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Two random tales of the Batman, written just for fun..................................Let me know what you think in THEJUSTICE LORDS THREAD!!!!!!!!!!

A couple of RPGs have put teams up against the Justice League…they have defeated and even killed some of the greatest heroes of our time…a few have made it back…coming from a parallel reality.

The Batman…..He is Bruce Wayne….Make no mistake, it is him. And although his actions are so single of purpose…his goals , be they dark or just. Have been clearly stated in both word and action…the means…the manner…the miracle of his return is still… a mystery. It begins where it ended…with pain.

Dealt from a familiar face. With a ticking clock with a hero is danger. But this time… unlike the many times before the hero…would fail. And the hero whose quest was built upon tragedy, who sought vengeance to quell the pain of grief…found himself once again face-to-face…with death.


But we have learned that time is more fluid than believed. That the anger and frustration of a powerful man, a Superman could send ripples across time that would alter events. The

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The girl's name is Ariel Zerkow. Ten years old and taken from her home at 2:37am by the Riddler. In the girl’s room was a heart shaped clock with an alarm set for 4:15. April 15 the day David Valentine first became one of Gotham's rich and famous. The Riddler wanted revenge on David, for turning down an old project of Nigma's, only to put it on the market after he was locked up at Arkham, netting millions. The alarm would mostly likely stand for a timer...on a bomb. A series of clues and riddles have led me on a race against the clock.


The last riddle "What day are hearts most happy, and hate at the same time." Valentine's Day... Edward Nigma wasn't trying to make this hard for me, but the time limit left at each riddle made sure that I was moving alone, without police or Robin for back-up. The Valentine Building on the upper east side of Gotham, was the place he had been trying to lead me. The building was an old, two story toy store closed for about four years.



Racing against the clock


No time pick the lock, the acid is faster, unpredictable...Had to risk it. If I don't make it to the hostage before 4:15 this place is going to blow sky high. The power was shut off in the building. I'll need cover to delay any sneak attacks. So this can make my job harder or easier. I'll know in the next few seconds.....


Infrared picks up three different sets of footprints. I move to the far right hand side of the building, which has a straight shot to the stairs leading to the 2nd floor. No time to feel it out got to move.


The Batman sprints towards the stairs, only to be shoulder block from the left side by one of the henchmen working for The Riddler. Hitting the wall and bouncing back off it with all his momentum, The Batman delivers a massive blow to the rips.



Tony Wood, Gotham City muscle. Just two maybe three of his ribs, he won’t be getting up to soon.



The other two men rush from behind the isles


Greg Valdez, Chilean mercenary. Likes to fight in since his size makes him slow. Has a metal plate in his skull making him susceptible to vertigo when hit in the correct spot with anything magnetic.


The Batman throws a batarang at the side of his skull, taking Greg down...As he falls the third man has a rifle aimed at the dark knight. Before he can squeeze the trigger, three batarangs hit his arms


Bill Martin, gun runner former C.I.A. member...Right handed. The poison in the tips will paralyze his hand, arm, then go work on his head.


Bill drops to the ground looking lifeless. The Batman having taken care of the minor threat and begins to  head up stairs…………….