trigun.

"I don't give two bloody shits, we go in there and we make 'em squeal like the naff headed gits they are." Ah...Major Henderson, Sonic Raider, unofficial leader since that Novii kid and his girlfriend killed Dornan, professional hardass, queen bitch of the universe.

"Got anything to say beneficus?" Another asked, the holographic labradour avatar of the A.I shaking it's head in response.

"It's all classified, quite high above your clearance levels unless your name is Henderson." The canine avatar barked cheerfully before pricking it's virtual ears.

"Realspace translation imminent...please hold on." He reported before letting out a loud woof as the first peacekeeper cruiser popped out of metaspace, it's blue and black form exploding into reality with a great flash, followed by countless more flashes as ships from Battlefleet Rigel materialized in their multitudes, gliding through the void and menacing all comers to Mars.

The eagle of the Allies prominently disp,ayed on each ship, an ultimatum was broadcasted outwards. "This is Admiral Vandire of the Allied peace keeper corps space ship Burning Liberty, head of battlefleet rigel. This colonization effort represents a violation of the Earth-Allied Space Nations compact and an intrusion into Allied research territory. All factions are to withdraw immediately before we show you the fury of a hundred million worlds bound by justice, freedom, and truth." A feminine dutch voice warned throughout the broadcast as the strike craft swarms of the ships were deployed while all weapons were placed in ready states.

Within the teleporter room, Carol and her team could only wait, watching from vid screens in the room. Nervously biting her lip, she idly clutched the grip of one of her pistols.

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@shadowswordmaster: Dell stood on the red planet observing aloof,impressed with such a whacking and feral engagement.Withouth no further questioning and after analising who seemed to be an ally,he took off from the planet to join the battle.With his technokinesis,he attempted to reach the fragate spacecrafts,but his endeavor was thwarted.The only way such a violent assault from a technopath could stumble was if another technopath blocked it.

With a tempestuous look over his face,Engineer onslaughted at the ship,using his magnetism to tear a fissure at the ship's hull,taking provect of a well placed distraction from Starhearth.As soon as he entered the ship,he engaged Cloak mode.Passing unheeded was his only choice,he would detest to face any other foes then needed.Using his technokinesis as a tracking apparatus,Engineer waded the ship's corridors stilly.He felt that presence closer,but the port would not unlock.Dell clenched his wrist and charged against the wall.Shrapnel spread across the room.

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The first Jen came into contact smashing into Pyro with such force despite his shielding and was knocked back, the first Jen that struck Pyro stood up out of the crater moments after landing and began dusting herself, the second did the same but remained still as a statue once she finished

She used Speed Equalization with the hope that it would enable her to obtain the speed of the fastest person in combat.. Jen was making her way to finish Pyro off when the God Of Wrath appeared

Everybody in this telepathic link,Sawyer,Shadow,Theron and Madison I will try to help you as soon as possible hang in there and do WHATEVER it takes to win I'll be aiding you as soon as I finish off this hostile

with that being thought she spoke "So I see you punks can't fight fair HUH!?" she raised her hands as her assault rifle materialized and stood her ground while the other Jen was out of sight.

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@shadowswordmaster: @_cerberus_: @demolitionguy:

“Mars, a red planet named after the god of War. It would only be fair that the journey to it would be cluttered with a path of war. Ares wouldn’t have it any other way.” Theron thought as he hovered above the highest layer of Earth’s atmosphere.

He looks around the battle ground that was the black, star filled, void that was space. “Well Ares, if you see this, you’re probably somewhere smiling.” Theron said to himself as he gazed at the ships. His eyes eventually found the Eighty-Fifth Ship. He burst into action, booming straight towards the ship at the speed of sonic sound.

Reaching the ship he hears the sound of metal being ripped apart. Theron walks into the ship to see a destroyed hull, being filled with the sound of sparks flying and debris falling. He looked around before hearing Shadow, whom was immediately teleported towards Sawyer.

Shadow looked around and saw the cybernetic swordsman. As he realized he was teleported to the ship, he saw the cybernetically suited man enter the room. He was aiming to Sawyer, Shadow knew he had to react fast. Shadow quickly spawned a assault rifles. Aiming it at Dell's head, he fires a series of black ink at the man.

Theron, hearing this, eyes glow yellow immediately. He used his speed to find them. Sparking, his eye shot a beam of electrical energy at Dell. The beam of electrical magic, strong enough to rip through the metal wall, was heading straight for the man who threatened the ship.


(I apologize for the rushed intro)


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The Celestial Combatant Iliad looked towards of his opponent as his eyes glowed red then swiftly switched to a divine blue sending lighting out of them as the sky lit up with a godly show of electricity bombarding the ground with only superficial damage not threatening the enemy at all. Eyes portraying nothing but anger he looked towards of his opponent as he raised his hood as he stepped up towards of the target with predatory desire eager to end a life.

"You dare stand against a God?" His fists clenched as lighting shot downwards from his knuckles cascading contentiously as he spoke scolding the ground beneath him "You have just conceived the biggest blunder of your existence" Stepping up once more he would say one final sentence the entire battle "You have angered the Gods" Without warning he shot off at incomprehensible speeds utilizing his divine powers, arm outstretched attempting to forcefully collide with his opponent boasting a stopping power powerful enough to simply shatter the tallest mountain on earth with simple strength, the force amplified by his speeds strong enough to further cause a mountain wide explosion, all of his power aiming to devastate his attacker with a berserk punch towards the chest, then another and another without stopping until his opponent had either gotten out of the way or was vaporized into nothing, the mere shock-waves of each and every blow would be potent enough to collapse virtually any structure standing and as such the surroundings would be obliterated due to his unmitigated attack of pure fury. The Divine Death Dealer was playing no jokes in this battle, he was a God and would fight like a God.

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@superstay: (No problem,man.Glad you edited it =D)

With his agility enhanced,divert the incoming ink bullets and laser beam cost Dell nothing less then dedication and focus.With his status compromised and errand abashed,the Technocratic Master would have now a harder task,facing both Shadow and Theron.Boosting his own armor to engage on the clash with his technokinesis,he nodded and chuckled.

"So be it."

With augmented speed,Dell lunged at the shadowy man,a shoulder bash would knock him time enough for Dell to scheme a proper reaction.No time to check the success of the hit,he somersaulted to left and shot the demigod with his assault rifle,he savvy the projectiles wouldn't work,so he swung his fist at Teron's chin with a sequence of three jabs in mind.After this sequence,independent of it's success,he magnetically attracted a metal plate laying on the floor,behind Theron,targetting the man's scruff.

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Feeling the force of Dell’s shoulder ramming into my stomach, the blow pushes all the air out of Shadow’s lungs. The force pushes him into the wall, sending a sting through his spin. Falling to the ground, Shadow notices the man firing at Theron; Who uses his speed to dodge the shots from the rifle, as it melted into liquid before pouring onto the floor; It then slide back towards Shadow and reconnected to him.

Theron zips up to the man before being hit by a thunderous jab to his chin. The punch sends Theron back a few steps before a second punch lands on his chin. Starting to get aware of the attack, he anticipates the third punch. Using his speed, which could easy break the sound barrier without the hyper-boost that was given to him for this battle, Theron dodges the punch by circling his opponent in a blur of light. Now standing behind the man, he plans to send a punch, strong enough to send his opponent into the wall, towards Dell’s spin.


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Oooo scary! Jen thought sarcastically rolling her eyes beneath Divinities armored helm at the theatrics, her opponent began approaching as a result Jen raised both her hands one held the assault rifle up right and the other had an open palm

"You dare stand against a God?"

Jen said nothing and continued to roll her eyes, I don't got all day you ignorant bastard Jen thought

"You have just conceived the biggest blunder of your existence" Jen teased by shaking Divinities armored knees and waving her hands left and right faking a yield.

"You have angered the Gods"

Jen spoke her voicing cracking up almost in laughter "Oh no the gods, I'm SOOOOO sor-"her opponent made a move as she was in mid sentence of her insult, he moved fast very fast some would say he could have gotten the drop on her if she wasn't prepared instead of avoiding she planted her feet on the ground and tanked the attack.


