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Noah stood as stoic as any regal fellow should.  Upholding his fine stature while far more useful servants combed his strawberry blond hair.  And as one applied lip balm the other clipped his finger nails because he wouldn't dare look unsatisfactory.  "Stop.." he commanded like a spoiled rich boy, signaling his subordinates slowly back away.  Each soul standing before their precocious prince fearfully awaited his worrisome words.  "Tell me the truth..", he adjusted his tie before continuing, "...how do I look?" 

Classical. Lavish. Ostentatious. Superb. Unique. Ravishing. Elegant.  He's heard these words one to many times in the course of twenty-three years.  Disappointed by their lack of creative vocabulary is the yellow eyed prodigy.  He can feel a certain uneasiness lingering within this bathroom cubicle.  Their eyes promote honesty even if their mouths tell such despicable lies.  "Why?", his bottom lip quivers nervously as veins feverishly pulsate.  "Why the fuck does everyone lie to me!", he hollered angrily as one woman frantically cried. Today is her first day since initial initiation and no one had told her of his myriad of moods.  One would assume her comrades would forewarn someone so new, but instead the others watch as she withers away.   
"Did I scare you?", he sincerely asked, all the while tightly grasping her shaking forearms.  "If I did I apologize.  I didn't intend on causing disarray...", he snickered, lightly caressing her freckled skin, his hands halting on her twitching shoulders.  His eyes alone pause all movement.  For a moment or two he shares silence with those he very much considers gnats. None of these imbeciles could possibly handle the daily happenings handled by true followers of his father's cunning cause.  
"..but if any of you slackers want to survive in this game than you have to learn how to stick together.  You don't let newcomers look stupid.  Do you understand me?  That is not how shit works around here.  We stick together...", he calmly spoke to this young lady whose background he knew nothing of.  His father dreamed a dream no mortal ever dared to dream before.  A dream that requires a cohesive unit rather than various voices doing as they please.  Foolery like this is unacceptable especially so whenever in the company of the pretentious prince.   
"Honesty is very much appreciated when demanded from a superior.  Lies are meant for those we deem as targets. It is the reason why our bonds have remained so strong for the last few decades.  Danielle.  That is your name...correct?", he asked with a saintly smile.  Miss Dani confirmed his inquiry and in doing so gave the youthful visionary a thoughtful thought.  From his khaki pants pocket the handsome hunk placed a special dagger onto her open palm.  Invigorating!  Noah watched attentively as her fingers curled around the handle. His bottom half slightly excited by her aptness for weaponry.   
"You wanna prove your worth a damn?  That you deserve to be a part of my father's dream? Than do me a favor and kill off the unnecessary."  He gently kissed her skinny lips before walking out the restroom door.  He waved goodbye to his perplexed followers, enraged by his favoring of someone so fresh.  Indifferent toward their irrelevant opinions the Addams heir locked the door without a second's hesitation.  His attention quickly shifted to the woman patiently sitting with succulent legs crossed.   
"I must apologize for the delay my dainty darling."  She looked so good for woman whose sole mission involved raising a spoiled rich boy.  Like a imagery taken from a wet dream the curvaceous beauty sipped on a cold glass of savory Bourbon.  Her curly crimson hair decorated her pale white skin so seductively.  She weaved sexuality with elegance with the slightest of ease.  Miss Michelle didn't even have to try that hard to garner his undivided interest.  He was all ears for every wording uttered from those honey bee lips. 
"Since the incident with Ishin Keijijo a.k.a Impero it's come to our attention that assaulting Quintus Knightfall won't be at all easy.  Even though we've located the constant whereabouts of the impervious individual, his security is far beyond our average competition. Our Japanese foe is an eccentric man but he isn't at all invincible....", she took another swig of alcohol before lazily tossing photographs onto the ebony table,  "Fan Song a.k.a Madame Blossom a.k.a the starlet who once caught your eye.  She's been in Shanghai doing as she pleases.  Even hitting the hottest clubs in the country of China.  A busy lady I might say, but undetectable she isn't.  We have seven hours before she returns to the monastery.  Once the extraction is complete, we get the info we desire, dispose of her body, and go.  If I even get a whiff of hesitation from the council will become aware." Miss Michelle sarcastically giggled before returning to her delicious beverage.  As for Noah well he scribbled onto his personal notepad, dotting down many names.  His current favorite being Fan Song, the very first name on this so called checklist.  Phase one had only just begun....
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The pulsating sound of electronic, syntho, and disco infused music bounced back and forth through the renown club of Shanghai walls. The bodies of Chinise civilian rocks and grind upon one another in intense motion, all sharing the same kind of interest in fun. She could feel the emotional energy inside the club, everyone was emitting a particular ring, some came for fun while others came for lust. In the end of the day they came for what they came for while some go home disappointed only to start it all over again. The mysterious private agent was no stranger to the fun that world had to offer, she loved every part of it. How the energies excites her body pouring from all directions and never finding closure to stop its course. It was only hours ago that she received a call from a private customer enlisting her for help, her job was simple get in, take, and get out. Powerful organization knew of her skills but not her power and it was something that she kept to herself. It made her more of an enigma to their eyes, a mystique femme fatale.

