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This RP thread is open to anyone, with some stipulation: the astral plane is only accessible to those possessing psychic or mystical abilities (telepaths, arcanists, gods, etc.). There are some exceptions to the rule; anyone can be brought here by an astral “guide” who has the requisite abilities, and it is possible that characters of sufficient scientific acumen could devise some technological means of arrival (perhaps not even on purpose).

The astral plane is a non-physical plane that overlaps the material plane (what most recognize as “reality”). It is a realm of thoughts, dreams, and visions. The landscape (if it can be called such) is unstable and surreal, though a sufficiently strong will can shape it. This can lead to interesting battles in which two powerful minds attempt to shape their surroundings, creating a sort of environmental war.

The most basic rule on the astral plane is that “thoughts are things.” A strong mind can create practically anything: will yourself to be holding a sword, and it shall appear in your hand. A character that is weak and sickly on the physical plane may appear strong and healthy on the astral; one’s appearance is determined by one’s mind, although such forms generally resemble their material forms in some way.

A character’s astral form is constantly connected to their material body by a thin, nearly invisible silver cord. Should their astral form be “killed,” this cord will yank them back into their biological body, unharmed, but suffering effects similar to a severe hangover. Such individuals will need a recovery period (varies according to their mental fortitude) before returning to the astral plane. Though it is borderline impossible, this silver cord can be severed, breaking the connection between a character’s mind and body. The body will fall into a comatose state, and may very well die, if it is not attended to appropriately. The mind will become trapped on the astral plane, and will likely require aid in returning to the body.

In short, the astral plane is a playing field where those with the right abilities can exercise tremendous creativity and wield vast power, but be warned: the plane has its share of both guardians and predators, and the character who causes too much upheaval or draws too much attention will likely encounter them…

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This is going to get some extensive use from me. Nice work.

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Beautifully written.

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(Really nice stuff, can't wait to see the kind of stuff that goes on here)

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"I have no means of being, Unless the higher power I serve makes it so."

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Oh, Charmy. You know I love you.
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@Madame_Blossom said:


Oh, Charmy. You know I love you.
Please step aside.

I love you too <3

Sorry, but your welcome to join my other pets.
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@Madame_Blossom: I'd argue with you, but I do kinda do the on all fours thing.
(I just felt like being bitchy. You know I luv you ♥♥♥)
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@Zauberin: I like my girls like that ;) after all your just a fine pierce of art.

(totally understand, don't worry cutie♥♥♥♥ :))

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@Madame_Blossom: I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
Although, if I find things aren't to my liking, I'm going to rip your hand off. ^_^
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@Madame_Blossom: @Zauberin: That's right, the two of you fight it out so that you are both weakened and make easy targets to determine who is the best fit to rule. >:)

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I feel like making a character specifically for this thread.

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@Impero: @Madame_Blossom: On the fourth day of Quintus' isolated meditative isolation he began, as an unintentional manifestation of his consciousness, creating an intangible illuminated silhouette on a plane of existence beyond the normal realm. By his side represented with an intensified representation of illuminated form stood the grandmaster Impero. Not completely naive in the ways of the immaterial realm, the Knightfall Ninja recognized the dream like state as the Astral Plane. "Sifu, I could sense your concern as it pertained Ziccarra Liafaford, that is the woman of whom I spoke of. She is poised to accomplish great things, revolutionary things. But in doing so I fear the World will suffer and the allies she has surrounded herself with will not only betray her, but civilization as a whole.." his voice reverberated with an acoustic echo.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: @Madame_Blossom: Spiritually materializing before the lethal Living Weapon, Ishin manifests unmasked and clad in symbolically significant Keijijo Impero robes, uncharacteristic of his usual choice of attire. With him, he brought his beloved Fan. Opting to commence introductions afterwards, the Grandmaster listened with unquestionable patience as the woman was revealed to be Ziccarra, an individual he had subtly trained not too long ago, causing a brief yet unapparent sensation of guilt to internally overcome him. "Ziccarra.. I trained her once. It seems that you're concern is justified. We must accelerate your mental progress. I've brought with me someone that can help", he paused, introducing Fan and Quintus to one another, "Quintus-san, this is Fan. My ally and love", he revealed, "She specializes in the psychic arts", turning to his beloved, he concludes, "Fan, this is Quintus. My protege and friend. He needs our help to hone his latent telepathic abilities".