The sound was heard, her opponents barrage of powerful attacks were not necessary since one was sufficient the force of kinetic energy capable of destroying a mountain had hit and launched Divinity thousands of feet into the air while at the same time demolishing the surrounding area of the god of wrath, "thanks for the lift idiot" Jen muttered as her ascension up high began to slow and turned to descent "My turn" she said as she fell

"Two" Jen said and a duplicate formed beside her, "Four" she and the duplicate than multiplied twice "Eight" now there were in total sixteen falling and she spoke one last final time "Sixteen" the final number was thirty two, that one blow had launched Jen high into the air and also caused her to feel it but it did not cause her to feel pain well not yet that is as her opponent surely had more in store.

the replicates were not cheap knocks off of the host, they were just as powerful as Jen herself together while free falling the army of Jen's spreaded out forming a circle around their opponent while landing

synchronized thus surrounding the divine being, the original Jen spoke out while making a casual gesture with her hand to the others Jens "Take him out girls" similar assault rifles manifested in front of the Jen's each individually with the power of a hundred tons of TNT put together, they all fired in unison creating an almost relentless barrage of energy projectiles that moved at the speed of light all the while slowly advancing forward.

All Jens had War Vision active giving them aim bot like accuracy and combined with the speed of the fastest being during this campaign allowed them to fire at ludicrous speeds causing the kill circle look like a miniature sun glowing.

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The blast having knocked the woman into the air instantly made the Celestial Combatant look straight upwards crafting an X block with his forearms premeditating a counter attack by dropping and using her fall as a counterattack, simply a very very predictable move by a simple opponent.... Or not. His eyes opened in apparent awe yet nonchalantly uncaring at the same time as his enemy divided into sixteen opponents. They landed in unison creating a large thud due to the energy imparted into the ground, dust covered the area blinding him for a split second before he clicked his fingers creating a sonic boom due to the speed and force done, this sonic boom cleared the area of dust as he looked onward's at his cowardly opponent.

Standing with his arms drooping by his side he raised his head up looking into the beautiful night sky of Mars taking an almost religiously carried out break mid-battle to pray to Zeus, giving him forgiveness for his inevitable murder of this inferior attacker. During his recital of mantra to gain forgiveness for his future actions his fist clenched as a bombardment of a cataclysmic nature was bestowed upon his physical form threatening to impolitely annihilate his entire existence, each barrage each beam cascading through the air elegantly smashing into his celestial body creating for an almost nuclear strike with the overall forces and collisions being created at the speed of light actually smashing into atomic structures within the air creating nuclear explosions to devastate the area eclipsing any visible physical features to be shown by the God due to the blinding light, debris and dust thrown into the air let alone the ridiculously powerful shock-wave shooting out destroying everything in a nearly mile radius. The combined attacks of the aggressors had launched something which would have made the combined force of a hydrogen bomb look almost small. The lasers travelling at the speed of light had virtually turned itself into miniature quantum lasers capable of splitting the atom causing nuclear fission after fission as the molecules in the air had no time to move out of the way.

The celestial God inside of this unmitigated and unruly attack felt his physical form threatened as he subsequently dropped to one knee in apparent pain while laughing all the while, any visible skin not protected by his clothing had been burned off to the muscle causing for an immense and agonizing pain to shoot throughout of his nervous system. His clothes now unrecognizable to them being charred and burned off as his body was beyond physical recognition due to his face being burned to the bone, swiftly dropping to both knees his hands in-front of his body looking dismayed as blood started to trickle outwards from his nose and mouth, his eyes bleeding vividly as well as his ears gushing blood due to broken eardrums after a nuclear attack which had not even been attempted to defend against he closed his eyes enveloping himself in a meditative mantra once more chanting some Greek "δύναμη" His body started to shake violently as all energy previously imparted into him was absorbed back inside of his body through ancient Greek divine magic. Regardless of this, the enemy may have previously been defeated due to the nuclear attack they had previously performed possibly unaware that the attacks they were doing would yield such consequences. Anyhow. The God had absorbed the entire mass energy of the attack and converted this into healing energy as his skin on his face seemingly was regenerated, standing back to his full height his body and posture virtually unharmed apart from the tattered and withered clothes he coughed the remnants of some blood onto the ground spitting out some now redundant teeth as his vision came back online after his eyes had previously been burned out. The energy nearly having been all used up was now converted into a force-field around of his body like a miniature aura only centimeters away from his skin acting like a second skin in-fact being able to redistribute all energy imparted into his body void and simply absorb it into his own body through a marvelously astounding amount of mental and magical solitude. His physical form in actuality being able to defend against such nuclear attacks would normally have been unaffected however he had performed his mantra to Zeus meaning his defenses were down.

Now back to full posture he sped off once more breaking into triple the speed of sound trying to systematically punch each and every clone in the face regardless of damage to to his physical form as it was being tactically absorbed and redistributed outwards at monstrous rates until the attacker changed the energy frequency his body would simply absorb the current one.

Regardless of the success of his possible punches with the same mountain crushing force and speed towards of his opponents faces he then through immense mental planning and battle wit established who the leader of the attack squad was, locking onto the "take him out girls" giver he charged forwards at incredible speeds creating a sonic boom in his wake attempting to grab his opponent and engage in a bear-hug - The hug having an infinite amount of physical strength as he pulled in energy from the heavens amplifying his own powers to incalculable levels, he would hope to crush the woman with his titan grip and defeat this attacker like a true God with his colossal power.

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Dell foresaw the relentless,brutal assault directed to his spine,but did not had time to swerve away from it.The blow landed and hurled Dell at the wall.The kick flowed flawless,shattering a couple ribs.He suffered in silence,luckily his armor and regeneration would take care of such wound.Engaging his camouflage mode so he could be spared for a few more time until he jumped back on the brunt.

Still unsighted,he took advantage to benefit himself in combat.Sneaking aft the demigod,he channeled the small quantity of electric charge to his right wrist.Retribution time.Engineer patted Teron on his shoulder with his electric charge and with his left hand,tried to punch the man at the spine.A sadistic smile at his face.

No time to monumentalize his deed as Shadow was probably preparing another hit,he onslaughted at the man,enraged,shooting frantically on a blind rage charge.As soon as he moved the finger away from the gun't trigger,Dell tried to connect a punch to the man's stomach,if the hit was triumphant,he would knee his foe's abdomen once more and drop his ancon over Shadow's back.

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Once Dell hit the wall, Theron turned to check Shadow’s condition. “Are you alright brother?” He asks his kneeling friend. As he looks over his shoulder as the black suited man, he heard him reply. “Yeah, it’ll talk far more than that to hurt me.” Shadow says as he gets to his feet.

Theron, hearing this, turns back around to focus on his opponent. He immediately feels a cold, extremely stinging, charge of electricity surge through his body. His bones tremble and jerk before his opponent’s right fist swung into his left ribcage. The punch sent his into flying across the room, into far wall of the room.

As Theron lied in the wall, Shadow was standing on his feet. He looked ahead, at the man, who was charging him. He spawned two blunderbusses, out of his ink, and aimed them at the aggressor. However, by the time he got fired at Dell’s face, a series of bullets ripped through his chest. Ink splatters everywhere as the bullets fill Shadow. He grunted in pain as the bullets tore his flesh, like a knife ripping through fruit. Some of the bullets ripped through him as he tried to hold his footing.

Suddenly, a fist, swinging with the force of an battering ram, swung into his already weakened stomach. The blow had him folded over the man’s fist. His feet lifted off the ground as he spat up blood. Ink leaked to the floor from his suit. Gravity pulled him back to the ground and into the quick knee of the opponent. He spat up more blood as his suit continued to leak. The force and pressure from attack caused ink to splash up from Shadow’ back. The final attack on his back sent him to the ground in a burst of fury.

Feeling the sting of the attack, Theron lays in shock. Because of his high magical durability, the full extent of the attack started to decrease. As the pain started to decrease, he started to awaken.

Theron’s eyes popped open half way through Shadow’s beating. He pulls himself out of the wall to see his friend lying on the ground in pain. This enraged him, along with the adrenaline pulsing through him. Theron burst towards the cybernetically dressed man in a fury of speed. Eyes glowing red with fire, he intends on grabbing Dell by the waist and ramming him through the wall, into the hallway outside.


