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Seven years had past since the war, For Ryan Caller those were seven years of torment as he rotted in jail at the hands of editman. He had been the result of research gone wrong and swore on his life that he would kill him,and destroy everything he stood for. HE watched editman give his speech during the war to the UN on how they should fund for the Initiative. Editman's words caused Ryan sickness. 

1 week later
"you! prisoner..your free to go!" the guard had said to ryan he put on his blue jeans,his fresh white jay's and his fresh white t shirt. he had a long walk home, he was pretty sure that his family would'nt allow him to return to the house so he selpt at a local shelter. "would you like some soup?" a young women asked him he could'nt do anything but shake his head no. she then eyed him very weirdly and decided to ask him you seem like a good man,why dont you come with me Ryan could'nt believe it he had sat in the car thinking about nothing other then the slaughtering of editman. The car rolled up to a nice sized house. she continued to smile at ryan as he made his way into the house.
Thank you for allowing me to stay here. he said. he turned around as was met with a kiss..suddenly the world to him ceased and he would'nt remember anything until the morning. he turned over in bed wha..the hell the women said to him clothing herself up  you hunrgy? she said as ryan shook his head no. then a special news bulletin appeared on the TV. editman had been savng the city from a robotic spider. 

One hour Later

Ryan was in the city, and like he planned editman was answering questions of the reporters. Ryan wasted no time using the magnetism he was cursed with a picked up a car hurling it at editman. the car knocked editman into a wall. he reemerged and Ryan tackled him. just wailing on his face beating him to a pulp. finally kicked ryan off of him but,it was to late  he had taken so much damage to the head he would die...soon. but he continued to fight. He shot his repulsor ray at ryan knocking him into a bus. The citizens where running everywhere and there was a news reporter reporting. finally Ryan used his duplication technique to beat editman from every direction. AS editman dropped beaten and unable to get up. Ryan yelled in victory.

He looked around as everyone was looking at him in disbelief...a regular human...had killed the invincible editman....

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sha rolled over in her bed. and sat on the end of it.she looked down at her cheerleader shorts then she yawned and streched. and went into the bathroom to brush her teeth. it tasted very funny JASMINE HAVE YOU BEEN USING MY TOOTHBRUSH AGAIN! she yelled throwing her toothbrush into the trash. she combed her hair.  nshe went around the house waking up  everyone. FERAL,AR,Cassie,TAKI,PRIMA Phoenix! she didnt bother to call LADY MANi because she was on another misson as well as celestrion and madgna.

she knew none of them would get out of bed when she did it especially feral who slept like a Dead opussum. she then did her streching excersises. SHe went over to the table and continued to fill out paperwork on Phoenix girl and Prima. She then went on the third floor where the dining area was and took out a box of honeynut cheerios.and began eating. She turned on the T.V and saw that there was someone who was attacking the city. WOW,he even beat editman.sha said she quickly ran up the steps and went into the uniform room.

it was in thhis room that The whole love team's uniforms where. from sha's super sha uniform to her dark sha uniform was housed in this room. she put on her red and blue super sha outfit and was ready to take off in flight. she turned around to see Tiffinay timothy's assistant. if anyone else follows tell them to use the team jet. sha flew out the window on her way to the vine city. As she came upon a man with his hand raised into the air. she landed infront of him and prepared to confront him.
ALright you time to take you in. sha looked down at the horrible sight of the dead editman, she then looked at her MOBB deep tattto which gave her jurisdiction to take out a crimnal by any means nessisary. when the LOVE tatttoed advocates Justice. SHe would decide what course of action to take as the action unfolded.

She charged at the man with her fist cocked behind her head.

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Stephanie laid on her bed, her arms stretched out on both sides and her left leg flopping off the side of it. She was snoring with her mouth hanging open wide as she drooled all over her pillow. One thing that everyone knew in the LOVE building was that trying to wake her up in the morning was almost near to impossible. The only way to guarantee her to wake up was to have a plate of cookies set out and ready for her. But of course no one did that, or didn’t do that, until Timothy got assistance by the name of Tiffany.

The young woman walked into Nova’s room and set the cookies on the night stand next to Nova’s bed and backed away slowly as she made her way back out. Within ten seconds Nova’s eyes burst open as she sat up with a smile on her face. She yawned as she stretched out her arms and reached above her head. She then looked down at the cookies and grabbed one as she then took a bite. The cookies were made just fresh from that morning, and they were chocolate chip with peanut butter chunks inside.

“HHHHHhmmmmmmmm.” Was all that came out of Nova’s mouth as she shift her body so that her feet were now dangling off the side of the bed. She scratched her left leg that was covered in her dark blue baggy sleeping pants and wearing a short sleeved red shirt that went down to her knee that said ‘Fire Goddess.’ A shirt that NeVann got for her not too long ago. She then stood up from her bed and shuffled her way to the bathroom were she reached down for her toothbrush only to find it missing. She looked around as she then found it in the trashcan.

“HEY!” She blurted out as she picked it up and turned on the water. She made the water as hot as she could as she ran her toothbrush under it. After about five minutes she pulled it out and placed her Colgate toothpaste on it. She then brushed her teeth as she made little circles around each tooth and gum line. Four minutes later she spat the gunk out of her mouth, rinsed it out and then washed her face and brushed out her hair before she pulled her brown hair back into a ponytail. Nova yawned as she walked out of the bathroom and around the LOVE HQ, to her surprise everyone was still asleep, with the exception of Sha, she was always the first one up. “Crazy Ninjan people….” Nova said as she walked over to the kitchen, she opened the refrigerator door and pulled out a gallon of chocolate milk. Nova smiled as she then grabbed a poptart from the counter and walked over to the couch as she jumped over it and landed on it, sitting down. She turned on the TV to see the news on.


“EW BORING!” She yelled out as she then took a swig of her chocolate milk and changed the channel only to have it shoot back to the news. “Aww man, Sha set the channel, AGAIN!” Nova yelled out as she tossed the remote to the side and took another huge sip of her milk as she walked over to the kitchen to put the rest of her milk away. Before she put it back she heard a reporter yelling out in fear.


“This is Reporter Becky Ramero reporting to you live from down town. As you can see, a mysterious man has taken down Editman, I repeat, the super hero that protected this city, known as Editman, is down. From the looks of it, he’s no getting up any time soon.”


“HOLY CRAP!” She yelled out as she shoved the milk back in the refrigerator and ran down across the room and to the dressing room. In here all of the girls ‘fighting’ outfits were. She yawned as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes as her hands grabbed a hold of a black t-shirt, black pants, a long blood red trench coat, with black toe steel boots. Within two minutes she was all dressed up. She then pressed a button behind were her uniform was. The wall parted as her sword that NeVann gave her, The Honoo Tachi. She picked up the sword and slid it in a hidden pocket inside her coat as she then made her way to the launching pad, there Tiffinay stood as if waiting for the young fire starter.

