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The home of mad science.

Constructed after the second world war, this is perhaps one of Stahl's prized possessions. A completely mobile underwater/land base named "The Coeus" after the Greek titan god of intellect. Though most of it is for science purposes, it has been fitted with some of the most efficient weapons on the planet in case there is a call to war or battle. It is a sanctuary for mutants or humans alike, there is no sides in this place, a giant metal cease fire. Though it is not the toughest ship or base, it can still take a few tactical missile strikes. And as for security? Lets just hope you wont have to find out.

Locations of the ship.

The ship has over forty levels each with a specific purpose, big or small. A detailed list on some of the more important floors.

  • Floor alpha: The navigational deck, this is where the ship is operated as well as where most the of ship's diagnostics can be checked. Due to Stahl usually being one of the only permanent members of the base, it is usually on autopilot. This of course also holds the visuals for the outdoors.
  • Floor Beta: The war room, this is where the armory, training facilities and combat vehicles are stored. It is large enough to hold more then ten tanks along with medium sized military vehicles but as of late is rather empty due to the population of the base being low.
  • Floor Gamma: Prison cells and holding facilities. If necessary, floor gamma is capable of holding up to fifteen human prisoners as well as five meta human beings. The human cells are much like the ones found at any prison with the exception of the bars being refined with Stahlnthium, one of the doctor's experimental metals that is around a hundred times more durable then titanium. The meta cells can be fitted to that of the prisoner inside.
  • Floor Delta: Living quarters, capacity of thirty humans/mutants. The living spaces are the size of decent basement sweet and are bland in color, though of course residence tend to personalize them to their own liking.
  • Floor Epsilon: Recreational center. From home theaters to dimly lighted lounges, this is where the residence of the base come to relax.
  • Floor Omicron: The medical bay. Exactly as the name says it, this is the med bay, equipped with top notch medical gear for most operations.
  • Floor Eta: The "boiler room" as it were. The entire base is powered by experimental plasma energy that is completely clean and nonlethal to the environment. It is also one of the longest lasting sources of energy known so far.
  • Floor Omega: The labs. These labs are accessible to most of the members of the base, fully equipped to perform medical and experimental science tasks. The sky is the limit in these labs.
  • Floor Zeta: A highly the restricted zone. This is Dr.Stahl's personal laboratory.

These are only a few of the floors in the base, there is plenty more to discover and explore.

The estate is rather open.

Is your character looking to better the world of science? Well then this is clearly the place to come. Also if your character feels casted out for being a mutant? Or you simply have no home? Then this is your sanctuary.

Rules! (Of course)

  • This is an open thread, just write a good reason why your here and how exactly you got there. The thing is mostly underwater at all times.
  • Not exactly what I say goes, but if you are playing bully? I will take action.
  • No massive destruction of the base, who doesn't love a little bit of mayhem? "Little" being the key word there, don't go toppling the whole place down, but don't be afraid to break a few things!
  • This is in fact, a peace summit. No factions here, I don't care if your the head of the mutant terrorists or the head of the human extremists, in here you all play nice.
  • IC There is not supposed to be any killing or violence that is unjust, or security protocols will be in order.
  • The security is top notch here, androids and ceiling dart turrets. Of course not aiming to kill so sell it good if you don't mind.
  • Three warnings. If you break one of the rules? Meh, I will be alright with it and give you a warning. But two more times? Nuh-uh, your outta here.
  • If you would like to involve this location in any way in some story arc or massive action, please PM me first.
  • Have fun (Of course!)

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Looking good!

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Peace!? There can be none!
Or something.

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Freeman undergoes a series of physical therapy treatments that, although implemented against his will, allow him to better understand the bionic implants Stahl forced upon him.

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That top pic is Beast Mode. Is it the Legion of Doom? It looks like it.

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@Gambler: I think it's a Braniac pic.
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Freeman glares into the lens of a camera watching him from a corner in the room.

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(very, very cool!)

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@Killer_Instinct: XD Basically.

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(OOC: You're a monster, Stahl. Also - are we continuing on from the NYC thread?)

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@Killer_Instinct: (A monster for saving you? Pish posh. And I must leave for a bit on the account of a party. So Later tonight or tomorrow ^_^

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(OOC: Good enough for me. Have fun!)

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Stahl's tired hand reached out from the covers and slammed down on the old fashioned alarm clock, followed with a loud yawn. The doctor got out of his white colored bed and walked over to the steel wall opposing it, the wall taking a moment to scan his body before opening up to a wall filled with technology and suits, all while the speakers throughout the Coeus started to play Beethoven's moonlight sonata, eighth piece. While getting dressed in his costume, a glass was dispensed and held by a mechanical arm that was filled with mineral water from the ceiling, Stahl reaching out and grabbing it just as the arm handed it over, gulping it down just before slipping on his mask and goggles. "So..Let us see what mess the world is in today hmm?" Doctor Stahl gazed into the mirror to adjust his goggles before walking out of his bedroom, using the tele-pad to reach the information hub, where thousands upon thousands of screens were watching every corner of the earth one way or another. The enigmatic genius took a seat in the center, folding his fingers together and watched.

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"Ugh, my achin'..."

Preston tried to put his hand to his head. Too much booze and not enough sleep often made his nerves a little slow on the uptake. But he didn't think such factors made him completely immobile. He tugged harder at his restraints, waking up and opening his eyes now. He grunted once the light hit his pupils.

"Hey, what gives? This ain't Brooklyn! This ain't hardly New York!" He growled, realizing the situation he was in now.

"Lemme go before I make ya let go!"

