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Origami: A highly functioning adaptive android built and designed by the limitless intelligence of Andres Knightfall, has transcended his creators purposes for the humanoid's creation. Origami set out on his own not long after becoming fully self aware to locate someone with an intellect rivalling his creators yet less of a moral immovability. It didn't take him long to find Animus, better known to the public as

Thomas Newcastle: An immortal who has lived for nearly eight hundred years and sheds lives like a snake sheds skin. He has grown wiser with every century and smarter with every day. His thirst for knowledge has always been unquenchable, his morality always questionable. Now in his newest Carnation he reclaims his first name claiming to be a descendent of himself, growing the Animus Corporation slowly over the course of thirty years to build an empire of unrivaled capability.

In secret these two combined their wealths of knowledge and money to find a way to ride into the last uncharted region; Space.

____________________________________THE ASTRUM________________________________________

This ship was designed by both and built under an island just outside of Okinawa by Animus Corporations: Japan Division.


A three hundred yard interstellar juggernaut constructed out of the most advanced Terran Technology ever assembled to date.

The outer alloy that shields the hull itself is a weaker laboratory synthesized iteration of the metallic film compound and symbiote now encasing Thomas Newcastle. The resilient metallic base coats the entire ship in three lightweight protective layers. The main purpose being its ability to withstand intense temperatured and speeds while also able to deflect the basic dangers that are posed in the vacuum on a regular basis; Asteroids, space junk. Even photon based attacks for a limited time, can be deflected.

On either side of the rear of the ship are the housings for the dual fuel sources: The dwarf star engine and the magneticus(See below). Directly between them sits the Tachyonic field generator which is only possible to be powered down with the effective energies of it's side conduits simultaneous infusion of energy. Semi-exposed from the rear, the Tachyonic field generator ensures its effectiveness in protectung the hull from the heaviest natural or produced forms of damage or attack.


  • Astrum Mainframe Security: A technological vehicular complex of unmitigated engineered innovation, Astrum's accumulative complexities and mechanical intricacies are systematically regulated by a sophisticated, computerized quantum mainframe. Replicated from Origami's trademark 'Quantum Consciousness', this on-board quantum mainframe exploits quantum-mechanical phenomena such as quantum entanglement and superposition in order to perform operations on data. Quantum properties utilized to represent data and performing subsequent operations on said data emphasize its divergence from conventional computing. Superior to all forms of modern computing, this mainframe' parallel processing enables the execution of excessive computational tasks concurrently as opposed to sequentially. Entangling multiple particles for the required use of qubits which are capable of harboring far more information than conventional bits, Astrum Mainframe's security is protected via advanced quantum cryptography. Combining peerless scientific comprehension and innovative technology, Origami and Thomas have efficiently combined cryptography with quantum phenomena. Fundamentally, cryptography consists of a string of ones and zeros known as 'the key'. The addition of the key encodes information, while a subsequent addition decodes it. Modern cryptography is vulnerable as an unauthorized external presence may crack the code by obtaining the key. However, with quantum cryptography and by relying on quantum key distribution, attempting to interact with the key without authorization reveals the external intruder's presence, rendering it a virtually flawless system of information security. Further advancements enable the mainframe to encode information inside an individual photon for a variety of security-oriented purposes.
  • Astrum Quantum Shielding & Elementary Weapons System: Built from an uncanny combination of exotic metallic substances with artificially imparted Beta-Trion remnants, Astrum in it's incipient construction is a spacial vehicle of formidable physical resistance. However, the minutely functional energy-regulating properties of Beta-Trion for an object of its magnitude coupled with it's structural toughness is not sufficient to deter the rigors of space travel when accounting for close proximity to outer space's most hazardous regions e.g a star's photosphere. As a result, the introduction of quantum-shielding was imperative due to its structural strengthening of Astrum's subatomic makeup, rendering it indefinitely more durable and resistant, providing a sufficiently protective shell against the pelting radiation of gamma ray bursts, ejected stellar plasma etc. Additionally, due to an offensive necessity for adequate protection, Astrum is equipped with a weapons system ranging from particle beam cannons, to other mounted cannons of magneto-hydrodynamic phenomena.