“Miss Sha told me to tell you that you have to use the team Jet.” She said as she held the keys to the jet in her hands and tried to give them to Nova.

Nova’s hand quickly pulled away. “I don’t drive, I can fly.” She said with a smile as she then burst into flames and flew out of the building and into the sky. Her flames danced around her body as she flew across the city, leaving a trail of fire behind her five feet. She then saw Sha charge at a man with her fist cocked behind her head.

“Wow, she don’t mess around!” She said as she was ten feet away from the ground and right above the man who took down Editman she put out her fire, this caused her to free fall down back to the earth. As this happened she pulled out her sword in one swift movement and when she was only four feet away she swung her sword down, trying to get he mans right shoulder, and cut it clean off. As she landed on the ground, the earth shook from the force of impact as she then took a quick jump back and got into a defensive fighting stance, her sword held firmly with both hands as she focused on the man at hand.


“Leave now buddy, or continue to feel the wrath of LOVE!” Nova said with her famous smirk on her face.

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Kat was sitting inside the café that held the L.O.V.E HQ forty feet below. She was sitting upon a stool at the counter while sipping her tea that she always had, every morning when she was hanging around L.O.V.E. It seemed like a normal day, it was sunny, warm, no clouds, people walked in happily and talking with others they came in with. She was here at about five in the morning because she couldn’t sleep, she hadn’t been able to get a full nights rest for about month now, because of nightmares that kept recurring in her sleep. Nightmares of two evil men who came to the city and began to rain terror and destruction everywhere they went, and the fall of a hero. She couldn’t tell who the two men were or who the fallen hero was, but she knew that something was going to happen, and it was going to happen soon. Just then the woman behind the counter turned up the TV as a news reporter was then heard.

“This is Reporter Becky Ramero reporting to you live from down town. As you can see, a mysterious man has taken down Editman, I repeat, the super hero that protected this city, known as Editman, is down. From the looks of it, he’s no getting up any time soon.”

Kats eyes widen in fear, THIS is what her dreams were telling her. She quickly stood up as she pulled out some cash from her back pocket and placed it on the counter. “Keep the change.” Kat then turned around and head for the back of the store, she looked around to make sure the cost was clear. When she made sure it was she then took a deep breath and closed her eyes. In a blink of an eye she was gone, and a split second later she was now standing inside of L.O.V.E, without another thought she ran to the TV to see the news still on.

“Look in the sky, it’s a hero!” The reporter shouted in joy as a clip of Sha was seen landing on the ground. “It seems as if Editman had friends ready to take over for him if anything happened to him.” She said as she then looked back up at the sky in back of the cameraman. She pointed up as the camera turned to spot a girl with flames around her body. It was none other than Feral Nova.

“Nova even beat me to the battle? Man, I’m behind.” Kat said to herself, as she was about to run off, until she heard the reporter once more.

“Oh look, it seems to be yet another hero!” She shouted with joy as the cameraman looked up at man who was hovering above the ground. Kat never saw this man before, and with that smile on his face, he didnt look much like a hero. His hands suddenly began to glow white, and looked as if he was aiming at the reporters.

“No!” Kat yelled as the man then took off his coat and smiled as he began to fire beams of solid light at the reporters. Before the reporter could say anything the signal went off. Without another word Kat took off to the back room were another woman was standing, Tiffany, Toms new assistance. Tiffany smiled at her as she tried to hand Kat the keys to the team jet.

“Sha said for one of you to take the jet.” She said with a smile.

Kat looked down at the keys and then back at Tiffany with a smile. “Sorry but I teleport.” Kat said as she continued to make her way to the changing room. In the room all of the members outfits were there, all but hers. She didn’t get to put on her outfit like the other girls did. Kat then lift up her left hand as she began to charge it with electricity, her hand glowing brightly as the sparks started to jump from her hand. Not another second later she clapped her hands hard, this made a popping noise and a bright flash of light to engulf the room. When the light faded Angelic Reaper was now standing in place of Kat. She then took a deep breath and closed her eyes, then she was gone.

Angelic Reaper then appeared about twenty feet above the battle and about fifteen feet above the man who killed the reporters. She looked to the side to see Sha and Nova already making attacks on the man who killed Editman, so she figured two on one would be enough as she then turned her attention back to the man who was wearing black and red. Without a second though Angel threw her right hand above her head as she then looked up to the sky, she could feel the warmth of the suns rays land upon her face, but within seconds the sky started to form clouds around them, not just any clouds but thunderclouds, as they swirled right above Angel. The sky darkened slightly from the clouds that now covered the sky, she knew that the weatherman was going to be upset with her again because of this, but if he wanted a city to report the weather to, she was sure he wouldn’t mind. Thunder was then heard from the distance, coming closer and closer with every second, then the sky grew silent. Without warning a burst of lighting smashed into Angel’s right hand and took the form of her demonic scythe. Angel took the glowing scythe firmly into her hands as she slowly brought it down in front of her. She then looked down at the man and held her scythe with both her hands; still in the air she the air.

Angel didn't want to make the first move; she wanted to give the man a chance to give up. So instead of trying to go for the kill at that moment, she teleported about six feet in front of him, her eyes locked onto his as the two floated in the air for a moment. "Even though you killed all of those reporters, I am here to give you a chance to give up right now, while you still have a chance." She said as she continued to keep her eyes locked onto his to show she wasn't kidding around. Even though she was only talking with the man she was still in a defensive stance, just in case he would try and attack her first.

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AHHH cassie yawned waking up the the ridculously loud noise of sha. i'm up already! she said as she made a dash for the bathroom only to have feral nova beat her to the bathroom. cassie decided to eat first. she continued to eat her oatmeal that tiffinay had prepared for her until a news bulletin came on the Tv screen. “This is Reporter Becky Ramero reporting to you live from down town. As you can see, a mysterious man has taken down Editman, I repeat, the super hero that protected this city, known as Editman, is down. From the looks of it, he’s no getting up any time soon.
cassie let out a scream. EDITMAN!!! she ran to the launch pad still in her underwear only to see angelic reaper teleport. Tiffiany told her to get dressed and be prepared to fight. Cassie Ran up the steps and placed on her leggings.She then returned down stairs and went into the room where there outfit's lay. she placed on her athenain gear and tied her ribbon in the back.

she ran back to the launch pad where she was met by a LOVE scientist and tiffany. They presented her with a new sword. here you go young cassandra,your new lillia sword and sheild cassie tookk the blade and thanked him for it she then made it her duty to make sure he did not call her cassandra again. cassie looked at another tv and saw more news coverage.
“Look in the sky, it’s a hero!”

cassie new that it was one of LOVES daughters. NOVA,SHA,and Angelic Reaper. Cassie had a thought to wake up Jasmine cole, but that thought was broken when tiffany said “Sha said for one of you to take the jet.” Sorry but i was born in 6 B.C i dont know how to operate a jet.cassie said leaping off the high launch pad. with her  body in a cross like pattern. she had her sword in one had with her sheild in another. She landed on the ground and took off running the direction of the city.
23 miles she ran,she ran into a crowd that was running at her.

