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The Book of Dante

(Part Two)

Quietly sitting down in his study while listening to the harmonic renaissance themed music by Josquin Des Prezd was more than enough to compliment the astounding discoveries that the Italian was making reading his fathers journal. A most insightful delight was being absorbed into his mind....ideas and philosophies, family history and trivia which he had never thought would be so interesting..specifically however...he was seemingly learning every secret his father had. Immersing himself oblivious to the world he started the final chapter...

The Court of Arcani.....the technology...the greatness, beyond our time - Beyond our understanding...this was called archotech. Beyond comprehension the mere mortals of the time in which it resided merely knew it as magic...where does the lines switch from technology to magic?..When technology can turn a glass of water into wine, is this not magic?...Anyhow, I have discovered an amulet in my journey to learn the secret of longevity...creating the Machiavelli Realm ( Will be expanded on with another Blog ) was my first step in attaining a life in-which time and age did not affect me....but that is no way to live - Stuck inside of another world out of fear of dying in this one, no....my quest has shown me an amulet which has been said to give the user immortality...

Niccolo turned the page, astounded by what he was reading....had...had his father turned himself into diamond thinking it would grant him immortality?..This was the last chapter, a final paragraph was all that was left...Niccolo began. Now so immersed in reading he could not even hear the harmony of music in the background.

The Court are angry....they have sworn vengeance against my entire family...In my quest for longevity I have damned my entire family for generations to come...I...was it worth it? This amulet of apparent immortality?.....When I look at it, sitting on my table so harmlessly existing known that such a small device has bestowed upon me and my family this vendetta, it drives me insane knowing what I have done - My thirst for longevity has caused me to barely even know my own flesh and blood.....

Niccolo finished the last legible sentence, The rest of the page was lost through years of the books deterioration. He sighed, looking downwards with now even more question about his father...."barely even know my own flesh and blood?" ...Had Niccolo met his father?..Had he actually known him?..And..the realm?..So many memories which apparently should have been obvious to Niccolo where lost. Even Niccolo knew that something was suppressing his memories, no-wonder he could not remember anybody at-all in his family. He had always assumed they died...Suddenly, his ally stepped in with an obvious look of despair, Niccolo was instantly interested why.

"Niccolo..." Vale sighed, looking down too fearful and ashamed of himself to even look his friend in the eyes " Your father..." A subtle tear slid down his cheek, falling to the ground before he continued " I know what happened too him directly...I..He..." Vale let out a sigh "I helped him...I helped him vanish" The mans head stayed down, too scared to look the confused Niccolo in the eyes.

Without realizing Niccolo started to breath heavily followed by his eyes dilating, his fists unconsciously clenched again and again as he retorted back, an obviously confused tone carried "What do you mean vanished? It says right here!" He showed his friend the book "He vanished himself! The Court of Arcani turned him into stone! It's the only possibility!" He knew this was not true, however he continued not wanting to face the truth and lose a friend who had served him so well "Speak...please...Withhold nothing" He closed his eyes, awaiting the truth.

"Your father turned himself into diamond Niccolo...he thought it would be his saving grace when in reality he reached his goal of longevity...but it meant he could not live it... - When that happened I helped hide him...destroy all the files...everything" He looked his friend in the eyes "We then..."He bit his lip "Erased your memory with special Arcani tech...this is why you remember nothing about your family"He handed Niccolo a map "Go, Find the Amulet and release your father....go to your family..."Vale stood up ready to leave before turning back around,"Niccolo, You have a brother....and a son" Upon his words, the truthful Valentino left leaving the apparent brother and father Niccolo Machiavelli to sit quietly contemplating the future. He looked down at the map....

To be continued....

Yeah yeah, Sorry about the length...just setting these up for an RP with a few people...kinda the back-story. Thanks for reading :)

Ohh and before you ask, No Niccolo won't get an amulet of immortality! XD

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@niccolo_machiavelli: You know about an amulet of immortality? Good thing I am in venezuela near you. :)

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@xorion: It's not an amulet of immortality conventionally....Hence the father being turned into diamond/stone :P

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@pyrogram: Still an interesting amulet >:P

It was a joy to read it by the way. I forgot to mention it first because artifact took my inner Xorion out :D

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@xorion: Yes, Yes it is hehe :P

Thanks ^_^ Haha!

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@pyrogram: By the way this characte might be only one older then mine besides thos who lived thousonds years. lol

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@xorion: Niccolo looks 41....In actual age through some stuff which I got covered, he is ( possibly ) is 100 something...or 80-90-ish. I still have not established Niccolo's personal history really.

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@pyrogram: We are eager to learn more then :)

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@xorion: The Machiavelli Realm.....family home basically.....>.>....strangeness.

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@pyrogram: Strange is good. Keep it up. My intention was to go for some origin stories with this character but then I've left it like that because of the strong lazyness. lol

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@pyrogram: yeah it's a feeling hard to beat >:P by the way I would love to rp with Niccolo sometime. He seems interesting.

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@xorion: Likewise with you, Once I cleared a few things up cool :)