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This looks like a fun spot

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@Impero: (I'll wait for your queen to post next :P)

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@Quintus_Knightfall: Who's a good G? Who's a good G? You are! You are! :)

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@Impero said:

@Quintus_Knightfall: Who's a good G? Who's a good G? You are! You are! :)

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@Quintus_Knightfall: Hahaha!

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Well well. This should be interesting.

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Many sleepless nights passed for the tranquil mercenary after indulging in the Zenku Entity. A portion of its chakra now flowing through his system, corrupting him. Two weeks of torment left the protege drained both physically and mentally. His only solace could be found in meditation. It seemed as if the harmonious joining of his spirit with the metaphysical energy of the universe allowed him some clarity of mind. But even this serene moment was short lived. Robbed of his consciousness Milo opened his eyes to intense darkness. He felt weightless, yet when he placed his hands to his chest, he felt solid matter. In many ways it felt like the realm he'd visited with Ishin during the Seven Daimyo's invasion.

A red flaming light pierced the darkness, causing Milo to flinch as his eyes adapted to the intensity. The bubbling manifestation of a large fox head, with burning black and red eyes and a menacing row of razor sharp teeth growled before Milo.

"Zenku." The Air Yoso protege stated, in an amazed manner.

"No, I am Isamu. The portion of Zenku's chakra that you now possess belongs to me. I am apart of the Zenku Entity, one of its servants. You will relinquish your body to me and I will recreate the great Zenku."

Milo gritted his teeth. "You've tormented more for days on end, so that you may forfeit your freedom to something stuck in an Urn?"

"If not for Zenku I would not exist." Milo shook his head.

"With Zenku you don't exist. You only exist now because you are separated from him. Do you understand?"

The beastly spirit roared, confused about its true purpose. "So long, I have been mindless. So little time to think."

Milo smiled, knowing he was getting to the only answer to strengthening himself further. "Live through me. See the world that your master would not let you. And allow me to access the power you hold."

Silence passed and it seemed almost as if Milo would be trapped in this reality forever. "Your wish shall be granted. Only so that I may be guaranteed a prolonged stay among the Earth.

The dream realm faded and Milo was back in his living room, awakening to money, and new found power as his irises adopted the fiery features of the fox spirit.

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His excursion to the material plane had been profitable, indeed. In addition to acquiring a new host body, the Demon of Silence had been fortunate enough to have arrived in New York City as the chaos surrounding the Registration Act had been reaching its crescendo. After days of basking in the paranoia, hatred, and fear of hundreds of thousands of minds, he was feeling stronger than he had in decades. Though his business in the physical world was far from completed, he had much that he wished to accomplish on the astral plane, as well.

The psychic predator stood amidst the swirling energies and thought currents of the plane, seemingly a lone figure of stillness in a vast ocean of movement. Then, raising his arms, he exerted his newly-renewed strength. The very fabric of the psychic dimension responded, as what appeared to be a massive, craggy peak of obsidian suddenly thrust upward through the immaterial mists, throwing the ebb and flow of the energies of the world’s sentient thought-forms into further disarray. The mountainous edifice soared to an impossible height, and atop its highest peak, the stone formed itself into a formidable, medieval-style fortress. Its ebon walls were smooth as glass, and its crenelated towers and parapets studded with wicked-looking spikes, but perhaps its most unsettling feature was its enormous front gate, which bore the image of a leering, inhuman skull.

Entering his new stronghold, the Demon of Silence strode purposefully to his cavernous throne room, seating himself upon an obscene throne that seemed to be composed entirely of human faces in various states of terrified agony. Then, he waited. There were events transpiring on the material plane that were reverberating powerfully upon this one: the hysteria surrounding the Registration, the rise of a powerful warlord whose ambitions seemed to be as limitless as his power, and the drawing of battle lines, as potent beings forged alliances and set events into motion that had the potential to rock the very foundations of the universe. Such events would draw many debased and degenerate beings from dormancy, and many of them would be looking for a dark flag to rally beneath. His construction of this fortress would send a clear signal; he was willing and able to provide just such a blasphemous banner.