They were screaming no noubt they were petrifyed Cassie saw from afar to figures. one man who looked as if he was an excelled street fighter. the other looked like an assasin. she saw nova coming down with a strike at the Street fighter looking guy's arm and sha charge with her fist. she glanced over to see the reporters the man had killed and then at him and AR. she decided to go for the first iniatial threat. she ran over full speed at sha, she jumped off her shoulder with her sheild presented at him,and her sword cocked behind her head. she was attemepting to hit him with her sheild and finsh him off with a stab to the stomach.

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JASMINE HAVE YOU BEEN USING MY TOOTHBRUSH AGAIN! was what she awoke to she got out of bed as she looked down and saw that she was wearing feral's underwear. oh well she stepped on her pet sandwhich and cut her way through the vines that grew in her room. it was something like a jungle. in her room she had heared the hisses and growls of jungle animals. she came out the door as the only LOve member in the house..this pissed her off. none of her "friends had bothered to wake her up" she could smell that feral,and sha had been in the bathroom.she could even smell the dirt on cassie seeing as though she was the only one who had not entered the bathroom.

jasmine went into the bathroom and began taking her shower. when she got out she saw that ,some one had eaten all the cereal. SHAAAAAA!!!! damn it!. jasmine then noticed sha had set the TV station to the news again.NO saturday morning cartoons! no
“This is Reporter Becky Ramero reporting to you live from down town. As you can see, a mysterious man has taken down Editman, I repeat, the super hero that protected this city, known as Editman, is down. From the looks of it, he’s no getting up any time soon.

jasmine began to think now about where everybody had gone. she placed on her LOVE uniform,then went to the launch pad. “Sha said for one of you to take the jet.” jasmine turned her head with he teeth gritting and her eyes a hot red. do i look like i need a jet! she said pushing tiffinay to the ground. she then jumped off the launch pad and as soon as the sun hit her eyes,they disappered. soon her hearing heightend she was about 17 feet above the ground and she began swinging toward the city. she jumped on a buliding and began running across them jumping and swining,ducking and rolling over ledges.

She then was high above the crime scence. she could sense a temperature change as well as here thunderclouds. she felt feral charging at editman's killer so  quickly slingshotted her self of the bulding and attempted to kick feral while shooting web at sha and cassie to knock them off the man's path she stuck to the side of the wall and then said loudly.

hello girls!
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Ryan saw the people pointing and cheering, he looked up in the sky to see the one known as sha fly down she looked ravashing: nice hips slim waste..it was a shame that he had to kill her she openly spoke to him ALright you time to take you in.
ryan saw sha charging in, he prepared for her attack, just then he saw another women jump over sha's shoulder and attack him. she saw a nother girl knock a girl with the sword out of the way. as well as shoot web at sha and the other girl. Glancing around her saw that he was not alone there was another man who had attacked a group of reporters . and was now being confronted by the one they called angelic reaper. ryan was about to assult the girls when another being appeared. she froze a nearby wall that the spider lady had landed on. she then created for daggers and flung them at ryan. the first hit him in the neck and once it made  contact it sparked and bounced off as he hit the ground from the minimal pain. he rose to his feet  the other dagger's just bounced off as his totally metallic body was revealed.

YOU FOOLS DO you think your capable to stand up to the might of AZRIAITH!

he created a duplicate of him selve on to fight cassie,while he kept sha at bay. He shoot a small magnetic wave at a huge iron structure and made it fall to the ground below killing more people. Azriaith then attacked sha with hit fist aiming at her fast and punching a her gut trying to knock her through a nearby books a millions.  he used his magnetism and hurled two cars at sha hoping to put an end to her. while the were fighting the local police force opened fire on him. the bullets didnt hurt him at first but as the continued to hit him they did. he fired his photon ray at them and the vaporized as he continued to fight sha.

The clone ran at the atheninan he grabbed a nearby lady and used her as his sheild . he charged cassie with the lady still screaming he used her as his personally sheild. so everytime cassie swung her sword it would hit the lady. the clone finally gave up and through the women at cassie. and raised his hands. the sun diappeared as rain clouds began to form in the sky. RAIN...Rain!!!!! he said as moonsoon like rains came down. from afar the duplicate could see jasmine fighting her teammate...AR with her mind on the new commer and sha in battle with the real Azriaith. His eyes began to glisten with a purple aura he sent a mind wave from himself over to cassie strong. he was trying to control her.

She was young and naive this would be perfect!.

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     Hearing all the rukus being exchanged in the house, Prima the newest member to L.O.V.E. , reluntantly opened  her eyes.  Stretching in a most cat like fashion, she quickly rose and made her way towards the bathroom.  Living with so many girls, one of the first things you learn is how crucial bathroom time really is.  Quickly, she took a shower, brushed her teeth, washed face, and brushed her hair up into a messy bun.  After promptly dressing, Prima walked into the kitchen.  
         "What the hell? Does anybody know how to save cereal? Most of all,  Where is everybody?"
       "Folks, we have been covering this story for the last 30 min.   Editman, our city's protecter has been hit.  Six girls and one man have arrived at the scene.   All of them with super ablities," stated the frazzled reporter from the tv.
       In a rush, Prima ran to see the t.v.   It quickly flashed to an obvious villian's face going head on with Sha.
       "Crap! Editman!   All the girls are already down there.  Double Crap! I know I'm new, but wow am i late or what."  exclaimed  Prima.

     In a moments notice,  she speed to the outfits room.   Prima changed into her outfit: a silver and blue leotard with element changing abilities and knee high green boots.    A gold belt quickly formed around her waste with a firmly attached red pouch.  Bolting through the outfit room doors, she ran into Tiffany. 

    "One of you is to take the jet.  Seeing as how your the only one left, I beleive that person just might be you.," said Tiffany in chattering voice.

   "I would say something funny and or witty, but I got nothing and no time.  Your answer is no.  Also,  you should rest. It sounds like your coming down with a cold," uttered Prima as she ran to the door.  

    As soon as her feet hit the pavement,  Prima wasted no time changing into wind form.   With great speed and dexterity, she set out to the scene.   Arriving, Prima quickly noted her surroundings.  There seemed to be two of one man.   One was occupied with Sha the other with with Cassie.  One of the duplicates looked strangley focused on Angelic Reaper.   Seeing his intent gaze it was obvious, he was the real one and he was doing some mind trick.  Frigid stopped briefly to say something to JC.  Judging by JC's actions,  She wan't with the team today.   Looking up, A huge powerful flame went through the sky.   Feral Nova, no doubt.  One more quick glance revealed,  Angelic Reaper hovering in the air with a large man in red and black.  Judging by his stance, he was not good and was set on killing.   All of a sudden the sky began to roar,  producing thick mamoth sized black clouds.  Knowing what was happening Prima quickly changed to Water form; leaving her in her uniform again with bluish transparent skin.