Within a multi-Trion layered interior of architectonic innovation and alabaster visage lies the spacial vehicle's primary triple-fuel sources, respectively relied upon for the prioritized purposes of space travel. Ceaselessly regulated by an on-board, artificially aware quantum-supercomputer constructed consciousness of synthetic formulation, the engine room's visually dissimilar cylindrical Trion-esque cores are utilized in accordance to present priorities. Both cores are as follows:

  • Particle Accelerator: An accomplishment of peerless engineering pedigree and scientific potency, Astrum's gargantuan particle accelerator functions as its primary fuel source. Perpetually generating mammoth quantities of exploitable, raw energy via appropriately regulated, exponentially invigorated high-energy proton collisions. Through the maintenance of an indefinite rate of incalculably simultaneous numerous proton-collisions, a virtually infinite amount of energy is generated for fueling purposes, enabling Astrum to be conventionally piloted at 99% the speed of light (c).
  • Magneticus: Astrum's secondary fuel source originates from a pictorially indistinguishable cylindrical container not unlike that which encases the minutely designed particle accelerator. Harnessing the innate potential in collected electron-degenerate matter from White Dwarf stars, subsequent alteration of the collected mass of electron-degenerate's composition enables a replicated generation of galvanized magnetic fields not unlike that of a White Dwarf. Said magnetic fields are primarily relied upon for the exploitation of a proposed Heim theory enabling superluminal speed by using magnetic fields to enter a higher-dimensional space.
  • Tachyonic Field: The ship's tertiary source of unorthodox fuel, Astrum may rely on the beneficial fruits of this quantum field. Harnessing a congestive quantity of the hypothetical tachyon particle, Astrum would be temporarily enveloped in a tachyonic field, ingraining within it tachyonic properties, instantaneously causing it to immerse itself in perpetual superluminal speed. Its only disadvantage being that due to the adoption of tachyonic properties, Astrum is in effect forced to always move faster than c (the speed of light) and fortunately however, requires less energy to further exceed the speed of light. However, when enveloped by the tachyonic field, Astrum is incapable of reducing its velocity to the speed of light, requiring an infinite quantity of energy to do so, a direct reversal of classical physics proposal that infinite energy would be required for conventional matter to move at the speed of light. Only through the dissipation of the tachyonic field may Astrum revert to its prior velocities that do not oppose causality.



A personal space confined in the rear center of the Astrum for Animus' singular studies. Both Animus and Origami decided it best to have their own work areas for conducting research for new data and analyzing alien devices, materials, and lifeforms to not impede one another research, instead installing hologram devices in their spaces to converse on like minded hypotheses.

A three wing spanning area. Two are devoted to external study while the third holds the bay for organic materials and the storage of a pair of Anidroids with a higher functioning level of awareness that their earth equivalents lack. These machine men work beside Animus in the lab as partners and extra hands with a learning capacity, without the need for upkeep or nourishment. When Animus is not in the lab they are kept in a cryostasis besides the organic lifeforms stored in the area.


An isolated complex of architectonic complexity and central hub of compiling information. Linked to the Astrum Mainframe, Origami's abode ceaselessly relays necessary information regarding discovered regions of space in addition to scientifically relevant theories fundamental for the party's space faring endeavors. Vital components such as Trion-metallic substances in addition to a variety of versatile array of technological items, equipment, appropriately designed space-faring adornments etc. Earth-based pathogens and other biochemical substances are perpetually tested and experimented upon with the intentions of testing the effects of stellar radiation etc. on them. Advanced particle-beam weaponry etc. is readily rendered available for defensive purposes. An alabaster setting populated by a cascading set of translucent, holographic, flat-screen monitors reliant on an elementary link to Origami's Quantum Consciousness, it enables the synthetic Goliath to upload his artificially crafted consciousness into the linking Astrum Mainframe from which he can accelerate necessary computational processes.

Neither inhabitants require food. Neither require sleep. Their only deire, need, purpose, is knowledge and the power that come with it.


