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In additon to this the Blog for Powers and Weaknesses is now complete. Found on this profile

Crimson Order

Most lable them as the Berserk Order or more likely just the berserkers. Why pay any form of hounor or title to a pack of barely organized psychopaths. They however preffer the title of the Crimson Order. It is the Order that thrives on chaos particularly blood and destruction. Within a peaceful dommain a Crimson would be uncomfortable and fail to fit in. Place them in the heart of battle however and they stand a frightening being of destruction to come. It's not wise to venture after the worlds they rule regardless here that and the history can be found should one be so bold. The three planets orbit the blazing red sun of Novax on the edge of known space.


Name: Revorstex

Location: Second World from Novax located on the outer rim of space

Poppulation: Order/Other: 30,000/4,390,680,000

Purpose: Home world and manufacture

Revorstex often shortend to Stex pronounced much like Styx, the name stuck when a human introduced to the order said it sounded like the river of hell. A name all to fitting for the place thats two thirds desserted lands and one third ocean of blood. Revorstex is the homeworld of the Melaz people and where the Order first started. This grim world is home to most of the order and has three primary locations of interest. Like any planet its got more then that, from small cities to lands of worship to things long sense forgoten by most. The three center pieces however are the castle the river and the manufacturm.

Castle Neshimanar

Once there was three seperate figureheads of the order now there resides but one. The centerfold of the Order resides in the castle of the last family that was left standing Neshimanar.. Its surface area is said to be twenty five miles, meaning each wall boxing it off is five miles in diameter. Its towers reach into the blackening skies and many believe that its constructed partially of bone. This is to most an urban legend however the architecture does carry a skeletal design to justify the claims. It is here that many of the Order come to rest. A few servants wander the palace maintaining it however the bulk of the castles population is simply those that ware the ring. At the center on top of the middle tower is the throne room now inhabited by Aliceraia. On the first subbasement floor is what ussed to be a massive library, a location that now reeks of death and seams soaked in blood. It is said that the great war of blood started there. That the corpses and stains remain as a plesant reminder.

Tamut Ocean

The planet is divided into three pieces of large land, the most well kept being where the castle lies. Then there is the Manufacturm and the wastes between the great isles is the massive ocean. In a time past the sea was of a saphire blue that many came to from the universe. Now however it is a deep maroon color red like blood. The crimson order and inhabitants now have the same liquid fire in their veins and know its composition for them its not a big deal. To others though its the end for what ventures into this gorey sea. Myth says that the great war spilled so much blood that the ocean became ichor itself. Though thhe reality is likely that the corruption of the entire world and slaughters that have gone on for century upon century just brought this about.


The island dedicated to manufacturing weapons and metals. The order needs not weapons so much anymore as the rings are one of the most frightening weapons in existance. The planet however is not entirely made of the Order and conventional fire power and structure never hurts. This island makes the metal known as Unrig what most things on the planet are made of. This metal can bear the strain created from the liquid fire oceans. As such its proven rather durabale and reliable. If one wants to find an untainted Melaz this would also be the likely place to go. Rignimar is the portion of the world thats not so oftenly visited by the Order and as such the people here are slightly less hostile.Don't let that fool you however when its the island that builds the shelter for psychopaths. The island that dispatches people to repair what damage is done by attackers as well as the order itself. This is also where the family of Rezemara resided before exterminated.


The third and most shattered isle, it is here where the Orcubline once ruled. When the great war had begun Orcubline had been the instigators of what came. Being the makers of this fallout nothing was aloud to survive of theres it was to be genocide. Many wander these lands now training and testing weapons. Bones litter thhe sands the remnants of the traitors amongst monsters jut from the earth in mockery of what they once were.

Name: Pagore

Location: Third planet from Novax

Population: 60,000/12,000

Purpose: Training

Pagore an ice and crystal world that at some times seams more ruby then saphire, more dark and torn then frozen paradise. This worlds air is thin and its temperature always below freezing. Its rocks are either like dimond knives or glass. Either of which likely to spill blood upon someone falling onto them. Dangerous grounds slicing winds and lack of oxygen is not the truest hazards however of this planet. Order members in training are dropped on this world to face eachother and a plethora of species. Pagore is a planet where convicts and hazardous creatures are often dropped off from various sources. Besides the mandatory shifts of workers in the structures of the Order not many outside of the Order come here.