" I would back away now.  You are dealing with Angelic Reaper, and what she is about to unleash is what i call fury.   This should be fun," spitted out Prima.

Moving fast ,she rose above both the man and AR.   With her right hand balled in a fist pointed upward, Prima threw up in the air a rush of water.   Flying to the side, She took her left and shot up yellow shots into the wave.    Briskly, she held her right hand in the air, suspending the huge mass of water in the sky.  Carrying her body behind the man.   She brought down her right fist towards the man sending a forceful rush of water towards him.

"Hey Reaper.  I might not know electricity, but if i recall science right.   Water and electricity don't mix," Prima through out as she took her body and positioned it behind Angelic Reaper.

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Sha had looked around as the temperature changed and feral nova came,she was followed by AR and cassie. The corner of sha's eye caught an attack on reporters. she turned around and there was a mysterious man. she gritted her teeth with the intent on attacking him but remembered Editman's killer. As she went in for the attack she saw nova on the attack but was knocked to the side by jasmine cole. a love member who really acts on her own accord. since timothy's absence she's been really evil.
Jasmine what the hell are you doing! she said she felt a foot on her shoulder,she looked to the left and saw the very young but fierce Cassie strong leaping into action but the web shot by jasmine looked to have knocked her off course. Sha looked and saw an unlikey member of there team....frigid she could'nt believe it FRiGid i forgot you were even on this team..nice to have you around.

FERAL help AR!, ME and Cassie will take this guy, sha looked over at frigid How you holding out over there!

sha watched the man take damage that frigid had given him...it suddenly occured to sha  that this man was made of some type of metal.

YOU FOOLS DO you think your capable to stand up to the might of AZRIAITH! "so that's your name"sha said. suddenly he split into two sha looked in horror as now things became more complicated. The duplicate fought cassie while the real man now know as azriaith faced off against Sha. she heared a loud screechy metal sound,she turned around and saw a huge metal infastrure fall on a group of people. sha looked with anger in her eyes. she turned back to azriaith and was hit in the face . she flew back into a wall as some of the bricks fell hitting her in the head,he then punched her in the gut and she left out a big blob of spit as she was knocked into a nearby books a million bookstore. she heared some screeching and the gun fire,from inside the store she saw a huge light and then the guns stopped. she emered from a hole and was met by huge cars the both knocked her back sha was taking a beating at the hands of this new foe. but she went on the offensive she quickly ran up to azriaith and tried to throw him into a 18 wheeler. she then attempted to spear him to the ground punching him in the face. afterwards sha looked over and saw that prima had arrived..she was there newest member and she didnt want anything to happen to her while timothy wasn't around.

sha looked over at cassie and saw that the duplicate was using sometype of trance. then she saw azariaith had brung the moonsoon rains and soon the city would be flooded. Sha didnt want to call for a retret she wanted to fight a little while longer.
she attempted to shoot the blast at the duplicate AZ but was hit. what ever he was doing to cassie sha didnt like it one bit.

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Right when Nova was about to slice through the arm of Editman’s killer she felt a force ram into her side, sending her flying off to the side and smashing into a light post and landing on the ground. Nova quickly stood back up, her sword in her hand as she turned to see JC sticking on a building.

“Hello girls.”

“JC?” Nova blinked a few times as she then smiled. “JC!” Nova skipped over to her until she heard Sha’s voice.

“Jasmine what the hell are you doing!” Voice raced through the air.

 Nova then remembered that something did it her, more like kicked her. She then looked up at JC with a confused look on her face. “JC, dude, did you just attack us?” Nova then saw as Frigid came almost skating in. She stood in front of the building and freezing it in attempt to make JC slip and fall.

“Frigid?!” Nova blurted out as she took a couple of steps back, she then held out her sword pointing it at Frigid as she then watched as Frigid attack Editman’s killer and then formed a sword in her hand and point it at JC.

 “So are you with us, or with them?” was what Frigid said as she then locked eyes with JC.

“Wait… your fighting WITH us?” Nova asked as she lowered her sword in confusion. “NOTHING MAKES SENSE ANYMORE!” Nova then turned back around and started to walk off from the two as she then heard another voice.

“YOU FOOLS DO you think your capable to stand up to the might of AZRIAITH!” The man who killed Editman yelled out.

“Aziaith… isn’t that what Raven say’s when she’s using her powers or something like that?” Nova asked herself as she looked down at her blade. “Its shiny” She smiled as she then heard Sha’s voice once more.

“FERAL” Sha shouted out as Nova’s head then shot up.

“Yeah Cap?” Nova smiled.

“Help AR!, ME and Cassie will take this guy.” Sha said she then began her fight with Azriaith.

“Okey dokey!” Nova said as she turned her body to face her new opponent. A man she had no idea who it was. She then lit her body on fire once more and held her sword firmly in her hand as she then felt a massive wave of water smash into her body. “What the hell?!” Nova blurted out as HUGE balls of rain came pouring down the city. Nova then rose her fire temperature and took flight into the air. She then shot out streams of fire across the sky, causing the majority of the rain to dry out before hitting the ground. Nova then looked flew down at the man wearing red and black and pulled her flaming, mechanical fist back, when she was only two feet away she swung her fist at his face, trying to get a hit. She then spun around him and jerked her sword forward, in attempt to slice through his skin and into his spine. Nova then jumped back as she saw the newest member of the team Primavera arrive at the scene and immediately took side with Angelic Reaper.

" I would back away now.  You are dealing with Angelic Reaper, and what she is about to unleash is what I call fury. This should be fun," Prima said Nova waved her arms around.

"Hello, flaming goddess of awesomeness here, am I worth nothing?" She joked as she watched Prima let out a wae of water at him. "Damn she's good." Nova said as she then took off to the air once more, to avoid being hit accidentally by the water. Nova then landed on the ground and smashed her fist into the earth, casing a massive crater to be made, all the water that was flooding the city was now going into the massive hole. Nova then shot out two fire balls large enough to melt diamonds. one at this face the other at his stomach.Nova's eyes started to glow with determination as her body continued to glow with wild fire.


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As soon as Angel spoke her words the man who was still floating infront of her began to look around, his eyes shifting around to see what was going on. But for Angelic Reaper, she could tell what was going on without having to look around. She was able to sense the spiritual energy of all of her friends. She could sense the young but firce Cassie Strong beam into battle, ready to face anything and anyone head on. To her, Cassie was almost like a younger version of Sha, ready to tackle down anything without a second thought. Next up was Jasmine Cole, she was able to sense her come into the battle, but with a broken spirit, for a while now her spiritual energy became darker, she hoped that Jasmine would be able to fight off the darkness that was fighting within her but from what she was feeling around the area, it didn’t look that way. She could feel Jasmine attack everyone around her and Angel knew that things were going to become more difficult than they already were. Not too long after that she felt an energy that she hadn’t felt for quite some time. The spiritual energy of Frigid, one of the very few villains that were on the L.O.V.E team, when she felt her come into the battle, Angel thought for a moment that she was there to fight against them, only to find that she was there to help her team out, by taking on the challenge of fighting Jasmine. She wasn’t sure if she was experienced enough to take her on by herself, but Angel had to stay positive and have faith in her friends abilities. Shortly after that she could hear a voice boom around all of the fighters. It was the voice of the man who killed Editman.