He did not wait long. From the dark recesses of twisted minds and the long-forgotten vestiges of ancient nightmares they came, his army. Lesser demons, mental parasites, dybbuks, psychic vampires, and many others besides, they streamed into his castle by the thousands and pledged their allegiance to the Demon of Silence, becoming willing instruments of his malevolent will. He stood, gazing out at the entropic horde that would soon be furthering his designs, and laughed, a deep, booming wave of horrific malice that resonated far beyond the halls of his dread citadel.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: @Impero: (awwww G, you recognized me as a queen ;p)

The psychic enchantress stood side by side with her lover Ishin as she now would meet a dear friend of his. After all the stories she had heard pertaining to Quintus, the two had notappropriately meet. She felt honor to be within the presence of two kings in their own rights, one was the Grandmaster of the arts while his brother the opposite Polymath Martial Artist, for a brief second she felt excluded from their conversation due to her unknown knowledge of this Ziccarra female being. The three psychic simulacrastood within the domains of a psychic's reality, the astral plane, where she was literally a goddess in this realm. Thanks to Ishin introduction for the two the witch bowed before the would soon be successor of the arts, "Its such an honor to finally meet you, your name sure does get around." she said kindly as she then wrapped her arms around Ishin waist as well as sending a wink towards her new friend and ally, Quintus. "I have such high respect for those who are quite acquainted with my king." she then planted a kiss to her Prospero's cheek. Unwrapping her lovely arms away from her Prospero, the witch was then drawn by a faint psychic echo, it wasemanatingfrom Quintus. "You are defiantly one fine rare psychic." she commented with a smoothing yet subtleaffectionate tone, the untapped potential in Quintus had drawn her, calling to her. Circling around the unrefined telepath she drew her arm out to it's fullest length and touched his psychic field, his aura. The radiating heat that every psychic emitted, each had their own psionic signature, the witch was attuning hers to his. It asked to be free, it wanted to grow from its chrysalis form, and the witch was willing to help do that, by unveiling the curtains that hid in Quintus's mind. The butterfly's first flight would now begin.

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@Impero: @Madame_Blossom:

Fist to palm proceeded Quintus' trademark greeting, bowing before the lovely object of his Sifu's admiration. Even in her incorporeal state the outlining silhouette of her permeating frame was undeniable. Her psychical beauty extrapolated by her genuine grace and kindness and yet their was an unseen power, a force, that if unleashed could potentially rival that of the mad titan Warsman. "Fan, the honor is all mine." their aura inclosed forms effortlessly floating with tranquility and harmonic overtones. A gracious offer to help facilitate the Knightfall Ninja's dormant telepathic ability had been made, and eagerly accepted. "I could never repay you" pausing as he turned to look at Impero, "Or you, master." turning back. "But if you would take me on as your understudy Madam Fan, I promise you I will use my new found ability for the betterment of mankind."

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@Madame_Blossom: @Quintus_Knightfall: A tranquil smile of tender happiness manifested on the composed Grandmaster's face as his beloved's lips amorously touched his cheek. Silently observing Fan's skillful acceleration of the progression of Quintus' latent psychic talents, Ishin found himself in wordless admiration of his lover's nigh-peerless talent and expertise in all things spiritual and mental. Upon the conclusion of the ritualistic practice, Ishin calmly nodded in response to Quintus' gratitude, "You're welcome Quintus-san", he replied, turning to his beloved queen, "He won't disappoint you if you accept him as your understudy. He can be trusted. Other than you and my childhood friend, Miya, he is my closest friend. He wouldn't betray you with what you teach him", he assured.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: "Thank you my love, I have no fear and regrets.". A smile lifted from her soft glowing complexion as her new disciple showed complete respect and his thoughts were a reflection of his self being, "Please do as you wish with your gifts, don't sanctify them to me. People change, life itself is ever-changing. That is the beauty of life, whether good or bad, we are capable of changing.". With the psychic realm attuned to her psychic talents, the witch changed the environment around the three, the once fluid-like substance now become a mirror to that of the Reisho Monastery. The structure of such architect was flawless and identical to its physical counterpart, a testament to her will and her enormous psychic skill. Cradling her hands before her, the witch then moved them as if she were weaving a spell, in circular motions she formed a glowing sphere of energy, psychic energy. The psychic ball was faint in color and glowed weakly, presenting her creation towards her audiences, the two kings stood before her watching in awe. "One thing you need to know. Here in the Astral Plane: thoughts become reality." the bubble of energy then moved violently in all direction like gum being stretched from all corners "What you think becomes just as real as the physical world. Here, you are an artist and sculptress, what you mold and create by thought can become your advantage and disadvantage." the violent energy had then come to a calm as the witch gave form to the raw energy, she had crafted a butterfly. "Like the sphere of energy, your telepathic gifts are formless and erratic. Crafting your own will into existence without proper training can draw you out from reality, making your own mind a prison from within. To prevent this I'll carefully guide you along the way and give liberation to your psychic talents." slightly lifting her arm up with open palms, the psychic butterfly was given a gentle push into the air, and with the power of thought it flew around the three only to then travel into the horizon.