Leypetimor Valley

Here resides the bodies of all those of the Order that have come to know the true chaos. Those of the Crimson do not fear death and it is believed in death they come closest to the real them. This valley of towering red crystals is where each body is burried and rests for eternity or atleast untill reawoken. Below the frozen ground red orbs can be seen just barely, these are the corpses of the Order. An egg like shell of liquid fire encompasses them and freezes by the rings choice. This shell is said to be harder then the thickest slab of Unrig and to burn almost as hot as Novax. Legend says that no soul can take the rings or touch a bearer unless a representation of life or death. The odds of the white order ever attempting that however is unlikely. And so in the afterlife they reside until the black rise.

Name: Fyrant

Location: Closest planet to Novax

Population: 40,000/6,666,666,000

Purpose: Home to the Battery

Fyrant is a planet consisting entirely of lava, molten rock, and liquidfire. The skies seaming so black one can never tell when it is day or night the smoke and black clouds are that thick. Fires blaze along these lands with untame fury. While the planet does contain mountains plautau's and etc the bulk of the world is made of volcanos that erupt spasmatically. Lava flows in fast streams into lakes of the blood and fire known of the Order. It is believed that with each crunch of a footstep is a bone shattering. Something most believe true as the only source of white on the planet seams to be on the ground in skeletal shapes.


Here at the heart of the largest volcano of the island is where the battery of the Order resides. Blood seams to fall over it like a casscading watterfall, the small island in the center the battery is on is circled by liquidfire. Hate and anger seam so adiment in this domain that those not of the Order have often been driven mad murdering anything around them untill put down.

A Long Bloodied Road: History of the Crimson/Berserk Order

Long ago on the planet Revorstex was the race known as the Melaz who thrived on preparing for combat and mastering technology. There were three families the Neshimanar the Rezemara and Orcubline who all coexisted quelling any foolish enough to rebel against the three kingdoms. The lands were a mostly peaceful domain. And those who turned were slain with a brutality that scared many from ever so much as even trying. This order however would slowly begin to crumble ironically with the ammergence of the Orders.

Forged In Hate: Creation of the Crimson Order

One day the idea of making Orders, organized clans, was brought up. The concept being the creation of groups that would mannage the galaxy. The Melaz were a prime canidate for their technological advancment. A group of them joined the various races that would work to form the seven rings. Melaz were to be given control of the red rings. The ring dedicated to the beserkers to chaos. It started with a vision of noble intention, of course like the others the conept was more controling of the vision.

The Berserk Order was designed to be the executioners hand. To go after the most vile of creatures and strike them down. The notion of killing fire with fire, to the destain of the other Orders just as it is in the world fire doesn't burn. The executioners of the vile became executioners only upon the first taste of blood and murder. They became corrupt if they still had a heart it might as well be considered black. Race, gender, age, occupation, life style none of that mattered to the order only the next kill. They were one of the orders to rebel violently against the others eventually. By the time the conflict with the various orders resided every soul of the Crimson Order was now lost to violence.

Bloodlines Broken

Separation finally came from the others that did not however mean that the Order was finished with its violent history for a longshot. The ancestors of the current three rulers were meeting in the library of the Neshimanar library when Naomi Orcubline lost herself to maddness. She'd just butchered a world and had come before able to calm down. This sparked her to be irritaive within the meeting. It took only a few choice words before she had formed a blade for each hand and ran it through the skulls of the other two. She left in a murderous rage. As she did though and the recording of meetings was prohibited in the library none knew who started it. Clear minded Orcubline said the others sparked her rage, where Rezemara and Neshimanar pointed fingers at the other.

This would lead to an ongoing war that lasted for many centuries. On the three worlds home to the Order nobody ever could get a serious upperhand. The Rezemara had the factories which could have, howver the factories were not going to drop profits to a third of what they were over a overgrown domestic dispute. So for years and years the lands were soaked in blood rarely would any ground be obtained. Then Neshimanar's ruler Egosla Neshimanar thought up an elaborate plan. Granted an elaborate plan by the Order's standards is typically the equivalent of something more then just charge forward.

