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It just dawned, you could see the sun rising over the horizon in the cloudy skies, the mocking birds chirped elegantly making it a comfortable morning on the shores of the island. The sand was nt hot yet but once the sun rays beamed on it it will burn anyone who was bare foot. you could smell the ocean, the scent of seaweed and fish filled the air, making my nose swivel in disgust.As the water waves roared as it hit the shores, sucking sand into its water.As Sev walked in the sand waiting for my foe, he walked near the water to catch the rush of the water on his ankles, i he loved to feel the cold sensation of the water throwing itself on him.

Sev did not think of how his battle was going to be but yet concentrated on his natural surroundings

what a beautiful day

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Warsman's booted feet made imprints in the weak sand, water rushing in the fill the gaps with new sediments. The beach was one of the last places the cyborg would be caught at, yet he was here, simply for the promise of a fight.

He had a mind to evaporate the gulls flocking in from another coastline with a wave of his hand, but he decided against it, seeing how the smell wouldn't be all that pleasant.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, he reached his opponent, who was standing in the midst of the tide. The cyborg tightened his gaze, sickened by the peaceful display, but nonetheless he approached him.

"Are you Severer?" he asked coldly.

He didn't expect an answer that wasn't obvious, so he teleported, reappearing in front of the man, a fist drawn back for a speedy punch to his chin.