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Uchiha Hotaru wasn’t brought into this world like most of us on this Earth have been. She was created in a test tube, deep inside N.O.V.A Industries were they did there embryonic cloning. Over the years the Industries have been trying to get Feral Nova, or Stephanie Ardor, back into their grasp once more so they can develop her into the perfect weapon of mass destruction. They were able to obtain her once, thanks to the Ninjan Warrior Sha, and made Feral Nova stronger, faster, more powerful than ever, however it was to their surprise that the Uchiha clan member NeVann was able to reprogram her, changing her back to her normal self, only with more power. This interested the N.O.V.A, how could only a lone ninja, take down such a powerful person? This rose questions that even they couldn’t answer, but one day, the dark minded Dr. Sting, came up with a new idea…

Instead of trying to capture Feral Nova once more, he decide to take a different approach, they were going to take DNA from BOTH Feral Nova and Uchiha NeVann and create there very own ‘Flaming Ninja’. They already had the DNA of Feral Nova and getting some DNA from NeVann was no problem at all. After they got what they needed they went to work. After grueling months of failure after failure they finally got it… a perfect clone… or should they say… clones. They decided to make twins, a boy, and a girl. The boy was named Yakamoshi Sozuko, while the girl was named Uchiha Hotaru. Once the twins were born they were immediately separated at birth and sent off to training. There skills were amazing and because of their fathers bloodline they were able to pick up fighting styles and different jitsu techniques with almost ease. Even their ability to control their firepower was amazing; it was like they were naturals at it. However, to their surprise their growth rate was some how accelerated because they were clones. They were able to stop the acceleration, but only once they reached at the ‘physical’ age of 10. At that same time, somehow both children found out about their ‘real’ parents, and unknowing to each other, escaped the N.O.V.A Industries at the same time to reunite with their ‘parents’.

Of course the news that the young couple had children was shocking to them, they didn’t know what was going on. And to find out there was TWO of them, only made it even more overwhelming. But not wanting the children to be recaptured and corrupted by N.O.V.A and Dr. Sting, the two decided to take the children as their own (because technically they were) and do their best to raise them themselves.

As the few months past of them being with the children the parents started to introduce them to their ‘family’. Even though most or almost all of them were not blood related in any way, they were still considered as family. Being born of Spanish blood, Stephanie had the habit of introducing all of the women that she thought as sisters to the children as ‘Tia’ which is Aunt for Spanish, and all of the males she thought of as brothers she introduced them as ‘Tio’ which is Uncle in Spanish. So the habit stuck with them, they called all the women who they thought as their Aunt’s ‘Tia’s’ and all of the males that were thought as Uncles ‘Tio’s’.

After the long and exhausting day of meeting the ‘family’ the four came back to the We Are Legend HQ were they decided it would be best to keep the twins at. While Stephanie and NeVann were talking about something in one room, Sozuko and Hotaru were in another room with their Tia Angel, or to others, Angelic Reaper. After a few minutes Sozuko went to bed, while Angelic Reaper stayed up with Hotaru and spoke to her about her day.

“So did you have fun today meeting all of your Tia’s and Tio’s?” Angelic Reaper asked with a smile.

Hotaru was busy labeling pictures of all of the people she met. There was no way the little fire ninja was going to be able to remember all of those names in one night. Her bright green eyes looked up at her Tia as she smiled and nod her head. “Hai, it was fun meeting all of them, but… are there anymore?” Her tiny hands then reached out for a marker as she wrote on another picture of a man in an alien armor and labeled it ‘Tio Captain’.

“Um… have you met Aztek yet?” She asked the young ninja girl.

“N-no I haven’t, is he a Tio as well?” She asked as she stuck the picture inside a photo album. Her dark brown, almost black, hair covered her face as she did this.

 “Well… sort of, but if your parents haven’t told you about him yet… then I’ll just leave it to them.” She said with a smile as she patted the young girls head. “I have to get going, be good ok?” Angelic Reaper said as she teleported out of the area.