Using the cloaking abilities of the rings Egosla snuck himself and sevral others through the back entrance. Straight through the Castle of Rezemara's gates and into the building itself. From there it became a slaughter and display of the rings abilities. The walls portraits and everything else became coated in gore. A grizzly battle ground from the lowest basement to the top of the highest tower. The king of Rezemara by the name of Alevor Rezemara stood at the top in wait. A prolonged battle took place one that would leave the entire room reduced to nothing. Then Egosla swong in ar arch meant to cleave the image of a sun set in two. Alevor dropped in two seperate halfs his burning life essence flowing into the earth. Half the war was over, those of Rezemara were now apart of Neshimanar. There was still however the Orcubline clan, who would strike a fierce blow from left field.

Naomi now the oldest user of the Order came at Egosla's ship as it was comming home. The sea was calm and at this time was still blue in color, the cloudy skies made Egosla look even more like a hero of great valor then his natural pressence from victory gave off. But Naomi was coming in blinding speeds, speeds resserved for space travel. Tides of water tainted with Naomi's blood rose high as many towers washing over the lands. What was more important and shocking however was the target. Orcubline collided with the very vessel belonging to Egosla. The explosive collision is said to have made it rain that day. A crash so grand that even the skies became afraid of Naomi. The war however was not over, not yet.

No Hate Like Vengeance

Aliceraia Neshimanar was next in line for the throne she was an acomplished warrior awaiting to be given her ring. She however pledged she would not obtain it through oath or survival training. No she would become part of the Order by slaying the current oldest. The war began a new with a new vigor that shook the lands of Orcubline. Alice wuld not rest until she was soaked in Naomi's blood. Questing for her fathers killers downfall Alice would take up little more then common ware and the GoreScorch of Nes. Each family line had a GoreScorch among the Melaz. This was a blade forged of blood of the family and forged into a blade. A weapon that could even stab throgh the constructs of a member of the Order. With her families blade she would run the traitor through.

The battles that made up the war was put into overdirve over these years. Almost every part of the sea was a naval battle littering the bottom of Tamut with the corpses of many boats. In time the fight came to wash over the lands soaking them in crimson. Fight upon fight no matter the injuries Alice sustained she would not let Naomi push her back. Regardless of what was thrown at her all those under Neshimanar would push through. The clans under Rezemara would push onward along with them now apart of Neshimanar. Outnumbered the Orcubline was pushed back untill the walls of their castle was being stained in their blood. Vengeance drove even past those mighty walls and brought the grounds down.

With no fortress or home Naomi had no place to run, with the ring speaking to her there was no lust to run. The final battle had begun at long last the war was coming into its climax. As the grounds started to cave in by the weight of ruin and death Naomi and Alice stood in a pool of blood. Each step swished through merky crimson all others were now dead on this field. Someone here, one of these two had to die. And from all points of view Naomi had it and the fight supported this sentiment. Alice was practically a ragdoll unto the circumstance. One thing was forgotten however, Alice beared more hate. Anger fueld her, violence the intoxication, death the reward she sought every day. As the tong of Naomi rolled of word of suppremacy the GoreScorch of Nesimanar stabbed into the sternum. A strong pull and the body was pulled into two the slam reducing skull to jellatonous mess. The way chunks of Naomi's traitorous head made Alice think of bath toys it was such a pleasing thing to her.

Moving Onward

Alice was to be crowned and inducted to the Order following the death of Naomi. For the past sevral centuries she has led the order through slaughters of many planets and races throughout the galaxy. The order Consists now mostly of warriors who have lost all virtue and plain psychopaths. Considered a blight on the galaxy by most anyone not located around the sun Novax. However the destruction of mortals is not enough, soon the Order has decided it will be time to target the other Orders. The Berserkers will not stop until the sea of space is like that of their homeworld,


  • Standard stuff
  • Remember that if your a Crimson you want to be a murderous fiend and this is your home. If not of the Order you probably want your run ins with them far from here.
  • You can have other adventures here outside of the planets it was just they're more important to the thread.
  • If you make up a planet or perhaps a species on Pagore tell me. Will make a codex below to keep that info around for you and others.
  • Break sht, just not all of it. Important places(Castle Valley and Battery primarily) should receive little damage and the world shouldn't be blown up. Other than that go ahead.
  • Sell, if your a Crimson your going to be tougher here then likely anywhere. On the otherside attacking these planets should be a bit challenging. Fyrant would all want to rip you apart if not of the order.
  • Have fun, rules are just to keep the place intact because nobody else will welcome these lunatics ;)
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