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"No response Ma'am." An Ensign reported to Admiral Vandire, the mousy dutch lady frowning as she looked over her display screens. Troubling...very troubling.

"Operation Sit down and Shut up is a go. You are cleared to fire with deadly force. Move in and sweep. Strike craft be advised, danger close. Do not let anyone reach Deimos base." She briskly ordered as the ships assumed a net formation to enclose all combatants before opening fire with carefully calculated mass accelerated rounds at noticeable fractions of the speed of light to open up.

Built like massive guns, the frontline combatant ships were built around massive prow cannons that spoke their fury by launching out a massive array of slugs as the battlefleet closed distances to bring more weapons into range.

As they closed, Allied strike craft such as Vindicators and Apollos rocketed through space, the Apollos targetin other small craft while the Vindicators attacked capital ships, weaving through the maelstrom of battle while assault boats carrying boarders and guided missiles struck out through the void.

As they got closer, more and more weapons were let free, smaller Gauss Cannons and Lasers primarily, but more esoteric weapons such as Particle accelerators firing packets of matter at just under the speed of light for all the punch of a much bigger Gauss shell at a higher rate of fire, at the cost of greatly increased power expenditure.

Other oddities such as SHRINK rays were let off to try and size down Cerberus ships before gutting the reduced vessels, or MASS rays to increase the size and power of allied vessels, or perhaps Entropy rockets to age targets to dust and heisenberg devices that phased allied ships out of reality to let them phase through attacks before popping in unexpected places and firing away.

A series of Drop pods, assault boats, and teleporters rained troops down on the red planet, attempting to reach hidden bases on Mars and reinforce them while others gathered on staging grounds to await further orders.

Once one of these or the roving recon teams spotted the epicenter of the mess, Killteam Castle would be chronoported down and eight Frankensteins would be rammed down the throat of the enemy.

Within Deimos base, a mobile underground facility that followed the orbit of the Martian Moon, operative Ericson prepared his battlerifle and spiker pistols, more than ready to see off any attackers im the research facility. "Is the Cargo secure?" He asked of one of the heavy defenders as they set up their positions.

"As secure as they can be...Or at least I pray it is." The armorclad trooper responded, paling at the thought of what lay inside.

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Dell grinned and smiled at the fallen adversary,that man was out of combat,at least for a while.His concern was the demigod,which represented a colossal trammel on Dell's path.The electricity would stun him for a couple of seconds,not more,not less.Suddenly,the enormous heroic figure came,raging at the fall of it's companion and friend,Shadow.Brutally knocked by Dell's accurate blows chain.The titan onslaughted at Dell,lifting him with descomunal strenght and throwing him at a wall.

Dell could be outnumbered on both numbers and strenght,but he was not outsmarted.Engaging his Armor mode,he pierced through the metallic surface and hit the corridor's floor,with minor injuries.The armor had several lows though,some scratches and kneaded somewhere near Dell's groin.The glass on the visor was shattering.But those weren't his major trouble.The armour would heal itself,which was a good outcome if Conagher got out alive.

That singular hurl would have wreaked havoc enough to produce plaguy electricty.A devilish stare towards Theron.Dell knew his best chances were his agility and electric pulses,those amplification he had made to rely on.That man was clearly more skilled and tougher than Dell,his stature,his movents,flawless executed,a proper mythological fearsome warrior.Not that Dell cared,he analyzed.Scheming and analyzing.He stood once more.Once more facing the man.Once more embracing death.

A simple thought and his armature's got surrounded with an electric field.That astounding moonstruck,which called himself 'visionaire',had traced a detailed plan over the top of his head,that man was a strong close combatant,so if he touched Conagher,he would get slightly electrocuted.Spreading both arms on an ironic greeting expression,he made a gesture to his enemy.

"Let's dance."

Withouth expecting any answer,he charged at his foe,jumping with some impulse over his opponent,he aimed a swivel kick straigh to Theron's head.When he landed on the ground,independently of the succes of the first blow,he swung his ankle at his foe's back,and would continue the sequence by lifting Theron mid air,slamming him on the ground with all his strenght,perhaps fracturing it.The electric field would take part on this sequence by aiding Engineer with probable stun or paralisy of his mighty opponent.

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"F***"lead Jen said as she saw the divine being regenerate and even get more powerful than he was earlier there's no way he could survive that unless can't think right now too many variables Jen de-materialized her assault rifle and began to absorb back each Jen that was punted away with ease by the Wrath God, just by raising her open palms.

The absorption process turned the Jen's back into energy and returned to the original instantaneously

"I don't like...HUGS!" Jen said as she saw her opponent running at fast speeds towards her in a bear hug fashion attempt, but before he could succeed she replied with a counter attack.

A powerful uppercut was sent from her closed left fist and than a throat punch with her right, her equalized speed capabilities made her as fast if not even faster than this god and boy was he sure in for a surprise!

Each blow became more powerful than the others practically doubling with each hit, the first uppercut was towards the gods chin which carried enough explosive energy to equal a hundred metric tons of force moving at mach three hundred speed while the second blow moved at the same pace it had the force of two hundred metric tons.

There were not just two hits she also replied with more not slowing down or hesistating in the slightest thanks to her vast combat experince being already built in her muscle memory, she went for a jumping knee strike towards her opponets chest and with amazing speed followed by cordination rolled to his left side turning around to rasie her first up high furthermore sending a haymaker fist moving at mach six hundred speed with the force of the punch being already at eight hundred metric tons.

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@_cerberus_: @superstay: @demolitionguy:

This was bad the fleet was stuck in a magnetic bubble by one unknown being that appear out of nowhere and started to disable the ships but Sawyer was able to get away form it and started to leave the combat zone and towards the Target aka Mars but when he got close enough but a magnetic well trap the fleet in it like fish in a barrel but this barrel was going to be more trouble then it was going to be .While trapped some of the ships crash into each other by some force that was responsible for the trap.Sawyer was thinking of plan to get out this trap that they are in but with the rising in deaths in the fleet already.His ship was attack by an unknown intruder trying to destroy the ship and him but he was save by two strange but helpful people if he sees them again he would enjoy there company .

Then all hell breaks lose on the fleet when the Peacekeepers unleash what it looks like hell upon the fleet were every hit angle and every place including his ship too put when each ship in the fleet was getting hit and blow to pieces.The he relies that the well is down and the ships if there any left could make it to Mars but at a hefty price .While still in command of the fleet or what was left of it he though his mind final made order to the fleet that could make a difference in this fight.

"Sawyer to all ships and it's personnel get to Mars at once use all you can get and if so crashed land on the planet if you need to."

With all of his power in him he would crash land the ship on Mars to get to the planet by using his technopathic powers and his magnetic powers to destroy the ships and land or crashed the ship to the red planet but with all of the damage to his ship he could not help himself out but there was a way out of this Cerberus had given some of the higher ups a teleportation device to get them out of places like the one he is in.The sparks and fires though out the ship along with the hull of the ship having her hole in her suck out people in those area.He click on the button which had a timer of ten seconds on it and each second seem to be like a hour with all the chaos that going down at some point in the chaos he though he heard some music playing in the background like classical music in a way.Then with a flash of blue light he was in New York City on a random roof top in the city.He felt disgrace of what he did but it was one that he would live with it for his life.

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@shadowswordmaster: @demolitionguy:


Theron knocks Dell through the wall before gazing at Shadow. Seeing Shadow spitting up blood, he turns back to his opponent. Seeing his opponent surging with electricity, he smirked as his eyes spark fire and electricity. “You are a very worthy opponent” He says as he suddenly hears the explosions; Which draws his attention for a second.

However, his mind in drawn back as he notices his opponent’s quick attack. He immediately leans backwards to avoid the kick. Straightening back into a standing position, he begins to turn toward Dell; But, he was too late. The engineer grabs him, sending a huge surge of electricity through his body. Dell lifts him and sends him to the ground with raw force. Theron yelps in pain as the ship falls to pieces. Looking at the near unconscious body of Shadow, Theron tries to build up energy. He rolls over as his eyes smoke with fire and spark, rapidly, with electricity. Looking straight up at his opponent, Theron focuses all of his magical energy into his eyes.