"Bar Rouge. I find it tasteful for my many employees. See you there." a smile rose upon her face, the sum for her mission was massive. If money didn't rule the lives of people then power did. Order was just the roots for chaos. "Very well..." looking back upon a mirror she stared at her flawless body, no scars no marks, just smooth translucent fair skin. Slipping onto a mini dress and nice matching pairs of heels the witch armed herself, inside her large Michael Kors bag she hid her other utilities as well as her garb for if she had to start the mission early. Exiting her apartment she called forth a taxi cab with but a mere gesture, her beauty had already caught their sight but she was for show, a woman of power and status. "Bar Rogue." she said in her native Chinese tongue, the Mandarin flowed smoothly from her voice in perfect tones and pitch.

The taxi driving couldn't help but try to catch a peek of her through the back rear mirror, looking away she smiled as she read every words and imagery pictured in his mind. "So naughty." she thought, loosening her coat she had worn to keep herself warm, she exposed her midriff enough to excite his imagination, his attention was taken from the road to the Asian beauty, a warning honk was passed by others in the road and she smiled again as the man shook in uneasiness as he tried to regain conscious on the road. "Keep your eyes on the road, please." she said in a sweeter tone, just the way he liked, "Yes yes ma'am." his voice shook and stuttered between the two words in Mandarin and the last in English with a thick accent. Fanning herself with her hands she brushed the artificial wind against her exposed chest, the temperature inside the cab seemed to have risen by the heater. "Stop right here." she said, obviously the man was lost in his thoughts, thank you. Handing in the cash she walks out in a fashionably way, her hips swinging side to side like a slithering viper, the witch then looked over her should to give the taxi driver a wink, knowing that he had already exploded in a mess.

For the past few weeks all she did was play with others. Hitting clubs after clubs across Asia and its border. She has been here before, she remembers the club for its intense title and reviews, she felt good to be back. Looking around she waited for her contact, meeting face to face with her clients was never easy some preferred to do so over web-cam with their profile concealed. "Time is money." the words were repeated over and over in her mind, she was growing impatient, this was bad business. The deafening footsteps behind her grew, the sound of blasting chatters and music within the club settles and mute as danger from behind was about to shoot through her.

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The residents Bar Rouge sang like canaries.  Their rhythmic bodies spoke truthfully as pulsating beats so effortlessly against defenseless ear drums.  Easy pickings for a telepathic tyrant dressed as soothing as the night sky.  As her fingertips twirled an unlit cigarette, an overly ambitions mind effortlessly plucked vivid imagery from unsuspecting party goers.  And so the vivacious vixen found her target with the slightest of ease.  Fan Song.  A name only a drunken mother could muster.  
"Drei." Her rough German annunciation slipped off her serpent tongue.  The sound of overzealous moans crawled underneath her snow white skin.  Whomever raised these children should be jailed for such blatant foolery.  Immensely disgusted in the European beauty, but for now she plays the part of upper class enthusiastic.  "Zwei."  She smiled from ear to ear, convincingly laughing every time she drank with slurring young man.  If her information rang true than her doll faced target would arrive soon enough.  Until than she played the role of well dressed wallpaper, enjoying her surroundings as best as one could. "Ein."  She whispered seriously as the presence of Madame Blossom emerged just twenty-three steps away.   
She ambivalently walks toward her person of interest and there's a certain curiosity itched onto a face so flawless.  It's intriguing to know that thee impervious Impero had become flustered with this woman.  Yes, she withheld striking good looks but her exterior left violet eyes wanting so much more.  With caution the foreign aphrodisiac giggled 'drunkenly' as the arousing Asian unknowingly stood before her death sentence.  "Oh my god.  Have we met before?" Miss Michelle laughed lavishly as her crimson colored curls playfully bounced.  

