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November 3rd, 1930

It has been months since I've written in this log. I have been derailed by British authorities who pursue me relentlessly. A sketch of my appearance has been released to the public, complete with the magic spectacles. The British Column has given me an English nickname, they call me Mr. Spectacle, but my mission is not over yet, obtaining the jade tablet was only the first half. The dangers do not stop when an artifact is in the possession of a collector. We are a competitive society, and thus, when an item comes into the possession of one of our own they often become a target for the rest as they return to the Grand Lodge in Beijing. This is known as the hunt. A good collector will almost always succeed in their mission to procure an artifact, then go on suffer little to no losses during the period of the hunt. A great collector will build strong bonds with their fellows thereby reducing their chances of being hunted. At first I perceived myself to be among the greats as I was once a highly respected member among the order but this perception was shattered during my current assignment when I became a target for several of my peers. They follow my movements from the shadows so as not to be compromised by the authorities.

I will return to the Grand Lodge but first there is still one more thing that I must do. I have studied the jade tablet with the magic spectacles and believe I have deciphered the meanings of the characters. The message seems to give the coordinates of a secret temple within Baligou Valley of China and mentions yet another artifact, the sacred seal of life. I do not understand the significance of the seal but I will heed the inscriptions on the jade tablet and travel to Baligou Valley. Perhaps the seal will reveal further information.

Edison obtained the sacred seal of life from the temple in Baligou Valley but was confronted by the temple's deadly sword maidens. Luckily, his training back at the Grand Lodge coupled with his cunning was enough for him to escape.

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