He shoots all of his energy into his beam, as his ripped towards Dells stomach. The beam of flaming lightning was strong enough to send Dell through the ceiling. If the beam connects, Theron would fly off the ground into Dell. Grabbing the Engineer, he’ll burst through the roof of the ship and throw him as far as he could.



Coughing rapidly, Shadow tried to catch a breath. Now, slumping against a wall, he hears the explosions. He grasped for air as he looked around the room, to see the room destroyed. “I guess we’re losing” he says to himself as his eyes grazed over at Sawyer. He, then pulled a small bottle of Scotch/Rum out of his inner jacket pocket. Placing it on his blood covered lips, he takes a drink, before trying to stand.

Feeling the rising pain in his stomach, Shadow got to his feet. Using his ink to build a support and a thick armor suit around him. He moves to Sawyer slowly, to avoid falling.His ink shaped a very strongly dense support around his chest and waist.

As he made his way towards Sawyer, He saw the cyborg disappear. The shadowy man looked around to see darkness, with a few flickering of sparks. As he stopped, he felt a sudden jerk as the ship entered Mars's atmosphere. He felt the feeling of gravity pulling the ship down. "Oww, this is gonna hurt badly" He signed as he braced the painful impact that he was sure to face.


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@superstay: Sudden upsurges erupted on the space,followed by shattered metal,tremors,fire,deaths.The ship was on a crash course.Expanding his technokinesis,Conagher invaded it's system and locked the systems so a crash was iminent.The Cerberus' technopath was gone,vanished on what Dell considered to be a coward withdrawal.A scent of blazing flesh and melting scraps as the fleet entered the planet's atmosphere.Shrapnels everywhere.That distraction was sufficient for Dell to be hurled towards the ceiling by Theron's flame/electrical bolt,bursting and elapsing it.

A tremendous effort and Engineer was able to reach a broken spout,twisting around it and,consequently,avoiding the second blow.Now he was aback Theron.Using the impulse provided by the twist and aimed a flying kick to the adversary's behind.Withouth squander time,he boosted to Mars once more,relying on a barrel roll spear dive maneuver,landing on the red world.Shutting his view,he started a small sweep over the planet's surface,augmenting.Minor earthquakes were felt.Increasing.Small sharp tips could be sighted on a radius of 100 meters around Dell.His eyes unfolded slowly.A devilish smile took place.He raised both arms above his head.His whole body shaking due to extended intense use of his powers.The projectiles floated meters above his head.With a simple gesture,he pointed to both fleets,fighting for their survival.Fighting for Mars.The metalic blades were hurled at incredible speed,leaving Dell jaded.

The unexplored resources of Mars were his hope.As a man that attained the edge,he acknowledged his slight,useful advantage.Reaching his communicator with his left hand,he sent a request to the cyborgs at his 'company'.

"Prepare the teleporter.It isn't ready,but just in case.Also,send in the bow!"

A blue light arose on Dell's hand a few minutes later.It was taking a shape.The shape of a bow,to be precise.The majestic,flawless designed apparel materialised at Dell's wrists.Leaving his assault rifle suspended on his back,he aimed an arrow towards Theron.An explosive projectile.Aim on the head.Breath held.Accuracy systems checked.Aproximated speed,193 m/s.Distance:regular.Clear shot.Release arrow.Flawless enfilade.

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Theron looked behind him to see the ship, that he and Dell were once on, was now crash landing on Mars. He gazed at the sight of the ten that made it to Mars. Out of the hundred, only ten made it. The rest were now clouds of debris left floating it space; And the thousands inside them were now lifeless pieces of burnt flesh, destined to lay internally in the burial grounds that was Mars’s outer crust. The Peace Keeper roamed through this cosmic field of Death, as the Grim Reaper would roam through the fields of souls he took.

“Well, Aries, I hope you’re happy” Theron says before his divine ears hear Dell on the surface of Mars. He looks down at the spot where the sound was coming from. “You smart devil, I don’t know if Aries blesses you, or Apollo?” Theron thinks before bursting into action. He rapidly enters Mars’s atmosphere as he focuses on his opponent. He uses his microscopic vision to watch Dell as he rips through the sky towards him. His eyes heat up as he zoomed towards Dell in a blur of hyper sound.

He then notices the engineer teleport away, leaving nothing in his place. Theron was now headed straight for Mars’s surface. Trying his best to turn, his efforts were ineffective. He hit the ground at full impact. He hits the ground, on the other side of the hill, that the lead ship landed on. Still conscious, Theron lied in the deep crater, taking quickly deep breaths. "Ahh, that hurt, now I have to find Shadow and Jen" He grunted, not knowing that he was down the hill from Shadow.



Shadow awakens in a dark area of the ship. “Ahh, $%!@ that hurt” He spat as he looked around. The room was wrecked. Fire rose as high as the ceiling, the roof had caving in over him. He immediately heard flickers of lights and electricity, along with debris falling and breaking. He pushed pieces of the ship off of him before slowly getting to his feet. “Theron!!!...Sawyer!!!...Anyone!!!!!” He yelled, with an exhausted pant in his voice, as he looked around the fully darkened room. Hearing no reply, he figures he’s alone. Shadow starts walking through the rubble of the ship before turning down the hall. His ink, still foaming the armored space suit, spawned a blunderbuss. “Hmm, I really miss the nagging of Sheng right about now” He states to himself as he looks down the hall. Some of his ink slide up the wall and thicken itself before roughly knifing through the wall. Growing in width once it gets through; his ink breaks the wall open.

Light rushes into the hall, temporarily blinding Shadow. He turns his head slightly as avoids the sun. The sky was red, and the ground was reddish brown. A mountain lied in the background of the sky. There were streaks of light, smoke clouds in the sky, from the ten ships that made it to Mars. “Wow, so this is what Mars looks like? Well, I’m….” He said to himself before being cut off by the sound of gunfire in the distance. He jumps off the ship and slowly starts to follow the sound.


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Commander William of Ship Eighty-Five (Near Shadow)

The previous commander of ship Eighty-Five the same ship in which Sawyer was earlier given control of including the entire fleet got up, rubbing his head he looked around all the civilian pilots were dead from the crash it was a miracle that even he himself survived

"Commander William?" a power armored assault trooper said rubbing his head as he layed on a broken console, apparently while the civilians died from smoke inhalation or just blunt trauma the exo-suits of these elite Cerberus troopers protected them perfectly.

William looked towards the Assault Trooper "No it's just William now, our Blade gave control to one of the"he paused "wait where is he?"as William pondered thirty strong Cerberus Assault troopers came rushing in and the Captain of the task force spoke out "Captain Breton reporting for DUTY SIR!" Breton's troops and he himself synchronized a salute to William who gestured them a at ease gesture.

"Status report Captain" William said gruffly as he kneeled down closing the open eyes of a dead civilian

"Ten ships in total made out of the kill zone sir, nine out of ten are heavily damage but one managed to get out with out a scratch" Breton remained strict and straight

"Sawyer,Madison,Shadow,Theron,Jen?" William questioned sternly picking up the handgun from the civilians corpse while standing up after the motion was carries

"Madison and Shadow or MIA we are unsure if they are dead or lost" Breton paused to take a breath "we had communication with Jen not too long ago she said she is heading our way but we lost contact with Theron as our ships fell, we do know however Shadow is on board"

William placed his hand on his silver beard that matched his silver hair "We need to regroup, fortune favors us for we would be dead by now if the battle was over"William passed Breton and gestured for the men to follow him "our first priority is to set up a triage, get what ever wounded or dead into one location, secondary priorities are securing the area"

Breton asked "Sir, what about the other survivors from the other ships?"

"We can't help them if we can't help ourselves, but we won't leave them to die...we take care of our own" he paused as he looked at a gruesome scene from a sealed air lock parts of the ship were breached and a dozen flash frozen corpses lay still in their frozen bodies "get Shadow and a fire team, help any of those in need outside of this area, don't what ever your need just remember you are only to help you will not go actively seeking the enemy"

Breton nodded "what will you being sir?"

