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March 21st, 1930

My name is Edison Wong, and I am a well established member of a secret guild known as the collectors. We are a division within the Triads and the procurement of priceless goods in the name of the Grand Lodge is our line of work. Our rules are simple: (1) If you see something of value, take it. (2) Work for oneself. (3) Do not speak of the guild to outsiders. (4) Do not fail and (5) Should a fellow collector or their mission be compromised, relieve them of their duty. The concept of relieving our peers is similar to a concept used by the mafias of the western world, I believe they call it tying up loose ends. Although the rules we adhere to are fairly straightforward, the life we experience in contrast is comprised of complexities that may greatly hinder our ability to carry out our missions. The law, of course, is a major concern for all collectors, as are other secret societies, but more often than not the greatest danger a collector will be faced with is another collector. So as I arrived to the London Waterloo Train Station, I detected several of my peers following closely behind. I have come to London after being informed by a colleague of mine that a new item will be put on display within the British Museum called the jade tablet. My peers must have been tipped off by the same source so they will undoubtedly show when I move to collect the artifact

March 24th, 1930

I was able to catch a glimpse of the jade tablet during today's exhibition at the museum and I must say it is a fine piece. It was smaller than I had first expected, small enough to fit in my trouser pockets. The characters inscribed onto it are of an ancient form once used during the Xia dynasty, the meanings behind them are long forgotten but I have contacted my colleague and after a brief consultation I now know the onus of deciphering the tablet requires me to acquire yet another artifact, the Magic Spectacles. In legend these spectacles are said to be able to reveal the truth. The sound of it is rather silly, and had I not have been in this line of business for as long as I have I would have scoffed at the idea of a pair of magic spectacles but in my experience I have come across a medley of anomalies and have come to know that this world has many mysteries which man has yet to understand. I leave at dawn to rendezvous with my colleague at the British Library.

March 27th, 1930

Gaining the spectacles required no effort outside of meeting with my colleague. She simply handed them to me. The rumors surrounding these magic spectacles have turned out to be true and this woman has proven to be trustworthy, more or less. She will be a valuable asset to my assignment and will come in handy but the task of securing the jade tablet will most certainly be a difficult one, indeed. Even with her aid. The Museum will be on high alert during the next exhibition and I suspect my fellows will be present as well, hoping to take the glory for themselves.

Edison succeeded in obtaining the jade tablet and managed to escape the museum.

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Ooh, I like. I hope he's new blood.