This is a thread for made by Origami AKA Andres Knightfall and Animus. It's purpose is to be a place for in thread space RPG's between us

If your interested in playing role with a character NOT from Earth then PM either one of us.


No stow aways

No IC posts or attacks without either'sconsent.

Sha can ignore the rules because favoritism.

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YES It''s finally up!!!!!!

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2/3's of the credit goes to Andres. I just write a genius that cat is one.

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Sha can ignore the rules because favoritism.

You guys don't know, what has to be done to get this.

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Sha can ignore the rules because favoritism.

You guys don't know, what has to be done to get this.

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Thats an impressive OP. Badass job.

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@_animus_: It is, I gave him hair plugs though.

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Isolated within the audibly mute interior of his bleakly stylized laboratory, the synthetic amalgamation of quantum innovation conscientiously conducts studious experimentation on an appropriately suspended, conscious-less, organically functional human body. Premeditated cerebral accounting for the environmentally prominent effects of prolonged space travel on the human body, originating from ingrained concern of Thomas' potential biological impairment in the unfamiliar environment of outer space, Origami expertly generates artificially cultivated cosmic radiation via the ceaselessly innovative properties of zepto-technology.

Replicating the elementary composition of galactic cosmic rays, the Quantum Enigma waits, meticulously reviewing the composition of artificially constructed galactic cosmic radiation for the expunging of sustained errors. (Composition: 85% high energy protons, 14% helium, other high energy nuclei HZE ions... No detected flaws). Consciously instructing the ambient zepto-technological instruments to commence the frenetic shooting of artificial galactic cosmic ray-beams at the artificially developed human body, Origami indulges in analytic observation. (Accounting for chronic health effects of utilized radiation on the human biology. Ionizing radiation = Direct DNA damage and indirect effects via generation of reactive oxygen species).

Diverting necessary focus to the examination of the affected central nervous system, Origami evaluates. (Exposure to high energy heavy (HZE) ions, protons and consequent radiation showcasing severe effects. Effects commence from dosages ranging from 0.18 and in the excess of 1.0 Sv. High linear energy transfer potential of relevant particles is likely to destroy exposed human cells. A minimum of 5% of shielded human cells are estimated to die. Protective adornments will still enable 1/3 of human cells to be affected by heavy ions. Disruption in sensory perception, proprioception, potentially cognitive functions are expected).

Terminating experimentation, Origami instantaneously relays the collected information to Thomas via the inter-linked quantum computing units of The Astrum. Facing a grandiose, aerially suspended holographic screen, its aqua-hued, luminescent glow reflected on his verdantly-tinted facial attributes, Origami begins, speaking to Thomas through the communicatively linked computing system. "Mr. Newcastle", the Quantum Enigma's monotone, distinctly low pitched voice conveying his lexical statement.

"I believe you have received the information on the effects of galactic cosmic radiation on the human biology. I was... concerned that your effectiveness could be impaired. I trust however, that a scientist of your pedigree had already accounted for this. I was simply ensuring this. If you have not taken protective measures, I have the necessary protective adornments for you. How your new 'skin' operates under bombardment from naturally originating cosmic radiation is not properly known". Momentarily pausing, he resumes, "Are you comfortable with beginning our departure from the solar system? There is much to be explored".

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@origami: Viewing the blue dot that Earth now seems like from an observatory window on the outskirt of his lab with hands clasped behind his back, Thomas' memory dives backwards to that long two months he spent adrift some four hundred years ago.

It seemed like the Alfonso family had a long history of taking Thomas where he couldn't go on his own. He contemplated telling Andres of the history between himself and the quantum originator;s family.

Just as Thomas turns away from the window a data stream travels across the desk and opens itself in the three dimensional form of Origami

"Your concern is noted and appreciated. However I have run some, albeit not extensive, but positive information yeilding experiments on the symbiote. Your data combined with mine leads to the conclusion that I may not need protection. The suit can withstand incredible circumstances...incredible... If the enviroment is too harsh though I may take you up on that offer."