YOU FOOLS DO you think your capable to stand up to the might of AZRIAITH!” he yelled out with anger and pain. She could sense the pain that was inside him, his soul was broken and worn out to the core.

But during all of this her eyes never moved away from the man floating in front of her. She was still waiting for him make a move, but it was if he was waiting for HER to make the first move. But they both knew she wouldn’t, she didn’t like to make the first move, she liked to see how her opponent would start off in a fight, a warriors first move was always the most important, it showed what kind of fighter a person was. Just then the smell of rain filled her senses. She loved the smell of rain, and she loved the rain itself, it would fell as if the world was being washed clean, clean of all the filth and evil that consumed this world. Only problem was, this rain was rain of that came from amonsoon. As the drops of rain came pouring down upon the fighters Angel still stood her ground, her hair now clinging to her head and her sides of her face down to her neck and caused her close to stick closely to her body.

Just then Nova came out of nowhere, rushing into battle, just what she does best. Nova was her best friend, one that she trusted with everything and anything, but she wished that Nova would think a little more defensively every once in a while. She swung her flaming fist at him, even though it was raining, her fire was still strong enough to withstand the water that fell around them. The punch made contact with him, but like a smart fighter, instead of fighting the punch, he rolled with it, causing less damage to be taken in. Right then Angel saw yet another glimpse of his power, he created a sword made out of light and attempted to smash it into Nova’s body, only to have it clash with her own sword. Angel sighed in relief as she saw this.

Before another second passed by she then felt another wave of spiritual energy rush into the battle, this one was from one of there newest members, Primavera, or Prima for short. But she wasn’t in her physical form, but in her water form. Her being able to control the elements would help much in this battle. Without a second thought Prima shot out a wave of water at the man, it almost seemed to knock some sense into him as he then spun around to face them only to be smashed with yet another wave of water and onto the wall of a building. She then made her way in back of Angelic Reaper.

 "I would back away now.  You are dealing with Angelic Reaper, and what she is about to unleash is what I call fury.” Angel couldn’t help but laugh inside, Prima had so much spunk, she reminded her of Sha and a little bit of Nova. “This should be fun!" she said she unleashed her last attack.

“Hey Reaper.  I might not know electricity, but if i recall science right. Water and electricity don't mix," She heard her speak only loud enough for the two of them to hear.

Angel already had a plan going through her mind about how she could use the water to advantage, and with that she spoke. “Thank you Prima.” Angelic Reaper smiled softly as she kept her foucse on the man before her.

Right when he stood up Angel saw the ground tremble below them, Nova took this time to use her super strength to create a crater to drain most of the water back into the Earth, allowing the flooded city to have some sort of relief. She also saw the man being sucked into the crater. As he came back out she saw the rage building inside him.

“Your dead!” He yelled out as he stood up and by the sound of his voice, he really ment it. Nova was his new target and she knew that he would stop at nothing to fight her now.

Just then Nova shot out balls of fire at him, the man managed to create a light shield around him but the force of impact was so strong that he smashed into the building this time. Right then Angel held fast to her scythe, as she was getting ready to place an attack on him. That is until her eyes widen in almost fear. The psychotic man was now holding onto a child, one that was not even a year old.

"Lower your weapon, Reaper. Or the Baby will get more than a sunburn." He said coldly as he held the child in front of him.

Angelic Reapers jaw tightened, as her hands wrapped around her scythe tightly to the point were they were shaking. She then watched as he turned to Nova.

"I will destroy you, Cyborg. Come and let me make your end swift. Choose quickly, Nova, I don't think I can hold him for much longer." He said as he dangled the child in his hands.

He then looked over at Angelic Reaper and Prima once more as he then created a sword of light and pointed it at the both of them."If you interfere with our fight, you'll have a little soul to usher into the afterlife, Reaper."

Angel made an almost a growl like sound from the back of her throat as her eyes slowly began to darken and narrow at him. Not even her sworn enemy ArchDevil would sink so low as to use a child to get her to stop fighting. She watched as he then jumped to the area were the dead reporters were and sliced off there heads in one swift move as he then tossed blood at Nova.

"Draw your sword, Cyborg, or I swear I'll crush this baby's skull." He said coldly.

She then looked down at the ground and saw that even though Nova drained most of the water from the city, the ground still had about an inch of water around it. Angel’s mind then light up as she remembered what Prima said she smiled inside as she then looked over at Nova and waited for her to look over at her. When she did Angel made sure the man wasn’t looking at her as she then nod her head at her, to show her to follow her lead. Angel had a plan, and if it didn’t work, the small infant would die.

Angel slowly made her way down to the ground, as she did then knelt down on one knee, not moving her eyes from the man as she slowly lowered her scythe. Her eyes still dark she began to place the scythe on the ground to the right of her. She then spoke to Prima, only loud enough for the two of them to hear.

“Prima, whatever you do, do NOT touch my scythe.” She said forcefully. This wasn’t because she didn’t trust Prima with it, it was because anyone else who would try to whiled her scythe would automatically have their soul be sucked into it, causing them to die instantly. This was done so that no one would be able to use her own weapon against her.

As soon as her fingers touched the water she sent a massive wave of electricity towards the man through the water, it was moving so fast that it was unable to be seen by the naked eye, not even Angel herself could see it, just feel it. Using her master skills of being able to control electric she controlled it so that when it would hit him it would only cause damage to HIM and NOT the child he was holding. As soon as her attack left her fingers she was gone in a blink of an eye, not even a split second later she was behind the man and had her right fist already pulled back with electricity surrounding it as she then shot out her hand and attempted to smash her electric attack at his occipital lobe, in the back of his head. If this would work it would cause him to lose his eye sight for the remainder of the battle. She hoped that with the electric attacks she unleashed upon him, it would cause him to drop the child, thats were she hoped Nova would come in and catch the infant if things went as planned. She then reached out her left hand as her scythe disappeared from the spot she left it and back into her hand as she then swung it upward ward diagonally at him, trying to slice through his suit and skin and into his vertebra to cause him to become paralyzed and end the battle with him. She then jumped back into the air about seven feet away and ten feet high and got into a defensive stance, the entire time never leaving her eye sight from him.
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Cassie was now in mid air ready to deliver a strike to azariaith but something fast as lightiening interfered before cassie new it she had web strapped to her forearm and it launched her over the target. she flipped in the air and smashed into the ground with the force of a train, on her back. she slowly got up showing pains in her back. suddenly she felt moisture on her head. she had not noticed that the sky had turned gray and soon a torrental down pour of rain occured. Cassie looked around to see AR,Prima,and feral locked in combat with another man. Two love members fridgid and jasmine cole going at it. she then turned to see her mentor sha having a bit of trouble with the guy who loudly proclaimed himself as Azriaith.

