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The former headquarters of the Knights of Dawn, Longshot has kept the Beacon as a safe haven, a place for wayward heroes to rest and lick their wounds. All of the facilities are equipped, from the infirmary to the training area to the empty rooms where crime fighters can hang up their masks and get some much needed sleep. The Beacon is a well-kept secret, and the number of teleporter consoles that the archer passes out is fairly exclusive, but the door is always open.

The Beacon is a one hundred foot tall, sheer white stone obelisk located in the remote tundra of Alaska. Surrounded by endless winter, the tower is nearly invisible and can only be reached by teleport. There are plenty of empty rooms and a full set of recreational and training facilities.

Ground Floor- Entrance area and teleporter station. The teleporter station on the ground floor of the Beacon is comprised of four platforms.

Second Floor- Gym and infirmary. The training area is a large gymnasium with a collection of exercise machines in the middle of the room, surrounded by a circular track which can rise in separate and independently moving platforms as tier 1 of an increasingly difficult obstacle course. Tier 2 causes the rising and falling platforms to slant diagonally from side to side as they move, often peaking at a 90 degree angle. On tier 3, and bags also descend from the ceiling and swing in the runner's path. Tier 4 causes multiple small cannons to sprout from the walls and fire rubber balls at the runner, and on tier 5, the course is flooded with blinding smoke. The outer walls of the gym are lined with practice targets and free weights that go up to 3,000 lbs.

Third Floor- Observation area. This floor is dedicated entirely to watching the world and scanning for any immediate threats that require attention. This is a floor that only Longshot uses, although he can permit others access if they need the computer array for anything more pressing than Facebook.

Fourth Floor- Living area. A number or rooms for guests to sleep and get some private time. A person can stay as long as they wish.

Fifth Floor- Laboratory.

Sixth Floor- Recreation area and kitchen.

Top Floor- Lounge. The sloped glass pyramid ceiling overlooks the winter landscape and a roaring fire makes the Beacon feel like a home away from home.

Security Measures

Any and all unauthorized guests inside the Beacon will trigger a warning that goes directly to Longshot wherever he is, as well as activating a number of automatic security procedures. Various traps and mechanisms are used in order to subdue intruders, which become active based on which area of the tower the intruder is in.

Ground Floor- The elevator shuts down and the front door locks, covering itself in steel plating. The room floods with anesthetic gas and random floor tiles become electrified, changing every few seconds with an undetermined pattern.

Elevator Shaft- If the intruder manages to make it pass the ground floor security and take the only way up, through the elevator shaft, the shaft will become void of oxygen for exactly two minutes, the amount of time it takes for a human to pass out from suffocation.

Second Floor- The second that the intruder sets foot on the second floor, they will be doused in a thick, rapidly hardening foam which constricts their movements and freezes them in place. Based on the physical attributes displayed by the intruder, and any possible matches the security camera finds to individuals in Longshot's database, the amount of foam will vary.

Third Floor- Automated sentries stationed throughout the room fire small gel balls containing electric charges. The balls strike the intruder with the same concussive force as a rubber bullet, clinging to their skin and shocking them. If they continue standing, the cannons will continue to fire.

Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Floors- Automated sentries fire steel cable nets with weighted metal balls, which increase in mass to weigh the intruder down. If necessary, magnets in the floor will be activated.

Top Floor- Just as every window in the second through sixth floor has been locked, the pyramid of glass that tops the Beacon will be locked scatter gun sentries fire dense sprays of gas capsules directly at the intruder, which burst on impact.


Under the banner of Knights of Dawn, Longshot had set up a network of teleporter pads in major cities around the world. Access to the network requires a teleporter console, no larger than a cell phone. One must only type in the code for the pad they wish to access and wait about a minute for the teleportation to take effect. They can also bring anyone or anything along with them if they are in direct contact, although it can effect the time needed for charging. One does not need to be standing on a pad in order to teleport. They are only needed for arrival.



Longshot now uses the Beacon as his base of operations. The worldwide network of teleporter pads allows him to travel to whichever major city needs his help, and return with enough time to stitch his wounds and catch some sleep before going back out. It's a step up from his old nomadic method of travelling from one city to the next and setting up shop in filthy apartments or barren alleyways. He hands out consoles to access the Beacon's teleportation system only to trusted friends, along with a communicator to reach him at any time.

Dr. Janine Carter (NPC)

Janine was a doctor who witnessed a murder by a street-level branch of a world-wide crime organization. Longshot managed to subdue the people chasing her, but they were both convinced there was no place in the world she could be safe... except one. She now lives in the Beacon and works in the infirmary, patching up any beaten heroes who pass through. It's these occasional human interactions that keep her sane. While Longshot is usually around, he's not much of a conversationalist, and still hesitates to share with her any details of who he is behind the mask, despite how much he trusts her with his life, and the lives of others.

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slow clap

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Nice, like it a lot.

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@Mercy_: Bad guy slow clap or 80's movie slow clap?

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...HA! Bird ain't so tough now that it's flock is gone.

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@shadowknight666 said:

...HA! Bird ain't so tough now that it's flock is gone.

Fist bump(s)

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@_Creed_: Cool-...Wait I Hate you!

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@shadowknight666: "I spared your life you ungrateful fool! The enemy of my enemy is my friend!"

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@_Creed_: "...I'm going to give you one last chance to join team Cain...Make it count motherf*cker."

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@shadowknight666: Uhhh Heh, majority rules b!tch...team Creed.