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She stood like a glowing goddess cascading blinding amorous light upon the eyes of those who caught sight of her, the Eastern Enchantress waited with patience but it was dying from every second that passed. Looking down at her phone, she checked for messages and time, no texts or missed call, unusual, she thought guess she was free for the night after all. "I don't have all day, you either show up now or I'll make new agendas." her mind was waning down until a voice from behind spoke with a certain flair. Turning around slowly the witch put on her game face, bright cheery smile with a wicked gaze to entice her new audiences, "Have we?" she responded cautiously. Turning around in full to meet her new acquaintance, she was given the presence of a red head Caucasian who stood tall with a clouding mist of beauty and deceitfulness. Circling around her new client, or so she thought, the witch study the female, "Are you the one who called? I could of sworn your voice was much deeper.... and manlier." she teased while returning back to her fixed frontal position.

There was a brief battle of the eyes between the two women, "Can we get started?" she asked impatiently, there was a strange aura of hidden truth around the woman, Fan found no entrance into her mind, it was shielded. Normally the witch liked to get a good reading on who ever called on her for help but this woman of unknown was a walking bomb, several attempts at psychic invasion towards the ginger witch but all ending with a failure. "Not a good sign, maybe she studies and trains." looking up and down to detail the slightest error in the woman, the magic beauty found none, "Flawless bi*$#" she thought, this unknown mystery of a female was regal in every way, Fan was surprise to see what she had coming for her. The constant beat of uplifting music and sweaty crowd gave her no distraction, she felt like she was invited to a free for all party, where everything goes. Not even the slightest name exchange from Fan was able to clear the air of awkwardness, moving in closer to tease her new friend, Fan lay her delicate fingers on the revealing chest of Clara. Her smooth skin brought a premonition that blazed like wildfire, her mind was given a glimpse of in-coming danger, not a good sign for the ladies to enjoy loving night. With a roundhouse kick, instantly she flashes the crowd with her loving panties, but the attack was aimed at the lady's head, hoping to knock her out and interrogate her about why she planned for this little meeting of theirs.

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She closed her violet eyes while the panic settle in.  Her head rocked by such a sudden roundhouse kick.  Her life intertwined with a lady so divine.  Every second of every minute her patience really dwindled.  It was time to act in the most vile manner.  Her time is now and she'll wash away the gleefulness.   
Her drink slithered onto the floor and not one person cared. Their lazy eyes watched so indifferently.  And so it seemed two drunken ladies were fighting on the dance floor.  It looked like the norm but it's so much more.  One kick to temple wasn't enough.  It just wasn't enough to distinguish her flame.  Spinning around the lovely lass realized this madame had her own defensive walls.   
"You stupid woman."  Miss Michelle muttered as crimson colored blood trickled down her fair skinned face.  She could feel the intensity escalate tremendously.  Her glimmering eyes instinctively deadlocked onto her audacious target.  "I wanted to talk but..", she clasped her hands together, her curvaceous frame moving to the heavy noise of techno therapy, "...you'll have to suffer now."  Her eyes illuminated so vivaciously.  She than thrust forward, shifting this gentle indoor breeze into a frontal telekinetic blast. All of this with full intention of knocking this devious debutante onto her back.  "Baby girl you don't want any of this." Music slowed down and there was panic in the crowd, but she stood with a shinning smirk.   