Cassie's hair had been tottally wet and it went from a bright blonde to a dark blonde. vision was scarce she could'nt see her opponent. she relized that the other members of love had experience even though she had been alive longer than ,most of them. They were using god given powers while her powers were used through her sword.

Cassie could see a figure running towards her she turned for a quick moment in time to see sha get knocked through a nearby book store. and the police pulled and was vaporized by azriaith. The dupe azriath held a wowmen in his hand cassid did not want to strike him in fear of hitting the lady. she danced around in a circle on the balls of her feet higly alert swaying from left to right,if someone saw her they would swear she was jumping. suddenly the clone was looking around he then began to glare at cassie strong his eyes became purple and it seemed like someone had lit a fuse in cassie's head.

her eyes turned black she dropped her sword and sheild the hit the ground with a loud clank! Cassie had dropped to her knees grabbing her head she began to rock back and forth. EVEn though she did have years on the whole team she looked to be about 16 years old. she threw her body into a nearby car and caused a great dent trying to make the wave that sounded like a loud siren on her brain stop. finally she placed her hands on the ground one on her sword['s hilt and another on her sheilds dorsal side.
she was haunched over with her head hanging low.

She lifted up her head and pushed back her head her eyes were black as the night. She had her sword and sheild firmly in hand. and charged straight for the newest member of LOVE,prima. Cassie was used to running so she ran rather quickly  she had been poessed by some type of spirit and ran with agression. she did backflips over cars. kicked two or three of them out of the way. she then redirected paths a few feet away from primia and headed straight for frigid and jasmine cole. she quitetly ran with the speed of a cheetah and tried to kick frigid right into the wall face first she then tried to run up her back and smack jasmine cole with her  sheild.
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jasmine had knocked feral out of the way of editman's killer. she also was able to throw knock cassie strong on the ground on her back,like she wasnt use to it. jasmine had landed on a wall to the far side of the street. she glanced around and saw her "friends"  sha and cassie fighting editman's killer. she then saw AR confronting a eye who just killed a few reporters. Jasmine started to attack him when. a women apparantly skated across the street and touched the wall she had been crawling on the ice slowly made it's way up the wall,Jasmine's spider-sense went off but not in time she lost her treading and fell face up to the ground.

using her quick spider ablities she quickly tried to leg sweep fridgid. knocking her to the ground. BOOM! jasmine turned around and saw a metal structure fall on some people. BRGS! she turned again to see sha knocked through a bookstore. she heared aloud wirring sound and the police showed up. only to be vaporized in seconds by editman's killer.YOU FOOLS DO you think your capable to stand up to the might of AZRIAITH! . jasmine thought his name was funny but she decided to keep doing what she was doing.

Then it began to rain, and jasmine was getting fed up with all the weather changes. Jasmine can make out cassie in he rain she prepares to shoot her web at her when cassie fell to her knees. Jasmine watched her seem to go through some type of change she then took off like a bullet with her sword and sheild in hand towards AR,feral and the new girl. jasmine was focused back on fridgid. suddenly jasmine's spider sense went off and before she looked up Cassie had smacked her in the face with her sheild. jasmine held her head and fell to the ground below. 

This made her angry. you.....bitch! jasmine got angry as she crouched in her spider postion and released three souls Morning Dew,Twilight,and Nightshade. with jasmine as person number four.
she sent Nightshade and morning dew to tag team frigid. while twilight and herself dealt with cassie strong.

Night shade had shot web at frigid jumping over her back and forth attempting to slap her in the head each time to anger her. Nightshade created a dark sheild around her self so she would be protected from fridgid's ice attacks.
AWWW look who it is it's fridgid the LOVE member no one gives a damn about! nightshade said as her jumped with her legs in the air and began spinning trying to kick her with each rotation. she shot webb trying to whip fridgid's legs.
nightshade's web was about as think a bamboo. she wasnt concerned about fridgid freezing her webb because it had darkness in it. Nightshade then loudly yelled so that everyone could hear her.
IT's time to show you whY i'm truly love's strongest member! nightshade shot a ray at the metal structure and like something out of a horror movie. the people the man AR was confronting had killed suddenly came to life.
Nightshade then yelled to them. Attack her my dead army REBORN!.

Morning dew was flying above them shooting dark rays at fridgid. she knew that night shade had her on the ground and she could taker her from the air.  she fired a huge web ball at fridgid it was as about as wide as a human head but there were many of them. after nightd=shade had rose the dead army morning dew had teamed with nightshade to fight frridgid  on the ground. morning dew attacked from the back and nightshade attacked from the front. shooting web and dark blast at her each from a 20 meter distance.

mean while.

jasmine and twilight were both attacking Cassie they were using there spider acrobatics to get the best of the warrior that could'nt fly. jasmine swung across from one building to another. shooting web at cassie' to make her lose focuse while twilight would attack by kicking at her face finally jasmine and twilight ran towards the man AR and the other's were confronting.
Jasmine and twilight both lept into the air and shot web trying to get it around cassie's arm dragging her towards. the new man.
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Frigid smirked to herself as Jasmine fell from the building and onto the ground. She knew she had a huge challenge before her but she wasn’t about to back down, she knew that she had to help out her team in any means possible, even if it meant taking on one of there own. As soon as Jasmine fell to the ground she then did a quick leg sweep, trying to take down Frigid down. She laughed as she did a back flip over the sweep, before landing on the ground she stuck out her left hand and made a pillar of ice that she stood upon. Within only a matter of seconds chaos broke out. Sha and Cassie took off to attack the man known as Azriaith while Nova took off to aid Angelic Reaper. Just then she heard a familiar voice behind her.

“Frigid I forgot you were even on this team..nice to have you around.” Sha yelled out.

Frigid sighed as she rolled her eyes, “Wow, thanks oh fearless leader.” This wasn’t the first time she was forgotten and she knew it wouldn’t be the last. Then rain started to pour down upon all the fighters, this made Frigid smile, water was one of the things she would be able to work with in this fight. As the rain made it hard to see Jasmine it almost seemed as if it wasn’t effecting her as much. She suddenly felt a wave of pain smash into the back of her head, the force was so strong it sent her flying into a building face first. Frigid pulled herself up from the building and turned to see the young looking fighter Cassie then let out an attack at Jasmine Cole. Frigid then looked at Cassie again, to see that her eyes were empty, and lost.

“Mind control.” Frigid said to herself as she then heard Jasmine yell out in anger.