William replied back as he pressed a button on the wall a generic space suit large and bulky was visible but it would protect him from the harsh environments "I'll be commanding everything from here" he passed two coms for the ear "give this to Shadow and Theron so we can all stay in touch from far distance"

Charlie Team (Near Theron)

Leader of Charlie Team had their ship thirty three land the closest to ship eighty five, he was the only highest ranking official left alive and gathered all remaining Cerberus Assault Troopers to go look for medical aid as there med stations on board the ships were blown off via entering atmosphere and their wounded would die with out help.

Unbeknownst to them they were near Theron before they came into contact with hostile peace keepers, "HOLY SH*T!" a Cerberus Corporal shouted as dozens of Peace Keeper fire squads ranging from Reservists to Cryo Legionaries, blasts of gun fire immediately erupted from both sides

The composite metals of Cerberus Assault Trooper armor proved to be highly effective against most of Peace Keeper forces mainly the Heavy Defenders,Reservists and standard peace keepers while the other specialized unites were putting the hurt on the rest of them, despite having great fire power Cerberus too had great fire power and incredibly skilled soldiers who's standard fire arm was delivering mega joules in the double digits every split second allowing them to shred down the Peace Keeper forces even the most durable ones would have difficulty surviving the suppressive fire of two hundred amped automatic rail guns.

However despite having a better than average ration against the Peace Keepers the heavy hitters were picking them off one by one and the Charlie Team leader doubted they would win with out assistance.

Jen (Near Shadow)

Jen adapted the speed of Theron as he was now the only one left in the campaign with the fastest speed, immediately she headed towards ship Eighty-Five as it was the closest one to land to her, with in a minute she reached there and War Vision helped her detect Shadow almost nigh instantaneous however she was still separated from him by several dozen feet of super strong and dense metal material

"SHAAAAAADOOOOOOW!" Jen shouted at the top of her lungs hoping her ally could hear her.

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@demolitionguy: @superstay: @_cerberus_: The Fleet, having lost some ships to blistering return fire, attempted to settle into orbit, but the Quantum Tempest, one of the Heisenberg ships, having suffered heavy damage, was drifting aimlessly through the void.

"Quantum Tempest, report." Admiral Vandire asked, her ship's experimental shielding flickering from the damage it had sustained. But all she received was damning silence, silence which was shattered by an ungodly wail across the commlinks as the Quantum tempest's heisenberg drive began to fluctuate.

Eyes widening, she ordered all weapons to fire on the damaged cruiser, but it was already too late. The wail of the reality twisting technology's suffering gave way to whispers, speeches, and roars in a language she didn't understand, but sounded vaguely familiar.

But the mystery was resolved rapidly when the Quantum tempest groaned, then pulled itself outward impossibly, the drive shifting the hull through countless dimensions and otherwhens before detonating in a brilliant bloom of unreality. This sphere surged outwards and consumed half the peacekeeper fleet, leaving the other combatants untouched while the bleeding sore in reality quickly fell behind Mars' orbit, the red planet leaving the trapped ships behind as it went around the sun.

Vandire herself was trapped in the rift, having ejected the final sanction container from the ship as the vessel was cut off from reality. The walls of the ship began to warp and shift in impossible ways as surges of emotion and thought crackled around it.

Then she saw them circling around the ships, Daemons of the Warp. As the sore closed itself, entrapping the peacekeeper's entire left flank in the hell of the warp while the eye of Chaos closed, she heard the laughter of Daemons, and then they closed in.

The unshielded ships were lost almost instantly, the screams of the crew evident as the foul monsters of Chaos overwhelmed them, her ship was surrounded, it's shields tested, then breached by screamers who paved the way for other Daemons into her ship. Immediately, much of her crew and machinery was possessed by the monsters, twisting and mutating. She tried to pull out her gun, but found a million fanged mouths growing on it, prompting her to shriek as she dropped it.

Her Frankenstein Guards stood and fired what they could, but some were possessed, others met with solidifying Daemons, cut apart by hellblades, rending claws, plague swords and flickering warp fire while others met grisslier fates at the hands of more potent Daemons. Some even being dragged off by masses of arms, tentacles, and whips, screaming as the beasts tore at their armor before dragging them away to suffer the mercies of the dark gods

Her last set of Guards were scourged by warp fire from a lord of change, and when she tried to scream, pink, undulating and fleshy tentacles manifested from the ceiling and pulled her through it to the realm of slaanesh.

On the planet, the Peacekeepers started to panic, having lost their leadership in one fell swoop, that moment's hesitation ensuring the deaths of thousands of soldiers while the remainder of the fleet tried to process what happened.

"Command!? Report!? Command!?" Major Henderson shouted into her comm links, bleeding from her ears from hearing Daemon speech sent only to the peacekeepers. Finally she patched into Battlefleet Sol, and got some response.

"What happened!?" Jacques shouted at her, prompting her to flinch.

"Half the fleet got dragged into the warp, Chain of command is shot, we are suffering heavy losses!" She shouted back, knowing that all told, the peacekeepers were down to a third of their original strength. So she decided to try something really stupid.

Having located the main mass of the enemy, killteam castle teleported right into the mess of them. "Pick your targets" She ordered as they raised their weapons at the combatants.

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@agent_california: @_cerberus_:


“Well, that hurt” Theron thought as he felt a sting going down his back. He lied in the deep, steaming crater. As he reached the top, he saw a shootout going on. He noticed that side’s soldiers had Cerberus logos on their uniforms. “Those must be Jen’s men. So, they must be the Peace Keepers…” Theron thought in his head before rushing out of the crater. He flew straight towards the squad, who were positioned behind a bolder.

Reaching them, they immediately started shooting to at him. One of the gunmen aimed an high-tech Rotary cannon at him. Seeing the gun, Theron side stepped it in the nick of time. The gun fired a series of rounds into the chest of another solder. The power behind the cannon was incredible, as it ripped through the soldier’s suit. Yellow light and firey sparks was all that could be seen as the soldier yelled in pain and flew a few feet back from the force of the cannon. The demi-god then, gripped the cannon’s extremely heated barrel. He ripped it from the hands of its wilder before swinging it, like a huge club, into the face of the gunmen.

The impact of the thousand pound cannon, combined with Theron’s strength, destroyed the soldier’s helmet and sent him to the ground immediately. The other gunmen shot everything they had at the demi-god. He yelped, feeling the onslaught of laser bullets hitting his back. He reacted quickly in instinct; turning around, he flung the cannon at one of the closest soldier to him.

The soldier folded around the cannon that grabbed him and flung him a few yards away. Theron grunted as he felt a intense sting of the gunshots. His magical resistance kept him from being seriously hurt. However, he was lacking in his regular amount of magic, which was the reason why he felt the sting of the gunshot.

Seeing this, the last soldier took his opportunity and jumped on Theron’s back. Wrapping his arm around the demi-god’s neck, the soldier chocked him, while pulling out a large, steel knife. The man aimed for the chest as he swung the knife at Theron. However, the quick reflexed god noticed this, and caught the hand mere inches from his chest. He used his free left hand to grab the back of the soldier’s head.

After a struggle, Theron rolled the man over his shoulder. Landing on the ground, the soldier’s face was right under the demi-god’s face. Grunting in aggression, Theron gripped the man’s head, trapping him in that position. Using his far superior strength to hold the soldier, He’s eyes glowed red before shooting a thin red beam from his eyes. The beams hit the man’s mask with the heat of Helios’s sun. Melting the mask, the beam eventually broke through. Pleads of mercy escaped the mask before becoming yells of pain. Theron then, shot a thick burst of heat into the mask to end the man’s suffering.

The man’s body stopped, along with his pleads. Theron stood, eyes smoking from the heat. “Hades, please take pity on this man, For he died an honorable death, And surely, he deserves to lie in the fields of Elysian.” Theron thought as he stood. He looked over the small gap of land separating him and the rest of the Peace Keepers. “It seems the conflict of battle never ends?”