An excited smile lined with deviousness rises on Thomas as he looks through the holographic green head "Very much so. I'll be on the bridge in five minutes. My readings indicate an open space, a void like a wound in the universe. I think it may be a black hole and I'm interested in your opinion. Sending the coordinates now." Sliding a beam of numbers down the desk he watches he seemingly slide off, "Do you concur?"

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Comprehensively absorbing Thomas' relayed information, Origami lexically offers his educated viewpoint. "Affirmative. It is only logical for you to consider my proposal. There are exceptionally hazardous regions in space. Even my synthetic composition would require necessary protection. I will examine your coordinates now", Origami halted, consciously submerging his cerebral faculties in the examination of Thomas' relayed coordinates while concurrently exploiting the quantum mechanical properties of his Quantum Consciousness for subsequent storing of the analyzed information.

(Coordinates Received... Location Deciphered. Black Hole and additional star identified in the GRS 1915+105 X-ray binary star system. Distance: 11000 pc (parsecs), Radiation source). "You have selected an intriguing candidate. GRS 1915+105, it is a very heavy stellar black hole, heavier than any discovered in the Milk Way. A microquasar, responsible for the emission of energetic material. It showcases a bi-polar outflow of charged particles, it emits synchroton radiation at radio frequencies. Precisely that which I hope your symbiotic skin can endure", Origami resumed. "Observations have shown that it ejects material at superluminal velocities. Possibly due to relativistic aberration where intrinsic ejecta velocity is most likely only 90% of c (the speed of light). Aside from studying its gravitational singularity, I am curious as to the authenticity of the proposed relativistic aberration".

"It seems that your readings are correct", Origami confirmed, "The detected open space, the void, is the gravitational effect of GRS 1915+105 in it's ambient space. This wound could potentially, be a wormhole veiled by the strong radio emissions via pairs of radio jets. It's uncannily high jet velocity is another point of interest. Unfortunately, we must use quantum shielding to get within necessary proximity. In addition to the gravitational hazards, GRS 1915+105, being a microquasar, has a lot of matter falling onto it, causing friction to heat it and forming a very bright accretion disk. We must exercise caution", the Quantum Enigma advised.

"I have used the Astrum Mainframe via my Quantum Consciousness to set course for Aquila. On the way, perhaps stopping by approximate planetary systems will yield materials that are scarce or nonexistent on Earth".

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@origami: Got damn you know your physics. I'll post later today.

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@_animus_: I'm cool with whatever you go for man.

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@andres_knightfall: "Understood. it seems to be located just outside of what looks like the... Zeta Reticuli System? Hah!" Falling back into his chair and rubbing his chin for a moment, Thomas sits back upright and looks into the hologram, "In nineteen ninety seven I had just been able to use my wealth freely. One of the first things I took advantage of was the Atacama observatory in Japan to study this exact system."

Tapping in a search of the quantum downloaded entirety of the internet to the date they left the system Thomas begins to feed images and articles into Origami's lab while speaking, "Roswell nineteen forty seven. It's rumored and documented that a dozen people saw a ship crash in the nevada desert. Before anything solid evidence could be gathered it was confiscated by the US government and taken to what is widely know as Area 51. Only two photos managed to make it out of government white washing and that was one of the ship, and another of the deceased alien believed to be the pilot. here"

"My point: if we were to instead set course and enter the Reticulan system we may find more than just minerals; We may find sentient life adjacent to humanity and maybe even more advanced."

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Bending backwards on her spine, the bladed staff swung over her sternum; just narrowly missing her breast.Regaining her composure, she ducked low luring the ravenous foe towards her; dodge rolling between the very small spaces between their legs, she threw her hand out to snag her blade.

“It’s over now guys” she taunted, whilst swinging her blade. Spinning into an on-coming slash, her elbow on instinct rose to keep the robots forearm extended; essentially blocking its slash. Pushing her hand into its chest compartment, she released a powerful magnetic pulse rending the machine useless.