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Her telepathy weren't was they used to be or what she wished them to be. Their strength were now average, but still formidable, still it wasn't enough to hold the red head vixen down nor did it had any effect. A failed attempt to read and attack the assassin's mind was useless, but the witch had other skills as shown when she roundhouse kicked the femme to the ground. Blood was drain, unfortunately for Fan she no longer had use for it, previously it was a catalyst for her magic, that was no longer the case here and now. Everyone soon caught onto the two women making a scene that was quite unnecessary but Fan knew something they didn't, the truth. "Don't lay there and try to act all saint-like. I know of your intentions. You know better than I do, people like us and what we're capable of. I suggest you heed to my warning and go before I simply.... kill you." never before has the witch made a life-threatening remark but this changed, circumstances change as the players in this fight were not ordinary people, normally if it were directed to her loved ones than she would say what she had said but she was kind heart, but some people took it for granted. Before she realized it, the witch was thrown back by an invisible force, with just but a stare from the crimson female Fan had flown at least several feet away. Screaming was heard, everyone rushing to make an escape, they now knew the kind of people that lurked inside the club, powerful and dangerous.

"Telekinesis..." she said mentally to herself, that was how the redhead had flung Fan away like a helpless bug. Quickly darting for cover and shade the witch hid from her foe, knowing it was not permanent, she had to think of something quick and clever, to recollect herself. Staring up upon the sealing she noticed the sprinklers, now looking around she saw the waste of alcohol around in many corners, the liquid of something so strong connecting together. Digging into her purse she saw her attire that was suitable for combat but she needed time to change, and the thirsty air of danger changed her mind to do now. Continuing browsing her purse she found a lighter, a simple lighter, small but useful, originally for lighting candles or such. As the switch was rolled back the witch tossed the metal case of fire into the pool of combustible liquid. In mere seconds fire engulfed the club while the alarm rang and the sprinklers splashed across the area. Using this as a distraction to escape quietly, the witch retreated to the stairs, running and leaping through the stairs. Once on top she quickly changed, not caring if other eyes found her, she was going to be comfortable.

Done in no time, she waited for the powered woman, awaiting what other tricks she hid in her sleeves. Fan had hoped to take this battle in physical confrontation as that was her last option. "Come one little Red."

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"Sweetness."  He leaned back against a bloodied chair.  Three dead bodies lay against whitewashed walls, but highlighted screens garnered his full attention.  His calculating yellow eyes steadily watched ongoing surveillance footage as two fierce women painted true art.  And her sat quite happily as his most decorated assassin worked so flawlessly.  A single telekinetic blast had thrust this madame backwards and caused delicious disarray, but one variable was left unaccounted for.  Miss Song withheld ghoul and she wouldn't be distinguished without a fight.  
"We've got a smart woman."  As dancing fire frightened many, spurting water drowned out their petrified tears.  With his eyes glued to every action, he could say an infuriated redhead scream and shout.  Rather than allow Shanghai's authority figures entrance into this club gone hellish domain, the prince of power locked all electronic exits connected to this residence's computer mainframe.  Set to leave and allow further bloodshed the precocious playboy noticed something quite peculiar. 
"Well I see Ishin has good tastes." A devilish smirk stretched across his face as he observed the madame disrobe like her life depended on it.  Although he met her once, twice, maybe even thrice the handsome heir never witnessed such unadulterated beauty. He zoomed in on her location, happy to know she wasn't at all safe.  "Security we've got our culprit in sight.  Shoot---"  His curious eyes widened with awe as the violet eyed vixen stormed up this crackled staircase.  
"You little bitch."  Noah Addams could hear the conquerors's most prestigious agent angrily curse.  Her drenched attire slurred her movement but not her persistence.  "I work for a man scorned by your boorish lover."  From nothingness the ludicrous murderess grasped her signature ebony blade. "And so like most women", she licked her cherry flavored lips, "You'll pay for your man's dumb mistake."  She thrust forward with full intent of pushing her favorite weapon into the lower abdomen of Madame Blossom. Regardless of any damage sustained the supposed reality-warper would follow through this action by using her telekinesis to shove her prey against an already tattered wall.  All the while Prince Addams watched on the edge of his seat, wondering if he might actually fail his first ever venture into the super-human community.  
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It seemed she was also barricaded by a digital wall from accessing the electronic sphere of Shanghai, how unlucky for the witch who once had the power to turn the very nature of reality to her whim. She awaited patiently, arming herself with a dagger, knowing of the amass talent that the red head assassin had, the Eastern Enchantress needed to escape or at least draw the battle into a more direct approach. The door slammed open marking the entrance of the now dripping wet diva who slurred as she now ignite her fiery upon the witch. Channeling her anger, making it another strength, she pressed her blade forward with intentions on striking Fan's abdominal section. The pushing pressure of telekinetic force slams her against a wall from behind, the pain stung her as she felt the rubbing burn. The combined speed and power of the intentional strike would of allowed Fan to meet death like her lover had once crossed paths with, but the agile witch evades such attack, narrowly twirling to her right, her arms fanned out which now provided crafted speed and balance in evading the precision assault.