Hotaru then paused what she was doing. Aztek? She remembered her mother speaking to father about someone by the name of Aztek, but every time Hotaru tried to ask who he was, her mother would simply change the subject, trying to avoid the child’s question. She then stood up and looked around for a moment to see if her parents were still in the room talking. She tip toed as quietly as she could, her little ninja feet not making a single sound as she leaned over the wall and took a quick peek around the corner. Yup, her parents were still talking, about what? She had no idea. She then backed away from the wall again and did a couple of hand seals, when she was done her own shadow started to take a 3D form of a body her size and then took shape and gained color, when it was done transforming it looked to be exactly like Hotaru, this was Hotarus own shadow clone jitsu.

“I need you to stay here and label the pictures, I’m going to go to mommy and daddies room to look for something, so make sure they don’t go up stairs ok?” She told the clone who simply smiled and nod. Hotaru then took off up the stairs and her first stop was to her father’s room. As soon as she opened the door she was met by five kunais shoot out at her at once, Hotaru shrieked a little as she leaned back as far as she could, dodging the attack upon her. She then stood back up as she sighed and turned to see the kunais rammed into the all. She then took a step inside and took a look around, there were tons of ninja weapons, cloths, even some exercise equipment inside the room, but it was all neatly placed were it belonged. Hotaru smiles a she used her super speed to run around the bed room in search of something, anything to find something on her long lost Tio Aztek. After running all along the room, she found nothing that spoke of this ‘Tio’ of hers. She sighed to herself as she sat on his bed for a moment and then looked across the hall were her mothers room was.

Without a seconds notice she took off once more to her mom’s room. This time she was a little more careful when she opened it, she slowly opened and took a quick step inside, only to start coughing. The room was filled with black smoke, and it smelt like she was burning something inside her room. Hotaru covered her mouth with her hands and made a way to the window and opened it, trying to fan the air out of the room. When the smoke cleared she saw nothing but burnt marks all over the room with a bunch of what looked liked cookie crumbs on the bed. Hotaru made a face as she looked around the messy room. This was going to take some time, time she didn’t have. Using her quick thinking she did a couple of hand seals and suddenly five more shadows came from the walls and formed into clones.

“Alright Taru’s here’s the game plan, were looking for something that will tell me about my long lost Tio Aztek, and we need to do this fast before mommy sees us ok?”

“HAI!” all five of the clones said at the same time

“Ok, go!” With that all five girls went off looking around the room. After about ten minutes of running one of the clones stopped.

“HEY I FOUND SOMETHING!” She said with a smile on her face.

“Lemme see!” Hotaru said as she looked down. It was a picture of her mom with a really tall man, with funny looking hair. She scrunched her nose, like she did when she didn’t understand something and flipped over the picture. She then read behind it, ‘Me and Pervy bro’ She read out loud as she then turned to one of the clones. “What does Pervy mean?” She asked one. The clone shook her head and shrugged her shoulder, unable to answer the question. Hotaru then saw in parentheses “Aztek…” she read out loud. “Oh this must be him!” She said as she continued to look in the back of the picture, it had an address on it. Before she could do anything else she then heard her other clone down stairs.

“MOMMY DON’T GO UPSTAIRS!” The clone yelled out.

Hotaru froze as she took off running, all of her clones disappearing in the processes. She then jumped onto the wall that was in front of the door and twist her body as she pushed herself upward towards the ceiling of the building, using her charaka control, she focused then on her hands and feet so that she could stick to the ceiling with no problem. She watched as her mother and father both walked into their separate rooms, then her mother came out.

“Hotaru! Time for bed sweetie.” Feral Nova said to the clone. “You need your rest for tomorrow.”

“Hai Mommy!” The clone said as she walked up the stairs and went to her room.

Hotaru could feel her body become weaker with every moment she had to hang onto the wall. ‘Hurry!’ she thought to herself as she then felt herself slipping. As soon as mom went to her room and closed the door Hotaru fell to the ground with a loud ‘THUD’.

As she made her way back to her room she continued to look at the picture. She wasn’t sure if she should try and find her long lost Tio first, or try and call him. Being the little polite fire ninja she was, she picked up the phone and dialed the number that was on the back of the picture. She sat there as the phone rang, and rang, and rang, only to have an answering machine pick up.