A burning sensation hit her lower spine spending her across the orchard. Wincing In pain; she slowly staggered to her feet. Maintain her wherewithal, she side stepped another stab attempt; Z slammed her elbow into the back of the robot dropping it almost instantly.

“That was rather tough…” blood dripped from the corners of her mouth, her uniform was badly damaged; but this win put her in good spirits. From the balcony, she felt a pair of condescending eyes burning a hole through her being.

“You stare any longer, and I’ll be convinced you want me” Z said, wiping her blood from her mouth. Hayden was the duchess of the Ninjan Empire; granted none of Zavanna’s sisters didn’t take hold of the Empire;s she was next in-line.

“You are aware, your position as Queen only stands if you are ALIVE” Hayden hissed. “I know; but if I don’t stay polished, how can I expect the Sigma army to be.

“Yes my queen; but while you were out here cavorting, with these machines; you were summoned by the OSA”. Z’s eyes dart towards Hayden with an oblivious stare. “Darn it” she needed to get cleaned up and transported to the Magnum Opus.

A few hours later

"Please tell me, why..."

“Now arriving, Monarch Zavanna Tempest of the Ninjan Empire” upon her arrival the OSA members stood in respect for the highest ranking member of the counsel. “Please be seated” she said, taking her seat first. “Please hold the formalities, please tell me why you have summoned me here today?” her crude approach threw a lot of the dignitaries off guard, the necessity for sticking to customs and courtesies was thrown out the window.

“Queen Tempest, we’ve gathered here today to discuss your motion for the Ninjan Domain.” It bothered her that the Crattian primer spoke first, she didn’t hold any hostility towards him; but he had a habit of being very long winded.

“And…” she said, turning her head slightly to the right expectantly. “Well, we have, uh; we’ve agreed to-“

“SIT DOWN!” she screamed, her powerful voice boomed throughout the presidium. The Crattian forces in attendance jumped up; but were met by the fearless Ninjan guards.“Please…take your seats” The Crattian rep said, settling both sides down; before taking his own seat.

Z was not the ruler of OSA, as a matter of fact she had virtually no power here; but the Ninjan’s natural nature to be aggressive proceeded them; something she liked to use to speed things along.

“We’ve agreed to deny your request” The Talabethian rep said, definitively. “If the gods wanted us to know of more life in the galaxy, they would’ve deemed it so.”The Ninjan Queen’s face turned red from anger, she couldn’t believe this was the best answer they could come up with.

“REALLY? THE GODS DON’T EXIST!” she screamed, with saliva spilling from her mouth. In a system where every race prayed to their own gods, it was hard to believe in them.

“Well there is one motion you can take, that will allow” the Talabethian spoke again, this time his voice was cold, lacking apathy. “If you accompany your troops into this mission; we’ll allow the Ninjans to search the Omega Nebula.”

Zavanna let loose a confident smirk; she knew there were conspires in the OSA; but now they seemed to show face. She very arrogantly sat back on her throne, eying Hayden she nodded confidentially. “Alright I’ll go”.

“Alright then it’s settled, good luck on your expedition” Once again tossing the formalities out the window, Z pushed away from her throne and exited the chambers. “Hayden gather my troops stationed here on the Magnum Opus, we’re going on a trip.” Z said, walking back to the tempest.

“My queen, those troops were given to the MOSS to protect the OSA” Hayden warned. “I know, but the MOSS is mine, and so are the troops; now do what I asked.”

As Ziccarra sped off in the Tempest, Hayden marched back to the Presidium where the board members were still convened.

“The Duchess of the Ninjan Empire, Honorable Miles” the usher screamed again, Hayden took Zavanna’s seat. “She’s preparing to depart tonight; if all of you do your part; by tomorrow, I’ll be the new Ninjan Queen.” The members of the sinister cabal nodded in agreement; before saluting each other.

Omega System Open Space

Where am I?

She woke up with a splitting headache, she was in so much pain it was damn near impossible to open her eyes all the way. “Ugh, she grunted” pulling herself from her seat, only to hit the top of her pod. “Current…” she whispered, suddenly developing a bit of religion as; she peered into the endless abyss and saw her Ninjan Fleet completely dismantled; littered across space like the stuffing in a bear.