“You.....bitch!” She heard her yell out. Bitter and angry at the fact that Cassie got a hit on her. Before Frigid could do anything else Jasmine suddenly released what looked like three souls from herself and took physical forms. Two of the three decided to tag team with Frigid while the other two took off to deal with Cassie. Frigid’s eyes became focused as she watched the two women approached her. She smiled to herself as she twirled her sword in her hand a couple of times as Nightshade shot some web at Frigid, with a flick of her wrist Frigid snapped up her sword and blocked the attack as the fighter then began to jump back and forth, over her. She managed to slap Frigid around a couple of times, and Frigid became pissed. Frigid then stumbled back avoiding the last rounds of attack on her as she saw a dark shield be formed around Nightshade.

“AWWW look who it is, it’s Frigid, the LOVE member no one gives a damn about!” She heard Nightshade say as she then jumped up, her legs spun as if trying to kick her. Frigid smiled as she spun around the attack, only feel web get shot at her legs, smashing into them. Frigid would have felt the pain, if it wouldn’t have been for her armor that she created. She knew this was going to be tough.

“How are you holding out over there!” Sha asked Frigid. Frigid knew she was getting her butt handed to her, but she couldn’t let Sha know it. “Fine, just worry about yourself hero.” Frigid blurted out.

“Its time to show you why I’m truly L.O.V.E’s strongest member!” Nightshade yelled out evilly.

Before Frigid knew it all of the reporters that other man killed came back to life, even the ones with the head cut off. Frigid stumbled back a bit in shock. “What the hell did I get myself into?”

Frigid was so worried about what Nightshade was doing she didn’t even pay attention to the other girl who was to be battling here. Frigid then felt a force smash into her back, Frigid took a couple of steps forward as she turned and looked up at Morning Dew who was flying above her. Just then Morning dew shot out about five huge web balls that were the size of her. Frigid smiled as she then held out her left hand and created another sword of ice, just like the one she had in her right hand. Without a moments hesitation Frigid then swung her right sword upward from the ground, as the tip of her sword grazed the water form the ground and up to the sky the water that was carried to the air suddenly froze and expanded, creating a shield from the ball of webs that came at her. She then spun around and turned to see Morning dew to her back side and Nightshade to her front both on the ground now. “Well this isn’t very fair.” Frigid said as she then knelt down and smashed her hand into the watery ground. Just then the ground around them, froze in place. Frigid stood back up as she shift her feet on the slick ice as she then watched the two fire web and a massive wave of dark blast at her. Frigid then made her left handed sword into a massive shield that covered behind her, were the web was coming from while the dark energy came flying at her. Frigid then shuffled her left foot on the ground and this caused a wall of ice to come up in front of her. But to her amazement the blast broke through the wall and smashed into Frigid and caused her to break through her shield that was behind her. Frigid rolled a couple of times before she grit her teeth and looked back up at the two fighters. “Now I remember why I went evil.” She said as she stood back up. She then absorbed her other sword back into her body as she then created a bo staff.

Frigid twirled it around her body a few times as she then used took off, running on the ice was going to be no problem for her as she then stopped moving her legs and allowed herself to slide the rest of the way till she reached Nightshade. As she approached her Frigid pulled back the staff and swung it at Nightshades neck as she passed by her at the right. She then shifts her weight as she then leaped over Nightshade. While in the air she made a mace and attempted to smash it into her head. Frigid then landed on the ground, her back facing Nightsade as she then spun around and threw a ball of ice at her. But right when the ball was only two feet away Frigid caused the ice to burst into twenty separate daggers, attempting to impale her body.

Frigid then turned her attention to Morning dew, she smirked as she then created a sword from her ice once more. Frigid then took off, using the ice to her advantage to make her move faster. With every second she gained more and more speed until she was only three feet away. Frigid then swung her sword upward at the woman, trying to slice under her chin as she then ducked down and spun to the right of Morning dew, as she was right behind her Frigid quickly got back up as she then sliced horizontally at her neck, trying to slice off the head of the fighter. Frigid then jumped up and above MD as she then attempted to kick her in the back of the head while at the same time attempting to freeze the cerebral fluid inside her head to cause her mind to go into shock and cause her to go into coma for the rest of the battle. As soon as Frigid landed she then smashed her fist into the ground once more. This time the icy ground she knelt on shook violently as an army of frozen warriors came up from the ice. Frigid made them with a sword and shield as they took off after Nightshades undead force. The two groups collided as they both fought fiercely with each other. Until Frigid’s frozen fighters sliced nightsades undead warriors into pieces. Frigid smiled to herself as her frozen fighters stood around her, ready to fight anyone that would come to harm their master.

“This isn’t too hard.” Frigid said to herself.


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PRIMAV3RA was nothing less than on edge.  The need to win burned inside of her.  Being on a team inspires new feelings; when your alone your thought is to protect yourself.  When your on a team, the feelings to protect everyone else overshadow that feeling.  Every once in a while the smallest feeling of fright would wave through her body, but Prima new all to well that that one small feeling could be her downfall.  Prima never had the chance to be guided when she was young.  It wasn't the voice of her parents or childhood friends that kept her going in tough times or provided light in times of darkness.  It was the voice of herself.   Her voice that had learned many hard lessons through rough experiences.  Another wave of fear shot through her as she stood behind Angelic Reaper. 

     " What is FEAR?" She said to herself.  Not feeling anything come to her she simply said. " A f@#$%ing killer."

She laughed quietly to herself.  Laughing was one small treat she afforded herself.  All thoughts of amusement quickly left as she dealt with the present.  Prima watched as Feral punched the ground, producing a massive whole and leakage for all the water.   movements .  Being in water form slightly messed with her hearing, causing her to recieve some comments late.  

" You fools, do you think you are capable to stand up to the might of Azriaith?

" He sounds like one of those new villians who feels the need to let everyone know who he is.  Didn't his mama teach him actions speak louder than words," Prima mumbled to herself.

The villian was now against a building, compliments of her waves.  Looking into his eyes it seemed as if it only fueled an already burning fire.  Prima swiftly looked around her.   She had the feeling that someone else was coming after her.  Angelic Reaper was still intently looking at their opponent.  Feral was looking fine too.  Very cautiously Prima turned around.    Her eyes caught Cassie, this was her first battle too.  Prima didn't know her all that well, but felt as if something wasn't quite right.  Abruptly Cassie dropped her sword and shield,  Prima might not know her well, but she knew that Cassie used her sword and shield alot.

     " What the..........," spoke Prima to herself, but she didnt finish that sentence.  Cassie was on the ground holding her head rocking back and forth.  Fiercely, Cassie through her body into a nearby car.   Before Prima could even think about interfearing, Cassie was up with her shield and her sword in their respectful places.  Cassie turned around and was looking directly at Prima.  Looking into the void darkness of Cassie's eyes PRima knew there was no way Cassie had controle of herself at the moment.  Cassie began to run like the pits of hell were on her heels.  She did graceful flips and yet, the whole time her eyes never left Prima.  Prima took on a defensive stance,  She would not try to harm Cassie, but she sure as hell was not about to get hit.  Cassie's eyes flickered off of Prima at that moment.  She then redirected her path and began to truck towards JC.  Cassie then began to smack JC with her shield.