“I’m sorry the person you are trying to reach is unavailable right now, please leave your name, number and a brief message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Beep!”

“H-Hi, M-My name is Uchiha Hotaru and I was calling because I wanted to talk to my Tio Aztek. You know my mommy she calls you… P-pervy bro? I don’t know what that means, but that’s what it says on the picture of you and her on it a-and, and I wanted to meet you. Because well… you’re my Tio. I-I want to go tonight, but I think I’ll to tomorrow night so you can be at home for sure. Ok? Ok then… I’m going to go now, I cant wait to meet you Tio Aztek! Bye!” With that she hung up the phone and then went to her bedroom which she shared with her brother. She snuggled in a twin bed that was next to his and yawned as she slowly went to sleep with excitement, for the next night she will be meeting her new Tio Aztek, for the first time.

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Aztek walked into the pitiful abode of his predecessor, his creation, compared to the luxuries he had once possessed, this was just a mud hut, but of course Aztek the First had not been a man who cared much for his dwelling place, to him it had simply been a place to stay in whenever the VV Fortress was out of use, but Aztek II did not really care for the Fortress, he was not alone there, he sought solitude to regather himself and so this rundown house would do just fine.

Keeping his cloak on, Aztek simply let down his cowl, exposing his face but it did not matter, no one was with him, he did not need to keep his true form concealed at the present moment. Aztek walked past the telephone on his way to his quarters and to his surprise he saw that there was a message on the answering machine...who would want to talk to Aztek? He was a reject to these people...why would anyone send him a message, he thought to simply delete it but finally decided there could be no harm in listening to the message.

“H-Hi, M-My name is Uchiha Hotaru and I was calling because I wanted to talk to my Tio Aztek. You know my mommy she calls you… P-pervy bro? I don’t know what that means, but that’s what it says on the picture of you and her on it a-and, and I wanted to meet you. Because well… you’re my Tio. I-I want to go tonight, but I think I’ll to tomorrow night so you can be at home for sure. Ok? Ok then… I’m going to go now, I cant wait to meet you Tio Aztek! Bye!”

Thoughts raced through his head and he decided his first mission should be to learn the identity of her mother, to find her somewhere in the memories he had stolen from his servant, but searching through thousands of years worth of memory was a daunting task and it took several minutes until he came up with one face, one face that matched with the words, "pervy bro"...a young woman, a woman of great power who went by the name Feral Nova, naïve to the darkness that lived inside of Aztek she had befriended him and the two had some sort of "sibling relationship" and as such this girl would logically think of Aztek as being her uncle.

But search as he did he could find no recollection of a daughter to Nova, of a girl named Uchiha Hotaru, there was an Uchiha, Nova's lover, but he was not a little girl, that was for sure. Judging by her voice it sounded as if this girl, as if she would be of no use to him, she sounded weak and timid...but at the same time she was young, meaning she would be easier to mold to whatever he desired. For hours he thought to himself, what should he do with this girl when she arrived, would she possess the power of her mother, or perhaps her father (who he assumed to be Uchiha), would she shun his teachings or welcome them, should he make this place a haven for her or her grave.

At that moment he had no answers, two sides fought within himself, one, the Son of Chaos, demanded this girl's death while the other,  the Brother of Love it is he that felt sorry for her, that she was getting mixed up in things her innocence prevented her from understanding. She had no idea who this man was that she wanted to meet, but as long as he drew breath, he intended to make sure she would never meet the Son of Chaos and he set it in his mind that when she would arrive that he would have to somehow repulse her, to protect her from his darker personality and so he sat and waited, meditating to keep control, fighting to save the life of this girl, doing his best to keep his dark side under control...

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The next day Hotaru was just finished training with her mother, Stephanie Brown, or to others they known her as Feral Nova.  They just walked out of the WAL training room and were sitting at the dining room table drinking some water together.

“Hotaru…” Stephanie started to say.

“H-hai mom?” the little girl said as she looked up at her mother.