“Where am I?” the control panels of the ship were completely foreign to her; she was a queen after all; she knew had to pilot a ship. The power soon went out, to make matters worse; her ship was starting to freeze oer.

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@madison_maynard: @_animus_:

Cordially considering Thomas' educated lingual proposal, Origami, undertaking a tersely overcoming pause, agreed, citing the prioritized acquisition of various extraterrestrial minerals etc. for the purpose of scientific inquiry and practical extraction for fueling purpose. "Your proposal is practical. We will require these hypothetical resources. Otherwise we risk stranding ourselves in deep space", the Quantum Enigma pointed, meticulously highlighting a plausible occurrence in the face of unaccounted procedures. "Zeta Reticuli, an expansive binary star system. Located in the southern constellation of Reticulum", Origami murmured, "It has always been of particular interest".

(Transmitting coordinates to Astrum Auto-Piloting System. System: Zeta Reticuli, Constellation: Reticulum, Portion: Southern, Distance: 12 pc (parsecs), Course: Set). "Zeta Reticuli is only 39 light years from our location as opposed to GRS 1915+105's 40,000", Origami pointed out, "It is a very practical destination. I have set Astrum's course to the Reticulum constellation. Additional examination by my Quantum Consciousness indicates an additional, scientifically undocumented system in the constellation. It is designated as the Omega System. It is 9 pc (parsecs) from our location. Much nearer than Zeta Reticuli. It is an inevitable system, necessary to pass by if we are to enter Reticulum from our present position. This only facilitates our desire to investigate the possibility of intelligent organisms in the constellation".

Having set course to the Reticulum constellation, Origami's quantum-computational capacities coherently instruct the Astrum to commence exploitation of its primary superluminal fuel source, inciting a technologically potent, cylindrical construct's generation of regulated magnetic fields, enabling Astrum's transition into higher-dimensional space for appropriate reliance of superluminal velocities. "These 'Greys' as they have been termed by human society, they are of particular intrigue. While there have been many extraterrestrial visitations on Earth, these Greys are unproven to exist. But their impact on human culture is undeniable. From that aspect, they already incite my interest", the synthetic amalgamation voiced.

"Even more interesting is when one makes an observation from a biologist's perspective. Grey-human biological similarities are nothing short of remarkable. The number of toes per foot, sternal-xiphoidal processes, facial geometry, and apparent pectoral-trapezial architecture, the indications cannot be ignored. This strongly implies an evolutionary history that is almost parallel to that of humans. These evolutionary coincidences, in extraterrestrial life in such a distant location, it indicates very similar planetary conditions to that of Earth's". Subsequently indulging in his authenticated scientific intrigue in the Greys, Origami resumes, "Though their smaller frames suggest weaker gravity... I will be conducting further experiments and study until our arrival in Reticulum. Logging off".

Reticulum Constellation, Omega System

Frenetically alerted of their emergent arrival in the Omega System's open space, Origami, exercising cerebral caution, activates Astrum's functional quantum shielding in anticipation of potential asteroid belts, in addition to hypothetically plausible hostility from undiscovered advanced planetary civilizations. "We have entered the Omega System, Mr. Newcastle", the Quantum Android informed, his pictorial facial attributes materializing before his intellectual company via translucent holographic imagery. "I have activated Astrum's quantum shielding. Asteroid belts and even hostility from potentially advanced civilizations must be accounted for. We know nothing of the possible galactic laws regarding space travel. We are in foreign territory", he cautioned, prior to resuming.

"Perhaps here we may refuel. Being that you are organically human, perhaps you still require water and some form of sustainable sustenance. Unless your symbiotic relationship with that silver-esque skin transcends external durability", Origami hypothesized, pensively considering the implications of such a potent extraterrestrial symbiote. Regaining focus, he resumes conversational exchange, "I believe there are sources for generic fuel for our thrusters when we are not traveling at superluminal velocities. We must-", momentary interruption occurred between the scientific dyad. "I am being shown a holographic projection of our external environment. A mass of disheveled... war-faring vehicles it seems, an entire fleet".