Shadow walked along the hill-edge before hearing someone’s call. He held his gun in a ready position, in case an enemy was near. The call sounded like it came from over the metal material. “Did Anyone Call Me!!!!” He yells before an idea enters his mind. He looks at the ship, then up at the ship’s top. “Hmm, I could probably see the land from up there.”

He says to himself before his ink grows straight up the side of the wall. He stepped onto the ink, which held his foot, before reaching his other foot higher. Hands holding on, Shadow climbs the wall of the ship. He started to see the rounding roof of the ship as he climbed. “There we go” He said to himself as he stood on the roof once he got to a flat surface. He looked around and saw the silhouette of a woman standing in the distance. He squinted, trying to see the figure clearly, but he still didn’t recognize who it was.

“Is that You Jen!?!?!” He yelled the question as he stared at the figure.


(I apologize if I wasn't suppose to attack the Peace Keeper Troops. I figured they were NPCs. I also tried to write them well (I don't know their full ability or weaponry). Theron attacked a small group of them. None of the Peace Keeper's commander/important characters were in the small brawl.)


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(Commander William's Perspective)

Commander William now back in charge was returning to the command deck with several civilian survivors when the ships A.I system spoke

"Commander William"

the ship A.I manifested in the form of a blue hued female in a Cerberus themed science officer attire,

"I think you might find this interesting..."

"What is it LEXI?" he asked raising a furrowed eye brow he was still inside the environment suit it was heavy and hot inside but at the same time offered him decent protection.

"When our remaining ships were retreating those who stayed behind fired at a class Heisenberg ship it had spectacular results in our favor single handily wiping out fifty percent of the fleet"

William grinned "I love these dam A.I's, Lexi go tell all the other high ranking survivors to aim and let out everything they got at one of those Heisenberg ships"

"But sir, chances of hitting one will at best fifty percent chances" LEXI replied back

"just do it now!" William shouted causing the A.I to nod "message sent"

soon all ten ship cannons began to point out towards into space looking for any type of Heisenberg after all there couldn't have been one or was there?

Jen (Shadow)

Jen got out of her divinity form while simultaneously creating a bio sphere around her releasing Oxygen so she could breathe, it was cold or hot she couldn't tell as the Colony were planning on terraforming the territory when they landed but failed to do so

"SHAAAAAAAAAAAADOW!" she shouted raising her hands while waving them left and right "DOWN HERE!"

as Jen shouted Captain Breton and four other Cerberus Assault Troopers walked up towards her after exiting a damaged section of the ship "Miss Jen!"Breton picked up the pace as did his men "were glad to see you around" just than the Cannons on top of the ship began to move sliding back towards Shadow which caught Jen's attention

"SHADOW MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!" she screamed again pointing at the giant ship rail gun that was being re-positioned.

Charlie Team Leader (Theron)

"FALL BACK, FALL BACK!" the leader of charlie team shouted as Peace Keeper reinforcements arrived, Cerberus had already lost forty men and as a result began to retreat fortunately for them there was an natural made trench not to far and he and his men jumped inside but the cost of the retreat caused them an additional forty four men, Charlie Team was running out of bodies fast

"GRENADES, GRENADES ALL YOU GOT!" the leader shouted as his one hundred and twenty four men all in synchronization tossed a volley of grenades at the Peace Keepers.

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Shadow looked down and saw Jen, along with the small fleet that was coming up to her. “Well, I’ve finally found you.” He said to himself before pausing. He felt the mild vibration of the ship rattling. The loud sound of the cannon extending from the ship rang in Shadow’s ear. The sound was loud enough to drown out Jen’s warnings. “Oh $@#!...” He signed, before leaping off the ship’s roof.

As he fell, the cannon went off, sending a think surge of white energy into the sky. Shadow turned in mid-fall to see who the cannon was shooting at. His eyes, far closer to average human vision, didn’t see anything. The line of energy flew straight up into the red sky until it faded out of his vision. He stared at the sky before feeling to thump of him hitting the ground.



Theron saw more Peace Keepers coming towards him. A group of small fleets spread out across the hill. He looked at the Cerberus troop, to see them running for cover. “Modern warfare” He sighs before running back to a bolder that was lodged into the ground. Ramming his right hand between the bolder and the red soil, He placed his left hand on the rock’s top. Grunting, he ripped the bolder from Mars’s surface and held it over his head. He looked at one of the small groups rushing towards him.

He threw the bolder straight at the group, whipping many of them out, before focusing on another group. As he began to walk towards the group, he was surprised by the clanking of a group of small little grenades that landed on the battle field in varies areas. “Huh?...” He looked puzzled before being cut off by the series of explosions the immediately followed.

Pressure and fire blew in every direction, filling Theron’s ears with the long, steady screeching booms that shook the battlefield. Many Peace Keepers that ran for cover got caught by the explosions. The force threw them everywhere. Theron grabbed his ears, to prevent his ear drums from bursting. The grenades were extremely strong, each exploding into a circular range of red hot fire. Theron was lifted off the ground, long with a large amount small rocks and dirt, and send a few feet into the air.

Within seconds of him being in the air, a second group of grenades were thrown. The second chain of explosions sent his even higher up. He flew high over the clouded field a heated smoke, filled with deadly fire. “Great Hera” He gasped looking at the destruction that was created on the field. He glared up from the field, to see a group of Ion beams being shot from each of Cerberus’s colonial ships. Each large, white beam was heading into space. Aimed in different directions, the beams, ripping through the sky was truly amazing to the demi-god. The image froze his mind in thought before gravity started pulling him back down.


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@_cerberus_: @superstay: With each Heisenberg caught while still fully in real space, the fleet grew increasingly weaker, with each dimensional rift removing more and more ships. The ships, built for warfare with other human stellar empires, had poor resistance to energy weapons, relying on armor, point deense systems and for the newer ships, kinetic barriers.

Only a few ships had the shielding needed to truly take all the punishment being received. By the time the allied vessels had fully recovered from the obliteration of their center, their left flank was shattered, their upper portion was fused into a mass of metal by uncontrolled warp energy, the lower part was already starting to break and rout, while the right was blunted.

Desperate, the right formed a force field, discharging their energies to wreathe themselves in a massive blue bubble. But there was a problem, the experimental force field sucked up so much energy that the ships were left without power, unable to fight while they sat in their shields.

Even more problematic was that the shield could only be maintained for ten minutes and the power cores would not restart for twenty, meaning once the field powered down, the fleet wouls be helpless for ten long minutes.

Most would have fled, but Henderson forced killteam castle to move forward, firing at the Cerberus and unaffiliated metahumans. Carol rushed forward, letting her spiker pistols fly while Sonic Raider and Cid laid down a barrage of explosive munitions from their grenade launchers.

Mind slayer quickly brought himself into the fray with a psychic shriek to flay the minds of the targets, while Snowstorm let loose a chill to freeze the very air caught in a cone. Tsunami Queen kept up suppressive battle rifle fire while Katanga's biomancy abilities were used to enhance his speed, power, and durability, flushing his power armor clad body with mental energy, turning it into unnaturally fast living metal as he leapt forward for a shockwave generating ground pound.

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@agent_california: @_cerberus_:


“Oww” Shadow pleads as he felt the pain of the hard thump. Eyes popping open from the whiplash, he saw Jen standing over him. He smirks as he grunts in pain “Ah, Well hello” Shadow greets her as he stared at the sky. The cannons were still shooting off beams. “Can one of you help me up? My back isn’t feeling too well…” He jokingly asked as he lied on the rocky surface of Mars.



Theron caught himself in the middle of his fall. Halting inside of the explosion, He heard the troops running towards the Cerberus troops. He looked up to sky before zooming into action. He sped through the cloud of smoke and dust. The cloud rapidly parted as he ripped through it. Exiting the dust cloud, he saw the Pease Keepers holding rocket launchers. Without slowing down, he continued to race towards them. A loud boom tore thought the wind as he increased his speed. He was building up a very dangerous amount of force.

He dropped closer to the ground as he got closer to the group. Catching a soldier in his sights, he crashed into him. Dragging him a hefty amount of feet, he rammed the soldier into the ground. On top of the man, Theron grabbed his head before proceeding to hammer his head into the ground. Using the enough strength to break a twenty ton brick wall, he beat the soldier’s head into the steaming ground that they landed on.