She may of lost her connection to the mystical energies but not her training she has honed throughout her life, including the teachings she gained from her husband, Impero. It seem this whole event was likely due to Ishin's past problems, of course something from the past always managed to mingle into the present, the female agent began to counter strikes the vixen's blow with her dagger. Slicing the air as the two ladies fail to land any damage against one another. This was merely a game of cat and mouse and the witch grew tired of this pointless game, "I'm through playing cat and mouse." she said in her mind as she was now giving it all her best, no more toying with this beautiful assassin, the fight would now amp up in intensity and focus. Diving into the air, the witch flips in mid-air while simultaneously releasing shurikens with poison lacing If her projectiles happened to strike her marvelous audience then it would provide some terrific results, impairing her vision, balance, ect possibly leading to death. Of course the witch was not without another plan, her projectiles served as a distraction then the real threat. Behind her poison dances and poised coordination revealed a storm of blades. Manipulated by the invisible-like threads from the witch's finger, with her fingers now given a chance to move and dance the blades were directed in multiple ways with all one objective, to harm and/or kill.

Fan knew she had to instantly take out the assassin before she would display her unrivaled telekinetic powers, this battle would end all to soon and quick if she were to choose that option, all Fan could do now was dish out everything she had. Twirling into the, rotating as her floating weapons swung around her, the witch appeared to be an elegant twister of sharp tools. With high enough altitude the witch then summoned her onslaught of blades, they curled and swung with great precision from the puppeteer. "Its a shame, I've come to appreciate you, but sadly I'll have to end this little show."

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You cannot fail me. Her pleated cropped pants uncomfortably slid on shivering thighs. Violet eyes instinctively dart upward as the sound of split winds catch her enhanced hearing ability. Clarice may have underestimated the capabilities of thee madame, but she wouldn't dare perish before such a classic example of insubordination.

Our entire operation depends on this one instance. Just inches away from certain demise, the redheaded mystery arrogantly prevented devastation with the use of anointed telekinesis. She enjoyed every moment immensely. So much so that even her innocent posture could not hide an emitting devilish smirk. Miss Michelle cockily considered herself victorious, however this dainty Asian beauty prepared a swift countermeasure.

Failure isn't an option. "Dammit!' Unable to conceal such an obvious pain, the supposed seductress embraced her dire circumstance. Crimson blood eventually stained heavenly white apparel. As a result tattered clothing unveiled wicked wounds. And so she groggily fell to her knees, poison fluids slithering down concrete steps, whilst a battered assassin considered her next maneuver.

Don't let your personal feelings entangle our joint efforts. "You have finesse....", she muttered as chaotic powers healed visual damages, "...but you lack true power!" Code name Clara Mass hollered loudly, her banshee-like scream shattered glass and maybe even ear drums.

Succession is all I ask for so don't let me down. "Now be a good girl...." Clarice Michelle naively commanded, as her hex related powers engulfed poisonous liquids into a tight translucent orb. She than staggered forward with malicious intent, thrusting this conjured cylinder toward her illustrious opponent. With her own personal twist, this chemical abomination would paralyze any precious limb belonging to Fan Song so long as one droplet graced her flawless skin. "...and end this."