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@.Longshot.: Can I come in!? :3)
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@_Creed_: I'm sure one of you can figure out a way to find this place.

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@.Longshot.: "-alculations must be off...Uh oh..." Creed said as he found himself no longer in the league of shadows base, "Ok! So the teleporter needs work!"
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@_Creed_: "Okay, Janine..." Longshot whispered, leaning against the counter in the infirmary, a rope around his wrist. She was crouched beside him, holding the rope. "On three, pull down and out."

"I know how to relocate a shoulder, archer. I'm a doctor, remember?" she joked, solidifying her grip on the rope.

"Oh, right. Sorry, must be that concussion," he said, rubbing the hairline crack of the carbon fiber plate covering his temple beneath the fabric of his mask, "Okay, three... two..."


"AAAAAH! What happened to 'on my count'?!" the archer growled, massaging his shoulder

"I'm the doctor here, mister," she answered wryly, "When it comes to this stuff, I call the shots."

"Well, next time, you could just--" he paused, turning towards some invisible threat, "Did you hear that?"

"You know I didn't." she replied.

"Right. Sounded like it was coming from the ground floor. I'll go check it out. You stay up--"

"Stay up here. Yeah. I know the drill." the doctor interrupted.

The archer threw his quiver over his back, scooped up his bow, and ran for the elevator.

"Careful on that shoulder!" Janine called out as he ran.

"No promises!" he replied as the elevator closed.

Moments later, the door opened and he had an arrow at the ready, trained on the intruder. He kept his aim steady despite the agonizing strain on his right shoulder. He didn't need to speak. His expression, even through the mask, made it perfectly clear that the intruder needed to explain himself and get out. Quickly.

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@.Longshot.: Creed kept a certain cool as the archer had Creed in his sights, "Huh...Bow and arrow...Pretty old school, I like it" He said with a smirk.
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Would ya be so kind as to add/take in the twins. Team may be dead but im not damn it :) awesome work as usual
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@614azrael: Thanks, and your offspring are always welcome as long as they clean the walls every time they use crayons. And put out every fire they start with the E-Z Bake oven. Kids, am I right?

@_Creed_: "Showing up unannounced," Longshot replied coolly, "I don't think I'm the one who's behavior is in question."

(You've shown up at the Beacon three different times with three different characters. You're going for some kinda record.)

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@.Longshot.: (Alt rehab, this is staying and Puzzler is making sure of it XD) 
Creed smiled warmly and looked around, "Where...Am I?"
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Bloodstone twins, teenagers their more for sillystring and fires :P
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@_Creed_: "That's not something you need to know. Now, how did you get here, where did you come from, and will you be able to get back before I let go of this arrow?"

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@.Longshot.: "Ehhh, probs not and I don't feel I need to tell you where I am from!"
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@614azrael: Terrific. And where's that other one? Ya know, the one who didn't start fires?

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@_Creed_: "Fair enough," Longshot replied, pulling the bowstring just a little tighter, "But the point stands. Get out."

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@.Longshot.: "What part of, I don't know how I got here do you understand?"
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I dont think I have one :P fires and or explosions are oh so popular for us Az alts
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@_Creed_: "You said 'the teleporter needs work'," Longshot replied, "Either use this 'teleporter' again..." he reached into his belt and drew a spool of gauze and rolled out a strip long enough to fashion a reliable blindfold, "Or you can use the door."

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@614azrael: Wait... did they... kill their sister?

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Abel stepped out of a teleporter, exhaling slowly as he did. He'd made all the appropriate preparations ahead of time. Not a gun on him, sober as he'd been in weeks, and doing his best to look overall healthy. Whether that'd work.. was doubtful.

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@.Longshot. said:

@614azrael: Wait... did they... kill their sister?

Holy Crap!

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@shadowknight666: You're one to be sensitive about murdering children.

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No I think Wallcroft/Lupo just settled for the main acount. I might send a pm though to make a post that will change up the family during the big war thing.
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@614azrael: What is his main?

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@shadowknight666: Pretty sure it's Angeni.

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@.Longshot.: WOW. That would not have been one of my guesses...

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Im not at liberty to say. They asked not to, I wont
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@shadowknight666: Wasn't one of mine either.

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@.Longshot.: Creed got into an evasive stance and grinned, "I don't like getting told what to do"
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@_Creed_: "And I don't like dealing with trespassers."

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@.Longshot.: "Look pal this doesn't have to get ugly...Just sheath that frggin' bow already.." Creed put his hand out and pointed to the bow he held tightly.
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@_Creed_: "I will once you give me a reason to."

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@.Longshot.: "I don't want to hurt you.."
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@_Creed_: "Well, obviously, the word of the man who broke into my house is trustworthy."

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@.Longshot.: "You don't have to trust me for me to hurt you, and that still stands.." Creed clenched his fist.

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@_Creed_: "You're really convincing me to lower my bow." the archer muttered sarcastically.

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@.Longshot.: "Well if you wanted to shoot me you would have shot me already: Creed lowered his stance and shrugged.

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@_Creed_: Longshot groaned. This was getting tiresome. "Alright..." he sighed, putting away his arrow and lowering his bow, "... who are you?"

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@.Longshot.: "A clever man" He said with a grin for as soon as Longshot put his bow away, Creed pulled out a dart gun and fired it straight for his chest, packed with enough sedative to put a mammoth down for a nap.

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@_Creed_: A bullet shattered the sedative before it even got close to its intended target. "More important question, why the hell does he matter enough to use a sedative on?"