" Thats so not my fight to mess with ," said Prima.

“Your dead!”yelled their opponent.  He was looking directly at Nova as he said that.    

Quickly returning to the problem she was previously dealing with Prima saw him.  The look in his eyes was something fierce.  He had nothing short of the need to Kill and destroy.  At that moment Prima figured something out.  This fight could not be epic.  Someone has to go.  He would not rest untill he destroyed all of them and everything else.  His determination was something to marvel.  He was missing something though.  His confidence soared high.  His confidence was going to give him great leavrage, but it was going to bring him straight back to where he started.  Feral at that moment chose to fire some fireballs directly at him.   He quiclkly formed a shield of light around him, deflecting most of the hits.  The force of the hits caused him to fly back into a building.  Prima was ready to attack, but someting stopped her.

"I know that sick mofo is not holding a child," she said knowing full well he was holding a child.

She then watched as he turned to Nova.

"I will destroy you, Cyborg. Come and let me make your end swift. Choose quickly, Nova, I don't think I can hold him for much longer." He said as he held the child in his hands.

"If you interfere with our fight, you'll have a little soul to usher into the afterlife, Reaper." he said as he looked at PRima and Reaper.

He tossed some blood of the dead reporters at Feral.  

" Draw your sword Cyborg, or i swear ill crush his skull,' he said powerfully.

Prima looked at Angelic Reaper.  AR was looking at Feral as if devising a plan.  Turning back to Prima she said " What ever you do dont touch my scythe!"

" Of course I won't," PRima replied softly.

Prima knew that regardless of what they did that baby was going to die.  they had to try.  At that moment, Angelic Reaper looked at the ground.  The ground still had a nice amount of water on it.    Touching the water, AR sent a massive wave of electricity towards their opponent.  The electricity was moving so fast it was as if it wasn't even there.  Angelic Reaper than jumped into the air.  PRima knew she had to add to the situation.  The electricity was a long shot, he didnt seem like a villian that was going down easy.  

" You guys, we all have to add to the attack, as good as the electric attack is it wont take him down.  IM going to go add some force to this attack.   Feral remember heat controles energy which is a form of light.   There is nobody I know that can controle heat like you.  Your power will be a big thing to go against him, if you know what to attack.," Prima spoke.

PRima at that moment changed forms into a more watery form.  She now looked completly like water.  All her features were aquatic.  Her outfit transformed with her and was now no where in sight.  If she was to jump into water she would look unnoticable.  With a quickness she flew head first into the water. PRima was very careful not to touch the electricity.  After watching the electricity hit the villian, she flowed towards his leg and grabbed it with her hand.  Being in that water form,  The grab was a feathery touch.  IT would feel as if the water stirred, not like someone has a firm grip on your leg.  She then took her hand holding the leg and pulled towards her.  Prima hoped that someone would be near to help the babies, for she had someone else to take care of.   Splashing up in the air she through up her right hand in the air and brought it down towards him.  With her right hand a huge white mass formed in it.  She through the large mass into the wave.  It was salt.  The salt would be mind blowingly painfull with the force of the wave.  IT would feel as if you were being shot with salt which is very painful.  The salt would also once it hit ground cause the water to evaporate as to not flood the city anymore.  

      Swiftly Prima took on wind form.  She was bearly noticable.  All you could see was a small silvery swish and the sound of the air.  Combined with the monsoon wind she was basically invisable.  As the wave was comind down she sent a wind wave towards him.  She flew up in mid air.  While up in the air she did a flip transforming into her earth form.  Waving her hand, a wind swoard appeared from her hand.  The sword was way bigger than Prima.  Its blade was silver with blue streakingn through it.  Her sword had the powers of wind and water in it.   coming down from the air she flipped in front of him.  As her body was angled to fly across him she took her sword and brought it across his neck.  quickly moving to the back of him she attempted to slice him through his back.  Slicing him in his back would cause a rip to go through his suit.  taking her sword she created a platform of water.  she jumped apon the water and aimed her sword in a quick circle at him.  Causing a two layer wall to form around him.  The wall was made of water and wind.  transforming into her fire form, although nothing near Feral's amazing blaze she aimed a massive fire ball towards him.  letting down the wall right before the ball came to him as to catch him off guard.   Moving behind him she aimed a hard kick at the back of his neck.  

Flying up into the air she transformed once again into her earthform.  Reaching her hand in her pouch she produced 6 small needles.  With elite force she through them at him aiming for neck..  She only needed one but six would help her not miss.  If she hit him correctly he would go into a state of paralys. 

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his mind control powers began to work to perfection cassie strong had given up her assualt agaisnt the dupe AZ and charged at the newest member. Cassie was as graceful as a crane. jumping and knocking the cars out of her way in pursuit of prima. she then abuptly changed paths. in route to the spider women and the ice girl. The real azriaith was speared to the ground by sha. she was attacking on all fronts. he took a few hit's then created a duplicate in his place. he took a defensive stance and then went on a offensive against sha.

Azriaith watched the women just abuse there powers so he sent a huge magnetic super wave. the wave used a magnetic thunder like energy. it was like a portal it then struck down electricity. he extended his hands and tried to shoot his magnetic energy at sha. His plan was beginning to come to light he jumped it looked as if he was flying but he wanted to separate the ninjan warrior from her friends. there he would finish off sha while the other man finished AR, and prima off. But Azriaith thought that bladeweaver was taking to much pressure facing three people.

SO the dupe that AZ had created to fight cassie had changed it's direction he jumped and in about two feet he was in feral's face. the dupe looked at feral with unrelentless hate in his eyes. he extended his arms and released a huge magnetic pule towards feral. it had a wide range so it would have a better chance of hiiting feral's cybernetic parts. With his other hand he turned a car into a huge magnet. The time for death has come! he said to her the magnetic pull intensifyed it was trying to trigger feral's cyber parts into being pulled on to the magnet.

high atop the roof top the real AZ and sha were in battle. he opened his hand to reveal a circle with a small orb in the middle. it began to shine and it looked as if his hand was shaking. He then created 3 dupes all in the same postion ready to fire it's highly powerful repulsor cannons.
Look around SHA! youre the leader of a falling group. 3 of your members are fighting amongst her self. the time has come for you to give up because if not! you'll all die! HE punched the top of the building  and it suddenly just exploded at the same time the dupes fired the repulsor canon at sha.

On the groundfire could be seen coming from his eyes,his skin burned off of him leaving him  completly metallic. with a magnetic aura around him.
he looked like a metal version of ghost rider. debris from the building began to come down and he readied himself for another fight with the ninjan warrior.

The magnetic super wave suddenly shut all power to the city off.