He stopped once the man’s head was lying still inside of a ditch. He stood up and took a deep breath before feeling something grabbing his cape. He began to turn towards the one tugging at his cape. However, he was immediately hit in the face with an extremely forceful punch. He tried catching himself, but was cut off by another punch to his back. The being, then grabbed Theron, lifting the demi-god over his soldiers. He then threw the demi-god high into the air before he grabbed him by his leg. Using full power, the soldier dragged Theron back to the ground.


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@superstay: @agent_california:


"Are weapons are failing to penetrate the enemy ship shields however they seem to be stationary as long as it is active" LEXI said to William

"tell all commanders to hold fire, we will resume fire when their shields are down or if they make any advancements, redirect are cannons as artillery to take down the massive amount of enemy infantry"

"Affirmative sir, E.T.A. in reconfiguration to engage infantry will be in five minutes"

William grinned and thought, with in just five minutes any numerical advantage they will have will be completely destroyed by our cannons


Just as the cannons began to fire after Shadow jumped off they just as quickly ended.

Raising her hand Jen helped lift up Shadow "Come on we have to finish the fight"

"Ma'am and Sir?" Breton replied "our comms reveal Charlie team is being attacked by an elite group of Peace Keeper forces Theron is there but there are only a hundred Cerberus forces remaining"

Jen patted Shadow's back as she began to transform into Divinity "Let's go help your friend Shadow"

Leader Of Charlie Team

Before the captain could even realize he lost almost twenty five men in seconds, "everybody back wards fall!"in perfect synchronization all remaining Cerberus troopers threw themselves backwards landing on their backs and stayed put, their final stand was to wait for their enemies to come over the edge and get mowed down by prone Cerberus troopers.

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@_cerberus_: @superstay: Striding forward with confidence, adjusting her steps for the half gravity of Mars, Henderson's pauldrons opened up to reveal missile racks that let loose their fiery roars as their rockets flared to life, spiraling outwards before seeking their targets, airbursting above them to release massive sonic overpressure waves which while weakened by Mars' far thinner atmosphere still packed enough punch to concuss a city block.

Her suit then reloaded it's next set of missiles, a clear CHKT-CHNK being made as a fresh clip was loaded in, the warheads protruding outwards a bit while she let loose a pair of sonic grenades from her double barelled launcher, clearly forming the group's artillery support. Given the disdain they had for cover, it was clear their armor was of a superior blend, wading through small arms fire without actually caring to dodge it.

But with an intercepted signal from the position she was working on gunning down, she immediately knew that enemy reinforcements were on their way. "Troopers, fall back to support positions and regroup at my coordinates, the megagauge protocol is on standby." She reported with a blunt, no onsense tone as she held up her hand to order a lull in the shooting.

"The what protocol?" Carol asked, turning to the major before a quick backhand struck her across the helmet and sent her for a quick spin. Even through the armor, the force of the Major's slap stung Allison's cheek and sent stars through her vision.

"I am not to be questioned, is that clear you cheap whore?" The British major growled through her Vocoder as Campeador helped the cyan armored speedster back onto her feet, a scowl prominent beneath her helmet.

"Crystal ma'am." Allison spat, to which Henderson simply nodded, seeming to turn away as she awaited for the enemy forces and her own to converge.

"Why exactly as we waiting for them to get together? We can finish them now!" Slayer growled as Henderson folded her arms behind her back.

"Because I don't want Guerillas biting me in the arse later. Especially not when Harbinger is a no go." She responded with neither true politeness nor full on rudeness

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@agent_california: @_cerberus_:


Softly, but sternly grabbing the hand of the lady, Shadow quickly got to his feet. He stretched out if body and popped his joints. Feeling the ink rushing though his vines, muscles, and down his bones, he grunted under his breath. “Yes, we do…” He answered her as he watched the sky.

He then started to shape a hefty sized, Colt 45: Handcannon in his right hand. As his ink formed, he heard the Breton alert them. He grew anxious, knowing this meant he was going into a full on space battle. He already dislikes wars, and an intergalactic war was no different.

After hearing the comment and feeling the pats of his commander, he smirked back. “Well, I guess we’re gonna have a fight on our hands…huh?” He asked, not expecting an answer, before following Jen and her soldiers.



Once he hit the ground, Theron looked up at the two who attacked him. Tall standing figures, covered in steel. Shining under the sun’s rays, the steel was big and smooth. The steel, covering their bodies, made them look as if they were walking statues of metal. They looked as if they were the sons of Colossus of Rhodes. Stared down at Theron silently, they approached the grounded demi-god. Their faces were cover with a wide surface of shining gold. Giving off the appearance of it being an eye, they could have been metallic Cyclops.

He quickly rolled away, seeing one try to stomp him. He saw the other reaching to grab him. Theron back rolled onto his feet before running at the soldier, whom swung his fist at him. Theron halted, quickly, while leaning back to dodge the punch. He then sent a punch at the armored man. The punch missed as the soldier walked back. He threw two more punches as he followed the man. The soldier dodged the first and blocked the second before throwing on of his own.

Theron blocked his punch, while grabbing arm. He then sidestepped him with great speed. Pulling his arm behind the soldier, he saw the other soldier already firing two automatic handguns at them. The rounds hit the soldier in his chest as Theron raised his knee into his lower back. Connecting with the force of seventy plus tons, the soldier arched his back in recoiling pain. Theron then threw the soldier into the gunmen.

Distracted, the gunmen quickly dodged the falling soldier. As he turned back towards Theron, he was hit in the face by the demi-god’s fist. Being hit by an uppercut, with the force of a commercial airline, the soldier lifted high off the ground.


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@superstay: @agent_california: (I'm going to move this along)

"two mintues before cannons fire sir"LEXI said as her hard light form looked at commander William

"Sir"Breton's voice could be heard thorugh a comm link "we are engaging enemies a few clicks from your location"



Jen overheard William shouting on how the ship cannons will soon open fire on large groups of peace keepers

"Shadow go get Theron and have them make the remaining Cerberus troopers retreat while I deal with the baddies"

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@agent_california: @_cerberus_:


Shadow nodded and began to run towards the battlefield. Using his peak human speed, he reached the field. He ran up behind the Cerberus troops. “Get out of here, the cannons are gonna hit this place.” He yelled load enough for them to hear it over the sound of gunshots. He pointed in the direction of Jen “Jen and Commander William are that way, get to them, quickly…”. He ran pass them, as their leader commanded them to fall back. Shadow continued running up the hill, towards the fight.

“Theron!...” He yelled as he started shooting at some of the Peace Keepers. “Theron, we have to get out of here!!!” He yelled as Theron continued fighting the Peace Keepers.



Theron, using a trooper’s head like a hammer to beat the ground, heard Shadow’s yell. He turned to see the armored man firing at the Peace Keepers. The man yelled for them to retreat, to which, Theron yelled back “Why!”. Immediately after asking, the demi-god’s superior hearing heard the sound of the cannons warming up. He whipped his head in the direction of the cannons. “That’s why…” He thought to himself as he saw the white light forming in the eye of the cannons.

Theron jumped off the ground, and flew towards Shadow. Flying at a very high speed, he grabbed the shadowy man and continued flying in the direction as the rest of the group. “Are they shooting at us?” Theron asked Shadow as he carried the man by his armored shoulders.

“No, they’re whipping out the Peace Keepers, Jen sent me to retrieve you.” Shadow sternly said as he fired at any Peace Keeper he could. They passed over the Cerberus troops as he headed for Jen.


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On the bloodstained sands

Not even flinching as the orbital cannons started raining down on her troops, Henderson seemed unmoved as bucketloads of her forces were eradicated. Within a few moments, her attempted build up was smashed and obliterated, most of her soldiers laying dead, her war machines in burning ruins. But this was exactly what she wanted.

"Jannet, what do you think you're doing?!" Carol shouted, not sure just what this woman was trying to accomplish by just standing there as her army was pretty much wiped out.

"We're obviously outmatched, so I'm turning up the gauge a bit." The blonde Brit said coolly, cracking her neck while she assessed the situation before deciding to show them what the Mega-gauge protocol entailed.

