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Athens, Greece - 1987

Everything was five... Or maybe nothing was five. All Natasya knew was that she was five, and that was all that mattered. The red chalk she held in her hand streaked smooth on the pavement, and when she drew, she drew long, sweeping lines. Two diagonally, two vertically and one horizontally, the pentagon was complete. As her mother and father bustled around her, working on the small villa they had purchased, she busied herself covering the driveway in these symbols. She hadn't ever learned the significance of the pentagon, or the significance of significance, but she couldn't stop herself from drawing them. One by one, they began to overpopulate the concrete of the driveway, and when her mother and father stopped to examine her artwork, they looked at each other with interesting disdain. Natasya didn't see their faces, however. She was too concerned with her chalk, which was dangerously low. As she looked down in her bucket that used to be full of chalk, four other colours remained, but none of them red. She grabbed the yellow, or gold as she saw it, and began tracing apples inside the pentagons.

"Darling, what it is that you're drawing?" Her mother's voice startled her from her reverie. She had complete nine golden apples, all coloured in. She looked up at her mother, a classic beauty, and smiled, though it was slightly lopsided and aloof. She looked down again, then back up, and her father was next to her mother.

"Just apples. Apples and shapes." Shapes. Pentagons. For some reason, she couldn't bring herself to want to stop drawing, though she had probably been at it for a few hours. She felt that something inside her wanted her to continue. Her father just smiled, wont to believe his daughter was just drawing, but her mother just stood there, her brow furrowed, her dark hair blowing in the slight breeze. Somewhere, she had seen the apple and pentagon before, but she couldn't recall where.

"Come inside for dinner, Natasya." Her mother turned and brusquely walked into the small villa, and Natasya knew that she had to. Biting her lip, Natasya picked up her pail, stopping to observe the drawings she had created. There were enough apples and pentagons to cover the driveway, but something was missing. She shook her head and turned into the doorway, still unsure of what it was.

The dinner was straightforward, if not strained. Husband and wife chewed in silence while daughter picked and chose, dabbling between this and that. Finances were tight, and Natasya knew that, but her parents had tried to act like everything wasn't.

"Your birthday is coming up, darling... What is it that you would like?" Natasya looked at her mother, a slight skeptical smile on her face, before she answered.

"Five tons of flax." The bluntness with which she said it startled husband and wife, and the innocence on the face of Natasya almost made them laugh out loud. Her father placed a rough hand on her shoulder, a strange expression on his whiskered face.

"Five tons of flax? What in the world would you use that for?" Natasya shrugged, only knowing that five tons of flax was her answer. Her father narrowed his eyes, going back to his dinner in silence again. Without concern, Natasya picked a little more before her mother began cleaning the dishes off the plate. As she did, Natasya slipped from her chair, and grabbing a piece of coal from the fireplace, she walked out the front door. As she came to a stop in the middle of the driveway, she stooped, examining the filled in golden apple she had drawn earlier. Without thinking, she wrote the word "kallisti" in the middle, then dropped the coal. Turning on her heel, she ran back inside, and to the comfort of her father's overstuffed reading chair, where she promptly fell asleep.

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Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty cool.

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Thanks a ton, guys. I'm always looking for feedback.

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Merci beaus.