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@Impero: @Madame_Blossom:

Opining on the mystically mercurial acumen of the telepathic tutor time was no longer relevant. Hours, days, weeks, had been stricken from the combined conscious of the telepathic trinity as they shepherded the newest addition to the Astral Plane alumni. Fully concentrating the apex of his metaphysical might into his clinched fist attempting to funnel his power to a specific point, a discolored hue began to resonate around the ball of knuckles taking the form of a purple tinted blade. Slightly flickering as Quintus struggled to maintain absolute control as he manifested a weapon of pure telepathic origin, a Psi Blade. Engineering the only true weapon he would ever use again. Turning his head with a slight hint of arrogant accomplishment while holding the impressive symbol of purified mental mysticism, Quintus flashed an appreciative smirk towards Fan. "Seems I have acquired two Sifu's."

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@Madame_Blossom: @Quintus_Knightfall: Silently admiring the unrivaled intricacy, knowledge and complex control that his beloved sorceress had over the spiritually significant Astral Plane, Ishin counted himself fortunate for having the Eastern Enchantress at his side. Simultaneously observing the uninhibited psychic progress of the Knightfall Heir, Ishin acknowledged his protege's accomplishment with a wordless nod of approval prior to turning his attention to his love, "This is your area of expertise, and it shows", he complimented, planting an amorous kiss on his lover's cheek. Directing his attention to Quintus, he spoke, "Quintus-san, I've lost all surprise when it comes to your speedy progress in these lessons", he commended.

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@Impero: @Quintus_Knightfall: The creation of his psionic weaponry was impressive, even as a novice he managed to do what even a season psychic could not in years. Though of course his psychic projection still lacked finesse, incredible it was the blade was still unrefined. Though its structure was approve the power to maintain it was not, if clash with another psionic projection the blade would immediately cease to exist, "Impressive, you've learned very fast. The time dispute in this realm differs, like dreams, time is not a factor." focusing forth her own psychic creation, a blade smaller in size was formed. The size did not determined its power, it was the creator's will that policed it. Moving in close quarters at inhuman speed she met face to face with her student, only to have him counter her blade with his, as both weapons touched the stinging sensation of the feedback was present, but due to experience and will she broke his weapon with ease, dispersing them in the process. "Rule number one, size does not matter here. A weapon may be large and nicely sculpted such as yours but a simple small projection can easily break them. Will, is as every part as important as power. You have such a limitless storage of raw psychic energy yet your will to hold them is different, weak. Creation is easy but the will-power to maintain them is not. Looks can be deceiving." an exceptional being and student he was, she marveled at the thought of how she can turn a rock into a diamond. Quintus was a prodigy in every way, his motivation and natural ability to adapt was rare, like Ishin she saw something special in him. "Again." she instructed, as the psychic training would continue on until her disciple mastered the ability to weave in perfection. Turning to face her lover she blew a kiss and the psychic nature of the realm manifested the intangible action by her thought, floating safely upon his cheek "Hopefully this ends well love, I wouldn't want to harm our precious little boy." looking back at Quintus, the taunt and mockery was a tactic to see if he would digest into emotions or not, as they were meant to give interference, the slightest distraction itself would break a telepath.

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@Madame_Blossom: @Impero:

Fan's bedazzling expertise of the supernatural was equally rivaled by her telepathic combat proficiency. Culturing a blade of her own, the Dreamweaver exposed the young Knightfall to a myriad of mental swordsmanship techniques, each progression or stage increasing expediently in difficulty as well as offering an unparalleled glimpse into the potential devastation a single blow could yield. Mastership of the Psi-Blade offered a wide range of abilities such as the capability to inter an opponents mind when struck through the head. Though the blade itself would cause no visible damage to the exterior, the flesh of an adversary, the interior was another matter entirely. A true artist would be granted surgical like precision. Infused with an educational foundation of the human anatomy, Quintus' potential lethality with such a weapon was immeasurable.

