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Cerebrum Island

Cerebrum, chief organization in the fundamental evolutionary development of human mind, has been hidden away from the world since its Genesis in 1975. Their advancements in human brain function lead to the creation of hyper beings those which served the many facets of the organization until its supposed termination in 2008.

Alvor Magnus

In all actuality, public rumors of the organization lead to its relocation to a distinct island deep within the Atlantic. Alvor Magnus, Chief Executive of Operations, executed a campaign to recover the test subjects that had escaped the facility since its false collapse. Varying success befell his endeavors, allowing him to build Cerebrum facilities back to its full strength. Many subjects had been recaptured for the benefit of the organization and things seemed to be going smoothly until Magnus identified one of his shining stars. Milo Archer, perhaps their single most successful production was vital to the growth of the organization and because of this reason the CEO pursued the man with reckless abandon, willing to endanger the lives of many in the process.

After two meetings between the two men, Milo embarassed the man he once considered a father to him, beating Alvor within an inch of his life for continuing with this morally unjust experimentation. After allowing Alvor to leave with his life he decided to claim the facilities for himself, redesign the way they did business and start his own campaign. Only this time, it would be for the betterment of mankind as a whole.

No longer was Cerebrum simply focused on genetic reconstruction and DNA advancement. Now the scientific teams delved into the creation of serums to combat some of the deadliest diseases the world has to offer. With there dark past behind them, the once enslaved assassins became a security force capable and willing to defend the righteous ideals with their lives. The Tranquil acknowledged what good he could do with the resources at his disposal and decided to open the doors to those with the same willingness to do so.

The Lay of the Land

Though most of the island is tree infested jungles and mountain range the western coast houses many of Cerebrum's various facilities. And as a self-sustained system each facility serves a different purpose. The listings are as follows.


Housing some of the world's premier physicists, neuropsychologists, botanists, pathologists, epidemiologists, and electrical engineers coupled with technology years beyond the fabrications of today Cerebrum elevated itself to the foundation scientific breakthrough. This laboratory also doubles as a medical bay and a garage, housing a host of vehicles, some of which have never been seen outside of the island. Within the center of the laboratory sits the reactor, responsible for the entire Island's power. It runs on a multitude of energy types and has three back up generators built into the main core couple with several safeguards to ensure no incidents occur.


Due to Milo's direct affiliation with Lennox Outfitters, an armament company that is responsible for the creation of his CWS (Cortosis Weave Suit), he was able to merge there work with that of Cerebrum. The combined technological know how as resulted in the development of a fully stocked armory. Everyday new prototypes are tested and placed within this storage center located to the west of the laboratory, its stock expanding by the hour.

Cultivation Center

Because of the entire Island being self sufficient the center of the island holds a cultivation center that utilizes advanced technology to create both food and plant life needed for possible experimentation. This is the only part of the island that has a power source separate from the main one in the lab.


Constant work, with no rest was not something Milo was unfamiliar with, but everyone was not him. Upon the realization that Alvor had no recreational areas built into the facility Milo ordered the construction of a state of the art lounge for occupants of the island find comfort in after a hard days work. With an unlimited supply of food, refreshments and alcoholic indulgement nobody will be denied a chance to kick back and put their feet up


Former test subjects turned assassins found new worth in Milo's adaptation of Cerebrum as a security force responsible for protecting the place from intruders as well as transporting people across various areas of the island. The security is broken down into three squads, each with different duties.


The security force known as Ghosts are the most tactical units. They are called upon only for high level threats, well versed in multiple forms of hand to hand and weapon combat these men and women are Cerebrum's most highly augmented individuals. The armor they wear is highly durable and comes with cloaking device that stills the air around them, making the unit invisible to not only the eyes but the ears. Their superhuman attributes and strategical know how makes them a very dangerous squad and their valiance knows no bounds.


The patrol units performs routine security functions. These are the men and women you will see circling the hall and guarding the various checkpoints throughout the island. Though not directly augmented in any substantial way these people are ex-marines, SWAT and have various in-depth backgrounds that more than qualify them to provide excellent security.


The MCU or Mobile Command Unit strictly operates the various vehicles and aircrafts used on the island. They are the extraction and infiltration unit used on mission outside of the island. Their specialized armor gives them a neurological link with the vehicles they operate giving them an unparalleled command over said systems. Their armor is also incredibly light weight and augments their speed and reaction capabilities to extraordinary levels, allowing them to maneuver out of tough situations with relative ease.

Vehicles and Aircrafts


A personal favorite of Milo's the VTOL is multipurpose vehicle that can morph from a fighter jet to a hovercraft. Outfitted with state of art propulsion and weapon systems as well as primary and tertiary shielding this aircraft can hang in there with the best of them whether its a dogfight or a race.

