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The Circle

The Circle is an annual private conference consisting of invited guests from all across the world, most of whom are people of influence. About one-third are from government and politics, and two-thirds from finance, industry, labor, education and communication.


The Circle was founded recently by Countess Naamah with aid and support of her following peers. The original conference is to be held at Dallhousie Castle Hotel and Spa, Edinburgh.

Treat your king or queen to a royal rendezvous at this 13th Century fortress tucked within wooded parkland on the banks of the river Esk. Steeped in history, this luxury citadel offers a relaxing spa, falconry and well-stocked library in addition to a warm Scottish welcome. Have a drink beside the roaring fire in the 'secret bar', or sample Scotland's finest cuisine in the barrel-vaulted dungeon restaurant. Bedrooms are lavishly swathed in tweed and tartan, and furnished with the original period pieces. Choose a themed room to relive a little bit of history. The Dalwolsie Room has a French medieval tower alcove and romantic window seat.

A Message from The Countess

Welcome Council Member,

(In cert name here.)

It is understood that we all want to do remarkable things, and lead remarkable lives. No one wants to spend the day engaged in mundane productivity in pursuit of a meaningless existence. Certainly not you, right? So why do we find it so hard to break out of our habits and do something truly innovative? Because it’s hard! Because it often requires us to significantly alter our perspectives and step outside our comfort zones. It’s almost like becoming another person... I know this should be something we are all familiar with seeing as how we are super villains and all. But we are also victims to bad habits and are in need of some fine tuning.

What gives the super hero community a clear advantage over us villains? They are team players and can depend on one another and we cannot, at least that is what the world may have told us but they are wrong. Dead wrong and I am dead serious on this subject. Where is the one place that us villains can invest in and do invest in all the time and hardly ever fail? In our selves! Now if we were to all invest in a idea that was based on the ideology that investing in the idea was investing in yourself how would that be any different? Its not, in fact it should give us villains a sense of innovation. Based on the principle of investing in an idea is investing in ourselves, the idea being the investment of practicality.

The Circle is what we have all been missing ladies and gentlemen. It is the fundamental backbone that will give us a fighting chance against the uneven odds that we are faced by the so called heroes of the world, as if the world needs saving. There is but one basic truth out there ladies and gentlemen and that is this: Natural selection is real, the strongest shall prevail and the weaklings will fall. The Circle is a means to ensure that we are all invested in by means of investing into the investment that supports ourselves. It is indeed a circle mentality in its truest form. I submit the idea that if we all were to invest our efforts in a very specific manner towards the ideology of 'The Circle' It will indeed give us the armor we are lacking whether we like to admit it or not, we are at a disadvantage do to our selfishness.

I am not saying don't be selfish! I am not saying don't be anything! I am saying, be as selfish as you possibly can be! Be all the super villain your tormented soul lusts for! And while doing so make an investment into the very idea of super villainy as a whole. The Circle works because you work. If you don't work the circle doesn't work either. It is dependent on us doing our part. And we all have a role to play in this equation ladies and gentlemen, no matter how small or how large it seems, its all vastly important that we control everything.

By becoming a Council member in 'The Circle' you have simply taken the first and only step you must take in order to support the backbone of the villain community. Each and every member has their role to play, we implore you to take control over a certain avenue of life on this planet. One specific field or doctrine, and rule over it like the Lord or Lady that we all know you can be. If we all join our efforts in a very business minded roundabout way, investing in an ideology then it only serves to reason that we shall all come out on top in the end. Invest in and investment will flood all over you, swim in a deluge of investments. Its intoxicating.

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This is impressive :)

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Very nice.

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And so it begins
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I was just thinking about something, what if as a way to prevent infighting and betrayals, that in character no one knows who the other members of the council are

Also I'll throw up something involving Accel in a little bit

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I'd betray you all anyway :D I just wouldnt know who it was is all lol

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I'd betray you all anyway :D I just wouldnt know who it was is all lol

You would. :P

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@charlemagne: Betrayal is to be expected, and is seen by Naamah as the true sign of immaturity, arrogance, and short sightedness. But while swimming with sharks its to be expected. Plus she is too much of an attention whore to not want people to see her.

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The world is ours.

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Regardless of what happens, you will no doubt have my full attention

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I thought this was gonna be a thread with like villainous stuff...
Not attractive people picture battle 2014.

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@mastermouse: I come in expecting to read Charles doing villain bs and find him on a celebrities pics battle.

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Job well done here; two thumbs up

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@_nobody_ said:

@mastermouse: I come in expecting to read Charles doing villain bs and find him on a celebrities pics battle.


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I thought this was gonna be a thread with like villainous stuff...

Not attractive people picture battle 2014.

@_nobody_ said:


I've got a confession

I do what I want when I want

And gives zero fcks ;P

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Damnit I wish my evil alt wasn't IC dead :(

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Damnit I wish my evil alt wasn't IC dead :(

Could always retcon that. No one would complain about Booth being back.

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@_legion_: Oh he's coming back... I've already planned for that

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*sneaks in the back door*

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I thought this was gonna be a thread with like villainous stuff...