Parrying to the side drastically altering his body with twists and turns defying the laws of physics, the up and coming mentalist was narrowly able to repeatedly defend against the lovely omega level telepath's assaults, but with each deflection the vibrancy of his Psi Blade began to diminish. Forcing Quintus deep into his mind where the very limits of his sanity would be tested, weighed, and measured. His only hope was his unfathomable fortitude and the reassuring presence of his Sifu. Fan's strategical teaching endowments would serve to create the Third Pillar of Quintus martial arts manifesto. Only after finding, and constructing, the Fourth Pillar, would Quintus be able to start the creation of his own purified Martial Arts form.

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@Madame_Blossom: @Quintus_Knightfall: The accelerated progress of the prodigious Knightfall came as no unanticipated surprise to the Keijijo Legend. Since his initial encounter with Quintus many months prior to the current situation at hand, the Martial Arts Polymath was identified as an exciting prospect in the calculating eyes of the Apex Keijijo. Certain of the Living Weapon's indisputable talent, Ishin instantaneously predicted greatness in its earliest stages. Calmly observant of the entire training session, Ishin watched, arms characteristically crossed before his chest in silent respectful acknowledgement of Quintus' learning skills. However, for all the prodigious talent naturally imbued in the intellectual Knightfall, his skills would have not attained such a height had it not been for exceptional instructors and teachers to nurture his innate capabilities. Embracing his lover's blown kiss with a tranquil, warm smile, Ishin allowed a calm chuckle to escape him at the mention of Quintus as their 'little boy', undoubtedly a mental tactic used in order to disrupt the Knightfall's focus. "Quintus-san", Ishin began, "When you have time. Come to Reisho. There are things you must learn", he concluded quite cryptically.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: @Impero: Hours went by as quick as a breathe drawn from a human's mouth, Quntus was anextraordinary telepath, with each exercise and task given he immediately completed the task even if he failed the first time, perfection was his motivation and he was almost there. The continued psionic constructs clashed back and forth, skill and power as well as will was tested between the two psychic onslaughts. Neither showing the slightest distraction and weakness. The astral plane became a reflection of the two psychics, as each echoing touch from their weapons the surrounding factors became distorted. Mental notes and secret observation were made by the witch, detailing the martial artist's level and proficiency. Aided by his divine fighting skills he bested the enchantress, falling to her bottom the witch quickly got back on her two feet and praised her apprentice. "Nicely done." she commented, moving forward to gesture in for a hug, the witch was filled with joy and happiness. She never felt this way before, maybe it was the idea of her being a teacher to those who lacked the skill in these certain area. "Congratulations Quintus. But this doesn't mean you as good as I am." she teased, knowing that with more practice he would eventually equal or even surpass her. Returning back to Ishin's arms the witch clawed their minds and their spiritual essence returned back into their body. Like Ishin she awaited Qunitus arrival at the monastery.

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Zool sat in the astral plane meditating. The world around him began to transform into what appeared to be ancient Thebes. His little cottage and barn where he raised sheep was in the distance. He was currently at the market place where he used to sell his animals and buy food for his animals. In front of him was the king's palace. It looked like it was just made. Inside King Oedipus lived with a princess from a far off land and did not kill his father or marry his mother. Zool then saw an image of little Antigone walk up to him. He reached out, but he pulled back due it being fake. The castle began to fade to an old and abandoned one. He continued meditating.

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Arturia rocketed through a world of nothingness, thoughts pushing her at speeds that would be beyond lightspeed on the material plane, that not even black would register to the eyes. It didn't matter. She normally saw not through light anyway. Whereas she normally perpetually wore a blindfold over her eyes, on the Astral Plane she not only had no blindfold; she had no eyes whatsoever. Though as always, she perceived so much more. Here it was even more so, this world being much more malleable than that of the terrestrial sphere. And still she felt the need to accustom herself to that place, yet unfamiliar.