Ford Amatoya

Used as the main form of mass transportation across the island the Ford Amatoya was prototype further developed by Lennox Outfitters and put into production upon the merge with Cerebrum. This vehicle can seat six people and is armored head to toe. The twin plasma cannons atop the vehicle pack a nasty punch and extends a feeling of security to those riding in it.


This is a team for heroes and possibly heroic neutrals.

Sell the security, they are numerous and well trained.

No destruction of major buildings or anything without consent.

This doubles as a location, but it is somewhat private and hidden, meaning no tourists, so an explanation on how you found the place would be nice.

If this doesn't take off... Well it was fun to write xD

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Nice work man, looks good. Good luck with it

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Sigh me up man? I love the concept. I am busy, but in a few I will be fully committed.

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I like it........might have to make a merc character to get in here, or I could use Dexter....nah

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I'll take part. I'd like my character to be a ghost. How do I sign up?

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@pyrogram: Imma switch him to neutral, I still have no idea what to do with the character after the whole Stark/Boothe thing.........I'll think it over.

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Nice job man hope this work.

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@pyrogram: Good lookin out. Probably wont last though. Just thinking about having to write up a power section and bio is enough to make me switch accounts.

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Once someone puts a price on your head, it will be

@pyrogram: Yeah but you have a substantial section completed. Thats gotta help make him feel like an actual character and not just an avatar lol

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@the_aristocratic_assassin: Yeah it really does. And I love the way it originated from that Status you had when we spoke on your wall. Little convo's lead too and entire Alt, possible family xD ( 4 people made alts with his surname lol )

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@pyrogram: I remember that lol. I've seen a couple floating around. Maybe a meeting of the vines First Families is in order at some point ;)

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@the_aristocratic_assassin: Count's me out, not exactly a first family! We should do a meet-up or something though...a massive family RPG with everybody, If that is what you were saying anythings :P

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Risen high above constantly shifting sea level of Cerebrum island admired the intrinsic design of his private office. Once belonging to Alvor Magnus the mosaics and livid depictions of people unknown to Milo had been removed, allowing only the bare essentials to remain. After gleaming out the window at lovely sunset he turned to leather swivel chair placed in front of his cherry wood desk claimed a seat. This had been his first chance at leadership and he knew in his heart he had to come correct. Even the slightest slip up and Milo would be flat on his face, forced to wallow in failure. After Mulling over the multitude of manilla envelopes containing information on those he may consider working with, he signaled for an MCU officer. Dressed in the white neurologically augmented armor the pilot saluted him staunchly. "That won't be necessary," Milo declared, tranquilly handing him the dossiers of select individuals. "Locate them, and when you do, activate the holovid system and notify me." With his orders and documents in hand the officer took off towards the labs whilst submerged himself in the investigation once again.

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@tranquil: (Whoops, sorry man, this new notification system is kray)

Uncharacteristically enveloped in an attire inherently devoid of aristocratic aestheticism, the Poised Picasso's physically perfected frame found itself comfortably encased in the technologically evolutionary, Zero Matrix light body armor. Molecularly aligned sheets and layers of the intricately developed Trion metallic compound further augmented by the addition of externally positioned shell-like armor padding artistically boasting an ebony hue of stylistic appeal. Situated in the unmitigated cold of Antarctica, intellectually immersed in the distant studious observation of the deceased Impero's megalomaniacal father, a pair of atmospherically fashionable, silver-rimmed Armani aviator sunglasses concealing his calculatingly perceptive dark blue eyes. Lenses sporting a visually appealing shade of dark red while elusively exercising their innate technological capacities to further accumulate relevant information regarding the late Ishin's paternal figure. Pelting snow coupled with the potent cold of perpetually blowing wind was instantaneous in prompting the conversion of stored energy from the Zero Matrix's Trion-components into a reliable heat source. In the midst of his concentrated analysis however, the Knightfall Rey's evolutionarily escalated sensory perception detected an incoming human presence.

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The excess black and grey paramilitary fabric which sparingly drizzled off the Arashikage's slender carved frame rapidly danced with wind induced agitation following his acrobatically executed HALO jump from a heaven shaking C-160. With undetectable descent his body began to plateau along the watery surface surrounding the clandestine island while making his final approach. Small mirco-woven flaps under each arm and between his ankles allowing for stylish glide before tearing away vaulting the master of martial arts Darwinism forward in an almost slow motion like display of cinematic choreography, before hitting the beach in an all out sprint and disappearing into wooded topography.

Driven by a reliable source of information, the disguised Ultra-Sapien had been led to believe that the island's prior research held vital resources capable of re-constituting the once prominent U-Men project. A needed element in his coming war against the mutants and those who counted themselves as their allies.

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@the_last_arashikage: Smooth.

@demolitionguy: Of course.