Aware of the irrefutable implications of such an unanticipated discovery, Origami continued. "There must have been some violent conflict here. The spacial debris indicates this". Subsequent ambient examination uncovers a drifting ship seemingly devoid of electrical power and detectable energy-generation. "The other ships seem to be largely malfunctioning but retain some sort of power, albeit little, but this one seems to have been heavily damaged, there is no electrical power. I can detect nothing from it", Origami pointed out, observing from his vibrant screen. "But there is a faint thermal signature emitting from within. Too faint to be a technological source".

Certain of his assumption, he continued, "It is a biologically emitted thermal signature. There seems to be no detectable power from the ship, I will not attempt radio communication". Voicing his intentions, Origami revealed, "Mr. Newcastle, please join me, I will be exiting Astrum to investigate this thermal signature. It presents the opportunity to encounter extraterrestrial life. My readings indicate that in this environment, you do not require protective cladding. Your artificial skin will suffice. And you no longer require oxygen".

Likewise not requiring protective adornments in such a neutral environment, Origami, through gravitationally manipulative instruments, directs his drifting, gargantuan frame to the powerless ship, optimistic of Thomas being behind him. Exploiting the ship's lack of electricity and thus, absent security protocols, pries his way into its darkened interior. Using a portable, hand-held, powerful electric-powered light source to illuminate the damaged interior of the ship, Origami vocally inquires, "This ship is severely damaged. Do you require assistance?", uncertain of potential replies while searching for survivors, unaware of the Ninjan Queen's adjacent proximity.

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Mean pair of posts havin a ball just catchin up.

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@origami: @_animus_: (wow i have got to say this has been an awesome read i am taken aback by how intelligent these conversations are really guys bravo*claps so hard he hurts his hands*.)

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@andres_knightfall: (No problem keep up the good work although reading your work makes me feel bad about my writing in comparison .Wanna write my history paper for me lol.)

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Going to throw up something after Anny

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@shanana said:

Going to throw up something after Anny

lol damn. You're not gonna let that one go are you

I'll have a post up tomorrow early

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@_animus_: Why should I, it's a great nickname.

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@madison_maynard: @origami:

" Judging by the trail of the debris and it's spread, it looks like they were just...brushed aside. But how, what could detroy an entire fleet of ships? Their defenses are even more advanced than ours. On my way out now."

Grabbing his tether and wrapping around his waist the synthetic flesh begins to file out from his naval and encase Animus in a shining silver suit. The airlock opens sucking him out at an unexpected speed to jettison towards the location of Origami and the radio silent lifeform he went to investigate. Just as he begins to slow Animus looks at the outer shell of the ship and is impressed, "It's even more advanced then ours..."

Pressing his chest a white light glows, "Origami tread carefully with that E.T. For all we know it's the only one alive for a reason. I'm going to examine the techonolgy and weapons system, see what we can salvage. Animus out."

Slowly landing on the side of the ship the suit begins to grip the hull from the soles of his feet, treading the hull with a reader and analyzing the alloys before entering a nearby hatch to see the inner mechanics .

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@_animus_: @origami

Madison’s eye’s barley opened, she let loose a weak moan, before turning in pain. The ships that betrayed her; belong to the confederates of the OSA. Her arms quivered from the cold, as she tried to direct Origami to the tape; that held the last media playback. “I-i-i-i…c-c-c-c-c-c-cold….” She whispered, pulling her IA card from her waist.

“Hello, my name is Madison Maynard, Queen of Ninjeta; and OSA representative 1.”

The small interactive I.D card cut off leaving Madison to wonder who they were. Despite the destruction around her, her protective suit would keep her away from harm; but it wouldn’t heat her up without a new power drive. The power drive was a product of the Ninjan fossil fuel Eco.

The entire space vessel ran on just an ounce of Eco. "Take the Power Drive..." she whispered, her voice turning hoarse from struggle. She couldn't identify the species of the pillagers, but she knew they weren't native to the Omega System.

