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Well Luz and I shaked the whole foundations of our characters and their future storylines. Now the Arcryns are destroyed and the OutRiders are boss.

~Everything has happened so fast to ES, that he hasnt given anytime to think what has transpired within weeks until now. First losing vigiante and Maelstrom to gambler for his conflict, Losing the war against the brood, comming home with a changed personality and finding that Rachel and Amy have died. All of this causes major Trauma for ES but yet he doesnt let these sad emotions get in the way of his cold attitude. He has already destroyed the one society that accepted him, the one that mutants could live in peace. He destroyed the Arcryns because of his blind ambitions of safety and security through bloodshed and brutal actions against his own people and allies.

After thinking of all of what he has done, ES breaks down and wishes it could all go away but nothing answers him except for the faint whistle of the wind that passes by. All he can do is go with the flow and follow the path he has created, hoping that the sudden misery he faces fades away soon.

Now ES is at a crossroads and must choose to eiter fight a battle and feed his addicting hunger for carnage and death or lead the path to live without conflict except for what bears within his heart and conscience.

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cool pic

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well, umm whats new?

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except for waiting for the rpg, nothin. I'll contnue with this description tommorrow.

Night all


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~Deciding the best choice for him is to fight this upcomming war between two guilds in which battle like no other forces Es has ever seen. He was confronted by both guilds to be recruited to join, one of the Group's leader was Gambler, the one who took Vigilante and Maelstrom from him. He decided that the OutRiders would vote to see who they would fight against. They chose the arcadians due to their wicked tricks, and that The OutRiders would fight alongside former friends.

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i know, anyways i made a discussion forum for the LOS, Arcadians, OutRiders and anyone living in Louisiana or just passing through. Its called: The Louisiana Roudhouse Diner
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well i g2g talk to you guys in about seven hours.

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this is crazy! the war! I want it to come soon!