Turning to her troops and unfurling an unusually bulky gun from the wrist portion of her gauntlet with a quiet click and whirr, and within seconds she casually shot each of her team mates, sending each of the Frankensteins sprawling into the ground while wires connected her to their systems. "Wh-wha" Mindslayer blurted as the wires flared to life while intangilable and transluscent green tendrils of energy began to seep out of the ruins of her soldier's equipment, namely their power systems.

Kneeling down and grunting as she began to drain energy from her downed allies, feeling their energy course into her as she first sucked her now downed soldiers and vehicles dry, starting to activate a series of nanomachines in her body that would form reactive armor under her skin while her body and armor actually started to bulk out, increasing in physical mass and size, her musculature becoming more pronounced and her body more toned.

Finally, the Frankensteins she was draining began expiring, their bodies sucked dry of their powers and life force to empower their commanding officer. Tsunami Queen, Katanga, Snowstorm, and Mindslayer died screaming in turn, each of their bodies flailing and then falling stiff as their energy left them.

Already feeling the agony of death approaching him, Cid began to slow down time as much as he could, sending out a distress signal to Operative Ericson, trying to fight the approaching specter of his demise as he gripped his blade, only to drop down once again as he and carol knelt before the empowered form of Henderson, the flow of energy from the soldiers stopping once she had sustained a self sustaining mega-gauge reaction.

But the flash of a chronoporter and the burning trail of magnetically propelled bullets brought the severing of the cords that connected the two to the Major, sending a backlash into her that sent her stumbling back a step or two. But by now the Raider already had what she wanted. "The three of you are dismissed." She scoffed before slamming her hands together with an earth shaking thunderclap, the shockwave picking up and throwing her team mates away like rag dolls.

"Now, as for you lot." She cracked her neck before doing the same with her knuckles and giving a come hither gesture to the forces of Cerberus and it's metahuman allies, her now nine foot tall form seeming to be the embodiment of female power, contained within her metal suit as she brought herself into a fighting stance.

"Let's go."

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“Uh, Theron, you should see this” Shadow said as they reached Jen.

Theron looked behind his, to see a large armored person standing in the middle of the explosion. “So one made it, huh”, He stared at the figure, as he flew Shadow towards the troops. “He’s a tough one, I have to admit” he continued with a hint of admiration in his voice.

Shadow looked at the troops that they were coming up to. “Drop me off here, since you’re more powerful, you should take him on head first. I’ll cover you” he said before Theron nodded and let go of him. Shadow hit the ground as the momentum caused him to back-rolled onto his feet. He stood up straight as his ink started to thicken.

He smirked as he slowly started sprinting towards the armored figure. His ink starts to form two big handguns as he saw Theron fly pass him while he ran. The demi-god sored towards the figure with his fist clinched. He ripped through the air, shattering the sound barrier. He planned on delivering a powerful right punch to the soldier’s face, as Shadow began to shoot at the soldier’s stomach.


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@superstay: The woman seemed to wait for a moment before reacting, watching as the two moved in to strike at her, coldly assessing them as the contestants prepared to begin the biggest mano e mano fight that Mars had ever seen. Clenching her fists as her suit finally finished it's read out, she tensed herself before starting to laugh. Perhaps it was overconfidence born out of a newfound sense of invincibility, or perhaps she legitimately was more powerful than they were, but she didn't feel threatened.

"Hah, is that all these tossers have to bring?" She said, bringing herself into a running stance before suddenly dashing off into a charge, her form starting to flow with biomantic psychic energy, charging her with psychic speed as she dashed forward to meet Theron head on. Ordinarily, she wouldn't even be in Theron's league, but empowered like she was with the energy from her fallen soldiers and the stolen powers of other Frankensteins, she felt more than powerful enough to match him.

"And for the record, 'fore I pound ya, I'm female." She said midsprint, not caring that she was probably going faster that any message she could deliver. Her bikini styled armor was silent as it augmented her movement, bringing her sprint into a sonic boom creating dashing motion to match Theron's speed before she threw her fist forward to collide with Theron's own punch, the impact of which would almost certainly create a massive Shockwave that would expand outwards in all directions, probably gouging out a crater while the thunderous power of their collision would probably reverberate across the planet.

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Theron’s mind quickly processed what she said. He wanted to loosen his more, if it wasn’t for the fact that he was already moving at a speed too high for him to do it in time. With her moving as fast as him, the collision happened immediately as he realized the information. Theron’s fist collided with the fist of his opponent. The mere collision of force, traveling at speeds that shatter sound, caused a massive explosion of a shockwave.

The force mass was so hot, it burned any moister that was in the air. Within the blink of an eye, the wave had grown to surround the field.Theron could feel the strong push of the wave. His strength helped him withstand the pressure of the collision; But he knew the force would effect Shadow.


While running towards them, Shadow noticed the two fights connect. He heard nothing as he ran forward. However, he noticed a thin, white circle of mist surrounding them in the air. The mist was the visual result of the heat burning all the water in the around it. Shadow slowed down, before coming to a complete stop, as he watched a circular wave ripple outward from under the collision zone. The ground inside the zone ripped into the air as the ripple of dirt and air.

In mere half-seconds, the ripple reached him. An extremely loud boom of sound pounded his eardrums. The force, that was reaching him, was strong enough to push him off his feet. He felt the hot air pick him up and send him back a few yards. Ripping his suit apart, the force was incredibly strong as he tumbled across the ground.


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@superstay: Flashing black in several areas as her nanites retracted beneath her skin, she grinned beneath her helmet as she started to step forward, her suit seeming to insulate from the worst of the shock she had received. Pumping radioactive drugs into her to keep her mind sharp and maintain her killing edge, glowing green segments of her armor keeping the flow going. If she was to be put down, her power suit and it's underlying nanomesh would have to be peeled off of her first, down to the last plate and strip of underlying nanoweave.

"Is that all you got?" She spat before breaking into an almost psychopathic laugh, loving the feel of power, the sensation of invincibility. The rush of combat as she let loose a piercing psychic shriek with the telepathic powers taken from the now deceased mind slayer, attempting to rend and flay the mind of Theron as she advanced slowly forward.

"Come on, show me what you're made of." She said, cracking her knuckles as her stolen mind powers kicked in.

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Theron felt his mind being entered as he heard her taunt him. “Hera, get her out of my head, give me strength to fight back” he thought as he tried to fight back against the mental attack He grunted as he held his head for a quick second before noticing the crazed woman coming closer.

He opened his piercing eyes towards the woman before they sparked in rage. Yellow glow came from his eyes before they shot a long, wide range of flaming electricity. He aimed for her helmet, intending to distract her as he rushed towards her stomach to tackle her to the ground.


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@superstay: The Electricity worked, briefly sending a surge of unwanted energy into her suit, causing her HUD to frazzle, her suit was never as advanced as Dornan's, and she never bothered upgrading her surge defense systems, for a moment, her armor locked up as she attempted to reboot the system, but by the time she did, the impact of Theron slamming into her torso knocked her off her feat.

Still locked up, Henderson started trying to power her way through her armor, reasoning that it would be better to damage the armor and let the self repair system deal with it later and still be able to fight rather than allow him to start pummeling her without retaliation, and already her suit was starting to groan as she fought the stiffened, enhanced motors.

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@sonic_raider: @superstay:

Captain Breton

Moments before the battle between Theron and Jannet started Jen had ordered the Cerberus captain and remaining Cerberus troopers to fall back.

"Do we have any heavy weapons available?" Captain Breton asked to the leader of Charlie Team "nothing with bigger fire power then our ship cannons" the Charlie Team leader replied back

"then I guess there's only one thing left to do"Captain Breton murmured "take me to your ship"

"wait why?"

"Just do it NOW!" Captain Breton ordered


Comfortable that the bulk of Cerberus troopers reached safety Jen finally decided to join the fray, "Hey Theron let me help you out!" with the aid of her allies speed she quickly reached Shadow and helped him up "try not to get knocked out" she teased before turning her attention to Theron and Jannet they were only a few hundred paces in front of her.