“You… were a bit off today, usually you’re full of energy jumping all around, dodging my attacks, but today…” Stephanie turned her head and looked down at the young girl. Her emerald eyes met the darker ones that stared back into hers. “Is everything ok?”

Hotaru turned her head to the side and sat there for a moment, all day she’s been thinking about the man she found out was her Tio yesterday, Aztek.
“Mommy,” she started off. “What’s a pervy bro?” she asked as she looked back up at her mother.

Stephanie’s eyes widen as she almost choked on her water, she started to cough as she pound on her chest, finally getting the water down.
“Who told you about that?”

“I was talking with Tia Angel yesterday.” She paused for a moment “And she asked me if I met Aztek… and then I wanted to know more so I went in yours and daddies room and found this.” She said as she pulled out a folded picture in her back pocket and handed it over to her mother.

Stephanie nervously took the picture and opened it, it was indeed she and her ‘pervy bro’, Aztek, a name she gave to him after knowing him for a while. Even though he was a villain, and he had stories that would cause nightmares to children for months, she for some reason, thought of him as a brother, why? She wasn’t sure, it must have been the way he was protective of her, and treated her like an older brother would treat a younger sister. He had the same picture she did, only in back of his it said ‘Crazy Sis’ a nickname he gave to her. Stephanie sighed as she set the picture down, as much as she loved her ‘pervy bro’ she couldn’t allow Hotaru to meet him, because of his reputation of corrupting young heroes and even though her children were no heroes she didn’t want to chance them turning to a life of darkness, like she was forced to when she was younger.

“I want you to forget that you found this ok?” She said as she tucked it in her back pocket.

“But mom!” Hotaru started.

“No bust Hotaru, you are not meeting Aztek.”

“But he’s my Tio!”

“Hotaru! That’s enough of that darn it!” Stephanie said as her anger started to get the best of her.

Hotaru simply lowered her head and walked away, she started to wonder why her mom wouldn’t let her see her Tio Aztek? What’s wrong with him that he doesn’t want them to see each other?

“Maybe he’s sick.” Her brother Sozuko said as he was sitting crossed legged on the bed.

“Sick?” she said back as she looked at her brother in confusion.

“Yeah, maybe he’s sick with something that you can get and that’s why mom wont let you see him.” He said as he began to yawn.

“Maybe… but then shouldn’t we help him get better?”

“Um… I don’t know Hotaru, but if mom said not to go, we shouldn’t go.” He said as he got up and walked over to the rest room. As soon as he closed the door he came back out but in little Teen Titans pajamas. “We should go to bed, it’s getting late and tomorrow you have training with dad.” He said in a tease.

Hotaru knew her dad was a tougher trainer than her mother, only because he had to teach them how to fight without using any of there fire power, but their chakara instead, which was getting better at controlling.

Hotaru just nod her head at her brother and too walked into the rest room, however, when she walked in she turned on the faucet and did a few hand seals, in only a matter of seconds the water coming out of the faucet flowed out and onto the ground, it then took the form of Hotaru herself, in her pajamas. Hotaru nod to the clone as it then opened the door, walked over to the bed and laid in it, her bother never suspecting anything.  As soon as everyone in the WAL HQ was asleep she slowly opened the window and jumped out, free falling from thirty floors of the WAL HQ.  With a quick grunt, her body became engulfed with flames and she took off like a rocket Northwest.

As she flew over the Pacific Ocean she began to feel the air around her become colder and colder, forcing her to use more of her firepower than she was hoping for. After about an hour of flying and almost exhausted she found where it was she was to be. She pulled out from her shirt was a piece of paper with the directions of how to get to Tio Azteks place, thanks to Map Quest. She then spot it, the island were she was to land on, it was a small island called Alaid Island, which was north east of Agattu Island. This island
wasn’t habited by anyone because of the main reason was there was a HUGE volcano right smack in the middle of it.

As Hotaru approached the island she looked down and around, her dark green eyes shifting from one area to another, searching for a house, something, anything. Then she spots it. It was almost like a mansion that was right at the highest point of the volcano, looking over everything. The opening rim of the volcano was about two miles thick all around so it was large enough to fit a good size mansion on it. As she approached it she landed on the ground and over the massive gate that was blocking it.