The colorless world began to shift about as she slowed significantly, though still racing like a comet. A solid ground foundation, like the sands of the desert, formed a ways beneath her. A cloudless desert sky slowly permeated the area around, washing over like the dome of a bounded field, soon filling in completely. Her crash landing sent a cloud of dirt for miles around, as far as the mind could see, which lingered in the air. Not bothered in the slightest, she sat agura style in the crater made by the impact and slowly filled in the area, burying herself in sand.

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Slim reclines on a lounge chair as he looks into the vast distances of space which is kept within the palm of his hand, a crystal cube containing the facets of this universe. A small object in which he can zoom into different locations, is it real or is it a sham?

The corvid man decides to call in a woman of color, thus he sends a crow into the material plane.

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@rumbleman_exe: Nahteb is sitting alone in her room when the crow flies in through the window. So he has called me at last, she thinks, and jumps excitedly to her feet. She snatches her umbrella from the corner, opens it up and closes her eyes, trying to visualise him sitting there, awaiting her.

After a moment she opens them, and looks around. When she sees Slim, she cannot help but laugh, gently.

"I had a feeling it was you

Who called me to this curious room..."

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"Yes it is i, ca-caw! The raven, and today there is a place that I would like for you to enter. A location for beings like us, where the world are not bound by material law and rigid theories of science. Where we can emote freely."

The raven exploded into a door of black smoke

"Come dear child..."

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"I have spent so much time with matters mortal

I was quite thrilled to pass through this portal

And it is a welcome change to spend some time

With someone whose life is more like mine"

She began to approach, hesitantly, keeping her eyes focused on him, unsure of his motives.

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A dark hand held her hand and welcomes her to the other side, a benevolent face with a gentle smile welcomes her to a place of abode.

" there is no land, nor a horizon

the sky solid, the earth empty

north points wherever your heart desires, south is always on the other side

you are welcome, rest your feet at the bed of all reason"

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@rumbleman_exe: Her hand lingers in his - she is stunned by this place, having never seen anything quite like it before. Still, the face which greets her is pleasant, and kind. The calm expression there puts her at ease.

"You have such a warm and friendly face...

So tell me friend - what is this place?

I have been earthbound for many years

And have missed quite a lot, I fear."

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The contract is interesting, he is a man of pale and black. She is a woman of multiple colors, he is amazed. He slowly carries her inside.

"My face is that of a moon, hair that of the black night sky

Where our feet are rested is the astral plane, you can wish for a flower or a cellophane

I was born a flatlander, now I live to explore

I can show you this world, that and many more"

he replied in a calm tone to ensure that she feels safe

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"What a wondrous plane, I cannot find

The words I need to express my mind

And the way it reels and whirls and races

When shown these strange, magical places...."

She is nervous, but not because of the stranger. There is something about the potential, the power of being able to manipulate the world around her. It frightens her a little. She has not been free in so long....

"What is it that draws you here, Slim?

To this place which bends to your every whim?"

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This place... is awesome... Marcus doesn't have much use for it... but still AWESOME!

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" No need to fear, recreation is here

a place for joy, a place of fun

make a wish, it will appear

I can make a lake, you can repaint the sun"

He can feel her emotions of anxiety, but perhaps it is her first time immersed in the astral realm. So he lets her approach it in her own natural way. Letting her have her way with the surroundings...

"In this realm I am truly free, no sky to limit

no ground to bind, a destination where I am me."

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"So if I wave my hand right here

You're saying a rainbow could appear?"

Nahteb raises her hand above her head and makes a slow waving motion, as though wiping away some unseen cobweb hanging overhead. Surely enough, a sparkling rainbow follows the movement, like the wispy trail that follows an aeroplane....

"That is incredible! I can't believe...

Surely my eyes have been deceived??"

She looks at Slim, eyes dancing with wonder.

"I can never thank you enough, maybe

For showing such a place to me."

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"This place is a great big yonder, it represents nature for us here to ponder

not limited by confines of time, nor confines of space"

Slim melded to the background and reappeared behind her

"Would you want me to guide you through this place?"

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"Wow, from never being here before

To being offered a guided tour!

That is quite a leap, and I like it too

I would love to look around with you."

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"I will give you stars, and show you things

follow me, gates are open

Imagine a path, believe in wings

for I will show you a door through which we will enter the world of dreams"