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Two people meet and fight, I always found that kinda meh.

While I like Metas duking it out I thought there could be something more.

Say you have a hero and a villain but they're not in the same place, the hero has to catch the villain, the villain throws obstacles in their way.

I know this my tread into RP territory but I just think it wold be an interesting dynamic for VS. fights.

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Stories that work like that are a lot of fun.

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@eagle_of_the_east: Yeah I know, I'm doing an RP which has become a long but fun multilayered story, where the characters face a bunch of challenges.

but it would be fun to have another playing acting as a kind of (don't mean to sound like a dork) dungeon master and making challenges for you.

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@amazingangel: One of the RPG sites I played at had RPG's which generally worked like that. Whoever made the OP laid down the challenges and situation than controlled all the NPCs and so forth. Was a lot like DnD; probably inspired by it.

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@amazingangel: I can take role of challenge master, just tell me the level