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@Priest: A few scanners from the walls flashed onto the Goliath before the metal door across from him slid open, the good doctor Stahl walking in while a cloud of screens followed him. "Ahh! Hello Preston! How are we feeling on this fine Sunday? No doubt a day of recovering from a booze cruise no?" He said with a humble chuckle while folding his hands behind him.

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"Who sentcha?!" Preston roared, still processing what his host had said.

"An' how da ya know my name?"

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@Priest: "Oh it's a simple as a biological flash scan and crossing it with blood you donated seven years ago Preston..As easy as that.." Stahl chuckled while pushing up his goggles slightly. "You are gifted with impeccable powers, truly unstoppable! A man who is made out of STONE! I mean how amazing is that? Very, in case you were wondering..Now, let us begin shall we?" Stahl clapped his gloved hands together, the entire room was actually some sort of elevator, going down. "How would you like to be a REAL hero, Preston?"

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"Eh?" Calming down, Preston leaned back onto the table.

"Look pal, I don't understand what you're gettin' at, but - WOAH!"

He grunted as the elevator kicked into motion, the sudden hydraulic shift causing him to flinch.

"Okay, I think I'm startin' ta understand now. You're gonna make me inta one of them brainwashed walking weapons, right?"

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@Priest: "Actually, normally I would..But not today.." Stahl started to pace while explaining. "I mean an ACTUAL hero Preston! I am not messing with you here, you are simply wasting your gifts.."

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"I'm listenin'." Preston looked at Stahl with his baby blues, still not trusting him fully but becoming more partial to what he had to say.

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@Priest: A small white and black ferret crawled out of his coat and onto his shoulder, making Stahl chuckle and scratch it's head. "You see Preston, I am offering you a chance to hone your powers to their maximum potential..Because in the equation that is life right now? We have a very...Very grim improper formula..There are to many villains, and not enough of..Well you..And if we do not change that? The answer to this equation will be cataclysmic.."

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A small laugh escaped Preston at the mention of "villains."

"Yeah, you got that right. That Warsman character is a real basket case. So's mostly everyone runnin' the Registration business. And don't get me started on our new president - the schmuck," realizing he had drifted off into his own personal opinions, Preston resumes his conversation with Stahl properly.

"So who do you work for?"

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@Priest: "AHA!" Stahl laughed at the mention of "work for". "I sir, work for no man, I am but a mad scientist, looking to do what is needed.."

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"Gah!" Preston exclaimed, surprised by his gracious host's eccentricity.

"You're a cheerful fella, ain't ya? So I'm assumin' we start on this experiment o' your's once I break these things?" He said in reference to the restraints keeping him pinned to the table.

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@Priest: "They are actually made out of copper, but since they are painted and scented to that of titanium, your body naturally assumed they were strong.." Stahl pointed at the restraints while the elevator finally landed in a massive training room, the walls and floors being holographic panels.

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"Not the first time I've been outsmarted," Preston grumbled, shattering the shackles with a single motion. He towers over Stahl physically, though the scientist still commands a far more intimidating presence due to the fact that Preston still doesn't know where they are. The entire room they walk into is a marvel of engineering, worthy only of the brilliant man standing next to the orange Goliath.

"So what do you want me to clobber first?" Preston smiled, cracking his rocky fists together in a challenging manner.

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@Priest: "Oh I don't know..Maybe the giant robot charging at you from behind.." Stahl casually walks away as if the conversation was over, the robot wielding a sonic hammer came up from behind Priest and attempted to bring the hammer down on his whole body.

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"Tha giant whatnow?"

Just as Preston turned around to ask what Stahl meant, his chin was met with a weapon designed to weaken constructs with concussive sonic force - specifically rock constructs. Sent high into the air with the monumental shock waves of the hammer blow, Preston came back down just as hard and crumpled the floor which was now a grassy field. Confusion subsided into anger as he spat out turf and dirt that he swore tasted as real as it looked.

"And here I thought I would wake up in the arms of a beautiful woman. Instead, I'm getting smacked around like socks in a wind tunnel,"

The hammer came down once more, but this time Preston stood his ground and caught it, sinking into the ground like a nail into wood. There was a momentary rumbling before Preston popped out of the ground and floored the automaton with a powerful leap, headbutting its torso and causing it to tip over.

"Just a typical day for ol' Preston Langley, I suppose!"

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@Priest: Over the grassy hills, thirty, literally thirty of the same type of robot came charging towards him. All the while Stahl was sitting under an oak tree with his ferret named Louis while reading a book.

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"Oh boy..." Preston groaned, knowing the pain that was about to come.

One of the hammers hit him with a horrendous simplicity. He caught it easily enough, but too late to realize that it was pushing him along the ground into the head of another hammer. They collided like trains, leaving Preston crumpled in the middle like a rock tortilla. However, his nearly indestructible body allowed him to survive - but with the consequences of a severe migraine, momentary dizziness, and a broken nose. Three more hammers pounded on him in quick succession, pulverizing him deeper and deeper into the soil. When it was all said and done, Preston stuck out like a ripe beet - but he was more than vegetative.


With three broken ribs and a bad limp, he tackled one of the robots by its leg and squeezed until he could wrap his arms around it. Swinging in a hurry before it could recover, he shattered six of the titanic machines before they responded in kind. Ducking out of the way of yet another hammer strike, he rolled under their legs and grabbed a hammer of his own. He held it like a batter, smiling cruelly.

"Batter UP!"

Hefting the mallet as hard as he could, he managed a terrifying arc of power as he released it from his monstrous grip and caused a hurricane of destruction as the vortex consumed the remaining robots and cast their miscellaneous parts across the crater-laden battlefield. Huffing and puffing, he fell backwards and groaned through the pain of his ribs wrestling each other in his rocky torso.

"What's next, doctor? You gonna take my temperature?"