Not attractive people picture battle 2014.

The Scorpion isn't attractive. Does she even belong here?

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@web_flotsam: @pyrogram: @_nobody_: @mastermouse:

(Seriously guys? We need Villains from all walks of life. The high class pretty boys/girls will most likely be in the Entertainment industry, finance, or communication. If your characters are not models then they are still welcome they are probably just more suited for the more hands on work. We need enforcers too!)

Naamah is old school she has a very hard time catching up to modern times, her esthetic has stayed back to a more primitive time as far as technology is concerned. One of her assistants had purchased her a brand new top of the line smart phone and she currently uses the poor thing as a paper weight, opting instead to use her classic rotary phone. She still smokes Lucky Strikes, still drives a Rolls Royce Phantom 1, and still finds that Vinyl records still sound the best other than sitting in on a band session. She takes a deep drag off of her smoke, before exhaling a series of rings. "I should call some of my girls... This place needs some action." Her delicate fingers start dialing back the rotary wheel as she draws the desired numerals.

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The special invitation of eccentrically gathered villains of various versatility had piqued the Ultra-Sapiens' unique interest. Offering a much needed opportunity to escape from his day to day machinations. Especially considering his recent de-mutation of the Emerald Archer as well as the unimaginable assassination of the Knightfall A-Lister, Don Anders. Though the perpetually filtered nonchalance expressed through his charismatic facial orchestrations, as he arrogantly exhaled a steady stream of smoke while situated in the hotel's lobby, would have never revealed any indication to the contrary.

Absent his tradition ivory colored mask, Charlemagne seemed content with allowing the enigmatic members of the Circle the carefully guarded knowledge of his true identity. Either through misguided arrogance or authenticated confidence, the notion that anyone within the shadowy Illuminati poising a substantial threat to him or his operations, had been dismissed. For now he would simply enjoy the aristocratic decorum and pleasant ambiance.

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* sits and observes*

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@warsman: *adjusts comfortably to high society*

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There's alcohol everywhere.

I could get used to this.

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Damn do I want to post in this.

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You're hilarious. *sarcastic laughter


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Really enjoying what your doing Miss N

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The shore shook violently and flocks of birds left their perches. Only seconds passed afterwards before a burst of water rose out of the sea along with the silhouette of Final Predator.

The creature ran foward before skidding to a halt in front of the castle, he stared down on the building. He raised his tail and began tapping it on a skylight of the hotel.

Goliath needed to destroy this planet, mankind was strong, their courage and will to survive was uncanny. To destroy them all, he needed to make exceptions in his plans. These humans and mutants alike would make the destruction of Earth easier than simply trying to conquer them all. This could open new doors and scenarios for destruction, traces in media could be wiped clean, cities being wiped off the maps would stay out of the hands of politics, those who tried to stand would fall.

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@naamah_obyzouth: (I was joking. The Scorpion isn't pretty, but she's definitely made for the Circle.)

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Monday, 13 January 2014, 5:00 PM.

The Countess was overjoyed with herself. She savored the final few moments of silence as she settled herself even more deeply into the downy-soft cushions of her seat. It was high time she made an appropriate impression on the Villains of The Circle, and she knew that tonight would be that time. Her time to shine like the brilliant diamond that she always knew she could be, only lacking a sense of urgency. For Naamah was skilled in many avenues of life, and has ruled mighty kingdoms of old. The only thing that had seemed to stifle her efforts was a layabout sort of faience, some have been known to call it a slothfulness.

At any rate the goddess did have her moments and was brilliant when she found her attributes necessary, in order to contrive such an event as this gathering was a testimony to such. Still she lavishly smiles onward to her guests dressed in a decadent gown of elegant fabrics handmade for her by Jean Paul Gaultier. Tonight was to be the first annual conference for her visionary contribution to the modern world of Villainy. The Circle was cultivated out of a need to evolve in order to stay ahead of the times, and the invites were sent out to the amassing collective that has gathered from all the corners of the globe to meet with one another here at Dallhousie Castle Hotel and Spa, Edinburgh.

"Thank you all for joining me here. I hope your journey to Edinburgh was pleasant, and I assume you all have already received my missives?" The Countess had sent all of the invites copies of a handwritten letter earlier in the week, stating her intentions towards this evening. (The Bottom of the OP)

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Monday, 13 January 2014, 5:01 PM.

A black suit. It did not belong to a name, nor a label. Only fools wore gold and boasted king's words. A true master was a face in the crowd, the person one least expects. This was Lucifer's way of life, as the circle was to learn. He was not invited by his lovely sister, not announced. But this did not stop a fallen angel, for there was arrogance which infected many, and there is authority which few had. The suited authority puffed on a unlabeled cigarette from the subtle shadows of the room.

His presence was not hidden, far from it. Lucifer's aura literally instilled hatred in others, for it was his way. He gazed upon his sister,beautiful as ever, speaking to the mortals with amusing plans for this plain. He knew well that Naamah would gaze upon him, and he would gaze back with a smirk that dripped with such suavity and decedent class. His timeless eyes would request of his blood to not be introduced, that is poor form for a eternal that plays with shadows.