@morte_knightfall: The MCU officer approach without care nor concern for the Artistic Savant's endeavors. Before any words could be exchanged he retrieved a small circular device from his utility belt and placed a hand to the side of his helmet. "Sir, we've got one. Commencing holovid sequence." Instantaneously a holographic projection of Milo's face manifested itself from a port within the device. With a smile he said, "Ah, Andres Knightfall. I apologize this meeting couldn't be more personal but we all have our duties. I hope my colleague hasn't caused you any trouble with his abrupt appearance. In all honesty I sent him to find you because a man of your caliber is needed. I want to do some good for this world and with your astounding intellect I think you can be beneficial to this crusade. If I've captured your interest, my pilot will provide you with the coordinates to my location and we can have more in depth conversation in person." The projection dissipated and the MCU official reached into his belt once again, this time retrieving a small data disk and offered it to the aristocrat.

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@tranquil: Thanks,bro ^_^

@morte_knightfall: Lol,valeu ^-^

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@demolitionguy: Hehe ;)

@tranquil: Momentarily diverting his ocular attention from the obsessively indulged intellectual analysis of the unauthentic Keijijo, the Melee Maestro exercised consistent poise in turning round to face the fluorescent holographic projection of the esoterically gifted Milo's recognizable facial features. "Senor Milo, I've heard you're very good. And no, your boy hasn't disrupted anything important", opting for an intrinsically polite greeting while simultaneously conveying a cryptically cultivated compliment regarding his abrupt acquaintance's martial lethality. "Tis nothing mi amigo", nonchalantly dismissing Milo's apologetic reason centered on the terms of their incipient encounter. Altruistic intentions served as a considerably powerful motivator in Andres' agreement to partake in the presented endeavor. "Then I will meet you there", flashing a quickly constructed smile of blanketing charisma prior to transitioning his focus towards the approximated pilot, ready to speedily download the provided coordinates into the computerized sophistication of internally implanted zepto-bots inhabiting his interior person for immediate memorization by the M.D.D.S.

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@morte_knightfall: (Once everyone else posts, we'll have the introductory team meeting. And nice use of Altruistic and Intrinsic, I just learned those words recently. xD)

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@tranquil: Badass. LOL thanks, not very common words so I like to show em off :P

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Amaranth was cleaning his weaponry inside a safehouse in Venezuela when the messenger arrived. Sliding the bolt back into the chamber of his rifle with a 'click' he motions to the Flock fighter to allow the messenger in.

Standing, his topknot brushing the roof the dilapidated room, he rested his hands upon his utility belt as he awaited the messenger.

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@amaranth_strix: Ever so silent with her deliverance the mobile command unit immediately presented an open palm with an activated holovid sequence projecting a distracted Milo. Upon realizing the feed was active he turned to face the titan of a man with a bit of surprise. "Amaranth, long time no see. How has Venezuela been treating you?" Milo's eyes darted back to the dossiers as he spoke then returned to Amaranth's stern visage upon the break in speech. "I've acquired a vast amount of resources recently as you may or may not know. With these new found assets I intend to launch a campaign against suffering and injustice throughout the world but I need your help. My mobile command unit will provide you with the coordinates to my location, I hope to see you soon so that we may further discuss things." The feed was cut off and the officer handed Amaranth a small disc containing said coordinates before taking her leave.

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@tranquil: Got any room on this pow wow? :P)

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@tranquil: Daaaw! Well aren't you just the kindest! Looks like you got yourself a spy!

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This is that hero team that's supposed to be popping up?

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@therumor: This is actually coincidentally perfect.

This is that hero team that's supposed to be popping up?

Further proof that I was planning this beforehand...

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@_strigidae_: Don't worry your pretty little head bout it, just keep correcting my grammar. :D

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@spectrion: I would never worry about something like that!

Blows up the place.

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Amaranth accepted the disc and made certain the operative had the supplies and up to date maps to exit Venezuela safely. Then he finished reassembling his equipment. When he was done he leaned back in the rusted metal chair and considered Milo's offer.

On one hand Venezuela needed help. The latin american Flock had focused most of its operations on Venezuela and Amaranth had reinforced the local flocks with significant quantities of weapons, brought in some of his top instructors, and even called in the Wolves of the West for assistance.

But on the other hand Milo was offering an opportunity to strike at larger targets. An opportunity Amaranth couldn't pass up. The Flock and Wolves could hold down the fort in Venezuela, most of their operations involved slipping refuges out of the devastated country which they could do without his help.

He rose, accessed his psychic link with Albert and arranged for transportation to Milo's meeting point.

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@_strigidae_: Simulates an explosion to allow her to believe she's succeeded.

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@tranquil: BLOWS UP THE FOR REALLY REAL BASE! Then resets reality so he can keep it back!

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@amaranth_strix: Weighing the options? I like. Don't worry, we'll come back for Venezuela. xP

@tranquil: BLOWS UP THE FOR REALLY REAL BASE! Then resets reality so he can keep it back!

*Get :P

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