As she landed on the ground she bent over and placed her hands on her knees, breathing heavily, she never flew that far,  that fast, for that long before using so much energy. The air around her was cold as she breathed she could see puffs of smoke escape her mouth. Her dark brown, almost black, hair fell over her face as she then looked up slowly, seeing a huge dark black door on it, with some sort of symbol upon it. She slowly made her way to the door, her eyes shifting from left to right as she heard noses. As she finally made to the door she saw there was no door bell. So instead, she knocked, and knocked, and knocked, and knocked, and knocked, and knocked, and knocked. When no was answering she then sighed and was about to turn back and leave, that is until she saw a puff of smoke coming from the roof. Her body became that of fire once more as she flew up to the roof were she saw a fireplace, were the some black thick smoke. She looked down only to see fire and before she could see anymore she started coughing and gagging for air. She took a step back from it and shook her head and rubbed her nose. She knew what she had to do.

Without even thinking twice she became fire once more and this time jumped right into the fireplace and landed with a ‘THUD’ in the fireplace, the fire roared around her as she was on her knees, her head hung low as she stayed there for a moment, the fire that was around her felt like it was giving her life, power something to feed off of. She then stood up slowly with her head still low and looked ahead, her entire body was being danced around by the flames. She then saw a man sitting on a chair, with a hood draped over his head. She slowly walked out, as her tiny body was still lit as her foot touched the rug that was about a foot away, but when her foot touched it, the rug didn’t catch on fire, instead the fire was only on her. As she continued to walk up to him, her eyes fixed upon the man. She then stopped when she was only about five feet as she slowly allowed her fire to die down, first the flames went lower, then they started to dim until they faded away.
She now stood in front of the man who she THINKS was her Tio Aztek, but she couldn’t tell because of his hood over his head. She then tilt her head to the side and spoke.

“Tio Aztek?” She asked, waiting for an answer only to not get one. The man only looked at her, that’s it. She started to get a little scared as she started to shuffle her feet away, but then thought of something. How is he suppose to know WHO Hotaru was? He didn’t know her, so she would have tell him.

She then stood her ground and smiled.
“Hi, I’m Uchiha Hotaru, I left a message last night for you!” She said as she bowed mid-waist and stood back up. She then stood back up and looked at him. “I am the daughter of Stephanie Ardor and Uchiha NeVann.” She then stood there a while longer, only… nothing… she then thought of something else. Why not SHOW him who you are? She then took a step back and smiled. “Here I’ll show you!” First she closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she crouched down slightly, her legs spread apart so that each of her feet were under her shoulder and shift her body weight to the balls of her feet. She then brought her arms to the side and made a fist as she bent them to a 45 degree angel. She then yelled as the ground slightly shook around them, and then, her body became engulfed with red and yellow flames, the flames danced around her wildly as if hey had a life of there own. She then did a few hand seals as she kept her eyes closed, suddenly five swirls of flames came off of her and took form of exact fire copies of herself covered in flames. She then looked up at the man to see if he approved with what she was able to do. She then had the five clones stand on one side of the room while she stood on another, her fire now, sword from its holding place and nod her head at the clones. The clones nod back as each of them pulled out a kunai and threw them forcefully and amazingly fast at Hotaru. She quickly closed her eyes and when she opened them they were now glowing red with her sharingan, in what looked like one swift movement she blocked all five kunai’s with her sword. She then reached in her back pocket pulled out five kunais of her own and threw them at the cones, hitting each of them in the head.

As soon as each of them died out by bursting into wild flames and immediately went out. Hotaru stood there a little out of breath because she was still tired from the flight all the way over. She just had to hope THAT was enough to convince her Tio. She then placed her sword back in its holder and shift her body back to face him. Sweat now running down her face slightly she made a smile, as if happy with what she just preformed. She then stood and waited to see what her Tio would say, would he approve? Would he accept that she’s IS his sobrina?