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Madison’s eye’s barley opened, she let loose a weak moan, before turning in pain. The ships that betrayed her; belong to the confederates of the OSA. Her arms quivered from the cold, as she tried to direct Origami to the tape; that held the last media playback. “I-i-i-i…c-c-c-c-c-c-cold….” She whispered, pulling her IA card from her waist.

“Hello, my name is Madison Maynard, Queen of Ninjeta; and OSA representative 1.”

The small interactive I.D card cut off leaving Madison to wonder who they were. Despite the destruction around her, her protective suit would keep her away from harm; but it wouldn’t heat her up without a new power drive. The power drive was a product of the Ninjan fossil fuel Eco.

The entire space vessel ran on just an ounce of Eco. "Take the Power Drive..." she whispered, her voice turning hoarse from struggle. She couldn't identify the species of the pillagers, but she knew they weren't native to the Omega System.

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"I would appreciate it if you relayed whatever information you collect", Origami responded via the communicative properties of his Quantum Consciousness, technologically replicating the informatively transposing effects of telepathic communication. "I am currently using quantum concurrent processing to simultaneously examine the architectonic structure of this vehicle", the Quantum Enigma alerted, "This technology is beyond that which has yet to even be imagined on Earth. It's defenses seem to exceed even Astrum's. This was a vehicle with the purpose for rigorous inter-stellar warfare. A very powerful ship". Diverting the luminous focus of his portable, electric-powered light source from side to side, up and down etc. analytically investigating even the most minuscule of the ship's darkened corners.

Abruptly, a barely audible moan of incoherently voiced weakness incited Origami's scientific curiosity. "I have detected an auditory source within the ship. I will investigate further", exploiting the quantum-entanglement phenomenon for the instantaneous transmission of the informative lexical conveyance. Walking towards the plausible source of the faintly emitted moan, Origami's portable light source rapidly identifies the collapsed body of an unacquainted extraterrestrial. (Biology: Extraterrestrial... Potentially Female, Race: Not In M.D.D.S. Records, Bio-Thermal Signature: Fading, Physical Condition: Critical). Intriguingly noting their paralleled verdant skin, Origami approaches with nonexistent hesitation, comprehensively absorbing the relayed information of her IA card.

"A monarch? I am not familiar with the customs of... Ninjeta. But from the planet I originate from, it is a socially obligatory practice to bow before royalty", the synthetic amalgamation lingually unveils, issuing a cordial, succinct bow of expressed civility. Doing as instructed by the Ninjan Queen, Origami retrieves the identified Power Drive. "My name is Origami. I am a scientist currently in the company of another scientist, Thomas Newcastle. We are not native to the Omega System. Or even the Reticulum constellation". Subtly lowering his gargantuan, herculean frame, Origami's left arm curls around Madison's lithe frame, positioning her atop his shoulder as he cautiously carries her. "My apologies. But your thermal signature is fading dramatically. Your biological processes will terminate without my intervention".

"To assist in your survival, I must take you to my ship to medically cater to you and return you to optimum physical condition". Pausing his steps in approximation to the military vessel's exit, Origami resumes, "I am unaware of the intricacies of your organism. And whether or not you require oxygen or if your body is resistant to the low-pressure environment of space. I will temporarily envelop you in quantum shielding, rendering all else impossible of affecting your fundamental quantum state". Relying on the technological potency of his zepto-technology for the accomplishment of such an action, he ejects himself from the ship's interior, utilizing gravitationally-powered equipment to direct his return to Astrum.

"Mr. Newcastle, I have retrieved an organism of extraterrestrial origin from the ship. Madison Maynard is her designation. She appears female and is in dire need of medical attention. I will attend to her soon". Once within the nurturing interior of Astrum's medical bay, Origami sets Madison's body atop a medically appropriate surface mirroring the hospital beds found on Earth. Instructing ambient robotic instruments in the vitalization of Madison's biological functions, facilitating her gradual return to optimum health, Origami would inquire upon her retainment of sufficient vocal strength. "What conflict occurred to have left you in such a condition?".

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