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@_goliath_: (Use Skype if you can't fit)

The Scorpion, better known as Sandra Williams, released a few small bugs and scattered them to study to room. Many of the others were already here, including Naamah, the organizer. She was old- Sandra could feel it. Possibly older than the Scorpion herself, definitely more ancient than her in this form. She could feel the presence of another just as old in her sensory field, but couldn't see them. Strange.

Lastly she saw a blond man, all in black, smug, arrogant. Younger than the rest. Less of a threat. The other two had the stink of divinity, where he lacked it. They were at best rivals, at worst they would recognize her for what she was and seek to destroy her. She hesitated as she entered the room, withdrawing her little spies, but the rewards outweighed the risks. She sat, ready to play the next step of the game.

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Listening as the elegantly attired madame of the moment seductively acknowledged those in attendance, her subtle mannerisms and charm radiating with aged cultural expression, the LeBeau Legacy continued his apparent indifference. Figuratively masking any visual displays of emotion or feeling. Opting instead for an uncommitted approach while effortlessly gauging the over all tone of atmospheric composition pertaining to the other guests, and even the host herself.

His letter laid in perfect, and purposeful, position alongside a half empty glass of 1936 Richebourg. Its ideological memorandum conveyed the sort of innovative thinking that could inspire those capable of a progressive introspection. The pioneers of a New World Order. But Charlemagne was no fool. A proposed confederation of villains was in no way a new concept, though Naamah's design was indeed a blueprint utilized by authenticated cabals of notable success. Such as the infamous Bilderberg and the lesser known, Carlyle Groups. Modern day king makers who's influences could be seen throughout the World's most enterprising institutions. And yet, at the end of the day, a house of vipers was still nothing short of a den of snakes. The only question that truly mattered was, who were the Cobras, and who were the Mongooses in snake's clothing.....?

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Monday, 13 January 2014, 5:10 PM.

There was a certain degree of difficulty planning the conference on such short notice, but she appreciated that in such spontaneous implementation the event seemed even more so as a prestigious affair.

Her delight in this fact was not one of divine vanity, though she would argue the merits of her lineage against any other, and she half expected she would be forced to do so this very evening. Alas she was happy to take advantage of her stereotype. Naamah preferred "archetype," but the results was the same. She found that by making cunning use of others expectations of her flamboyant behavior, she was able to lull them regarding the ways in which she subtly strayed from such convention. If the spotlight of Jezebel allowed the candlelight plots of Naamah to flicker unnoticed, then The Circle conventions could be very valuable to her.

After all, who would imagine that a Lady taking pleasure in the sumptuousness of the evening would really have an ulterior motive regarding the guest-list? Naamah was not so dim as to fail to realize that there would be some who would suspect such underhanded play, but there was a great difference in suspicions and definitive proof. Naamah enjoyed providing the room for plenty of the former, but opportunity for others to find precious little of the latter.

And lust? Lust was an easy sell. Most mortals were very young, less than fifty years old, and these were often still rambunctious in their minds. Their physiology would not always react as Naamah wished, or cooperate as these mortals often desired, or thought they desired, but their feeble brains were still wired for the copulation important to their lot. Thus they were often easy marks for the seductress.

Out of the current attendants only four had caught her attention thus far, one was a titanic reptilian monster far too large to join the rest of the group directly. The Countess makes converse with this one directly first and foremost. "Why hello Mr Goliath is it not? Would you permit me to use a bit of my magic on you. You will shrink down to a more appropriate size for the duration of the event. And I promise to reverse the effects after the event, or sooner if you deem it necessary?"

Next Naamah glances at the refined gentlemen with golden locks and piercing blue eyes, his figure was liken to that of Michelangelo's "David." He wore black dress attire and was supping his wiles away on a glass of 1936 Richebourg. Her nose was never wrong when it comes to the scent of vintages that she had familiarity with. "1936... Such a lovely year... I won a great deal of money at the Kentucky Derby that year on Bold Venture." she smiles at the gentlemen with a warmth that she did not choose to show to everyone she encountered, a genuine softness.

After this exchange Naamah decides to relocate herself closer to this gentleman in order to converse with him in a more intimate setting, but not before greeting her other guests. She notices Sandra Williams, Mrs Williams was up to some shenanigans and the Countess found it amusing that anyone thought it possible to sneak anything past her supernatural senses. Naamah smiles and draws no attention to the woman's little charade, she wanted to keep the room calm and not cause any unnecessary embarrassment. "And you must be Ms Sandra Williams, it is lovely to make your acquaintance." the hostess says as she offers Sandra a welcoming handshake.

Lastly there is a shift of emotion in the room as Naamah notices the fourth and final guest that had shown to the little soiree. She recognized him immediately and was taken back for a moment with a feeling of unexpected pleasure filling her senses. "Lu." she says with the loving tone of caring sister. "I was not expecting to see you here. How have you been my darling Lu." She speaks to him soft and sweet as she embraces him with a hug. "You have never come to any of my parties, why come to this one?"