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Present Day

To think it has been decades years since my last public entry. I have torn many pages from this log in order to conceal the details of my life since the incident at Baligou Valley. What I will say is that time has truly flown by. I should be an old man now but I have not aged at all since coming into possession of the sacred seal of life. My alter-ego, Mr. Spectacle, seems to have turned into an urban legend as people around the world have reported sightings of me in my trademark spectacles over the years. My peers have long since died but the collectors continue to pursue me. They may try but they will never catch me. Sadly my colleague has passed away, herself. A price was placed on her after the discovery of her involvement with me in the year of 1930. Aside from the bad there is some good. The spectacles have lead me to the knowledge of other artifacts. I am suddenly reminded of the first rule of the order I once served:

"If you see something of value, take it"
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Read all three, pretty sharp!